The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1930 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 11
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The Upper Des Mottles-Republican, December 3, 1930 fwenty Years Ago. Afld Now They Kick on Hoover's. "Pew'people realize the Immense sum of money (that has been spent In Algona the past season for automobiles. The Algona Auto & Machinery Company has disposed of In the neighborhood of one hundred cars. These machines, at the average price of $1200 each, would represent a total sum of $120,000. H. J. Wilson and L. J. Dickinson are In reality the whole company, as we understand It. They have as flne a garage as there Is In Iowa and this season have handled the Chalmers-Detroit, E. M. F.-30, Buick, Overland and Flanders cars. E. G. Fargo, who handles the Rambler and Reo autos In Algona, has sold this season abbut twenty machines, eight of them being the high priced Rambler cars. Supposing the eight cars sold at an average price of $3000 and the other twelve at $1,000 each, this would be a total of $36,000. Besides this a number of Fords have been sold by Frank Seller, bringing the total number of autos sold by Algona agents to somewhere around $100,000. And still people kick on Taft's administration." Farmers were seen plowing In the fields the day before Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs, Abner Long had been making a Thanksgiving visit with Mrs. Long's parents. A crowd of Whlttemore young people had been over Thanksgiving to en- Joy the skating rink. Superintendent and Mrs. S. J. Backus had spent Thanksgiving in Fort Dodge with Mrs. Backus' folks. The younger society set had enjoyed a banquet on a Thursday evening at the home of Miss Buena Reed. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver had entertained a small company of their friends at dinner on Monday evening Beuna Reed, Maude Schenck and Margaret Bushnell were home from their school work at Cedar Falls for the Thanksgiving festivities. Theo. Chrischllles, Jr., had been down from the Minnesota University to spend Thanksgiving with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles. Misses Katherine Paxson and Irene Wilson and Sumner Quarton had been home from their college studies at Grinnell for the Thanksgiving holiday. Claude Sampson was to be Sheriff G. A. Brunson's deputy after January 1. Mr. Sampson was born and raised in Algona and later served as county sheriff. Lewis H. Smith and daughter, Mrs. Ruby Wallace, spent Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George We Have Changed AIIThat By Herbert Quick and Elena Stepanqff MacMabon Romance of a tremendous debacle and study of the life of the victims, in the most striking dissolution of social values in history—the Russian revolution. Remarkable New Serial in The Upper Des Moines- Republican Horton in Glencoe. They attended the fat stock show while in Chicago. Fernley Nlcoulin had returned to his studies at the Minnesota State University. He had not quite recovered from his illness with stomach trouble, but showed considerable Improvement since returning home several weeks before. D. A. Haggard had arrived home from a trip in Minnesota. He was up In the woods ninety miles north of St. Paul and enjoyed a venison dinner from deer killed the same day. He said there were several inches of snow north of St. Paul. Miss Lutie Hart had just gone to Spokane, Washington, where he brother, Norman, had been for several years. Miss Hart planned to continue her profession as a trained nurse, while in Spokane. Miss Hart is at present caring for Mrs. Helen Chubb here In Algona. Mrs. C: T. Chubb had entertained a large party of her lady friends at her home on Saturday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playing five hundred, Mrs. H. C. Adams winning the "souvenir.". An elegant luncheon was served, and the ladles reported the oc- casipn a most enjoyable one. In the races which were held at the skating rink Walter Lorenz won over Wilbert Barry and Tom Dalleyl won over Ralph Campbell. In the final races between Dalley and Lorenz, Dailey won, skating the mile In three minutes and 38 seconds. That was said to be within a few seconds of the world's record. It was understood that Chas. Nortle of Algona and J. M. Moore of Union township each had a pair of Chinese pheasants with which the state game warden proposed to stock the state. The birds were secured at the state fair on appllcaion to the state game department. To make the pheasants o: any value as game birds it was suggested that a large number of them should be brought to the county. Olaf Funnemark, one of Wesley BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, November 10,1930.— Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met in regular session with all members present and proceeded with the reading of minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions. On motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that minutes be approved as read. On motion board proceeded with auditing and allowing of bills. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that F. J. Balgeman, chairman of the board of supervisors of Kossuth county is hereby authorized to sign agreement with Hancock county. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heiken that following refunds and abatements are hereby allowed: That road poll tax of Theo. Kenne for year 1929 Whittemore Inc. is hereby abated on account of being erroneously charged. That road poll tax of Lawrence Decker for 1929 Irvlngton township is hereby abated on account of being paid in Rlverdale township. That road poll tax of Harold Curran Irvington township for 1927 Is hereby abated on account of being paid in Sherman township. Tha,t Chas. Fischer is hereby refunded $76.16 on SWVi Sec. 18, Twp 99 Range 29 on account of error in acreage. That F. A. Kayser is hereby refunded following assessment on E'/4 Sec. 15-99-28 on account of not being properly credited with road acreages: 1925—$7.41 consl., 27c road; 1926— $7.39 consl. 26c road; 1927—$7.89 consl., 27c road; 1928—$8.33 consl., 27c road; 1929—$9.61 consl. That M. C. Mead is hereby allowed refund of taxes on H.-K. 2-36 on account of open ditch right-of-way: NEK NWM 22-97-27, 3.31 acres; NW% NWVt 22-97-27, 1.62 acres and county auditor is hereby authorized to issue refund warrants. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by McDonald that W. H. Grover is hereby allowed soldiers' exemption for 1930 on was married on' Thanksgiving day to Miss Emma C. Nelson, one of that town's handsomest and best young ladies. The marriage occurred at the home of the bride's mother and a big Thanksgiving dinner followed. Mr. Funnemark is a brother of Mrs. J. T. Bohannon of Algona and Mr. and Mrs. Bohannon attended the happy event. Mr. Funnemark was the republican candidate for supervisor from his district some years before, but a the time of his marriage he was drainage surveyor and one of the township's leading young farmers. He is at present one of the county supervisors. LAKOTA NEWS. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking and son, Norman, spent Thanksgiving with elatives at Minneapolis. Ward Specht of Elmore was a bus! ness visitor here last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Pierce spent Thanksgiving .with the lady's parents at Ellsworth. John Liesveld and grandson, Lu- Verne Liesveld were Mason City visitors last Friday. The J. E. Smith family entertained Mrs. Laura Furst and children of Forest City at then- home last Thursday. Miss Lena Gutknecht who teaches at Mason City, spent the Thanksgiving vacation at the parental home here. Miss Audrey Hastings visited Friday afternoon at the home of her sister, Mrs. H. J. Schutter and family at Buffalo Center. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Woodworth and daughters, Patricia and Dorothy, spent Thanksgiving with relatives at Och- eydan. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Smith and three sons spent Thanksgiving at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. Mary Smith at Algona. Miss Olive Lewis of Algona and the A. L. Sorenson family of Buffalo Center were Thanksgiving guests at the C. R. Lewis home. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winter of Mason spent Saturday night and Sunday here visiting at the C. K. Rippentrop home and with other relatives. The C. A. Winter family and the A. E. Ogren family were entertained at Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday at the Albert Ogren home at Algona. Wade Ball and Julia M. Liesveld drove to Algona Saturday night and vjsited at the Fred Park home. Julia returned home Sunday but Wade remained for a few days longer. Miss Esther Rosenau, who is principal of the school at Stran, Iowa, was recently operated on for appendicitis at a hosiptal at Council Bluffs, and after leaving the hospital she came home for a few days stay, but left on Sunday for Stran to again take up her duties. Dr. 67— N. 8. Jenson, labor 4.00 Dr. 166— Koss. Co., road fund, labor with drag line 200.00 Dr. 177— Koss, Co. road fund, labor wfth tractor and grader 50.00 Resolved: That county auditor is hereby ordered and directed to issue warrants for all bills allowed nt this meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written us per vote on each individual bill. Ayes: all. Twelve o'clock noon. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that board proceed with the offical canvass of election returns. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Heiken thalt further canvassing of election returns be continued to one o'clock p. m. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. to meet in court room. Court room, one o'clock p. m., November 10, 1930.—Board met pursuant to adjournment with all members present and on motion by Morris and second by McDonald board proceeded to canvass the votes of the general election held in Kossuth county on the fourth day of November, A. D. 1930 with the following results: For United States senator, L. J. Dickinson received 2622; Daniel F. Steck 2640; Arthur A. Wells 20; L. E. Eickelberg 3; for Governor, Dan W. Turner, 3267; Fred R. Hagemann, 1676; John M. Smith 20; Wm. Patten 2; for Lieutenant-Governor, Arch McFarlane 2741; T. R. Osborne 1713; Henry W. Nuhring 20; Albert Gerllng 4; for Secretary of State, G. C. Greenwalt 2821; Mrs. Flora Cotton Etter 1606; Hawes Yates 20; Walter Swezey 2: for Auditor of State, J. W. Long 2778; C. W. Storms 1631; Roy M. Wright 18; Robert Anderson 2; for Treasurer of State Roy E. Johnson 2803; E. J. Rlegel 1594; Harry L. Goodwin 19; for Attorney General, John Fletcher 2703; George Finch 1656; John T. Christie 15; for Secretary of Agriculure, Mark G. Thornburg 2774; F. J. Underwood 1628; George H. Darrington 16; for Superintendent of Public' Instruction, Araes Samuelson 2741; E. J. Oilman 1776; for Railroad Commissioners, Charles Webster 2575; Fred P. Woodruff 2546; M. P. Conway 1655; M. J. Kinnelly 1644; Morris T. Hidy 14; A. G. Krlnglock 12; for Judge of Supreme Court, E. G. Albert 2557; Edgar A. Morling 2702; John M. Grimm 2533; John W. Anderson 1688; G. A. Kinderdine 1649; John F. Porterfield 1601; for Representative in Congress 10th District, Fred C. Gllchrist 2966; Paul Anderson 1564; A. L. Moen 8; for Judge of the Dlstridt Court 14th District, James Deland 2699; George A. Heald 2399; scattering 2; to flll vacancy, Fred C. Lovrien 2638; for State Representative 85th District, J. H. Jensen 2C20; A. H. Bonnsetter 2667; for County Auditor, Bertha E. Johnson 3366; scattering 4; for County Treasurer, H. N. Kruse 3284; scattering 1; for Clerk of Distridb Court, Clark Orton 3155; freight " 3.05' scattering one; for Sheriff L. E. Hovey C. M. St. P. & Pac. Ry. Co., i 2829; Tony Goeders 2275; for County freight 8.431 Recorder, Laura Paine 2754; J. J. Dooley 2155; for County Attorne; In sum of ~$500.00. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that Heiken be appointed as a committee to make repairs on E.-K. Jt. No. 4, Dr. 31, 80, 82, 85, 110, 125, 139, 166 as per requests. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by McDonald that Funnemark be ap- poined as a committee to make repairs on Dr. 99 as per request. Ayes: all. On motion board proceeded with the auditing and allowing of bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 78.60 Hutton & Jenks, printing ballots: 70.00 C. M. & St. P. & Pac. Ry. Co., J J. Anderson, atfc. brd. of . health meeting 8.JO Peter Looft, att. brd. of health meeting 8.00 Chas: "A^Rohllnj'att. brd. of health meeting 4 00 J. E. Kelley, att. brd. of health health meeting 8.00 H. C. Allen, serv. as clerk of LuVerne Twp 3.00 Frank Devitt, serv. as trustee of LuVerne Twp 3.00 G. F. Chambers, serv. as board of review 3.00 Frank Clapsaddle, serv. as board of review 3.00 C. H. Riggert, typewriter 30.00 Lottie J. Kain, labor in treas. office G4.GO C. A. Samson, assisting sheriff.. 87.50 Acres-Blackmar Co., supplies.. 346.80 J. W. Neville, supplies 13.35 POOR FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. Service 17.99 Dr. P. E. Walley, med aid, amt. claimed $15.00 Not Moore & Moore, coal allowed . 6.80 . 30.28 . 10.92 J. W. Neville, supplies 4.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND. Frevitt Grocery, provisions F. S. Norton & Son, coal Palo Alto County, bridges 375.00 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND. C. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight 5.37 Standard Oil Co., gas & oil .. 30.85 J. H. Junkermeier, dragging .. 34.88 L. D. Potter, dragging 14.81 Buffalo Center Lbr. Co., supplies 31.00 John Wilson, tiling 49.50 Chas. H. Chambers, road work 5.00 Harry Helmke, road work — 31.87 5.40 Sharp Brothers, road work .. 145.55 Bert Godden, road work 44'.94 Joe Greenberg, repairs 45.70 F. S. Norton & Son, supplies .. 26.35 Gibbs-Cook Tractor Co., supplies 524.70 Wm. Bunkofske, dragging 16.50 DRAINAGE FUND. Dr. 51— Kossuth Co. Road Fund, labor with grader 350.00 County Gaylord D. Shumway, 3133; for Coun ty Coroner, Leon M. Merritt, 3083 scattering 4; Supervisor District No 1, F. J. Balgeman, 618; John P. Mersc 465; District No. 3, Olaf Funnemark 51 Wm. Cosgrove 442; District No. 5, P. Heiken 526; scattering 2; constitution al convention for 1924; against 2113. On motion board adjourned to nin o'clock a. m. November 20th, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditoi Seneca township, November 13, 1930 —Board; of supervisors of Emmet am Kossuth counties met pursuant to ca of counlty auditors with all member present. Emmet county: R. S. Bryan, H. K Bonnicksen - Kossuth county: F. J. Balgeman Olaf Funnemark, P. J. Heiken, Chas Morris and W. E. McDonald. Motion by Morris and second bj Funnemark that H. K. Bonickson o Emmet county act as chairman of thi meeting. Ayes: all. Motion by Balgeman and second by Morris that C. S. Pearson, deputy auditor of Kossuth county act as sec retary of this meeting. Ayes: all. . Motion by Balgeman and second bj Heiken that final estimate of A. R Eno is hereby allowed on E. K. Jt. No 2 and the 3rd day of December, 193C at two p. m. is hereby fixed as time foi hearing on said final estimate at Estherville, Iowa. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and secom by Morris that supplementary repor of A. E. Michel, engineer, is herebj accepted. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Bryan that Lafe Simmons is hereby awarded contract for repairs on mail tile line on E.-K. Jt. 2 as per terms of bid. Ayes: all. On motion joint boards adjourned to December 3rd, 1930 a two p. m. in Esthervillt Iowa. H. K. BONNICKSON, Chairman C. S. PEARSON, Secretary Connty Officers Elected November 4- 1930 TOWNSHIP— Justice of the Peace CONSTABLE Algona .............. W. 0. Danson L. A. Winkel Buffalo ............. ' H. A. Jennings Burt ................ W. J. Davidson O E. Householder Oresco ............... Earl Miller Eagle ............... Fenton .............. Jacob Hengel W. A. Cameron Garfield ...... ....... John Faber German ............. ' Grant ............... S. J. Ohristophel Greenwood .......... J. H. Sheridan Chris Behrman Harrison ............ Joseph M. Dye J. L. Vaux • Hebron .............. Wm. Franke Irvlngton . .......... • Ledyard ............. Robt Womach Oliver Marquis Lincoln ............. Leonard Christ Lotts Creek ........ Lu Verne ............ Consuella Hanna Plum Creek ......... Fd. Hopkins Portland ............ Prairie ...... . ....... E. F. Ralim Ramsey ............. Rlverdale ......... Seneca .............. Martin Larson Sherman ............ Springfield ., ........ B. F. Sharp Lars Logo • .,,,. .......... R. H. Wesley — '"-- M- P. L T. Griffin O. C. Wright W. H. Ricklefs W. H. Stewart Fred Lavrenz Bert Galbralth Wm. Burt Fred Flaig Rasmus Olson Jake Keller Wm. Blomsiter Ei-nest Nimz Harry D. Mussman Henry Zlngg Grover Rentz A. Sanders Lela Gardner Wm. Eich I. P. Howard J. E. Weir Sim. Leigh Frank Rotterman J. O. Johnson Wm. Knight Adam Luchslnger Township Trustees Term Beginning 1931 1932 Will Schram Lem Marlow Harry Sabin J. P. Peterson G. B. Johnson Herman Harms C. K. Rippentrop Frank Jacobs Chas. Kollasch Chas. A. Rohlin Thos. Berg Henry Weber Geo. D. Moulton James Warbur|on Geo. J. Winkel Frank Clapsaddle H. Bailey W. H. Schwietert Isadore Meyer J. S. Freeark H. Borman L. O. Gast H. J. Kohlhaas John Haas O. A. Jenson A. L. Orujkshank Olaf Flom H. F. Schultz Andrew Hanson K. G. Ewoldt Chester Robinson Lawrence Thorson P. M. Christenson Geo. Schaller Ubbe Winter Ell Anderson A. A. Fangman Pdter Looft H. O. Larson Henry Eischeid Aug. Gutknecht Paul Hertzke Albert Potratz G. F. Chambers Roscoe Mawdsley E. B. Dittmer Geo. Cink Ed. Droessler John Friederes O. R. Jenson John P. Borman G. B. Risk J. H. McGregor A M. Gustafson H. J. Sherman Frank Ludwig TWP. CLERK E. P. Hanson Geo. P. Hawcott M. N. Phillips M. L. Johnson L. B. Hollister Mike Wagner J. Bockelman Ray B. Hall L. J. Kockler J. J. Anderson H. C. Lunning F J. Gilmore Geo. Hagge Bert Coder John Kohlwes H. C. Allen Walter Klamp E. O. Mann G B. Ludwig, Jr. John Hellman J. Borman Chris Nelson E. O. Green Fred E. Dutton O. L. Thorson W. O. Nelson Fred Dlekman W. F. Relmers Twp. Assessor Ray E. Hanson R. F. Hawcott Eleanor Potter O. W. Berggren Fred C. Wegener Henry Klepper Herman Ubben Paul Selberg W. P. Vaske L. A. Barslou Peter Selvig A. J. Seller John E. Smith W. H. Patterson Andrew Elbert A. L. Bosworth H. McEnroe D. F. Schwletert J N. Ludwig Henry Fox Wm. Runchey Chris Dahl L. A. Johnson Chas. Haas S. A. Butcher W. J. Bourne Henry Nelson Wash Harris *WWk*NVWVWWWVVVIV\^^ FARM SALES Farmers who arc contemplating having a farm sale in the near future will bo given all of the assistance possible in advertising their sale if tlioy will call up the Upper Des Moines-Republk'an at Algona, or pay a personal call to this office. All they will have to do is to write out a list of the property to be sold, together with the date, location, terms, and the name of the auctioneer ;ind clerk and we will arrange the matter for publication in the paper and for sale bills. The ordinary sale ad is a quarter of a page, and bills may be printed from the same type used in the ad in cases where the cost of advertising has to be held down. Otherwise a large sale bill may be used, which of course would be a little more expensive. The Upper DCS Moines-Rcpnbli- can has splendid correspondents in all parts of Kossuth county and covers the county thoroughly with a big list of subscribers who are interested in auction sales, and do not, hesitate to drive twenty-live miles to attend a sale in case any property they are interested in is advertised. Every single bidder brought to a sale by advertising pays big returns on the cost of the ad. Bring in Your List of Property, We Will Do the Rest Here is an outline of a sale ad that may help you. 1—It is customary to start out with some reason for the sale, such ns "As I am about to quit fanning and move to town." Give your reason here (If you care to): 2—Give the distance from such towns as you want to mention to your farm. (Do not say "Five miles northwest of Algona—say, "Four miles west and one mile north of Algona") 3—Give day and date of sale 4—Give hour when sale is to begin 5—What about lunch, if any? 6—How many horses? Describe each animal, with weight and ago, and if you have any out- standing horses or teams give particulars 7—How many cattle? Describe them, and bo sure to give particulars about bulls, dairy cows, purebred or good grade beef cattle, etc. Play up the merits of yDur stuff. The fellow ten miles away will know only what you tell him in your bill and ad. 8—How many hogs? Do as you did with the cattle. Tell everything you would want to know if you yourself were looking for hogs and saw a bill or ad of a man ten miles away who was going to close out. 9—Sheep, mules, or other stock? ... 10—Chickens, ducks, geese, etc.? ... 11—Which do you want to come first—horses, cattle.or hogs? 12—Farm machinery. Give make and condition. Make a complete list. In these automobile days a grindstone may fetch a buyer ten miles away. 13—Miscellaneous 14—See your banker, get the terms, and set them outhere. How many months? 15—How many bills do you want? (The usual number is 100) 16—How large an ad do you want? (The usual size is one-fourth page) 17—Your name 18—Auctioneer 19—Clerk Clip this advertisement and have it for the time you will be ready to prepare your ad. Upper Des Moines-Republican ALGONA, IOWA Phone 230. Call this office and we will send a man to your place to arrange your advertising. vwwvwwwvvwwv i

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