The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 9
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The Upper Des Moines-Eepublican, December 3, 1930 Items Ir. L. Lease was hostess to her Margaret tooft domestic •bridge flub Tuesday ftftftAMn. teacher at livSop afad Miss . fcfrs. Charles Bane has been confined in & hospital at Iowa City for the past 4hree weeks where she lias been very ill. Torn Nelson and son, Tom., Jr., were confined to their home the first part of the Week, suffering frith a siege -of the flu. Miss Coon, registered nurse of Car toll) has been a house guest at the home of her friend, Luclle KUM, the past week , L. f. Olsdtt and borther, Ole, return ed Wednesday from a trip to visit with relatives living In the southern part •of Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ricke and .«on of Williams spent the Thanksgiv ing Season "with their parents, the Charles Froehllchs and Henry Rlckes. Trie Woman's Foreign Missionary so* ciety will hold their meeting Friday at the Raymond Hanson home. This is a : meeting held over from Novern- 'Ber. . Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Moore return. ed home Friday from South Dakota, Where they had been to visit their daughter, Mrs. G. A. Wenk at Madl•son. Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison drove to New Providence Wednesday night •where they went to spend Thanksgiving day with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Lawler. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Wester were en- tained for Thanksgiving dinner at the "home of Mr, and Mrs. George Miller at Looft» attendant at the Gates Bm< ness College at Waterloo, spent fiom Thursday until Sunday with thei mother, Mrs. fiertha Looft. Grandpa and Grandma 1 W. Lease Ahunoh Lease and family of Wesley the Win. Walker and Vemon Stude families of Corwith were thanksglvln day guests at the home of Mr. ant Mrs. Ed. J. studer, north of Corwlth. Miss Mildred Behton, kindergarten teacher at Emmetsburg, Miss Virginia Benton, the Misses Evelyn and Mar tha Haynes, all of the Mankato Busl ness College, spent the Thanksgiving season at the home of their parent; Miss colene White, seventh an. eighth grade teacher at Mitchell, wa a Thankseglvlng holiday guest at the home of her friend, Errria Ward. The two girls became acquainted at Ceda Falls while attending the state Teach. ers' College. Mr. and Mrs. John Ormsby and family drove to Garner Sunday where they spent the day with his sister Mrs. Robert Kirschbaum and family who are enjoying the presence of a baby daughter, Rose Marie, who arrived at their home recently. Mr. and Mrs. Swan Nelson and Hannah were entertained on Thanksgiving day at the home of their daughter Mrs. N. E. Hanson. Thanksgiving morning they were recipients of a bhj nice turkey from New Mexico, which had been sent to them by Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Haynes. Homer Lawson took his two sons, Russell and Richard, and Miss Anna Miss Esther Beck, primary teacher, spent from Thanksgiving morning until Sunday afternoon with her numerous friends at Ringsted where she at one time taught school. Mrs. Charles Kraus returned home from. Manly Monday afternoon, having been at Manly for the past month or more where she helped to care for her mother before her death. Father Wessllng, Miss Emma Hod- dap and three of the Sisters of the E7t. Benedict parochial school w>ere Thanksgiving dinner guests of the St. Joseph's parochial school Sisters. to Ames Sunday to tfe in readiness for school Monday morning. Russell attends the Capital City Commercial College at Des Moines and Richard and Anna are enrolled at the Iowa State College at Ames. Irwln Haynes had the misfortune to shoot his foot with his rifle Saturday while out on a hunting expedition. He stooped over to fix his overshoe when the trigger was accidently pulled. He was rushed to the doctor immediately and is getting along nicely although he will be unable to attend school for a few days. Nathan Studer has received word from his son, Edof, at Excelsior, Minnesota, that he and his two sons, Ray ££ W™S!?&.>"S*3!S' ^^^C^ r^dm,™ Illinois, is spending this week visit- Ing with, her sister, Mrs. Guy M. Butts and her father, Mr. Ehlers, who is making his home with the Butts family Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter and Infant daughter, Marian Dorene, returned to their home at Port Dodge Thanksgiving day. Mrs. Kleinpeter had been at the home of Vincent's parents for the past five weeks. Mrs. Grace Skow-Paulson arrived here Friday morning from Minneapolis •where she is instructor In a Bible school, to spend some time with Jier mother, Mrs. Peter Skow, who is again ill at her home. Buy , Yourself a Philco Radio at Hobarton hunting trip and were successful In each bagging a deer. They further write that five men were drowned and thirty-one men shot and killed during the hunting season there. Viggo Klilsholm, local buttermaker, reports the following ten high cream checks for the month of October: Wallace Donovan, $155.10; F. W. Plumb, $137.61; Geo. Hirner, $133.66; Peter Hilbert, $110.31; AlWrt Oudekirk, $89.60; Geo. Hildman, $83.67; Henry Thompson, $78.32; S. Wise, $77.79; C. Bane, $77.21; and Edw. Eden, $73.56. The Prodigal Daughter As I've read the story of the prodigal son, I've often wondered what net Father would have thought and said and done If he'd had a prodigal daughter. Would he have gone far down the road His arms out wide extended To welcome his erring daughter home Though she had much offended? Would he have ordered his servants in her behalf To go quickly and kill the fatted calf? Would he have ordered for her a bounteous feast, At Which she as guest should not be least? Or would he have done as some fathers do now With anger in his heart and a frown on his brow Ordered her back from whence she came, To lead, perhaps a life of shame, Because somebody's son had tarnished her name? Oh! fathers; oh mothers! are^ons more worth Than daughters are upon this earth? What said the Christ on that summer's day To the woman who sat by the side of the way, When the men who had scorned her had gone away, Knowing that she was no worse than they. If the son could sin and be forgiven, Why should the daughter from home be driven? How many of us I wonder, down deep In his heart Hasn't some 1 sin with which he'd gladly part. Why cannnot we say as was said of yore, Go thy way and sin no more. • I'd rather stand with the daughter When judged by the great Judge above, The son sinned because he wanted to sin, The daughter because of her love. —C. B. HTJTCHINS. Brother of Wesleyan Killed in Accident. Wesley, December 2. Special: Mr and Mrs. Guy M. Butts attended the funeral of her brother, Arthur W. Ehlers Friday, which was held at two- thirty p. m. at the Methodist church at Mason City. Rev. William Spence, former minister here, but now of thai place, had charge of the services. Mr Inters died as a result of an accident which he suffered Tuesday morning at eleven o'clock between Duncan and Garner when he and a Mr. Castle -of Britt collided each in a car on the javlng. The wind which was strong hat morning carried the Ehlers car on the icy paving directly In the path f the oncoming car and the accident t seems could not be averted. Mr. Shlers leaves his widow, a daughter Us father, two sisters,' Mrs. Butts of Wesley and Mrs. Daisy' Gleason of Mound City, Illinois, three brothers, arry of Plymouth, Frank of Oregon, and one other residing in Dubuque. Burial was made in Elmwood ceme- ery at Mason City. Algona Designer Builds Wesley Home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba, Jr., of Wesley, have recently taken possession Clayton Connor who has been here of then* new five room bungalow, since before the pheasant season, re- | which embodies all the upJto-date i, ,- ,_.„ . . . _ . features in modern home building. Although beauty and charm are prominent throughout, comfort and convenience have not been sacrificed to allow for them, and the uniformly spaced rooms and good-sized, well lighted kitchen are enough to delight the eye, of the most exacting housewife. '-: turned to his home at Popejoy Saturday morning. It will be remembered that Clayton received a sprinkling of stray shot during a hunting expedition, some of which located in his fingers where he now has some infection and ' Clayton has been suffering with more or less pain. Another i month• will-perhaps-'elapse before' he will be able to work at his barber trade. 'About twenty-five relatives and friends surprised Mrs. H. M. Hanson Sunday when they brought full baskets and gifts and told her they came to spend the remainder of the day with her. The occasion was in celebration of her birthday, which occurred the day before. The families present included the Fred Diekmanns, Howard, Theron, Raymond, Carl and Julius Hanson families, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Giddlngs and Rev. C. H. Moore and wife. Mrs. Charles Murphy, president of the local unit of the American Legion Auxiliary, has received notice of a county meeting of the Auxilary to be held next Tuesday, December 9, at the Mothodist church at Titonka at two- thirty o'clock. One of the main speakers of the afternoon will be Mrs. Madeline See, Tenth District committeewoman of Laurens. The local unit is urged to have a good representation. The next regular meeting here will be THREE ROUSING SPECIALS FOR THRIFTY CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS (Right): A Vanity Set so attractive! . . . Complete thin model compact and dainty .-."Alarmist;" mulched floral design . . . In ils beautiful pro- sen la lion case this set in one of our December Specials at only $4.95 (Left): It's the gracious thing to do! . . . Luokyfields, Cheslcrgolds, Pullslrikea or Oldmalls—this dainty Cigarette Server enables the host or hostess to offer the smoker's choice , , . Handsomely finished in rich enamel and gold-plute with substantial glass ash troy for a base ... A Mattering ornament for desk or library table and priced at only ...... t ..'.. $1.45 (Bight): Men vAl continue io wear coats I ... And the safest place for their valuables W the inside coat pocket! , , , Therefore, the Multi^wse which provides bill-fold, key- eard-ease, memo, **«> Fred W. Wehler & Co, and Qptometrhts ironing board and broom closet, arched provision for a range, ample refrigerator space and a cozy breakfast nook. This attractive addition to Wesley's residential- section was designed and built by Geo. L, Miller, Algona's designer and builder. German Lutheran Church. Corner of North Wooster and East Elm street. H. Dubbe, pastor. There will be English services on Sunday at ten-thirty. Text: "For I will show him how great things he must suffer for my name's sake."— Act 9:16. Topic: What is Suffering for Jesus' Sake? held at the Legion rooms on December 11. George Harris is in the navy now. He enlisted two weeks ago and left soon after for Fort Dodge and Des Moines where he took final examinations. Prom there he was transferred to San Diego, California, where he will remain nine weeks, for military training before being assigned to a battleship which has its base in Los Angeles. Mr. Harris is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Harris, who moved from here a year ago to Algona. Last year he drove a truck for the Standard Oil Company here with Tom Nelson. Mrs. R. B. Hopkins spent from Wednesday until Sunday with various relatives in Nebraska and Iowa. Thanksgiving day was enjoyed with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Elson at Grand Island, Nebraska, and before her return home she spent a few hours with a brother at Norfolk, Nebraska, and attended to business in connection with her sister, Mrs. Mattie Cozad's estate at Wayne, Nebraska. She also visited with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Latham, a sister of Mr. Hopkins at Le- Mars, returning home in time to report for duty as station agent at Hutchlns Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Vee Mullin attended the funeral of his mother, Mrs. F. B. Mullin at LuVerne Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Mullin, who was sixty years old, died from pneumonia, but had been ailing for the past three years and had suffered much from rheumatism and heart disease the past three months. Her home was at Hardy where the family lives and where she died. Mrs. Mullin leaves besides her husband, five children, Vee of Wesley, Benjamin, Olive Hanson, Orrle and Ivan Mullin, and seven, grandchildren. Vee had spent much of the past week with his mother, having Theron Hanson substitute for him on the route. Prominent Whittemore Man Died Last Week. Whittemore, December 2. Special: Charles H. Bell passed away at his home last Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Bell's health began to fail in July and he suffered a stroke of paralysis.. He rallied from this attack but two weeks ago he had another bad attack and everything possible was done for his relief but to no avail. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at the Lutheran church, Rev. William Paulstich officiating, who read the following obituary. Charles H.-Bell was born November 17, 1866, on the ship while his parents, Christ Bell and Maria Baas-Bell were crossing the Atlantic ocean to the United States to their new home. They settled near Addison, Illinois. There the deceased received his Christian schooling and was 'confirmed. In the year 1883) he, with his parents, came to Iowa to their farm near Whittemore. He was married to Miss Sophia Ahnemann on November 2, 1888. Four children were born to them. They are Edward, Elmer, Adelia and Winifred. The latter died in infancy. Mr. Bell was a voting member of St. Paul's Lutheran congregation, in honorable and good standing for forty-one years. He has held the office of a deacon in the congregation for a number o years and recently had been one o; its trustees. Six years ago Mr. Bel rented his farm to his son, Elmer, and Mr. and Mrs. Bell moved into their new bungalow in Whittemore. He hn always proved himself a fine Christian character, a very faithful husband, a pious father, endeavoring to be a pattern of Christian conduct to his children,-. and a friendly neighbor. He also'was an" r h6riest and true "citizen o our country and has served our coun- Christmas *Sale LANE Qedar Qhests Here are Romantic (/ifts for (/iris .. Cherished, Useful (/ifts for Mothers No other rift ha* the romantic background that the ages have made an inherent part of the Hope Chest. Lane Chests, garbed in new, fascinating, hardwood exteriors, offer new security as well as beauty. The content* of each Lane Chest are now insured for 5 years against moth damage, free. Come in and see our superb assortment of these famoui nationally advertised Lane Chests—all thriftily priced to sell during this sale on special tale term*. A eta-mini Lane model In American ••loot nraecn. Patented aronu- ticht oDMtmctlon iniurca absolute moth protection. •22.75 TMi tmart window scat chest Is teithed In American walnut veneers. Heavy plaque with Burl reproduction set off with bead moulding. •25.OO 5 Year Insurance Policy against MOTH Damage FREE with each LANE Chest A tuperbly proportioned cheat In American walnut veneer* with center plaque overlaid with Arab*. •20.75 try hi several offices, mourn his death his He leaves to widow, three children, eight grandchildren, two brothers and, five sisters. The brothers are H. P. Bell, Blue Earth, Minnesota; J. F. Bell, Mapleton, Minnesota; and the sisters are Mrs. Prank Thompson, Round Lake, Minnesota; Mrs Emma Phillips, Port Dodge; Mrs. W D. Kucker, West Bend; Mrs. Henry Kucker, Whittemore; Mrs, W. G. Wilson, West Bend and Mrs. Minnie Kriebs of Minneapolis. The pall bearers were Christ Meyer, D. Cordes, Albert Behnke, August Schattschneider, Mlelke and J. H. Helmke. August Wesley Residence Burned Saturday. Wesley, December 2. Special: The citizens of Wesley were suddenly aroused at 1:50 a. m. Saturday morning when the shrieks of the fire siren sounded in the still of the night which announced a fire at the Mrs. Otto Kunz residence. The department responded promptly, and with the aid of chemicals extinguished the fire before the entire house was enveloped in the flames. A hot furnace fire had been built shortly Before which caused the dry wood partitions to ignite. Luckily some of the members of the family were still up and discovered the enemy in its Infancy. The damage was confined mostly to the basement, living room, dining room and an upstairs room. An insurance adjuster came Monday morning and an estimate on the loss is reported to be $1500.00, fully covered by insurance. Mrs. Kunz and the children are living with her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Matern, until the house is again made livable. S WEST BEND NEWS. § zaxxxpyxsyx^^ Mrs. O. W. Dubbs and daughter, Mildred, were shoppers in Algona on Wednesday/ Mr. and Mrs. George Poley and their children spent Thanksgiving at Charles City with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Horsman and family of Plover were calling on old friends in town Friday. Charles Boevers, son of Mr. arid Mrs. Homer Boevers, is improving from his recent illness of pleurisy. Miss Ruth Peters of Renwick spent a few days the past week at the home of hen sister, Mrs. A. J. Jensen. Miss Ruth Williamson, one of the junior high school teachers, spent her vacation at her home at Sloan, Iowa. Mrs. Rudnlck and son, Earl, of Reading, Minnesota, spent a few days the past week at the Herman Harms home here. Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Bell returned on Friday afternoon from Oskaloosa, where they spent Thanksgiving with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmidt, Sr., had as dinner guests Thanksgiving day their sons and daughters and their families. Mr. and Mrs. W- L, McColloch of i Eagle Grove spent Sunday at the home i The Lane exclusive Tarso mar_ ... -^UIIV V.AWUWVB *•»•** «*•»- quetry Inlaid deiirc In rare and colorful wooda five thU chert outstanding beauty. •35.O« tttffftt A window scat model In the early Colonial mode. Finished In American walnut veneers. «35.OO Mary Brian, famous Paramount •tar, selected thissuperb chair liclnht model for her personal boudoir. Our exclusive Crest Design is produced in genuine Tarso Marquetry Inlay set off by fancy moulding. Exterior, American Walnut. •39.75 Foster Furniture Co The choice of Jeanette MacDonald, popular Paramount star. American walnut veneers with plaque of Hublnga veneer and unusual wood carvings. of his daughter, Mrs. William Hundertmark. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnston left on Wednesday evening after school for Springville to spend the week end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Scurr and daughter, Nancy, drove to Oilman Wednesday afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. Miss lola Barber of Whittemore spent a few days the past week at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Walker. Glenn Barber of Artesian, South Dakota, spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the home of Mrs. H. A. Sloan and daughters, Lester Doyle of Pocahontas, came Wednesday evening to spend Thanksgiving at the home of his uncles, Fred and Walter Comer. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Smith and family of Mallard, spent Thanksgiving at the home of Mrs. Smith's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. White. Mr. and Mrs. William Biley and Miss Ida and Oscar Rlley drove to Port Dodge Sunday to see Bert Clemens, who is in a hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Boos and their daughter, Lorraine, spent Thanksgiving at the home of Mrs. Boos' parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Cleal of near Rolfe. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riley and son, Liavoh and daughter, Lovcrita, of Livermore spent Thanksgiving day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Riley. Miss Eva Fisher Is back at school again after being out three weeks by laving broken her arm. She fell in ;he gymnasium against the wall and has been at the home of her parents near St. Benedict. Miss Bessie Sloan came home from Buffalo Center, where she is teaching to spend the Thanksgiving vacation at home. She returned Sunday by way of Emmetsburg. She accompanied a .eacher from there to Buffalo Center, Superintendent and Mrs. B. P. Bliss anci children drove to Mason City on Wednesday evening to spend Thanks- jiving with relatives. They were ac- ;ompanied as for as Fertile, Iowa, by Miss Adeline Halverson, who spent her vacation with home folks. Glenn Barber and his friend, Gerald Bowers, both of Artesian, South Dakota, were callers Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mr. Barber's aunt, Mrs. Sarvey Sloan. They are here visiting the Barber families at Rodman and the Sloan families near West Bend. Misses Gezina Schutter and Margaret Hayne spent their Thanksgiving vacation at home. They go to school at Coe College at Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Hayne drove down after them Wednesday afternoon, and brought them home that day. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter took the girls back to Cedar Rapids Sunday afternoon. Miss Emma Rahm, who is employed at Algona spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Joseph Rahm, Jr. Ben Whittington of Owatonna, Minnesota, was a caller Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. John Huschka. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Arndorfer and family of near Algona were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Arndorfer. Mr. and Mrs. George Cink and family of Wesley -were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Gran- genett. Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer and the former's brother, Edward of Yorkton, Canada, were shoppers at Algona Monday. A crowd of young folks from here were entertained at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Lawrence Ludwig at Britt Sunday evening. Miss Christina Eisenbarth, who is employed at Algona, spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Eisenbarth. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Grangenett and son were Thanksgiving dinner guests with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Cink near Wesley. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanlg and daughter of Ackley spent Sunday at the home of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer. Mrs. J. O. Downs and baby came to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Raskopf on Monday from the Kossuth hospital at Algona. J. O. Downs left Saturday evening for his home at Indiana Harbor, Indiana, after visiting his wife and other relatives here for some time. Edward Rosenmeyer of Yorkton, Saskatechewan, Canada, came Thanksgiving day ana will spend most of the winter with his mother and sister, Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer and Mrs. Everdtt Steussy at Cleaa- Lake and his brother, Al Rosenmeyer of this place. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peffer and son of DCS Moines spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mrs. Fetter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Witte. Lawrence and Clarence Recker are the proud owners of a new Ford coach which their father, Ben Recker, purchased for them last Saturday at Algona. —famous the world over Pinaud's Shampoo Leaves your hair lustrous, healthy, and not tea dry! Alyour dealer's — or semi 5 oc for full-size bottle to PinauJ, Deft. Al., 220 E. 21 St., New York. [Sample bottle free] Learn to Dance Acrobatic, Toe Tap, Russian Ballot, Limbering, Stretching and Ball Room. 1. Classes for children from 3 years up. 2. Classes and private lessons for school teachers and ladies. '.">. Latest steps for couples in ball room dancing. Miss Vallalee Blanche, a graduate of Scott's School, Minneapolis, who has also had two years' stage experience, will teach. This school is a branch of Iowa's largest music and dancing school at Waterloo. Other schools in Webster City, Iowa Falls and Kldora. Opening Dec. 15. Leasing one year. Permanent School. Write .lack Bennett, Gen. Del., Algona, for information. DAYS OF SUFFERING NOW QUICKLY ENDED The next time you start one of these days. fci the inttant rtlitl you yet mih Oillaril'i Aipcryum, Almost before you know it the pain disappears, your nervel suddenly relax. With Atpergum you chew the pain away. For it II the finest aipirin obtainable put up in chewing gum form. Now you can take aspirin any time, any place. No water. No billet 'A-f,'- ,. No . th °k'°8 "eniation. Becau.e you chtiu uiiutd i Aipergum the aspirin mixes thoroughly with the aaliva 10 that all iti loathing uualitie» ate effective quickly, continuouily. 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