The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, December 3, 1930
Page 8
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r S?"-H* "- ' -<• > ' The Upper Des Moines-feepublioan, Dedember 3, 1930 Algona Hi Lights "K/DS ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 3, 1930 No. "It takes interested readers as well as U!ent*d writers to make a good paper." THANKFtTt, JUNIORS. On the day before Thanksgiving, the :Jnniors wrote a report, either in prose ««r poetry on what they had to be ".thankful for on November 27. A few •representative ones are presented here to let our readers know what a grate- 'ful crowd the Juniors are. I'm warm and happy, In bed tonigfft. "Why shouldn't I be? It's Thanksgiving night. My hunger is > I feel quite well. Though I did cat a lot, You never caa lell. I hope that the world Has been Just as gay,, As I have been thankful This Thanksgiving day. —Helen Becker. I am thankful this day of Thanksgiving for all the blessings of this hever-to-be-forgotten year, 1930. I am thankful that our country is at peace. I am thankful, most of all, that I was born in this golden land of promise, this land of equal rights, and equal chances for all. I am thankful for the American ideals, which nothing can dim. I am thankful for all American institutions, schools, churches, Inventions, and especially for my own Christian home and my kind, loving parents.—Margaret Habegar. What, you ask, have I to be thankful ' for? lYes, many things both great and small Twould be a task to list them all. First comes mother-love and father- care, There are brothers strong and sisters' fair, Health and food follow these, Then there's nature—earth, sky, birds, and trees, There's each day dawning bright, And the hours of rest that come at night; The kindness shown us by every friend Which to many mean sacrifices In "the end. These things and many, many more, We all should be thankful for; Let us then show God in every way. How grateful we are this Thanksgiving Declamatory Contest. A fair size crowd attended the junlo high school declamatory contest hel November 25, at the high school. I the oratorical class, John Chrlstense Won first; Marie Nordstrum, second Maurice Michel, third and Jame Chubb was chosen alternate. In th dramatic class, Isabelle Greenberg woi first; Prances Barker, second; Elli Mae Johnson, third; and Durwooc Baker was alternate. In the humor ous class, Helen Frank! won first Shirley Ellsworth, second; and Dor othy Marty, third with Edith Raeder a. alternate. The pupils all did good work and were a credit to the school The Judges were Miss Messer, Miss Messenger and Miss Duhlgg. . H. S. HONOR ROLL. A high school may be a seat of learning, but it is a student's standing that counts. The following pupils made the honor roll for the second six weeks' period: Freshmen—Lucille Dole, John Ferguson, Ida Halpin, Dorlys Knudsen, Elnora Lattimer, Ida Leffert. Russel Medin, Violet Norman, and Donald Parsons. Sophomores—Margaret Fiene, Theo. Gaskill, Ruby Koepke, LaVonne Larson, Ida Peterson, Virginia Schenpf, Ella Zumach, and Fernley Nolte. Juniors—Ardeen Devlne, Camilla Fraser, John Hargreaves and Phyllis Parsons. Seniors—Eleanor Backus, Dorothy Johnson, Alva Benson, Hazel Neeling, William Ferugson, Genevieve Hartshorn and John Simpson. CONTEST WINNERS. The winners of the contest for National Book Week, November 16 to 22, were announced last week. They were Phyllis Parsons, Elbe Van Dorston, and Bob Cliff, each having a total of twenty-one out of twenty-five titles correct. The contest was sponsored by the business English class. The winners drew for the prize and Elbe Van Dorston was the lucky one. CAREFUL EUGENE! One of our famous freshmen, who Is well known for his good (?) driving, had his first auto accident last week. While driving his father's car, he started up the street, slowly of course, and by some hook or crook (maybe a bump In the street) the car skidded nto the curb, smashing a wheel. Since :hen he seems to be sitting down as though it hurts him. TOO BAD, SENIORS. Basket ball season has already thrown its spell over some of the boys. Some of the Junior boys and a few dignified seniors were arguing about last year's interclass tournament. As you probably know the sophomores (now juniors) went down to a close defeat at the hands of the juniors In the deciding game of the tournament. The juniors somewhat aroused by the jests of their rivals, resolved to show the confident seniors what they are made of. A game was played and the juniors, displaying a good defense and a somewhat deceptive offense, overwhelmed the seniors. The seniors resolved not to boast again in the presence of any juniors. Library Books Catalogued. All books belonging to the high chool were to be In by Wednesday of ast week. After they have been •horoughly gone over and have been DUt in shape, they will be rearranged nd classified properly. This work will e done by Miss Lillian Strom, a gradate of this school, who Is now teach- ig at Hartley. Athletics Come Forward. Every town that has a school that has athletic competition has what is commonly known as "drug store coaches". Algona is no exception. There are certain men about the town who think that it is their duty to tell how, why and where the regular coach is wrong. If Ithey had the team, they say, it would get the state championship, if these so-called coaches would come face to face with the coach and Fenton News Items Heflry Retina's made ft business trip Mr. attd Mrs, John tight 'wei-e host cer were In Des Moines Tuesday on business. C. L. Konarska went to Omaha on Sunday for a visit with his daughter Mrs. Lloyd King. Mrs. Emil Myers and two children from Ocheydan spent Thanksgiving a the parental I. H. Benedict Jiome. Alex Larimer, who has been serious ly 111 at the home of his daugher, Mrs Murray for several weeks, passed away quietly Monday night. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haglst and son day. —Josephine Chubb. Whait have I to be thankful? Many things. I'm Ithankful I have a home and a place to Which I go when all other enjoyments get old and stale. A home Is something that everyone really wants, but does he show his love for It? No, It's only a place to which he goes for something to eat and a place to sleep. But In later years he realizes how Important that home was to him hi his young and foolish days. Another thing I have to be thankful for also centers around the home. These are the ones we cherish above all other—parents. They encourage you when you're like a whipped dog with his tall between his legs. They give you an education and want you to succeed, so that some day they can say, when you have accomplished some ^ , _„, _.., __ , TC _ „ _ difficult feat, "My child did that." -| Wallace's room' at Bryant The op- Honor Students, Those on the city hall honor roll for the last six weeks are: Barbara Haggard, Russell Kelly, Geraldine Pedersen, Etheline Muckey, Harry Greenberg, Mary Louise Gilmore, Bob Dewel and Helen Chubb. CORRIDOR CLIPPINGS. "In Quest of Santa Clans." Miss Miller, the music teacher, is going to put on a Christmas operetta for the smaller grades. To take parts she has chosen pupils from the Methodist cburchj Congregational church, Lib- City Hall, Third Ward and Miss John Hargreaves. There are many things that you can be thankful for and lots of people are thankful for the same thing. But I am thankful for a few things other people don't have. First, i have a car. It isn't of the best make, although •Henry does make one of the best, but It takes me where I want to go when •I want it to. Next, I'm thankful for -the seat I have In the assembly. Some -people sit down In front, but I don't, enougn so that Pug Nel- doesn't keep me awake, .ny other things I have 'ol for, but they are too nention here.—Lyle Run $$£'•£' iff m\ American History Class. ,w Moore: What makes a balloon ip? •son: Hot air. Moore: Then what holds you eretta, "In Quest of Santa Glaus," will be given December 12. Teachers' institute will be held here December 5. Julius Boves of Northfield, Minnesota, and A. E. Bennett of Des Moines will be the principal speakers. An illustrated lecture will be given by Dr. Cartridge. Judge Quarton will give a preentation on Citizenship Training. The football squad seem, to be feeling extra well this week, now that football season is over. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Burmeister have been impressing on the minds of a few boys (such as Eugene Pierson) the necessity of walking and not running down the basement stairs. The use of two new paddles has proven very successful. Sarah D.: "I don't see how you tell those Vipond twins apart." Eleanor B.: "That's easy, Tom blushes when I meet him." The debate candidates are working extraordinarily hard this week to prepare their speeches for the try-outs, which take place Wednesday of this week. Miss Plaehn the coach, Is working hard trying to get the best out of the maiterial she has. Miss Miller's tenth grade geometry took their first of a series of objective tests last week. High scores were made by Margaret Vigars, who had a score of 97, and Fernley Nolte, who got 95, These tests prove valuable as a preparation of the state academic tests which are held in the spring. Lyle Raney was absent from school all last week due to a .blow received when he fell from a horse Sunday morning. Lyle, it seems, does not know how the accident happened. He was taken to the Algona hospital after the accident and was taken home 'Sunday night. Everyone was sorry Lyle could not play in the Thanksgiving day football game. Charles Cretzmeyer was absent last week on account of Intestinal flu. Bill Kaln was absent last week. He drove to Illinois with his mother and bis little brother, Jack Bob Spencer is still having more than his share of trouble with his foot which he accidently shot several weeks ugo Last Tuesday lie underwent a surgical operation in which some skin from his leg was grafted onto the crippled foot. Maxine Fraser and Mary Black were absent part of last week on account of sickness. tell him what is wrong it would save I Orbin > returned Sunday to Chicago af- lots of hard feeling. <*r spending Thanksgiving day here with Mrs. Wm. Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer and three children returned home Friday from a ten days' visit with relatives in Rock Island and Kewanee, Illinois, and Dav- neport and Waterloo, Iowa. Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Spooner and Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Spooner visited on Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. George Marty at Mason City. Mrs. A. L. Spooner remained until Sunday. Last Monday at eleven-thirty the high school building caught fire hi the roof and the fire department was called and the fire was soon put out. Some damage to the shingles and the ceilings was done. Mrs. C. C. Bunch from St. Louis, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard at Renwick and her sister, Mrs. William Biging and family. Dr. C. C. Bunch and wife have been connected with the John Hopkins school at Baltimore Maryland, fdr the past two years, b recently have, located at St. Louis. A. R. Larimer passed away last day night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Leota Murray. Mr. Larimer had suffered a stroke earlier in the week from which he never regainet "Motion" Pictures. The football squad had their pictures taken last Wednesday. On account of the cold weather, Mr. Peterson, the photographer, had a hard time making the boys stand still. consciousness. The funeral were conducted Wednesday Overhead in the Locker Room. Mister Bonham: "Did you take a shower?" Pug Nelson: "No, is there one missing?" FOUR CORNER NEWS Four Corner Mothers and Daughters elub will meet this week Thursday with Mrs. Rose Sabin. Roll call wUl be answered by current events. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota City spent Thanksgiving at the Chester Robinson home. Mildred Robinson returned home with them and will come back the latter part of the week. Miss Evelyn Cruikshank spent the latter part of last week until Sunday at the Lurhl Fessler home near Ring- sled. Mrs. Fessler was formerly Irene Niekerson. Ma\ and Mrs. Roy Lowman and Ruth Robinson spent Sunday at the Earl CALVES TAKEN UP—Came to my place in Sherman township November 15, 2 heifers and one steer calf. Owner may have property after identifying and payment of costs.—J. G. Miller. LuuVerne, Iowa. 24' Robinson home at Spriit Lake. Mr. Robinson is an uncle of Ruth and Mrs. Lowman. Evelyn Niekerson left Tuesday morning with the Clyde Brlstow family of Burt for Indiana to visit Mrs. Bristow's mother, who is seriously ill, and also to visit Mr. Bristow's mother, who is in the hospital at Pontiac, Illinois. A large crowd attended the program and basket social given at the Lloyd Potter school, Lotts Creek district number seven, last week Wednesday evening. Mart Elmore won a cake. Baskots and lunches were served. Thirty-one dollars and sixty-five cents were taken in. the teacher. Miss Lavina Winkel is (Omitted Last Week). The Larkln club met Friday with Mrs. Lloyd Potter. Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota City spent Friday and Saturday at the Chester Robinson home. Mrs. Everett Witham, Mrs. Roy Lowman and Mrs. Louis Lowman, Sr. spent last week Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Ray Smith at Burt working on comforters while there. Mrs. Wltharn and Mrs. Smith are sisters and Mrs. Roy Lowman Is a sister-in-law of the latter and Mrs. Lowman, Sr., is the mother of the former. The Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club met last week Thursday with Mrs. Susie Witham. Roll call was answered by "Thanksgiving Poems." A paper "Origin of Thanksgiving" was given by Irene Walker. Mrs. Rawson of Algona gave a talk on her trip to the Holy Land and a recitation was given by Thelma Witham. Lunch was served by the hostesses. The next meeting will be December 4th with Mrs. Rose Sabin. Roll call will be answered by currents events. LUVERNE NEWS. Anna Warmbier is very ill with heart trouble at this writing. Ralph Brock of Des Moines visited Saturday with friends here. Rev. Reyman and father from Spen- services at two o'clock at the Methodist church of Lu- Verne by the pastor, Rev. Reyman and the remains laid to rest in the family lot in tiie LuVerne cemetery. He leaves four children, Ernest of Humboldt; Bert, of South Dakota; William of LuVerne and Mrs. Murray of near LuVerne. Mrs. Frank Mullen, who has been a sufferer from heart trouble for a number of years, died Wednesday at the family home near Hardy, where they moved a year ago. The services for Mrs. Mullen were held Saturday at two o'clock in the Methodist church by Rev. Reyman. Mrs. Mullen leaves a sorrowing husband, one daughter, Mrs. Olive Rasmussen and four sons, the eldest being Wesley, Ben, Ora and Iran and a host of relatives and friends. Mrs. Mullen was born in Bradford, Iowa, in 1870. Interment was made in the LuVerne cemetery. PLUM CREEK NEWS § Miss Anna Schick and the Calhoun children were visitors at the center school Friday, where Miss Lillian Johnson Is teacher. Frank Stanger returned to his home in Wisconsin recently. He has spent several months at the home of his sister, Mrs. Clinton Sampson. The Arthur Haag and James Davidson families spent several days of last week at Dell Rapids, South Dakota, visiting with relatives of Mr. Haag. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gardner motored to Illinois last Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Gardner's uncle. They returned home Wednesday. Louis Ball returned to his home In Clear Lake to spend Thanksgiving, but is now back at the home of his sister, Mrs. Elmer Jasperson, where he will spend some time. Gordon Robert, and Hubert Staveley returned to Warwick, North Dakota, last Monday. Gordon and Robert came for a visit with friends and Hubert has been employed at the Elmer Jasperson farm. Hubert expects to return In the early spring. There were two pie socials in the neighborhood last week, one at the Mawdsley school, where Genevieve Altwegg is teacher and one at the center school, where Lillian Johnson is teacher. Eric WUlrett won the box of candy at the latter social and Clinton Sampson was the winner of a blanket which was raffled at the Mawdsley school. About thirty-one dollars were taken in at the center school and twenty-eight at the Mawdsley school. IRVINGTON NEWS. Mrs. Cap Calhoun is here from Illinois, visiting with relatives and friends. Miss Irene Dacken is employed at the Carl Albright home caring for Mrs. Albright and the new son. There will be a pie social at the Gardner school Thursday evening. Mabel Bowman is the teacher. Mrs. Agnes Seeley attended a meeting of the township chairmen of the farm bureau at Bancroft Friday. Mrs. Anna Drone and her son, Wayne of Algona spent Thanksgiving vacation with her son, Walter Bleich. Miss Margaret Dodds, a Union township school teacher, spent Thanksgiving vacation with her sister, Mrs. Claude Seeley. George Johnson, Ben Knox, Wm. Schipull and Edward Kaln shelled corn recently with Roscoe Mawdsley doing the work. Steve Loss shelled corn for John Shulltp Saturday. The bazaar will be held Wednesday evening, December 3 at the church annex. Mrs. Ida Riley of this vicinity left for Geneseo, Illinois, to spend a few weeks with relatives there. Ira Hudson spent Saturday at the home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wolfe of Sexton. Gus Sjogren of Algona spent Sunday morning at the home of his sister, Mrs. R. M. Watson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis and family of this vicinity moved Saturday to the house vacated by Clarence Mawdsley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard King and family of Emmetsburg were callers at ;he Frank Thornton home Sunday evening. Mrs. John Frankl of Algona was a caller one day the past week at the nome of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family spent Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Howard King and family of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family spervt Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dole's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Loss and family. • Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ditsworth and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Dltsworth's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ditsworth of this vicinity. Roy Blythe spent Saturday and Sunday with his family. Mi-. Blythe is a mail clerk and is working this week from Eagle Grove to Fox Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family spent Sunday at the'home of Mrs. Spurgeon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilllng and family of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. David Christian and family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Christian's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. to Mankato last Thursday evening. Mrs. Minnie Dreyer and daughter, Lena, were Mason City shoppers on Saturday. Mr..and Mrs. Clarence Helnfcs and George Shott of Everly visited with Mrs, Shott Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Henrickson of Rlngsted were entertained at the d. O. Humphrey home Sunday. Wm. Bailey and family of Marshall, Minnesota, were visitors Friday at the F. c. Bailey and Frank Bailey homes. Lester Weisbrod of the Newel garage In Hartley spent Thanksgiving at the htane of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Weisbrod. MW. and Mrs. Ed. Weisbrod and children, Milton, Luclle and Ethel were Thanksgiving day guests at the W. E, Stoeber home. Mrs. J. F. Newel, Mrs. F. J. Wels- brodi, Maxine, Hazel and MauMce Weisbrod spent the afternoon at the home of Mrs. Earl Osborn In Seneca Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod and children, Hazel and Maurice and Mrs. Emma Curry were six o'clock dinner guests at the F. E. Weisbrod home In Emmetsburg Thursday. Miss Romalne Stansberry, a former local teacher, called at the E. A. Weisbrod home Wednesday on her way ;o spend the week end with her sister, Mrs. Art Rave, in Ringsted. The Epworth League members enjoyed a social In the church parlor last Friday evening. A large attendance and a good time was reported. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream was served. Miss Marie Nelson of Rlngsted and Thorvald Nelson, who farms northwest of Fenton, were married Wednesday, November 26. They will reside on a farm near Rlngsted In the spring. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod and Miss Verona Weisbrod motored to West Bend Sunday afternoon where Verona made train connections to Cedar Rapids. She is a freshman student at Coe College. The local teachers leaving to spend the week end with relatives were E. A. White to Mason City, Miss Brandt to State Center, Miss Gilbert to Garner, Miss Rasmussen to Mankato and Miss Klelnhexal to Archer. Miss Esther Stanton of Stanton arrived on the morning train Thursday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Newel and other friends. She left Sunday for Stanton from Eagle Grove to resume her work. Mrs. G. M. Miller was a guest at a birthday party last Tuesday In honor of Mrs. Andrew Anderson at her home in Ringsted. On Wednesday afternoon she was entertained at the Nels Bonnlckson home in Ringsted. The afternoon bridge club was entertained-at the home of Mrs. P. H. Jensen last Tuesday. Mrs. F. C. Bailey was winner of the prize for the highest score. An elaborate two course luncheon was served after the games. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kirstein, Henry Klrstein and Mrs. Fred Anderson of Clinton, Minnesota, are visiting at the John Gramenz home. Fred and Henry Klrstein and Mrs, Anderson are brothers and sisters of Mrs. Gramenz. Miss Verona Weisbrod and Miss Edith Laage arrived home'late Wednesday evening from' Cedar Bapids, to spend the week end with relatives and friends. They made the trip in Miss Laage's car and report more snow down that way than here. A message was received here this week Monday of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. E. D. White. She was born in a hospital In Mason City. This Is their first child. She was named Lucile. Mr. White is the local high school principal and coach. About thirty relatives carried out a pleasant surprise on Mrs. Everett Dreyer at her home last Friday evening, the occasion being her birthday. The evening was spent In visiting after which a bountiful luncheon was served by the self-invited guests. Mrs. H. E. Reimers, Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod of this place and Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Bruer of Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. William Reimers of Whittemore attended the funeral of Mrs. Peter Hansen in Hartley last Friday. Mrs. Hanson was sister of Mr. Bruer. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reimers entertained in honor of Miss Esther Edmunds, Friday evening, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Newel, A. H. Peterson and Edith Laago, at two tables of bridge, Delicious refreshments games. were served after the and hostess at d Thanksgiving dinner at theif home Thutsday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Mansager and baby, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod, Gordon Wefebrod, M*. and Mrs. Hat- old wbodftii of Ames and vtoia. Light of Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Krogh of Lake* field, Minnesota, came last week Wednesday to visit their daughter, Mrs. i. P. Kramer and fatally. The Kroghs and Kramers motored to Bradg&te to spend Thanksgiving at the home of Mr. Kramer's parents, Mr. attd JMtrs. A. Kramer. ' George A. Roberts, agricultural missionary from Africa, gave an interest- Ing talk Sunday evening at'the M. 1. church. A good crowd was In attetid- fcnce but Mr. Roberts was scheduled to speak here December t and many were disappointed in not learning of the change. . Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meyers entertained the following guests at a Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Rldder of Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lahse and family and Miss Anna Light of Armstrong, Mrs. Mary Harsch and Mr. and Mrs. John Meyers of this place. Miss Florence Newel of Blunt, South Dakota, was entertained at the home of Mrs, Amos Flnnestad last Saturday. In the afternoon they motored to. Burt for a visit at the hdme of Mrs. F. c. Gibbons. The three mentioned were graduates of the Fenton high school in the same class. Miss Florence Newel arrived here from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she had been attending teachers' institute last week Wednesday for a visit with relatives and friends. She Is an instructor hi the Blunt school in South Dakota and left Sunday via Emmetsburg to resume her duties there. Frank Bailey and Mrs. Kate Newel entertained at a family gathering on Thanksgiving day at the Bailey home. Those present were the A. G. Whitlow family of Swea City, the LeRoy Newel family of Hartley, Miss Frances Bailey of Britt, the Chas. Newel family, Fied Bailey family, and Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Johnson. Raymond Alderson, Clarence Thees- fleld and Miss Gladys Weisbrod motored up from Des Moines last Wednesday to spend the Thanksgiving holidays at their various homes. Mr. Alderson and Mr. Theesfield are attending a barber school and Miss Weisbrod the Iowa beauty college. They returned to Des Moines Friday. Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Newel entertained the following guests for dinner and supper Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Newel, Miss Irene Newel, Miss Edmunds, a former Fenton teacher, now of Santon and Axel Peterson. Additional supper guests for the evening were Miss Florence Newel of Blunt, South Dakota, and Eugene Newel. Miss Florence Newel was a six o'clock dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Krause Saturday evening. Other guests for the evening were, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Dreyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dreyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Dreyer and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Art Hengel and family, Mrs. Minnie Dreyer and Lena Dreyer. ^iai « * ,. ( . . „. • ',; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Newel entertained the following dinner guests'at their home Sunday: the LeRoy Newel family of Hartley, the Clarence Weisbrod and Wilbur Kearns families and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson of Ringsted, the Lester Johnson family of Bancroft, the Irvln Johnson family, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Truman Johnson, Mrs. Elsie Johnson and Mrs. Kate Newel all of this place. A large crowd from here attended the district brotherhood meeting held at Dolllver last week Monday night. Election of county officers was held. G. E. Tomhave of Estherville was elected president. A Dad and Lands banquet was planned to be held at Armstrong In January. The Isenberg trio of the East Chain misison cnurch contributed to the program. Mrs. Hugo Denker and children of Lester and Miss Florence Weisbrod of Sheldon arrived here via Emmetsburg Wednesday to spend Thanksgiving and the week end at the parental W. J. Weisbfrod home, Other guests on Thursday at the Weisbrod home were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Weisbrod, Verona Weisbrod, and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod. Mrs. Weisbrod and Donald tcok Mrs. Denker to Lester Sunday, returning home on Monday. ^ ff^wwwwy 'SAVE jfFuel arid be comfortable this winter. Instil-' ate the attic of your home and save 20 to BO per cent of your fuel bill. Use Balsam Wool, warm in winter and cool in summer. See [our window display, • - Botsford Lumber Co. M, J. POQk, Manager.

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