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Easton, Maryland
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Tuesday, September 19, 1995 The Star-Democrat Pes SA Community Regional Review forum is Fire at River Press loading dock Sept. 27 CHESTERTOWN Chestertown firefighters battled a blaze at WYE MILLS A community the Chestertown Business Park on Monday. forum about family services planning is to be held at Chesa A tractor trailer was backing up to a loading dock at the U.a.M. Industries Complex at 10:17 a.m., when it struck the operations' electric service box, causing it to catch fire, according to Mark Mumford, public information officer for the Chestertown Volunteer Fire Company. peake college here on Wednesday, Sept.

27. The Governor's' Subcabinet for Children, Youth and Families il By the time firelighters arrived, flames were apparent from the rear of the River Press Inc. establishment, according to Mumford. iretignters quickly extinguished the lire which caused an estimated $10,000 in damage. and the Mid Shore Council on Children, Youth and Families Inc.

invites communities in Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne's and Talbot counties to attend the forum in the Humani ties Building, Room H-117, at the college from 6 to 8 p.m. The forum Is intended to provide an opportunity to hear Volunteers clean coastline Nearly 1,000 volunteers turned out Saturday for a cleanup of beaches and rivers along the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Virginia. The. activity completed the first leg of the annual Delmarva, Coastal Cleanup, a three-state effort to remove trash from the shorelines of the Delmarva Peninsula. A similar cleanup It planned for Saturday.

Sept. 23 in Delaware. The event marked the second consecutive year that Delmarva Power was the primary corporate sponsor for the Maryland-Virginia cleanup, said Matt Likovich, a spokesman. "The types and quantities of trash collected today were Itemized and forwarded to the Center for Marine Conservation in Washington, D.C., which compiles the information for all of the coastal cleanups around the world." said Likovich. "The data helot about the future direction of systems reform.

Representatives from the community planning efforts throughout the Mid-Shore will share strengths, needs and priorities identified in their community plans, forum organizers said. Cindy Gower, chairman of the Mid-Shore Council on Children. Youth and Families Inc. Local identify the source of the debris and focus efforts on reducing or Management Board, will wel come guests and participants. eliminating waste.

Volunteers worked Saturday at Ocean City, Assateague Island, along the Nanticoke River, the Pocomoke River. Betterton Beach, and Kiptopeke (Va.) State Park. Friday, the cleanup was at Janes upemng remarks will be given by Special Secretary Linda Thompson of the Governor's Office for Children, Youth After we went to church this morning I said to my wife, "let's Vote Frank Perdue? A correspondent in Oklahoma sends me this: go for a ride." and Families. "Are you out of your gourd, James Ransome will present clown?" she replied. "Today is Sunday and you know how the island state rark.

Salisbury woman, 21, Is raped SALISBURY A 21-year-old Salisbury woman was sexually assaulted during a Sunday attack on Claiborne Street, police said. Salisbury police said the woman was walking in the 400 block of Claiborne Street when she was accosted by a man who overpowered her and knocked her to the ground. The man was able to gain control over the woman and sexually roads are packed with neoDle trv aspects of Caroline County's community planning, followed by Crystal Motlasz from Dorchester. ing to get back home from Ocean uty. Try to act as though you Kent.

County's nlannins Dro- nave some sense. Well, maybe she's right, but I cess and resultant plan will be shared by Nina Peters and Jim Corns. remember my family taking Sun assaulted her, police, said. During the assault, the woman was able to poke her attacker in the eye with her finger. Cheryl Washington and April day afternoon rides.

Mom and Dad in the front seat, my brother and I in the back. Dad would Sharp will highlight the Queen Anne's County plan. Cathy Mols Police said the suspect is described as a black man, between 35 and 39 years old, about 5-feet 7-inches tall and 170 pounds. The suspect, possibly of Jamaican descent, is believed to live or hang out in the Cypress Street area. He was wearing a green shirt and white jeans at the time of the assault.

drive along the country roads, in those days all roads were country roads, and sometimes it would be and Linda walls will present for Talbot County. exists, that has been maintained improved, and had taxes paid on it by the town's only working boat yard all these years? At the last town meeting the commission was offered a way to discuss and maybe settle this dispute without costing the taxpayers any more money, but it was rejected. Why does the commission want to fight this so strongly? If it is a personal vendetta, it has no place in town government. If there is a good reason to put the town's only working boat yard at risk and spend a great deal of the taxpayers' money, what could it be? I am truly concerned about the welfare of St. Michaels and about protecting its value.

Please, Town Commissioners of St. Michaels, show the people of St. Michaels and Talbot County that you have the same concerns. JUDI CORNETTE Easton Sunday drives My wife and I just bought a new car. In all these years of owning cars, this is only the second new car we've purchased.

All the rest we bought pre-owned, Also highlighted will be sub- Anyone with information about the man's identity is asked to call Crime Solvers at 548-1776 or the Salisbury Police Department cabinet projects in the region. Attendees will have an opportu 20 to 30 minutes before you would see another car. When you did see one, you knew they were doing the same thing you were at 548-3165. Greensboro Jewelry theft reported doing, taking a Sunday afternoon nity to participate in a quesuon-and-answer session, and exchange ideas. The Subcabinet for Children, Youth and Families' mission is ride Occupants of both cars would smile and wave to each other, fel GREENSBORO A jewel thief stole more than $2,000 in goods from a 38-year-old Greensboro woman and a 15-year-old Greensboro boy, police said.

The Caroline County Sheriff's Office said $2,025 in jewelry belonging to Cheryl Trimmer and Michael Jones was stolen from low travelers, kindred spirits. After a couple hours of riding, gas cost what? ten cents a gal their Calvert Drive home, which was forceably entered sometime lon? we might decide to pull into a "White Tower" restaurant and buy a bag of hamburgers to eat in to build partnerships with communities to ensure effective family-oriented services that emphasize families' strengths and priorities. It is chaired by the Special Secretary for Children, Youth and Families. Other members include the secretaries of the Departments of Human Resources, Juvenile Justice. Health and Mental between July 1 and Sept.

13. Reported stolen were a pair of ruby earrings, one gold bracelet, one silver bracelet, one watch with diamonds, a gold necklace, a silver bracelet with diamonds and the car, What exciting times they were. rubies in laid and a gold chain. Trimmer rents a home from Jones' father. Well maybe not, but the family another person's problem that we was together laughing, singing.

"A poor man voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Frank Perdue." ROBERT W. PERKINS Easton That John Allen This is in response to a recent letter to your newspaper from Mr. Bill Morrison asking if I am an advocate of adequate funding for the public education for Caroline County's children. Yes, I am that John Allen Mr. Morrison referenced in his letter.

Do I ever endorse "full funding" requests as alleged by him? No. Now that Caroline County has saved $14,000 by not approving his endorsed request for an offseason charter government referendum, I am curious if Mr. Morrison would be comfortable supporting our children and youth by re-allocating the savings to the Board of Education to provide for material upgrades which lack due to our inability to adequately fund education in I Caroline? JOHN R. ALLEN III Denton Keep Kollinger Reference: S.M. King's letter to the editor Sept.

15 "Dump Kollinger." It is in defense of the intelligence of your readers that I write this letter. This country's history is replete with caustic political cartooning, more often than not reflecting the views of many more people than just the cartoonist. Mr. Kollinger's very pertinent and perceptive cartoons make one of the eminent features of your newspaper. They are extraordinary in their grasp of today's political melange.

He "tells it like it is" and I look forward every day to his views. I do not always agree with him; I do appreciate seeing the other side. I clip, copy and send Mr. Kollinger's cartoons to several friends in different areas of the country. They agree with me: he should be syndicated and thus shared with those who believe in the variance of views so neces took over.

But this car is right off talking, jve were communicating. The investigation is continuing. Willatds man charged in robbery Hygiene.Budget and A.I 1 A I i. A 4.1 oi me snow room uoor, so you a iusi uri uieso uays Planning and tne state superuv But it's amazing what buying a can understand my excitement. tendent of Education.

For details, call the Gover new car does to you. Bringing back memories of the Sunday rides we used to take with our nor's Office for Children, Youth SALISBURY A 31-year-old Willards man has been arrested and charged with robbinga gas station, police said. Salisbury police said Randy Dean Davis of 723 Pond Road is charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, robbery, theft families. Ever since we took delivery I've been reading the owner's manual, trying to familiarize myself with every facet of this remarkable new car. At times I will stop something that I'm doing and go sit in the car, again, just getting used to it.

Sunday rides. Really. I'm and Families at 410-225-4160 or the Mid Shore Council on Children, Youth and Families Inc. at 410-221-2550. and handgun violations.

Davis is charged with robbing the Parkway Exxon on Friday. sorry I mentioned it. FREDERICK M. SMITH Easton An officer on patrol spotted Davis fleeing from the gas station with two persons chasing him, police said. The officer caught Davis on Parkway Circle where he learned Delaware Tidewater sportfishermen, do they exist? of the robbery from the two witnesses who had chased after him.

On! is a caiH a urhifa man with crrAAn antLrinrf An hla fas This letter was addressed to Maryland Department of Natural entered the Parkway Exxon, produced a handgun and demanded money from the gas station attendant. gets tougher on underage Resources Secretary John Griffin Two weeks ago I attended a monthly meeting of the Maryland The attendant then gave him money from the cash register and Sport Fisheries Advisory commission in Annapolis. I asked to see the the robber fled from the gas station, police said. drinkers Davis was being held on $50,000 bond in the Wicomico County roster of appointed Commissioners and was startled to find that of the nine members, none were sport fishermen from Tidewater Eastern Shore or Tidewater Southern Maryland areas. DOVER, Del.

(AP) Like col Detention Center. Dornan campaigns in Delaware lege campuses everywhere, the Upon further investigation, a former Tidewater Fisheries Administration staff member, Bill Perry, informed me that it was he who was requested to draw up the nine-member Commission. This occurred in university of Delaware has its share of underage drinkers. NEWARK, Del. (AP) California Rep.

Robert K. Dornan was the early 1980s, and was requested by the then-Tidewater Administra But the cost of getting caught the featured speaker this weekend at two conservative youth gatherings in Delaware. tor, Lee Zeni. It was intended to give a balanced representative voice has gone up. from ail segments of sport fishermen.

Delaware this summer became Dornan, a Republican presidential candidate, helped celebrate the 35th anniversary of the University of Delaware's chapter of the 33rd state to impose "zero tolerance" laws, subjecting under Today the Commission is consti the Young Americans For Freedom group. tuted as follows: Sportfisherman, Ocean City, The pro-defense, anti-tax, and anti-abortion rights supporter also spoke at the Delaware LIFE-PAC, an anti-abortion group that age drinkers to the full force of drunken driving laws even if they are caught behind the wheel after taking just one drink. Sportfisherman, Tangier held its annual banquet in Dover. Dornan trails the nine Republican Dresidential contenders. He Under the new laws, even The original Commission proposal and implementation called tor: Sportfisherman, Ocean City, Sportfisherman, Tangier Sportfisherman, Mid-Shore, Sportfisherman, Upper Shore, Sportfisherman, S.

Sportfisherman, W. Sportfisherman, Baltimore, 1 Sportfisherman, Bass Charterboat captain, 1. Total 9. said he would decide by early November whether he would drop out of the race and run for re-election to Congress. Dornan won a straw poll at the LIFE-PAC gathering with 98 votes.

He was followed by former diplomat Alan Keyes, who received 47 votes; broadcaster Pat Buchanan, 22 votes; Texas Senator Phil Gramm, 19 votes; and Senate Majority Leader Bob Sportfisherman, Mid-Shore, Sportfisherman, Upper Shore, Sportfisherman, S. Sportfisherman, W. Sportfisherman, Baltimore, Sportfisherman, Bass Charterboat captain, Vacant seat, 1. Total small levels of booze will mean underage drinkers will lose their driver's licenses for two months, up from the previous 30-day suspension. Get caught twice and the suspension is 180 to 360 days.

9. Other laws mcrease the fines Dole, 7 votes. Dole leads most national polls. $30,000 cleanup grant awarded for serving alcohol to minors and sary for truth. Apology has no place in the truth.

Please, continue to share him with your readers. G. KENNETH LYONS Centreville St. Michaels, why? I am a Talbot County resident and, although my home is in Easton, I spend a great deal of time in St. Michaels.

My family are members of the Miles River Yacht Club, my daughter works in St. Michaels, my husband has many customers in St. Michaels, we keep our boat at Higgins Yacht Yard and we have many good friends who live in St. Michaels. We are highly inter- increase the penalties for When the governor initially established this commission, over 10 years ago, there was a requirement that the commissioners were appointed for a limited term and that there would be the annual opportunity for new member appointments.

If the commission is to drunken driving while a minor is in the car. MILTON, Del. (AP) Two state environmental workers have been given a $30,000 grant to test a new method of cleaning up "I think it will have an effect but it will be over a period of accomplish for the administration and DNR leadership what was originally intended, a body of commissioners who voiced the interests and concerns of all sportfishermen, then why are key Tidewater voices contamination trom leaking underground gasoline storage tanks a problem at dozens of gas stations throughout the state. time," said Maj. Lawrence Thornton, head of the University of Delaware police.

denied A typical cleanup can cost as much as $200,000, an amount state environmental officials realize is well beyond the reach of many familv-owned gas stations. Interviews with students this The 1995 summaries of licenses purchased-by sportfishermen indicate 220,000 sportfishermen licenses, 50,000 sportfishermen boat licenses, 200,000 SB Stamp, and a grand total of $1.5 million week found many unaware of The method crafted by engineer Ravi Rangan and geologist Matthew Lesley only costs $20,000. They have been given the task of cleaning up a former gas sporuishermen paid to ested in the well being and pres How can these citizens, numbering nearly one-quarter million, who ervation of this wonderful town. station at Delaware 1 and 16 near Milton. The gas station, in busi fish primarily in the tidewaters of the Bay, not have proper represen ness since 1938, closed in 1989.

Delaware's toughenedlaws jon underage drinking. "If some of those things were brought out and talked about on campus or with students, there would be some awareness," said Delaware State University junior tation on the sport Fisheries Advisory Commission? 1 personally know of suitable candidates from tidewater areas and will, with assis The old gasoline storage tanks were removed from the ground in 1990. No one is sure how long the tanks leaked, but Rangan said tance of others, guarantee their availability. sou contamination from the gasoline is "pretty substantial." AL GOETZE, Easton Former Maryland Commissioner for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Dwayne Reeve, 20, of suburban Philadelphia.

Controvillo plans Christmas parade The theme for the annual Cen treville Christmas Parade is "A Nutcracker Christmas." Lately I have been very confused about the role of the Town Commission in St. Michaels. It has always been my understanding that a Town Commission's role is to protect the town and its best interest. How can it be in the town's best interest to alienate agencies such as the Volunteer Fire Department that are there to protect the town and to harass businesses such as Higgln's Boat Yard that are the core of the town's success? Why would the town commission keep the Volunteer Fire Department on strings denying them funds one minute and giving funds the next? Shouldn't this service-oriented organization have the security to know that it can always count on the town to support its efforts? Why would a town commission refuse to try to settle, out of court, a dispute over a dock that is at least 100 years old and in actuality probably no longer The parade Is to be held Fri BEATTY, SATCHELL COMPANY LLC CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT KENNETH W. KIRBY, CPA HAS JOINED THE FIRM AS A MANAGER CONCENTRATING IN TAXES day, Dec.

1 at 6:45 p.m. Starting from the Queen Anne's County High School, the parade is to include bands, antique cars, floats, and Santa Claus. Anyone Interested in partici pating in this year's parade should call Morris T. Barton, chairman, at 758-0690. The deadline for entry is Nov.

10. The parade is being limited to 65 410-822-6950 410-479-2181 410-524-8860 EASTON DENTON OCEAN CITY SEPTEMBER 1995 units. i.

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