The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 10
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The Upper Des Moines-ttepublicaii, November 26,1930 P. T. A, Meeting Held in Union Township. TTnlon Township, November C;i. Spe clal: A parent-teachers' meeting wa held at the school house in distric Siumber four last Friday evening. / ehort program was given by the child ten and the talk of the evening wa. given by a Miss Parker from De Moines, who Is here In the Interest o super-standardizing this school. Then are many qualifications to be galiiei before a school can be super- standard ized. One of the many points coul. be gained if this school could be elec trie lighted. There are only two m fal schools In the state which are In this class and only one in this county District number four already carric many high credits and no doubt wil reach the standard it hopes to obtain Harry Ward, president of the P. T A. organization, presided at the meet Ing. Winter Arrives With Snowy Blasts Tuesday Winter descended with a vengeanc Monday and Tuesday with traces of blizzard. This morning the thermo meter registered one above zero. High Low Wednesday, rain .53 65 48 Friday 46 29 Thursday, rain. 69 62 42 Friday 46 29 Saturday 46 30 Sunday 44 31 Monday, snow flurries 33 17 Tuesday, snow flurries, ',4 in. 37 16 Wednesday 1 Dead Flier Was Former Iowa Man Flavius Donaldson, formerly of Milford, Iowa, who in recent years has been a pilot in the Pacific Air Mall service and who was killed last week when his plane crashed in the mountains near Burbank, California, during a storm, was quite well known here where a number of years ago he gave several airplane esihibitions and carried- passengers who took their firsl ride In a plane. Auxiliary Will Not Meet This Month. There will be no November meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary this month. The date of the December meeting has been changed and the members are requested to watch the paper for an announcement of the date, which will be made later. Jahn Mangan is III in Omaha, Mrs. William Mangan left for Omaha-Monday because of the serious Illness of her son, John, who is suffering with-Jnastoids. He is a student in • CreightoaUniversity. Gterman Lutheran Church. FINDS STATE BANKS WELL SUPERVISED Bankers Body Sees Less Politics in Banking Departments With Better Facilities in the Hands of the Responsible Officials. •~t3BraeirTJf~North^Wooster-and" East- Elm street. H. Dubbe, pastor. There will be English services on Thanksgiving day at ten-thirty and German services Sunday at ten-thirty. More or Leii True It Is a happy man-Inge If, when Insect Is mentioned, friend wife doesn'i Immediately think of the thing she separates from its pay envelope everj Saturday night.—Cincinnati ICnqulror Buy Yourself a Philco Radio at Hobarton A survey of state banking departments by the State Dank Division, American Bankers Association, discloses a distinct tendency the past flv« years to takes bank supervision out of politics, to Increase the discretionary powers of bank commissioners, to lengthen their terms of office, to supply then with adequate forces of qualified examiners and to relieve banking departments of duties foreign to banking, says a recent statement Issued by the association. "We have consistently urged that the office of bank commissioner be h free from partisan politics as the judiciary Itself and that It be divorced from all other functions of state government," the statement says. "Further, that his term of office be made more secure and lasting, with sufficient salary anc. power granted to attract and retain the services of men of outstanding executive ability, courage, resourcefulness and successful banking experience. "Five years ago the flrst survey ot state banking departments by the division demonstrated the need for Improvements. On the basis of data now In hand It Is evident that, through tho revision of statutes In many elates, rapid steps are being taken In tho right direction. One by one the states are coming to recognize the primary Importance of strong, competent banking departments. The demand for Increasing the effectiveness of banking departments Is beginning to ba mat." How Bank Commissioners Are Chosen The office of bank commissioner Is now operated as an Independent department of state government In thirty-four states, the bankers tird. In two states the bank commissioner Is elected at general elections; In one bo is appointed from eligible lists of the civil service and in anothe. he IB selected by the banks. In one state the bankers' association elects a list of five names from which the governor appoints one as superintendent of Danks; in another he la appointed by ;he State Corporation Commission and n another by the State Banking Board. "Terms of office of bank commie- loners have been lengthened in several states during the last five years," the report says. "In 23 states the term Is four years, In one, five-years, and In three it is six yeare and In some the term Is Indefinite. A short term -la- condemned - en- C&s^g.-eaod? that the commissioner has'insufficient time to become thoroughly conversant with his field work. A longer term permits his rendering useful service through capitalizing his experience. Five years ago the average length of service was less than three years, while now It has risen to five years. Higher Standards Required "Signs ot an awakening to the necessity ot making successful banking experience a qualification tor bank commissioner are evident. While eleven stales report no banking experience necessary, the majority require experience of this sort, ranging from two to five years. Twelve states now have banking,, boards, with powers ranging from acting in an advisory capacity to full power over all state banks to issue and reject charters, RADICAL CHANGES TRANSFORM BANKING National Commission Sees Changing Opinion on Branch Banking Issue—Studies Group and Chain Banks. Way of the World Wlien a mnn's children turn out hall as bad as he was nt their age be thinks the world Is growing worse.— Cupper's Weekly. Baptist Church. The morning subject at the Baptist church next Sunday will be the last word in botli science and religion, "By the Will of God." At the evening service we shall face life with its problems, material and spiritual. The subject will be "Build Thou More Stately Temples." This church invites you to join with it in work and worship.— Frank H. Webster, minister. More weight in tire chains gives more wear. Gamble's new Tiger chains —case hardened—weigh more per pair than any other standard specification chain. 29x4.40 $3.15, 30x5.00 $4.35 — Order Your NEW YORK.—Modification of tho attitude ot bankers on tho long disputed branch banking question is forecast In a review and report coverinf; rnpM changes going on in banking issued here by the Economic Policy Commission of the American Bankers Association. The report, however, after referring to recent proposals that national banks foe given branch banking powers within the business territory surrounding their location, declares that "we do not believe that so-called 'trade-area', branch banking is likely to gain the support of any large percentage of the banking fraternity." The commission says that the "most Important development that haa affected American banking In recent years involves tho rapid growth of multiple banking organizations In the form of group, chain and branch bank- Ing systems," and adds that "we present this report as an unprejudiced economic study and have no theories or policies to urge at this time." The statement says that the commission's Information indicates there are now 2G9 group or chain bank systems, which control 1022 banks and $15,285,000,000 in aggregate resources, and that there are only six states and the District of Columbia where it does not find any group organizations. The Commission's Investigation "We have been in touch -with the managers of many Important bank groups," the report says. "Aside from the obvious economies of centralized operation and control a number of these organization heads very frankly tell us that they do not feel that; the system has been in operation and tested long enough to justify them In making positive or sweeping statements as to its advantages or disadvantages compared to unit banking. "The Banking and Currency Committee of the House, which is conducting an investigation into banking- developments, has called a number of operating heads of some of the great group systems. These men declared that they found, under certain conditions, definite operating and economic advantage In both group and branch banking over Independent unit bank- Ing. Some thought group banking was only a transitional stage, that branch banking' was preferable and if it were permitted on an extensive enough scale they -would change their groups over to branch systems. Others held that group banking was preferable. "Some held that the^ Ideal plan was a combination of the two with group bank units for localities strong enough to support complete banking institutions and with branch ofpees extending further Into the smaller places requiring 1 banking services but not large enough to support complete banks. Several of these who advocated multiple banking declared that nevertheless they believed there would always be room for vigorous independent unit bank competitors. Government Officials Express Views "The Comptroller of the Currency recommended that national banks be given branch banking powers within 'trade-areas.' The Governor of the Federal Reserve Board appeared to be in general agreement with the Comptroller. He said there were 24,645 banks and 3,547 branches, a total of 28,192 banking offices; that in this total, 6,353 offices were either branches or bank members of groups, or both, leaving 21,839 banking institutions that might be definitely termed independent unit banks, having no branches ana in no way connected with group affiliations. He said all the banks had total loans and investments of $58,500,000,000, of which the group and branch systems held ?30,000,000,000, or more than half. "He opposed nation-wide branch banking at present but said that ultimately i£ bankers became trained and experienced in tho larger technique of 'trade-area' banking lie thought It would in time evolve nation-wida branch banking under control of relatively few banks, but he did not believe this would mean monopoly or lack of competition. He favored branch over group banking which, however, he said represented an economic develppmcnt along 'trade-area' lines and would spread unless something else were substituted and thought 'trade-area' branch banking would serve thia purpose. "It is the intention of the Commission to develop its own studies in these questions, watch carefully every move that la made and every bit o£ information that may develop in this connection and keep itself prepared to give an unbiased and accurate statement of Hie facts of tho case whenever that is desired," the report concludes. "Join Red Cross," Urges Vice President Curtis America's prominent citizens join In urging all men and women to become members of the Red Cross during the period of the annual roll call from Armistice Day to Thanksgiving Day, The Honorable Charles Curtis, Vice President of the United States, says: "The American Red Cross Is In a position to and does more to relievo those stricken by misfortune than any other organization in the world. Its splendid work has done much to bring a friendly feeling In all parts of the world for the people of our country because they sustain the American fled Cross. This wonderful organization Is entitled to the liberal support of our people." The Honorable Andrew \V. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury, says: "No one can predict when or where disaster may occur or acute emergency arise. The American Red Cross represents our community Insurance against such misfortunes. The organization stands ready at all times to render Speedy relief to any stricken area in the relief ot disaster in foreign countries. The Red Cross Is the agency which carries on when emergency has disrupted customary modes and means of life in a community." Six Foreign Countries Receive Red Cross Aid Relief was given by the American Rod Cross during the year in six foreign nations in disasters ranging from a tidal wave In Newfoundland, an earthquake In Persia, floods In France, to help the refugees from Russia and prevention of a smallpox epldemic"~in Costa Rica. The ?5,000 Red Cross contribution to Newfoundland, following the tidal wave, which took twenty-six lives and destroyed many homes and flshing boats, was the first from an outside country to reach the distressed people. The sum of $5,000 was given to the fund for the relief of the Mennonite refugees of German descent, who had determined to leave Russia for new lands. About 13,000 passed through Germany, where the German Red Cross, aided by Red Cross societies of other nations, helped them. The majority are being transported to new countries in the western world and the American Red Cross has transmitted contributions from individuals in this country. When Costa Rica was menaced by a smallpox epidemic, the American Red Cross sent fifty thousand tubes of vaccine, in two airplane loads, undoubtedly saving the country from a serious outbreak of the dread disease. Mutt Be Obeyed, Too Doctor snys ediicntlnn will snve liali n million lives annually. And all the education It will take Is enough ti rend rniflir Ricns. — Dayton Dnlb News And lt« Stick-to-it-ivenes» "American chewing gum tins gained a foothold In Japan," says an ex change. Its fiu-ulty for gaining n foot hold Is Its most unpopular feature IP this country.-—Boston Transcript. CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance, 3c if charged. Cash must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. FOB RENT—Modern six room apartment, close In. Phone 5G3. 24 FOB SALE—Dry hard stove wood.— Ed. Eggert, phone 2F18. 24-25' LOST—Pearl and white gold rosary between Northwestern track and the Catholic church. Finder phone 592. 24* WOMEN—High class company has excellent position for several women. Must be willing to furnish references and start at our terms, which means about $27.50 per week. Can also use several men and women for part time work. Write H. P. Smithers, Spirit Lake, Iowa. 24* Christmas Cards NOW before the big rush starts. We have two beautiful lines from which to make your selection. Ask to see them. Upper-Des Moines Republican Federal Reserve Pays Government lu the iittccn years since its establishment in 1014, aggregate net earnings of tho Federal Keservo System's twelvo regional banks Imvo amounted to 1515,210,000, of which ?yo,«72,000 has boon paid to the member banks as dividends, representing 6 per cent annually on their contributions of capital to tho reserve, banks, whllo ?277,434,000 lias been added to tho surplus of the rcuorvu bunkH and $147,110,000 ha» been paid over to the Federal Government us u franchise tax. Black Meailei "Keillor Hie Chronicle," writes a Sun FruiH.'Isoo corresjiejiieic'iJt, "1 hope the report lliul Atlantic City Is canceling Its iinmiiil ben illy contest la true. Tlie ('lireinlflu'f grwit Interest In these con tests lins lu'Bii llie one greut blotch en- Its scuttle." Keeping Fnilb "A strong muii," suld HI Ho, the sai?e of (ttilnulown, "keeps fulth with liliimelf utiel BO must keep fulth with eilhers."— Wimliliigtein Slur WANTED—Work on farm. Good milker and all around man; age 30.— S. Webster, care A. L. Rochleau, R 2, Algona, Iowa, phone 33F14. 24* LOST—Saturday between. Algona sale barn and Perry Phillips', 2 miles east of Algona on paving, one Spotted Poland China Boar pig. Reward for return.—Perry Phillips, phone 5F23. 24 NOTICE—I am giving Ambrose McBride his time and I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by him.—Mrs. Agnes McBride. 24* CALVES TAKEN UP—Came to my place in Sherman township November 15, 2 heifers and one steer calf. Owner may have property after identifying and payment of costs.—J. G. Miller. LuuVerne, Iowa. 24 WANTED—Housekeeping job on farm by middle aged lady. Call 230. 23 FOR SALE—Stove wood and hardwood lumber.—F. S. Thompson, Phono 2GF12. 23-tf Special sale on ladles hats at $1.00 each.—The Elite Shop. 24 Hemstitching, cotton 8c per yard and silk, 10c.—The Elite Shop. 24 BORROW MONEY—I have a few hundred dollars to loan on town property In good condition.—O. A. Momyer. 14 Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tJ "Algona's Wife Saving Station."•Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 60-M NINETY DISASTERS CALL FOR RED GROSS RELIEF, AT COST OF $1,200,000 Vice Chairman Fieser Cites Readiness to Act of National Society, Which Lessens Loss of Life—3,500 Chapters Aid in Work. Readiness to act In an emergency, should a disaster strike, has become part of the Red Cross Chapter program in thousands of communities. The need for this training of local committees was revealed last year, when more than ninety communities required disaster relief work by the Red Cross. As In former years, tornadoes brought the greatest damage. Twenty- four serious tornadoes occurred. Fire also took toll of life and property In twenty-four communities. Seven forest fires did great damage; eighteen areas were affected by floods, and nine storms caused heavy losses. Other disasters were cloudbursts, cyclones, epidemics, mine explosions and shipwrecks. In the insular pbssesslons of the United States the Red Cross gave relief in twelve disasters, chiefly from hurricanes. In foreign countries relief was given by the American Red Cross In six Instances of earthquakes, floods and to refugees. The disaster relief work of the Red Cross cost 51,208,151 last year. Statistics showed an approximate death rate of 790 persons in these disasters; buildings destroyed or damaged, 19,578; persons Injured, 1,487, and persons assisted by the Red Cross, 96,872. Through disaster preparedness of Red Cross Chapters, undoubtedly great numbers of lives were saved, and much distress and grief following the calamities was prevented, according to James L. Fieser, vice chairman In charge of domestic operations of the Red Cross. "This type of work Is supported by the memberships of citizens of the United States, their volunteer contributions, and their devoted work," Mr. Fieser said. "Every man and woman Is urged to join as a member of the local Red Cross Chapter, not only to be a partner in supporting the work through his membership, but also to serve should an emergency occur." Fur Coats AT JANUARY PRICES 1 Life Savers Numerous More than a quarter of a million persons are entitled to wear the American Red Cross insignia, denoting they have been taught the expert life saving methods of the organization. The number enrolled to date Is 273,202. Banking Grows More Complicated DENVER, Colo.—The Increase In the technicalities of the banking business in the past dozeu years was shown by a speaker before the American In- We offer this week, our entire stock of reliable high grade fur coats at substantial reductions, representing the lowest retail prices in many, man}' years. We cannot urge yon too strongly to buy your new fur coat NOW at January Clearance prices. We are anxious to clean up our stock and while prices probably will be higher next y car, Hvc prefer to reduce our inventory and take our losses at this time. All wanted furs are in stock in a nice range of regular sizes from 14 to 38. Larger sizes may be had at the same price reductions. We call your attention to dark rat coats at $85.00 which will give warmth and arc beautiful garments. Dark, rich minks arc offered at the new low figure of $275.00 which is the lowest price we have ever made on these beautiful coats. Australian Seal coats with fitch \rirn are in stock at the exceptional price of $159.00. Genuine Hudson Seal coats, self trim, are a real bargain at only $225.00 and we have a size 18 and 20 in stock at these prices. Come in this week and take advantage of these unusual values.. The usual service is offered with every sale made at this time. sTitute of Banking which held its annual convention here recently wh,en he pointed out that in 1918, when the Institute last met in.this city, It gave only three courses, while today it gives 10, with more subjects in preparation. At the earlier date, he said, the curriculum of the Institute consisted of elementary banking, commercial. and banking law, and money and banking, whereas today it consists of banking fundamentals,, commercial law, negotiable instruments, standard economic*, standard banking, credits, investments, trust functions, analyzing financial statements, and public speaking, while the two new subjects of bank operation and organization, and bank management are fo Be add"ed. The New Pace of Business Change Business evolution used to move slowly—It measured off its gradual changes almost Invisibly, like the hour hand on the clock. But today its tempo is that of the second hand. The movement of evolution that IB quickening business with, rapid changes is alarmingly visible and makes it difficult to keep up with them.—-B. S. Hecht Found—A. place to buy Christmas gifts that are different. Ask your Gamble manager for his list of gifts for men—something for the car, sport- Ing goods. Gifts for women—useful durable toys for children. 24 A Printing Second to None FARM LOANS AT 5(4% INTEREST City residences and farms for sale, i List your property with us. ! MURTAGH BROTHERS. I Licensed Real Estate Brokers. | 1 he most important part about a printing job is the speed, the accuracy and the quality of work a printer can offer. A printing job delayed is always a loss to a business establishment. Place your printing with us and you will be assured of prompt delivery and of quality of workmanship that will bring results. Our plant includes every modern printing device. We print everything from calling cards to newspapers. Let us help you with your printing problems. We will assist you in planning your advertising and will help in the preparation of your copy. Complete printing service for every need—and at prices unequaled for the quality of our work. We will be glad to furnish estimates. w Upper Des Moines Republican yVyyyVftWVWVVWVWWVVVVVWirVV^^

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