The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1930
Page 9
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, November 26,1930 Railroad Officials Visited Bancroft. Bancroft Register: Superintendent G. E. Bonner of Mason City and F. J. Byington, assistant general superintendent of Chicago, 0. & N. W. railway officials were here Monday afternoon. These gentlemen were Interviewing Bancroft business men and members of the local Lions club In regard to their complaints relative to the discontinuance of passenger, mall and express service to Bancroft some few weeks ago. The local Lions club has been constantly at work from most every possible angle trying to have the train service restored and numerous railway officials have called here making overtures of various kinds to attempt to pacify our business men. These officials assert that the train recently discontinued was operated at an annual loss of $8,000. This assertion may be a bona fide statement but does not take into consideration the huge amount of freight revenue that comes from this point. Most any business house operates some part of their business at a loss, deeming It wise to continue the loss to encourage other departments of their business. The Register believes that It would be equally wise for the railway to encourage other departments of their business even though It be necessary to operate their passenger trains at a loss. At present they have lost the revenue received from carrying the malls as well as the revenue received from transporting express in and out of Bancroft. The freight business may be lost eventually If such high-handed methods are continued. The gentlemen who called here the first of the week were pleasant and courteous and to them personally we take off our hat, but to the railway company in general, we say, go to hell. Former West Bend Attorney Dead. Journal: Welt Miller, a former West Bend attorney passed away at his home in Des Moines Sunday at 12:45 p. m. He had been sick for some time. The funeral services were held at Holy Trinity church in Des Moines Tuesday morning. Interment was made In a cemetery there. P. J. De- wltt went there Monday to attend the services. Mr. Miller was born at LaPorte City, Iowa, September 29, 1869. His age was sixty-one. He was married at that place March 17, 1893, to Miss Sadie South. Mr. and Mrs. Miller lived at West Bend for nineteen years where Mr. Miller practiced as an attorney. They moved to Des Moines eight years ago. After going to that place, Mr. Miller was In the employ of the Harris- Emery company for five years, at the close of which his health commenced to fail. Fourteen sons and daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Miller and twelve of them survive. They are Mrs. Dan Paul of New York City; Mrs. Glenn Kendall of Laurens; Mrs. Wm. Gray and Mrs. Walter Roberts of Des Moines; Sister M. Theaplane of Des Moines; Francis of Camp Lewis, Washington, Paul, Larry, Edward, Clare, James and- Patrick of Des Moines. There are also six grandchildren. Twenty Years Ago. Will Brunson had moved to Chicago with his family. They were to spend the winter there. Filo Poarch went to Armstrong to take charge of the Journal, the newspaper of that town. Funeral services were held in Al gona for Mrs. A. W. Sterzbach who had died In Laramie, Wyoming. Mrs. J. G. Graham came from Denver for a visit with her sister, Mrs. W. E. McDonald and other relatives. John Vinson enjoyed a visit from two of his brothers from Illinois and they were thinking some of locating in Kossuth county. Forest Cairy spent several days visiting in Algona. He was headquartering in Eagle Grove and firing on the Northwestern railroad. Jimmie Neville had purchased the Chapin property east of the high school building for $1800. He planned to occupy the place as a home. Frank Winkel came home from the central part of the state, where he had been employed with the George Johnson crew of railway graders. Mrs. W. H. Lacy met with a painful accident at the Algona Laundry when her hand was drawn into the mangle machine and was severely crushed. Captain and Mrs. Ingham left for the south to escape the severe Iowa winter. They intended to go to Florida and make their home there for the winter. Jasperson & McMurray dissolved partnership in the grain business. Mr. McMurray retired from the firm and Mr. Jasperson continued to run the business. Mrs. Polly Cross died In the south part of the town. Old age was given as the cause of her death. She had been a resident of Kossuth county for many years before her death. Max Mesing and Hazel Mowery were married In Rock Rapids. Mr. Mesing was employed by the Western Electric as lineman and the bride was employed by the same company as exchange operator. At the meeting of the Corn Belt Poultry Association, Frank Hendrlcks was elected secretary to succeed Wm. Guderian who had left the city. J. B. Winkel was elected assistant secretary and C. B. Worster, superintendent. Chas. Nolte remained president. Word had been received of the death of Samuel Baker from a stroke in Montesane, Washington. His home was In Tacoma. Mr. Baker had been a postal clerk in Algona prior to going to the west coast. He was a son- in-law of the late Lewis H. Smith. D. Manwaring and Mrs. Margaret Williams were married here by Rev. Holmes. The groom was a veteran of the Civil War and the bride was the mother of the proprietor of the pan- tatorium under the County Savings Bank. Learning From Patient* I lately met an old doctor who said most that he knows about medicine be learned from his pnllents, and not from medical books or schools. . . And bow be hated dooiorsl-R. W Howe's Monthly. Farm Bureau Essay Contest Next Month. The county farm bureau announces that It will conduct a prize essay contest which is open to any Kossuth county boy or girl attending school. The bureau offers a cash prize of five dollars, three dollars and one dollar for the three best essays submitted. The subject of the essays shall be "Why Father and Mother Should be Farm Bureau Members." The essay may discuss in about 400 to 500 words: what the family me«ns to the organization; what the organization means to the family; why a large membership is desirable for aggressive activities in legislation, marketing, transportation, service department, Insurance, education program. These topics are suggestive only and the entrant may discuss In whatever way he or she may choose the subject given, so as to bring out the fullest answer to the subject question. The three best essays as awarded tty the judges will be rend at the annual farm bureau meeting which will be held at the K. of C. hall in Algona, December 16. The entries should be mailed ort or before December 5 to Ray S. McWhorter, essay contest chairman, Burt, Iowa. Are Building a Fine Farm Home, W. H. Brandow who lived for a number of years southwest of Algona but for the past few years near Chapin, still owns his fine Cresco township farm, and is erecting a fine modern farm home on the place. The family expects to move back to Kossuth county in the near future. . McMurray Brothers have the contract and are now working on the house. IRVINGTON NEWS, P W jxyff&XXiXX^^ Douglas Riley moved the Glen "Beard family to Spring Valley, Minnesota, on Thursday. There will be no school held here Thursday of this week on account of Thanksgiving. Mrs. Elmer Danner of this vicinity went to Marshalltown one day the past week on business. . Mrs. Edward Hammer of this vicinity spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Fred Dole and family. U. B. Frank! and son, Gerald spent Sunday with Mr. Frankl's brother, John Frankl, and family. Mrs. Wm. Spurgeon will hold a farm sale November 25. She will then move onto a farm at Mackintyre. Mrs. Sever Christensen of Algona spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Raymond Watson and family. The church has been cleaned by the ladies getting ready for the bazaar, which will be held December 3. Mr and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of this vicinity spent Sunday with Mrs. Wolfe's sister, Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. Mrs. Robert Spurgeon arid children, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilllng of . Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of this vicinity motored to Mankato Wednesday where they visited with Mr. Wolfe's brother, John, and family. The school in district number four has been closed the past week on account of the scarlet fever. Miss Gertrude Skilling is the teacher. Mrs. John Von Bank attended the funeral of her grandmother, Mrs. Kenne at Wesley. The funeral was held at Wesley and interment was made in the Whittemore cemetery. Bernard Frankl, who is attending Creighton University at Omaha, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Frankl. Bernard returned to Omaha Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Danner went to West Bend Sunday. Miss Cecil Thorn- tor, stayed with her sister, Mrs. Raymond King and family of Whittemore Misses Ruby Koepke and Josephine Lee gave a party Friday evening at the church in honor of the Star class of which both girls are members. Au oyster supper was served later in the evening. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, one-thirty p. m., October 23, 1030.—Bounl of supervisors of Kossutli county met in special session us per section D119 of 1927 Code of Town. Motion by McDonald and second hy Morris Unit following resolution bo adopted: HKKOLimON ON ASSIGNMENT. lie It resolved liy tlie board of supervisors of tlio county of Kossulli of Algona, Iowa, that its deposit claim iia-iiiiiKt tliu I.uVerno State Bank of I.uVerne, lowu, be assigned to tliu treasure!- of state for I lie use and benetils of the state sinking fund for public deposits as provided in chapter 171! of the acts of the Forty-First General Assembly as amended, and that the treasurer of Kossuth county, H. N. Kruse, be mill he Is hereby authorized and directed to execute mid deliver assignment of said claim as provided herein. Vote: Ayes—Funnomiirk, Ilelken, McDonald, Morris; nays—none. Adopted this 23rd day of October, A. D. 19110. Motion by Funnemnrk and second by Ilolken that BalKeman Is hereby appointed as a committee to make repairs on Dr. 110 as per refiuest. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by Funnemnrk that 13d. Q. Looft bo refunded dlft'erenee In tax on following property: W>i/j SW'4, Sec. 15-09-28—1925, consl. $''.59. road 10<:; l!)2(i, consl. $2.58, road 9c; 1927 consl. $2.75, road 9c; 1928, cons], $2.91. road fie; 1929, consl. $H.;H>. SK'4 S\V'4 Sec. 1.1-99-28—1925, cons). J277 road lOc; 1926, consl. J2.7G, road lOc; 1927, consl. $2.81, road lOe; 1928. consl. K.OO, road lOc; 1929, consl. $3.46 on account of error In road acreage and county auditor Instructed to issue refund warrant. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. in., November 0, 1930. HIOKTHA ID. .lOIIN.SON, County Auditor. Auditor's office, November C, 1930.— Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion board proceeded with aud ItliiK and allowing of bills. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. in. One o'clock p. m. board mot pursuant to adjournment with all members present. This bolnif the time hereto fixed for receiving bids on Dr. 177, no sealed bids received, open bids called for and Gluspell, Vletli & Duncan havo made an offer to attempt to sell bonds, ex eluding Davy & Hoffman assessments at par and accrued Interest and to be allowed two ar.'l one-half per cent to cover expense of printing bonds and furnishing legal opinion. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that matter of accepting bid Is hereby continued to November 20, 1930 at two p. m. Ayes all. Motion by Funnemark find second hy Morris that the following assessments arc hereby levied on the drainage districts listed below, said assessment to be divided in two installments collected with first and second half of 1930 taxes due In 1931. Drainage Dlst. No. Assessmt. Per Cent Levied .. .1 per cent ... 1 per cent .. .1 per cent ... 1 per cent .. .5 per cent .. .2 per cent per cent 3rd. 6th. 3rd. 6th. 3rd. 6th. Bth. 4th. 3rd. 3rd. 4th. 4th. . .. .1 per cent . . . .4 per cent . .. .1 per cent . .. .1 per cent . .. .1 per cent 2nd 1 per cent 97.95 29.40 5.00 2.54 board hoard. Johnson, delivering meeting of G 24 42 55 58 61 72 7S 127 138 139 158 170 Ayes: nil. See rec. for res. Motion hy Morris nnd second hy TIelkon that, further proceedings on including nddllionnl territory on Dr. 9 hereby continued to November 20. 1930. nt two p. tn. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by McDonald that further proceedings on Dr. 149 IP hereby continued to December, 2, 1930. On motion board proceeded with auditing and allowing of bills as per schedule of claims hereinafter written: OP CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service $ City of Algona, light service . Kid .T. Backus, postage C. M. St. P. &. Pac. Hy. Co., freight Martha Harris, labor In engl- necr'R off lO.iiO Mail Parrott & Sons Co., supplies 40.71 Railway Hxprcss Agency, express charges 2.34 Donald Frankl. bounty 1.20 W. K. McDonald, com. & session 242.1(1 F. .1. Balgcmnn, com. & session SIR.40 II. M. Smith, co. engineer .... 300.00 Clins. Morris, com. & session . . Olnf Funnemark, com. ft session r. .1. Heiken, coin, ft session . . Olaf Funnemark. lei. serv. .. Bancroft Register, election ballots S. P Kckholm, local registrar .. I. 10. AVortrnan, local registrar . . TJ. B. Hollisler, local registrar . Floretta Welp, local registrar .. H. A. Thompson, local registrar \Vm. Boyken, local registrar . . R. IT. Flnnell, local registrar . . Adah Carlson, local registrar . .Arthur Hof. local registrar .... Fred 10. Dlekmann, local registrar Haggard & Backus, pub. board proc Advance Pub. Co., pub. proc. and supplies ... Bancroft Register, pub. proc Bertha 13. ballots Henry Hlscheld, trustees .1. F. Gllmore, meeting of trustees J. C. Mawdsley, meeting of trustees Henry Weber, meeting of trustees Aug. Gutknccht, meeting of trustees Louis Anderson, meeting of trustees Fred 13. Dutton, meeting of trustees Guy B. Risk, meeting of trustees John Haas, meeting of trustees Geo. D. Moulton, meeting of trustees Peter Hans, meeting of trustees L,. F.. ITovey. co. sheriff Specialty Dlst. Co., supplies . . Hammond & Stephens Co.. supplies Bancroft Register, supplies .... Crescent Printing Co., supplies AVm. Shirley, postage Koch Brollicrs, supplies Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., supplies. 233.09 Mary K. Sands, clerical work in Treas, office Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies 1097.12 Pratt Paper Co., supplies" North Kossuth Record, supplies 30.00 D. W. Grlppen Co., supplies .... Fidlar & Chambers Co., supplies Metropolitan Supply Co., supplies H. R. Cowan & Son, supplies .. Botsford Lumber Co., supplies .. Homer Gregory, bounty W. S. Hunt, att. meeting of brd. of eilucation H. J. Bruloy, att. meeting of brd. of education B. C. \Volsbrod, att. meeting of brd. of education Mrs. ,1. H. AVarner att. meeting of l>nl. of education . . .». Dr. II. H. Murray, att. meeting of hoard of education John Fricderes, weed commissioner Tom Kaln, weed commissioner .. A. K. Oruikshank, weed commissioner J. T. Chcrland, weed commissioner Carl W. Priebe, weed commissioner Alfred Jergensen, weed commissioner .. . John Norton, mowing weeds .... Cluy B. Risk, weed commissioner TJlibe Winter, weed commissioner TOmil Wester, weed commissioner I.alng ft Muckey, repairs Midland Chemical Laboratories, supplies 31.00 George Holtzbauer, repairs Geo. Hagge, att. meeting 12.00 15. H. Bourdsley, Judge of election Roy G. Richardson, Judge of election Adell McDonald, Judge of elec- llon Kvelyn Malone, Judgo of election F. C. Beermnnn, Judge of election AA r . A. Lorcnz, Judge of election S. A. Worsler, clerk -of election Leora 1C. St. John, clerk of election Hazel Dal/lei, clerk of election Geo. .1. lOlbert, clerk of election DeMaud Lathrop, Judge of election Lottie J. Kaln, Judge of election W. 11. Godden, Judge of election K. .1. Gllmore. Judge of election AS'm. II. Gilbrlde. Judge of clcMi/h Frank Gelgul, Judge of election .1. A. McDonald, clerk of election I). L. Lefferl, clerk of election 1011HU lietli .1. Holmes, clerk of election G. W. Stillnuin, clerk of election Kent, Motor Co., rent for room Geo. lOlbert, rent for room .... 10. J. McKvoy, judge of election H. 11. Smith, Judge of eleetllon . Tlios. Kain, Judgo of. election .. Kdllh Taylor, judge of election H. F. Donovan, Judge of eleellon Mrs. Linda Clapsaddle, Judg'e of eleellon Itneldu Dooloy, clerk of election H. F. Huonhold, clerk of election Idah Richardson, clerk of election Frank Kohlhuas, clerk of elee- lion 2.70 A'allle M. Tribon, Judgo of election 4.20 .John Haggard, Judge of election 4.20 J77.00 244.00 2f.7.fiO 24.90 305.HI! 4.75 5.50 2.75 5.25 4.00 3.00 5.75 19.00 3.00 1.75 194.77 387.77 130.20 29.00 4.0D 4.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 12.00 12.00 51.00 23.00 34.56 11.50 32.69 20.4S 12.33 81.00 11.2 31.50 10.25 44.IS 2.7B 10.00 3.60 2.60 4.20 6.00 12.40 9.00 7.00 5.50 15.20 33.SO 5.i, 3 41.20 7.SO 10.20 1.00 4.2H 4.20 4.20 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.70 4.20 4.20 2.70 4.50 4.50 3.CO 3.CO 1.00 4.60 3.CO 3.CD C.OII 0.0:1 2.70 4.20 4.20 4.20 2.70 2.55 4.20 4.20 2.55 R. H. Lowman. clerk of election M .N. Phillips, clerk of elect Inn Lawrence Thorson, judge ef election Paul J. Cody, judge of election. . J. P. IVtersnn, judge of elocton M. L. Johnson, clerk of election S. .Severson. clerk of election J. T. Chcrland, judge of election Geo. C. Hanna. Judge of election L. Marlow, judge of election.... M. O. Richards, clerk of election K. G. Kwoldt, clerk of election Kruger lOstatc, room Tent for election G. K. Krause, judge of election G. B. Johnson, judge of election F. .1. Welsbrod. judge nf election J. F. Newel. Judge of election.. F. H. Holm, judge i,r election John Dempscy. Judge of election Ilattle Wcisbrod, clerk of election .1. A. .Schwartz, clerk of election \V. 10. Storber. clerk of election W. 10. Lnage. clerk of election FcntQil Opera House, room rent for election Joseph H. Schaller, judge of election Peter Mcrtz, judge of election.. Kd. Edwards. Judge of election Henry Henrlckson, clerk of election Henry Klepper. clerk of election Ubbe Winter, Judge of election C. K. Kippentrop, judge of election .1. A. Sleeper, judge of election John Bockelman, clerk of election B. H. Meyer, clerk of election.. F. M. Jacobs, Judge of election.. 1011 Anderson, judge of election W. A. Hall, Judge of eleclon...'. H. B. Hall, clerk of election R. Newton, clerk of election.. B. IT. Locke, cleaning room and lights F. .1. Ilntten, judge of election.. i\. A. Fnngmnu, Judgo of electon Geo. W. Nyiinin, judge of cleetlo.n Ivy Ilutton, Judge of election .. lOmma C. Adiilphson, judge of el- ction J. F. Coyne, judge of election L. J. Kockler, clerk of election .1. A. Nyninn. clerk of election J. II. Sheridan, clerk of election Leo M. Maunders, clerk of election J. 10. Kelly, Judge nf election Peter Lnofl, judge of election.. Ilattle Fulls. Judge of election . (ieo. IHitterfield, Judgo of election C. A. Kohlin, judge of election.. Ida 10. Larson, judge of election .1. .1. Anderson, clerk of election Minnie Sperbeck, clerk of election S. P. lOokliolm, clerk of election Dora Smith, clerk of election.. Thos. Berg. Judge of election.. L. \V. Ullrich, judge of election H. O. Larson, judge of election K. C. Bauni, clerk of election.. H. C. Lunnlng, clerk of election Leota May Gclgle, judge of election Matilda Godfrey, judge of election Henry AVeber, judge of election Hugh Raney, clerk of election .. M. L. Honey, clerk of election Farmers Coop. Ass'n., room rent for election Aug. Ciiitknccht, judge of election Peter Hans, judge of election . . F. W. Damn, judge of election . J. 10. Smith, judge of election.. H. D. Mussman, judge of election Olga Wortmun, judge of election Edna Turley, clerk of election.. Morena Lewis, clerk of election Jennie Gutknccht, clerk of election Laura Hoscnau, clerk of election James Altwegg, room rent for election Geo. D. Moulton, judge of elction Ed. Looft, Judge of election.. 0. Marquis, judge of election .. D. A. Carpenter, judge of election Albert Brandt, Judge of election Alfred Schultz, judge of election Geo. Hagge, clerk of election.. lOdw. Christ, clerk of election.. Leon Ayprdei), clerk of election.. Wm. E. Flynn, rent of room . . Fred Bnuman, arranging booths D. B. Mayer, special policeman James AVarburton, Judge of election Bert Edwards, judge of election Paul Hertzke, judge of election Bert Coder, clerk of election.. Henry Recker, clerk of elcllon Mrs. H. Patterson, cleaning school house P. M. Chrlstenson, judge of election Alex Radlg, judge of election . . Aug. Lampc, judge of election H. F. Mittag, clerk of election.. L. B. Holllster, clerk of election American Legion Post, room rent for election Peter lOlbert, arranging boothu and judge of election Albert Potrat/., Judge of election Noah Reisner, judge of election Geo. AVinkel, clerk of election John Kohlwcs. clerk of election and ret. ballot K Frank Devltl, Judgo of election G. F. Chambers, judge uf election F. 1. Chapman, Judge of election Frank Clapsaddle, Judge of elec- Luclllo'HiitY judge' of election . Francis Ku.son, judge of election H. C. Allen, clerk of election .. H. H. Liclity, clerk of election.. A. J. Knson, clerk of election and ret. ballots Town of LuVerne, room rent for election J. E. McEnroe, judge of election Alfred .lergenson, judge of election and ret. ballots Henry Bailey, judge of election Walter H. Khunp, clerk of election M. L. McEnroe, clerk of election Ethel Gardner, rent of room for election Roscoe Mawdsley, arranging booths D. M. Stewart, Judge of election W E. Grover, judge of election \V. H. Schwleterl, judge of election and ret. ballots John Armlorfcr, judge of election 10. O. Mann, clerk of election.. Will Ringsdorf, clerk of election Isadora Mayer, judge of election Goo. Cink, judge of election.... G. B. Ludwig, clerk of election and ret. ballots Alt' Stmler, clerk of election .. .1. M. SVlttie, room rent for election lOdw. Droesslor judge, of election Anton .Stork, judge of election .. .1. S. Frco.ark, judge of election John Hellinun, clerk of election Jos. Kalle, clerk of election .. C. J. Diers, cleaning school .. Henry Horman, judge of election John Friileros, judge uf election J. II. Fraser, judge of election \Vm. Hunchcy, clerk of election John Horinan, clerk of election 1. F. Engessur, judge of elect Inn J. W. Bollig, judge of election.. O. R. Jensen, judge of election C. L. Gardner, clerk of election Thus. J. O'Donnell, clerk uf election Geo. (joetsch, rent of room for election L. C. Hutchins, judge of election and ret. ballots Hoy L. Wudlelgh, judge uf election 5.10 T..10 (.40 5.40 5.40 12.40 5.40 5.10 5.10 8.20 5.10 6.10 3.10 4. T.;> 4.50 4.50 2.70 2.70 2.70 2.7U 2.70 4.35 9. fid 6.00 9.45 6.HO 6.30 6.30 6.1.10 14.00 C.OO (.00 6 00 11.00 •I.R'I 4.SO 4'.SO 4.SO 4.00 4.50 4.30 4.511 3.00 3.00 3.00 N.50 4.50 9.00 5.00 5.40 11.10 5.40 3.90 3.90 :!.!)(> S.4il 5.40 :l.9H 3.90 5.40 5.40 D.40 5.40 13.60 5.10 5.10 X.70 5.10 5.10 2.00 4.50 10.50 4.50 11.00 4.00 3.00 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.20 4.20 4.20 2.70 2.70 2.70 lO.S.-i 4.20 2.70 6.00 2.00 2.00 10.00 1.80 4.SO 4.80 4.SO 3.00 5.SO 9.30 5.80 4.80 i \, SO 3.00 10.30 <;.:'.» o.:io 6.30 Henry Kunz. room rent counting board 3.9« II. F. Selmlt!!, Judge of »l«rtion and ret. ballots 1.40 C. C. Baas, judge of election .. R 40 \\'m. Meyor. judge of election.. ?;.4<i R. H. Flnne.1. judge of election and arranging booths 4.10 A'lce M. Hclmcrs, judge of election 1.»0 Bertha Kbort. Judge of election 'i. 9'! Thos. Connody, clerk of election S.fiO L. A. Kike, clerk of eleellon.... 3.10 W. F. Helmers. clerk of election 5.40 Frnnk W. lOlbert, clerk of rlcc- tldii t.4-0 Town of \VhllIcmoro, room rfiit for election ft.90 I'OOK FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., In). service 11. "0 Chas. Hanson, hnullng coal .... I.Oil Matt Mtirlha, supplies 41,Oj O. \V. Krleksitn, supplies .... l..",0 Mrs. Klinor Sulton. atlv. trans. iJ't.,i,t H. li. /.umneh. provisions .... 40.00 Jim Bruer. provisions fi.20 F,. I,. Tlnnpen. provisntis ...... IF,.17 Koupe's Grocery, provisions,..,. 7,95 Nate Miller, provisions 16.1(1 Thaves Sisters, provisions I5.('0 A. \V. JurMcns, provisions 4.9.1 Smith Depi. store, supplies .... 19.FO Merrill Bros, provisions 30.2ii Jos. F. Menke. provisions .... C,.20 Mrs. Untile Liehliler. provisions ii.30 Smith Depl. Store, provisions .. 3..VI \V. T. Trainer, provisions .... 9.on 10. A. llansen. provisions IS.75 (iniTlcld lOrieksnn, provisions .. Kennedy Ill-others Co., provisions 30.52 Thus. Akre. provisions 22.51 Long Briil hers, provisions .... 55.Hi! ivtrr Brc-nkan. Frank Kl< lii.»(T. Hrifittnjt •••• .ii'ltn r.oiitoaktT, dragging Albert Wiltkopf. dr»jfglnit .. Fre.ldlf Mden, drifting NUk Snnrti, dragging N. H. Hehlltz, dragging Louis Scott, drugging S. i; Sko«-, dragging Henry CarMcnsen. dragging.. Henry Heldpcker, dragging Oscar AVeber, dragging John S. Nelson, labor Elmer lowing, labor Clyde Sanders, labor .lolm F. Qnlnn, patrol work .. Oscar Knring, patr«l work ,. lOverntt Koblnson, pntrnl we Itelndcr Kronihifcrn., I'ntrol wo ('. A. Lnmoroux, patrol work linns ^Y. Nil Ison, patrol tvorU S. H. MrDonnlil, patrol work I'loyd lilMioroiigli, labor . . . Illldreth Pvttlt. labor Alton IVttll, pnirol work . . !•". A. SlemiT. patrol work .1. H. Montgomery, patrol we Peter L. Movielt. pnirol work John 1 lansehiiiin. patrol work Carl Larson, labor Chester Ainu-, patrol Win. Illlferly, dragging George tinken. Inbor Henry C. Nelson. Inltor rk A. .1. I.iiwler, labor Geo. I 1 " 1 . Grnluim. l.'ilior . .1. It. CunnIntvhain, Inhi I'libe- Winter, labor . . . (He Gerdls. labor Jack Dehlney, labor I'. Johnn Anderson, labor J. I 1 '. Faulkner, labor .... Sum t Jib.son, In Itor M. C. Worslor. labor . . . . Tiee Brack, provisions 20.00 Algona Coop. Creamery Co., pro- I visions 12.70 i A. 10. Far Itntpli Craig, labor B. J. Snnkey, labor Waller IHIsworth, labor "! Ml I7.7S II S2 1 ».<>;) »0.!5 9.00 14.35 ft.09 <•*• 1». lull (TOO 11!>.20 1U.OO 9" '0 till. VI 1 2 .'1.11 ll »5.f. 10(1 00 U'5.00 91.6K I'll. I" Til. .in III.(Ml 105.10 111.115 H'L',00 1.17.2r, :i(!.«" ins KO 47,35 I.(HI 2, 5tl 4S.50 2.00 17.70 10.50 3,VHO 3.4S 5.00 67.65 t.OII 4:1.:io e.'io Mill L. Vincent, Judge of election L. lionar, Judge of election.. A. Palmer, judge of election It. A. Brownell, Judge of election O. Herman, clerk of election . Mrs. 1). D. Monlux, clerk of election ......................... C. B. Murtugh, clerk of election M. P. Weaver, clerk of election 11. Sewick, judge of election.. Thos. llawcott, Judge of election Fred itingsdorf, Judge of election Maude Hanna, judge of eluetlon iOlla MacArthur, judge of election ......................... Sclmu Clifton, Judge of election Geo. P. llawcott, clerk of election ......................... C. C. Smith, clerk of election C. O. Bailey, clerk of election J. O. MaeDonald, clerk of election ......................... Lloyd lOlston. returning ballots Town of Hurt, room rent for election ....................... C. H. Hchrader, arranging booths Chris Brandt, judge of election and returning ballots ........ Fred Boyken, judge of election Andrew llunseii, judge of election W. H. Stott, Judge of election.. L. Oesterreieher, judge of election ......................... John Sachuu, Judge of electon . . K 1*. Hanson, clerk of election Win. Boyken, clerk of election L. F. Cullies, clerk of election H. 13. Rachut, clerk of election Falk Motor Co., room rent for election ..................... Otto H. Fulk, arranging booths First Nat'l Bank, counting room G. W. Brown, judge of election Harry Sabln, judge of election Ira Dutton, judge of election.. 4.20 2.70 S..70 2.7'l 4.20 4.20 2.7u 2.70 4.50 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 4.50 4.60 3.00 3.0fi 2.50 2.00 2.00 9.KO 4.80 4.80 2.40 2.40 2.40 4.80 4.80 2.40 2.40 4.00 2.00 2.00 6.10 7.00 5.10 Henry lOise.held, judge of eleellon Chas. II. Ainun, clerk of election ,1. F. Gllmore, clerk of eleellon C. N. BelKch. rent of room and arranging booths II. J. Kohlhaas, judge of election A. W., judgo of election Simeon Leigh, judge of election John 1*. Burmun, clerk of election 10. O. Green, clerk of election.... 11. .1. Kohlliaas, returning ballots G, li. Risk, judge of eleclhiu.. John Iluas. Judge of election and return ballol.s Louis Anderson, Judge uf eleellon Fred 10. JMlllcin, clerk of eleellon Fred Logemann, clerk of election C. C. Anderson, rent of room .. Axel lOriekson, judge ol' eleellon J. II. McGregor, judge of eleellon John Dooey, Judge of eleellon., i M. J. Kennedy, clerk of eleellon I and rel. ballots O. L. Thorcson, clerk of election A. M. Guslufsun, judge of election Tom Held, judge of election .... James Coudy, Judge of election \\ r . O. Nelson, clerk of election. D. 1". Moore, clerk of election.. L. A. Rolenus, judgo of election Ole K. Flom, judgo of election A. L. Klelnpeler, Judge of election Ihno A. Gerdea, judgo of elec- ton J. C. Skow, judgo of election . . Anne M. Ktinz, Judge of election Fred A. Diekniann, clerk of election A. 13. Glddlngs, clerk of election Hazel Gerdea, clerk of election.. Myrtle Lease, clerk of election . Town of Wesley, room rent for eleellon Will Knight, arranging booths 9.40 4.50 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 3.00 D.50 4.50 8.50 C.OO 6.60 6.60 13.60 0.60 6.60 2.00 3.00 5.40 6.40 10.00 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 9.90 5.40 3.00 5.10 5.1 0 5.10 7.10 10.20 2.IHI 4.SD 4.SO •I.SO 4.SO 7.40 0.30 12.10 6.30 li.31) 6.30 3.00 7.60 5.10 5.10 5.10 5.10 4.00 5.40 5.10 6.40 5.40 5.10 2.7(1 6.10 11.50 6.10 7.10 5.10 2.0') 6.40 6.40 5.40 11.40 8.40 6.40 5.40 6.40 5.40 5.40 9.00 4.50 4.50 3.70 2.70 2.70 4.50 4.DO 2.10 2.70 3.00 2.00 Mrs. John Spilles, house rent .. 21.00' C. G. Dourte, house rent 10.e() Hhobn Gaylor. house rent .... ,'i.ii'l ' Farmers Coop. lOlevalnr Co., coal 31.SO] Thompson Yards Hie., conl .... 14.(in | Burt Farmers lOxehange, eeal .. Botsfnrd Lumber CM., supplies Fred Anderson, supplies Win. Debnerl. lodging Va o A. llansen, board and mom li. L. Williams, meil. aid Dr. Pierre Sartor, med. aid Dr. K. M. Wallace, med. aid . . Dr. I 1 ', L. Adams, med. ad. ami. claimed $30.00 > . . W. T. 1'elers, rent C. II. <'rct/meyer, med. aid .... Drs. Keneflek & Crawford, mod. aid Algona Hospital, med. aid Kossulh Hospital, med. aid .... Donald Wolr, supplies LuVcrnu School Book Fund, books Curtis 1000 Inc., supplies Family Welfare Ass'n of America, supplies John Giitiderson. moving Frascr family lOllnor T. Sutton, supplies .... Kohlliaas Bros., gas V. L. Stebblns, labor Laird ft Reimer, funeral expense F. C. lieermann. labor Loo Leonard, labor Robert Runchey, labor Fred Park, waives paid John Larson, labor Dr. L. W. Fox, vet. serv Thos. Akre, provisions Hay S. McWhorter. supplies .. H. A. Clark, provisions Farmers iOlev. Co., IIuhartOB, supplies K. D. James, supplies R. 10. Wehler, supplies Geo. llansen, supplies Botsford Lumber Co., supplies . W. H. Horan lOlec. Co.. .supplies Latng & Muckey, repairs and labor M. M. Morrow, supplies Matt Murtha, supplies COURT FUND. II. J. KHtleinan, court reporter 184.50 11. J. Klttleman, court reporter . 16.0 r i H. J. Klttleman, court reporter 13.85 R. A. Palmer court Bailiff G. AV. Stlllman, attorney's fcea AV. C. Danson, J. p. fees L,. E. Ilovey, co. Bliei'lff A. Hutchison, J. p. fees Vestal J. Thackeray, witness fees Wm. Blomster, serving subpoena 13. T. Burbank, constable fees ,. Albert Ogren, mayor F. A. Newvlle, constable fees.. F. AV. Green, marshal foes C. C. Wright, constable fees .... Clark Orion, clerk of court .... FAIRGROUND FUND. P. P. Zerfuss, appropriation 1NSANIO FUND, (.'lark Orton, clerk's fees .... L. 10. Ilovey, sheriff's fees .. A. Hutchison, commissioner S.62 25.01' 7.00 19'J.50 117.75 129.00 27-'. 25 9. fid 1570 2.1:1 2.34 50.00 3.96 9.54 10.00 7S.90 2.40 6.26 19.08 76.25 109.62 117.56 87.01 611.00 66.24 17.60 4.00 6.25 3.25 52.30 4.35 IS. 60 :il.OO 36.00 10.00 28.50 241.00 14.10 4.01) 6.70 8.00 5.00 . .95 1.15 . 2.15 . 9.25 .1354.68 C. H. Cret/moyer, exnin. physician 10.00 15.20 6.00 0.00 3.00 11.30 Louis. Fuhrman, witness John Friederes, willi Charles Saucr, witness. 3.00 Will. Thllgcs, witness 3.00 Mrs. Joe Thilgcs, witness 3.00 Frank Maher, witness 2.10 T. B. KUADICATION FUND. Itayinond Anderson, cattle Indem. 19.54 A. .1. lOlsbecker, eat Me indem. 30.95 Andrew GodfredHon, calllo In- dem 40. fiS Frnnk R. Gronbach, cattle In- dem U5.53 Jens Ilalverson, catlle indem... 33.02 K. F. Miller, cattle indem 45.82 II. N. Wllborg, cattle indem. .. 29.51 CONSTRUCTION FUND. J. A. RoherlH, bridge 178.83 M. T. McGuro, grading project No. 7 3510.00 M. T. McGuro, grading project No. G 900.00 Milton McFadden,. rodmun .... 7n.oi> Don T. Nugent, ass'l ellgr 175.00 John Fraser, rodinan Gs.2fi Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Rd. Dst. 148 Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Rd. Dlsl.115 1X0.70 M. T. McGuire, Project No. 32.. 614.22 C. L. McA'ey, grading 325.00 J. A. Itaney, assessing Sec. Rd. Dists 18.0(1 J. M. Moore, assessing Sec. Rd, Dists 18.00 Oliver Hlngham, damages 27.00 W. B. AVilllaniH, labor 141.35 1 Paul ft Donnelly, See. ltd. Dial. 147 41.70 W. ii. Williams, Sec. Rd. Dlst. 105 366.111 ROAD MAINTKNANOIO FUND. Alfred Dllswortb. grading .... 172. :u Leo Di'lpcrdang. labor 111.10 J. F. MeGnlrc, labor 15R.OO ('HITurd Johnson, labor 20.1*5 Hoy Davis, labor k7.lo Fred KrlclcNoii. labor 5:1.:,s S M. (lordon, labor 17.15 Will l.ccper, labor 40.00 I'. (Hsoii. labor 31.45 I'uul l.arsiin, supplies .' ',.25 Kent Miitiir On., supplies 151.90 Mall Miirtha, supplies 2.40 LnVerne Auto shop, repairs .. 39.55 A. II. Klinikc, repairs il2.(i!l I. M. Fleming, repairs 102.Ill F. A. Griffith, supplies 123.11-1 urge llnnseii, repairs 19.""i M. C. Weir, labor _'.•;:> G. Snider, dragging 1,i,55 Clapp's Master Service, supplies l;5o.59 M, M. Morrow, supplies n.ITi Frank Flalg, repairs 21.15 lOmerson X- Speleher, repairs .. ieorge lloll'/.bauer, repairs .... 35. lit Itotsford Lumber Co., supplies.. 2* 15 W, II. Rlcklefs, labor 20 O'l lOnno lOden, labor 12.00 •ilmrp Urolhers, labor 65.54 lie i 1 1 Goilden, labor 10.50 Pearly C. llaynes, gravel haul- Ing B. Ludwig, cheeking travel 47.95 ,'hrls F, Nielsen, cheeking gravel li.oo Bruno Rlslau, checking gravel. 84.80 '. 10. Mersch. labor 330.20 Hay A. Muniuis, labor 26.0(1 ' W. Keece, labor 3.30 George Looft .labor in.00 Alfred Wollcr, llllng 3.50 Jiilin Lelnlnger, tiling 3.50 ..'. S. Johnson, supplies 24.00 1. M. Blnnchard, supplies .... 51.89 .1. W. lOriekson Ildw., supplies .. 24,31 Kohlliaas Bros., supplies 2.10 Loyrl Wellendorf, supplies .... 20.00 l.lllle Cook Shop, meals for prisoner 3,55 Cenlral Stales lOlec. Co., light for Co. shed ,85 jlbbs-Cook Tractor Co., supplies 279.22 Barton-Warner Co., supplies ..1590.87 Globe Machine ft Supply Co., supplies 19.95 Simmer Oil Corporation, supplies 392.18 Snrgen Tile Ditcher Co., supplies 61.55 Dulfelmrt Machinery Co., supplies 8.65 John Lucas & Co., Inc., paint .. 184.80 J. W. Radford, supplies 70.00 Austin Western Road Machinery Co., supplies 54.29 J. A. Roberts, repairs 4J0.20 Standard Oil Co., gas ami oil.. 367.52 Champlln Service Station, gas and oil 27.04 Independent OH & Gas Co.,((as and oil 202.83 Mld-Con(Inont Pet. Corp, gas .. 200.4II Champlln Refining Co., ifaa .. 531.20 I'eerless Oil Co., gas 779.G7 W. B. Williams, inaint. project No. 14 2«I.OO DRA1NAGIO FUND. Dr. 4— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies 4.20 & N. W. Hy. Co P. Mouse), tiling freight O. & N. W. liy. Co., freight 50 14.89 .50 0.20 10.-IS 9.00 M. St. P. * Pac. Ky., freight C. \- N. AV. Ry. Co., freight .. Ynrhuin Brake Service, supplies C. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight on lumber 494.00 Wm. o. Ludwig, road patrol .... loK.OO Tom Weir, road patrol 11S.SO Bert Shcllaiycr, road patrol .... 127.40 lOdward Fuchseii, road patrol .. 92.10 Connie Doyle, painting; bridges, ami. claimed ?(14.75 6(1.115 Jon lOsser, pitinllng bridges .... xs.;i."t Hill Klberl, painting bridges .. SS.r.r. 10(1. Cullell, painting bridges.. SS.f,", P. J. Fucliscn, labor 12.00 Kill Kelly, painting 2:i.i.lo Clem Goodman, labor 109.CO Joe Mayne, drugging 24.75 John McV'ay, dragging 12.0'i Leonard Mln«, dragging 17.25 J. Huf'uaiier, draggug i:',.<i.s C. II. Hair, dragging 2:i.2", H. 10. liockwoud, dragging .... I*.37 I!. 10. liaum, dragging 13.5(1 Guy B. Risk, dragging 3f.S7 John N. Koesller, drugging .. 122.25 A. L. Jordan, dragging 17.40 Itamlopli Johnson, drugging .... 21.72 Geo. Kohl, dragging 1-1 -'•> A. M. (iu.slaf.suii, drugging 14.61 Loyd Trimble, dragging 11.25 F. -\. Wilhclml, dragging 22.50 A. .1. Peterson, dragging 30.00 Joseph Luehach, drugging .... 7.8S 10. J. i.uabs, dragging 14.2:. Ole M. Haven, drugging 20.2;, Albert KreKsln, drugging 11.25 Louis llueltharth, dragging .... 41.9:; W. P. Vuakc, drugging 17.84 L. 10. Mueller, drugging iifi.-IO lOlner Heck, drugging 10.49 Arthur H. /lelake, dragging .. 27.00 Loren liyers, drugging 51.7u Theodore liiersledt, dragging . 'Ij-"'. Jay Giubii-n, ilragging 13.S8 Karl Ackcrman, liragKing IS.00 llunry Anilci'Huii, dragging .... IS.00 B. 11. Gould, dragging 57.55 Julian Arndiirfer, dragging .... 1U.S7 Joe J. Clnk, dragging 6.25 Albert Frit/., dragging 34.50 A. R. Godfreilsun, drugging .... 18.7"i W. 11. Gruver, dragging 29.50 , Chas. L. Frochllch, dragging 36.00 Frank Lappe, dragging 15.00 Karl L. Neul, drugging 34.17 Harold 10. Nielsou, drugging .... 20.G2 Ubbe Winter, dragging 35.25 Wyol Stott, dragging 12.7G lloleomb & AVullenllnc, drugging 19.(JO Donald Jacobs, ilruggiug 47..J2 Raymond Burslou, drugging . . 5.62 Muynurd Sohn, drugging 34.50 John Phillips, drugging 100.10 Bert Amelsberg, dragging .... 27.00 Walter J. Duttun, dragging .. S7.SG Melvln Cody, dragging 18.37 Frank Clapsaddle, dragging .. 3050 Henry Heldecker. dragging .... 2! 61 Kvorett Kelly, dragging 14.62 Sam Weaver, drugging 30.00 Henry C. Nelson, dragging .... 2.i!2 Peterson Brothers, dragging.... 45.00 nirnor* ••wtnl * TIN Co.. *i!r>pn#* ..................... Pr. 7 l.W . C. IT. «n»p«r. Jn*ot .......... 44. »• .lor butillnr Hl» .... Thco. Kcnne. labor riumboldl •r»v*l A TJf« Co.. F. H. Luthrep. fodm»n A. 10 Mlfti»l. «nBln«sr l>r. ;:1 F. Weycrhni-uscr Co., supplies Dr. 33- <;.•<>. Onkcn. ropnlr tv«»k .... Dr. 5S- F. W"yi'l.n«.!»uor Co.. supplies 19.M »S.W 24.1* W !».•* 1.1* SI. SO 1.37 llari'id !•;. Nlcl.iiin. rfpalvbig Irain ' 1-'* Dr. la- (He GiTdrn, labor >•»• In-. 7S .1 H. Cunningham. repairing tile I >i. MI liay A. Marrniils. labor Win. IIIKi'i-iy, labor Gcortri- l.uufl. labor !•' Wcy»rbncusrr Co., sutiplos F.lnioiv Cement A. Tll« i.:o., supplier F. II. Lathrop, rndman A. 10. Mleliel. onBln*«r 17.9» Dr. S2-— Then Dnrenbnsh. repairs .... !.».> Kay A. Maniuis. labor S8.2J George Louft, labor ' I|1 '2I Wm. Hllferly, Inbor 49.2J Glen Burrow, labor 4.(» lOlmore Cement & Tile (.'<'.. supplies 1»-3f F. WsjrcrliaeBuer Co., supplies 30.51 Dr. 83-M. V. Sti'plH-nson, nsst. engineer • Farmers, Klcvalor of Hoburton, 6.25 .77 IK.IS 10.00 10.o» Dr. S5 — Bay A. Mnniuls, repairs an supplii 1 ^ George l.oofl. ll'.bnr Wm. Illlferty, labor lOlmnie Cement *. Tll« Cn.. supplies • • • ,';••'' F. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 1...99 111- : jift—. T. C. Sclmper, repair.* 3.7* A .1. I.awler, labor and supplies •"•"' J. B. Cunningham, labor .... 1.50 F. Wcyi'l'lmclisor Co.. supplies 13.SI' lOlliHiri- Cement & Tile Co., supplies 12.59 Dr. 93 J. O. Seylar, labor 54.«0 Dr. 99— A. J. I.awler. labor and supplies 17 -»J J. B. Cunningham, labor .... 11.00 Dr. 102-- AVni. Ililfcrly, labor fi.09 George Louft, labor S.04 Hay A. Mnniuls, labor 13.Ot Dr 110 — r. \V»y«rha«u8cr, supplies .. 2.U r j.i 1 '»[^ F.'Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies. 7.7S Dr 139—— F. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 5.19 Hay A. Maniuis, labor 4.00 George l.oofl, labor 2.00 Wm. Illlferty, labor 2.0» Dr. 141 — A. J. Lawler, labor 13.80 J. B. Cunningham, labor .... 9.69 Dr. 166— K. Weyerhaeuser Co., supplies 1.07 C. Albln Peterson. repairing tile 12.159 10. G. Stenstrom, repairing tllo 16.60 Dr. 172— Malt Laux, labor 6.80 Dr. 132— Mall Laux, labor 3.89 Dr. 177— A. K. Michel, engineer 22.00 F. If. Lallirop, rodinan 5.26 Haggard & Backus, pub. notice 9.40 Register & Tribune Co., pub. not leu 9.13 Dr. 17S— F. 11. Lallirop, rodmnn I'J. 13 A. 10. Mleliel, engineer 67.00 10.-K. Jt. 3— A. R. Kno, cst. 1 1410.SS 10. G. Stenstrom, repalrnB tile 16.80 C. Albln Peturson, repairing tile 10.09 M. V. ytophenson, asst. engineer '• 1 8,76 A. 13. Michel, engineer 73.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodinan O.B3 K.-K. Jt. 4— F. Woyorlmouser Co., supplies 1.0)5 1'tesolvod: That the county auditor IB hereby ordered "SHir TttrdCt»a"-t?nBHUi| warrants for all bills allowed at thl» meeting as shown by the ".Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore .written as per vole on each Individual bill. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned "Sin* Dlv." BKRTHA K. JOHNSON, County Auditor. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LAW r. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HAHRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW ftooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. IJONAK ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUAKTON II. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossutli County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. J. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. HI. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA. IOWA. r jaylord D. Shtimay Edward D. Kelly SIIUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building nlgona, Iowa Phone 5li. E. C. McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 VETERINARIAN. L. W. FOX. VelcrlnarUa oil Ice at the old Ui. Baytir ufllce. Office phonp 475-W, Kesiaemu »75-ft. Will have iniui at office a< nil titties. ALOONA. IOWA. MORTICIAN L. M. MERRITT Mortician & Funeral Director. Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. INSUHANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSORAaMOT OP ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 598 107 W. State 81 ALGONA. IOWA ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service C. E. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank KOSSUTH COUNTY $70,OIV ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of thft P-oard of Directors. H. E. Rist, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice President. Q. B. Buchanan. Second Vice President. J. S. Auner, Cashier. E. ,,J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. C. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T. H. Wadswortt H. E. Rist J. w. Wadsworth J. S. Auner ^. J. Van Nesa G. S. Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS THE ALGOIvA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KEMEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone SOU Residence Phones: f)r. Kcncflcli, 57 .. Dr. Crawford. 115 C. H. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Ufflce In J. Galbralth Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p. m ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 310. Residence, *44. WALTER FRASER, M.lx PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office In Quinby Building. •ioom No. 14 Phone No. 12 ALGONA, IOWA. DB. W. D. ANDREWS. Osteopathlc Physician <fe Surgeon i'ye, Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetric* Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. Office 187, Residence, 683. ALOONA. IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & CaldweU'u Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211. ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 666 DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Christensen Store. Phones: Business 166, Residence, 470 ALGONA, IOWA. Quitnby Bldg. DR. C. D. SCIIAAF. DENTIST Algona, Iowa. Phone 139.

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