Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 26, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER T « P^ndidate Of course you know who you shall vote terns In Fall Woolens. H. Q TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. A LESSON IN CONFIDENCE.. Shiel Hakes a Practical Argument at Jamestown. Rob Roy. Rob Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full o1 the handsomest new st>le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson 403 Broadway Klinsi* THE FIRS1 iiAHONAL BANK -01- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $200,000. (L J. Murdock/Pre.. W. W. Ko«. C«h. J. T. Brootaneyer, A»it. CMH. D1BHCTOE3: W. H. BrlnghuK», ' . a W. Vantl., Bar.kli.B In al:- Its Departments promptly tn 't ""Cu^er, and Stockholder. CATARRH ForYourprotec COLD** HEA senses of taite tad smell. tlon. We posltlvelj state thai thl« remedy does not coitaln ra«curj or any othet Injurious drug ELY'S [OREAM BALM Cleanses the Nas»l Fas sages, allw« Inflamma- , Son, heals and protects the membrane irom Icolda,. ie«aies me Often'liave you heard it said, Meuty money livens trade. Open mtots-ninke spind-les go. Bryan, LouGlmin. both sn.y so. .• 7hcnp<?r dollni-s «<i*y come. Ten hours' work is play for.some). When you get your weekly pay, n what wondrous, occult way, By TvlHi't iriag--ic, «u - t or sleigut Will your wages bo made right? How, then, will cheap money aid; Will your rations when they're weighed Mnie the •snine snbstxuitial sliow That they do wiUi prices low? How will you more dollars earn, Till tho wheels begin to turn? Can ithe farmer sell his crops WliUe (the spider works fiie shops, While -the workman is coerced Into 'idleness accursed? When ithe mills were moving free, . Faith and hope, prosperity, Reigned w-itlidm tMs nation blessed Happy p4>P lc -* H progressed. A'h, 5£ this today was true, Were we back at 'Ninety-two. Bryan's song ogaJn .would be 'Prices How and duty free," Nothing heard-of prices'high, No repudiation cry. Hat would plenty silver do? Put big onltorprlses through? Pay a debt that's made m gold, Though by flat uncontrolled? Honest men no payments shirk,. Giro us steady, honest work. .. • , -G.S. IT WILL CURE. Dressed chickens.—Botlvorn>«l. Priced stoves of any kind ot'Flnne gin's new stove store. The tSou'thsdde batid is now'equippe<' to fulfill all orders for music. ".. Harry Frank will be at his old- stand to receive payments and make settlements. • Any chocolate pot In our window for 7Gc.. -A special bargaln.-Fox & Dunkelberg, . . , Nobby fall style capes for men, boys and children at popular prices.—Fisher, the Hatter. ' • •• If you want pore splc« for your preserves you can get them:at Ben Fisher's drug store. . Have you seen Price & Vest's fall style. Derbies?' They, are beauties.— •'.., iiorris : Flsher,' the^Hatter/;. . ' ' _ :..' Merit-In-medicine meaiis, the power to .;'-• cnre,' : . ihe'sfreat.'.cruresVbj' Hood'i Sar- saparilla'prove itff : onequaled merlt.r For $2.50 and,?3.60 you can buy .the best Derby'hat on* earth for the money -latt«if»tyle.r-F ; i«l»r, :Men's OiiUltter. •;• • Wfrp]flce..oD. saie^this morning the '.stock of,.children's .'and boysJ.wmler- r>wenir ^r^jagedl.-.P^one of -.our gents' '••:, fur^sh^v^o^qui^e this line. • jWe'-rclo«?d'out this stot'h; at onr own - -price. We sell :you'. each and every, ar- tlcleatleae than 'one-half .of the, gents' fnrnlehcr's former prices. Early bird, . .ettc.—Bee Hive. , TO CANTON. A Special Train From Logansport Probable. Sol D. Brandt yesterday hod the names of sixty-five people who will certainly go ito Can ton," O,, to visit Mc- This -Indicates that the one necessary to get a special train will be" secured. The date lias been fixed at Thursday, Oct. 8th, the wain to leave ait 5' a. m. The fare 'for the round trip is $4.00. It is necessary ,to get *bc one hundred as soon as pos- sl'bie to make arrangements for the train 1 and the decorations. Send your name-at once to Mr. Brandt or The Journal office. SENT IT TO HIS MOTHER IN GERMANY. Mr. Jacob Esbensen, who Is In the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co., at Des Molnes, Iowa, says: "I have just sent some medicine back to my mother In the old country, that I know from, personal use to be the best medicine In the world for rheumatism, having used It in my family for several .years. It' * called Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It always does the work." 50 cent bottles, for sale by B. F. Keesling, druggist. •''.'" ...'..''..'' Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswlU be held at the following places la Gas's county:, Saturday evening, Sept. 26, Royal Center, Q. A. Myers, I). B. McDonnell Tuesday evening, Sept.. 29,^ Cross Kpaxls school house in Tipton school Jiouse, Ha-rry Whistler.. : ... ; You need Hood'B SarsaparlUa to enrich and purify your blood, create an .appetite and give sweet, refre»hlng Bon! 'Charles B. La'ndi.s arid Roger R. Shiel. spoke (it a big meeting, a.t Jamestown, Ind., 1 recently. :' The speech of Mr. SMel was something novel and.Interesting'In the line oC a political argument. '.He s.'i.id in- part: "1 -have been Invited here to make n speech to you today. I doirt expect to inuke 'a -speech, but I come- to-talk- business to yon. Thirty years ago I.made my first visit to your place. .Afthait time tills .part of Boonc county jvas a wilderness compared to .what- it Is now; in fact, they talked'' of. lit- as a frog pond or swamp of Boone county. I came liere on horseback nnd brought •about three hundred hogs of Mr. Van Auedel, -then your neighDor, Jiving abont'a mile and a half east ofi 'here. Perm-it mo to occupy your time h few minutes to show "you the difference; In tlie manner of do'lnc business then and now. At tiliat time, when a tradeB went to the .country to -buy farmers' >tock. .he hnd to.carry with him the money to pay for the stock ait the scales, and'T brought with me about.$7,000 ito cur- 1 reney. The hogs were driven by Mr, Van Ausdel to ludlana.polls for...me after I purchased and paid for them -in currency, the price being .$4.00 a;p)eco. My next visit was In the.fall of ,1808 when I purchased two carloads of Van Ausdel & Lowry, t-hen living- iu Lizton. the first two cnrlonds ever "shipped on your road, then tlie I., B. & YV. We loaded them a:t. Mr. Van Aus- del's farm and used a wagon bed for a chute to lo.'Ml tlrem k «-s the railroad had provided no loading pecs. There has •been no year since that I haven't boon buying your stock. I continued..to come here aiud bring'ttie cun-ency. up to about 1ST4 or lS7, r ,, when the; trade changed; I have, often carried .1120.000 to this and Hcndrlcks.county to pay for stock, but since 1S75 my checks •hare Iwen going all over your county; •and Hendrlcks and Montgomery, and wlven I pnrcliase stock from flny filiin- cr I have given my check for }t,.au<J he has usually tarried the chock tome •and deposl'ted It Jn his bank, and. I umtei-stand -that -all local buyers now give their checks to Wie farmers when they buy and very .-little, if any, money is paid ou't, at the scales where the stock is delivered. I remember two years ago, that I purchased ?28,000 .worth of entitle of your neighbor, Crlt Clay, who .lives a few miles south of bere In Hendrlcks county, ana I gave .•him my check for it; he carried the .'check liome, and It was a. week before he deposited it in Ills Dans' at Danville. At the time I gave the check foi $28,000 I didn't have a mousand dol : lars in the bank where I did business but-the same day I deposited a, draft 'in my bank on Tim Eastman, payable Jn.five days 1m New YorK, and I don 1 suppose Eastman had .-my money, to meet tlie draft. I 'happened; to be in New York when the CT.iy ' cattle, ar-.]. rived there; saw Eastoaa killing thp cattle and loading then: on a yessel;to ship to Liverpool. Mr. Eastmtii called' me up to. the desk nn<l said, 'You,see my -bookkeeper is. making .a tliirtj-dny., draft on Liveniool to take, up ^you^ draft that Is due today.' .'. .. 1 "....; .... "Wlien the thirty days rolled 'around and the draft was due in Llyerpool^ Eastman liad. sold tihe .cattle '•> in^ his. butcher shops that he had In Ireland, England and Scotland and """™*»* th'e gold for them from all people in those countries. So. you. seV It does not take the nctuaa cnsli'to fee pa,ld down at the scales'TO carry,,o.n Irasiness as 'it used to thirty years'ago., Clay 'had confidence In me ,'^jhe'n ^he took my check home. Fletcher .had." confidence In me .when he allotted, me' to draw the Eastman/draft, .and. gave _ _iu_ ji^ u I.*,. niisl Jlift l^onV ^Tl ^P'W ba'nkin*g;' : ' : he said It banlclns-,to the bank, bul:|hj||3,OpO,OpO . buloiigpd . ;o the dc- ind. nor. lo hlmf and while :hls aKiteiion wa.s 'going on he wasn't :oiiig l:o'lo.-in aiiolliM- man's inoney wlK'n.rhi; nmn ni-igl«t come ;n. ;my day 'nr »-• Hfe" Mid 'Some of It Is ^; y^u 'a.«; Ihi.ble to'cnH for it at any iiou'r! :ind T 'h.'i.vc! it 'here for you. It' this iigiiWion .wasn't going on wo could loa.n our deposits safely down Lt).->r[t-hi^3b;or,-W per cent. Years a.so '''' nnd itvaniifwct-ure' iu the full for the spring ami' in the spring for the fall, but. npw-»our best manufacturers only manufacture' to 1HI or(.l<;rs and -don't cnrry'a'uy sfock'.''niid';'tliey don't' need tine money they used to. there is not the denffiiTid'fbr'It fi'p'iri 'tiie manufac- , -pud. we are .g|l : n.d of It, because we :preler 'to' k'oe'p the' money in.the.se kl:n«f : or tIrnos,''''- 1 for-'--wc c*i«,not tell wrlwn 'the de]K>sitar' will demand tl .a,ml~we""are prepared to pay It out to.hiiu when he- tonic*. Many of our 3 (jna|oi)iers .have ''deposited gold and llie'y'expect 'gold' when-tliey. come for t-heir money.'" . ^FIVE- GREAT CAMPAIGN BOOKS Tin.- only way U> post BOTH SIDES. We DROPPED ANOTHER. Colonels Again Defeat the Spiders :i ; i n a Listless Game. "Tiio. Colonels from Kaiimicky .again i'eaflAi. the Cleveibinds yesterday in contest. They Jinvo two more and then tho stuff is off. If 'they lose both of them, aiud .Giucin- V.' succeeds in winning both the ijiun ; e.s.Vhe lias to piny with Chicago, thc'u. the tight for second place will be a tin, ri'mi there is still -a remote danger a! bcliig rooted out of the Temple Cup series. The 'contingency is remote, . though Ciuciunair.! did Just Cl/TetaQd may do-dropped font ' wia ff.ai;ies to 'Louisville in succession. Fol' low ing..lire the scores of the £.' 'played "yesterday: '•".AiVClevol-aud-Louisvilc 10, Cleveland 7.' .' At Philadelphia—Brooklyn 4> Phila- kolphla 13. . " : At Washington—Boston 0, Washington's.''; •"Jit '~N>w York—Baltimore 10, New Y6i;k £ '"'.' •' At St. Louis—PJOtsburg C, St. Louis •>. ''•' 'STANDING OF THE CLOTS '.'Clubs Baltimore fO 'Cleveland ....70 'Cincinnati 77 Boston 73 Chicago ...........71 Pi-tfcburg . .'••• GO Washington OS 'Brooklyn -.07 sit. Lon is ............30 Louisville . .• 38 38 48. r>o D7 57 G2 (18 72 72 SO. 00 PerCt, .703 ,022 .000 .061 .555 .510 .481 ,440 .442 .305 .297 Tflie MONEY QUESTION is the theme of the hour. yourself or have a clear understanding is to READ •have F1TE GREAT BOOKS. •' . i '. • i M'KINLEY AND HOBART. (Illustrated) Contains the Uves, records and principles for which luc Republican candi- dateslWc fought;.the mdlltaiy record of Major McKinley; his great bnttte for protection and -his record ou currency. Price 25 cents. BRYAN AND SEWALL. ([Illustrated) Contains the Mfe Utetory of William Jennings Bryan and Arthur Bewail: tells Bryan's record in Confess; his tadffi speech, (cite of his eneinies; c his GREAT) CCWI^qiON SPEECH Which was/ine illrect.oa.iisc <* ",'* imtl'on. Price 25 cents! • GOLD OR SILVER • • (lllu tra;ecl.) One of the 'ablest book* in fiie 'int crest of a gold standard: .tells times nre Hard; dwells on theories that are wrong, boomed values, common errors; tells the dlsnsrrous results of free coinage, etc. Price L,, .oents. HONEY AND BANKING By Horace Whitf. . • \ •V standard authority on those subjects; gives the evolution of mouej •from 1-1* bcgi-nnlflg of civilized life ou 'this continent; .fl>o experience ol Sand, Ge™, F««H*,.Holland, Austria .,nd Imlfci with tho soldstand- ard* mid cxptoHw the "Crime of '73;" make, clear tho sy *i«n of ba.nkin^. Price 50 cents. Dictionary of American Politics. By Everett Brown and Albert Straus*. comprising acc-oums of politic^ narties miMWires and men; explanations of the constitutum; div.s.ouH: ao* S^l^U* of tho Govc™,iT, etc., as «t»ie.l by Sen...r John She, m-iu - A most cscellenit-book of reference. Price 50 conn*. , C. W. GRAVES. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE, 413 Broadway. ^________ ~ —— • — fly New Goods Are here. (Ml and.'examine them be-fore buying; AL. YOUNG The Practical Pearl Street Tailor- me credit for It; and the bank In Kew" York had confidence In Eastman w'hen it allowed him to draw on Liverpool and gave Mm credit for .it. la tract,'.,!' do two millions of business -nja year and don't -handle. $3CjO' in' currency^ w.hlle thirty years ago » aadjto, pn'y^ out currency for all the, bought. . , . >.;.. ( "I can remember ome time •home .'from Pittsburc $40,000 jin"c'u'r rency-tli-te was' in I860—rfnd'ln 1872'a number of ittmes I can-led ?25,^)00'M'd $30,000 from Cincinnati and' dame to,' this a.nd ndjoinlnfi counUcs audjifatd'.if out tor stock at the scales.. •'.. \ '/'/'!.. J7 "' . "Now I am not going to talfes to'^you •aborat gover.n'mei)t finance's,, but'I, can ' 'ns muli USED A ROCK. •A Had Popocrat Hit Penrose in . : -!"-• the Houth. 'E. BpPerirose, who .accompanied the Tlall'road. Men's Sound ^loncy club to ^Tewe Ha.ute Thursday, lins a reminder of'tiie'trlp That Js anytWnff.but pleas- la.nt.- White marching . in the .parade «ome'Popocrat standing, ciose to Ed ''miide"an insnltlng reroark about the 7 /aflro'acl men. Ed swung the .lantern he cnrried amVlaudedJ-ttfuli on the face of 'fiie 1 fellow, •who'retwrrie'd the cpm- 'pllmeat'by flri'ns n boulder at Ed. The 'sitonV'sitruck hdm square JuUie'mouth, 'inock'ing but seven; teeth aid'bruising 1,1s face paittftilly- The fellow .dodged tlirotigh. the crowd and 'got ass-ay, -else 'life would have been.roukhly handled Dy'-tKenienln line. .; ;'.\ ' '.TJi'e PJiaros seems' greaMy wrought •uji'oyer The .Tourrial'.s l in|uswe« to Mr. Carter's' "arguments nti'd "-tikes tliem as ' r i; ai) airack on Mr. Carter.^The Journal' bns The highest adm.lrafclpiJ-'(lor.'Mr. Car- 't'er':' .\\itliovit renouncing. 'his principles as '.^Popnlfet-l)* has risen', to Hie lead- : ersh ! ip'of Pharos Democracy 'in Coss ' county ,,'.a.iid lie is entitled to the credit 'of l't!""He h«s.taJvea tli'e place of ex, Gresharii 'N! FltcJi,';ex-3Ilnlster Wanted!-A good .girl at 200 North Sixth street.'.. V . , . ' see'readily that lit; don '<t. take'ap^mueli money .to do. business now as/itT'dia. thirty years ago; yet from whatil'-know of government 'finances there is 1 as much or more mode there was thirty yej f _ . ,.,,...,..,. it every day that there* Isn't jenoiign inoney. to do the business of tlie country, .That Is not wbatjis the, (trouble. It isn'i'money; it Is more confi'dfence w,e want.- . ' • ••'•.-•;•] v-r;T./ was In Fletetiei's Bank'. trie pfclfc'r oiiey per capiiil thrin y yeats : a'g6. .".We Jtenr' ' •C«G'IJ«llvT VaUT&iit.* "* «T • J. 1 • w^*«) ^ *-"• --7—• .. 'Ruflis Jlagee, ex-Seer&tary.of the Dem- '"pcraiic National Committee S. P. "siieerin, ex-.Tudg'e John-'C. Nelson, and 'other'di'st:ingulslwxl men of.'the Democratic piirfy. As a leader, lie must ex- pwt.V'i?" mcint: . a ?* h P s t ; argument, but 'n's'an"ordinar.y citizen who hOT risen 'to great'leadership he is entitlflrt to re- spept'. • , ." ; 'GO'(jI)..>tBBTil'NG IN. 3'WP ERSON. '' } ;riie'Repu.l>lIea,ni? held nn eatliiislasttc •meetliiK. at. Calloway scliopl -house In ' "'" 'township last highe. Ca.pt. day when Mr. Fletcher _ balance sheet and showed'.me.' jiad $3,000,000 on -deposit, an^. th«t. he-bad .something nearjto ,."j& &• posit; he said he' L bank. Talked "***.£*» if cIt"»-*5'J" IA7»> U-7M1|J in.?'' *-*f« - -. fewlgart, Capt: Cromer, D. B. McCon ncll and C. E.,HaIe were present and "made short speeches. Sheriff Adams anSjq'e'G. Grace;\vere also tiiere. The schpqMiouse''was erowdeil to the lianit \md, some were not able to get in. The Peterson'township glee 'club enter.- r 'ta|ue : d'ihe''.crowd with some excellent ';songs.,'..'; ...-'• !; pharos"offers to bet?100 that a Popocmt . Logans'port ' "'.tne Popocrat article i Pharos. The Journal would dislike to beMeve that any Logansport lawyer •wrote such nonsense, but it wouldn't bet on it. There is no telling what a Popocrat might do. The public generally will not accept the statement that any lawyer wrote the stuff, without an affidavit. - All was going merrily at a very lutcr- csrttos' wedding recently, until the .bridegroom was called upon-to produce the wedding ring. In vain lie felt nil 'his poc'keits for the missing article. Nothing could be found except a hole la one of Ms trousers' pockets through wihlch' the. ring had evidently fallen idfo liis boot. Wtat was He to do? "Take off your 'boot," said iflie minister. Tlie .suspense and silence was paJnful. TJie young man, Sitting down, removed lite boot; the ring was found-^also a •big liole to the heel of Ws stocking, •which: led the divioe to remark: "Young man it Is time you were married'." ' .' The woods never were so full of paw pnws as 'they are Wills year. TMs fruit the halt sister of the banana, grows on low busihes which flourisihes on low. we,t soil. The past season hais been es- pecialll.yada.pted to the. growing of the paw paw and tliey are found in great on low ground .and high . guiirnd and everywhere that the bushes ran be found. Small boys n.nd older .people liiave (already roamed the woods over and report them as already ripe. being large, mellow and. of delicious flavor. Tlie Sound Money De.mocraitic leaders are congra.tulaiteng themselves on the accessions and predict that in thirty d-ajs there wiU be no free silver Democrat in -Cass counity. It Is cot likely tlwt tbe Ch'icago convention Itself realized the conspiracy of the mine owners or the renl meaning of free coinage at 10 to 1 when tie-commer- cial-value'Is-32 to 1.' - A KokonVo man put a picture of Bry nn -In si.window at Ms house. Hi« wife being '«. Republican took It down 'and substltiKtod- MeKinley's. , THe irate •husband on Ms return- tore the. latter down, and put, back. Ws favorite with tlie nHsertlou that it would stay. The has applied for a divorce on the •ground -of cruel treatment. The Pharos says there will be a "poll" raisinff a.t the Lime Kilns today. ,« there Is'anytiling the Popocrats need it Is a "poll" raising.-•• From' all ac : counts -the,ir poll 'shows over one thousand majority for McKinley. in -'the county. lOLAVS OPEBX HOUSE. i l>olau M ONE NIOHTONLY. SATURDAY SEPT. . MERRY KATTIE EnriETT AS . ; WILLIE RUFUS . • In H«r Kamom Pl«7 The Waifs of New York, With Us wealth of novelties, scenic *afl melodramatic effects. The original of all plnys dealing witts life in the great metropolis. D OMAN'S OPERA WIHlBiu Dolan JUST ONE NIGHT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 30- The Farclal Trlnmph Jolly Old Chums iLten-reled bf The Original Company Greatf st Laughing Success In America. Prlws25355«8Hd75ce ts. Seals on 8n!e at Johnrtoo's dnig store. Home Seekers Excursion VIA Wabash Route SEPTEMBER 29, 1896. Don't forget the Date. XOTICE TO GAS OONSUMEBfi. '; That gas consumers may not »e *• coavenienced by .reason of delay TBL having beating stoves, grates and tm- naces connected, October 1st tne «»••• pany will at once make all such «o- ; nectlons that are ordered, and furOUK'' gas for same free, for the remainder «;, September. •' '/ • ^J- IXJGANiSHORT & WAJBABH VALWBK s ~ ,GAS CpMPANy. v _.. _ ;;'.;:

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