The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 10
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The Upper Des Momes-Republican, November 12,1930 Dodge 37. Al$t«Ra ft. TV V&fc ALGONA TROUNCED BY (Continued from First Pag«J bell went In for Dortan at tackle foar the visitors. The visitors punted to Blossom on his own 30 yard line. Time out for Fort Dodge. Samp made four yards around end. Blossom made two through center. Parsons kicked to the Fort Dodge 40 yard line. Line smashes made it a first down for the Dodgers on the Algona 40 yard line. Hogan went in for Mericle at half for Fort Dodge. Hogan made nine yards on a lateral pass. The next play was a pass from Geyer to Hogan which Was good for 15 yards putting the ball on the Algona 10 yard line. A smash failed and Fort Dodge received flve yards for off-sides. Geyer made six yards on a smash. Algona's line was not holding.' Reed went in for Geyer at quarterback for the visitors. Cameron smashed to the inch line and on the next play he went over for a touchdown, making the score 19 to 0. The goal kick failed. The visitors kicked off to Algona and the half ended with the ball on the locals' 20 yard line. Second Half. The starting backfield was in for the start of the second half. Fort Dodge kicked off to the locals' 15 yard line and Medin returned five yards. Algona lost flve yards. Parsons punted to the Dodgers' 40 yard line, and they returned it 20 yards. Algona's line wasn't In the game at all and the visitors made a flrst down on two smashes. The Dodgers' running attack failed, and they passed on the fourth down and it was Intercepted on the Algona 19 yard line by Moore. H he had knocked it down Algona would have gained about 20 yards. Medin passed to tlie Algona 35 yard line and then when their line plays failed Parsons kicked out of bounds on the Fort Dodge 17 yard line. Both teams tried smashes and then exchanged a few punts with neither one getting within scoring distance. Samp and Blossom were sent in Raney and Medin In the Algona backfleld. The quarter ended with the ball in Fort Dodge's possession and the score still 19 to 0 In their favor. Lateral Pass. Reed of Fort Dodge went through a big hole in the local line for eleven yards. A lateral pass was good for 30 yards when the Algona end failed to turn tlie play inside. The play was brought back because the ball went ahead Instead of laterally. The Dodgers punted and Algona fumbled on their own 20 yard line and lost the ball. Two smashes at the line by the visitors failed and they resorted to their aerial attack which put the ball on the Algona nine yard line. The visitors then smashed over for a touchdown, making the/ score 25 to 0. The try for point failed. The visitors kicked over the goal line and the ball was put In play on the Algona 20 yard line In Algona's pos• • sessions Blossom passed to Samp for a 17 yard gain. Samp attempted a pass which was blocked and Fort Dodge recovered on the local's 25 yard line. Fort Dodge tattered their way &. through the local UntjlKqS a flrst down on the ten yard line. -,A series of line plays put the ball over the goal line. The kick failed and the score was 31 to 4 - 0^ In favor of Fort Dpdge. """" Algona. StriwUtnted. "..' Fort Dodge kicked off to Blossom NEEDS FOR RED CROSS SERVICE ON INCREASE, SAYS CHAIRMAN PAYNE Disaster Relief and Service to War Veterans Make Heavy Demands—First Aid on Highways New Plan. 20 yard line and th? 10 yards. Samp assta vtr.T?«^ * ?*» from Blossom with Samp hitting the ;»r&t* f,-r yards. Score Fort Dodg? ST. 0. The line-ups for the game follows: FORT DODGE— ALGONA— aS tett *5 js-v?n- sa. —C. K CSsseiv pasSw. Largent ......... LE Cowar Adam Lentz LG Barr Hall C Moore Jordan .......... LT Oswald ... Dortan ... Crouch ... Geyer Cameron . Woodbury Merlcle ... ..RO . .RT ..RE ..QB , ..RH ..LH . ,FB . Runche ,. Parsons .. Ostrum K. Medir C. Medli ... Rane ... Hilton Referee, Bailey, Michigan; umpire Weiss, Ames; headllnesman, Stevens State Teachers. Wealthy Old Ladies May Save Us H. S. M. in "Over the Coffee" In Des Moines Register: The wet democratic landslide means nothing, says the dries, while the wets can already see the foam on the'beer mugs. Optimistic eastern writers are calling this the pro-repeal era, and with perfect safety, too; the 'pre-repeal era" may last thirty or fifty years, if the drys can get some wealthy old ladles worried to the point of putting up another several million dollars to fight off that tenacious old scalawag, Demon Rum. Local Fox Ranch Progressing Rapidly. The kennels for the Algonquin Silver Fox ranch southeast of town arrived this morning and are being put up on the ranch. The guard house was put on the foundation today and the work is progressing rapidly. A number of pairs of foxes will be brought up next week from the Lincoln Highway Fox ranch near Cedar Rapids. The Algonquin Is located about one- half mile east of the Kossuth county "air grounds. 7 ormer Wesley Man Shot While Hunting. Wesley, November 8. Special dispatch: Clayton Conner, Popejoy, former barber here, received a sprinkling of two dozen shots Thursady afternoon while hunting pheasants. He was with a group of hunters who were chasing birds to the end of a field when a few shots were fired, some of which burled themselves In his chest, legs and ankles. This Is the only accident reported near here. UNION NEWS. A new bam is being erected on the Wellendorf farm tenanted by Peter Erpelding. Mrs. Austin Gardner spent Armistice Day at the home of her brother, Glen Jfrikinson. and family. Miss Gortude Stoeffel is doing practical nursing at the home of Willinm Rustemeier in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wolfe and son. Daniel of Mankato, were callers at the Louis Bode home Monday. A straw stack on the Glen Jenkinson farm fell over one day last week and smothered three of his best hogs. Claud Haln of Algona completed a cistern last week on the Mrs. S. C. Spear farm known as the old Ban- farm. Hunters who were guests at the Em- II Stoeffel home during the pheasant season were Messrs. Harold, Manhort, and Nick Hingpgen and a Mr. Knockel, all of Dubuque. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Stoeffel and Mrs. Stoeffel's sister, Mrs. John Haupert of Elbow Lake, Minnesota, were callers it Bancroft last Thursday. Mrs. Hau- jert moved down from Minnesota a peek ago and is locating in Algona. Glen Jenkinson was removed from he Algona hospital Sunday morning to his home here by an ambulance. Glen till has to keep to his bed with a weight attached to his broken limb He is recovering nicely but slowly. A group of Union township people njoyed a social evening at the Sexon hall last Saturday evening. Joe ;icker and his sister, Laura Hohen- teln were host and hostess. Refresh- nents were served at the close of the vening. lodttne Composition Iodine is prepared from kelp and rom crude Chile saltpeter. Iodine Is nonmetalllc element. Isolated as a rystnlline solid. Tar Keeps Rats Away A small quantity of tar of the son that is used by roofers for closing seams will effectively drive rats away from their lairs under porches and slmlliir projections. The tar Is simply coated on the Inside-of the boles done by tlie rats, and If periodically applied will result In the disappearance of the pests. tVmands upon tlie public services thst the American Red Cross Is to give nre Increasingly heavy, will continue to be so In tho future. John Itnrton Pnynp, chairman, has announced. The two major services ot the society—service to wnr veterans and thpir dependents, and relief In disasters—show each year a greater number ot persons helped by the Red Cross, Pension legislation passed recently for World War Veterans, and Increased allotments to all Spanish-American War Veterans, have given to Chapters and the national society many thousands of additional cases to handle, Judge Payne said. in the past year help was given In 108 disasters. Ninety of these were in the United States, twelve In foreign possessions and sis were In foreign countries. Health activities of the Red Cross also are being extended, especially In the rural communities where all health authorities agree the greatest need exists. Red Cross, with 794 nurses In Its employ, Is the greatest employer of public health nurses In rural areas In the United States. In Its campaign against accidental deaths, begun twenty years ago with its life saving and flrst aid programs, the Red Cross now has adopted an additional program—that of combating the huge toll of life from automobile accidents on the highways. Expenditures of the Red Cross In the past year were $4.254,796.34, of which $1,203.151.09 was spent in disaster relief, the chairman pointed out. "The Red Cross depends upon the public for Its support, through their memberships enrolled once each year In the period from Armistice Day to Thanksgiving Day," Judge Payne said. "We do not receive any support from the Government, or through other tax- ntlon, although as the President of the United States is president of the society, and one-third of Its governing members are representatives of U. S. Departments, It ranks as a semi-governmental agency. "By Joining as a member, In the local Red Cross Chapter, once each year, during the annual Roll Call, every citizen will have a part In carrying on this great humanitarian task." Announcemen t The new Book & Gift Shop will be opened to the public Saturday Morning, Nov. 15th at ten o'clock You are cordially invited to call and inspect our line of exclusive imports as well as many beautful domestic articles. All the newest books available at this time are now in our lending library. - ! A Printing Service Second lo None I he most important part about a printing job is the speed, the accuracy and the quality of work a printer can offer. A printing job delayed is always a loss to a business establishment. Place your printing with us and you will be assured of prompt delivery and of quality of workmanship that will bring results. Our plant includes every modern printing device. We print everything from calling cards to newspapers. Let us help you with your printing problems. We will assist you in planning your advertising arid will help in the preparation of your copy. Complete printing service for every need—and at prices unequaled for the quality of our work. We will be glad to furnish estimates. Upper Des Moines Republican Motor Injuries Treated By Red Cross First Aid In line with Its work for the preservation of ilfe and prevention of accidental death, the American Red Cross has adopted a new program of emergency flrst aid stations on the highways of the nation, where victims of automobile injuries will be helped. In the last year 31,000 persons were killed as the result of automobile accidents and more than 1,000,000 were Injured. Aa its contribution to the nation wide safety campaigns of other organizations, the Red Cross will aid through the emergency stations. A number already are In operation by Chapters on such Important traffic arteries as the Westchester County, N. Y., park system, the Valley Forge and Gettysburg highways In Pennsylvania and the White Horse Pike in New Jersey, connecting with Atlantic City. Saving Mothers and Babies Is Important Red Cross Task Saving mothers' lives and better babies were Important features during the past year of the Public Health Nursing Service of the American Red Cross. About four-fifths of the 794 nurses In the Red Cross work made more than 100,000 prenatal and maternal visits, In addition to assisting doctors In the examination of 1,309,409 school children. Statistics reveal that the lives) of two out of three American women who die In maternity cases could bo saved If they received proper medical anil nursing care. As more than 15,000 women die in the United States each year from various diseases of the maternal state, this means that more than 10,000 of theso deaths aro preventable. Comfort Kits Sent 40,000 Service Men by Red Cross Gay patterned cretonne bags, or comfort kits, containing articles useful and amusing, are seat by the Hod Cross to 40.000 soldiers, sailors and Marines, on foreign service, as Christinas remembrances. Tlie little gift bags nro donated and packed by women In lied Cross Chapters all over the country. They aro despatched by Army transport In the early autumn In order to reach tho foreign ports and posts of tho U. S. services in tlmo to be hung on the Christmas trees. Giving tho remembrances from home is tho outgrowth of a plan adopted by tho Red Cross prior to the World War when BO many National Guard regiments wero on Uiu Mexican border. Book and Gift Shop H. Rice 110 North Thorington "The Sign of the Lantern." SWEA CITY NEWS Mrs. Chas. Johnson spent last week with her sister at Mason City. Miss Violet Wicks spent the week end with her parents at Elmore. Miss Alice Swanson and Hazel Lundquist were Saturday visitors at Fairmont. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Johnson and Mrs E. L. Hanson were business visitors at Mason City Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Peterson were Sunday dinner guests at the F. O. Johnson home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Anderson of Dunnell, Minnesota, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Olaf Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson of Titonka, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson. Earlieit Form of "Pie" The name pie probably was evolved from the French "pain," meaning bread, and from "pled," meaning feet, for the early method of cooking a fowl wus to cover It with a dough and bake, leaving the foet sticking oui through the crust in serve as a handle Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. No. 3428 in district court, November .enn, 1930. To all whom It may concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument ot writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Louisa M. Keith, deceased, dated August 22, 1930, hav- ng been this day filed, opened and read, the 9th day of December, 1930, s fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before he district court of said county or the clerk of said court and at 9:30 o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby noti- led and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, November 12, 1930. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. A. Hutchison, Attorney. 22-24 Wrong Number I A telephone operator inherited a fortune uml lost it at Moute Carlo. That's what the huhlt of wrong numbers will do for u person.—Kulumuzuo Muit Import Soft Wood* Forests of equatorial Africa aro *o largely composed of hard woods that when soft wood la needed for building purposes It has to be shipped from Europe or Amerra. Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. No. 3427 in district court, November term, 1930. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified, that an Instrument of writing purporting to be the ast will and testament of Katy Plathe, deceased, dated March 8, 1929, having >een tills day filed, opened and read, the 9th day of December, 1930, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house In Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said county or the clerk of said court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should 'not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, November 12, 1930. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. By CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. A. Hutchison, Attorney. 22-24. Again the consumer gets the Immediate benefit of a lower price. Denatured alcohol 59c gal, at all Gamble stores. 22 CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance, 3c if charged. Case must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. FOR SALE—Large mahogany library table like new, also Lloyd loom baby buggy, good condition. Phone 818-W. 22* PLANK SALES—Friday, November 14, at one-thirty p. m. at Call bridge and at St. Joe bridge at two-thirty p. m.—F. J. Balgeman, supervisor. 22 Sales of ladies' hats Saturday, November 15, at $1.00 each.—The Elite Shop. 22 FOUND—In the coupon room, of the Kossuth County State Bank one diamond ring and one wedding ring. Owner may have same upon proper identi- cation and paying for this ad.—Kossuth County State Bank. 22 WANTED—A good second hand bed spring and mattress, 48 inch.—J. A. Stacy, Bode, Iowa. 22* FOB SALE—Barn 14x20 in good shape for $40. Call downstairs at this FOR SALE—McCormlck-Deering one row corn picker with motor, 8 miles north of Wesley, Iowa. -Enno Eden, Titonka, 21* FOE SALE—Chester White spring- boar.—Henry Scheppman, Burt, Iowa. - 21-22* FOB SALE—Poland China boars, $20.00 for quick sale.—Geo. Ferstl, St. Benedict. 21* FOB SALE—Large Burch electric pop corn machine. For two operators. —N. C. Bice, Phone 141. 15-tf BORBOW MONEY—I have a few hundred dollars to loan on town property in good condition.—C. A. Momyer. 14 Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf "Algona's Wife Saving Station."— Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267. 50-tl FARM LOANS AT 5t/ 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Beal Estate Brokers. office. 22 Hooked rug patterns Just received. —The Elite Shop. 22 Taxidermist. 21 years' experience, up-to-date methods. Send pheasants, other birds and animals to E. H. Luedtke, Lone Bock, Iowa. 21-22 DAYS OF SUFFERING NOW QUICKLY ENDED The next time you start one of thde days, ice thf instant relief you get with Diltartt't Aspergurn. Almost before you know it the pain disappears, your nerves suddenly relax. With Aspergum you chew Ihe pain away, por it is^ the finest aspirin obtainable put up in chewing gum form. Now you can take aspirin any time, any place. No water. No bitter taste. No choking fensation. Because you chew Dillard'i Aspergum the 31-'-'with Ihe saliva so that al. ... are effective quickly, continuously. the aspirin mixei thoroughly that all its loothing qualitiei , . It brings quick relief from aching heads, toothache, the palm of neuritis, neuralgia, even rheumatism. If your druggist does not have Dillard'i Aipergum, send for a free sample to Health Product! Corporation. D,pt. A, MJNotth 13th Street, Newark, N, J. RUPTURE EXPERT HERE C. P. Redllch, Minneapolis, Minn., will demonstrate without charge his unequalled method at Algona, Monday, November 17 at the Algona Hotel rfom ten a. m. to 4 p, m. Evening by telephone appointments. Mr. C. P. Redllch says: The "Perfect Retention Shields'' hold the rupture perfectly, no matter what position the body assumes or how heavy a weight you lift. They give instant relief and contract the open- Ing In a remarkably Short time. The secret of their success is In their simplicity. An expertly adusted device seals the opening without discomfort or detention from work. It is practically everlasting, sanitary, comfortable and actually hold ruptures which heretofore were considered uncontrollable. Stomach troubles, backache and constipation, nearly always a consequence of rupture, promptly disappear. NOTICE: All whom we have treated during the past ten years are Invited to come In for a free inspection. HOME OFFICE: 535 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 21-22* WWVWWsrWWWArVWWsAWsft^^ Money to Loan | on Good Milch Cows If you have the cows now, or if you wish to buy cows, wo are in a position to accommodate you. C. R. LaBarre Phone 55. Office First Door North of Iowa State Bank, uwwwwvwvwvJ

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