The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1930
Page 4
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, November 12,1930 [WmTTfiMOBE NEWS. Miss Susan Goeders was a visitor Jn Algona several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Web have moved Into the apartment over the Elscheid billiard parlors. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Backer of Wells, Minnesota, visited Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Felder. Miss Agnes Kinsella of Pontiac, Illinois, visited with friends in Whittemore a few days the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Semon visited Bridge Near State » Park Under Repair. The bridge over the river going to the Call State Park is having a new i Mrs. Henry Phillips and floor put in and is being repainted. Florence, Marie and Doris It has been in poor condition In regard to the floor for some time and the improvements will be welcomed by the many who enjoy going to the park. It should be completed by next Friday. last week with Mr. Kelly's sister at Britt. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shealer have moved from their farm to the former Chrischilles home which they have purchased. Miss Nelda Crawford, a nurse in Sioux City, Is spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford. Mr. Ewing, who was in charge of the Swea City produce station, has resigned his place and returned to his home In "Swea City. %# Mrs. C. H. Green was over from Algona on business last week. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Gil- •christ of Minnesota. Helen Farrell was home from Forest City for an over Sunday visit. She was accompanied by a friend, Mis. Evelyn Peterson of Garner. Miss Hattlc Simpson, who was tak en seriously ill two weeks ago, haj not Improved as quickly as her friends wish for. She is still very 111 at the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shellmyer and son, Richard, attended a triple birth day dinner given by Miss Shellmyer In West Bend. It was the birthday of the hostess, of Richard Shellmyer and his cousin. The young man and his bride have been spending their honeymoon In Whittemore. The Ralph Fandal family moved into the former Baldwin home recently vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Chas Green Peter Kenne, son of Mr. and Mrs John Kenne, was married to Miss.Ruby Marlow of Estherville two weeks ago co»»3»»axaa«aaaae»»3 M. E. Ladies Aid iCHICKEN PIE SUPPER Thursday, November 13 beginning at 5:30 In the church basement, MENU ChicKen Pie Mashed Potatoes and gravy Cranberries Cabbage and Pineapple Salad Rutabagas Steamed Brown and White Bread Coffee. Apple Pie a la mode. Price 50 cent*. Home made candy on sale. and Mr. and Mrs. Warner Braatz have moved into the Carmody house vacated by the Fandals. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schmidt, Jr., moved into their new home last week. The Schmidts have just completed a modern home just south of the A. Schmdit, Sr., home. It is made of brick and is one of our most beautiful homes. Mrs. .Bertha Langerman left Monday for her new home in Humboldt, where she has purchased a beauty parlor. Mrs. Langerman will sepnd several days tills week in Des Molnes In brushing up on permanent waving. The two girls, Geneva and Josephine, will remain In Whittemore for a time. Grace Gebhart and the girls, Inez and Mary and Bertha Bowers-Skow were at Forest City Sunday. They went over to vlst with Mrs. Louise Staley, who came out from Chicago on an excursion Saturday morning to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mark Olson. Mrs. Staley returned to her home Sunday evening. Dr. L. B. Smith received a message last Thursday stating that his sister, Sister Mary Carmel, had passed away very suddenly in a hospital in St. Louis. She had submitted to an operation Wednesday morning and died that night. The Sister was a teacher in the 'order and visited at the Smith children, Yvonne were Monday visitors with her mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Potter of Algona were Sunday evening visitors at the home of her brother, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fraser and family. Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Whyte of Klemme were callers In Sexton last week Tuesday morning as they were on their way to Burt to a convention. Mrs. Emory Crouch and Mrs. John Dacken and children of near Burt were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wesley News Items Pasley Monday. Mrs. Dacken and Mrs. home about three years ago. Dr. Smith has the sympathy of all in his bereavement. Mrs. Joseph Stokes and children and Cylde Mayor of Chicago visited a few days the past week with their mother, Mrs. John Drew. They came out with Mrs. Minnie Roork of Paxton, Illinois. The party made the trip of 460 miles in nine and one-half hours. Urs. Clyde Mayor who had been visiting here, returned home with her husband while Mrs. Stokes remained, for a longer visit. The public school has given out their basket ball schedule as follows: November 11—Ledyard there; November 18—West Bend there; November 25— Lone Rock there; December 2—Bode there; December 9—Seneca there; December 12—Ruthven here; December 19—Wesley here; January 6—Bode here; January 13—Ottosen here; January 22—LuVerne there; January 27 —Fenton there; February 6—Lone Rock here; February 10—LuVerne here; February 13—Fenton here. Henry Behnke is assisting Superintendent F. L. Rochford In coaching the team, Crouch are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jensen and daughters of south of town and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Miller and children of north of town were all Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Blaine east of town. Mrs. Mack Wise and two little sons, Frank and Lloyd, Mrs. Sarah Wise and daughter, Nell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips aud four children spent Sunday with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Charles Stratton and family near Britt. Mrs. Arthur Greenfield and daughter, Edith, spent Monday at the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Greenfield, near Irvlngton, help- Ing them dress ducks. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards helped them. They had forty or fifty ducks to dress. August Kirschbaum, who has been very sick for the past week was feeling quite a bit Improved Monday. He had pneumonia and pleurisy and has been very bad, but was resting easier Monday. Mr. Elsenmann, the father of Mrs. Kirschbaum, is staying with them. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven anc Mrs. Arthur Greenfield spent Sunday evening at the Elza Trafford home In Wesfey as the little twin boys, Clare and Clarence, were very low and were not expected to live. They had been sick for the past two weeks, A trained nurse is caring for them. Mr. and Mrs. John Harris entertained company Sunday. They were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harris and children, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Anderson and daughter, Mary Joanne of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hanson of Thompson and some other friends. John Harris had suffered a stroke last week Tuesday evening, but Is better at this time. Mrs. August Kirschbaum entertained a number of her relatives Sunday Wedding Anniversary— Mr. and Mrs. Charles Downs cele brated their thirty-seventh wedding anniversary October 26, and decided 1 should be a quiet, peaceful celebration until a group of twenty-lve relatives and friends dropped in on them to spend the evening. Mr. and Mrs Downs were married at Cullom, Hll nois, and made their home In Illinois until about fifteen years ago when they came to Iowa, locating on the farm four miles northeast of town upon which they still live. The Downses have five children, three boys, Homer of Titonka, Orville of Hammond, Indiana, Edward at home, and two girls Mrs. A. J. Hlldman of Whittemore and Mrs. Julius Seller of St. Benedict. Besides the members of the family anc their families other merrymakers of the event included Mr. and Mrs. Jas Cooney and son, James, Mr. and Mrs Lewis Kent and family, and Miss Marie Harris. The guests brought the making of a nice lunch which was served late In the evening. Died Suddenly— The many friends her of Otto McCall were shocked to hear of his sudden death which occurred shortly after dinner Sunday. He has been making his home with his son, Harry, northwest of Britt. Harry and his family had gone away for dinner and a neighbor who happened In on the place found Mr. McCall dead at the gate, heart disease evidently being the cause of his sudden death. Besides his son, Harry, he leaves two other sons, Lloyd, and Raymond, and a daughter, Myrtle. Funeral arrangements have not been completed at this time but it has been planned that the burial will take place In the Evergreen cemetery here, beside the grave of his wife, who died a few years ago. His sister, Eva, lives at Wesley. Birthday Party- Mr, and Mrs. Will Garman arranged a happy birthday party for their son, Junior, Sunday when he celebrated his sixth birthday. Guests for the day were his four great grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. August Garman of Wesley, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Kirschbaum of Sexton, his grandmother and grandfather, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garman and his uncle, Victdr Garman ant then- families. Mrs. Garman served a bountiful and elegant birthday dinner, a feast fit for kings, and included In the menu a huge birthday cake prettily decorated and topped with six toy candles. The Krauses are experiencing more trouble. Friday while Mr. Kraus was cutting off some bananas off the stem, the knife slipped, cutting deeply Into his arm. It was found necessary to carry his arm in a sling for a number of days. Mrs. Kraus has received word from her parents at Manly, that her mother, Mrs. George Huhn, is sick with typhoid fever. Confirmation services were held at the Congregational church Sunday morning when eight boys and girls renewed their baptismal vows. The con- firmants were Edna Carlson, Grace Johnson, Evelyn Hanson, Herbert John- afternoon who came to see Mr. Kirschbaum, who has been sick. They were: Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Nail and little daughter, Diana; Mrs. Cyrus Eisen- manri, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Eisenmann and children and Willard and Clea Elsenmann, all of Britt; and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson and little son of Belmond. if, ound Advice Hejwys to me, says he-mind what I am telling you, John. If M"«,^ ""J iraail3 « afc Neville's this fall you are loosing money E, S^Sii" wo and two make four - Look at toe ladles> slippers in Nevilles west window selling at your choice, any pair $2.98. Not a pair In that window worth less than $5.00. 400 pah- of ; them were Just received from Wobst Shoe Company of Milwaukee. They are brand new. Not a lot of old left-overs carried from last spring and summer business. You get good shoes, you get n fTfl S oi 0es ' styles that were never sn °wn before and you get them at Most stores want $1.00 to $3.00 profit on a pah- of slippers We are willing to sell any pair of shoes or slippers in the store if we can make 50 cents. Lots of them we sell for less profit than that. In fact, children's shoes only average us 27c to 29c a pair profit. Our aim Is to sell lots of them and make a little on each pair. No matter what price you mark on a pair of shoes unless you sell them you have not made anything. Buy and sell, buy and sell, is our motto. New, standard goods bought at right prices, sell themselves because people want them. If a clerk cannot sell a pair of shoes in five or ten minutes, I figure there is something wrong with the clerk or with the customer and I proceed to get rid of one or the other. The old fogey way of doing business is gone forever. Nowadays you have to buy them right and sell them right. The same slippers we are offer- Ing you at $2.98 were priced in a wholesale way last summer at $3.85. If I had bought them at that time and sold only a few pair of them I would be in the soup. Last week I bought the whole smear a.t a close out price of $2.50. Am selling them at $2.98 and making money. Standard nhoes, amall profits and sell lots of them is what makes the old grey mare trot. Neville Alyona, Iowa. The Ladies' Aid society met last week Wednesday with Mrs. William Runchey. Bring dinner to the L. A. Potter home Sunday. Sunday School and preaching services following dinner. Ray DeWitte of Fort Dodge was visitor Thursday at the B. F. Sparks home and Joe Ricker of Boone at the G. W. Brown home. Miss Hattie Wilson, and Mr. and Mrs. Ward, teachers in the Algona schools, were guests last week Wednesday evening at the A. E. Clayton home. i:i Miss Agatha Caughlin, teacher at bhe school in district number three, spent the week end and Sunday with friends at Cedar Falls Sioux Rapids and Springville. Ben Bell, former resident here and in the navy for nine years, has been discharged and with his wife and three children of New York is visiting his sister, Mrs. R. M. Lindhorst and family of near Titonka. Mrs. D. D. Sparks received word on Vtonday that a brother-in-law, Archie McDaniels, former resident here, ill with Jaundice at his home in Sioux Rapids and also of the serious llness of a sister-in-law, Mrs. Frances Brown in Boone. Charles Lindhorst, student at Iowa State College at Ames, came home a week ago Saturday morning, having spent Friday night in Fort Dodge. His brother, Ralph and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lindhorst took him to Port Dodge Sunday afternoon and he returned to Ames on the bus. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Skilling took Mrs. John Loss and Mrs. Emma Knutson to Iowa City Monday. The Skillings returned. Tuesday morning. Mrs. Loss has been failing in health very rapidly for two weeks. She will go through the clinic at Iowa City. Mrs. Knutson remained with her. Her many friends here hope she may obtain relief. Check and Double Check THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 14, 15, and 16. Beltone Theatre Burt, Iowa. Bargain Fares November 14, 15, Round 16 Trip To CHICAGO Going—Tickets will be honored on all trains November 14 and 15 and on trains scheduled to leave not later than 7:18 a. m. November 16. Returning—Tickets will be limited for return to reach starting point by midnight Monday, November 17. TICKETS GOOD IN COACHES ONLY For further particulars ask Local Agent. The Milwaukee Eoad Miss Clara Orthel, nurse at Woden, spent Thursday and Friday with her cousin, Louise Hauptly. Miss Thelma Ash, who is employed at a cafe at Webster City, came on Saturday night for a few days' visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Valentine of Algona were Sunday guests ajt the home of her sister, Mrs. Charles Murphy. Miss Marie Hanson, assistant postmistress, spent Friday at Mtson City on a combined business and pleasure trip. Miss Hilda Goetz, registered nurse at Waterloo, came home Saturday for a few days' visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anton Goetz. Mrs. A. A. Studer of Manly visited from Thursday until Salturday with her son, John L., and other relatives in and around Wesley. Mr. and Mrs Joseph Hauptman, Sr., entertained as then- guests Sunday for dinner, his brother, Lou, and wife and Mr. and Mrs. James Haverly. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gibson, who have been making their home with Mrs. Abble Casler, moved their household goods into the Robert Turner house Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Young and three weeks' old baby son, Wendall Keith of Titonka, came last week for an extended visit with his parents, the Oliver Youngs. Miss Virginia Benton, the Misses Evelyn and Martha Haynes, who attend business college at Mankato and Miss Mildred Benton, teacher at Emmetsburg, spent the week end here With their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Braley and Ethel drove to Milford Sunday where they were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Burke. The Braleys formerly lived at Milford where they operated a drug store. A. W. Ehlers of Mason City, brother of Mrs. Guy M. Butts, received a badly sprained ankle Thursday when . . . .. _,- .. , he tripped on a loose wire while hunt- ™nized and to * Epworth Lea <£ ie ™ I took care of the popcorn and candy son, Andrew Hanson, Clifford Carlson, Lyle Dallman, and Ivan Johnson. Rev. Bernsten delivered the morning sermon In keeping with confirmation day. Donald Haverly, four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haverly, was taken to the hospital at Mason City Thursday where he underwent an operation on his eye which was badly damaged while at play with a friend a few days before. A nail was thrown which hit his eye. It is thought he will recover the sight. He will remain in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Dawson enter talned their bridge club Sunday even Ing. Miss Minnie Frimml won firs prize, J. F. Cooney, second high, an Mrs. Cooney low prize. Other mem Jers of the club Include Will Frlmm Superintendent Swanson and wife Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bode, and Mr and Mrs. Lou Goetz, Mrs. Dawson served delicious refreshments late In he evening. Mrs. William Cooper Is very 111 a he home of her daughter ,Mrs. Alber the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert and contracted the flu a short time ago which has left her In a serious con dition. Mrs. Cooper formerly lived In tortland township, moving from there to Missouri and then to Colorado where her husband died. Shortl; hereafter she returned here to live with her daughter. Friends of John Harris who now ives at Sexton, are sorry to learn hat he has suffered another stroke which has been termed as facial paralysis. At first It left him speechless, but Sunday he was feeling some better and was able to converse a little with those about him. He suffered his first stroke a few years ago while in attendance at the morning services at the Methodist church here, Mr. and Mrs. James Hodges and Grandma Turgeson visited with Grandma Bailey at Britt Sunday. Mrs. Bailey Is the mother of Edgar Bailey, who at one time was editor of the Britt paper. Grandma Turgeson who is in her eighty-seventh year, took a few days off from her household duties around home and went visiting with friends at Titonka, Woden, Buffalo lenter and Algona last week. Clayton Conner received a sprinkling of some twenty shots Thursday while out on a pheasant hunt with a group of men who were chasing the birds to the end of a cornfield. As a result he has been having his fingers bandaged, but is able to walk as pert as ever even though some of the shot struck him in the chest, legs and ankles. This was the only accident reported here during the open pheasant hunting season. Friends of the Tedd ••. Doerr f family- were saddened to hear of the 'sudden death! Friday shorflly before dinner, of their year old daughter. She had not been sick and her untimely death was a shock to the family. The Doerrs moved from Wesley to Britt over a year ago and the little girl was born there. Burial took place Monday at Ossian, then- former home. Besides the parents, she leaves four brothers to mourn her death. Mrs. Leo Blelch entertained members of the Study club and two guests, Mrs Bonnsetter. and Mrs Anthony Johnson, at a theatre party last Thursday at the Call Theatre at Algona" In which John McCormack starred In "Song of My Heart." After the show, Mrs. Bleich took her guests to the Behlmer Confectionery where a lunch was enjoyed. The Study club has taken over the sale of the Red Cross Christmas seals this year and will be under the leadership of Mrs. Vincent Daughn. One hundred and thirty dollars were cleared at the Methodist Ladies' Aid aazaar and chicken supper held at the lodge hall Saturday afternoon and evening. THe fancy work department contained many beautiful and useful articles, the fish pond was well pat- Batteries Batteries Batteries We Have Them Think of it— a genuine Ford 13-plate, rubber encased 80 ampere batterly for only $7.00 and your old battery. This battery is guaranteed for 15 months and. we will gladly install the new battery free of charge. This battery will fit eighty per cent of all cars and is ideal for the radio. Kent Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealer. Algona, Iowa. Bad Check Artist Arrested Friday. Roy Lennlnger, who lives near Whlt- «more, was arrested last week and charged with uttering a forged Instru- nent and forgery. He was brought >efore Justice A. Hutchison and was bound over to the grand jury, under .1,000 bond which he failed to furnish. He passed a number of bad checks n Algona merchants. It Is under- tood that Lennlnger was on parole rom another forgery charge. Monday Lennlnger was taken before udge Davidson at Emmetsburg and given an indeterminate sentence of rom one to ten years in the state re- ormatory at Anamosa. The inform- tlon was filed by County Attorney G. Shumway. Log Cabin Attracted Many While Here. The one-log cabin which was brought to Algona last week by the Botsford Lumber Company, attracted a large crowd. Over nine hundred adults and some of the school children went through the cabin which Is built on a car chassis and trailer. The cabin was equipped and furnished as a home with all modern conveniences. It is wired so that it can be connected with electric light wires wherever it stops. While the cabin was here Mr Pool, manager of the local Botsford Yard, had an attractive display of fir lumber on exhibit. The cabin was made from a fir log. Annual Legion Feather Party *" ' ,'f ' ' • ' U 11 ' Legion Hall November 25, at seven p. m. Turkeys, Geese, Ducks and other prizes. Everybody welcome. WWVWWWWWWWVWI,! ing pheasants near Wesley. As a result he is walking with the aid of crutches. Mrs. Homer Anderson, Mary Joan and Mrs. Maxwell of Algona spent Saturday here visiting with a number of their friends. Mrs. Anderson was formerly Hazel Harris and held employment at the News-World office for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Blaine of Kenyon, Minnesota, arrived Saturday to visit at the homes of relatives and friends In this community. Mrs. Blaine is a sister of Mrs. Oscar Johnson at Hutchins and is &, sister of Mrs. Chris Jensen of Sexton. The Trafford twin boys, Clarence and Claire, who are about a year old, have been critically ill with the flu for the past week. Little hope has been held for their recovery at times. Miss Lucille Kunz, registered nurse, came Monday to care for the babies. A baby daughter, Marian Dorene was born Sunday morning at ten-twenty to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter at the Kleinpeter parental home. The little one weighed six pounds and five ounces and mother and baby are doing fine. Vincent was here over Sunday and was able to go back to Fort Dodge Monday evening. Mr. Charles Kraus returned home Sunday from the hospital at Mason City where she was taken following the auto accident In which she was main participant about three weeks ago. She is feeling quite well now and is able to be about most of the time. Mrs. Kraus' injuries were confined mostly to her head and shoulders. Mr. and Mrs. Alf Studer entertained Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haverly, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Haverly, Mr. and Mrs. nhirles Murphv, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Studer, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Looft, and ami Mrs. George Aldrlch at a bridge party Sunday evening. Mrs. J. T, Haveriv won hi"ti prize for the ladles anH .T. L. Studer won high prize for the men. booth. The chicken supper with all trimmings was excellent in both quan tity and quality and all were well paid for then- coming out to help the Ladies' Aid. At the last meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. Henry Swanson served as hostess. The Joint Legion and Auxiliary room, has been changed from the south room to larger north room in the Kleinpeter building and a few additions are being made. The ladles put on a membership drive the past week which brought in six new members In the persons of Mrs. August Kirschbaum, Sexton; Mrs. Zack Gibson, Mrs. Frank Bonnstetter, Mrs. Alfred Erdmann, Mrs. R. c. Bauer and Mrs. J. L. Studer, Wesley. Sunday, November 9th marked a double birthday celebration at the J. Ormsby home when the master of the household and his son, Joseph, both had reached another milestone. Joseph was sixteen and John of course is far beyond his teens. Mrs. Ormsby arranged a nice little party for them by inviting in a few guests to spend the evening. Five hundred was played during the evening and the hostess served a fine lunch augmented by a birthday .cake honoring both the celebrants. Guests at the home Included J. F, Cruise, J. H. Lloyd, Matt Laux, Charles Kerrins, John McMahon and their wives and Miss Vorna Kerrins. Ladies' Silk Dresses on Dollar Day $1.00 Crepea Prints Flat Crepes Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20 to 44 Looks like a printer's error— but it's true. The talk of the county. Silk dresses for $1.00. Here's the plan, you may buy one dress at the regular price and the next one for one dollar. Everyone must buy two dresses on this plan for the price of one plus one dollar. Bring your friends, select two dresses ,pay the regular price for one and one dollar for the other. Bloom's Store • "9 make your DOUBLE-EDGE , RAZOR (old or new model) \oB£TTiRRAZOR •or your money back Guaranteed by PROBAK CORPORATION DMUOMQf ep 5aft ty Roiof CK to, NL&& Auction Sale NOVEMBER 18 I will sell at public auction, the balance of my stock of general merchandise,- store fixtures, furniture and household goods. M. E. QUINN Sexton, Iowa,

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