Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 26, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1896
Page 3
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"Every one to her taste -— as the . old- wpmahf said she kissed the covi." If you'd: rather do 1 ypur /washing -'; : . ;and cleaning in ia slow.Vlabori-'; . ;ous way, spending your ,— . • • „ time and strength in useless, 'tiresome, ruinous rubbing, it's nobody's business bat yours. You are. the one v - , that will suffer by it. .' • But if you want the easiest, quickest, most economical way of washing and cleaning-then you'll have to use Pea, line. There's nothing else, among things absolutely safe to wash with, that can be compared to it. — - - _. _• ' _.*%."tfn REPUBLICANS MUSTERED IN. 'How Is It Possible? ou can't ecfi how ratnce meat, ns good oa any made ut home, cmi be sold * for 10 cents a puckugy (cuoutjh for f 2 largo pics) t The Reason's Plain. I Man)- carloads of Uic materials Jlfor None Such Mince Meat jrarc bought nt one time, at first /hands. All the paring, chop-' [ping, seeding, stemming aiid ' cleaning nrc done by perfected L machinery'' Sucu immense i quantities arc sold that a mite of profit on each package of NONE SUCK MINCE MEAT! Ife enough. ill tram nil It. JWrart , »n« KM tn« (eniilnt. S.ml jour o.mr »nd uddroil «od mention Ibli ocncr udm win "«" 7»° <"• * "**• *"*• ^kio* Th-niuivinc."V°r "»» •»» r ttUr humoron* »uihor» of in* day. O., STBACU5E, 1*. T. 82. Keep Cool by Using THE KEULEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose |3 ExprtM Ad, S6o. prevents Wetting Head Yloor ot Walls. Botnlejs Water Closet*. Send for Catalogue • Rost Proof Water closet*. Sell-Acting Water Closets. Kelly Slop ana Waste Cook. THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. STATE NATIONAL BANK I.OGANSPOKT. IND.I • S200.000 There's a Stir in the Cass County Camp—Now Organized. The Republicans toclny la Cass couu-, ty prosoiiit a l'0'i-miilablc front. The work of oi'santetloii tor' tlle ea . m '' palRu lias boon coniiileted. County Orstuiixer George Gamble IMS pei 1 - formeil Ivts arduous latoors w.i'tli ,cornpit: t MI ess, and the chrbs, wherever or- jranizotl nre holdlnj; mectlups rcgulnr- ly, .and haul-Ill;,' rho.best speakers to bc secured. In every township there 1s at least oxio- Sound Money •club, suid t.here- arc former Democrats- in ev«ry township who have placed' their names on the McKluloy rolls. .In one township the defection lu favor of one club Is IS. These township clubs have weekly meetings.-addresscd'by pood speakers: •and Kood crowds -attend. A close and conseiTfliblve ostimnt.e Ulaces. the total menibershlip o£ 1«ie clubs ii't 1,500. Never before at this period jn a eaanpalgu were the Ee- public-ans In Oass cotroty so well or- jjanissedand euwrgatic. There -is much work to do before the day of etectlon; (ind no effort is to be spai-ed or wasted tuat will add to the wclpht of the victory November 3d. The sixty days' poll of the counity h«s Riven' renewed strength to the Republican Hopes of vtetory, nad the fight Is now to l>e pushed wltli every ounce of force at command. ran.t- j'. F. Johnson, President. . B. W. TJllery. Vice Pr«Hdent. H. J- Heltbdnk. Cm«W«r. DIRECTORS. of Vault, of thk S to «« ?«* £c<xxxxxxx>?e^ In a recent letter to tlie manufacturers Mr. W. F. Benjamin, editor of the Spectator, Rushford, N. Y., says: "« may be a pleasure to you to know the high esteem In which Chamberlain's medicines are held by the people .o£ your own States, where they must be best knc<vn. An aunt of mine, who resides at Dexter, Iowa, was about to visit me a few years since, and before leaving home wrote me, asking. If they were sold here, stating It they were not. she would bring a quantity with her, as she did not like to be without them." The medicines referred to are.Cham- berlain's .Cough Remedy, famous for Its cures of colds and croup:",Chamber- laln's Pain Balm for rheumatism, lame back, pains In the side and' chest, and Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di- arrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints. These nredlclnes have been'in constant use In Iowa for about a quarter of a century. Tbe people have learned that they are articles of great worth and merit, and unequaled. by any other. They are to? sale here by B. F. Kees- llng, druggist. ''• KATIE EM-METTE-TONIGHT. '. The Ohio State Journal says o£ Kflltle Bramett and her company who played ait Columbus, O., .Sept 11, 1SOC: There was an unusually •fcrge nmtioee •amltettce ait'the- Hig.li street theater yesterday, afternoon to see tire, opening Enmity of Omaha ;Again5t Kansas City Causes Trouble. INTEREST TO BE PAID General Newa of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The Interstate Coiumerce. Commission is in.session «it Kansas Oilty and continuing.Its invesiCigaitJon .into the re- consignment of Atlantic seaboard sh'lp- ' moults now in vogue hi Karoos City •with a viw6f''determi!iitag' whether it is-.legml. and <Wrie'd on In good fnitli by •the railroads.,' The whole trouble, local .jrnitoi liven- .n-ss^i't, Is; sMilply tbe ou-t- proivthof«ui ehmiity of Omaiia ajjatnst Kansas City, engendered by the fact t'hait the latter etty 'Is .--si open market while Om'iilwt Is not. '*jhe Commissioners wime In front Ch-lwigo yesterday, wlwre they liavfi boon hunulrinu into Mie business at 'thalt palmt. of 'aittofinKys '.i,n(l raSlroad men w-o-s a notable OHO. Sevewiil witnesses wore exiinifcned. ' • J. A. Monroe, freight traffic of -the Un-ton' Pacific, wcplnined couisl'gia'iiiiaiitiiuwr.hod, niul dental any d-iijcrimtaaitlon'-in iih 'lea- of rate*.or prelVj'Mices to M\y consignor OL' consignee, • I-le aonled -tlMit hlS'i-ond h:ul rnij-fcMng to do wMi Omaha beloff '-a,n open market. CHANGE IN TIME. Tvildng .effeei: Monday. Sept. 2Slh The, Vnniliilla .wJ-U.ma.tee tto-u folowing changes In t'li'c rnnnlns -time- of iheir teiius: - - ' .. North bound—arrive 10:30 a. 'm.; leave 10:30 a. .m. -Arrive-8:30 p. ra.; leave 8:35 p. m. St. .To-e Accommodation, leave 0:15 A. m. ; • South bonml^airrive 7:08 a. m.:-:leave 7:13 .a. m. Arrive-1:53 p. m.;'leave 2.00 p, m. St. .Too.Accommodfltlon, arrive 8:55 p. m. Thlo -two Snst -trains passing liere-at 11:40 A. in. and 4:23 p. m,, n;nd flic St. Joseph -Sunday -Si>ecla.r will be discon- •tilimcrt after this da.te. WJDIj'BE'. ABLE TO PAY. •-. '' On October 1 'tliie ronnsy-ivanui. com- Piiny will' xMrarse 'In taterest on. out-' stmnd-tog -bowJs nnd to dividends-.?!,850000, .and 'despite the difficulties which havo con-frQiiited the railroads the Vast 'eighteen m-onflis In. *he ^ay of making botn ends Ineet, iihi« company will be able to pay overy dollar of the obligation then,'accruing without borrowing a cent, fit Is stiaited officially. •OHAN-GE OF RUNS. T,he nrst of Ithe yenir,- it. -Is stated .that, fhe titatameu ou the Loulsmllle'dlv.l8too of •tJi!e' l Pa.n'haind i :'e will Tun -tihi'ough from LouteVJlieto'Logansport.-; This moans, says tlie Indianapolis News, ; that., a iarpo number x.f-conductors, • brake- in'en, fh-(«mea.an.d en'gtoemen will re- m'ov.e from. Ind'lfl.napolis to-Logmisport, wHteh 1 wttl tlien-be their hewlqnarters. As It 3s now, the«rews and engines are ctenged nit Indianapolis. •••''•• ' RAELKOAiD NOTJ5S. Jofhn' Ma*slck, sr., is oft unity 0.11. account, of illness. . . . .- . ' . •. John W, HSokter, a .itlgh't mam at the shops, .is off duty on account of ,sl.ck- CLOTHING. ; " ' We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: i • • . •i, • " • • •' Our $15.00 Suits-go for $12,00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.60 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $8,00 Suits gofor$5.5O * Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE "OF ANY STRAW HAT .IN TBE STORE, 25c choice ofsny/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits,one third off, th«y are bargains. i Now is the time 10 buy a Suit of Clothss, a Hater Gents Furnishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to savejmoney, ' These Prices are For Casn Only SEPHG. GRACE & CO., * . 264 BROADWAY. to the Persons or Firms Mentioned Below.! D.LELEWER,. •':' . : ' Manufaclurer ot • •' •' ' Ladies' Fine furs Wholesale ;vnd Retail.' , CHICAGO: The LoudliiK Fur .Establlshinont 111 •ChleuRO for lltBh GradePur«. y Aitlstlc -. 163-State Street, roents lit very moderate chawes//. Oood.s «;nt on !ipprov;i'.. Correspondence soHclti.-d. ' "..-• . petToi-mraiice of "TJiC: ;WnJfs of • New York;" .by Katie Emineitt nmd a very good supporting "compamy. ;'JKio house was crowded ftgulu tasit nilpht, and the Interest displayed- . left,no. room to doubt (that the draurou was .heartily ..enjoyed. The play ils an ultra-sensarlonal comedy drama doallng with life to the groat- ctt'rj-. Striki-np • climaxes .follow one unother In rapid order and lovers of sitlrrlmg scenes of the. melodrama kind find much/ in the piece to please tliein. .Miss Emmett assumes various characters, but is seen a:t her best as a .nwwaboy. At Dokm's tonight. .Cliioago Record: Postmaster yestardiny received a -long letter, the ef- fect'of wliich will be to deny to twen- ty-el-fht firms fl.nd persons the use of tbe United .'States- mails. Mris means tliat no ma.rtei-.how -n»ea3,thy or' influ- cinitiln.1 ttese pereoris may 'be, ail nKirter. wliic'n may come .to. their (uldress in the postoffiee will be viewed with suspicion, marked "fraudulent" and. sent to. HVC- dead letoter office. Following is the list of proscribed names: R. D. Hal- llgan '& Co., Wheeler & Co., C. G. 'Mather. & Co., -T. A. aims & Co., P. G- >vood & Co., C. F. Nortw & Co., J. D. Sage R. D.' Oliver & Co., Chicago Mon : etary Association, McKlnzte, Turner & Co., J. B. McKlnzIc & Co., J. R. Pcpln Oommisslon Company, Foster & Co., JS Level & Co., C. P: Tan Winkle & Co., C..F. Van Winkle, H. 0. Barnes, Barnes" & Co., .Lansing & Co., L. D. Owen, Daniel -Owen & Co., .Tamos G, Hulse & Co., Lincoln''*. Co.,. E. R. Walker & Co., Mone'tary .Grata Association, Comstock, Coates & Co., pills. Tumor & Co., nnd.GllmoTe & Co. KRQEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers 610BBOADWAY. CHA8.L.WOLL, : : .'.'w iUNDErtTAKER ' • N* 41T H«r vCBlto Attended to ; , A Huntilngton Herald: A BryanKe stumper 'In 'vvabas'h county mot an old. farmjer nmd sollcJonsly inouli-ed-as. to how ie' was getting .along farming. "Bad enough," , said the , farmer. -"I 'only get $C aiva.cre for my wheat, a-twl It costs me $10 to -raise It."..-. And. then •the Bryanilte, told -the farm^ of. the benefit of free'Sllver^how ;eYerytlilng: would be doubled in value 1>y electing: Bryan- " rna:t TCOn>t cl<> me any e ° od> " saild ttie farmer,- "If everythitog Is to- bo doubled 'by free silver, I shall only get $12 for my wheat and it will cost me $20 to raise='lit. I .slmllrlose ?8,, Instead of $-4!" -r.,-." • , .-.'•-- -;• "•' - : Engine No. ,4ij5 which Ms been undergoing class, "i'" repair* tn -the round house was.run over the Bradford division, yesterday. . • "..•'. ' -. • j;, S. VoiuDyke of tlhe office of the.Su. perlntodent of Motive POWCJ.- oit.Cpl- •umbus,"Oihlo,. visited -flie 'locnl .shops yes-to'dny moi-nlng. ...'•; - ••' Tlie pipes-tJinit carry waiter, from the, engine room to.th&-ruiasiter.mecha.ul.c's- office rustetV out' and wore yesterday. replaced by-new ones.. ;,.... , • ; ; ' ,T. H. Da.vls-o£ the car. shops stepped, ou a .nail Thursday m'omlng .*.nd suffered a pa.ln.ful Injury. It- was. feared JtliSiit blood ppilsonimig wonld.set In...; . Tlie.empVoyes.of tihe Pauhtondle shops worked last;evening until 5.o'clock and. wlHLgp *>..work- this • morning at .7 o'clock aiul; work'until 5.o'clock. This is Rom'etl.togtout.of.tlifi ord-taary,.nfi.lt tos been, a grant, many weeks, s'lnce the men have btiQU nllowea 'to work nine, ionrs-* day: .."Saturdays iHiey. «re usu- ,ally compelleil to lay oft-:n ? 't!Lie-after- •no.ons.. ... • .'..". ffiffc'-Harry Denbo htas sold Ws Broadway liifcee't .cigar ;stand *jJMr;;Beal,v^he Pi'-L.''- : '. : m _ _« «.UA tiina jfrttft« •Mt'fl'Pfi'ftl - 1 . ,. , who bns taken xMiarge. '''' .-In'-the-circuit.<!ow.t a de- :gran;teid-- Carrie: Klsifler upon the paymeait of ,'costs. ; ii ;r "-.'..; ••;•''••"' " kAiND BOOK FOR ' nr. Hairtmian Is *he nulttoor of. a little book treating .on -all the .diseases pecu, 'liar to w:omen,.w'bi'<Si .are known, »<x>l-; Icjcflvely, oa'i'femnle -diseases. Tlie book idescribes «hese aiseases, 'with ithete,, symjptoane, and preacrubes for tem 'medicines which i rarely fall to g-ivo. immediate reUef. It will be sent free,..ton- lapplicaUtlon, Iby THe Pe-ru-na Drug' ManulJnictuiing Company, Co- iuimbus, :OMo An attraotlve little book on MWaria, -by the sarao author, will 'lilso be sent free. I Ye^torday in the Cii-cullt court the cases 'of the Stole ngftlnst Frank Pottmeyer;'Isaac Sauers, Charles Kay and •two cases against Albert Dewese were ordered dropped from the docket. $100 REWARD, ?100- '.. The ieaders of this .paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one areadcd disease that science, has. been able to. cure in all its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hairs Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being, a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca r tarrh Cure is taken Internally,'acting directly 'upon the Wood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby 'des- troying'the foundation cf 'tlft disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in Its. curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dol'ars for any, case that It fails to' cure !«end f or list of Testimonials. Address F.'J. CHENHT & CO Toledo, Ohio. ' .'. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ' . ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Oysiters .nit tlio':Keystone.;; ; Plenity celery—Rotlnarmt'l.' • >" ~: .Shoes,'—Aaron. G-reensfelder. '.'• Dressed-chickens, alt. Foley's. . ; '• Plenty of all Wnds of frurt at. the Keystone. '..' : • -.,- ' •:.' ; ' : ' Cloak, opening ..sale "today'• and even- taunit'tlic Golden.E'ule;.-'..: Don't miss cloalc opening today. : La- diesV misses', and children's.; jackets.- All Kinds of DrawingsJVlade by BYRON B. QORDuIN. Spiy Block. Logansport to te ahead. x>f ta the ma.rket.-The Golden Rule. - New York Counts and Standards at will sell der-nit.5capoujjd.-Foley. J. J, R.>ramd Mocha and Java coffee is fresh ait Botfliennel. '- • Ttodoy you can 'buy more, .neck t,es, handkerchiefs, 'hosiery, «k»vc* rturts, m,dcrw«,.r, collar and. cuffs than you ever sanv.-Tjwxle. Palace. cold wave wdU be hei-e .before many d^s. Give .m your order for an overcoat; and we will -have at ready fo.i y ou ._Tlerce, tine tailor. V P,MJCE OF CAMJPAJ&X, HUMOR. ' Springfield .Republicans Some.genu- 1* canpolga humor comes from Sioux City, ll «nd it may be c^dered gen-nine .because no one. 1 , was called.a tor. or an. - a .uarchlKt and 110 <>u?*.to*& was broken in -the .discussion. Fctcr. RUev,-a mechanic, was going to work tttc 'otuec noon,-whm lie was decoyed. tato-ft- free silver discussion .by B. *. Adams; out of work. ; A crowd sopn Raiey.baen'tmnch of a gift . •.. - .. 1 ' low.co-ngress;shoea nit the;.re- modeltna , sa:le.-Aaron l: Greensfelder, T!hb-d amd" Market.streets.-. ;,•-•.••.<. /-.:; . See the new prfflits' muslins, flannels, blankets, ginghams, cotton, flannels, etc.—Tjra.de Palace. Oloak opening snl«. We naye a large assortment of Delusive effects, the ctamcter of wblch warrants us in de wmiereti. iw«^..-."-«r- -.. of .oratory, ffltfta mainMlnlng tlie god sldo was speedily wonted by,b!s gib opponent BwtHe.had a.brl«M thought ind he flnnlly asked: ...... . ,: ;' '.-How many, of you are sllverttcs... ; ''We all nre" yelled the crowd. . |- "Ato'.t any '.of you gbW men5" queried Riley, ; , noxiously. ' ..• •' Not'a.voloe.;. .'. •- • -.• : .- :'.- ' • "Ha! ha! >ha!" hooted..*!!*, crowd, '''Wliiere's yer gold bugs?". ''• "All at work," reJOlniea^Bltey, and he 'listened down the street swinging his .dinner pall...'..;•', V •-,.''-. " : " OPENING Of tlie very latest novelties in jackets and capes which are, on display today at the,Golden Rule, NOTICE OP FINAJ. ESTIMATE. Notice .ot final -estimate, on Bringhurst street: . ' -. • . ,. Notice is .hereby given, that on-the seventh (7tl» day of October -1800. at 7 o'clock p. m., the Committee on Streets arid-Alleys of the Common Council ^iU meet at the City Clerk* office, when and where a hearing will be had upon the -final estimate and report of the City .0*11 Engineer of ti» total cost «nd assessment for the im- provemcnt and'pavdng of Bringhurst SLtin'sal'd city from the West line of-Seventh--street to the East line of Eighth street, and that at the same time and. place said Committee will consider said final estimate.. . -, > All persons interested or.affected Dy said assessment and improvement are.. hereby notified to appear and make ol>; - jections thereto, If any they,tave. _ E oosmox OOUNCJI.. By JoIin'B. Winters, City Clerk. .;.... BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The Best Salve' In the world for cute, bruises, sores, ulcers, sait rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is. guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money rcfnnded. Price 25 cents per boi. For sale by B. F. Kees- G P- Early of Richmond, Ind., passed 'through ^tha city .yesterday .on Ms way. .to^Star City where ;he made a sound- money"-; speeclt Mr.: Early Is speaking under the auspices^of the Re- - pubBcan State 'Central Comtnttte and is a forcible and convincing talker as one of our free silver curbstone orators found. to Ms discomfiture. .1 '

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