The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEtf BT-YTHEVTU.E (AKK.1 COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 18, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OB* con**cuii\* LT r*i* Mrtiua. MJ& joj UCD A tune per iin* .............. l&c 2 cimef pel nut p*r d»y ......... IK j luaw pet uni- pci <U» ........ )»c • tune* pei no* pci a*j ........ ''« 12 lime* pcj nut pei any ....... *c MOD ID pei nne ...... *>c count '!v« Mierk^t wurGf to the iiat AO oraereo mi iu*«e ui Ala innw mo •COppefl oel'tft ejcpliHtton wl" £>*• cbarg •a loi me numoci 01 uaic* in* md «p pettta »ua *ajusL)i.ei*l *U OIH inude uu oy .MTtttm* residing UUIMO* ol citf muni oe »cc< imprinted DJ C*«D ajr o« «**ily onmpuua twin. ju|."i 'fi»t Counei ieM.Tvef iti« reject an; *a Notice CARD OF THANKS We, Jcbsc U, l'lei\;e aim]y. to express our thanks m » *>mtui '' several com fibuioi s i° vur v, ci wno we do not huvc Oic muucsi b httvo been veiy t;eiieioa» wild wo Lt\1 U:I6 way we can rcucli you aU We do pray UotTt rich olua^unis will it tinuo vvllii iMCli ami t-vcry one ol ynu wJio cotiiributMl to our wi'IUin:. Ui tnis L'Mbis, Ko haul n we say. iiin many xiiamiK 10 each oi you ynicc- Mr. J. U. Fierce. a.ltHifc Services Tractor work fi>i iiire, By hour or acre. Phone Iwfl. Sjia-pk-aa We repair all ktnrtu ol stovc-s auar- Riuceci *aiib!ui»iioii. McUnnlcI* Aimitoa i wc»i itosc, a.w-ck-ao Odak tmismng f /4 o a'i'fc'tw b bTiiuiu Ourtams Call Urn launched nnd E La VTP net KJt Make your nnme prcity in: spring \peit HUB UleanuiB tier vice i» ynurt ' PEICKU58S Cl.KANERS panne 'U'M Ulyltirvllle l.'JJ-cl-ll Insurance For Complete Insurance l j rotc i ction Call 3545 W. J. Holland Agency Planned I'roiceliun OLKN< - Ufe IKM'KI HUII.IMNU 124 W IXH SI Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Apartment tor Rent DON EDWARDS 1 IIP rypi- A'lllri Muti N ^fCfmd L>i t'ti'iit* j^a< ujiti-i-k vi For Sole Mrsc. room luntlshctl npiutnicnt. UllH- (unnsJicd. Ptiono 2018. 3,lS-|)k--'a Uniurnislicd Aut. UDsinlni. 4-rooius •nd balH. Adults only. JM.'JO. Phtun: 717 Yartjro. a,!7-|>h-W Two room Apt. upstairs. Two room Apt- Uownstalvs •d. Pnonc 4675. 'J;l7-pk-30 room ana uRin unl uriilsliud ai»t W. As!i til. Ph. '2SGG. 3; 15 -pk -2i i room apartment f'lintu; 2t»20 3>-ck-l Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available u< POU1.1C MOTOK CO W« ci>D till all ymn needs. uet genuine piirt^ Irmn oui ir plqte llDe BU^m fOUL*. UWNKH t v OHKICAl Boutrj Hlslhwa. 61 at blerfe Mn Phone blerlr- 4S» CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Uhin 4: Uivismn Ptione i Don i endanger suut unuiy w X&UI17 lire^—BUY LEG TIRES 12 U-ct Loans Money to Loan iJO you oecti R tunn In rcpuli ni t modal 1 / ttrt down payment no mn fag.e no red tnpe FHA APPHOVEU HA'I'fc SSi ; ASK FOB IJMTAiLb Max Logan, Realtor. »lon« ajj4 . LjncP Bulldlnc Bljlu-rllli Ar» 40TO LOANS ITJIiNITURK LOAN! Otnenu coatrtct Purcliiivp Corp 108 So Fifth PhniLC- 1928 Services PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 202P. Blyllievillc or 205 Oseciila 3-M-ck-l-l Joltu-Lli-cre initiillriHi .iraruc L'hnnc /U2 tcr Ci A Hull 12 I'nut disi'liiy (.'.iNe will' m': wiill<-in hrtx. (ix' fit ml y ii-at -Muck : all 4241. L title rurlil'icd HiinleUc Di-llsi ine 7H, ctitliir. st't'd Biii'dc-Hc Muiitiiliun. Biii'di'ltc. State certified D^dcn iiiu: mprovcd Aiksoy siiyhc-ans ?urdeltc Pluntation, iilniru 7812. 1-22-tl ULvcn mom HMtirc^ Why [>ny more .•iLL-ii yun L-UII buy toi ics-s L i: Ilnl- i.snn. tinHiMii Avc Plmne fiJ15 Your Late Model Car Is Here AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. CHECK OUR PRICE BEFORE YOU BUY 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe Fordor. blue, has radio, heater, seal covers, and 194!) license. 1918 l''ord Super DeLuxe a-1'asscnger Coupe, grey, has radio & heater. 1918 Ford Super DeLuxe Tudui, maroon, equipped with radio & heater. 1947 Ford Super DeLuxe 5-Pussengcr Coupe, heater, spotlight, and 1949 licence. 191C l''ord Super DeLuxe Tudor, maroon, has hcatvr, scat covers, and white sidewall tires. 1917 Ford Super DeLuxe S-l'ii.-'.se/iger Coupe, maroon, radio, healer, sea( covers, and overdrive. I!M(> Ford Suiier Del-use THoi. lias radio, hcafer and 'ludvhiikcr I'ickup, has iU(lio and healer. I hcvrolel. - FOR CHEAP TRANSPORTATION St-c Oul Sluck of LOW-PRICED OLDER MODELS 5th at V/olnut Phone 4453 AUCTION TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1949 At 10 A.M., Rain Or Shine Sale Will Be Held AL J. C. Dixon's Tractor Co. Place At West Memphis, Ark. THIS IS THE OLD WEST MEMPHIS AUCTION ADJOINING BROADWAY NIGHT CLUB wliiig, (•"ma nw Uuu little lunioi Kee[j tin: riijjs clean Ulltl < in Ucnl'R Hnlul Store O. 1, C. boar lor sale. Subject to sd'Kttoti. Jnck Rnbttr.ioii InMiJemciit co. puoLic aw i. 3 n-ck-JM 1 51K) Ib. capacity ilccp freeze, brtuX- ast set, nice ft I Ke box. tnwn mowct. ineolcum rug." 50 It, garden hose. 2 oil cook stoves. 2 neuters. 852 N, 10th. 3 17-pX-lti Used » It. Porcelain FrlgKlalrc In ;ooil condition. Phone 2558, i!in-vk-2Q H fir rows for snle. Let us sharpen your i>U)ws now. Avoid the rush. Henry \Vcvst brook's Shop 21>5 N. 1*1. U;<"y Hnunc 41til Night Photic 4132 3 15-ck-tl Poru hm a:dc Sivccl PnUto Sred tiiciiii variety I Have u Unmeet ciimnULv ni mi? variety winch RFC ni-Hvy pro- -tive lypr nnu ure- ws tree rrnio dl^e «f vntl «'ll* IKHl Orcfrr.* Ht'CTfJlfO witn W 0 rnsii cli-p'»sH TOI <h'll«pr> by Mttrcti ]Ft I'rHTd '2 |Jfi humprt Paul Hyrinn biytlu'vlLle Ark l|12-ck-il l-'AUMAJ.L M Cultivator, I Disc, Harrow and Breaking Plow. $wr>0 Tractur it Trucli Co ii Ark I'boiie 91. 2-23-ok-tl For Sale, Misc. KJ-JKTII.I/JiK We hnvu SL-VL-riii inns- lit J-'j-lb uni IlltVC IKIl Ul-cll SplIKI-IL 1(11 PLAN'lLiUS UOUI'LUA/I'IVL U1N 111UIIWAV Ul SOUTH PHON1- i'.!U ugdon soybeans. llnliiti Kourl. 6 ml souui ol Ulylticvillc. Sanely Hiiinc Store. 3,l5-pk-S ( li A jjuotl thoroughly reconditioned Piano-in the vicinity ol Blythi'ville, Tor balance due if taken at once. Write or call Beard's Temple of Music, phone 2y;];i, Purajruuld, Ai'k- aas. ' 3-lti-ck-u-l 1 .) Any old range, oil, coal or electric, is goud for ijtilj in trade on a brand new, full si/.e Monarch electric range. C(|Uij))jpcl with full size oven, deep .veil cooker, cluck anil jven timer. (Joint 1 in and see this bin-gain, priced at only S'^09.95 id HUBUAHU ii HOKli APPL1ANCK CO. For Sale, Real Estate acres mud 3 imics OI lilytlieville .sc &: ouni $123 pel acre. ;/ a^ri'j. IIOIISL- .x 2 LKiiii.s; i rj ai.-ies Hoi^t: iV: Dam: bntu irat:us KUtrtl fouhly. Mn t j mx- sli.5W t-,n; ntnctliaic ]K}sses^iun oil all ttic-sc :c ui o'.H H M IJEt-K RcaJtf)r l.yucti Bids filmic ^BUIl nr lil>^4 —81 — TKACTOHS — 81 1 Used H John Deere Tractors and Equipment M New and Used R J. D. Tractors and Equipment. 4 Now and used A J. D. Tractors and Equipment H New attrl used H IHC Tractors and Equipment ti Used H IHC Tractors and Equipment B New and Used H IHC Tractors und Equipment 1 Used F12 IHC and Equipment 2 Used f2Q IHC and Equipment 6 New and Used C AC and Equipment 8 New ami Used VAC Case Trac tore and Equipment a Used M IHC and Equipment « Used C IHC imd Cultivators * New Hiid Used B AC Tractors aiiri Cultivators 4 New and Used Cub Cultivators and Plowa 10 New nntl Used Ford Tractors and £(|Ulpmcnl li New 4 itow IHC Cultivators This Merchandise Will Sell If Bid On OTHER EClUTPMENT TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION WILL BE ADDED TO THIS SALE All nbovc r<ni!iniieiu Is In excellent condition. The hlKKesl pcrecnliige Is new Anyone who desires to purchase equipment, now la the time to buy. as you cull rill yonr needs with nlrno&l any fclm! of ctjulpiLient you nmy wlfh i\t this Auction. SALE WILL START MARCH 22, 1948 AT 10 A.M. PROMPTLY AND WILL CONTINUE UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT IS SOLO J. C. DIXON TUACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO., Owner TER'SS: CASH. No equipment will be moved until settled for. SALE MANAGED BY OWENS BROS. HORSE & MULE COMMISSION CO.. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE. COL. M. R. MEALS, Auclionecr (Jdclic Owen. Malinger; Geoige Trio blc. Clerk: Lawrence Macs, Cashier. t'oi 1 further inforirmtion, call, write or wire Col. M. n. Meals, Chisea Hotel, Memphis, Tcnn., 5-46G1, or Residence 7-2870; Owens Bros, liurse & Mule Commission Co., Memphis, Tcnn., 9-0328. 3 lS-ck-19 for Rent foetlrootns or as npartinent: gas l. Dfttn 1'tione ifisb. 3 H-pk-21 Two aurep ol land In I'lione 4(i8i» cHy limits D.H-pk-Zl Notice Weot Knd Uurber Shop tuis nieivecl lo ijew locution in 3 J JI tfninlt Liny 11 ' Now open tor Unsmc.^s. Hair CJIB 50c 1 j ahitvc-i 4Uc Run tonics '25c Hours from U to U p.til. Bur] Davidson , 3;!4-pk-21 3-room houbr ^n<l 3 RCTCS of luml at Uo&ncll. J161H1, CHBll. Sec Etlrt (divert. Sjia-pk-M • Say, Look At This Special! • 1940 BUICK $795 Fordor Sedan, has radio, heater, and 191U license. A very clean car. —AND SEE THESE CARS— fi 1 udor Si-d'iin, luprii K ht 19-11 Ponliac Slrcanilinei condilion . . Sllllf>. Alilk goals IC.xlra good |)i'udliri:rs I'huiie o8o7. C. A. llmitun, V-> milt; soutli city liniils on Hiyi'wiiy 01. 3-16-pk-li) ! - BAUGA1NS Duplex — Ideal location in 700 block on Walnut Street, jfiiotl 'oiiditiuii. 2 gas floor furnaces. 2 baths, attic fan, uti'.raut and storage l,ot G5 x MO. This wtiuld also make a nice 'I - bedroom residence. Priced tu .sol] ;pt $8,000. Terms. CiitY — licantit'nl 50 seat first class- phne. A-l Incation in lli^luvay til Niirth, close to bilytheville. All mndern kitch- .'ii and fixtures G'cxid business, tfood lease. Owner leav- nji slate Shown by appointment only. JOHNNY MARR. Realtor ii'^ S Second Uciirootn Suite. Kite lien tub In imcj CJiaus tike new, Uary,un .\\-,<j wil rent tiouac lu onycr ol turuiiurc 6ii \V Ash. J,lU-pK-l storK line bviesy nnil part i'ii. 616: ATTENTION FARMF.RS LIVE STOCK MEN Dear), fallen and crippled animals picket! up free 6t charge in stui'ilizecl trucks. Call collect. 6142, ville. Ark. Ely the- ARKANSAS DEAD AN1MA1 DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-'l-14 Female Hetp Wonted Two ladies with cars Four hours r ork pei clay. Average earnings Sltj.00 per day Wort: is periniuient and en- joyar>ic You run Be A business success. Apply Hox D N c,n Courier NPWS We will pnv top salary to lady interested in permanent job \\ ith future—must be enertfctic. like to meet public, experienced in s.ellinjr and in keeping stock clean and orderly. Please address Box ABC '"• Courier News giving full description of self and of previous experience. S-17-ck-3-20 \Vc repair wtuchps. Try us for lusi scivic.-c.i Moore's. 306-308 Eusl Main Kxcollont no.sition available in General office work to qualified girl. 40 hour week good starting salary, pleasant working conditions. Write Box 23<i /<, Courier News. 3-17-ck-19 Private- Rooms LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN? mi, WE HAVE IT! 1918 Chevrolet Business Coupe, radio, heater, 1949 ' Arkansas license, driven only 12.000 miles. A beauty, for only . . , $1,595. 1916 Chevrolet 5-1'asscnjjer Coupe. Uadio, heater and fog lights. This car mis 1949 Arkansas, license. I'riced for quick sale . . . $1,295. 19-11 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 5-J'asscnger Coupe, fog lights, heater and defroster driven only 34,000 miles, as clean as new You'll have to see this one lo appreciate it ... §1,095. 1912 Ford V8 Tudor Sudan, a real good car .. . 5895. 1911 Buick 4-door Sedan, radio and heater . . . $989. 1910 Plymouth 1-door Sedan, heater, runs good . . . S789. 192<j Ford Tudor, a fishing car, needs a little work ... $149. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Wanted to Buy Magnolia tree, 3 to 8" ili- imeter at trunk. Everett B. !!: 3 - 18 - ck - 22 ji you Are Cordially Personal minute pb STUDIO 119-cH-H 1 1 ring your chickens to Pureell's Grocery. 125 Lilly. These prices are good uniil Monday: heavy hens, Me; Leghorns and crosses, 25c; roosters. I6c. act of IHC push type hvistcrs. 2 sets ol ,1HC markers. Dub Wltincr. Yarbro. ' i'O'OU 3|lB-pk-Z2 ! I We ouy used luriitture. Phone 2660 5 Invited to Visit | The i Accessory Wanted to Rent Bedroom, kitchen privilege for man and wile. Phone 2622, 3 19-ck-J,25 Bedroom, 1109 Chlckasa \vavHctl : a rooms or more In good district. Kcasonablc. Private aousc prc- erred Aluin. Dr. Paul Stanley. 125 West 1 or & room house. It you don't like children, don'l call. Phone 4132 For Sale, Cars & Trucks - 4111 ui 'J5 I Uillll uuiuk 2 uJocXs oil Irum sctiool ifc IUU i\j HP Outboard Motor ill 2:^0 alter e p.m. uy 1 I 19-11 Mercury vvilh radiu iind liciilcv jjoud condition, has 1 !)-!!) licciijii- . S.vJo. 1910 Buick 1-dooi Sctliin, viulic K heal IT car . . . 5795. A very clean 1939 l.a Sidle.. .a bcaulilul i-ai has its original 2-tone green finish, unusually clean §1095 19-11 Chevrolet, unusually clean, has Ifll!) license 5950. 1917 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, heater, and seat covers . . . very tow mileage (iuaranteed to be m excellent condition, and offered at a very good price. 1942 Dodge '4-Ton I'ickup, mud grip liics, excellent condition . . . S795. 1910 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, beautiful blue rcfinlsh. This car is tops . . . SS25.. "When Better Cars Are Built, Buick Will BuiW Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for S«rric« ilousc trailer Tx2V fiinilshert '2a Moctcl A c«r. runnUi^ condit'.on. \cry cheap. Sec Hoy Key. IU. 2, Blyrhcvillo. O Curl Matthews. 3 lB-pk-25 brand new *"A" model John Dccrc all ii\ia HeiUh, C627. Armorel Roau. 3,18-i)r;-22 For Sale, Real Estate •1 room house iimi tJ rovm hyusn price S4500 caeh. §500 cknvn ; Jiul §"5 mo. 8 -1-vooni -ipts. ?1 5,000 $51)00 down mo. Comn to Abraham's (loui't bcl\vocn 9 a, m. i. m. 3-15-ck-3-2'2 I ill UiUlf til Ui^V pnrt \Vih enrry «i(utl utuct I'ttit J ijsocK.s nil Musn bLrt:ul 3-]\>iuiis HUU imin. piii-Liiihy lutnishecl inv rciumu lot i43 ;icj mi min Pricr ,3inj tiiivi- ^otKl icTins mi this AIM* iiMVc sr»inr ^r,nu suburb-.m yrop- ly ctieap UM yinn pitipcrty wild us lot qiilclt SlUf UblU UUttti »t SAM GODWIN, llcaltors NEED A CAR? Vou II j;ut more car ror your inone.v at 61 Motor Co.'s Used (,'ar'l.ot. Come in and check the quality of these cars. E RHAI/rv SPECIALS North Eleventh Street A -Vroom lOltsC -S-iAWJ. CMS)} 5)250 to ?17.MJ, U A (\\cc t-i- I. loan 42*J5 moiuiily Weal side 3-room nonsr. grocery msinc-'is in one room $1950. A real iw.jms srcvrry OUMIICSS on ,1 niwar. prices ri«ht. PHONE FIKl.D'S 2:«) I Real Estate Farms — Cilv Properly LOANC in iQXcrp*tra in nurmn oi <rHiLp »pr Noble Gill Agency Cecil Earls —— F. B. Joyner REALTORS Glcncue lildg. Plume 3131 New 2-bi:i|rooni home or Holly St. with gas heat, ga- raKC, attic fan anil laundry room. Good terms. Cooil 5-room house on Marguerite St. $-1000.00 Terms, n-acre track of land on South 61 with nice 2-bedroom home and rentals netting §50.00 per mo. Can be financed. Nice 5-nmm home on Walnut S'rect; Ihnhly desirable location—all modern eonviii- iuncos DAVID 11KAI I'-STATE CO. l>ill (itiihvin, Siilesman I'hnncs Ii()lJ^-2'l8G :i-l(5-ck-3-19 ^a trazcr a«dan UV4U License) •it> ford aedan t ly^y Licenscj •*i uvittson Sednn \i Kaiser Sctlati ^1 t-'orb l*uetor 41 i-ord "1'uaor •lu ^'nrd -1'utlor 4i> ucboto coupe J7 Ucboto acdan I1$950C *IIJf5 OC J1395-OC $139500 I&2500 $72500 949 5 00 $47500 ba. Phone 3.l3-pK-14 Kurnlshcd Ucdrootn home privileges lose In, 218 E. Davis. 3.16-pk-l£) Ktonl. bcdioom, ftdjolns bath. Private ntnvnce Men preferred. 627 Walnut •none 2140. 3;17-pk ~ Bed-room ana Kitchen privileges \I desired. Phone '3653. 305 Lake. 3;l7-pk-24 edroA-a cunTrnlent to batb Steam ncai 611 W Main pB H325 Rooms at Abraham's Tour- si Court 3-15-ck-3-22 Shop WHEN MINUTES COUNT rhe prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription filled witb meticulous care Free delivery service Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE j Feminine Apparel J Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite ; Hotel Noble Blrtg. ! Rlytheville. Ark. ' Hav« At All .nes For Sale several traclurt and eqnlpmrnt, botb new and used I have John Drere. Farm a II. Kurd and other makes- I now havt new Ford tractors and equipment read? for delivery at dealers' price. I will trade for most anything jo« have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE I mile south ot BurKadocIo, Mo. Hcdroom. fllytdeTllle Hotel Phone Bedroom Private Bath. Ph. 3557 3;15-pk-3j22 Comfortable bedroom Pbone 2675 BrrtrcM>m. con7*ntcnl to bath. Close in. Men only. 310 W. Walnut. 3;15-plc-23 Bedroom Adjoining bath- 1037 Walnut SI. Flioiie' 4939. 3|18-p*-19 Bedroom, Kitchen privileges. Phone 2JWJ. 3; 61 MOTOR CO. S'irtn Hlshway 61 Phone 2142 3.9-ct-U One pair shell rim glasses In Ian eatncr case. Identifying mark Dr. Jack uniss. culver City, Calif. Lost In front or i'ost-oltlce. 9:15 3|U. If found rc- ivirn to Mr. Samuel P. Karris 122 N 2nd. Kewnrd. 3;lB-pH-22 DUPLEX PRICE CUT 1 tus well-kept miplci on llcarn Direct, wilt; bmrmc Iloor lurnnce. nol snler ncalcr. screen irniu povch. Is now ol one siae IMMEUiA IKLV, E. M. TERRY ATTRACTIVE HOMF.S 3 bedrooms, hanlwoott floors Lot 100 by 100 ft. One of the btsl Ipciitions in city. Will ("D'i'y good loan. BEUTROSS & SAM GODWIN REALTORS Pho:ie 2415— y8 rry AHMrAcl A: Ucftlly Co U \Vallinl - Phone 2J31 Business Opportunity ONF. OP THE LAROEST PAINT OH- (-•SNIV1ATIONS IN THE COUNTRY «H'H NAT!ONAU,V ADVERTISED 11NK. HAS EXCLUSIVE AGENCY OP- tN IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Will help a^rrsslvc agent In establishing pro- lit \blc retail Ktid wholesale business. U financially If neccssnry. Wrlle iup delnils or past business lencc and Itnftnclal rcsponslbJlltl K JRU. c:o Courier News. 3,ls-pX-20 I'ate In Warrtcll. Mo. Reasonable pru-e. Owner selling due lo 111 HenJlh Scr Charles Hall M Wardcll. MO 3 l6-pk-32a Sleeping rooms 'or glrU. Ph. 2295 p.m. lo 7 p.m. 3,16-plc-19 IF YOU NEED DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION AT LOW COST See Lost LOST 1 Rrccn. new »hoe. If totmrt cnll 1871 or 740. 3,IT-cX-20 4-montris-old registered while collie pup. with brown ttps on eftra and nronnd eyes. Answers to name Buccri. Strayed frlaay. Reward. Finder call I'aincia Cralton. 2988 or 559. 3.16-ck-19 For Sale or Trade Good 6 room house with balh. attic tan Hee H. L <lne. Manll« Phone 97 f!cad Courier Want Ads Sewing BELTS. BUCKLES, cohered bullcns. hntlon holes. Mac Miller. Alma Bass. Elma Orowtler. Phone 3539. It no answer. 4632. 606 N. ith. St. 3,13-pk-*;I5 312-ck-lu 2566. 3 IS-pk-18 Salesman Wanted Can use lot instMJmcui tftj Inclilslrlotis m«n Weekly earnings irom SCu uu to $00,00 «l surl with liromotioii possitMc. We train und fur- nlsli irankixmattbn see me «t Hclel Ncvnc. Klythrvillr. Tlinrwlay »nd t'rl- ,, "" s w-n iri«^cn 6 |i in nntl 7 ^"—lP-rH' *<»y U. Jaiuo, 3.16-uk-19 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phon* 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry STILL & YOUNG'S USED CARS 1010 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan . . . §695 I 1947 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, maroon, a very nice car 1!M1 Ford Coupe, check this special price , . . $595. 1942 Buick Special 4-door Sedan, new white sidewall tires . . . SSfta. 1940 Ford 2-door, has bcautitul new paint, good as new . . . §825. 1911 Chevrolet 4-door . . here's a special . . . 5595. 1942 Ford 4-door, black color . . $S95. 19I« Ford 2 door, fully equipped, priced right.. .^$1295 1937 Ruick -1-door Sedan, a one-owner car ... 5550. 1947 Ford 4-door, a city-driven car . . 51550. Others to select from. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phont 4333

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