The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
Page 9
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The Upper Pea Moines-Republican, November 5, 1930 POULTRY OWNERS 'F?*«» °» th . e KEEPING RECORDS Calendar Records Assist the Owners to Improve Poultry Methods. OWNERS REPORT LuVerne Bank Robber. Livermore Gazette: When Lawrence Degan was being taken to the penitentiary at Stillwater following his conviction for robbing the Judson bank in Minnesota who gave the sheriff a note book that proved him to be one of the men who robbed the Bank of LuVerne last August. In the book was found a page headed the Bank of Lu- Verne. Below was gvien a diagram of the roads leading out of the town and a fcot note, "Two men and a woman," ' • • ferrine apparently to the employees INCOME INCREASED.' c °, f i the ^ ™ s mue b °° k cntly removes all doubt but that De- igan'was guilty of participation in the I LuVerne robbery. It is reported that Degan was not keen about the robbery at Judson and wanted to back out. The Judson bank was robbed by Degan and another man. They drove into town to stage the robbery, but at the last minute Degan balked. They then drove out of town, where it is reported that the other man informed Degan that unless he went Poultry Should be Marketed Now to Leave Proper Room for Laying and Breeding Slock. (By E. R. Morrison, County Agent.) Many Iowa poultry raisers are keeping some form of records on their flocks to enable them to produce eggs and poultry more efficiently and economically, thus making more profit per bird. Flock owners who use the calendar records indicate that they have been able to improve their poultry management methods in many ways because the records showed wherein their system was faulty. Weighing the feed, installing lights in the poultry house, culling the flock more closely, feeding a balanced ration and laving mash the year round, installing a straw loft in the poultry house and securing a pocd local market for fresh, Infertile efjrrs are some of the Improved practices adopted by one record keeper. Manv of these practices have been adopted ns a result of keeping poultry records during the Inst, three and a half years. Durincr the last two vein-, thi r - pnrtv hns used the fonm rer-rivmended bv tin; (intension service. Krenhv; records enabled her to prove to thn vest of the family that she could mr>Ao a lame or larger return on noultrv for the money invested than could be. mide on livestock. Many record keepers hnv" rcnnrtorl that their income has shown from slight to large incrcnscr, since they have kent flock records. Sell Surplus Poultry Now. Hlu Mlv , „„..„ „ „. „ —„ — through with the plan he (the partner) would "knock him off." They then returned to town and robbed the bank. SPENQiRNOWHAS ALCAPONE MEREST / Would be a Station on Bootleg Run from Chicago to Montana. HIJACKERS ARE A MENACE TO 'LEGGERS. CLAIMS JOHN WILKES BOOTHNOT TAKEN Rev. W. H. Lease Gave Interesting talk on Lincoln's Murderer to Rotary. THINKS BOOTH DIED IN OKLAHOMA. Made Confession to Two Persons tinder Oath Before His Death. Rev. Lease, district superintendent of the Algona District M. E. churches, was a guest of the Rotary club Monday and gave a very interesting talk on John Wilkes Booth, the mu£e«rof Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lease stated that a Mr. Potter of Sioux Palls had made a study of the matter and Rave an address at the Methodist Camp at Okoboji about two years ago, his sub- cct bcliw John Wilkes Booth Bev. L»n^o said he became Interested in the rnnttcr and after reading up on the life of Booth and the stories of the sassinaUon of President Lincoln, he convinced that Booth was never , rrotwed and put to death as histoiy records, but that he lived in OkU- . horVfor many ycnr.s and died without j "cvoaUii"- Ms identity. When Booth, v.-an makinfT his escape he fell and hvr-'-e his lf' T . After riding into Vu-iv'-. lie wa.s taken in ami kept con- rcalc'l b'v a friend, but $100,000 had been oficrcd for his capture and the hil!'; and country in Rcncv.-'.l was search- nil's ailtt counu.y u* ?-i_n^v..i >..~< : Local Ac-iiii^ to Protect Cargoes of| c j' nv thousands who were anxious to * I ' ii,_ ,.,,,,,n,M Tiirpr> men wore Booze in Transit. Capone Heads Interests. Spencer News-Herald: Spencer has a population of 5,000—it has its stop signs, its miles and miles of pavement and even its own police patrol, all of which are the earmarks of a city—but if re- Will ciHj 1 Jiu«*B'- jjj. «-•"«•- •"•-•-•- -Quality egg. Over-crowding poultry in inadequate houses during the changeable fall weather results in cases of colds and roun and paves the way for other diseases to attack the flock. The rigid federal, s f ate and municipal inspection of live and dressed noultrv make it neccssarv that poultry buyers in Icwa refuse to buy birds hav- ino- indications of disease. This means on the farm kind of local rum runner to supervise Interests of the syndicate in this vici- The Capone interests, according to the story given the sheriff, control a. large part of the alcohol output from Chicago and Rockford, Illinois, and Hammond, Indiana, but because of the activities of hijackers and law enforce- 'the"" reward. Three men were icv-i'b-fr. InchuUnrr Booth. It was cer- fln that he and his companions could v.o- roma'n in that, country without bc'n- captured. One of the men hired n negro with a mule and a' cart and one of the men was concealed beneath -,nme old furniture and the negro pass- nri t.i,rou"h the lines. As the man was getting out from under the furniture, he lost some letters that connected h m with Booth and they were found by r-n'on soldiers. The .man was taken the report given out that Booth had been captured and paid the penalty. Three places were given out as his burlnl place, one being in the ocean, another on a highway where with the 1-eavv traffic it would be Impossible to !o"pte the grave and Rev. Lease stated he"did not remember the other location. =o the body was never discovered. The man'taken had red hair while Booth had black hair. Soon after the death of President Lincoln, a man located m Oklahoma, where followed several vo- eat'ons, and accummulated some wealth. As he grew in years and realized that his days were growing to a close, he entered the home of Rev activities of MjacKers ana iaw emui«=- close, ne euwicu ^ --»-- " - d ment officials, particularly in Iowa have | Harper, a minister. He was a leflned . , i_ __•_. f 4- n «l nn *4»-.-\*-»t-»inrr inrr* nlS- a n ..14-<i**nr1 man fl V\f\ ITlcirU: V permitted to be sold on the market. " rwini- practirips which should be avoided during the fall, according to Mr. Termohlen, follow: failure to provide protection from draft while taking rioiiH.—' to town in trucks or cars; crowding in coops, hauling in &mny sacks and other poor marketing prac- flees. Such practices result in disease, lower quality of product and loss of money to the producer as well as to t on e a , J I J \J111_- » *•«-' !••*— i-the nroduce buyers, warns Mr. mohlen. Ter- Bernard Devine Lost Ms Bernard Dovine. livintr northeast of j dits. UvVrmorc, met with a painful accident. Although local . i «:»~ i.fViiln (-mnVQtJncr n I favor. Local liquor haulers agree that the hijackers appear to have a secret source of information concerning the time of departure of each load and the route to be followed, saying that it has become much safer to purchase their supplies from "plants" that are less well known. • Just what the duties of the local representative will be are not known, although it is thought that each will be responsible for the safety of loads purchased by the syndicate, police believe. It is thought that the actual reprisals against hijackers will be conducted by gangsters from Chicago and that the ! duty of the local employees in various ' towns along the route will be to investi: and report the identity of the ban- police declined to friends ' J J 11 II i~>VUl V JJ'iii**i««- •• - ' ,,!*-! frrain olevntov. rettinrr his hand caught tha and h?for" b^n<* phlo to rvtvicatf* it. had the end of his thumb on the ri"ht hand taken off. He is imnrovinf, but wiU not be able to husk any more corn this season. lliClUCiJl'l 1U I" »fc*»« ...» cargo of alcohol was hijacked from a barn on a farm a short distance west of Spencer, the loot being between 120 wi l ~ J f * _ . ,. •*.:„„ VMivrn Algona Man Bowled a Perfect Score. Lloyd Phillips of Algona rolled a perfect game in bowling on Thursday at the Hub Bowling Alleys. A perfect score constitutes twelve straight strikes ownel . snip of the r contraband and have learned the identity of its owners, but since there is no evidence upon which a prosecution may be based, they have been unable to do "Sure it was mine," one local hauler is said to have declared when interviewed by police. "Half of it belonget to me and half to another man. And if we find out definitely who got it for a to a o 300. Mr. Phillips is the if we find out definitej, first person in Algona to do this. ! he's going to pay foi it. ..*«.. and made many 1aT finally told Mrs. Harper ANTHRACITE- F.S.NORTON£SON YESSAH// WE BUILT US A SOLID FOUNDATION , WITH DE QUALITY t BUILDIN' MATERIAL WE SELLS./ IS CERTAINLY A FINE DEPENDABLE HOUSE TO DEAL WITH. rens . hat ho had a secret that he wished o convey to her and that he could not lo so unless she would take a solemn oath that she would not reveal it until after his death This she did. He also .ecured, an attorney to take care of his estate under the same conditions. He then -told them that he was the murdered of President Lincoln, the b?st man infthc world. This attorney has written a book upon Mr. Booth ana in this book is a copy of the sworn statement by Mrs. Harper. Booth had nunv- •rous relatives, in Ohio and at one time a number of years after he had committed t!ie crime, he visiied thorn, but thev held his identity a secret. During Booth's residence in Oklahoma, he lived a clcr.n and honorable life and in his confession stated that he wa extremely sorry for the deed. Rev Lease said that he intended t: make a further study of Booth and expected to visit his old home in Ohio. He fpcls that there is no doubt but that the story is true. After Booth's death •he confession was made public and the body was held for about two week during which time army officers anc others from Washington viewed th remains and identified. them as Booth He also had a deformed thumb and f scar over his eye that can be seen n | his photograph taken after he had been placed in the casket. The gov- < eminent was evidently convinced that the man was John Wilkes Booth but caid they did not care to reopen the case The fact that no record is found . showing that the $100,000 reward was | ever paid and that the body of Uc , ^ man "supposed to have bfeen Booth i — — - ~ " was never found strengthens Rev. | JVI any Land Sales Lease's belief that John Wilkos Booth •* was never captured. now Anti-KnocK QUALITY Aromax always has been a three- cent premium fuel. Ethyl gasoline always sells at a three-cent premium. Three plus three equals SIX. Yet Aromax-Ethyl gives you both for a premium of only THREE cents. Aromax has always earned the thre-s-cent premium asked for it. Thousands of Aromax "fans" would use no other fuel. Now, with Ethyl, it's worth a six-cent premium but you pay only THREE cents. When you buy Ethyl gasoline, it's the base gasoline you choose, since of course all Ethyl drops are alike. Choose the best base, then. Set a six-cent buy—Aromax plus Ethyl—for only THREE cents. r.«>«ittf^^^ *^*^ •~-*«--V:.-»* IT'S TH6 BASG E-33C © SkcUy Oil Co. 1930 MAKES THG DIFFGRGNC6, the Only Difference there can o —•— For bulk deliveries of Skelly oil and Gasoline call W. A. Stephens™, Id. B05, Algona, Iowa. Presbyterian Church. Remember that November is Church Loyalty month, and govern your church activities accordingly. Morning sermon theme, "The Signs of the Coming of the Son of God to Jarth." Evening hour of song and 'worship. Sermon theme, "Man's Limitations are God's Opportunity." Let's give the church an even break with other interests We are always glad to welcome visitors.—J. L. Colcman, minister. F H NOUTON & SON carry a well assorted stock of Lumber, CYmont and general building .supplies H r you «i'« planning improvements of any kind it will pay yon to inspe«t, our yards an ,l U us offer suggestions that may prove helpful. Call any time at No. 229. F.S.NORTOHftfON j.Ichn K. Rippe'.itrop, Titonka |L. N. Hubbiml, Gericd Herman Kahler, Burt 1 T. C. Schaper, Ledyard . .. Lakota Record: Just to show that .Henry Otlhoff, Laholri aith in north Kossuth county land has , Ralph Olson, Ledyaul not been lost entirely, we give a par- ' '. ; 'nere were m;\nv other jeen made within the last couple <ii •ears. These are bonaiide sales, no 'oreclosures. Prices ranged from S73 • acre for unimproved land t:j 917., :or improved. Twenty-throe of thes • 'arms were in Lakota territcrv. Th: ir faith in north Kossuth is Justified b>' he fact that although we had no :':;.:! at Lakota from July 3rd to SepUmb;: ..100 art as a holy day—no! as a holiday. ..40' Sunday School will convene at 10:4!i '..320 'just t"V'once and see how much better .. 40 teachers yours would be if you study 40 ' your lesson before I'/iinfv to Sunday ..320 School. I'm sure yon would go home you had never realized before Nazarene 'Church. f , for ! I?:" !!""-.d 1"! '.Tuliur, Krcscnsl im*^ AND SATISFIGS' ose 1. To pay doctor bills. 2. To refinance your car and reduce payments. S. To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GET OUT OK UKBT — by grouping stuttered bills where one uniform small payment can be made each month. 1'AYMUNT KCHi:l)UI.13 $ 50— Kf|in>- S .1.55 u Month $11)0 — licimy 8 7.03 u Month S2UO— llciiay SI!. 10 u Muntli Saoo—lti'iiny 521.10 n Month Your f urniluiv. nut" and livc- Btoi'k may bo used u.s soc'iu-ity. Wu will be ttlad to lulls with you (con- fldontiully, of COUI'HC) ubout uf- runging a louu to meet yuur needs. See CUNNINGHAM & LACY 1 ' """ ' , Mid-week prayer moe'.ing and Bible .•Mudv ;ii. fie.lit D. in Friiby. The les- L'Tii for t-j..mrr<'W ni'.-ia is chapters '£ Sunday School ut 0:45 a. m. Lesson'to 2U. Kludv it Ivlmv coming. Rev title. "Thomas." Golden text, "And , Linii; will have charge. Thorn::-; an. 1 verecl and said unto him, . My L.;nl and ivly Gold." John 20:23). i K <•),.,-.^1 p Devotional reading Proverbs 3:13-20. | 1st; beets are averaging from "'eight t^Moi-ninn wor<:hlo at eleven a. m. with j twelve tons ner acre: corn will run a: •snnno-i lv the nas or. J.-xt I King., l«. I high as forty bushels to the acre and 21."And Elijah came unto all the people as good a grade as we have had inland s'lid How Ion- hull vc b^weon years; small grain the best we have two opinions? If the Lord be God fol- Imd for some years and potatoes here'low him; but if Baal, then follow him. raised on a commercial basis arc pay-,'Hit the people answered him not a in out good I word." Evening evangelistic service w The following men have faith m ;.".-rmon by the paslnr. Text Jeremiah land that will produce in spile of a, 17:0. "The heart is domliul above all •• ^^ ,. Ani;I . th(;U! ,i,i" two months' drouth: ! thinp.s, and dospora ely «vieked; v.1 o ; f u it , f . (1 fol . lhe October number of Acres i can know it? Beliold, they .«uy unto ; (hu B( , tu . r Humos am l Oar(!cn maiv.- r-Tprman Wirtjcs, Woden 21) j ire, Where is the word of lhe Lord? I , jnp p v;a ,. iii UK trat(;tl by a full paiw W. H. Meyer, Swea City ., 220 Prayer and ',,,, : .s" service at «-ven- , h()lo raph A E Anderson. Swea City 1<H thirty. We rive you a welcome to our,' Geo. M. Bauman, Lakota 120 services -I. P. Metcidt, pastor. Lipht is the color of a flame, Shadow a stranger beauty wrought By sun, a happy painter, that came And touched the wall with an afterthought. Mr. Krreensky contributes a poem a month to the New York Times and contributes regularly poetry and book reviews to the Christian Century (Chicago) and the Christian (Kansas City, Missouri). He expects to be located in Bellevuo, Iowa, this winter. ";en':ky. son of Mrs. v of Algona, has been \viimiiur iTcoirnition as a poe'. and has kindly conlrbuifd two c,f his poems Lo tlie t.'nper iJe.s Moim«-Ut'piib- • I 'Jill UH- IKMJJ;JV; t, jior. , ,. LI ...... ..v.v "']: ( ,. (11 The ]i!'it "I'll!' FillitC," !!pl)"ar| word." Evcninir ovangelisUc service wilh : ;; f) ' on U]( , t ,; iit( ;,.i ul T ).,,, e of the New i York TinH's a v.'cek or so ai'.o and tlv .served as a Tin; Finite. Algona Representing Phone 698 Federal Finance Co. Des Molnes Fred Mabus, Lakota 120 David Patterson, Lakota Hi J Ed. Thaves, Lakota 80 Ira Gingrich, Ledyard 50 J. H. Mousel, Ledyard Lars M. Reisem, Biilfalo Center O. Michaelson, Thompson 1(>0 Win. Schroeder, Sr., Lttkota 80 Geo. Schroeder, Lakota 160 Fred Logeman, Ledyard : 100 Ferdinand Mullcr, Lakcta 1GO Win. Wirtjes, Lakota 120 Ben Farrow, Lakota B ° Herman Balvance, Ledyard 24') Carl Christ, Lakota 161 Leonard Christ, Lakota ICO Michael Christ, Lakota 160 Geo. Beenken, Elmore 240 W. A. Murray & Dr. Devine, Bancroft, farm near Ledyard 400 Joe Johnson, Lakota 200 D. O. Friets, Gerled .120 First Lutheran Church. The Homo Circle 80 on Friday at eight p. m. at Luthei KiO Hall. Mrs. C. E. Olsson will be the hostess. Them will be another sprint;, Summer and another fall, April's Hi tie bird to sing, society will meet Autumn's lonely bird to call F\>r Sunday: Sunday school at ten a. m. and morning worship at ten- forly-flve a. m.--C. E. Olsson .pastor. Galbraith Union. The usual services next Lord's Day with Rev. Lang brhwintr one. of his helpful messages at 9:45 o'clock. Your entire week will go better if you set aside this hour to assemble yourselves ] tcge'her to worship God. Surely we have no right to expect Him to bless and prosper us the remaining six days if we cannot give Him Just the morn All his fellows in a flock. There will be small grain to .sew And the ripened grain lo shock Through the wheatfield row on raw. „ u rnewi ueneu "- i John'Alberto, Swea City 40 ing. The entire day should be set ap- Now that Autumn's bare trees beivl Ti.waids (lie Winter's winds, and frost Marks ber.innimc, toil and end. Euch man counts what's won or lost, Counts the labor and the crops, Counts out life and dumbly reasons Through a man when all life slops, Disregarding next year's seasons. Afterthought. igf-rs of sunlight move through the trees, Drawing a line upon the wall And edging it with filigree Of shadow faintly thin, and small. t Important in Train Service Effective Sunday, Nov. 9th For full particulars ask local agent MILWAUKEE ROAD America's Longoot KlcctriiiwU KaUro«d

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