The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1930
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, November 6, 1930 SUPREME COURT UPHOUKFARMER Restrain Highway Commission from Paving Through Farm near Badger. INJUNCTION STOPS SEPARATING FARM. Paving from Corner Nearly Complete. May Make a Short Corner Around the Farm. North Iowa people will be interested In the following decision of the Iowa supreme court relative to highway No. Sixteen, between Algona and Fort Dodge. The Messenger says: The Iowa supreme court today upheld an injunctloh restraining the state highway commission from paving state highway No. 16, through a corner of the Charles Butterworth farm seven miles north' of Fort Dodge. As a result, a gravel gap will be left in the slab of concrete which links Fort "Dodge with the Humboldt county line and the highway commission will be •forced to take other measures next •year to finish the paving. It was learned at the office of L. B. Stephenson, resident paving engineer, 'that the state legislature will be ask•ed when It meets early In 1931 to strike out the clause in a road statute upon which the Injunction is based. Every •effort will be made to pave the gap or devise some other means of completing •the highway next year.. Intent Obvious. Justice F. F. Faville, hi the supreme court decision, said the state legislature 'had Inserted the clause "with the obvious intent of prohibiting that very thing," or to prevent the commission from paving a corner through a man's property when it cuts off his dwelling or farm buildings from the rest of his land. Butterworth contended the proposed paving would detach his farm buildings. Justices Lawrence De Graff, Henry Wagner and John Grimm dissented. An opinion by Justice Grimm said he 1 believed the legislature Intended to prevent the taking of "part of a man's front door yard," In passing the law. The 'supreme court's review of the case grew out of the original Injunction granted some time ago by Judge O. J. Henderson In Webster county district court. The district court writ held up paving of the highway, but employes of the commission were confident the •supreme court would render a reversal In the interest of public improvement. Mr. Butterworth filed the Injunction suit shortly after surveyors began marking out the corner through his property. At the hearing Judge Henderson heard several witnesses, Including Mr. Butterworth and Mr. Stephenson. The former declared the value of his farm would bB largely depreciated and that living on the place would be a hardship, with traffic speeding past a few yards from his dwelling. The farmer also maintained It would Involve risk for his livestock when he attempted to herd cattle from his barn yard across the concrete to his pasture land. Mr. Stephenson explained that for the best Interests of traffic a wide corner was necessary through the Butterworth farm. He said the proposed corner was similar to others built In the state's paved road system and offered the most safety to motorists. The supreme court's decision leaves a hard problem for the commission to solve, unless the legislature Is favorable to Its request and the road statute Is changed. The Larson Construction Company of Des Molnes, paving contractor, was Instructed to pave all of tractor, was Intsructed to pavt all of No. 16, except the Butterworth corner, which consists of one mile. May Pave Short Corner. The paving is now open to traffic and extends to within a short distance of the gravel corner from the south and west. Contemplating a reversal by the supreme court, the highway commission ordered the road paved to the vicinity of Butterworth's farm. If the legislature refuses to change the road statute, It may be necessary to make a short corner, following the present gravel road around Butterworth's buildings, despite the commission's policy of building sweepnlg turns, or some other route. Cheerfulness What, Indeed, does not that word "cheerfulness" Imply? It means a contented spirit; it means a pure heart; It means a kind, loving disposition; It means humility and charity; It means n generous appreciation of others, nnd o modest opinion of self.— Thackeray. LUVERNE NEWS. TWO BUFFALO ENTER MEN KILLED Auto Accident Near Webster City Last Week Proves Fatal to Two Men. CAR WAS STRUCK BY A LOCOMOTIVE. Men Were Taken to Webster City Hospital on the Train. Their Track Was Burned. Buffalo Center Tribune: The fatal accident which befell Peter Wessels, Jr, and Carl Grothaus Monday afternoon, cast the entire community Into deepest grief. The two men, riding In Wessels' truck were struck by a trolly car, two miles northwest of Kamrar. The accident occurred around four o'clock and the Injured men passed away at the hospital In Webster City at about eight o'clock that same even- Ing; death occurring to Mr. Wessels about fifteen minutes before Mr. Grothaus. afternoon. Visiting members from Livermore were present. Mrs. Peter Thompson entertained the Tuesday club last week at her home. After the business hour Mrs. Thompson served a dainty lunch. Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard and son, Phil, from Renwlck, were visitors with their daughter and sister, Mrs. Dr. Corbln had business In Port Dodge Monday. Mrs. Charles Hlntz was an Algona shopper last Friday. Mrs. Lottman returned to her home In Algona last Wednesday. The Good Will club held a bake sale Saturday at the Corner store. Grover Rentz had business In Des Molnes Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Janse and Feme Blglng were Fort Dodge shoppers last Tuesday. R. L. Peltzke and family moved to Webster City the first of last week. Balanced Unit —Battery Radios— Contain all features of highest price radios, Automatic volume control, Philco tone control, 8 tubes, which a 2-volt A-Battery operates one to two months according to use. Be Sure to Hear Its Marvelous Tone Liberal Trade Allowance Sold on Terms Farmers General Store R. O. BJUSTROM, Prop. , Phone 1F11, Hobarton. 16-tf Feme Blglngs, last Saturday. Mesdames Thompson and Peitzke entertained the Methodist ladies Bid in the city hall last Wednesday. The receipts of their laobr amounted to fourteen dollars. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen returned home the first of last week from Minneapolis where they had spent two weeks with their daughter, Mrs. Marguerite Smtih and family. Chris Gronbach purchased the lots east of the Gardner* garage from Fred Schipull of Garner last week and will erect a hatchery this fall. The build- Ing will be made of brick, as soon as I. J. Huber can move the skating rink which has been occupying the lots for .the past two months. Mrs. A. L. Spooner was hostess to the Ladies' Senior Bible class of the M. E. church at her home last Thursday afternoon in honor of her mother, Mrs. Shaffer, who left Sunday for Forest City where she will spend the winter with her daughter. Mrs. Spooner served a dainty luncheon at five o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Chapman were called to Goldfield last Friday night by the accident and death of their brother-in-law, Gerald Moscly. Mr. Mosely was returning home to Goldfleld tended. Games were played and p°P- corn, apples and candy were served. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sorenson and daughter, Louise Marie, and Mr. and Mrs. Jens Sorenson and daughter, all of Tltonka, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Butterfleld. A party was given Thursday evening at the church annex for the Star Sunday School class. Games were played and luncheon was served later in the evening. Mrs. Wm. Boldridge is the teacher of this class. Burton Garette of Grlnnell, Michael Sullens of Norwalk, Norris Derkin and Kermlt Smith both of Fort Des Moines came up from Des Molnes Saturday by airplane to Join In the pheasant hunt. The plane was owned by Mr. Garette and the trip was made In forty-five minutes. They started on their return trip Saturday afternoon at two- forty-five. nails. Mosely was returning nome to uoianeia Just how the accident occurred no p r iday evening from Fort Dodge and one will perhaps ever know, but ac- j wnen near Vincent he ran Into loose cording to reports and the story told gravel and turned his car over, killing the relatives from here as they reach- | nlm i ns t a ntly. Mrs. Mosely and two ed Kamrar is that the men were driv- i ltUe daughters survive. Mrs. I. C. 1«CP wocf. tr» WAhsfpr Hlf.V And RhOrtlV *-tl._~.«_.. «* r ..trn^via n«^1 H)IVe UTrkeolir Chapman of LuVerne and Mrs. Mosely Ing west to Webster City and shortly before reaching the railroad crossing, wen ; they had passed another car, a rural school teacher, coming from her school, when the men were struck by the trolley, the locomotive catching the front wheel, of their truck, dragging It for some distance. In the impact, Carl suffered a fractured skull and a broken leg and Pete's face was crushed and he also received a fractured leg and badly cut arm, besides internal Injuries. Mr. Grothaus was thrown some distance from the car, but Pete, who was at the wheel, was pinned underneath the wreckage. The truck enveloped in flames and was already burning while Mr. Wessels was still underneath. The trolley came to a stop as quickly as possible and with the asistance of other motorists, lifted Mr. Wessels from the wreck and the two men were taken to the hospital at Webster City. Mr. Wessels was conscious for a few minutes before reaching the hospital, but Mr. Grothaus never regained consciousness. The truck was almost completely destroyed by fire excepting the two rear wheels. News of the tragedly was sent here immediately after the accident and Mrs. Pete Wessels, Jr., accompanied by her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Wessels' Sr., left in the Wessels car and Mrs. Carl Grothaus and dauehter, Dorothy, ant Mr. and Mrs. R, T. Steinmetz, driving the latter's car, left as quickly as possible for Webster City, but both men had passed away before they reached their bedside. The men had left Buffalo Center Monuay morning for Kamrar to dispose ]of a carload of colts at auction whicft-had been shipped from South. Dakota to Mr. Grothaus, prominent farm* of this locality. Mr. Wessels, local''auctioneer, accompanied him to conduct the sale. They were driving from Kamrar to Webster City that afternoon to see a veterinary when the tragedy occurred. The supposition Is that they were blinded by the sun shining on the windshield and the tall weeds along the roadside obscured the approach of the trolley car. The accident, which is most tragic, brings sorrow not only to the immediate family, but to many relatives and friends. G-rothaus was 47 and Wessels 33 years of age. Both men were favorites about town by reason of their geniality and their lives so suddenly snuffed out has brought crushing grief to many. It has been a lonp; time since this paper has published an item of news that will bring more genuine or greater sorrow to a larger number of people in the west half of Winnebago county than will this article. Mr. Grothaus, who has lived here all his life, is survived bv his wire, who was formerly Miss Nellie Gilbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Gilbert of this city and is also a truly Buffalo Center girl, and two children, Dorothy, a student in the local high school, and Donald, who is in his second year at the State Universltv of Iowa. Funeral services for Mr. Grothaus will be held today (Thursdayl afternoon at one o'clock at Webster Citv and the remains will be taken to Abbott and Interred in the Grothaus family nlot at Hazel Green cemeterv. Mr. Wessels, who moved here with his parents from Kamrar when a lad, is survived bv his wife, who is also a Buffalo Center frlrl and was formerlv Miss Jennie Limbers, daughter of Mi's. F. Limbers?, residing east of this city, and two children, a girl and a bov. Valera, six. and Ravmond. ten vpirs of age. Funeral services for Mr. Wes- seis was held Frirlav afternoon nt on? o'clock from the Reformed church and interment will be made in the Innal cemetery. The wives are irrief-strlck- en over the sudden death of their husbands and the sympathy of the entire community coes out to them in their hour of sorrow. bureau Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hagg. There was a good attendance. County Agent Morrison spoke a few words on the. recent meeting of the extension service at Ames. County Agent Nichols ot Humboldt county spoke on recent hog experiences In Humboldt county. IRVINGTON NEWS. The bridge which was being repaired for the past two weeks, Is now completed. The Misses Helen and Mildred Dole motored to Woden Tuesday aftrenoon on business. Gus Sjogren of Algona spent Sunday evening at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ray Watson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Danner of this vicinity spent Sunday at the hon-e of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of Armstrong spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton «nd family. Mrs. John Frank! and children of Algona spent Saturday with Mrs. Frankl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ramus and family of Oliver spent Saturday at the home of Mrs. Ramuo' sister, Mrs. Albert Butterfleld and family. Miss Bernadine Plathe spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Plathe and family. She is attending school at Carroll. Mr. and Mrs. David Christensen and family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday at the home of Mr. Chrlstensen's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. A Hallowe'en party was given at the school house Friday afternoon. Many of the pupils's friends and parents at- PLUM CEEEK NEWS | 8»wotoKOTO?5!caaK(<ix«^x9ix0scaai! Mr. and Mrs. John Gross are the proud parents of a baby girl. This is their first child. C. D. Ward is at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Floyd Gardner, recovering from a recent operation. D. Maloney of Charlton was a dinner guest Saturday at the Wm. Altwegg home. He came for the pheasant hunt- Ing. Mrs. Fitzgerald Is visiting her son, Wm., In this neighborhood and is spending some time at the Ross Calhoun home. Mrs. Agnes Seeley is at the home of her nephew, Walter Barr, caring for the family while Mrs. Barr is at the hospital. Roscoe Mawdsley has been confined to his home for some time under the care of a doctor. His eye sight has been threatened as a result of the flu. There was a meeting of the Social and Literary club at the home of Mrs. Edward Kain, with Mrs. John Kaln, as assisting hostess. Roll call was answer- id with patriotic selections. Mrs. Ole Johnson, who makes her home with her son, Harvey Johnson, is very ill with Influenza and Is under the care of her granddaughter, Miss Genevieve Cosgrove, who is a graduate nurse. There were a number of Hallowe'en parties Friday afternoon at the school houses in the township. The teachers took this opportunity to entertain the children of pre-school age in their respective districts. Mrs. Anna Drone and her son, Wayne of Fort Dodge moved to Algona Friday where she will make her future home in the Pompe residence. For the past few months she has made her home in Fort Dodge. About fifty friends ana neighbors surprised Walter Bleich last Wednesday evening. The occasion was his birthday and the evening was spent In playing cards. He was presented with a smoking stand. John Cruikshank and a friend of Des Molnes are at the home of Mr. Cruikshank's tenant, James Davidson, for the pheasant hunting season. Mr Cruikshank reports that his son, Elton formerly of Plum Creek, is the fathe of twin girls, born recently. There was a meeting of the farm CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LAW r. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Etooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. .t. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. in need DR, F. E. SAWYER I C. Chapman and family moved into the Fred Racist residence this week. The Good Will club met last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Otto Ramus. W. F. Godfrey and family were visitors Sundav at the home of their son, Glenn, in Fort Dodge. The Lutheran parochial school was closed last week. Mr. Deitz attended conference at West Bend. Ed. Dehnert and family moved last Thursday Into the Janse residence which they recently purchased. Mr. and Mrs. Emke moved Monday into the Chambers residence, recently vacated by the Chapman family. Mrs. Minnie Niver was a visitor at the home of her sister, Mrs. R. L Peitzke, in Webster City last Tuesday. Mrs. W. A. Patterson has been con- ,ir.<>H (-,n her home bv the effects of flu which she recently suffered for severa' weeks. Alton Benedclt ran Into a ditch a week ai?o last. Sunday night and damaged the top of his car very badly. No one was Injured. Mrs. Grant Jennlnes entertained the Progressive dub at her home Friday J. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Llnnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS - $70,0». Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of ttv Board of Directors. H. E. Rist, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vfce Presi dent. G. S. Buchanan, Second Vice Presi dent. J. 8. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. C. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T H. WadsworW. H. E. Rist J. W. Wadswortb J. S. Auner *-*. J. Van Ness O. S. Buchanan «•:. J. VAN NESS & G. \V. STIIXMAM LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA. "Saylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building THE ALGOVA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Dr. Kencflck, 57 .. Dr. Crawford. 11 Iowa Phone 5B. E. C; McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 C. II. CRETZMEYEIl PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office In J. Galbraith Block. Resldenc one block east and one block south o office. No calls made after 0:30 p. m ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 310. Residence, 444 VETERINARIAN. L. W. FOX. VetertnarUm tlgona office at the old Or. Buycri jtflce. Office phone 475-W; Resldeuu. *75-R. Will have man at ottict » all tlmeu. ALGONA. IOWA MORTICIAN L. M. MERRITT Alortlciau & Funeral Director Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANP FARM LOANS tEAL ESTATE INSURANOT OP ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY 7 hone 598 107 W. State 8t ALGONA. IOWA ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0. R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 05 First door north Iowa State Bank WALTER FRASER, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office In Quinby BuUdlnu. toom No. 14 Phone No. ALGONA, IOWA. 12 DR. W. D. ANDREWS. Osteoputhlc Physician & Surgeon .Sye, Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetric* Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. Office 187, Residence, 086. ALGONA. IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Caldwell's Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211. ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phones: Business 166, Residence. 4T ALGONA, IOWA. DR. C. D. SCIIAAP. DENTIST Qulmby Bldg. Algona, Iowa. 133. DELINQUENT TAX SALE NOTICE. oFririAii flip following Is n trim nml correct list nf nil r/nnds nml Town Lots In Kn«siitli County, Icuvn. on which tn\fs for the ycnr 192!) nnd prior yonra nro ilno nn»i iinpnlti n? 1 * from thn Rovornl lax llptfl In my office. Notice l.« hereby prlvcn Hint unless the tnxes. Interests nnrt costs therein nro sooner pnlcl. the following drscrlheil Innrls ami town lots, or so much thereof us Is nccessnry to nny the tax, Interest ftnrl costs therein, will he snlil nt the Trc.nHiirer's office lu Algnna. Town, on the ""J Monday In Pecemder. 153(1; snld snle commencing nt Ten (10) o clock of snld day nml continuing until nil of snld Innds nnd town lots In the follow Inn 1 lists which tinvo hccn previously mlvertlsod nnd offerer! for sale two years or more, :uid remain unsold for want of hUlders. will ho sold nt tills snle. or nuy adjournment thereof. In the manner provided by Inw. On ted at AlRonn, owln, November 1, IM'i. ir.MlUV N. KIU'BK. Treasurer Kossuth Co. Al.GONA INC. HIST NO. 1 ORIGINAL, 1'1-AT. 1'nrt of Section or Town, Addition or Rub- Dlvlslon o i-I 5 o C/3 3 18 all 1929 1929 1929 1929 04.98 2S.T,7 d& Division ;> I" g XO & H « Thns. Tlondnrson fi Walter V. Dodds ct nl ....7 lOllcn Young N 72' 1 N 72' 10 1-3 2 8 I,. .T. & K. C. Dickinson NH 15 SVi 7 H. A. Pnhner N 1-:i .1 Call Opera House . . . .H 2-3 3. 20 1929 165.15 Hose & .1. (I. SlKslicc, personal nnd M 1-3 3 27 1529 07.S7 Tnrl R. Kliynn ....M 1-3 3 1!0 102!) 123.8C> lOiiKene Joriliin 1 38 1329 2.6f> O. T. 1 mwNon 4 41 1D2!) Karl H. Johnson, S 77' ex. B 5' fi 41 1329 County Savings Hank .... K -12 1928 K. .1. Yorker 3 52 1929 Klleti Young .3 55 1929 lOlmer .1. Kelley, personal anil 7-8 f,7 Hert .1. Turner and Viola lOlllson G 58 Hert .1. Turner and, Viola Klllson fi 5S Glenn UiiHsell Conk 3 59 Glenn ItiiNHcl Cook 4 59 II. E. Hist 7 60 H. 13. Hint 8 GO K. .1. Yorker 1 04 Tlios. "Henderson, city pav. (! 81 Thos. Henderson (i 81 Thos. Henderson, city pav. 0 81 Lars Sorenson 8 81 Helen I. Trniiger SMt G 82 Geo. C. Call G W 43' 0 8G HK8EKVATION NO. 1. County Savings Dank, N 8 rd. ox. 1 rd 4 1 1929 County Savings liank, paving, N 8 rd. ex. 1 rd... 4 1 1928 H. .1. WJlBon 2 G 1929 Fred Philips 7 All ex. WMi SV6 8 G 1929 CALL'S ADD. Clms. Ucdemskc, paving, E of ry 60 S. If. Uiirunt 6£0 70 F. 11. Slugle 120 V. 11. Slaglo 127 F. II. Single 127 F. H.. Slaglo 127 F. H. Slagle, st. between Blks. 120-127 K. H. Single, St. between I31ks. 120-127 F. H. Slaglc, st. belween Hlks. 120-127 1927 F. H. SlagVe 3--1 152 1929 .1. 11. Palmer, presniuil and 183 1929 Frank 1'owlanHkl 1&2 187 1929 Hurry A. Lewis, SVi of Lots 1-2-3-4 189 .1. II. Palmer 192 J. H. Palmer 215 J. H. Palmer 218 J. H. Palmer, Lots 1-2-3 217 S 8 12.19 .SO 5.65 .40 1.03 .40 1929 •1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1928 1927 1929 11.81 37.1fi 133.10 G7.30 31.57 3.63 3.63 1.32 1.32 .82 11.56 16.G1 33.15 98.17 38.51 109.45 1.9n .SB 4.95 3.04 3.72 .08 .57 .34 1.11 8.00 3.44 .10 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 .40 § E-> S0.71 .. 1S.61 B7.3.1 29. xn no.r.O 70.31 127. 9S 3.04 30.04 12.05 38.07 142.10 01.14 2.10 .40 34.07 1929 74.32 1929 199.87 16.51 42.H7 2.64 .21 .40 .21 .40 .04 .40 .04 .40 .02 .40 .35 .40 .49 .40 2.98 .40 18.71 .80 12.05 1.20 7.56 .40 4.48 .40 4.24 4.2* 1.70 1.70 1.24 12.31 17.40 36.63 117.0S 49.78 117.41 79.18 13.44 .40 213.71 .50 .40 17.41 9.49 .30 8.42 37.26 1929 192.91 1928 189.49 1927 107.06 1929 21.83 1929 1929 1929 8.96 .08 .03 .no 3.12 13.40 36.09 .80 .40 52.43 3.13 .40 10.17 .40 .40 .40 .40 .80 52.38 1.20 . 9.32 40.73 200.77 220.3S 221.24 1.88 .40 21.11 1928 22.67 4.68 .80 2S.1S , -J. H. Palmer, Lots (1-7-8 217 .lolm Baumnn, S',4 1C &SVi 10 277 ' 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 CALL'S & SMART'S ADD. Kate Turner, W% 9 and W'Xi 10 1 1929 Catherine Dooley ........ 2 3 1929 Alfred Sodorbor B J-/. W. 1UU11U.II i i • k) 72 30 a INGHAM'S Lizzie Nugent Ex. S 7%' 10 3 4929 RESERVATION NO. 2. G. S. & C. May Campbell .,3-4 1 1029 Joe Stell 8-11-10-11-12-13 1 1929 STACY'S ADD. N. May Stinson 13 1 1929 David W. Has?. 4 2 1929 CALL'S AVE. ADD. Geo. Klein, ct al G 240 1929 M. Starr, NVii ex. W 4 rd. N 347.51 1 242 1929 UNPLATTED. Alfred Krosensky, personal and Lot 20 NIO',4 SIS'/I 2 95 29 W. .1. Slgsbee, 10 GO of S 9 rd. of \\"/ 3 Lot 7 SlOVi SIO'/, 2 9D 29 County Savings liank, N 285' lot 1 Kin 1 , lot (1 2 95 29 Nancy Knlin, It 2 guv lot G 2 UG 29 1-Jvn Helfert, W/j lot 7 BOV. lot fi 2 95 29 Hert Van Trccse, IS Vj lot 7 gov. lot 0 ex 10 4 rd . . 2 95 29 Hert Van Tret-tin, 13 Vj lot 7 KOVO lot i; ex 10 -I rd . . 2 95 29 H. J. Hutchison, lot 8 KOV. lot G 2 95 29 H. .1. Hutchison, lot 8 BOV. lot (i 2 95 29 Alice M. JO. Nolle, lot I! SIO'/, Nl*'/, 11 95 29 Hans Sorenson, Wf/4 lot 5 11 95 29 MnrKJiret Johnson. N 1 nl. of S 4 rd. of \V'{. of N 9.07 rd. of lot II 11 95 29 II L. Tnrni-r, \\' I rd. lot lot G NU'Vi NIO!',, 10 4 rd. lot G NW'/i NIO'/, 11 95 29 II. L. Turner, N I '/i rd \V R rd. lot X. KOV lot I!, N 4 Vi rd. 10 -I rd. lot 'J KOV. lot :i 11 95 29 TluimiiH Sliull/., 1'i'B. at KIO cor. lot r, Itlk. 1 Call's S. Add. S •! rd. W S rd. N 4 rd. 10 S rd. to bi-g. NIO'/, 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1929 1928 1929 1928 1929 1929 1929 21.13 49,86 61.33 29.78 6.00 9.41 8.51) 8.G9 3.03 3.63 17.01 23.78 47.04 12.96 41.29 72.17 15.00 20.83 1.32 12.88 38.16 1.85 71.21 26.01 37.73 20.64 12.96 13.06 12.38 58.3 R 57.13 38.98 G7.80 5.20 G.7S 5.78 14.28 G.97 1.20 4.49 .40 4.22 .40 2.07 .40 .54 .40 .66 .40 ..61 .40 .61 .40 • .22 .40 .22 .40 .61 .40 .71 .40 1.43 .40 .39 ,40 2.48 .40 4,83 ,40 1.36 ,40 .80 .40 .04 .40 .77 .40 2.28 .40 .04 .40 29.30 64.75 66.95 32.25 6.94 10.37 9.60 9.50 4.25 4.25' 17.92* 24.89 49.47 13:75 44.17 76.90 16.75 28.03 1.78 14.05 40.83 2.09 4.66 .40 76.16 .78 .40 27.19 1.13 .40 .62 .40 .39 .40 .78 .40 2.23 .80 4.01 .40 10.82 .80 2.34 .40 1.73 .40 .18 .40 .35 .40 .35 .40 39.26 21.68 13.75 14.23 15.41 02.77 08.75 41.72 59.93 5.76 0.53 6.53 Mrs. Hal I ft; Kuhii, com. at pi. Ull ril. S and 2 rd. W of NIO cor. W, 10 rd. S 8 ril 10 10 rd. N to betf• . 11 Lulu A. T. Klucy Joe HI ell s 1929 20.32 LOT 10 A. T. .STACY'S ADD. 1 1 1929 4.13 .7-8-9 1 1929 6.19 OAK PARK ADD. 17 .1H 19'' 9 396 .43 .40 15.11 1.22 .40 21.94 31. .1. Thompson, 45-° Kdiiii M. Ferguson 'iiiLLCUIOST W, L. Mill-tin 18-19 3 F. 11. Shackelfurd 20-21 3 ALGONA INCOTIP. John Hegarly, personal nnd 1-2-3-4-G-6-7-8 Iiavld Hegarly . . . .3-4-5-6 li. M. linrllngaim 2-3 H. M. HurllMKHino . .N 1-.'! 4 I!. M. Hiirllngainu . .S 2-3 -1 10.52 4.78 6.7? 4.60 .99 .40 17.91 .25 .40 .18 .40 .24 .40 .49 .49 .40 .•10 Wallace N. KinK ;l Mnrllin Ki'Hlna Lynch . . 4 Martha KcKlmi Lynch .. -I Martha IteKli Marl ha JjcKli Martha Hculn Martlia Ki'K'n lila .1. Karcliell Ida .1. Harchett Ida .1. Sarchctl lO'/j f> Frank .1. Hat lea 7 Frank .1. Hal ten S lOll/.ahcth <>. West ID Laura M. Vandii 1 Laurii M. Va ndn 10. L. Chapman 7 10. 1 j. (Miapiuan & Yccnnali Homestead No. 1, N 110' J Lcnoru Kinsey 3 1011/.U .1. Llnd.sey 6 .1. ,1. K I). 10. Lynch 1(1 .1. .1. & I). 10. Lynch I" J. II. Sherldun .|-. r ,-(i .1. II. Sheridan 4-5-0 .1. H. 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Nicholas Scholtc.s Nicholas Scliultes Nicholas Schullcs T, 0 C, 6 7 7 7 9 15 10 15 BLIv 13 LOT 15 15 If, 16 ir, 15 15 16 15 15 15 15 13, 1929 P.I29 1928 1921) 1928 1929 1928 1927 1029 IDL'iJ 1928 1929 11)21) ! W. T. 11)29 T. LOT 1929 CO.'S 1ST ADD. 1929 1929 1929 192S 1927 1929 1928 1927 1929 1929 1928 1927> 111).21 52.95 55.37 D1.31 1.S8 4.08 21.12 5K.SG LOT 15.08 1 CO'.S 15.10 14.00 14.00 12.79 13.55 15.07 12.79 13.55 14.17 l.GG 17.34 22.49 23.71 2.00 1.4!) .45 1.71 2.96 12.40 17.33 3.48 .05 .73 1.G7 3.94 ... CO.'S 1ST ADD .40 .40 80. .40 .80 .40 .80 1.20 .40 .40 .80 .40 .40 20. 5j 20.79 10.17 8.40 10.06 42.67 60.15 73. SI') 55.1'J 2.; J ..i 5.61 23.19 03.20 .40 1ST ADD. 1.17 1.17 1.10 2.79 6.12 1.10 2.79 4.02 .15 1,45 4.48 .40 .40 .40 .80 1.20 .40 .80 1.20 .40 .40 .80 (Continued in Back of Paper.) 7.58 1.20 1G.79 16.41 15.57 15.57 14.29 17.11 14^29 19.99 2.21 19.19 27.77

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