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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 3

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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THE MARLBOROUGH EXPRESS SATURDAY MARCH 20 1886 aii NOTICE REMOVAL THE RABBIT NUISANCE Train Wairau Regatta NELSON TARANAKI A MANUKAU GIRLING CO Penguinf I Monday OR SYDNEY ROM WELLINGTON 7 Autumn Winter! Sunday April 4 EX TONG ARI RO AND A ORANG I this 18th day of March BEAUTIUL ASSORTMENT or Wellington ALL THAT IS NEW AND ASHIONABLE GALLOWAY Largest and Best Assorted STOCK Bricks! Bricks! CLOTHING DRAPERY and HABERDASHERS 1532 Mason and IN THE PROVINCE To Let MARKET ST BLENHEIM HIGH ST PICTON 124 348 201 or Sale 328 CORN 367 Notice season's SACKS for this Notice Wanted Messrs Grain are reminded that 325 PICKERING Co have a Large Consignment of 25000 375 SACKS 357 Also 1690 860 say that he matter (A at on Mrs Winstanley Walter Street These Goods have arrived DIRECT from the Manufac turers and are well worthy of Immediate Inspection There is a very Good Ap MRS GREEN Southaido Blenheim Immediate possession given or further parti Apply to JAMES ANDRELL Commercial Hotel Grove Road The NEW PREMISES are NOW OPEN for the reception of Produce which will receive every attention upon delivery The stores are constructed so that the risk against fire is minimised and the produce also protected against the attacks of vermin WELLINGTON LYTTELTON AND PORT CHALMERS OR A our roomed COTTAGE with 1 acre of Land attached and good fence around it with an Well situated at top of Maxwell road Apply to Money to Lend IN Sums to suit borrowers current rate of interest i approved security Apply to JOHN CONOLLY Solicitor Blenheim Large ur Capes also Superb Millinery Dress Materials The Company grants LOANS on Stations Stock Growing Clips of Wool and on Growing Crops of Grain npon specially advantageous terms Station and arm Properties for Sala in all parts of the Colony Receives Consignments of Wool Skins Hides Tallow Leather Grain lax Malt rozen Meat for sal New Zealand Australian and Lon don markets Undertakes Agency Business for Absentee Proprietors and Commissions in all branches of mercantile business 1WILL not be answerable for any DEBTS that Emily Mary Dawes may contract after this date 18th day of March 1886 JAMES DAWES Renwick also 5 Good Milch Cows 2 Heifers 1 Calf Horse Dray and Harness Spring Cart and Harness 1 Saddle and Bridle GREEN AND NOSWORTHY 365 Auctioneers Some very Rich Dolmans in the latest shapes Allotment 74 Redwood Town 6J acres Sub allot ment 4 of Allotment 42 of Section 4 Omaka 7 acres Apply to SINCLAIR McCALLUM 802 Solicitors Passengers and cargo booked by the Royal Mail Service to San rancisco and London Agents for the Orient Line Passengers are requested to book at the Blenheim Office before proceeding' on board Time Tables can be had on application Offices Alfred Street Blenheim and opposite wharf Picton A Buyer for a large six roomed House with half acre of ground in orchard within five minutes walk of Post Office Apply to 376 James Rankin Auctioneer John Register AMILY GROCER ETC1 High street Blenheim' 1 Saturday 27th March 1886 Omaka Road Board NOTICE tie Chairman procuring for the nearing witli difficulty) Mr Litchfield went on to criticise tlie statements about fulls but in consequence of frequent interruptions his remarks were not clearly followed rom the Seymour embank ment there was a fall of 30 feet to the town He had the data in his possession Mr It is 13 feet My data are in the Survey Office Mr Adams: Wny you make the bed of the Omaka to be 250 feet higher than ws thought it (Laughter) Mr Litchfield went on to was much interested in the voice We know yon are) If the air hall broke through to get to Blenheim it must first cairy away part of his land and the fruits of his labor with it Under such circumstances was it likely he would sanction anything not for tne benefit of the district Mr Adams bad spoken to night of water flooding his land but he had said to some people that he would like more water on his land and would freely give land to make Channel double its present width Mr James Robinson had ob jected to paying L50 to Mr Dobson hut he had no objection to spending L500 or L6C in getting more professional advice Mr Robinson flatly denied that he said anything of the sort He would not sit there and hear bis fellow settlers insulted by Mr Litchfield saying that they were drunk when they went up to take the for that was what he meant (Great uproar) Mr Litchfield went on to say that if his speech at the last election had been read it would be found that he con tended that a River Board would always be necessary As for the Taylor that would be done by diverting the airhall for it would allow the Omaka to carry the Taylor At the same time he had dissented from some thinitfAhe Board had done and did not thiithis was the time to go' on with the airhall But the Board had gained in formation which would be eminently useful when the time came Had those who got up this agitation only read the River Act they would have seen that works like this must be done by loan and referred to the ratepayers for ap proval or rejection Therefore in one sense the present meeting was unneces sary He was sure the consent of the ratepayers could not at present be ob tained and that the matter must rest But he believed no damage would result from the scheme and that people on both sides of the river would benefit Mr Adams wished to enter into ex planations why he was willing to give land to widen channel The Chairman ruled that it had nothing to do with the matter Mr Adams insisted on giving his expla nation He would give the land in os Channel to benefit himself as much as his fellow settlers Mr Earll would like to know from Mr Litchfield whether he thought the rate payers had the right to call a meeting The Chairman Of course they have Any ratepayers have the right Mr Earll Yes and to be snubbed for exercising it Mr Robert Allen And be insulted if they call it Mr Alfred Dobson entered into a long account cf what had been done in the pastf He considered the present scare had arisen from a misapprehension as to the point where the airhall was to enter the Opawa It was simply a question of levels and by going some distance above it all danger from breach was avowed He considered the proposed diversion both practicable and advisable Mr Earll asked Mr Dobson about the shingle the airhall would bring down Mr Dobson said it' would foim a body of shingle which would fill up the side of the Opawa Mr Adams replied that that would sim ply throw the water on to the Spring Creek land Mr Thomas Watson as one of the deputation felt it incumbent on him to say though he had not given particular study to the airhall question that any attempt to divert it from its present course would be a very dangerous thing to under take He formed thie conclusion atter hearing the best local authorities on the subject and therefore he attended the deputation But tbeir action bad not been received well by the River Board a ho seemed to forget that the ratepayers had a right to express an opinion He had a respect for the members of the Board though there were just as good men out side it capable of their places The Biver Board like the lawyers had made up for a weak case by abusing their opponents on the other side There was no analogy between the diversion of the Omaka and the proposed scheme for the airhall and it was doubtful if the dis trict had after all received so much benefit from the Omaka diversion as had been alleged They would never be free from floods turn the rivers what way they would And then there were the people on the Spring Creek side to be considered for their land wrs yer by yesr being washed away Mr Watson then con demned the proposed mode of diverting the chrnnel through shingle on the side of a face end trusted there would be a strong expression of public opinion against the Board experimenting any further with the money (Great applause) Mr Thomas Bedwood moved as an amendment it is requisite for the protection of Blenheim and the sur rounding districts that the airhall over flow should be concerned and thattithis eau only be done by diverting the air ha'I into the Chairman ruled that this amend me 'tws unnecessary as it was but a direct negative to the motion Mr Bedwood accepted the ruling and complained that all the even the constituted themselves Biver Conservators The Board had not been treated with courtesy Mr Give us a little liberty to ex press our opinion Mr Bedwood (cheers) Mr Allen Britons never shall be slaves never (Great laughter) Mr Redwood went on to say that the ratepayers were bound ultimately to come to the same conclusion as the Board He had studied the matter for years and his opinion was equal to any in the room The Board was ably constituted and had no ends to serve but those of the public at large He defied Mr Earll to find any other scheme for saving Blenheimfrom floods Mr Earll I am find any way of saving Blenheim from floods (Laughter) Mr Redwood really thought the ob sections were absurd Mr Earll Let me have my opinion Mr Redwood surely You are at liberty to have yours Mr Redwood said that all he meant to convey was that he was surprised to find Mr Earll with such a stake in the place was opposed to the scheme Mr Redwood went on to say that if anybody would suffer from the scheme it was himself He would be the first to suffer Mr Jordan denied that assertion Mr Redwood wanted to save his own pro perty and flood his (Mr Mr Earll wished to explain that when the deputation went to the Council it was not out of animosity to the Board The Mayor then put Mr motion He declared there to be 59 hands in its favnr and 5 against it A large number did not vote and mauy persons had previously left the meeting Mr Allen withdrew his motion of cen sure The meeting teiminated at quarter to eleven with a vote of thanks and three sheers fer the Mayor TO WOOL GRAIN GROWERS XYZ Express Office WANTED A MARRIED COUPLE Man to be able to work the farm and live in the house daring my absence Ap ply on or before 25th March JAMES GANE 361 Spring Greek London Agents A ELDER CO Liberal advances made ON WOOL SKINS LAX TALLOW And all kinds of COLONIAL PRODUCE placed in our hands for Shipment to the United Kingdom Produce of all descriptions received for consignment to our Agents in Melbourne Sydney or any port in the Australasian Colonies and prompt account Sales rendered Every attention given to Shipments both here aud at port of destination Pickering and Co AGENTS OR he National Insurance Company of New Zealand ire and Marine The s8 Mohaka Tomlinson and Hayward's Glycerine Sheep Dip Australian and China Tea celebrated mixture Reapers and Binders and Agricultural Machinery and arming Implements NEW ZEALAND Loan Mercantile AGENCY COMPANY (LIMITED) rpHE S8 MOHAKA Captain Eckfobd Will leave Blenheim tor Wellington EARLY or freight apply to PICKERING CO 38 Agents MESSRS Pickering Co (Late Edwards Co) WOOL AND GRAIN STORES HIGH STREET BLENHEIM The settling meeting will he held at She Club Hotel at 7 pm on THURSDAY the 25th March when the various Prizes aud Cups will be handed over to the winners All accounts against the Chib are quested to be sent in at once A DICKENS 377 Secretary Notice TO "HILL WOOD" Wakapuaka Nelson the pro perty of A Collins Esq com prising 1000 ACRES good Grazing LAND all substantially fenced and divided into paddocks capable of currying over lOOO sheep There is a first class Residence upon the property replete with every convenience with magnificent Lawn Garden and Orchard ad joining Also good Cottage Stables Out houses etc The above can be rented as a whole or arrangements can be made to rent the House and Grounds and arm separately or particulars apply to HOLMES ife BELL General Merchants Blenheim 1 tTo Nelson only Booking passengers and cargo to all Wes 'Coast ports Capital 000 Reserve und £250000 WANTED Buyers for James A i Drapery and Clothing Stock to be sold privately during the week and by public auction on Saturday on the Pre mises OR SALE at Para Saw Mills Good WHITE PINE RIM and MATA I Cheap for cah THE Partnership formerly sub sisting between the under signed William arnell Jun Allen James arnell and James Entwislf as Sawmillers at Kai tuna under the style of arnell Brothers is hereby dis solved by mutual consent as from the 31st day of December 1885 The Business will in future be car ried on by the undersigned Wil liam arnell Jun and Allen James arnell who will receive all accounts due to and discharge all liabilities insurred by the late firm Dated 1886 are now OERING Good Well burnt BRICKS in any quantity at Wellington Prices VERCOE BROS (Late Vercoe) Brickmakers Blenheim WANTED A Purchaser for two first class Pack Hordes and Pack Saddles Borough Council Office Blenheim March 15th 1886 OERS of Pieces of LAND of not less than TWENTY ACRES suitable for a RECREA TION GROUND will be received at my office up to I of RIDAY the 2nd day of April Particulars may be seen at the Town Office daily between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm Wm NOSWORTHY Town Clerk I Train Mar 22 4 nm Rotorua Thursday Mar 25 4 pm Thureday Mar 4pml Tuesday' Mar 25 4 pm A shipment of COLLINGWOOD COAL which is pronounced Ex cellent price 33s per ton 186 THE Undersigned having pro cured the services of Mr Jackson late of the Wairau ia now prepared to take WHEAT from any of the Railway Stations (in quantities of eighty bushels aud upwards) GRIND and return sime for One Shilling per bushel irst class flour guaranteed I also have a large quantity of seasoned and and an and other TIMBER or Sale at Para ALEX THOMPSON Picton WANTED by active young Man EMPLOYMENT on Sheep Run or Large arm Willing to do any work Books kept Address dL Steamers are appointed to leave Picton as under (cir cumstances permit ting) for TO A 6 roomed HOUSE in High street Apply to GREEN NOSWORTHY or JOSEPH WARD Junior 370 St School WANTED Horses to be sold by public auction on the first Saturday in every month WANTED A Buyer for a first class Tricycle (new) with all improvements and nickel silver facings about half price James Rankin Commission Agent rpO LET with immediate pos A session for a term of years 800 ACRES of Good irewood and Grazing Country known as Valley situate on the Picton road close to Koromiko railway station in blocks of from 100 acies and upwards or par ticulars apply to MRS SPEED Picton fE beg to advise oilf friends and the public generally that our Grocery Department has been Removed into the next shop (formerly the Carpet Room) during the time the new shop is building The Carpet Department is DOW in one of the Sample Rooms in Wynen Street We have just received hy the ss Ionic a large shipment of Linoleums of all widths and the newest designs Thursday March 25 AT 2 PM RATEPAYERS are reminded that unless Rates ate PAID on or before the 31st inst they will forfeit all right to vote at either Borough or Licensing Com mittee Elections THOMAS YOUNGER 808 Town Clerk Picton March 2nd 1886 AGENTS OR Ruston Proctor aud Steam Engines and Threshing Machines Combine Threshing Machines Hydraulic Pumps Patent Cotton Belting Maldon Island Guano New Zealand Agricultural Company Yellen and Barb encing Wire Logan Sheep Dip Oakley Slate Company Wales Auckland ibre Manufacturing Company Limited) New Zealand Sugar Company (limited) Self indexing System of Letter filing Moline Plow Company Molino Illinois Hawley Hardware Company San rancisco WANTED At once a General SERVANT ply Penguin Hawea Tq Wellington and Lyttelton only Booking passengers and cargo to Napier Gisborne and Auckland THE BRIDGE on the Middle road near Mr and Mr is not SAE for Traction Engines and Threshing Machines and any engine or ma chine crossing after this notice will do so at their own risk REDWOOD Chairman March 8th 1886 Borough of Picton REEN NOSWORTHY under instructions from Mr Henry Veals will SELL by Public Auc tion upon the premises Grovetown: The whole of his VALiJABLb PROPERTY consisting pf acres of the most ertile LAND in in two lots rom the Wairarapa Daily we take tHe following report of prosecutions under the Rabbit Act at Masterton before Mr A Stratford RM John Drummond Rabbit Nuisance Inspector Andrews Breach of Section 9 Rabbit Nuisance Act 1885 In giving judgment in the above case yesterday the Magistrate summed up as follows It will be remembered that the case for the prosecution having beeti clofledj the defendant claimed a right to be heard under section 34 of the Act for mitigation of the penalty but the Magistrate intimated that as the In spector had hid: information so soon after the offence had been com mitted the penalty would be a mini mum one whereupon the defendant reiterated his claim to be heard with a view to induce the Inspector to modify his opinion and the defendant was then informed by the Court that as only a minimum penalty would be im posed evidence under section 34 would be useless and farcical as it could not affect the judgment in the case of a minimum penalty for the admrap opinion of the Inspector carried a con viction and defendant upon that con viction would be fined the lowest pos sible penalty viz £1 To this ruling defendant demurred maintain ing his right to be heard under section 35 of the Act even although it could not affect the judgment already pro claimed and he asked that the Magistrate should not enforce the fine until he decided the point as to whether a defendant is entitled to ba heard or not under section 34 In accordance with this request of the defendant judgment was reserved and the Court now finds (1) That evi dently with a view to extirpate a ter rible pest which is causing ruinous havoc to an important industry the Legislature has passed a law giving an unprecedented and extraordinary power to officers under the Act whose adverse opinion expressed in open Court before a competent tribunal against a duly summoned defendant charged with certain offences under the 9th and 10th sections of the Rabbit Nuisance Act 1882 carried conviction upon which a penalty could be inflicted 2nd That the contention that evidence for the defence (provided for under section 34) might cause the informant to modify his opinion is impracticable because the prosecutor having closed his case before the defendant and his witnesses are heard the former is pre cluded from making any reply to the defence his mouth is closed and it would be wrong to permit him to stultify himself 3rd But in all cases where the Bench has not ex pressed its intention of inflicting the lowest penalty evidence might be useful to guide the decision of the Magistrate as to the extent of the penalty necessary to meet the merits of the case 4th That under any circumstances if only for the technical reason that it is privilege even if nothing is to be gained by it if defendant presses he should be heard because the law allows it and the Magistrate should act by the maxim Judicis est jus discere non and as the contention is valid on the technical ground of privilege (Audi alteram partem) it is desirable in the ends of justice that he should enjoy the benefit of his claim and as he resides at a distance of about 200 miles from this Court House it would be a hard ship instead of a privilege that he should be obliged to appear to enable him to exercise it The ease there fore under the circumstances will be treated as incomplete and the in formation dismissed Inspector Drummond Hon John Johnston Mr Beard for informant Mr Barton for defendant Defendant was charged under the 9th section of the Rabbit Act with having failed to destroy the rabbits on his run at Mataikuna Mr Barton pleaded not guilty and that his client had immediately on re ceiving notice taken such steps as he deemed necassary to destroy the rab bits He asked his Worship whether he would be allowed to examine the witness Inspector Drummond upon the question of facts He was aware that the opinion of the Inspector carried conviction but Mr Drummond came there to convict his client upon a queston of fact as well as of opinion Mr Barton said the offence was not for having rabbits He did not for a moment dispute that nor did he dis pute the experience of the Inspector but whether they had commenced to take steps was a question of fact and upon which he claimed he had the right to examine witness His Worship asked of what use it would be the informant gave evi dence and at the end said In my opinion steps have not been taken to destroy the it must in ac cordance with the Act carry convic tion The case of Sutton Thompson before the Chief Justice was referred to where it was shown that the Chief Justice held the Inspector was not bound to express an opinion upon what were necessary steps Mr Stratford agreed with this and said the Inspector must not be allowed to stultify himself Mr Barton asked the Magistrate whether at this stage he would state whether he must inflict a penalty The Court replied in the affirmative and Mr Barton submitted that the informant was not seeking a convic tion upon his opinion but upon the question of the fact whether his client had commenced the necessary steps to clear the run of rabbits His Worship said he would allow counsel to examine informant upon the question of fact but it would not alter the result A minimum fine was all that was asked After some considerable argument by counsel judgment was given against the defendant and a penalty inflicted of Ll and Court costs 7s Mr Bunny asked for fee in the case but His Worship said he should decidedly not allow fees in any rabbit case so long as the Act was so arbitrary and gave such power to Inspectors What did Go vernment want with legal assistance with such an Act as that for Inspectors to act under Mr Barton gave notice of appeal in this case upon a point of A similar fine was inflicted for breaches of the Act in the cases of the Hon Walter Johnston (Castle point) Hugh Bellis (Woodhurst) Williams (lag Creek) Vallance (Kahumingi) and John Morrison (Blairdogie) To Let at Grove Town A SUBSTANTIAL Six Roomed HOUSE (with or without urniture) and 15 acres superior Grass Land together with four or five good working Horses two or three Drays and all necessary plant for cairying on contract work etc can be culars Union steam Ship Oonoprsy of New Zealand (Limit ed first class SHEEP DOGS II one ot them a Rouster and the other a Stopping Dog Guar anteed ull particulars apply to PaTTIE Agent High street or Sale STEP DANCING SCHOOL every Tuesday and riday Evening or particulars apply to A Chuck Terms one guinea per quarter in advance 1115 Slaughter house License I HEREBY give notice that I intend to apply to the Wairau Road Board at their next sitting for a License to slaughter large and small cattle on Section 32 Omaka JAMES HODSON In accordance with instructions re ceived from the Mortgagee Green and nosworthy will SELL by Public Auction at their Mart High street Blen heim on SATURDAY the 27th day of March 1886 at 2 pm All that PARCEL of LAND containing 37 perches (more or less) situate in the town of Blenheim and being al lotment No 271 on the plan of subdivision into ah meats of Section No 46 Opawa District and having a frontage to Stuart street together with DWELLING HOUSE thereon Particulars and conditions of sale may be seen on application to Messrs Sinclair and McCallum Solicitors for the Mortgagee or GREEN NOSWORTHY 880 Auctioneers JAMES RANKIN? AUCTIONEER AND Commission Agent BLENHEIM rpHE Person who borrowed a I SADDLE and BRIDLE from the Undersigned on Saturday Afternocn is requested to return the same at once OLD Wr A Gooseberries Currants Plume Black berries Greengages Raspberries Peaches and Apricots any quan tities SHERWOOD Blenheim or A JAMES Koromiko ARNELL Jun ALLEN ARNELL JAMES ENTWISLE Witness HASLETT Clerk Blenheim To Woolgrowers and armers We have also the largest stock of Carpets Hearthrugs Doormats in the province LITCHpIELD SON MARKET PLACE BLENHEIM Rough on Rats" clears ontratS rtiicS flies ants bed bugs beetles insects skunks jack rabbits gophers Druggists NZ Drug Company General Agents That HtjsflAND of Mine is three times the man he was efore he began using Wells Health Druggists NZ Drug Company General Agents Buchu Quick completecure nil annoying Kidney Bladder and Urinary Diseases Druggists NZ Drug Com pany General Agents We Beleive that if every one would use American Hop Bitters freely there would be much less sickness and misery in the world and people are fast finding this out whole families keeping well at a trifling cost by its use We advise all to try it Read A Wise Deacon Deacon Wilfler I want to tell you to tell me how you kept yourself and family so well the past season when all the rest of us have been sick so much aud have had the doctors running to us so Taylor the answer is very easy I used Hop Bitters in time and kept my family well and saved large bills our shillings worth kept us all well and able to work all the time and I will warrant it has cost you and most of the neighbors £10 to £100 apice to keep sickhe same time I fancy take my medicine See Enjoy What a truly beautiful world we live in! We can desire no bet ter when in good health but how often do the majority of people feel like giving it up disheartening discouraged and wor ried out with disease when there is no occasion for the feeling August lower will make them as free from disease as when born Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint are the direct cause of seventy five per cent of such maladies as Biliousness Indigestion Sick Headache Costiveness Nervous Prostration Dizzi ness of the Head Palpitation of the Heart and other distressing symptoms Three doses of August lower will prove its wonderful effect Sold by all Drugg ists at 3s 6d per bottle Sample bottles 6d Try it Remember This If you are sick Hop Bitters will surely aid nature in making you well when all else fails If you are cos tive or dyspeptic or are suffering from any other of the numerous diseases of the stomach or bowels it is your own fault if you remain ill for Hop Bitters is a sove reign remedy iu all such complaints If you are wasting away with any form of kidney disease stop tempting death this moment and turn for a cure to Hop Bitters If you are nervous use Hop Bitters If you are a frequenter or a resident of a miasmatic district barri cade your system against the scourge of all countries malarial epidemic bilious and intermittent fevers by the use of American Hop Bitters If you have rough pimply or sallow skin bad breath pains and aches and feel miserable gen erally Hop Bitters will give you fair skin rich blood and sweetest breath and health That poor bedridden invalid wife sister mother or daughter can be made the picture of health by American Hop Bitters costing but a trifle Will you let them suffer In short they cure all diseases of the stomach bowels blood nerves kidneys Bright's disease £500 will be paid for a case they "will not cure or help Druggists and Chemiats keep None Genuine with out a bunch of green Hops on white label and Dr name in bottle Shun all others as vile poisonous stuff 329 PQ TO £10 PER WEEK can be Honestly and Easily EARNED by persons of either sex by taking the Auency of Our New and Popular DO MESTIC jiist out from London Agents are meeting with enor mous success No previous knowledge required and need not interfere with present Success cert iin no capital beyond cost of samples required Send postal note for THIRTY SHIL LING'S to cover cost of full outfit aud set of samples sent carriage paid to any address in New Zealand immediately on receipt of above: amount Addnss In dustrial Aiienov Yietpyi9 Avenue WgDgauui 210 MELBOURNE ROM WELLINGTON Ringarooma Monday I March 22 1 Taraweraa Monday March 29 Calls at Hobart Passengers from Picton by steamer WEST laxbourne OR Two DRAUGHT GELDINGS SELMES ARNETT Kaydale Tua Marina Wakatipu Monday March 22 Direct East Coast SUVA AND LEVUKA ROM AUCKLAND 't Axawata WELLINGTON ROM BLENHEIM Waihl I Saturday (March 20 4pm Waihi Tuesday March 23 Cargo received for shipment at Wharf Eggs Butter and arm Produce purchased for cash or taken in exchange for groceries AMILIES WAITED ON OB ORDERS TWICE A WEEK JOHN REGISTER Mr A anner (ROM JOHN BROADWOOD SONS LONDON) HAS by the wish of some few influen tial residents arrived in BLEN HEIM for the purpose of TUNING REPAIRING or REGULATING PIANOORTES HARMONIUMS and ORGANS Havelock References Messrs Rutherford Mills Severne Smith Suisted Misses Matthews and' Brownlee and Dr Drury Nelson References Judge Broad Major Pitt Messrs ell (Mayor of Nelson) Ambrose Moore Akers Campbell and Rev athers Garin and Mahoney 298 Orders may be left at Messrs Penney and or Express Office Mbs WINSTANLEY IS utill SELLING Dolls Toys ancy Goods and Needlework of all description to make room for her large stock of WINTER WOOL To anive early in April per itin i taka Peter Connell BEGS to inform the inhabitants of Blenheim and surrounding districts 'that he has taken that wellknown BOARDING HOUSE Lately in the occupation of Mr Brunetti and trusts by civility and attention to merit a fair share of public patronage Meals Is at regular hours Permanent boarders £1 per week 347 GRIST GlllST EW.

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