Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 26, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 26, 1896
Page 2
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ll^^ CONGRESSMAN Tells the Wonte! iratiie Powers of Dr, Gresna's Hon. Elijah A, Morse, Member of Congress from Mass., Used Dr, Greene's Nervura His Family with Astonishing Benefit. in THE. JOURNAL;;.IjBAFJJEp?-..-NO.. 13... (Cut this .out* an* put In your pocket. '•In yesterday's leaflet /was,'pronvlstJ, some' official figures siiowilng the wages paid to labor, in silver using countries; compared'.-with; those-in tiho United-Suites. These figures, as al- cxplailned, are' gnltfered by the • of" itihe 1 .'. State 'Department -in.the various countries and may be relied upon as accurate. In.select- Ing the countries, whose wages should be'quoted in this..statement, "all divisions of the .globe, -have been included, Europe, Asia, Nortli-America ' and- South'America, and In every case the silver lining country in which the high-, cst wages, are. paid has been chosen. Tire following figures show the avev- «ge -weekly wages paid for each trade and occupation, .beginning with the Ualtal Sttnteis' and 'tin'kLii.g the silver using countries in the order of their .proximity and. rates'" of wages paid: ,. 'BRICKLAYERS. , United. States $- 1M Mexico : ••••" V- 10 -°° *«••• •:;;:::;::::::::::: X "...... 2.04 .........."-...'....- 1- (J4 MASONS. . • : $21.00 ............. ..-•• lo.so '•'" ...:....... 14.70 ""'/.-.•! '. : . c.72 ""_".'. .2.18 ".. 1.10 OPERATORS. U-nJ't'ed Stnites '• • -* 20 ' 00 Mexico Peru RussJsi Japan ClLi'na .. .Tm.pam . . . CMna limited Staites Mexico r-eru . Russia ......; .Timpani '. OWIiiia : liE(Y ONE. 11.50 32.10 5.20 2.00 6.00 BOX. \Hon. Elijah A. Morse, of Canit'onT Mass., Member of Congress from Massachusetts, forwards Ms endorsement of the remarkable curative powers- of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, together with a letter from his Bteter, Mrs. Albert ^F.- Morse, who writes to the people concerning her wonderful cure by this grand restorer of health and strength. Congressman Morse Is a statesman of power aid influence in Congress and his own State holds him In highest honor having'elected him Representative In the Legislature/Member of the State Senate, and one of the Governor's Council. A business man of high order is known throughout the world as the manufacture of the Rising Sun Stove 'Polish, which Is sold in every nation of th« earth. Congressman Morse says: "My brother's wife received great benefit from the use of. Drl ; Greene's Nervnra. She 'baa been a long time HI and other medicines failed. She is greatly Improved by the use of Nerv- ura. She had insomnia and nervousness and can now sleep well. There Is no question that Dr. Greene's .Nervura Is a valuable remedy and it i's.a down right "benefit to nervous affections." Mr. Morse's sister, 'Mrs. Albert F. Morse, of Canton, Mass., says: "I had been in feeble health for 23 years and had employed all the usual means for cure without much benefit. I have had many hemorrhages of the lungs with' severe neuralgia and In goronln. . "My friends had.used and knew of the good results from Dr. Greenes NerV'tira and reeoropiended its use fo me. -1 Have now used three bottles and received help from the very first. I have .now become so much benefited United 'States ...'...'.- -f^- 0 ^ Mexico Peru Russia • • • • .-l 9.00 4.00 ROOFERS. that'T am to the best health that. I have enjoyed for three years. I sleep well and soundly and my food does not distress me at all. I can heartily recommend Dr. Greene's Nervura to any. person on account of Its good effects on myself and friends." Surely no one who reads this positive proof of the'marvelous powers of. Dr. Greene's Nervura to make ,tlK sick well, the powerful endorsement of this' grandest of medicines by. one of Massachusetts' foremost statesmem, will hesitate another Instant in seeking the sure road, to health by using Dr. Greene's Nervura. • ' It is what the world of sufferers needs. It Is the great cure for weakness, .nervousness, . -tired-out bodies, shaky, unsteady and w.eaxened nerves. It gives, power and strength, to nerves and body, with restored vigor and renewed vitality; makes rich, red blood, cures dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation, kidney and liver complaints. It makes the sick well. .Use It and prove for yourself its wonderful power to cure. Dr: Greene's Nervura Wood and nerve remedy Is not like the preparations put up by irresponsible and, un : . professional people, 'but Is the. prescription and discovery of a widely, known physician; Dr. Greener of 35 W, 14th St., New York' CKjy,.the most successful specialist In curing nervous and chronic diseases. It is plainly evident therefore why -It always, cures-because it is perfectly adapted for just three complaints. Another thing which can be saM of no other medicine, and which practically assures a cure by Dr. Greene's Nervura, Dr. Greene, its discoverer, can be consulted free, personally -or by letter. United States Mexico Peru '.•'•• Russia I- 30 8.40 0.00 3.70 l.SO l.CO Mexico Peru. .. Russia Japan. China Oh/tan , CARPENTERS. UoAed Stnites ? 15 - 00 10.00 "."......:.... o.oo • 3.30 ""-''i.l 1.50 ' " ' '''•' 2.13 BILACKSMITHS. United States .... ....-'••• Mesioo .....;..•••. Peru '•' •••.•• •Hiussta . ••''•_••'••. • i Jiapnn • China '••• TEA-MJSTEPS. United Sltotes — Mexico • — Peru •'•• RUSS& • Japan ....'.-.• • • •*• • — • Ohina " . CABINET MAKERS. United States '• $13.00..:......... 10.00. PJLE CURE. THE ONLY CURB RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICIANS AS BEING PERFECT-LY SAFE. No.Opium.,.Cocaine, Narcotic or Other Poison in It. The Pyramid Pile Cure is probably the only Pile Cure extensively recommended by physicians, because it is so safe, so prompt in the relief afforded and so far as known the only positive cure for piles except a surgical operation.. In one year the Pyramid Pile Cure has become the best known, the safest and the most extensively sold by any pile cure before the public. Nearly all druggists sell Jt at CO cents and jlper package. Address the Pyramid Co., Albion, Mich., for-book on cause and cure of piles and also hundreds of testimonials from all parts of the United States. If suffering from any form of piles ask your di-ugglst for a package of Pyramid Pilu Cure and try it tonight. , CATCH THE DRIFT. A-.poll t«J«« by the Chicago Trllmno of 13,128 employes of mills, factories and railway shops in nineteen towns -and clitics of Illinois stowed 10,107 tor McKlnley, 1.SS1 for Bryan and 384 for •Palmer- or undecided. Some of the polls of niilroad employes were very slg-uiiricant. • At.. Aurora, which is headquarters for the Chicago division of the Burlington road, 303 employes in tho Burltagiton shops were tor. Mc- Klnley -and only 77 for Bryan. In the Burlington shops mt Gnfesburg 425 me-a voted for MeKiuley and 20 for Bryan. Of tlie engineers on fine same road, 275 are for MeKiuley and 29 for Brynn: of the twifaiman, 525 for McKinley and 25 for Bryan; of track-mien. 1.123 for McKinley and 25 for Bryan, The expression among factory employes was equally emphatic. Of SOO skilled mechanics in the Elgin watch factory 755 declared for McKlirtey, 8 for.Bryan and 37 were uwheeded. In the Illinois Steel Company's works at .Toilet. 96!) employes were for McKinley, 10G far Bryninand 25 were undecided. The figures are si. significant indicadon of the drift of sentiment among intelligent •worklngrnea- and skilled mechanics. . ' • T^BRYAN~THE FATALIST. Mall and?E\-press: Thta way In which Eiyon'continues'to show W«-heels to' Ihls would-be mifwiagers Us a caution 1 to National commi!ttiv.< Xo sucli Fres'F donitin.1 exMbilrlo'U'.evcr was, or, we be- llcvc, over'rwill be, \ifxa-a."" For.' all- round' obsti.ni.icy,' defiance of every rule of -experience or ripe Judgment, unrea- soiiiiip "self-fconfide'ncc 'r.aa"- 'insulting repudiation of friendly advice. Wll-Kani Jenn-inKS Brymi stands' unrivaled aanouc; White House aspirants. He will speak where and when ne pleases. He will choose his own words. Ho will stay l.n The cast when he is wanted Ln tho wesrt. He will c.o a:l sorts of tbJncs which his managers condemn, and leave undone .tfiose things which •they believe he should do. ' Whn:t is the'seerct of the extraordin- a-ry conduct of this ex'lrnordiiDary cnn- dlil'ate?. While on his way to New York.for his extraordinai-y •exhibition at Madison Square Garden, ne con- Jlded 1o a representative of The Mail and Express .liis extraordinary conviction that his Oliicago speech and his nomination wore both divinely inspired. 'Since that Mine he has never ceased to be possessed of a conviction that his election ns President Is foreordained, and -that he 'is. therefore. Independent of all a'ule-s sina regulations, and superior to the men wlio ore suid- cd by human judgmcn*. His election •is to be. Pla.cc fcimidiicism sucti ns IMS at the head of *he United Stutcs Government and reason, shrfoiks from contemplating the possible consequences. Nerves Just as Barely come from the use of Hood's Sarwiparllla as does the cure of scrofula, salt rheum, or other so-called blood diseases. This is simply became the blood affeoto the condition of all the Nerves bones, muscles and tissues. II It is impure it cannot properly sustain these parts. If made pure, rich, red and viUl- fied by Hood'u SsruaparilJa, it carries health Instead of disease, and repairs the worn, nervous system as nothing else can do. Thus nervous prostration, hysteria, neuralgia, heart palpitation, are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla Because it Is the One True Blood Poriflw. « r»»ii are the best after-dinner HOODS PlIlS pills, aiil dlgentlon. 25C. 8.00 9.30 3.72 1.85 1.23 .,?10.00 . 3.00 . 3.5Q . 3.00 .: 1.50 IN THE WRONG SEAT. In a western -theatre recently a man who had a seat between his wife and \lauKhter, left on the termination of an net for a trip down stairs. When, he returned he found a vacant sent between nvo women and dropiwd into it with the remark: "As I was .saying, when I weuit out, ft's none of your business What otlier people wear. B^ cause some one else makes a fool of iherseW by wearing cotton stock-ings in the winter, it doesn't follwv that you must do live aime." "Sir;' came from both sides of him at once and the way •lie vacated that seat made the soles of his booits iiots. He was in the wrong seat.—Ex. ISLAND ROUTE. Haying Cards:. Send 12 cents in stamps to John Sebastian, Gen'i Pass. Agent C. R. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of playing cards you ever handled, and on receipt of such remittance for one or more packs they.will be sent you postpaid. " •• Orders containing 60 cents in stamps • postal note for same amount will pack's by express, charges j EXCURSION JOBLU.FTON or secure paid. Tho Globe Range Company, successor to the W. G. Fischer manufacturing company ; will not remove to another city'as contemplated, but will remain in Kokomo. to the in Indiana .fare for thai Tneorie* of cure may be discussed .at length by physicians, but the sufferers want quick relief: and One Minute Oonsrh Cure will dye It to them. A safe .cure for children. K Is "the, only hkrmleBS remedy thntprodneeslmmed|- •t« rw»lHi."~.Tno. Mi Johnston, - ^gatacrlbe forThe Journal,401 centt a onnthV • ••''" '• : " '' •''";'''.".' .., H OOD'S Sarsaparilla has over and :.overagata proved by its. /rares, when all other preparatlonajalled, that It in the One True BLOOD Purifier. Vto, Vandalia Line, October 15th.-0n October 13th to 15th Vnndalia Line will sell excursion-tick; ets from ;adl. stations '- ^|- n n« t n Bluffton, Ind., at one round trip, account Baptist Convention and' Young. People's Union of Indiana: Tl'ckerts good to return until October. 19th, inclusive. For full, particulars call on nearest Vandalia Line Ticket Agent, .or address E. A. F.ord, General Passenger. Agent, St Louis, Mo. • •!.•'• ELECTRIC BITTERS. ! • ••;•' Electric Bitters Is a medicine for any season, but .perhaps more : :generally needed when ' the languid, exhausted .feeling prevails, when the liver Is torpid '.'and. Blnggfsh.'W the^need, o.t.a : tonic and alterative Is felt A prompt use ,of 'tils, mediclbe has often averted iong';d;pertap^;fatai ; bilious fever* Peru ...,.; •••• Russia ' •• - ; Jiflipan •; CMna '•• •;"•'. ' PRINTERS. ' Uni'ted States ..... •>•:•.• -••• Mexico ....'..- — ;.'.'..-• IBeru :.-..,...... Russia Japan' , '.. • • • China .....'.. "••• ' ; : ;..' TINSMITHS. United 'States. ........-•• Mexico .......... Peru ..; ....:...• Russia Japan ........... ...;••••• Chfea COOPERS. United ..States .'...,.:.....•.•' Mexico ..........•••.•••••• Peru •..;. •••• Russia •—.—.• Jlapan .'..-. .....-••• dlilna. '..'. ••• \\-"-:•'••••'TB.OD UMted States .;.,'. ...,...-••• Mexico ' ...'..'...'.;• • • • • ••. '' Peru •• ; Russia .:. ..'.•• •• Jiapam ..:;....... ••••• •••••• • • Ohlnia' •'•'. ,....-• -••" MASON HEiNDERS. Unilted States .'.'.'.;.. • •'•,• • Mexico ... • ••••.(.• " Peru:'...'....".'••• • • • •: • • • •."'' J..12 2.2.) 0.42 8.25 , $14.00 . T.50 .. 7,50 . : 3.uo ,. 1.10' .$16.00 . 7.25 . 7.50 . . 3.00 Wltous fevers. No medicine -will act more' surely In counteracting and freeing, the'system from • the malarial prison; : Headache, ladlgestlon; Conatipation,-Dfezlness, yield to 'Electric Btttere; BOc and,;$1.00 per'lbottle' ai B.'F'. KeesUnjf'B drug store. Subscribe for TUB Journal. 1.63 AND TEAVBLERS. Speak in high terms of the preventive and remedial properties of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a medicine peculiarly adapted to the -wants of those called on to experience the vicissitudes of cli- miate, .the Inclemency of the weather, the hardships of a sea-faring or out- of-doar life, or the dangers of a malarial oir otherwise pestilential .atmosphere. A small quantity of this agreeable tonic nullifies impurities in water, a-nd fortifies, the stomach .against the consequences, of an unhealthy .or unaccustomed : diet. It • also enables the constitution to bear up unharmed against unhealthy climatic influences, and the system to sustain, unimpaired. in health and vigor,. the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, tourists, miners and others who have thoroughly tested the efficacy of the article; declare it to be a sovereign preservative of 'health, under conditions most favorable. THEN THIEIRIB'S -BRYAN. Sam Jpues says that tails/is the greatest-country on the' face of the earth for ayoimg man. A; • T.Stewart taught- school at 21. If you have ever seen a little child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger, of the trouble »nd appreciate the value of instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWitt's Colic & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea it Is a reliable remedy We could not afford'to recommend this u a cure unless it were a cure.-Jno. Johnston. B M " 1 B —•«^"^ M ""^ FOR THi; I BLOOD, ! NERVES,? LIVER * .KIDNEYS.! 4 B. B. B. B! cured nn, of H^H: and Bowel Troubl j. ': ours; MBS. HANNAH SPK T .XGEU, Milroy,Ind. 4 B B B B are pi'^ely vegetable. Put up in capsules,sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5. Manufactured by M. C. BRACM, ConneMville, Ind. For sale by all druggists. FOB SAL.B SY ' B. F. KFW8WNG. Drnggl«t REV S. P. KLOTZ. PASTOR D. B. CHURCH. . : Cornelius Vanderbilt . dld-n'<t liave two'shints to his back when •he started Ws ferry,- .Toy Gould ^d-j died rait traps in .New'. York- .Elllm, Burritt's' wife tougiht Wm his tetters •offer;' he .'was; man-led. Leland. Stnn : ford's •" father 'wis ;set adrift witihout, a 6.40. ..2.45 1.14 1.13 0.00 3.50 4.90 l.ii China •. • • > • • ' . •;, ...LABOREBS. Unilted States .;....: v -.;-'•••••:'••-*• Mexico .... -. •.'...-•:• •'•'••' Peru :.:..........-•••••••.•• .Russia ......- .,,....•••••••••••• Ohlna . 2;00 3,50 2:88 1.14 .1,00 cent ait' 19. Carnegie worked In Pitts-, burg for a dollar a dn.y-fonty-yeare ago. Abraham Uu.eoia'jnia.uled 1 roils OB. an Illinois term. • This country ;is nil right; If you ,wnint to .be a man.. If you don't. you can find tots of company. •':,'•' ^MARVELOUS RESULTS. From aletterby Rev. J/.Gnnderman, of '.Dlfondale,,Mlch.,; we are: permitted to make this extract: "I'have no hesitation in recommending Dr. -King's Now Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous In the case of my wife. While I was pastor of 'the Baptist church at Rives Junction she was brought down with; Pneumonia sue: ceeatngiLa grippe. Terrible parosyms; of coughing would last hours with •little: interruption 11 and It seemed as If she ! c»uld not survive-^hem. A' friend recommended Dr. Klng!s>'ew Discovery- it was quick in its work and hlgh-> ly.: 8 atlsfactory to results." . Trial . bottles free at B. P. KeesHng's drug store. Regular size SOc and $1:00. ; Many a day's work te lost by sick headache, caused by Indigestion and rtomach troubles. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the most effectual ?I11 for overcoming such dIfflcultUa.-Jno. M. Johnston. .' J -. . ; From all accounts Chamberlain's Congii Remedy Js a Godsend to the afflicted. 'There Is no advertisement about , this;, '•yte feel Just like saying It —The Democrat, Carrolton, Ky. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist 1 Poison'. Ivy, insect bites, brntaes, •calde,, burns, .are quickly cured by De- VFltt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile cpre.— Ino. M. Johnrton. '- A epecioil election 1 will be held In Elk-' (hart county oh Iuesday. : November 10, ito'voife on tlie question of levying a tax ia add of the Gosben and .Wabasb. railroad/.''.." -.•• ; ''• ; '.. • .. .. : : It doesn : matter much whether sick headache, biliousness, Indigestion and eons'Jpaiion are caused by neglect or by unavoidable ;.circoni«tan«8j( DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedily cure them, ' ''' ..M. Johnstot. Will Watts,: living notthr of Goshen, atepped ; on a -carpet-,; tack tlweeiwoeks ago.> NoTVuWood-poisoBmg .has set In •and h r e-wffll proTjalily lose -bis leg. HUNTING AND FISHENG GUIDE ' Don't trtfleaway ttae ; when you cholera morbus! <>r. diarrhoea, • th^m ID the; begftnlng * Gollc & Cholera Pure. Ton dptft; baye.- to ;w*lt forrwul*. They are taoeoua and , it leav- the bow*l» ; . Jonwton. , : A guide to the best hunting and fishing grounds of the west and northwest, containing an excellent map|of the lake regions of Northern- Wisconsin and Michigan, will be^Bcnt free on applica- tioa to W.. Bi; . Knlskcrn, 22 Fifth avenue. Chicago, 111. watenooruiAt **&- *• 18W Syrup Co.: . : Dear Sir:—I have been afflicted oTer twentyijrears wlti dyspepsia, or ' rtomack I have: tried detent remer, (tot without much •moght » lb^ent',bc- r - f , .„ -.»•-?,»**• «tn and found that Ittenefltted «"»f I; 4 m convinced thi* It wltt:^-^*^ !•: recommended when a*^;**?? 1 ?!??, ••directions. Ibav*.i nottle anifeel like a different ] ror sale by F. Keesllnf. Grahain&Mortoi TliANSPORTATIQN CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO OH1-; •AGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA EAIL- WAY : AT.. «T. JO,- .<''•' •. ; BBPH. : -' - -, Beginning May 25th «nd continuing •ntll about Sept 80th the steamers ot iblt llne,wlll wake two trips each, : |»lly Wtween St. Joseph and •tf the following schedule: . Leave St. Joseph at 430 -p. m. ipaop. m.. dally, Including Sunday; Ltave Chicago at 9:80 a. m • m., dally, Including Sunday. ''dps «j Saturday leave St Joseph * t a. m;, and- leave; Chicago at 8 p. UK Bnnnlbg time icrow lake 4 hours. v -Boys will be.Jjoys.V. but; you can't afford to lose ,any'.bf.^hem. ; Be ready for the green apple season by having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cwrp In the ! sH.-r.inn. M. Johnstoo., ; "-The Board of Couuty Commissioners which adjourned Thursday was In session - Fridoy ifls gravel road com< • mlssI'oners.:j- ; ;-;'v i'> ~..< '•".''.. . '''• ••" •'• • .-' • TOe- WJiole^iysteiD-Is! drained : «nd; n'ndermmed by Indolent ulcer* and open •ores. DeWItfs Witch Htirt Salve : speedily heals them. It »; the best pile cure Trl-weekly. steamers to.: iwivlng St JosepM Monday, WednesdsJ »nd,JTi«lay evenings. . •• £i The equipment of this line Included tot «We wheeHteainere City ,of CUc*g» 'tod city o«;iWJwii*ee-(the tor««t wrt inest west of Detroit), and the newlj; rebuilt propeller City of Service, ant-cUM. Connections Tandalla tains. Tickets on sa fiindalla JCJne statle«s> • Chicago i t«ot of Wabaih avenue. _%^'' v : l •;, J. H. GRAHAM, PwBwtjt •••;•'.. Benton Harbor, •.cpuKun »"-r> ~ i_ i - 4 «X« " Subscribe for The /onrnal, Snbfcribe for The JonrBaL

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