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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 2

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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Republic is possibly a little more turbulent than the average South American State and its history is punctuated) with troubles of one kind or another Sometimes it is im mersed in a war with a neighbouring coun try occasionally it is wrangling over a diplomatic difficulty with a European Power but more often it is engaged in settling internal differences by a revolution and a civil war At the present moment it has just emerged! from the throes of a long and harassing civil war As a rule when a South American State is torn by internal discord the inhabitants retain enough of their small stock of eommon sense to abstain from interfering with foreigners Outsiders especially Americans and people of powerful Europeans nations are generally left alone and their property is respected In the recent disturbances however the Venezuelans departed' from this rule ioreigners were insulted and even assaulted and their pro perty was plundered by both sides with singular impartiality The British and the (Germans were the principal suf ferers and judging from the somewhat im perfect information available they had to submit to indignities which for the sake of the prestige of the two countries cannot remain unnoticed This is 'the view taken by the authorities at London and Berlin and in pursuance with it damages have been claimed by both Governments and a strong force of war ships has been sent to enforce the de mands Venezuela is said to be defiant but in the face of the determined attitude taken up by the two European Governments it is not likely that she will remain defiant very long A recent utterance by President Roosevelt must have convinced her that she cannot count upon the protection of the Monroe doctrine The United States said Mr Roosevelt will not interfere to pre vent the just punishment of offending States so long as the punishment does not take the form of annexation of territory The Venezuelans will therefore have to look elsewhere for an escape from their present predicament Hot blooded though they are they will scarcely be mad enough to fight The only other alternative before them is to pay the claims with as good a grace as they can muster and make up their minds to be more careful in the future THE JUBILEE MEMORIAL The subscribers to the Canterbury Ju bilee Memorial! had two questions to decide at the meeting which they held yesterday The first was what names should be placed on the tablet of the memorial to commemor ate the despatch of the New Zealand Con tingents to South Africa the second re lated to finance With regard to the first question the original intention of the sub scribers was that the names should include only the death roll of the Third Contingent This idea was tacitly dropped at a former meeting at which a resolution was carried affirming that the memorial should be for Canterbury men who had fallen iff "the war One task which devolved on meeting was in pursuance with the pre vious resolution to decide what constituted a Canterbury man Ultimately the meet ing decided (1) That the names of those included on the tablet be by birth and re sidence in Canterbury or membership' of one of the Contingents raised in Canter bury (2) that the names recorded be of those who have been killed or died of wounds or disease whilst actually on active service in the South African War (3) that the committee be authorised to depart from the actual letter of the above terms in any special cases when they consider that by doing so they are observing the spirit" The foregoing resolutions we think take a very just view of the question and wisely place a liberal discretion in the Hands of the committee It would have been unwise to hibve restricted the names to any particu lar Contingent and equally unwise to have included in the list of a purely Canterbury memorial names having no connection with this province With regard to finance it was again pointed out that the sum of £350 wtto needed to clear off the deficit on the memorial and al very good suggestion was offered as to the bestmethod of raising this sum No doubt when the memorial is erected public interest in it will be revived and if that occasion is seized to make an appeal in bot town and country there ought to be no difficulty in (raising tho money A NOTABLE LOCOMOTIVE SPLENDID RECORD The average performance of a locomotive in England is a little over 20000 miles a year but an engine of the London and North Western Railway Company (has just completed its second million miles equal to 100 service on the ordinary basis This is the well known to most travellers who journey be tween Manchester and London or years it has taken an early train from Manchester starting first at 715 am then at 815 am and since 1899 at 830 am and re turning from London at 4 pm Recently it completed the 5512th round iiip in addition to 186 other trips and during the whole of its career no passenger riding behind it has suffered any accident Its speed has gradually been increased from 42 to 501 5 miles per hour while the weight of the train has been augmented by the addition of restaurant saloons cor ridor cars gas reservoirs and electric light ing appliances During its career the engine has consumed 201771 tons of water and 27486 tons of coal equal to 521b a mile including ligffit ing up During twenty years the engine has been laid) up only 12 per cent of it's time and the cost of maintenance has been 128d per mile run A girl doesn't mind her rival being ex asperatingly clever if she is also consolingly uulv THE SOMALI DISTURBER 1 REPORTED ASSASSINATION OP THE MULLAH United Press Association By Electric Telegraph Copyright) (Received Dec 12 854 am) LONDON Dec 11 It is reported from Berbera that the Mad Mullah was assassinated while at prayers death being caused by spear thrusts in the stomach AN INTERESTING PERSONAGE CUNNING AND CRUEL (Daily Express) Tire Mad Mullah is without doubt the most interesting personage in Africa to day Cruel cunning and full of fanati cism he constitutes the greatest menace to trade and civilisation throughout the north east of the Dark Continent Many men familiar with the North African problem regard the Mad Mullah as equal in import ance to the Khalifa who taxed Great Brit energies in the Soudan for so many years The Mad Mullah has gained steadi ly in power during recent years As recently as 1889 the Mad Mullah was merely Muhanimed bin Abdullah a peace ful citizen of Berbera in Somaliland He owned several houses and camels and the Somalis looked up to him as a man of singular piety who had performed the pil grimage to Mecca several times Until three years ago he was even in fa vour with the British authorities having often exercised his influence to settle small disputes and pacify small discontents Early in 1899 however his influence had grown dangerous and it was found neces sary to check his practice of interfering with matters outside his tribe Then Muhammed grew restive and in cited the Somalis to resist the zareba tax a toll which the head of a tribe had been allowed to collect since the stablishment of the protectorate Being given to under stand that this would not be tolerated he started a rebellion appealing to the natives chiefly on religious grounds His fanaticism grew with giant strides and he gathered around him large mobs of turbulent people It was even rumoured that he intended to attack Berbera But he disappeared further and further away into the interior until everyone imagined he must be lost Instead however he retreated to the Ogaden Country where the rule of the Em peror Menelik of Abyssinia has never been mere than nominal Not long ago the Negus sent an army against the discontent ed ones there but 30000 savages armed only with spears succeeded in annihilating it Meanwhile the Mullah proceeded to or ganise these savages and inflate their fan aticism It has been feared that he might enlist the Gallas a tribe whom the Abys sinians have only kept in subjection so long by withholding firearms TogetherGallas and Ogadenese provided with said a military expert could sweep Abyssinia fr om south to SomaliLiad where the Mad Mullah and the British forces are at present engaged in battle is an interesting but mysterious and little known country The Somalis have not the gross bestial appearance of the ordinary negro with his thick lips and wodlly hair Save for the deep darkness of their skins and the scantiness of their rai ment they might pass for Europeans of some refinement The Somalis occupy the north east corner of Africa say from Bab el Mandeb the gate of the (Red Sea to the vague regions below Cape Guardafui No one knows where they came from the best guess giv ing them an Arab stock though the So mali language differs essentially from the Arabic Somalis go to Aden but only to acquire wealth and wives and experience Directly they have found all they want they return to their own grey land The Somalis have been described by Mr Herbert Vivian who made a tour through Somaliland several years ago as Irish of are always on the writes Mr Vivian in his on Abyssinia they possess an enormous sense of humour and a very lively imagination they are extraordinarily considerate and1 obliging in fact they will never stick at any lie pro vided it will please you for the moment them a distance when you are tired and they will halve it find them out and grow cross presently and thby are sure to be ready with a merry quip or soothing sympathy No one can help liking the Somalis yet no one can close both eyes to their shortcomings They are garrulous humbugs and wind bags They have no manners they make rude rioises with their mouths they laugh in a way that makes you long to kick them yet you can never be angry with them long Gratitude is unknown to them the word does not exjist in their language They are insatiably greedy of money yet at the same time reckless spenders They possess the unusual combination of vanity and pride A coloured blazer with bright buttons makes a peacock of the best yet he never loses his dignity Nowhere have I met any human beings so sensitive to blame or sneer Theirs is a very high strung nature They are hopeless cowards about facing a remote danger yet on sudden emergency they will display plenty of spirit Like the Irish they are always spoiling for a fight in lieu of shillelaghs they always carry their spears worst point about them is their tendency to regard murdci ns a sport During my passage through the desert I noticed numerous cairns from time to time They consisted of a kind of stone altar sur rounded at a respectful distance by a stone wall either circular or square Outside this were a number of upright slabs like milestones some of which were surmounted by lumps of quartz At first I thought all this must have some religious observance but eventually I learned that here were the tombs of Somali braves each slab recording a murder and the quartz intimating that a man had been killed with his Mr Vivian does not believe that they could ever found a Somali State They are too volatile and irresponsible He declares they are amenable to discipline however and a Parnell or a Mahdi could do what he pleased with them They have made excellent soldiers wherever the ex periment was tried Mr Vivian relates a conversation he had with Colonel Sadler the British Consul General Zaila Somaliland regarding the murderous propensities of the They will rarely attack a said Colonel Sadler it is considered an ex ploit among them to kill a man It does not matter much what sort of a man he may be though of course the killing df a white man would be regarded as a greater exploit than that of a Somaliland is not a pleasant country There are miles and miles of arid land un broken by a single village or human habi tation of any kind Perhaps the chief drawback of the journey through Somaliland is that you may not inure yourself writes' Mr Vivian must plunge at once into the hardest and dreariest tract of country in to Wind glare choking tust and stifling heat In Somaliland th'e pebbles predo minate and grow up into boulders which are the rockery of a strange withered garden There are parched aloes and1 shrivelled mimosas all sorts of graceful shrubs which on acquaintance prove so much crumbling matchwood The arrange ment is exquisite surpassing even the hor ticulture of Hampton Court or Monte Carlo but you are in a pleasure garden of the dead which bears no close inspec tion It is an ugly glutinous vegetation all stuntedi all parading its inhospitality by exaggerated armaments of huge thorns and clustering prickles The white berries are like parched peas and a rare tulip tree of sorts bears big grey oranges which contain nothing but woolly fibres cobwebby gristles a veritable Dead Sea fruit The only redeeming fea ture is the intoxicating scents recalling a quintessence of clover and heather with which it loads tho air The greyness of the desert You are in a sea of grey The fierce sun beats down upon you from a blue grey sky as you pass grey shrubs nod at you in apoplectic grimness and livid grey lizards shiver away over the grey sand! grey jackals eye you suspiciously from huge grey ant hills grey bones and skulls strew the beaten track in every stage of decomposi Somaliland indeed all Northern Africa is full of strange fanatical persons who occasionally develop into very dan gerous and1 trying individuals Mr Vivian describes his experience with one of them at Gildessa a miserable litt mud Tillage in Somaliland as he journeyed through to Abyssinia exercised my he says kept a watchful eye upon the numerous loafers who congregated to gape at me Most officious among them was a very old madman who strutted about brandishing a huge scimitar had hardly crossed the torrent bed and was still in the midst of an altercation about the camping place when he advanc ed towards me saluted' me pompously and held out Tris hand Imagining he was some official shook hands and inquired what he wanted My interpreter replied that the fellow was a mad beggar but that travellers generally gave Iiim something as madmen are considered more or saintly by Mohammedans This is the kind of stuff which produces the various Mahdis Mullahs and other fanatics who stir up sedition in Africa I remember a similar individual in the public square at Tangier who spat at every Euro pean or Jew who THE DROUGHT IN AUSTRALIA PROVISIONS ROM ABROAD LARGE SHIPMENTS CANADIAN PRODUCE United Press By Electric Telegraph Copyright (Received Dec 12 921 a m) BRISBANE Dec 12 The Miowera has brought 100 tons of frozen pork shipped from Columbia by the Cold Storage Company and the Armour Company Canadian files state that these are initial shipments but storage compacts representative of Australia have sent orders ahead for similar quantities for the next four months A steamer sailing in Decem ber will take 70 tons of frozen meat A compact has also been arranged for for ward shipnmnts of grain frozen salmon and Canadian butter It is intended to charter a ship to carry 2500 tons of wheat LANDS OR SETTLEMENT SOME OPPOSITION CRITICISMS REUTED noai Our Correspondent WELLINGTQN Dee 12 As statements are continually appearing particularly in to the effect that' the Government is withholding Crown lands from settlement it is just as well that the public should be made aware of the true position not only with regard to 'the lands available for future settlement in the North Islahd but more particularly in the Auckland district whence most of the pro tests have come Southerners also are largely concerned in this question as con stant inquiries are being made from the Lands Department from residents in tho Middle Island for informaition relative to the land for settlement purposes in the North Hence it is of great importance that the true facts in regard to our Crown lands should be made public The Oppo sition paper in Auckland made a statement recently that two million acres of Crown lands in Auckland were being withheld from settlement leading the unthinking to believe that there wais that j6rea of land still available for settlement yow what are the real facts? In the Auckland I land dis trict there are at present 382411 acres of surveyed land open for immediate selection and 358125 acres of unsurveyed land algo open for immediate selection a total of 740 acres available at the present mo ment for immediate settlement A large proportion of this area is good land and fit for settlement There is left outside this area an approximate area of 2513336 acres for future disposal Now let us analyse this two millions so often referred to as being kept back from settlement The whole area fit for close settlement at the outside may be very roughly estimated at 900000 acres In addition to this there may be 400000 acres of rough land fit for pastoral purposes but some of which may turn out fit for close settlement This leaves 1213336 anres of Crown lands worthless for settlement purposes such as large pumice areas ex tending around Lake Taupo and back to Galatea and around Waiotapu and from there to Atiamuri on the Waikato and also including large forest areas on the western side of Lake Taupo which will come in as forest and scenic reserves but not for settlement Out of the 900000acres of land mentioned as fit for close set tlement in the Auckland district the Go vernment has now under survey at the pre sent moment nearly 300000 acres for set tlement purposes giving employment to twenty four staff and nineteen contract sur veyors our thousand seven hundred acres will be ready for opening early in ebruary and 150000 acres or more witb in a few succeeding months It must also be borne in mind that out of the land fit for close settlement large areas are far back or at too high an altitude to meet the present requirements With regard to the North Island gener ally in the four land districts of Auckland Bay Taranaki and Wellington there are at present open for immediate se lection 904037 acres or nearly a million acres There is under survey for settle ment purposes by some sixty surveyors 468000 acres The Lands Department is most energeti cally and persistently pushing on the Crown land surveys so as to give effect to the policy of the present overnment in open ing land for settlement The total area left undisposed of in the North Island is 4085704 acres Of this 1700000 may be considered fit for settle ment and another 710000 fit for pastoral purposes leaving 1675704 acres unfit for settlement purposes These facts are quite sufficient to show the unreliability of the statements made by the Opposition Party and Press in their vain attempt to criticise the Ministerial land policy and its administration The djst madicine known is SANDER and EUCALYPTI EXTRACT Test its eminent powerful effects in coughs colds influenza the relief is instantaneous In serious cases and accidents of all kinds be they wounds burns scalds bruises sprains it is the safest remedy no swell ing no inflammation Like surprising effects produced in croup diphtheria bron chitis inflammation of lungs swelling etc diarrhoea dysentery diseases of the kid neys and urinary organs SANDER and EUCALYPTI EXTRACT is in use at hospitals and medical clinics ah over the globe patronised by his Majesty tho King of Italy crowned with medals and di plomas at International Exhibition Am sierdaEJ Trust in this approved articlend reject all BRITISH AND OREIGN United Press By Electric Copyright (Received Dec 12 854 am) THE COUNTESS DUDLEY LONDON Dec 11 The Countess of progress is not maintained THE GERMAN CLOSURE BERLIN Dec 11 The Reichstag has adopted the new rules limiting speeches upon points of order to five minutes THE GERMAN TARI BILL The Tariff Bill is making steady progress (Received Dec 12 102 am) A CASE SETTLED 1 LONDON Dec 11 Mr Lefroy having expressed regret and having admitted that he is unable to sub stantiate his allegations terms have been arranged and case has been settled (Mr Allcott a manufacturer of paving blocks sued Mr Lefroy Western Aus tralian Agent General for libel in alleging that red gum blocks were prac tically useless Mr Lefroy pleaded that the statement was fair comment published in pursuance of his official duties) THE VENEZUELAN CRISIS THE INSOLENT MANI ESTO BRITISH AND GERSIAN ARRESTS A 1 ATTITUDE SOLIDARITY THE ALLIES United Press By Elecbrio Copyright (Received Dec 12 842 am) NEW YORK Dec 11 President Castro in an insolent mani festo alleges that all Venezuelan States are rallying to the defence Three of the captured Venezuelan ships were sunk and the fourth it was claimed 'belonged' to rance One hundred and thirty German sailors landed at La Guayra and rescued three English directors of the Harbour Company A British detachment which landed re moved the Vice Consul and his family All Britishers and Germans arrested at La Guaypa have been liberated Two thousand trofeps under the Minis ter of War have arrived and President Castro is sending other reinforcements The American newspapers adopt a very hostile attitude towards President Castro Diplomatists at Washington consider that the arrest of the Britishers and Germans under American protection is equivalent to an act of war The German newspapers rejoice over 'the solidarity of the allies in enforcing treaty rights COLD IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE SEVERE SNOWSTORMS IN RUSSIA United Press By Electrio Telegraph Copyright (Received Dec 12 854 am) ST PETERSBURG Dec 11 Terrific snowstorms have occurred in Southern Russia and on the Black Sea Railway communication is interrupted over a large area THE WAIPARA GHEVIOT RAILWAY OPENING THE IRST SECTION It will be remembered that about three years ago a meeting promulgated by the Cheviot Association was held when a number of visitors including the Hon Walker and the Hon Rol leston were visiting Cheviot in connec tion with the agricultural and pastoral show It was then decided to urge upon the Government the isolated position of the district and the urgent necessity of continuing the Christchurch Blenheim Rail way from Waipara through Cheviot Shortly afterwards Mr Seddon visited Cheviot and then promised that the work should be commenced at an early date On March 28 1900 the first sod of the new line was turned at Waipara aiid on Tus day next the first section of fifteen miles to Scargill wiH be officially opened The Railway Department has been carrying produce and stock over this section for the past fortnight and the innovation has proved of great advantage to the settlers beyond that point as in addition to sav ing a cartage on their wool they have also saved a driving on their fat sheep and lambs A special cheap ex cursion train will leave Christchurch at 830 am on Tuesday and will return from Scargill after the ceremony which will be performed by the Minister of Public Works and it is the intention of the Premier and Sir Joseph Ward to be present if possible It is intended to make the excursion more of a picnic than anything else and no formal luncheon will be held The settlers in the vicinity have arranged to supply hot water and milk to the excursionists free of charge but it will be advisable for them to take their own provisions This portion of the line runs through the famous Glen mark Estate and the excursion will give visitors an opportunity of seeing the pretty homestead and the fine stretch of country connected with the estate A commodious goods shed and a large passenger station have been erected at Scargill A number of people have signified their intention of coming down from Cheviot and the inter mediate districts for the opening Cerebos Salt contains the life giving health sustaining phosphates of Wheaten Bran (absent from White Bread) necessary to build up sound Teeth and Bones In the young and to maintain blood brain and nerve force in the grown up Cerebos Salt is used like common salt ront Grocers and Stores IVholesale Agents Chrystall Sr Coi Christchurch AUSTRALIAN MARITIME CRISIS A MANIESTO ROM THE OWNERS United Press Association By Electric Copyright (Received Dec 12 955 am) SYDNEY Dec 12 The majority of delegates to the Ship ping Conference havq returned to then1 homes At present all negotiations arc suspended The owners replying to the con tentions reasserted their former declara tion that there has been no improvement in trade At present steamers aggregating 60000 tons are idle to the shrink age To maintain the ruling wages would stifle coastal trade Dealing with the sug4 gestion that owners should accept the con ditions established by the New Zealand Ar bitration Court they point out that thid New Zealand conditions always have been about ten shillings a month ahead of thi Australian rates The award of the Court while it would reduce Australian wages by ten shillings a nmnth would give other con cessions which would more than compen sate for the loss of money HOW NEW ZEALAND WILL BE AECTED VIEWS PROMINENT UNIONISTS 1 nou Our Correspondent WELLINGTON Dec 12 Mr Jones Secretary of the ederated Union of New Zealand on be ing interviewed said he thought that ii was just possible that the Australian sea men might accept a reduction of their wages if shipowners satisfactorily showed that the state of trade warranted a reduce tion but against this Suggestion it was' to be remembered that the men are familiar with this statement which was made Iras fore when the men knew that trade warf not as bad as the shipowners made it out( to be Mr Jones has gathered from those whd go down to the sea in ships on the Aus tralian coast that trade has not been and is not bad and that therefore the re duction of wages demanded is not war ranted The shipowners in the colonies he said had done remarkably well by ths South African War and the inter Stata trade was flourishing Therefore Aus tralian seamen take with the proverbial! grain of salt the statements that trade is bad Mr Jones recalled the fact that just such statements as those put forward at the recent conferences in Australia were made by Australian and New Zealand ship owners at a similar conference held on other in 1886 At that confer? ence and upon the dull trade statement there said Mr Jones ws laid the ground work for the great maritime strike of 1890 Mr Jones declared emphatically that an a result of the 1886 conference the ship owners deliberately sought to bring about the big strike of four years later because they desired to break the power and in fluence of the Union which was then a splendidly organised body It would be a strange coincidence if a strike followed the conference held yesterday in Sydney The Australasian Union is finan cially and numerically stronger even than it was prior to the strike of 1890 If a strike resulted Mr Jones thinks il would not be on the same scheme as that iff' twelve years ago Then all seamen and wharfmen throughout Australia and Jew Zealand were involved nowadays the sea men and waterside workers of New Zea land are barred from taking part owing to their working under awards of the Arbi tration Court The wharf labourers of Newcastle (New South Wales) are also working under an award of the newly set up New South Wales Arbitration Court? and there might be some doubt about other waterside workers in New South Wales joming in the strike Mr Jones thought that Mr James Mills general manager of the Union Steamship Company would endeavour to get an agreement made in Australia to exist until the New Zealand award expires (on Dec 31 of next year) If such an agreement could be effected then the shipowners (who are federated under the title of The Aus tralian Steamship ederation would pro bably endeavour to get a united agreement for the seamen throughout the Common wealth and New Zealand And if a strike resulted Mr Jones what do you (think our men would dtf asked the pressman replied the Secretary I thinB the New Zealand seamen would support the strikers strongly financially but I da not think they could come put again THE EECT TELE NEW ZEALAND AWARD The question is being asked would the New Zealand members of the Australasian ederated: Umon bi affected if a general strike was ordered by the In the strike of 1890 the men on the New Zealand coastal trade were ordtered by the New Zealand! Executive Mr Young the Secretary of the Wellington section of the Australian ede ration says that under the award of the Arbitration Court the New Zealand mem bers would have to remain neutral but they could contribute to the strike funds heavily as they pleased He pointed out however that whilst the Union in New Zealand: could not order its men to strike under a £500 penalty for breach of an award the men could individually leave thi boats after giving twenty four hours notice On the other hand Mr Jones the Secretary of the New Zealand ederation which has no connection with the Austra lian ederation expressed the opinion that he saw in the ayrard to prevent New Zealand seamen joining the strike He quoted following clause (39) of the In dustrial award: four no tice on either side shall be the law of dis charge in the port where the ship has drawn out her articles but should the ship be laid! up at any other port of the Austra lasian colonies the crew may accept their discharge with wages then due but shall be entitled to a free passage back to the final port Engagements may be determin ed in the colony at any time af ter the arrival at her port of discharge in the colony consequent on the completion of a round voyage by twenty four no tice on either side all notices to be given to or received from the master of the ship only Any man discharged at any place other than the port where the articles were drawn out shall be given a passage back by the first vessel proceeding to the home port or to the place at which the man shipped but should a man be dis charged at his own request he shall not bo entitled to a passage back to his port or shipment or to the port where the articles were drawn Acting under instructions from their ex ecutive the New Zealand seamen gave txv'enty four notice before coming out of the boats in 1890 THE POSITION THE SHIP OWNERS' Several gentlemen whose interests are concerned with Australian shipping were approached by our representative The out look according to the views expressed is not very encouraging one The shipping companies have it wag stated undoubtedly lost a considerable amount of money of late and are quite prepared to lay up their boats if the men should go out on strike The companies are bound together by a very strong federation and are not at ail likely to give way to demands which they consider excessive THE WATERSIDE WORKERS The influence of the waterside workers of Australia will have no small effect in the case of strike The Waterside Workem II.

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