The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1930 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 12
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The Upper Des Moines-Repuklican, October 29,1930 LOCAL ACADEMY DEFEATED SUNDAY Corpus 'Christ! of Ft. Dodge Downed Locals by Score of 20 to 0. LOCALS OUTWEIGHED 20 POUNDS TO MAN. Fort Dodge Boys Won Through Sheer Wright of Players. Algona .Showed Great Fight. St. Cecelia's academy footbnll team went down to defeat Sunday at the hands of Corpus Christ! academy of Fort Dodge to the tune of 20 to 0. The gamp was played at Athletic Ptirk hero before a fairly largo crowd and under Ideal playliiR conditions. The local boys played under a handicap of being outweighed nearly twenty pounds to the man. The visitors' heavy linn completely smothered St. Ccce'lals running attack and they had to resort to an aerial attnok which brought tlicni to the visitors' five yard stripe at one tlmo but Cape.skw sumibl eel over Ills interference: on the riex play r.nd failed In gain. The vlstor then took the ball nwny from the lo calu on downs and l,h:: Algona twin failed to net williin scoring di.stanc again. One Fort Uodtfc lineman tipped tin ficaleri nt nearly 250 pounds and th! light Inexperienced St. Cecelia boy; were unable to take him out of tin plays. There were no oul.stundlin players for the locals, everyone of then putting: in all the light and pep thei had but were overcome by slice: weight. Port Dodge did nof, attempt nny passes but made their scores and gain mostly through the line. One score came from, an oil tackle dash for thirty yards. St. Cecelia plays tho academy a' Pocahontoa next Saturday afternoon Sherman Township Men Are Good Shots. Nick, John and Mike Altmann, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Altmann, pioneers and among the best citizens of Sherman township, are known about the nation an some of the best marksmen. They have a banner decorated with probably fifty medals received at various shoots in which they participated during the past few years. Among the prizes they have received Is a silver cup won at Davenport In 1929. also a fine walnut gun cabinet. The young rnen are at home except John, who lives on a nearby farm. Mr. Altmann, Sr., although alonft in years, still takes an interest In this- art and can still hit the bullseye. He ins In his possession a medal received by his grandfather, who wa.s i soldier under Napolean when he made his march to Russia and burned Moscow. Mr. and Mrs. Altmann hav fine home and some of the best and In Kossuth county. Both take an nterest In the affairs of the nation and he state and In their declining years re enjoying life to the utmost. and expect to give a good account of themselves. Tho lineup for the Fort Dodge game wan: Jirstenlehner, LE; Baker, LT; Robinson, LO; Dunn, C; Kohlhaas, RG; Hegarty, RT;; Strelt, RE; Fln- nell, QB; Capesius, LH; Hanson, FB; and Kelly, RH. M. & M. Sandwich Shop Was Held Up. Two bold, bad bandits entered the M. & M. Sandwich Shop, across from tho Court house on Thorington street, Bbout 6:20 -.this morning. They obtained nothing for their efforts. Grover McOranahan, the • cook, had just arrived and .was making the coffee. Two men came In the door and asked him about the cigars In the counter. Then they questioned him about the coffee and Ice cream. McOtranahan went Into the kitchen and was doing some work there when he looked up and Into the muzzle of a revolver and was commanded to elevate hl%'hahdB.' He described one of the •men as being quite tall, dark com- plexloned-and wearing a dark gray overcoat, and with his shirt collar turned up.- The other one was short but McGranahan did not got a good look at him, - "?'••-•-One man went through tho cash register but it was empty, the money having been taken out the night before. The men then backed out the door and Clapsaddle Wins Second In Tire Sales Contest. The Clapsaddlc Tire & Vulcanizing Service has on exhibit in Its front window n miniature Boppelin in a hangar, which was awarded the firm as a second prize in the Goodyear Tire sales contest which was held during the months of August and September. A small electric motor automatically opens the floors of the hangar and tho iiosn of the zcppelln slides out. As tho motor runs the aircraft goes back into the hangar and the doors close. Tho Clapsaddlo firm won n similar prize two yrnrs a r <o, and one year won the first prize. The contest was staged In the western division of the Goodyear territory which Includes Dubuque, part DISTRICT LEGION CONVENTION HERE (Continued from First Page.) from sources which were chronically opposed to the Legion and what it stands for and he held that much of tho trouble was the result of activities by communists drawn to Boston for the purpose of embarrassing thy national federation of labor convention which was being held there at the same time as the Legion convention. Mr, Miles also defended compulsory military training in state colleges and universities, pointing out that more than half the world is In the throes of Internal unrest at present and that an outbreak of war in the near future is not a remote possibility. He concluded with the statement that "We are willing to give leadership to movements for peace, but always we must be In a position to protect ourselves." The Iowa Blues orchestra played during the banquet and at the dance and the Rusty Hinge quartette from Mason City entertained at the banquet and made their usual hit with the crowd. A. E. Krcsensky and Dr. A. D. Adams did a fine job of leading the banqtictcers in song. Auxiliary Meeting. The Legion Auxiliary began of Minnesota and points west. The Belmond dealer won the first prize. Book and Gift Shop Will Move Next Week. The H. Rice Book & Gift Shop will not open in its new location until next week because of delay in Install- ng the heating unit. For that reason :he gift shop sale will continue until Saturday evening. As soon as the gift shop Is removed to the new location, which Is the first door north of the present site, the site will be remodeled 'or a lobby for the theatre. Thousands Visits the State Park This Year. Custodian Paul Willc, of the Am- irose Call State Park, reports that p to October 1st, 80,000 people had Jslted the park during the year. They ame from all over the United States nd some from Canada. went. down the street, said that ho dismissed McGranuhnn the incident from.his mind and did not report It to the officers as the bandits obtained no money and didn't disturb him, BO he thought It unnecessary to do so. The weather for the past week has varied In temperature from 05 degrees to 26 degrees above y.cro. Granted Divorce for Non-Support. Florence Matson Bowen of Algona was granted a divorce Tuesday by Judge James DoLand from Guy Bowen on the grounds of non-support. She was given, the custody of a minor child. The Bowens were married In 1928. No. 1C, except the Butterworth comer, which consists of one mile. May Pave Short Corner. Tho paving Is now open to traffic and extends to within a short distance of tho gravel corner from the south and west. Contemplating a reversal by Lhc supreme court, the highway commission ordered the roncl paved to the vicinity of Huterworth's farm. If the eglalaturo refuses to change the road statute, it may be necessary to make a short corner, following the present travel road around Buttcrworth's jullding.i, despite the commission's pol- cy of building sweeping turns, or some their day by registering at nine a. m. There were 14 delegates. The committee in charge of the Auxiliary meeting were Mrs. H. A. Reimer, housing; Mrs Theodore Larson and Mrs. Gordoi Ogg, registration; Mrs. G. D. Brund age, sale of banquet tickets; Mrs. L M. Merritt, sale of luncheon tickets Three luncheons were held at noon— the president's luncheon was at HIP Baptist church, where H. C. Craig tenth district commander of tho Legion gave a talk; the state historian and secretary's luncheon at the Tib- bctt's Tea Room, wish Mrs. Esther Thompson of Dallas Center, state historian, in charge. Talks were given by Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Ida Larson. of Swoa City, state publicity director. The district commlttcewomen and county officers' luncheon was held at the home of Mrs. W. K. Ferguson. The meeting proper was called at nine-thirty a. m. by Mrs. Madeline See. The following program was given; advance of colors by the Algona unit of the Auxilary; salute to the flag, by Mrs. Leo Laird of Rockwell City, tenth district historian. Reports of the county chairmen were heard and then an address of welcome by Mrs. F. H. Webster of Algona. Mrs. A. N. Thorns of Fort Dodge gave a response to this welcome. The state officers were introduced and the meeting adjourned for lunch. Afternoon Session. i The afternoon session was again prc side over by Mrs. See. A solo by Mrs W. S. Lee of Algona accompanied b; Jcannette Goeders, was enjoyed by al present. Talks were given by Mrs Thompson and Mrs. Larson and then the county reports were continued. The local president of the D. A. R., Mrs.L L. E. Fairbanks, was introduced. Mrs H. D. Hay of Glidden, mother of the first Iowa boy killed in action in the World War, was in attendance and was given a great ovation as she was escorted to tho platform by Mrs. Webster who gave a short talk on department actlvtles. The meeting was then adjourned in order that the ladies might attend the free movies at the Call Theatre which were accorded to all Leglonalres and Auxiliary members through the courtesy of the Algona Community Club. Corsage bouquets were given to all state and district officers of the Auxiliary through the courtesy of the local Legion post and Auxiliary unit. WWfMWVAlWJf^^ Dashing New Coats AT VERY SPECIAL PRICES Gorgeous Furred Garments at Unbeatable Price Levels ithcr route. 10 Years of Free Hotleryl — It's dull it's smart And so daringly sheer I It has more quality, more 'style, is doubly durable---with its dullness knitted in—yet costs no more. WU is it? Phoenix c/u/S/ieer Silk Hosiery of coursel Chiffon weight in a complete ranne of newest Fall colortones to complement the lutest I'dris inspired fashions. $195 Cooperated. The Community club of Alf;ona cooperated to the fullest extent with the Hagg PoHt to make the convention a success and all the visiting members of Legion urn! Auxiliary were enthusiastic in their praise of Algona and the courtesies which wore accorded thorn. The streets were decorated with flags, bunting and colored electric lights which made a very attractive scene. The visitors said that they had one of the best times they had ever had a district meeting. It was a great, honor for Algona to be able to have the convention here as conventions are nearly always held'in larger cities, and tho local post of the Legion is to bfi conciutulatfd on Its showing. County Han State Officers. Ttie Kossulh county Auxiliary was notjiljly honored by the recent appointment of Mrs. Ida K. Larson of Swea City :i;i publicity and radio chairman for Ui<: ;,tate department of the American I,'.-,'i')ii Auxiliary. It is only the Bf-r.oijd time that Kossuth county hus hud a Mate officer. Two years ago Mrs. I''. H. WebMcr was chairman of the ft:ii.c rehiibllltallon 0' Mrs. I.ari.on ha.s for a number of years been 'in'- of I hi' niosl active workers in the Hv/cii City unit of the Auxiliary. Lust year under her leadership KWITI OH" v.'on the blithest award in the state of Iowa lo publicity work. To do tills the null, entered posters, irenenil publicity charts and a history scrap book. The flwea City honors boostt'd the tenth district, to such an extent, that the. district also received first, place in publicity work. At the banquet which v.-.-is held Wednesday, Mrs .Larson was Introdiieed and awarded tin- "miblleitv bound" whleh was the prl/e (;lveii the tenth district. Mrs. Larson was chair- innn of 111' 1 Hwea Oily publicity committee at thn time tho Swea City unit won the publicity award. Whittemore Lady Buys Beauty Shop. Wliitleniore, Special, October 'JO.— Mrs. Hetty Langernmn hits purchased Ihe Heflln Heaiily Bhop at HiunboUlt mid will move there some time next week. Mrs Iiiilli'.erilum came t« Whlt- lemore from teuton thre" years iiiro n ml opened the l' A orj;et-Me-Not lieautv Shop. Klie Is holding a dosing out sale of her line of millinery and is This is a season of extra big coat values at this store. Never have furs been more beautiful, cloths more lustrous and colors more charming than this Fall. We are going out after the coat business by offering bigger bargains than you have ever seen at this store. Money talks this year and the coats you will see here for $18.50, $29.75, $35.00 and up to $68.00 (nothing higher) are the greatest values of the season. We have novelty coats of imported mixtures, wooly, T imme Tufts, silk seal, fur trimmed plushes, trico broadcloths, and all the newest weaves in a beautiful collection of nifty models in Brown, black, green and navy. Come in and see these outstanding coats; you will ; J>,e \a$ proud to qym:one ; as': we are to sell them. Prices have surely "hit tKe boitbm'^at this store and if you doubt it, come in and see our prices. L_J VVWWWWWVVWWvvtf Church. l sors gave n farewell party for Arn- vuiuim. i Corner of North Wooster and East | day evening. A six o'clock luncheon Elm Street. H. Dubbe, pastor. There will be German services next Sunday at ten-thirty. SWEA CITY NEWS. Wear « pair, get entry blank for "Letter Contest'' at Hoticry D«pt. Tune In for detail* on the Columbia chain every Friday night. Hosiery Department — First Floor f Chrischilles & Herbst jo f i ~ : WWWWWWW^^ HOI a live dollar gold piece with one of the purchases. Mrs. Langerman nnd her two datiuhtor.s, Ocneva and Jose- nlilnc, will be missed by their many friends whom they have made during their residence here., The two girls 'are star basket ball players, Josephine i hiiviiiu: been declared tho best, jumping ! center In the amntv at the tournament lust year. The He.llln shop was recently purchased bv Mrs. Prank Sanders of West Bond. Mr. Sunders has procured a position In South Dakota and the fiimllv will move there. Aloronn Markets. Corn, No. 2 yellow $ .08',6 w Corn 60 27 8.50 Mr. and Mrs. Emil Larson and family spent Sunday at the Elon Anderson home. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Nelson and Mi:;s Harrletta Olson spent the week end with relatives and friends at Minneapolis. The pupils of the seventh and eighth grades, who plan on entering tho unlor •high declamatory contest arc beginning work this week. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Dahl and daughter, Ardls, spent the week end with their daughter, Mrs. Hubert Kriifie at O'Neill, Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson and sister, Mrs. Sehncr Plettc of Wiillston, North Dakota, is spending a few days with relatives at Des Molnus. Mrs. Anna Griffith and nephew, Marvin Griffith of Amboy, Minnesota, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Griffith and sons spent Sunday at the Earl Grilfith home at Algona. Mrs. Luona Belmond of Clear Lake Is spending the week at the Henry Myhr homo while Mrs. Henry Myhr is attending grand chapter meeting of the ICa.stern Star at Sioux City. Mrs. C. P. IJcrggrcn is at tho Fairmont hospital suffering with erysipelas. Her many friends are hoping for a .speedy recovery. Mrs. L. I>. Berggron is earing for the family during her ab- was served followed by a social hour. Arnold expects to live at Brlcelyn, Minnesota, in the future. The M. E. Ladles' Aid society served seventy-five at the interdenominational Sunday School rally of Kossuth county on Friday evening. H. O. Helbrecht of Des Moincs was the principal speaker, his address being on "The Value of Christian Education,' 'and was outstanding, long to be remembered by .those who were privileged to attend. Mesdames Fred Peterson, Buell Johnson. G. D. Curtis and P. W. Larson attended the tenth district American Legion and Auxiliary convention held at Algona on Wednesday. Mrs. Larson remained for the evening joint meeting und was a guest at the Harry Edwards home in Algona. Tho evening banquet and meeting was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Berg and the Messrs. Rome Johnson, Art Christensen, Vivian Klnney and Roy Fos- rrren. attending enjoyed one of the best district conferences held. Much praise Is accorded the Algona past and unit for the way they managed the conference. Kohlhaas Hardware. 20 FOR SALE—Spotted Poland China male hogs. Eligible for registry. Call at farm, one-fourth mile east and one and one-fourth miles south of LuVerne.— M. L. Barton. 20-21' FOR SALE OR RENT—Six modern home.—J. T. Bohannon. room 20-21 FOR SALE—Ripe Hubbara squash, truee cents per pound Eat squa;': 1 . and Keep warm.—E. J. Hodges, phone G1H. 20 FOR SALE—Japanese hulle^ pop- eon- ten cents per pound.—E. J. Hodges, phone CIS. 20 FOR RENT—Four room house. Call C40-W.—Mrs. Ann Fechner. 18-tf WANTED—Men and women to pick chickens. Steady work. & Co. Apply Swift 18-20 FOR SALE—Laree Burch electric pop corn machine. For two operators. —N. C. Rice, Phone 141. 15-tf BORROW MONEY—I have a few hundred dollars to loan on town property In good condition.—O. A. Momyer. 14 Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf "Algona's Wife Saving Station."— Kirch's Laundry, Phone 267. 50-tJ FARM LOANS AT Sy 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. The (tlrls of the World Wide Guild met ul the Chas. Ke.'jter home on Saturday. This was a social affair In honor of their leader, Mrs. Henning Prom, who plans to leave for her new home at iin early date. Rev. and Mrs. G. Seimans left Monday for Minneapolis for a few days' visit. They were accompanied by Miss Esther Kramer of Buffalo Center, who expects to remain Indefinitely. The American Legion and Auxiliary art- planning a Joint meeting for Hal- lowe'en on Thursday evening with Musdames Chrlstcnsen, Bravender and Bovis on tho entertainment committee. A good time is assured all who attend. The ninth grade with Miss Francis Dahl and E, Sweaney as class spon- One-Log Cabin to Be Exhibited Here. The Botsford Lumber Company has an Interesting miniature display of the interior of the tomb of King Tut-Ankh- Amen, In their window. Scientists have discovered that asphalt was the main preservative used by the Egyptians when they laid their dead away, and most of the finest mummy specimens have come from Egypt. The display Is sent out by a paint company which uses asphalt in its paint. Next week Wednesday the Botsford Lumber Company will briiiK to Algona the one-log house on wheels. This log cabin is hewn out of one big log eight feet in diameter and sixteen feet long. It contains a two room apartnlent, and is mounted on a truck and trailer. When cut in 1926 the tree was 434 years old, and was therefore "born" tho year Columbus discovered America. It took three men five weeks to hollow out the log. First they bored a two inch hole through the center. Then they used a blow torch and burned the hole to a diameter of four feet Then using wedges they chipped the rest of the Inside out, and finally smoothed the Inside with adzes. The log cabin has been exhibited all over the country and Is especially Intersting to the school children. The cabin will be on exhibit south of the court house In K-fJWJWJVW.WVJWWfMtWJ'JWJW. \ BIG BOOMING Wants, For Sale. Etc. FOR SALE—Three good second hand heaters, one second hand Cushman engine, several second hand washers.— Three week ago, we threatened to break all blanket .selling records for this store. Wo are on our way. Ti' you are looking for the biggest and best blanket bargains in Algona, this is the store to visit. All our blankets are big, full-sized, extra quality, and we are making bargains out of every single number. We call your attention again to large sized, part wool, sateen bound end single sheet blanket whk-h we are selling at $1.25 and which we believe is the greatest blanket ever offered our trade for this .small price. In pretty plaids, full size, nice weight and a real bargain at only A new number this week in a 70x80 part wool plaid blanket made of finest sea island cotton and select (id wool, sateen bound ends, firm, even weave arid Huffy, wooly appearance; This blanket ought to sell for $4.qp ttfffflS, but we offer it in O QC about eight pretty colors*, this week, for __,_ "Md Still a few of those 72 t x84 part wool specials for $2.95. Hurry! ; * '

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