The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1930 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 11
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The Upper Pes Moines-Republican, October 29, 1930 Right now before the weather grows colder, drive in. Put your car in safe, well-trained hands. Have it thoroughly checked. Make your car safe, sure and sound for winter driving. THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS;; by Mc- reports Bertha Laura rlieriff, Auditor's office October 7, 1930.— Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment '"'1"; all members present and proceeded with the audit and allowing of bills . Motion by Funnemark nnd second by Morris that the following flnnl estimates he allowed: Paul & Donnelly Secondary Road District No. 115 for $180.70: Paul & Donnelly Secondary Rond No. 148 for $164.SO; W. R \VU1- lams Secondary Road No. 105 for *)tm. • 31- W. n. Wllllnms maintenance project No. 14 for J20S.OO. Ayes: nil. Moton by Morris and second Donald that third quarterly ending September 30, 1930 of R. .lohnson, county auditor; Pnino, recorder, I... TO. Hovcy, nml Clark Orton, clerk district court, are hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and secon 1 by McDonald Hint chairman of the board is hereby authorized to sign quit claim deed to ullus Jonson, for Innil heretofore used for gravel pit In SRM Sec. 11-97-27. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that chairman of the board Is hereby authorized to enter Into lense for gravel pit with Theodore Dorenbush for 3.63 acres In SKVt SBVi Section 13-99-27. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and seconJ by Helken that further proceeding.-! In re-Bard to Including additional territory on Dr. 9 Is hereby continued to 2 p". m.i November 0, 1930. Ayes: all. Motloi, by Hollten and second by Mo- Donnld that the followne resolution k« adopted: Whereas, the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Town, bavins made application to the Chicago Rouh I*! land & Pacific Ry. Co. for permission to locate crossings at the southwest corner nnd the southeast corner of section 13-99-29, and said pemlsslon was refused, and, Whereas, In case of dispute author!• y Is vested in the hoard of roalroad ommlssloners to locate these cross- ngs, Higher cranking speed and hotter starting spark are derived from a new or fully charged battery. Let us test your battery now. Have it charged or trade it in on one of the correct electrical size. You will find Willard and Firestone Batteries moderate in price and backed by our guarantee. See our new battery biiilt weather starting. personal for cold Unless your car is Alemited by specialists at their job you cannot expect to dodge winter repair bills. Genuine one hundred per cent Alemite service gives you free and smooth operation of every vital part of your car. It also includes the flushing out of gears and differentials by a special Alemite process and forcing in special whiter lubricant- spraying springs with Alemite, Graphite oil. You can thoroughly depend on the man that serves you. Protect Cold winds and freezing weather will cost you money unless you drain, flush then refill your rad- ; iator with an anti-frecze solution. 188 proof Alco- ; hoi, Ever-Ready Prestone or Eadiator Glycerine ; will give you one hundred per cent protection. 5 Now. therefore, be It resolved by (lie hoard of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, that permission be granted by the hoard of rnllrond commissioners to cross the Chicago, Rock Island £ Paciflle Ry. nt prn,1e with Hie public highway at the southwest and southeast corners of section 13-99-29. Adopted this 7th dny of October. 1930. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that the following bids for supplies he accepted: Kltpto Loose Leaf Company to furnish 40 binders. 500 book reviews, one transfer drainage warrants. one transfer treasurer's ledger two steel filing cablnels; -Matt Pnrrott ft Sons to furnish one real estate mortgage record and one transfer general warrants; Acros-Rlncknior In furnish one Peerless post binder. 10(10 auditor's cash and warrant ledger, one loose loaf ill (linage binder, three loose leaf binders for treasurer, one treasurer's miscellaneous receipt register, one notice of appointment recorder; Fldlnr it Chambers to furnish 6-60 yard rolls cross section paper: Advance Publishing Company to furnish 13,000 data sheets as nor terms of hid. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that county treasurer be Instructed to advertise for bids on bonds on Dr. 177 fixing November (1. 1930. at two p. m. as time for receiving bids. Ayes: all. Motion by Ileiken nnd second hr I McDonald that further proceedings on Dr. 119. are hereby 'continued to November ft, 1930. Ayes: all. On motion hoard ndourned to ninf o'clock H. m.. October 8. 1930. RIORTIIA K. JOHi.SOX. County Auditor. Auditor's office. October S. 1930.— Hoard of supervisors of Kossulh county met pursuant to adjournment wllh all members present. Motion by Morris nnd second by TIelkon that the following judges and clerks are hereby appointed to serve nl the 1930 general election. RRCINCT— Igona 1st Ward Mgona 2nd Ward Algona 3rd Ward Alsonn 4th Ward Buffalo Township Burt Township Cresco Township East Lone Rock (Burt Twp) Eagle Township Fenton Township CI,|i]RKS . .Mrs. <!eo. St. John Mrs. Marl Dnlxlol . .C,oo. .1. F.lhrrt . . .I'M. Heliliers .1. A . . D. McDonflld L. Le.ffrrt I I Huenhold J. Doolry OKNIORAL 10L10OTION. November 4, 1930. JUDGIOS 10. II. Ronrdsl Mrs. W. !•:. Mi-Donald Roy Richardson I COUNTING HOARD I Mrs. O. R. Malone . i W. A. Liii-onx ; 10. W. Lusby Mrs. W. 10. Kaln . .. i Mrs. C. F. l.alhrop , Harry Oodden : COUNTING HOARD 10. J. Gllmore . . . . 1011/abolh Frank C.elgcl P. Will filllirlde Tom Kaln ITolmulli Clins. Taylor Mrs. .1. Hubert R. Smith COUNTING HOARD Mrs. Horace Clapsaddlc Malt I.amutli Frank Kollmns R. F. Donovan Mrs. Ida S. Rlolinrdson Karl Vincent Mrs. D. D. Monlux John Hngcnrd C. Herman Vallle M. Trlbon COUNTING BOARD .1. I.,. Ronar M. P. Wearer R .A. Rrownell C. B. Murtagh R. A. Palmer Fred Royken TO. P. Hanson Chris Rrandt Wm. I!oyke» Andrew M. Hansen COUNTING HOARD John Snchan Wm. Stott L. Oesterreicher C. C. Smith Thos. Ilawcott 11. Sewlck COUNTING HOARD Mrs. W. A. McArlhur Geo. P. Hawcott .... Maud ITanna G. W. Hrown Harry Sabin Phil Roethler Geo. llanna Lem Mnrlow John T. Cherland • John P. Peterson .. . Lawrence Thorson . . . Paul Cody Fred Welsbrod Gnylord Johnson ... Gus Krause COUNTING BOARD •John Dempsey J. A. 'or 1929 Rancroft Incorp. is hereby •ancelled on nccount of belonging to lire depnrfmf-nt. I That 11. A. Rleiell be refunded flflv . cents (fiOcts.) county poll for 19:'!' ! Portland township on account of !>nv- Ing also paid same In Hurl Incoip. That Olaf Pearson of Swea City In- corp. be refunded fifty cents (SOcts.) county poll for 1920-192S-1929 In Swea City Independent Swe:i on nccount (if being erroneously charged. That road poll tax of R. IT. Put/.. Portland Twp. for 1929 for $-1.00 Is hereby abated on nccount of physical disability. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemnrk that F. .1. Halemnn. chairman of hoard Is hereby authorized to enter into lease with C.len Miller for S'«;. NVV'J Sec. 34-97-27. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjonrnmenI' with all mem- iers present. Mollon by Morris and second bv Me- Hinald that following open dilch rlght- »f-\vay claims be allowed: liim.-K. .11. No. «- -O. H. R. 'W Mall Fa her S\V,H N10U Si '7. $1.25. )r. 177--- Conriul Kohl. SWU N\V"i, 15-27. $1.43; NW'i SW<4 Sec. ['•'.'-R' A.-K. Trl. No. S-t — Josle Tliompson. NIO'.i Sec. ' 9 ill- <I—O. D. R. W. A. C. .1. I,. Reid. NW'i SIO" ( Sec. 1.3; SWVi SIOU Sec. 20-95-30 ounty auditor authorized ti und warrants. Ayes: all. Mollon by McDonald nnd Morris that ll"lken be appointed a* i commlllce lo make repairs on Dr. ^2 as per ronuosls. Ayes: all. Million by McDonald nnd second 1 -;.- Funnemnrk thai Ralgoman be nppoln'- 1 as a eommlltee to make repairs on Dr. 105. Ayes: all. Mollon bv Funnomark and second hv Helken that lOllnor Taylor Sutton Is hereby employed as social worker for year commencing Ociobor 1st. 19:'-i>, at n salary of $150.00 per month. A yes: Funnemark, Ilelken. Morris. Nays: McDonald. Mollon by Morris and second by Hi ll;en (but bid of Rarlon * Warner for three Coieman (rucks arid three Sargent snow plows Is hereby accept- 1. Ayes: all. On motion hoard proceeded with milling and allowing of bills as per schedule of claims hereinafter written: M. T No. Paul No. Paul No. J. A. Don Mllto John \V. R MoOuir 11 ,t Donnr My. S, II ."• * Donnelly. S, MS Roberts, bride '!'. Nugent, as n McFaddi'-n. ro l-'raser. lodmai William.- trradir.g project ; 21« Rd. D!s». tf,2(!.27 Rd. I'ist. 1 I S3. 2.'. fid. ,1 | engineer 175.00 .Herman Racluit .Leonard Galilee C. O. Bailey . .John Marllr . . .IT. Tliompson Jess McDon&ld . .M. N. Plillllps . . R. E. Lowmnn .. Karl Evrold Merle Richards . .M. 11. Johnson Simon Scverson W. E. Lte.s» , W. E. Stochcr .Inlius Jensen, urravel Paul £- Donnelly, Sec. No. 93 Paul i<t Donnelly, Sec. Road Dlst. No. Mi; Paul it Donnelly, See. Road Dlst. No. 150 Paul £• Donnelly. See. P,ond Dlst. No. 1«2 ' Penrlov C. llaynes. labor John Donnelly, labor MeCulre. lahor MeOulro. labor 1 Ylorson. l.-ibor Rruns. tiling .5" 15.50 32'in.SI 100.00 39B.S1 Imlependent Oil * Oas Co.. gas . . 273.Bt Standard Oil Co.. gas 157.5i \villlnrn T. Oordos. gas I'3.1 i Peerless oil Co.. gas 8S-MS DRAIN-AGIO FUNDS. K. G. Stenstrom, repairing tllo c. Albln Peterson. repairing tHo Raker, repairing tile Onken. i rpalrlng tile . . I'M. (id I >r. r (I,-, Dr. 9 Ttif A. Onken. labor . . . . Kenne. latior . . . . . Michel, engineer . l.nlhrop. roiUnan 20.70 15.00 9.30 17.45 24.35 i n 1 li !tns. Inbor ir" I,ooft. labor .... llilferlv. labor .. A. Ma mills, labor Sec. 2S- 2S-95-27. 23-97-30. 20-95-30. 3.9. and issue re- J. A. n Clear pli K'l-llt Kent Rnrl Pnul No. Smith s ........................ Lain" Sand ,t (Snivel, sups It. 7S (11.29 Motor Comiiany, repairs Motor Company, repairs.. iil.2^ n-Warner Co., supplies ... :i, r i0.nO ,v;- Donnelly, See. Rd. Dlst. MX ...................... H!S.-l:i M A I NTKNA NC10 Fl'N I ). C. M. SI. P. K- P. Ry.. frgt. and demurrage .................. 112.29 Pnul £- Donnelly. malnt. project No. I .................... .15:19.0:! M. &• St. 1-. R.v. Co.. freight ... 1.H9 II. R. Cowan ,>;• Sou, material nnd labor ........................ nnofl.oo GeorglanuM l-'i-eiich. hind ...... 7:!5.<ui C. M. SI. P. * Pae. lly. Co.. freight 25. 5S \\". 11. Wlllhiins. malnt. proj. 2412.05 innlnl. pro.1. No. II W. H. Williams. No. 5 'Julius Jenvi-n. labor Theodore DorenbiiKh. i.lohn S. Nelson, lab .I. II. Montgomery, r 1101.00 19.10 HS.90 i!72. SO 117.54 HOS.Or. 5CII!OIH'l,i: OIi' CLAIMS COUNT V FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co. lei. services ..................... $ C. * N. W. Ry., freight City of Algonn. light and water 11. M. Smith, co. engineer .... O L. Thorson, weed commissioner ....................... Richard Hlelske. weed commissioner ...................... F. .1. Ralgemnn. com. & session Rancroft Register, pub. proceedings ......................... W. 10. McDonald, com. & session Olaf FunnemarU, com. &-. session P. J. Ilelken. com. «>i session .. Charles Morris, com. & session . Koss. Co. Farm Hurenii, appropriation ..... ................. 1250.00 Bertha K. Johnson, office expense ........................ 4.93 Martha. Harris, labor In clerk's office ........................ Mnrv K. Sands, labor In Irons. office ........................ Win. Shirley, off. and traveling exp .......................... L. K. Ilovey, co. sheriff ........ Fred Schwartz, bounty Glenn I.arsen. bounty .......... Michael Heidershchold. bounty . .1. A. Ktrayer, alt. conv. of school officers ............... K. O. Mann, o.uariintlne ........ ICd Droessler, weed commissioner ....................... Peter Looft. weed commissioner Advance Pub. Co., pub. proceedings ......................... Bancroft. Register, pub. proceedings Mrs. H. P. Scliwnrt/. Welsbrod Lorie Rock CFentoh Twp.) Fred Bonn John Newel P. M. Chrlstensen Ij -.P- Holllster F. Garfleld Township Grnnt Township German Township Greenwood Township Harrison Township .Henry Henrlckaon ... Henry Klepfcr B. II. Meyer Jolin Bockelrpan \ Alex Radls Jos. Lynch Joe Sclmller ..... Ed. Edwards, Jr. Peter Mertz W. A. Hall ............ Ray R. Hall Ell Anderson ........ Richard Newton F. M. Jacobs Uhbo Winter .... C. K. Rlppentrop John Rleper Geo. Nyman ............ L. J. Koekler A. Fangman .......... J. A. Nyman F. J. Tint ten COUNTING BOARD Frank Coyne ........ Leo. Mrs. Roy Mutton ...... J. Mrs. Geo. Cnrmeim Peter Looft .......... J. J. Anderson Mrs. Hattle Fultn Mrs. Mamie Spcrbeck .1. E. Kelly COUNTING BOARD ; C. A. Rohlln Ida Larson Geo. B. Butterfield H. O. Larson Hebron Township .................... Lewis Erclk Thomas Rerg .1. C. Mawdsley .... Irvlngton Township ................. Geo. Godfrey ...... ' Henry Weber I •M. Saunde.-s II. Sheridan S. P. KoKcholrn B. L. Weaver R. C. Bnum - C. Lunninf? ..Hugh . .M. L. Rnney Ronuy We take care of all preliminaries and then let us cJieck your tires. Poor iion-skicl treads on slippery roads are dangerous. Punctures and slow leaks are disagreeable!. A new Firestone Built Tire, new tube or repair will save an accident that usually costs more. 'We trade tires. Sexton (Irvington Twp.) Ledyard Township Lincoln Township Lakota (Ledynrd Twp.) LuVerne Township Lot Is Creek Township Plum Creek Township Port land Township Prairie Township Ramsey Township Riverdalo Township Koncca Township Sprlnfffield Township Sherman Township Swea Township Union Township Wesley Township Wliltlcinoro Township Roy Wnldeigh L. C. Jlutehins .... : Henry lOisehoid ; Geo. Moulton I0d. Looft 1 Clins. Finn , COUNTING HOARD i Geo. D. Dunn 1 D. A. Carpenter . . . > Alfred Schultz" i Paul Hert/.ke , H. F. TCdwards , J. H. Wai-burton ! Robert Hamilton .... . Aug. Giitkncelil .... Peter Hans COUNTING HOARD Wm. Rnum Mrs. Waller liosenini John 10. Smith .Mrs. I G. F. Chambers . Frank DeVItl . F. .1, Chapman : COUNTING HOARD F. K. Plapsiiddle . A. .1. lOason ....... ' Mrs. Irvln Hot • Noah Ifeisner . Geo. Winkci Alberl Poli-at-/. Roseoe .Mawilsley . . . .1. 10. MelOnroe .... Alfred .lorgenson It. M. Stewart . \V. II. Sehwictort . . . W. 10. Grover I John Armlurl'er .... . Geo. ('ink ! Isndore Meyer Anton Slork . lOd. Procsslor .1. S. Koenrk .Iiibn l''rleilcrs . Ilenry Rorman .1. 11.' Fraser / 1. F. lOngcs.sor . ot lo It. Jensen . . . ! Tom O'Donnell G. II. Risk . Louis Anderson .... John Haas Henry Kohlhan.s . . . . Simon Leigh • A. \V. Slcussy , John I looey . Axel lOriekson , J. 11. McGregor I T. A. Reid . A. M. Gustat'.son . . I .lames Ooady *> (>. K. Flom ....... • L. A. I !olenus A. L. K'lolnpeter COUNTING HOARD .]. O. Skuw •', Anna Klin/. ' Ilino (l. denies ^ II. I'. Scliulty. • Win. Meyer i('. C. Haas i ('(HINT 1 NCI HOARD • Mrs. W. F. Re liners 1 R. II. Finncll i Mrs. Carl lObcrl. Jr. .J. F. Gllmore . .Clias. Aman ,. . Ed . .Geo. .Leon Worden ...Win. Flynn .. . .Henry Mrs. W. M. Turley .Mrs. Chiis. Lewis 31. SO 7S.OO 94.37 473.51 .30 .30 1.711 .SO 4.00 17.70 59.00 3C.84 38.31 lOlmer lowing, road patrol Paul ,V- l>onii»llv. niiilnl. Ji>ct No. s Paul •'C- Donnelly. malnt. Ject No. II .' llerl Shollmvor, r C. A. Lnmoroux. .l'l ............ 10(1. Oil gravel land 1 1 IT. •:' r .......... 97.21 nd patrol . lofi.-in Wm Ray Dr. 33 lei. imken. 1 Dr. 7* A. .1. Lawler. Piles Dr. MI--Joseph Frlnck. John Karls. n \\'iu lllir.rfv. (ieorge l.oofl. Rny A. Marnn Dr. S2- Rav or nnd sup- work ork . . work •|i;ilr work labor . .. . A. Maniuis. Inbor . o Looft, labor Illlferty, labor . . . re Cenit. * Tile Co. 2lifi.tiS ler L. Moviek. hn Phillips, roi XS'm. d. Ludu-ig. road patrol S. D. McDonald, salary for Sept. I'om Weir, palrolmiui lack Delanev, Inbor . lahor .road pa I nil road pa I ml Inbor dragging patrol .... lra«;e;|n^ i'ra«n-lnn- ings •• • • Haggard & Backus, pub. s'ro- ceedlngs 195.11 Bancroft Register, prig, blanks 42.30 Kllpto Loose Loaf Co., supplies 31.25 Fenton Reporter, pub. notice .. l.BO Advance Pub. Co.. supplies .... 35.06 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice .. IS.84 A. R. Michel, engineer (Dr. 178) HO.OO F. H. Lathrop. rodman (Dr. 178) 5.25 Lincoln School Sup. Co., suplles 54.09 15. Ai Samson, nss't sheriff .... 84.00 Haggard ft Backus, supplies . . 24.75 Pacific Carbon & Ribbon Mfg. Co., .supplies 20.70 Rancroft Register, supplies .... 12.OR Koch Brothers, supplies 9.29 W. II. Horun lOleo. Co., supplies _ 15.20 O. W. lOrlckson .. .fi5 Norton Machine Works, supplies Fraukel Carbon & Ribbon Mfg. Co., supplies 2.00 Churchill Mfg. Co., supplies .... B.7!i La Ing ft Muckoy, labor and material 1-25 Lalng fk Muekey, labor 9.25 Naudain. coal G. B. Ringsdorf, labor 4.on T. R. TORADICATION FUND. A. H. Schenck, cattle inilem S3.SO A. G. Sell ill !z, cattle Indcin P.I.S!! A. .1. Matter, vet sor -18.55 A. J. Matter, vet. Her, INSAN10 FUND. L. 10. Ilovey, sheriff's fees COURT FUND. A. Hutchison, J. p. fees L. 10. Hovoy, sheriff W. C. Hanson, j. p. fees Oliver Maniuis, witness fees .. Jacob Keller, witness fees .... 10. T. Rurbank, constable fees . I*-. A. Newvllle, marshall fees . Albert Ogren, mayor fees POOR FUND. Christ La I ill? ft Muekey, supplies .... Hagge W. J. lln rr. cow testing O. A. Heard, supplies W. II. lluran lOlee. Co., supplies John llagerty, labor Norton Machine Works, supplies Otto Nelson, labor Bert Coder Farmers Co-Op. Ass'ri., supplies enry Ricker Le.wis Stetzel, supplies Fred Park, wages paid at co. farm Columbian Steel Tank Co., supplies 105.00 lOIinor T. Sutlon, o-cpense of conveying palient to la. City .. 1 li.Sn KohlhiuiH Rros.. supplies 21.30 lioolie Rln nl< Hook Co., .supplies l.S:i T. ('. Sehnpper, labor and supplies Fred Humgn rilner, conveying Mrs. K iiiney Kossulh llospllal, mod. aid .... Karl R. Hoffman, denial work .. Mrs. Lloyd Sli'bhlns. service .. \'{fi\ A. llnnsin, board ami room I [oha ( hi vlor, rent Karl Krebs. rent C. F. Hcrggren, rent C. (!. Dourk, rent Jim Iti-uer, jirovislons Smllli Depart. Store, supplies .. Is" .1 I. James, supplies Win. C. Hleele, supplies , A. \V. Jui-geiis. provisions 5.:io li. lOrpeldlng, provisions .... liH.Oii A. Chirk, provisions 10. in A. I iroessle r. provisions .... 25.15 Jos. F. Mi-iike. iirovlslons li.OO 10. L. llansen, provisions .... 15.C,:; W. A. Murray, coal and dniy- . . .James Altwigg Jennie Gutki .11 .Harry eht Allen Lichty ..Arthur Ilof .1. L. Lichty John K . . Peter ihl\\'os Elhurt Walter Kliuup M. L. MelOnroe . . .10. O. Mann W. Rlngsdorf Ludwig, Jr. Alt Studer John llellmrui I(je Rube 311.011, 7.75 3.011 2..'!(l 8.OH 4.111 2.5n .40 12.50 2.00 8.30 10.00 l.-^i 1.00 15.25 75.00 Osclir Weher, (Isea r iOarlng Chester Aline, lOnno lOden, L. 10, Mueller. Relndor Kroniniing'n. J. l 1 ^. IJuinn. jialrol . ('. c. I louseholiler, patrol . Huns W. Nielsen, patrol . 1''. A. Slemer. patrol J-lnrold 10. Nelson, dragging Harm Roecklioldl, draggit A. G. Valentine, dragging Harry Roblin, dragging Frank Diers, dragging ... A. 10. Weaver, dragging ... Raymond 10. Peterson. dni|j 10. It. Inlermlll. dragging Leonard M'Ino. dragging . Joe Mnyno, dragging Roy lOielion. dragging ... C. II. Rlair, dragging Frank 10. Rnuer, drair"'ing . Simon Hlome. dragging ... Fred Riilterfleld. dragging Jacob llofhaiier. dragging lOlmer Uiifllor, dragging .. K. R. Kesler, < C. 10. Kol la sell, Tony Kolbisoh, F. X. Willielml. dragging Jesse Harms, dragging Henry llofbauer, dragging .... lOdwnrd Hagge, dragging Sam Ilarr, dr;igging A. M. Gustafson, dragging I Frank lilebliolT. dr/igglng .... I W. J. Bourne, dragging O. H. Olson, dragging : 10. U. Kesler, dragging -llolcomh .t Wallentlne, dragging Fred G. Darnell, dragging .... Curl Xumacli, dragging Minno IMslus, dragging Fret] Ruscsli, dragging Wm. H. Solin, dragging . , N. R. SchlltK. dragging '.', Louis Seott, dragging Cecil Thoreson, dragging .... lOnrl Nagel, dragging loseph Loebach. dragging ..',', Henry Kuhly, draBglng W. F. McFnrland, dragging .... ^Va rd ft Goc.ty., dragging Jay Oodden, dragging Ole M. Ravn, dragging Calvin Ripponlrop. dragging Alhort Shealler, dragging John A. Sleper, dragging Will RlngsiloiT. dragging W. II. Smith, dragging Wyot Htotl, dragging Frank R. Shipley, ilragglng Art Xlniiel, dragging ....'. ('larence Green, dragging John I' 1 . Hint/, dragging .....'.' Albert Krossln. ilragglng Hill Ruseh. dragging '. Paul Xlelske, ilragglng Julius Wahlors, dragging ..... Pilciiard Pot rill/, drugging ".'.'.'. lOdw. I n-oessler, dr.'igglng Joe J. Clnk. dragging ,,,'.','.'.', Melvin ('od\ r , ilragglng Raymond Harslou, dragging .. A. J. HierMloitt, drag'ging ijiiren R.\ r ers. dragging ...... '.', C. C. Anderson, dragging lOnri Aekeruian, dragging Henry Anderson driiurulnu: .... 10.12 \\'m. .... lOlmore Cenit. Sr Tile Co.. (lie Dr. S3 C. A. Kenne. labor 2:!7.l.O F. II. I alhrop. rodman 5.2"i A 10. Michel, engineer 30.00 Dr. 90— ('has. Cooper, (el. serv l.^' 1 George l.oofl, labor 4.0'1 Win. Illlferty, labor -I <"' Ray A. Maniuis. labor 7.on Thompson Yards Inc.. cement 2-l.rni lOlmore CemenI >V Tile Co., Herman Rriris. repairs 02.-15 A. .1. l.awlor. labor l.' J. H. Cunningham, labor .... 81.SO llllhert i<- Severlens, repair ^vork SS.ia Dr. 105 — Lawrence Clnk. labor Chas. lOmanuel. labor l-l.oo Dr. 110— Ray A. Maniurils. labor i.H" (jeorge I ft. Inbor 4.0:1 Win.' llllferty.- labor 4.011 )r. 114 .1. 10. MelOnroe. cement 40.30 Dr 125 Rny A. Maniuis. labor 51.00 Wm. llllferly, labor 2S.O" George l.oofl, labor 28.00 Dr. 132— Arnold Kcllan, labor 50.70 Wm. Turner, labor ".00 Dr. 135— lOlmore Cement & Tllo Co., tile 1-0 Dr 139— Ray A. Mnriuils. labor 30.50 Wm. llllferly. labor 18.00 George Looft, lahor 18.00 M. T. Huso, estimate No. 6 . 124.r,9 Barton-Warner, flnnl estimate 45.00 F. II. Lathrop, rodman 2.0.1 A. 10. Michel, engineer 17.00 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice fi.OIi Win. Klein, repairs 17.08 Sub. 9 of 4 — W. R MoFarlaml, repairing tile % . 2-00 Sub I of 3-11 — A. .1. Lawler. labor 0.00 J. R. Cunningham, labor .... 4.80 10.-K. No. 2— Central States Contract Reporter, pub. notice for bids.. 9.00 F. II. Lathrop, rodman IB.7;>. A. 10. Michel, engineer ]02.0'J II.-K. 3-40— A. J. Lawler. labor 1.11 J. B. Cunningham, labor .... .9S Matt Laux. labor l.Oi II.-K. 5-87— Herman Bruns. labor 2.0,9 P. A.-K. No. 1— August Fisher, tile repairs .. S.OO Resolved: That the county auditor id; hereby ordered nnd directed tp Issue warrants for all hills allowed .at-.this meeting as shown by the "Scliedul« 'of Claims" hereinbefore written ttB 'per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock n. m., November 6, 1630. BERTHA. E. .TOHf?SON, , County Auditor. 12.00 105.00 K'.Oil 24.00 nn.oo 10.0(1 :!.70 20.011 Crawford Bros., dragging" lOrnest Fischer, dragging lOdw. Xwlefel, ilragglng Loyil Trimble, dragging ...... TOIner Beck, dragging -I. 10. MelOnroe. drugging ..,'... John Hanselman, patrol work ,. 10. O. Mann, anil, paid Van ft. Van for road work lOdwIn W. Lushy, supplies .... Central Sis. lOlee. Co., light for co. shed Clirlsehliles ,<i llerlist. supplies.. Advance Pub. Co., pub. notion .. Sperboek Prig. Co.. pub notice ('iiy of Algona, water .sery. al sheds Il.-ineoek Co. Auditor, one austln grader Francis N. lOlberl. rent on lot .. Jacob Horhauer. entile \vay .... Fred Hiiumgiirtiier, liaullng grave] Hernard Schrler. elieeker J. It. ('unnlngham, lahor ., Mall Laux. relaying tile A. J. Lawler. patching road Ille Alberl lOelleber^-, IIII loa dl II g ,sn O\V fences 11. .1. Klenk, labor Paul Phillips, labor Hi nry Folder, labor Helleillel Gisell. labor .Millions Hei-le, lahor .Job n I ;a in iis, la bor Floyd nilsliorougli, labor T. li. llanifan, lahor labor FOUR, 00IPER pTWr'S . .John Bornrin . Win. Runeh.-y R-l.'iO . l-'red LoReiiKi . . . Fred Dulto K. C. Green John I 1 . Rormuiin . .O. . .M. Fred . . .A. Thorsn Kcnne.i NelK.-ri Moore Giddln^s Mrs. .Hazel Genlis Lesler Lease A\'. I' 1 . Reilners . . .Frank Elhert Thomas C'annody CJliurlcy Seymour Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and se.coud by Mc.- Donald that construction bond of Humboldt Gruvtd & Tile Company on Dr. 178 is hereby approved. Ayes: all . Motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that F. G. BalReman. chairman of the board, Is hereby authorized to enter Into agreement with John D. MagnuBuon in regard to conveying of certain property to Kossuth county. (See aKi'oemnt on file.) Ayes: all. Motion by Helium and second by McDonald Hint county treauurcr be authorized lo accept full amount of per- Honul tuxes of E. EricUson for 1925 Sweu township without penalty and Interest on account of clerical error. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that the following refunds and abatomenls are allowed: That Carl Dahlhauser's road poll tax Thaves Sisters, iirovls- Mrs. Iliitlie •I.icblller, Jos. I-'. Meiike, iiriivislons Merrill Rros. Groeery, pi-ovisions Kennedy Rros. Co.. supplies .. Roupe's Grocery, supplies ...... (ieriuan \'alle.\- Store, supplies .. West Mend Kiev. Co., eoal II M. Dyer, supplies Algona Coop. ('ry. ('o., prov.lsion.s CnrMold lOrlcksun, ]iro\ Isions .. St. l''nrm Mill. Automobile Ins. Co.. Insurance Frank L. .Miller, light serv. co. farm ROAD CONSTRUCT I ON. J.' A. Roberts, bridge C. ft N. W. Ry. Co., freight on lumber W. P.. Williams, See. Rd. Dlst. NO. i-i a .1. A. Riibi-rls, bridge .1. A. Roberts, brblgi 2:1.12 II5.U5 10.00 12.00 1I.2H 8.14 27.10 G70.07 project project 5029. ,'iS 2U!I.!I3 2U(i.:::! 810.00 project 14UU.OU project 850.50 project 158-1.00 project 2983.DO project • 405.00 project 810.00 project 405.00 1,'av A. .Maniuis, lain Ma riu us I'll risleiisei Leo (!. Snider, drai Henry .lansseii. i.a-,\'l-enee ('inlc. Melvin Dltswoi- George I ft, labor Ubbe Winler, labor Ham Gibson. Inbor Roy Davis, labor ('lem Goodmn li, la hoi- . Fa M !\ I Ii ever, labor Olio Wolf, labor Wm. Fo.v. labor ('has. Kmaiiuel, lahor S. M. Jordan, labor Ole denies, labor - (!eo. K. (3 ra ham, la bor Alfred I iltsworlh, grading Loo Delperilang. labor Thorn psoii Yards Inc.. supplies . RanUlli Motor Co.. labor li. II. Gardner, supplies l-'alk Molor I'o., supplies .Mayer t t Guide, supplies Tin- l-'ervieo Co., repairs llelherg Garage, repairs i 1 '. A. (irin'i 111. re pa ir.s I', c. Dalil, supplies ( !eo. Iliill/.hnuer, supplies Norton Machine Worlis, supplies II. D. Clapsaddle, supplies l.ailig ^ Mueitey, labor and mal- Mall Mui'llia. supplies Kohlhaa.s Urns. (Jarage. supplies Huvoy i<- i'elirson. supplies O, W. lOrieUson Hd\v., .supplivs ^.'emlue|•s I la rd\\-a re, .supidies .. .1. 11. Adams Co., supplies .... Glbbs-Cook Tnictor & lOqulp. ('o., supplies Int. Harvester Co., supplies .... Aulo Tag Industry, supplies .. Sargelll Machine WorU.s, supplies Hal-Ion-Warner Co.. supplies ... Lurunee Thllges. labor Wheeler Lumber £ Bridge Co., supplies 32511.00 Chninplin Rellnlng Co., gus and oil 111.01 f , K* Mrs. Herman Vndeman of Dakota City spent the latter, part of last we@k at the Chester Robinson home. Miss Marie Peugnet Lichty of Al- Eonn, drew the lucky number ,on the • quilt made by the mothers of the Four Corners Mothers and'Daughters , club. The number was drawn at the Galbraith store in Algona last Wednes-., clay. The amount taken In on the quilt was $10.50. ,\ A very large crowd attended the pro- •'• gram and basket supper given at the .school in District No. 0. Union town- '" ship or better known as the D. C. Gardner school Friday evening. Miss Martha Madson received a box of candy for being the most popular girl in the crowd. John Madson received an angel food cake by drawing the lucky number. Thirty-six dollars and eighty cents were taken in. Irene Mitchell is teaching at this school. The Four Comer Mothers and Daughters club met last week Thursday with Mrs. Roy Lowman. Roll call was answered by suggestions for Hal- lowe'en masks and costumes. A very irtlerest'ing ta!!c was . given by Mrs. A. Robinson about their trip last "all to Florida. A recitation was given ay Marjorie Mitchell and a paper "A Hallowe'en Story," written by Loretta Walker was read by Evelyn Cruikshank, who also played a piano number. Twenty were present, also five visitors, the latter being Mrs. Herman Lindeman of Dakota City; Mrs. N. R. Robinson of Spencer; Mrs. Arthur Viking and daughter and Mrs. F. A. Witham of Algona. The daughters of the club liave finished a quilt which they have been working on and it is now on display at the Hobarton store. Lunch was .served the hostess. The next meeting will be November 6 with Mrs. Ida Nicknrson. Roll call will be answered by Children's Sayings. Notice of Sale of Drainage Bonds. Notice is hereby given that by authority of the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, drainage bonds of said county for and on account of Drainage District No. 177 in the total amount of $21,700.00, bonds to be dated November 1, 1930, maturing in seven (7> equal annual installments on December 1, each year from 1934 to 1940, both inclusive; with interest at five per cent payable semi-annually at the office of the county treasurer in Algona, Iowa, on June 1st and December 1st, eiicli year, will be sold at the office of the County Auditor m Algona, Iowa, at two o'clock p. m. on the 6th clay of November, 1930. Successful bidder to furnish blank bonds ready for signature and furnish all legal papers and legal opinion. Each bidder must file certified or cashier's check drawn in favor of the county treasurer in an amount not less than three per cent of the amount OA bonds offered. Right to reject any or all bids is reserved. Sealed bids will be received up to two o'clock p. m. of said day, at which time open bids will be received. Mora specific data will be forwarded on application. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this llth day of October, 1930. H. N. KRUSE, 18-20 County Treasurer.

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