The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 8
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, October 29, 1930 Algona VOL. 1 ALGONA, IOWA. OCTOBER 29 "It takes interested waders as wtft M talented writers to make a pood paper." Twenty Years Ago. LUVERNE NEWS. A WORTHWHILE THOUGHT CLIPPED FROM "THE SCHOLASTIC." WHY GO TO SCHOOL? Dear Editor: I had to go back to school this fall though I begged dad to let me stay on the job I had for the summer. He's bound I shall graduate. I hate school. I hate the build- Ing and the classes and the teachers and the books and everything about It. So what's the good of mv goine?—P. N. G. It takes a lot of energy to hate as vigorously as that. Since you are obliged to keep on attending school, why not turn that energy to account? You will be more than comfortable spending It In study than hoarding it up brood- Ing. Evidently nothing in school work has caught your Interest. Explore the different courses, hunting for something to Wreak up the intolerable boredom, of doing what you hate. Give yourself one month to see what you can do about it. Concentrate for one week chiefly on the subject which you hate least. The second week add the next least hated course for special attention. The chances are that much of your distatste comes from getting poor grades. It Is very bad for a person not to have pride in his work. By concentrating on one subject after another, you should be able to rouse a flicker of Interest somewhere. As soon as that flicker flicks, pile on the wood and get a fire. Think about the study you like, rather than about the ones you dislike. During the trial month put" no limit to the number of hoii-s you study. Indeed it will do no harm If you give up practically everythrng that distracts your attention—for one ' Dctate Work. " * Debate work for this year has begun. The question for debate is, Resoived: "That chain stores are detrimental to the interests of the American public." Not, only the debate people, but also » discussion class is working on the question. The people are divided into four groups and different groups have meetings at noon and after school. Try~oute for the team will be held some time the first of December. With the Athletes. Former Students Entertained. Algona's normal training girls had their annual banquet on the evening of October 25. at the high school building. The members of the normal training club of 1930 acted as hostess to all of the members of this club in former years who are still in school work, either teaching or attending college. The banquet was prepared and served by the home economics classes. The menu consisted of tomato Lewis Moore, center on the football team, has an infection in his left knee which is the result of a bad bruise. He is now walking with the aid of a cane and it is not knoi-n when he will be able to report again for foot ball practice. John Harpreaves. -who is taking his place on the team, is trying hard to fill the position. Carl Norman has beene substituting as fullback on the foot ball team for Carl Medin, who has been out of the game because of a sprained arm. Some of ihe boys, most of them freshmen, are not. reporting for football because of Jow grades. The seventh and eighth grades, under tie direction of Mr. Bonliam, are practicing foot bB.TI, A game between the grades was won by the eighth month. At the end of that period take i grade by the score of 12 to 6. account of stock and see if you hate j Mr. Bonham spent a half hour last school any less. If results are pleas- Thursday explaining the principle of ing—repeat the dose. Grades to Visit Dentists. Miss Bonnstetter has ordered that all grade pupils have their •.eetlj examined and take a card which has been O. K.'d by the dentist to their teachers. Seventeen cards have been turned In to the teachers. The 3-B class Is now leading. A contest is being held between the boys and girls. —famous the world Pmaud's over Shamp oo Leaves your Mr lustrous, kalihy, and not loo Ay! Atyour fader's — or send joe forjufrsize bottle to PinuuJ, R 21 St.. football to the high school students. ! He believes it will help a number of the students to understand and enjoy the game. Volley ball practice for the girls has begun and a number of freshmen and eighth grade turned out for the first practice a week ago last Tuesday night. Practice will be held on Tuesday and Fridays. soup, wafers. Virginia ham. stuffed celery, baked squash, cinnamon apples, scaloped potatoes, rolls, orange marmalade, da'.e forte and coffee. An interesting and entertainlne program followed the banquet as follows: Welcome Edna Jordon Response Pauline Black First Impressions of Teaching Alberta Grosenbach Advantages of Rural Expericene Eunice Bowman Music Algona Normal Training Club Algona Schools Vera Stcil Part of the money used to finance this banquet was raised by a candy sale at the Algona-Clear Lake football game. ' Fire Drill. For the last two years, we are sorry to say. we have had few fire drills, but this year a very effective plan has been made and carried out. We have had three successful drills so far this year. There are about four .hundred and eighty people in the building, and it took a minute and a half for everyone to get out. Miss Coate plans to make some changes on the first floor that will make the time even shorter. Fire drills cannot be successful unless ihe students cooperate. They should ceep in line and get out as rapidly as jossible. These precautions must be taken because of the crowded conditions this year. Class Officers. For Cats and Wounds Prevent infection! Treat every cut, wound or Scratch with this power- nil non-poisonous antiseptic. Zonite actually kills germs. Helps to heal, too. Hospital Tested Recommended by doctors and nurses. Cleansing, refreshing antiseptic for women. As a deodorant, it prevents embarrassment. Sold by tiruggialj Lydia E. Pinkham's Sanative Wash Lydiu E. Pinkham Medicine C«. Lynn, Ma&5, Faculty Party. A very enjoyable evening was spent by the teachers of the Algona schools at a Hallowe'en party at the high school building last night. A most horrifying atmosphere was created by decorating the dining room as a graveyard. Miss Fulton was chairman of the committee, being assisted by Miss Messer, Miss Coons, Miss Schoffstall, Miss Steil, Miss Hullerman, Miss Horn and Mr. Overmeyer. H. S. Clippings. An Interesting piece of work presented to the Ancient History class was the bust of a prehistoric man made | from clay by Eugene Kelley. The senior class had a meeting for the purpose of deciding on their rings and pins. About one-fourth of the class got pins, The senior class are planning for a Hallowe'en party to be held at the high school building Friday evening, October 31. The General Science classes were taken through the furnace rooms a week ago last Tuesday. Mr. Cronan told them how much coal was used to The upper classmen have decided that they need some one to guide them in their various activities. At a meeting last week the seniors selected Karl Shumway as president and Lyle Runchey as vice president; the juniors honored Bob Cliff with the office of president and Kenneth Knudsen with that of vice president. The sophomores, not to be outdone, have elected James Bishop president and Duane Jensen, vice president. Renan Cole had teken a position In Mrs. Peugnefs millinery parlors. . Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Haggard were NO. t spending the week visiting relatives at Ruthven. Algona drug stores were planning to close at eight-thirty evenings, except on Saturday. Frank Zender, popular clerk nt Wnv C. Steele's store, was visiting at, St. James. Minnesota, '.vlth his parents and others—mostly others. A new operating table had been Installed at, the Algona hospital It was of the newest pattern and a welcome addition to the hospital equipment. F. M. Curtiss and wife and baby. Phyllis, from Spokane. Washington, were in Algona for a visit at the Harry Wilson home and with other Algona friends. Fernley Nicoulln had been home for a week wrestling with an attack of stomach trouble. After his recovery he returned to his studies at Minnesota State University. Mrs. Andrew Peterson had entertain-, ed her Sunday School class at a party. Refreshments were served and a couple of hours of jolly games were the order of the evening. Mrs. B. F. Reed and her mother, Mrs. Hudson, had gone to Letcher, South Dakota, to visit the children of the late Cheever Hudson, brother of Mrs. Reed, who live there. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Mason had returned to Algona and were again at home In their house on South Dodge street, after a sojourn of several years on their claim In South Dakota. Moore Smith had gone to Des Moines to take a position with one of the leading orchestras of the capital city. Young Mr. Smith had been with the Clear Lake band during the summer. He was considered one of the best cornet players in the stete. The Halcyon! club had met with Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Wolcott for one of their pleasant affaire. Mrs. A. P. Ives gave an interesting paper on Yellowstone Park, and the usual abundance of good things to eat was in evidence. The next meeting was to be held at the spacious farm home of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Ward in two weeks. The quarter section known as the Honor Roll. Those on the honor roll for the first six weeks of school ending October 10, Freshmen—Ida Halpin, Donald Parsons, Ila Leffert. Sophomores—Margaret Fiene* Stella Zumach*, Mary Elizabeth Foster Ruby Koepke, Lavonne Larson, Fernley Nolte and Virginia Schnepf. Juniors—Ardeen Devine, John Hargreaves, Camilla Fraser, Phyllis Benson, and Craig Smith. Seniors—Alva Benson, John Simpson Hazel Neeling and Edna Jordan. Grade School News, heat the building and explained the heating and ventillating system. The girls in the beginning classes of home economics made a trip through the creamery last Thursday and Friday. Mr. Christiansen showed them about and explained to them pasteur- isation of the milk. They are now writing themes about their trip which are to be judged by a professor from Ames. Prizes are offered for the three best themes. Home For Visit. Miss June Adele Overmeyer, who is teaching at Oskaloosa, and a friend, spent the wek end at the parental home. •iirpose make your DOUBLE-.EDGE ' RAZOR (old or new model) . BETTER RAZOR - or your money back U FOR TEN v/W/FOR FIVE Guaranteed by PfiOBAK CORPORATION AuleSliop Softly Koioi Co., Ira., N. 1. C. DAYS OF SUFFERING NOW QUICKLY ENDED The next time you start one of these days, tee the initant relief you yt'f with Di/furJ'c Asperyum. Almost before y 'U know it llu- pain disappears, your nerves suddenly relax. With Aspcrgum you chew the pain away. Tor it is the finest aspirin obtainable put up in chewing gum form. Now you can take aspirin any lime, any place. No water. No bitter taste. No choking sensation, Because you chriv Dillard's Aspergum the aspirin mixes thoroughly with the saliva to that all its soothing qualities are effective quickly, continuously, It brings quick relief from aching heads, toothache, the paius of neuritis, neuralgia, even rheumatism. If your druggist does not have Dillard's Aspergum, send for a free sample to Health Products Corporation, Dept. A, 113 North 13 Ib 6t«rt, Newark, N. J. 1. To pay (liiu-tuj 1 bills. 2. To rfifnianco your car and rrilucc payments. 3. To buy livestock or chickens. 4. TO GF.T OUT OK DKBT —by K 1 ''UP'' 1 !' ^"aticrcd bills wlt'-i 1 '.: one U':ifi)''T. small inynvnt can b3 made each month 1'AVMi.NT ;-.i::n:i.'M.i': 5 50—H;.iiay S ".">.", a Vimlli SIO'I—Hi'pay * ".»•"> " Mnnl'i $2(1(1—Jti'jiiiy Hi.HI .-I M-nl'i j.'!(l'l —Hi nay 121.1(1 II ."lirilll Ynur furniture, niilii i'.i:.f !!«•»l i.i-l; may ho M- ,1 us ..-iiiii-y. Wu will lie vlail In I,-'! \iilh von (i-i.n- fHlelllially. l.f i-u:ii-(-l nlii.:' IT- raiifiny u loan to nitc-t juur i.'jttl*. CUNNINGHAM & LACY Algona Phone 598 Representing Federal Finance Co. DCS Miiincs There were thirty pupils having perfect atendance at the City Hall the first six weeks of school. Those on the honor roll were Bob Dewel, Mary Louise Gilmore, Barbara Haggard and Harry Greenberg. , Howard Medin, who is in the eighth grade, broke his arm while plavins foot ball recently. Miss Durant was planning some outdoor art lessons for the appreciation in observation for the pupils at Third Ward, but due to the cold weather they have been postponed. All the pupils at the Methodist Bonnstetter. church have been examined by Miss The eighth grade pupils are trying out for declamatory work. There will be three students selected from each class ,the humorous, dramatic and oratorical. These nine Algona students will have the opportunity of meeting Eagle Grove and Humboldt teams later in the year. Ronald Pedersen has been absent from school with the pink eye. A new reading table has been placed m room D which may be used for reference or recreation readings. Room D boasts of a spelling record the last two weeks. The average percent for the class was 96 last week They raised their grades from an 86 per cent of the previous week. Last Friday morning Miss Wallace tool-, grades one and two to her home to listen to the Walter Damrosch orchestra. This orchestra has been organized for the benefit of school children over the United States. It has been rumored that the schools of Sheldon have been closed on account i of infantile paralysis. old Elwell farm in Buffalo township about half way between Titonka and Wesley, which belonged to Rev. Bode of Kanawha, had been sold to Mr. ingerich for $50 an acre. The place was fairly well Improved and partial- y tiled, and Mr. Gingerich was fortunate in getting the farm, aft the' price. About forty friends of George Boevers, formerly of Algona but recently of tfason City, had gathered at his home n Union township as a birthday surprise on that popular gentleman. It was in honor of his fifty-first anniversary and a jolly reception was the outcome. Mrs. Boevers served the com pany with an elegant banquet and th guests presented the host with a fin leather upholstered rocker. Mrs. \Vm. Patterson hns bren quite ill the past work. J. H. Godfrey drove to Sumner Tuesday of last week on business. Walter Bux* hns returned from Ofwsm Illinois, where he hns been this summer. Mr, and Mrs. Mnx Patterson returned home Tuesday from n few days' visit at Oranp?r. Sani Swank of Clinton. Minnesota, was In LuVerne several days last week visiting friends. Mrs, Flora Raney and son. Forest of Grinnell were over Sunday visitors a their home here. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Engle of Ce dar Rapids visited last week at the pa ternal George Engle home. Everett Steussy and two little daughters of Clear Lake were visitors here Wednesday of last week with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey drove o Sexton Monday evening where De- Sae was invited to attend the Sexton band practice. A number of neighbors and friends enjoyed an old time dance Saturday evening at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Rlstau. Junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Huff, was operated on for appendicitis Thursday. He is getting along nicely at this time. Miss Luella Blumer was in attendance at the tenth district banquet and program of the Legion Auxilary Wednesday evening at Algona. Fred Tiede and son, George Tlede drove to Davenport Friday for a few days' visit with their daughter and Mrs. George Ldthringer, and spent Sunday afternoon at the horn of Mr. Gould's sister, Mrs. Albert But terfield and family. Sam Reaper of this vicinity has been suffering for the past week with a severe attack of the flu. He is slightly improved at this writing. Mi-, and Mrs. DougJas Riley anc family spent Sunday at the home o: Mr. Riley's sister, Mrs. Charles Armstrong and family of Livermore. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilling and son, Donald, of Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family of this vicinity spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Skilling's sister, Mrs. Fred Dole, and family. PLUM CREEK NEWS IRVINGTON NEWS. § H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Al|fona, Iowa Long Diitance Hauling. Every load insured ugainat loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. 82-U Some of the roads in Irvington township were regravcled the past week. George Flanagan of St. Joe, Missouri, is picking corn for Mrs. Rosa Spurgeon. Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons and son, Ralph, were Sunday callers at West Bend. Lucille Dole of Algona spent Sunday nt the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family. The Irvington river bridge is being repainted and replanked this week, making a marked improvement. Mrs. John Frankl of Algona was a Sunday caller at the home of her par- nits, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of Rich Point spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Wolfe's sister, Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family spent Saturday and Sunday visiting with relatives at Whittemore and Emmetsburg. Miss Alice Grogan of Miller, South Dakota, is spending a few days with her aunt and uncle, | George Simmons. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould of Algona Mrs. Anna Drone and her son, Wayne of Fort Dodge were week end visitors at the home of her son, Walter Bleich. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Young and sons of Rockwell City were Sunday dinner guests at the Elmer Jasperson home. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Sampson entertained several couples Monday evening, featuring an aluminum dinner. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson entertained a number of young people on Sunday evening in honor of their daughter, Marjorie's fourteenth birthday. family. The fire department was called Sunday evening to the Hanna ranch northeast of LuVerne where some straw piles were burning. No other damage was done. Dr. and Mrs. P. V. Janse were the guests at a bridge party at the A. J. Eason home last Tuesday evening. A dainty lunch was served. The Janses are soon to move to Algona. Mrs. Chris Nygaard was the honor guest at a surprise party Sunday evening, it being her birthday. The evening was very pleasantly spent and at the close refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Peitzke moved their household goods Monday to Webster City where they will make their future home. Mr. Peitzke is agent for the Equitable Life Assurance Company. Neighbors and friends gathered on Thursday evening of last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Voss to help him celebrate his birthday anniversary. The evening was spent in a social manner and in having a general good time. A lunch was served at a late hour . Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rogers left last Thursday morning for Indianapolis, Indiana, for a few days' visit with then- daughter, Mrs. P. E. Griffith and family. They will be accompanied home by their daughter, Miss Amber Rogers, who has been In Indianapolis the past two months. They -were accompanied as far as SiMs, Illinois, by Mrs. Jennie Levler, who will visit with her sister, and also Mrs. W. H. Ellis who visted relatives at Erie, Illinois. The Methodist church held a church reunion Sunday. Sunday School was held at ten a. m. and morning worship at eleven. An afternoon service was held at which Dr. Joseph H. Edge, a former pastor, presided. Each family took their dinner to the town hall at noon. Coffee was served by the ladies. Vesper services were held on Sunday evening. Among the out of town visitors were Mrs. W. H. Godfrey and daughter, Bertha, and O. J. Stephenson of Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. /ern Stone and twin sons; Mr. and \trs. Tom Look, Mason City; Mrs. W G. Blanshan, Eritt; Miss Eunice Thompson, Sioux City; Mr. and Mrs Elmer Darg and baby, Lakota. HEATERS Hot Air and Hot Water Hot Water Heaters for All Cars Seat Covers for 1929 and 1930 Chevrolet cars, were $13.00, while they last $7.00 put on. Alcohol and Prestone Freezing Solution 1930 6 cyl. Chev. coach .1929 6 -cyl. Chev. coupe 1926 Chevrolet sedan 4 cyl. Buick coach 2 Ford one ton truck 1928 Dodge sedan. 1929 Ford Tudor, model A KOHLHAAS BROS. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. an operation at the Mayo hospital 'or a growth on his side. He is getting along nicely. Mrs. Louise Schmitt, who had been Isiting relatives in Wisconsin and at Garner and Sac City for the past few weeks, returned home last week. She makes her home with her daughter, Mrs. Edward Thaves. Guy Beemer last week purchased the old Dalton residence from J. S. Freeark, the recent owner. Possession was given at once and the Beemer family moved Thursday. The Connie Roelf- ema family who occupied the house, moved into the Mrs. Mary Rosenau •esidence occupied by the Beemers. Charles Wlnandy. She entered the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday and under went a double operation and is now doing as well as can be expected. LEDYABD NEWS. Crowded Out Last Week.) The Brandow residence is well under way. Muckey & Laing are installing the furnace and fixtures. Arthur Powell has returned from harvesting In the north and is work- Ing for D. D. Sparks. Ralph Simmons who worked for the Sparks for two seasons, is now working for Laing & Muckey, plumbers in Algona. Noble Wasrud and bride of Hayfield, Minnesota, arrived Wednesday of last week at the Ben Bakken home and will work there this winter. These two families spent Sunday evening at the Oliver Bakken home In Algona. Mrs. John Simon returned from Chicago a week ago Friday after a visit at the home of her daughter, Mrs. (Crowded Out Last Week.) Mrs. George Thompson was a business caller at Blue Earth Monday. C. E. Campbell has Improved his residence with a coat of paint recently. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Worden and son spent Wednesday evening visiting with friends at Blue Earth Mr. and Mrs. Ell Boudrye of Granada, Minnesota, spent Tuesday at the D. A. Carpenter home. The Sunshine club met Tuesday evening with Mrs. L. C. Strand. A large crowd attended and enjoyed the evening . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hilferty and Miss Aleta Green-spent Saturday and Sunday visiting with relatives at Mason City. Resemblance The Sunday evening supper com- pany^wna admiring a sparkling mold of Jelly quivering In Its, dish, but the erudite tw.-lve-year-old son of the house contributed the crowning comment, quite unconsciously; "Looks like the Jeanlnp tower of I'nlsy." said he. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LA"W LAKOTA NEWS. Kenneth Seeley is employed on the Ben Knox farm during corn husking season, and has picked five hundred and fifty bushels of corn in the past five days. Lillian Johnson, Florence Elac!:, Mabel Bowman and Genevieve Altwejg attended a banquet at the high school Saturday evening, given for the Normal Training alumni. The Social and Literary club met at the home of Mrs. Lora Raney Wednesday with Ella Hutchiris as assistant hostess. Roll call was answered by "My Favorite Movie." There will be a farm bureau meeting at tile home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hagg Friday evening. The com- thirty. (Crowded Out Last Week.) Little Shirley Hansen i s on the sick ist this week, having the chicken pox. Mrs. Anna Coupanger of Elmore, Minnesota, spent last week here at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm Schroeder, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking enjoyed a visit of several days last week from Mrs. Hock of Dubuque, a sister of Mrs. Frerking. Miss Lucy Carson and Miss Audrey Hastings, teachers in the public school here, spent the week end with relatives and friends at Milford. Mrs. Goilenfeld of Algona was here last Friday looking at a farm east of town which she may purchase. She was accompanied by Mrs. Mary Smith. The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian church will serve a roast goose dinner Thursday evening at the church parlors. They will begin serving at flve- mittee in charge of the program is Lela Gardner, Elsie Willrett and Ross Calhoun. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Sampson entertained three tables of five hundred Saturday evening in honor of Mrs. Fitzgerald, who is here visiting her son, William. She leaves shortly i'or her home in Illinois. Mrs. George Johnson, county federation president, Mrs. Clifton Benschoter, local president, Mrs .Ray McWhorter and Mrs. Claude Seeley attended a two day convention of Federated clubs at Boone last week. Mrs. Carl Albright went to Austin, Minnesota, last week to attend thu funeral of her niece, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wibben, who died with intestinal flu. Mrs. Wibben formerly lived in Plum Creek and prior Mrs. Walter Meyer, west of town enjoyed a visit last week from her cousins, the Misses Viola Jansen and Edith Jacobson and Harry Jacobsen of Freeport, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Specht were up from Algona Saturday. Mrs. Specht was calling on friends and Mr. Specht attended a directors' meeting at the Citizens' Savings Bank. Mrs. A. Q. Smith and niece, Marie Chrlstensen, Mrs. Harry Moe and children, Eleanor and John and Mrs. E. N. Clemans were Estherville shoppers Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John Bllson returned to their home in Chicago the latter part of last week, after spending a few V. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Elk. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. J W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. f'.. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA. Gaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS - J70,0« Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of th» Board of Directors. H. E. Rlst, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice President. G. S. Buchanan, Second Vice President. J. 8. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. C. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T H. Wadswortt " rf. E. Rist j. w. Wadswortb J. S. Auner *„. j. van Ness G. S. Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS Algona, Iowa Phone 58 E. C. McMAIION Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 VETERINARIAN. L. W. FOX. Veterinarian olllce tu thu old Dr. Buyen Olllce phone 415-W, Resmena »'JO-R. Will have man at otficc »• all tlmea. ALQONA. IOWA MORTICIAN here at th homp of cousin ]«te FriZvrf cousln> M:s ' Edwald n to her marriage was Miss Leotarf3ross. ' On Wednesday afternoon the M. E. There was a leaders' meeting of the farm bureau auxilary Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Austin Gardner. The Portland township chairman, Mrs. Lewis McWhorter, was a guest. The lesson which was the "Selection of Kitchen Utensils," was led by Home Demonstration Agent Lottie V/essel. In the morning raisin cup calces were made for lunch and In the afternoon an orange sponge cake was the feature. ladles will entertain the Aids of the Presbyterian and Lutheran churches and also friends at the M. E. church parlors. A program will be given. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wessels, Sr., were over from Buffalo Center last week calling on their son, Herman and family. Mr. Wessels owns the City oil station of which Herman Is manager. Mrs. Adolph Poppe returned home last week with her little four-year-old son, Adolph, Jr., who had undergone L. M. MERRITT Mortician & Funeral Director. Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANP FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSDRANO) OP ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 698 107 W. State 8« ALOONA. IOWA. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0. B. LABABRE AL PALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 250 KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Dr^Keneflck. 67 .. Dr. Crawford. 115 C. II. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted office in J. Galbralth Block. Residence one block east und one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p m. ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 31U. Residence, 444. WALTER FRASER, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON OJtlce in Quinby Building toom No. H Phone No. 13 ALGONA, IOWA. OB. W. ». ANDKEW8. Oateopathlo Physician it Surgeon ^ye, Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetric* Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. Office 187. Residence 088 ALGONA. IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Oaldwell'a Clothing Store Phones-Office 79, Residence 211 ALOONA. IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Chrlstensen Store Phones: Business 166. Residence 47P ALGONA, IOWA. DR. C. D. SCHAAP. DENTIST Quimby Bldg. Algona, Iowa. Phone 133.

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