The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 6
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The Upper Pes Moinea-Bepublican, October 29.1930 SOCIETY Rotarlan Hallowe'en Party— The Alg-ona Rotary club held a Hal- lowe'en banquet and party at the New Algona Tuesday evening at six-thirty to celebrate the club's rise from Division D to Division C in the Rotary international attendance contest. A three course dinner was served and Ro- H. president and Mrs. Lottie Wessel, home demonstration agent, were the guests recently of the Ledyard Loyal Laborers, the Harrison Hustlers and the Swea City Spirit of service. County officers' pictures were taken at the Ledyard club meeting. A ------------- ^ — Hallowe'en party was given at Swea tary songs, led by Joel Herbst and City for the Harrison Hustlers. Mrs Harold Cowan with Mrs. Veda Mur- Paul Kriethe, county chairman, was 11 a -L „ , p ano ' were sun £ b y the unable to attend. Refreshments were club. The dining room was beautiful- served at five o'clock ly decorated with Hallowe'en emblems ond colors and each plate was sup- r n , . „ ... plied with a noise maker. W. C. Dew- of A ' Benefft ~ p]. president, of the club presided, and The Catholic Daughters of America Introduced the visitors and new mem- ne1d a benefit bridge narty at the foers. T. W. Puroell of Hampton, gov- home of the Misses Jennie and Kotn- «rnor of the Eleventh district, who was rvtl Cooney Monday night. The as- expected to attend, was unable to be s ' s '' ln S hostesses were Mary Stre't, Ell- present. The song, "Let Me Call You i!a ' >etn Holtzbauer, Mrs. Joe Holtz- Sweetheart" bv Mildred Reimer and baller - Mrs - E - J- McEvoy, Mrs. Wil- the dauce by Barbara Haggard, Mary bur Ba rry. Mrs. Nellie Van Allen, Mrs. Louise Gilmore, Maxlne Larson and Ancj y Holtzbauer and Mrs. Josephine FORMER FENTONMAN HAD TRAGIC DEATH A. W. Haase, Chief of Police at Fairmont Died Suddenly While on Duty. HIS LAST WOEDS WERE, "I AM SICK." Was a Faithful Officer. Death Resulted from Hardening of the Arteries. Marabelle Reimer was nicely executed Stanton. as was the pep dance by the five girls. was won The high prize for bridge Mrs. F. H. Seller, second Telegrams and letters congratulating hv Mrs - J oc Kelly, and third by Mrs. the Algona club upon its rise to Class Geor se Holtzbauer. The C. D. of A. C were read by A. L. Peterson. George wU1 nave a regular business meeting H. Free gave an original poem upon November 5 at the K. of C. hall. Rotary and the Rotary Wheel which --::— was greatly appreciated. Lew Minkel Bible Class Party— and Lew Sharon of the Fort Dodge Thp T ~T, . ,,L club were present and Mr. Minkel who f t>aaies Bible class of the Con- was president of the Fort Dodge' club ^l?, a „, »t C1hurch met Friday after—-. _—,-*--, .... _ ..""B 1 - v-iuui nonn ft j. tne nome of Mrs A D Rlcn _ Assisting hostesses were Mrs J L. Daub, Mrs. August Rosenau, and a lltt?' Lorenz " The Pros™ 1 " Included her sister Mrs. A. L.' GreenHeld and assisted in starting off the Algona " r T A^H^h™?. ?" club. gave, an address. Al Falkenhain- T ^_.^ ssl !l n _ g 1 }ostesses_ Falkenhain cr, the first president of the Algona club, crave a "Bit of History" of the club during its existence of over eight years. M. P. Weaver, chairman of the education committee, gave a very nice talk and presented the newer members With a copy of the Code of Ethics. I south Music, "Sing Me to Sleep," and "In- I dian Dawn" by Mrs. Bertha Michel, \ Fenton Reporter: A. W. Haase, a former resident of this community and for the past three years chief of police of Fairmont, Minnesota, who died Tuesday, October 14th from heart failure, was buried in the M. E. cemetery last Friday afternoon following a brief ceremony at the Methodist church here. The news of Mr. Haase's death was a severe shock to his family and his many local friends as he was apparently in good health, and was dls- Freeman Car Tips Over in Minnesota, W. H. Freeman was the victim of an unfortunate automobile accident on Thursday, October 17, about seventeen miles north of Maynard. Minnesota. He was driving back to Algona from n visit with relatives in North Dakota when his Nash sedan began to act up He was watching the gas gauge and ran into a four or flve foot ditch while driving about thirty-five miles an hour. The car rolled over on the top and Mr. Freeman was unable to extricate himself. Fortunately the motor died or the car might have caught on fire as oil and battery acid was spilled all over it. A passing motorist came along about twenty minutes after the accident and pulled Mr. Freeman out of the car. He received some cuts on his head and a number of bruises but was not seriously injured. The car was repaired in Maynard and he was able to drive it home last Wednesday t H f W BS very fortunate he was not killed. by Mrs. E. J. Rawson. Mrs. Will F Mr-SlS* ° n her recent WP to with violin oblimto by Glen Raney and Mrs Veda Murtagh at the piano concluded the program after which a pleasant hour was spent at danclri" and cards. Union Hallowe'en Party— The Union Mothers and Daughters club held their first evening meeting of the new club year at the Jacob Winkel home last Thursday. It was a Hallowe'en event. Each person present drew a slip of paper with the name of a stunt, written upon it. They in turn were to perform the stunt which caused much merriment. Helping Hand Society— He had been home to supper at the usual hour and later went down town i show. After leaving the went his usual round anc it was then that he was approached by a stranded stranger who asked for a night's lodging. He escorted the man to the city hall and gave him a cell bed. r, u .. HeI P' n e Ha «d society of the I Noticing lights at the city jail Pat- Presbyterian church will meet at the rolman Plenge wondered what was go- Jiome of Mrs. Leila Donnell on Thurs- ln e on and at once went down to in- aay, November 6. The assisting host- vestigate, not knowing that the chief essess will be Mrs. Lafe Turner, Mrs. was stul on duty. Upon being assur- er. R. Mason and Mrs. J. R. Mawd- ed by the stranger that another of- siey The ladies will hold a supper flcer (meani ns Mr. Haase) had given and bazaar Saturday, December 6, in nlm Permission to sleep there Plense the Legion hall Further announce- started to leave, ment of the supper will be made later. As he was leaving the building Gus Dinner Party- and called to him from the council room where he was sitting in a chair along the west wall. According to the Pair- VOTERS SHOULD VOTE ON TUESDAY > First Opportunity for Kossuth County to Have Man In U? S. Senate. _ UNANIMOUS VOTE IN THE COUNTY. Fred Gllchrlst Certain to Succeed. "Dick" Is Good Man. Dan Turner to Make Good Gov. Next Tuesday is election day and every voter should go to the polls an vote regardless of whether they ar republicans or democrats. The candi dates are all good men, but in prac STATE HIGHWAY SIXTEEN NO MORE Two Transcontinental High ways Now Pass Through Algona, NORTH AND SOUTH, EAST AND WEST, Signs Now Read, Iowa, U. S. Highway 169, Have Been Erected. Less Confusion. Mrs. F. S. Thompson played selections and community piano by Mrs. Wood, concluded program. The committee in charge of the program was Maude Nelson, Willlam Dodds, Delos Gardner and Gusta Patterson. The decorations were in keeping with Hallowe'en as was also .the tray lunch which was served late In the evening. Mr. and Mrs. George .Wlnkel and children of Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Winkel and 'Jamily of Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Erpelding of Union, the Misses Mar-' garet Llchter and Edna Mansmith of Alrona were guests of the club. The next meeting of the club will be held at the home of Lizzie Kohl Maude Nelson as assisting host- versation took place: con lnstance led , Blaine the the "Come in, Henry, I want to have a )U," the chief said. Henry room and Mr. Haase said guests. Mrs. J. L. Bonar won the high prize for the ladies and Matt Streit won the high prize for the men. Birthday Party— Dalziel at a entertained dinner T The , the played bridge and Laura Angel of LuVerne prize. W. J. Beckers Entertain— ££, ^l..^ 8 ; Y J. Becker enter- Henry of Algona. The ess, ttfito pnogtam schddaled is tt poem review. - froefeaAve Duplicate Party— * Wfrs. "tioulse .Hvde and Mrs. Clalr Anderson entertained twenty-four la- ntes at a progressive duplicate Bridge party at the'Ernest Gilbert home last Thursday afternoon as a benefit for **» Rt. Thomas Guild of the Episcopal church. The north and south hi«h prizes were won by Mrs. Chet H Williams and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, the east and west high prizes by Mrs. j. L Bonar and Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer. Mrs. K. D. James and Mrs. L. G. Baker W «?n? p low north and south Prizes, and Mrs. M. P. Weaver and Mrs M P Haggard won the low east and west prizes. After the bridge game lunch was served. Mrs. Hardy Buell and Mrs. Chas. Patterson of Burt were the put of town guests. Master Barbers' Meeting— The Master Barbers of Kossuth county and their wives held a banquet and business meeting at New Algona Hotel Monday eve. About eighty were in attendance and members of the state association from Eagle Grove, Emmetsburg and Clarion were present. A very good program was given. The principal speaker was Roy Holbrook of Ames, who told o f the wonderful things in Iowa and her resources. T. C. McDuff, secretary of the state association also gave an address. Readings were given bv Miss Roelfsema of Titonka and John Shilts of Algona. On . „. „„„ i . lc bchalf of the ladies in attendance, > Bartholomew won the high prize fo Mrs. Clarence Shilts pave a toast to bri dge and Mrs. Henry Reimer wo the. husbands and thanked the society tne low Prize. for their splendid entertainment. * . - ner Thursday evening in honor of T H Wadswdrth's (birthday The evening was spent playing five hundred. The S«ests included Mr. and Mrs. T. H Wadsworth, Mr. and Mrs. p. A Corey Mr onrf HIT-,. TI ____ i _ .. ' _ ^uiey, Mr. and quiet around town isn't it?" Henry said it was. "No need for you to be walking about all the time. You know I have been disgusted with the way things have been going for quite a while and believe I will quit. You have been\do- Ing fine work since you were appoint- the matter, Gus," otter F. Knapp and Mrs. Hazel Dalziel. Attend LuVerne Party— Mrs. Lo reil Minkler and Mrs. Frank Seeley attended a part y at £ u v^ne M °nday evening given by Mrs Seefey's Sister, Miss. Kate Skinner, who is the Wgh prize was won by MrTooft and the consolation prize_ by Mrs. Looft Auxiliary Meeting— The regular October meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary wilfbe held at the Legion hall Friday evening Oc tober 31 at seven-thirty. At tnte meeting the 1931 officers will be installed Mrs. L. W. Fox and her division will have charge of the social hour. Loyal Temperance Legion— The Loyal Temperance Legion will \Mrs. Ellis McWhorter on "Th» n P ,' m - Ro11 cal1 will be The Commandment*,; The lesson will be the "Great Law". Entertained Ili-Lo Club- Mrs. Anna March entertained th Hi-Lo club Friday evening. Mrs. Fre ed—' "Why, what's , , ( Henry, slightly startled, ""exclaimed 'Aren't you feeling well? I-? Those .were his last words Hardening of two arteries in the region of the heart is given as the cause of the death of Chief of Police A W Haas republican n **^t^ *. . ^ Jcjjuuiiuaj candidate has the advantage because of the large republican majority in Iowa and In the county. Dick for the Senate. For the first time in history and perhaps it would not occur again in a hundred years or more, Kossuth county has an opportunity to help elect one of her citizens to the United States senate. Politics should be lain aside and Mr. Dickinson should have the unanimous support of his home county No man in Iowa is better fitted for this great responsibility and with his past experience and knowledge of the needs of Iowa, he will be able to work am sick. Party for Mrs. Harwood— Mrs. Henry Becker entertained twelve ladies Saturday evening in honor of M-" nun, Hnrwoncl. who with her husband, is moving to Clarion the last of this week. The guests came in mas- cii'prndp costumes. Mrs. Victor Yonn" of Rockwell City, who is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry McCorkle, won the first prixc for havini? the funniest costume The evoninpr was spent at playing bridge. Mrs. Henry Reimor won •tho first prize and Mrs. Lovd WX-llen- dorf the .socond nri/e. Mrs. Harwood was piven a guests time. . . decorations were used. The partv was lield nt the home of Mrs. Henry Beck - Four-II Meetings— Ilda Patterson, county Four-H historian, with Mary Gi.sch, county Foiir- Good Hope Rally Day a Success Good Hope, October 28, Special Rally Day at Good Hope proved to b an inspirational occasion of much benefit to those present. The church was well filled although many of on weary men were at home recuperating from the arduous labors of the preced ing week in the cornfields. A considerable number of suggestions for the benefit of the Sunday School were received and discussed. The central item of interest was the talk of Mrs William Weibrod of Fenton on junioi and primary methods in the Sunday School. Mrs. Weisbrod is well qualified to speak on the subject out ot a luncl of practical and workable knowledge gained through years of experience. The choir furnished .several ap- on Good Milch Cows If you' have Hie cows now, or if you wish to buy- cows, we aiv in a position to accommodate you. C. R. LaBarre Phone 5"). Office First Door North of Iowa State Bank. followlng an autopsy conducted by Drs. R. C. Hunt and E. E. Zemke of Fairmont and Dr. Bell of the University of Minnesota. The other organs of the body were found to be in normal, healthy condition. A report of the autopsy will be sent to the insurance company which carries the risk of city employes under the compensation act. The doctors expressed the belief that ;he violent exertion made by Chief Haase in arresting E. A. Lund earlier n the afternoon hastened his death. With his heart condition he might have ived considerably longer had he kept clear of over exertion and excitement. Mr. Haase had no knowledge that his heart was diseased, his close friends said. August William Haase was born in Iowa April 5, 1877, and at the time of Us death on October 14, just past, was )3 years, seven months and nine days 5lcl. He was married in 1897 to Miss Carrie Widdell and resided on h,s farm ast of town until about six years ago .'hen the family moved to Fairmont, Minnesota, where they still reside. He was always greatly interested in ublic questions and was never known o shirk a duty. Soon after locating t Fairmont he was appointed deputy heriff. Later he was appointed to ead the police department of that ity in which capacity he served at the line of his demise. He is survived by the widow and the following children: Glenn, Woolstock, Iowa; Mrs. Herman Gade. of this place; William, Fergus Falls, Minnesota; Pearl, Eagle Lake, Minnesota; and Earl, Minnie, Clifford and Gail, all at home. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. W. P. Soash who resides in Texas and Mrs. Emma Nellis, of Alaska. A brother, Teo., proceeded him in death a number of years ago. The Haase family was successful farmers of Kossuth county until March 1, 1922, when they retired and moved to Fairmont. Mr. Haase was engaged in the implement business in Fairmont for several years until he was appointed deputy sheriff by Sheriff Gus Jorgenson in 1926, serving until the fall of 1927, when he accepted the position of chief of police. He was serving in that capacity when he died. Funeral services for Mr. Haase were if'Id at twelve-thirty, p. m., Friday at he familv home at 402 S. Park street conducted bv Rev. C. H. Miller, pastor ">f the Methodist church. Services were n charge of the Odd Fellows lodge o whole. the Interests of- the state as a Gilchrist for Congress. Fred 6. Gilchrist, who will succee Mr. Dickinson in the house, is an abl and conscientious man. He received fine vote in the primary eliection an with his understanding of the need of Iowa and the middle west he wll be a fitting successor to Congressman Dickinson. He is able and .courageous and with his experience In legislative affairs and his deep Interest in agriculture, he will receive a tremendous vote in the Tenth district next Tues- State Highway No. 16, known for many years as the Daniel Boon e Trail, was made a United States highway last summer and during the past week the old road signs reading Iowa No. 16, have been removed by M. L. Goslin, the state maintenance engineer, and his crew and new signs reading Iowa, U. S. 169 have been erected in their stead. This highway is one of the well known highways of the nation and extends from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada Formerly No. 16 extended to the Minnesota line at Elmore where It became No. 5. Now this highway will be mark ed No. 169 across the continent. Al gona is benefltted by being at the cros roads of two federal transcontinenta highways. No. 18, known through thl part of the state as the A. Y. P., passe along the north side of the city. Both roads are paved to the north and no doubt No. 169 will be paved to the south within the next year or two. This highway is now paved through Webster county and the road will be opened to traffic between Fort Dodge and the Humboldt county line this week, although the shoulders are not yet completed. Kossuth county has as good if not the best roads of any county in the state. We have approximately sixty miles of paved highway. Every town in the county is connected with the paving with good all weather gravel roads and many miles of township roads have been and are being graded and graveled. Ne\v Algona Hotel Gets More Fruniture. Two truck loads of furniture came :rom Fort Dodge Monday to the New Algona hotel The furniture had been used in the Warden Apartments In ?ort Dodge which was recently purchased by E. A. Boss, owner of the Algona hotel, who is turning the Warden into a hotel. The furniture is iractically new, and consists of beds, amps, chairs, dressers and so forth. Republicans Endorse Bonnstetter The members of the last session of the state legislature committed a serious mistake by the act of voting $80,000 additional tax burden on the taxpayers of Iowa whereby each might share $500 additional money for what we believe is a direct violation of the constitution of the state. This act places an obligation upon our citizens to right this wrong, thus giving warning that deals of this nature cannot be inflicted on the voters of Kossuth county without protest. (We believe that Mr. Turner, who will be our next governor, is an honest man. If so, he should have the advantage of working with men who are willing to make sacrifices for their constituents rather than satisfy their personal desires. i We believe in the republican party as"an agency through which high ideals in government should ever be protected, and pursuant to that idea we ask all fellow republicans to join us in repudiating Representative J. H. Jensen, who in our judgment disregarded our party ideals. We are fortunate to hav ea candidate in the person of A. H. Bonnstetter on the democratic ticket, whom we know to be competent and worthy of the position. He would represent Kossuth county in an honorable manner and work entirely for the welfare of her people. We ask you to think of this $80,000 increase of tax burden m which Mr. Jensen took part and then join us in working and voting for Mr. Bonnsetter on November 4. Yours for high ideals in politics. Bonnsetter-For-Representative Republican Committee: A. D. Brogan Dorothy Kenne A. 0. Hanson Herman Lauck day. Dan Turner for Governor. The next governor of Iowa will be Dan Turner. He has come out openly for tax revision in Iowa, one of the vital problems of the state. He is known over the sta^e as an honest and sincere man and with his good judgment coupled with his successful experience in business, Iowa will have as her executive, a man who will administer the affairs of the state in a sane and business-like manner. Thousands upon thousands of Iowa voters have pledged their loyal support to Mr. Turner whose private as well as public life is beyond reproach. For Representative. A battle is being waged between J H. Jensen, the present state repre- stative from Kossuth county who was renominated at the primary election, and A. H. Bonnstetter, a prominent farmer living near West Bend Mr. Jensen has served one term and is asking for re-election. Mr. Bonnstetter, who is a son of our townsman Martin Bonnstetter, is also an able man and is making a vigorous campaign. Kossuth county will be well represented in the legislature by either Hardware Dealers Meeting Held Here The district convention of hardwar dealers was held last Wednesday evening at the New Algona hotel. There were about forty present at the banquet. The dealers discussed the various problems of the, .hardware bust- ness, Including business methods and chain store methods. H. W. Thoerson of Charles City gave an' Interestuif talk on hardware problems. Fined for Being Drunk and Disorderly. Roy Adams,'a laborer working around Algona, was fined ten dollars and costs jy Justice A. Hutchison last Saturday on the charge of being drunk and disorderly. Council Oak Store Moved This Week. The Council Oak grocery store Is now nicely established in the building ormerly occupied by the Bloom store. The store front has been remodeled or a grocery store display, and the uiiaing has been otherwise repaired, ^he store will undoubtedly profit great- y by the more central location The nen worked Saturday night and Sunday to have things in readiness to open Monday. of these men. The County Ticket. The only republican candidates who are meeting with opposition at the general election are Sheriff L. E. Hovey who is opposed by Toney Goeders and Laura Paine, who is opposed by J J Dooley. Mr. Goeders and Mr. booley both received their nomination on the democratic ticket during the primary Mr. Hovey and Mrs. Paine are good officers and perhaps the only criticism made is upon their length of service However, the democratic nominees ar good men and well qualified to fil the positions should they be so foi I tunale as to be elected Supervisor Funnernark For Re-Election, To the voters of the Third Supervis- • District. Kossuth County, compris- 11? the townships of German, Ramsey, Buffalo, Portland, Wesley and Prairie. My name will appear on the election ' ' Mrs. Ira Vincent Sells Property Here Mrs. Ira Vincent left Tuesday for her home in San Antonio, Texas after a visit of a few weeks with' Al- sona relatives and friends. While here Mrs. Vincent disposed of her property holdings, she sold her house on Thprington street to Eric Strom who will take possesion soon. The house is on the corner of Thorington and North streets and was known for manv years as the Miss Dodd house. It i"^ at present occupied by Mr. and Mrj H W. Edwards. Mrs. Vincent also sold a house on North Minnesota allot at next Tuesday's election "as i street"to" Roy Orapser"' who "has cpuWican candidate for supervisor living in it. Mr^£prer te"ne of VWVWWViM^^^ Vhilo in oifice I have tried to give the best service within my power and have endeavored to honestly serve the best interests of my district and county f will appreciate a continuance of vow confidence and in return will continue to give you the best service of which I am capable. With the help of the experience I have had in the past which no new man can have, I hope to do better than before. Because I have been busy at my regular duties it has been impossible for me to take time to make a complete canvass of the voters and I am taking this means of soliciting the support of those whom I have failed to see in person.—Olaf Fimne- mark. Adv. - -- —. «• Mj^^i in u*ic \.n the mechanics at the Elbert Garage Mrs. Vincent's niece, Mrs. Harry Baker, took her to Fort ~ ' to catch the train. Methodist Church. Are. you amending any Sunday School? Are the children getting the benefits that Sunday School provides? Next Sunday is a good time to start Our Sunday School has more than five hundred of all ages enrolled. There is a place for you in one of the classes We are beginning a campaign for'in- creased attendance next Sunday We need your help, we want to help you and earnestly invite you to be with us. A unit meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society will be held Thursday afternoon at Swea City Mrs A. A. Bishop will lead the delegation' from Algona. Mabel Lauck Earl Fnoss Mrs. W. J. Fnoss Grover C. lieecl Glen L. Pankuk Mae B. Reed M. 0. Simpson Nels J. Olson Dr. Hamstreet Dr. R. C. Ball • F; C. Went ' C. B. Hutchins N. A. Smith Frank McEnroe L. A. Miner C. S. Johnson W. E. Naudain D. D. Clapsaddle H. R, Gibson Wm. C. Steele L. H. Junkermeyer L. A. Nitz Gust Isenberg Art Peterson L. J. Hanson H. W. Linde M. J. Kennedy J. E. Vaughn T Henry Heck. The Petit Jurors For November Court. O. W. Erickson Algona Susie Devine Algona "larence Ackerson Bancroft ieo. C. Allen Burt Wm. Poole Swea City L. O. Bush B'urt tfay Herman Algona 3dna Weisbrod Fenton John Zeller, Jr Bode Tommy Nielson ; Fenton E. J. Hodges ..Algona J. H. Fraser Algona Ethel Downs Titonka "Elizabeth Froehlich Wesley Matt Werdel Bancroft •'red W. Langerman Swea City L. E. Kresensky Algona lenry Shippman Bur .rt Spear Swea city Mn c. Hoeck Bancroft Hulda Moe Algona Henry Zingg Buffalo Center John capesius A lgona J - A ; BTa , rf ff rf Dakota •V. J. Littleton Box Social at Good Hope Drew Crowd. Good Hope, October 28. Special: school a crowd tv, i. —" — -he doors to,. t "" school thirty-five dollars for needed equipment A pro- vTd a e m ° f exceptional interest was provided by scholars and outside talent The former were John and Alb7rr Madson, Leon, John Milton short play was also presented by Mrs Nazarene Church. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Golden text, "Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned, and ignorant men, they marvelled, and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus." Acts 4:13. Morning worship at eleven with the sermon by the pastor. Text, St. Luke 14-18. "And hey all with one consent began to make excuse. The first said unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, and I must K-eds K o and see it: I pray thee have me excused." Evening service will be evangelistic. Wednesday night prayer and praise service. Bring your excuse with you to church.—I. p. Metcalf, pas- or. Harry Hobson' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.Lone Rock Lucile Smith --.^one Hock John Voss . Andrew Godfredson . Voss LuVeme Ernest Leudtke':::::::;;;:'L 0 ' nAI s Aug. Bierstedt L"?f* L. C Arthur Hof Maurice Pike James T. Knoll was voted the most nd had a good time. Following the program a collection of beauM ° f food were b 'd Prairie Wolf Shot Near LuVerne Sunday. ... LuVerne .Armstrong Burt Algona Women Attend O. E. S. Grand Chapt old son O f Homer Mrs - er. ,. Kee «. Stanley Worster Mrs Ellis Runchey and Mrs Ro and Balgeman for Supervisor. To the voters of Supervisor District (No. 1 including LuVeme, Sherman . h SiOUX C "y Tuesday the grand chapter meeting of 01 '" S , tar wnlch ls being hew this week. Mrs. Worster is wo matron of the local chapter *nd Ml ' s - Barn Burns in Cresco Township. Shot boy, who leveled the small twenty-two rifle he carried and aimed the cun irm U car drl Uni B ' S a ^ pleasure ta .ll_cars.—Gamble Stores' 20 HhnH,v Shortly 28th ' Cor. Three Year Old Boy Died Last Sunday. Roger the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Perry of Al- L'ona, died last Friday night from die- flu. Th e funeral wn> , . was, held in the Presbyterian church In Burt Sunday with Rev. Atcn pastor '' was the cleaners' suuuly company. Perry travels for a dry Jlrvington, Cresco, Rlverdale, Gar •field and Whittemore townships: I am a candidate for re-election as supervisor in the First District. While serving you in the past I have given you my best services. I have endeavored to give every section of the district every possible attention and the work that I have had done in each township is evidence of my efforts and success. I duly appreciate the confidence you have bestowed during the past and assure you that If I am re-elected, I will do my utmost to serve you further honestly and to the best of my ablU- ty-F. J. Balgeman. Adv. nv . ory eore noon on Monday flre destroyed the born on the Iha • a «• farm, Just east of the Ed. Wildin pl acP W " h a and ,' stlw and a cow also burned Thr chemical truck came and other 'build-' ngs were saved. The origin of the flre s unknown This is the third flr e on the farm, the house and crib burning some years ago. William Shaller oc? cupies the farm and it is a great loss to him. First Lutheran Church. Sunday School at ten a. m. Even- ng service at seven-th/rty p m with sermon by Rev. R. o. Swanson of Swea City.-o. E. Olsson, pastor. Bowl for HEALTH HUB Recreation Parlor Algona, Iowa 17-29

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