The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1930
Page 2
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JThe Upper Des Moines-RepuMicavOctober 29,1930 HAGOARD & BACKUS, Publishers. Entered as Second Class matter at the postoflTice at Algona, Iowa, under the l. : act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Issued Weakly. Subscription Rates in Kossuth County: One Year, in Advance $2.00 Six Months, in Advance ].20 Three Months, in Advance .60 Subscriptions Outside County, $2.50 per year, strictly in advance. Subscriptions continued until paid for and ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Composition 5 cents per inch extra. POLITICS ARE QUIET. As the campaign draws to a close, candidates for office are exerting every effort to bring about their success. The voters are called upon and frequently the only argument used with the purpose of securing votes is by denouncing the opponent. There is, in our Judgment, not a candidate for office, whether it be state or local, who would not, if elected, do their utmost to serve the public faithfully. The Tenth district saw a remarkable campaign for the congressional nomination before the primaries. Fred C. Gilchrist of Laurens, the successful candidate, Fred Larrabee of Fort Dodee and Steve EICKELBERG HAS VISION. L. E. Eickeiberg of Waterloo, independent candidate for the United States senate, was an Algona visitor last Friday and interviewed many of the business men and called at the newspaper offices. It is plainly apparent that Mr. EickeJberg is honest and earnest in his advocacy of government without money of any kind, but it looks to a practical man of the world to bs only a beautiful vision. Mr. Eickeiberg is a member of the German Evangelical church and a substantial citizen of Waterloo, where he has for many years conducted a profitable hardware business. He was considered wealthv at Washington News By Fred Holmes, Wash. Correspondent for the U. D. M.-R. Goldthwalte of Boone were the candi- I one time, but explains that he suffer- dates. They are all good friends, good i «d a substantial loss in the business ber Washington, October 27.—After carefully analyzing the conflicting claims of the respective na- campaign managers, your correspondent was left in such a state of mental turmoil that he proceeded to devise for himself a sure jmethod of determin- nig this year's election results without waiting for Novem- Fearing that a few others may be languishing in this same perplexity, he has charitably concluded to share his discovery with his fellow- sufferers. • » * * Take a half dollar—if business depression has left you with one—and exchange it at your bank for fifty cop- Democrat Who Aspires To Be 'Next Governor FRED P. IIAGEMANN. The democratic candidate for governor of Iowa, Fred P. Hagemann, of Waverly, was introduced to the people f Algona last Wednesday by J. W. Sullivan, and C. B. Murtagh, both of per cents. Stick two of the coppers ' whom were members of the state leg- into a convenient pockets—for use i case of a tie—and pour the remainin men and one of the cleanest campaigns slump. He has now sold his hardware forty-eight into a suitable receptacl In the history of the state was carried store and is devoting his whole time to Shake vigorously, constantly repeat ., ; incr fiin i»ioonf o f i/-v»-> lt n+**r w-m.ini* on. As a .result, the onpononts of I the campaign for the senate. He saj Mr. Gilchrist are doinpr t'.ieir utmost" to secure his election, which of course, is certain. There was, in fact, no real dirty work with any of the candidates and the present campaign between the candidates from the various parties, although party differences are discu.ssed, has not developed any unpleasant personal charges. Politics are perhaps cleaner in Iowa than in any other section and bespeaks well for the intelligence and honesty of the voters. KOSSUTH COUNTV. Farmers are all busy now huskin corn, hauling in beets and in makin preparations for winter. Every tow in Kossuth county is a busy place Farmers are admitting that the corr crop is considerably better than wa expected, although there is much poo corn. The corn that is good is of ex cellent quality. The beet crop appear to be good, although the beets arc no as large as in former years, due probably to the dry season. A visit to liedyard, perhaps one of the larges shipping points for beets, gives an idea of what this crops means when the; View the mountain of beets hauled in and stored., before shipment to the sugar factories, The potato crop is also very, good and they are of gooc quality. A drive through Kossuth <Sounty at this season will raise the spirit of those who might be more or less' downcast as they view the filled cribf of'corn, the herds of fattening hogs' and cattle and the well-kept farm homes.. Kossuth county is one of the ' Iowa, where the people are as News and Comment. that now he has plenty of time for th campaign that he will certainly be el ected. He says that he has talked h scheme of government over with Har vey Ingham, editor of the DCS Moine Register and while he was unable t convince Harvey at the time, Hnrve tcok his book to study up on the mat ter and may yet adopt his ideas. Mr Eickeiberg is a pood man and wouk have made a splendid preacher. Oil of the planks of Mr. Eickelbcrg's plat form should prove very popular witl the voters if they have the faith necessary. "Taxes will be cut out entirel; because all are paid by credit deposits Taxes are mostly graft and a nuisance and are paid by the ignorant." It would seem from this that most of us are ignorant, but there is still hopes for us, as Eickeiberg is now devoting his entire time in educating us. PHEASANT SEASON OPENS. The pheasant hunting season will open on next Saturday and thousands of these beautiful birds will be killed. Some hunters go out just for the purpose of shooting while others go out with the expectation of getting a few birds for food. The meat of the young pheasant is delicious and to many is a great treat. Farmers and land owners sign a petition asking for an open season and then post their farms with 'No Hunting" cards. As a rule no armer wishes to have every Tom, Dick and Harry chase through his fields and pastures, shooting recklessly and >ften killing or maiming valuable live- tock. So many of the hunters do not hunt within the limits of the law and f .the farmers knew that they were all true Sportsmen no objections would be made as a rule. There are laws ag- inst trespassing, against shooting up- n the highways and the manner of arrying fire arms and they are all Iowa farmers are glad if snow had '° Iat * f qaB "J ntl . y dur ! ng anf °? en sea ' to fall that New York eot tt- son ' Xt Is a la wless element from the to fall, that New York got it. 10eg and outsidc pojnts ock into open territory at these times Next Tuesday is election day and land there should be a deputy game the old advice, vote early and as of- j warden stationed on every section to ten as you can, holds good. A Yale doctor says four per cent beer is not Intoxicating. He has probably been spiking his near beer. How are we going to show our grandchildren how we drove over dirt and mud roads in Iowa when all of the old maps are destroyed. Candidates for office are near the end of the trail. Next week the suspense will end and they will either love the voters more or less. When "Dick" is in the senate and Fred Gilchrist in the house, Iowa people will have two men in congress of whom they might well be proud People kick a lot about school taxes but where is an investment made that brings better returns to a community than an enlightened and educated people? Senator Sleek, who was .sent to the senate by republican votes, is, by his speeches, making a let of damphool republicans who voted for him .six years ago blush for shame. protect the farmers' interests. Sheep Killing Dog Shot Near Livermore Ernest Raney recently ended the career of a police dog that has been committing depredations in this vicinity for some time. Mr. Raney had been losing sheep by a dog or dogs, and had placed his sheep for the night in a corral of a high wire fence. Inside the fence he had placed another wire to prevent any animal that got into the pen from getting out again. During the night Mr. Raney heard ing the incantation "eny, meeny, miny, mo." Dump out upon any fla surface. Separate the heads from th tails, and call the larger pile demo crats or republicans according to you affiliation. Carefully refrain from reading anything signed by either SI mon Fess or John Raskob until afte your vote is cast—and there you havi it. It's a sure thing. * * * * A fine piece of crazy-work is tha which lias been prepared for us at the political kaffee-klatches this year There was a time when the design was standardized, at least sufficently to enable us to determine in advance of delivery, with a very fair degree of accuracy, the number and sizes of the pieces, but not in 1930. There are too many political cross currents with both parties involved in the numerous mix- ups. Republicans are supporting demo;rats, democrats campaigning for re- jublicans, wets supporting drys and drys advocating the election of wets. * * * * In October, 1928, if anyone had the emerity to whisper that cither North Jarolina or Texas was likely to go re- ublican, there was talk of referring he incident to an insanity commission, "today, Pennsylvania may be suggest- d for the doubtful column and raise question of the prophet's inspiration ut not of his sincerity, much less his anity. In that commonwealth many epublican leaders have announce* heir opposition to the republican gub material nominee, Glfford Pinchot an extent which has undoubted! provoked no little republican trenid- ation. On the other hand, the exten to which the fact that some dry democratic chieftains have deserted their wet candidate, John Hemphill, will off- islature during the time that Mr. Hagemann was also a member. Mr. Hagemann made a splendid impression on all with whom he met, and he left no one in doubt as to where he stood upon the questions now at issue in Iowa. Such frankness Is refreshing in a political candidate whether one agrees with their views or otherwise. Mr. Hage- j to four mills, in other words, that it ount (and nearly all of them did), bu it shows how the wind blows in the state house. It shows the spirit of ex travagance that has been running rlo in our state. Not satisfied to squande: money recklessly in a legal way, it i grabbed in violation of the highest law of the land. Every member of thi legislature who took that money under the provisions of this law, violated our constitution and he knows it. What astounds me and the people of this state is, that no one, not even the attornej general of our state, raised a voice ir protest. "The republican party has been in power in this state for nearly forty years. They were in power two years ago and they promised relief. We did not get it, and you are not going to get it now if the republican candidate for governor and the other state officers are re-elected. "Oh yes, Mr. Turner is pledged to a state income tax and with this tax he )romised you during the primary cam- >aign, that he would relieve the situa- ion. "It can not be done. I am opposed ,o a state income tax or any other orms of new taxation. You cannot ower taxes by Increasing them. "A state income tax based upon the ame rates and exemptions as the fed- ral income tax will mean an addition- 1 burden of not less than four million ollars. It will double the tax burden f those who now pay the federal in- ome tax. "My opponent argues that it will re- uce the general tax levy from three mann is positive in his objection to a will be a replacement tax. I answer, set the republican deflection, is purely conjectural. Senator LaFollette, republican, of Wisconsin, is about to take the stump in behalf of two democratic candU dates, Senator Thomas J. Walsh in Montana and Edward P. Costigan in Colorado. From Nebraska, where Senator George W. Norris, republican, op- Donent of the Hoover administration is fighting Gilbert N. Hitchcock, democratic nominee, come reports of party switches in the senatorial race. Mr Hitchcock received assurances of support from the democratic senatorial committee after he had demanded an explanation of a published report that ;he committee was pursuing a "hands- off" policy in his campaign. Down in Alabama, the republicans refrained from nominating a senatorial candidate in the race between Senator Hef- in and John H. Bankhead, the democratic nominee. Heflin was forced from ;he democratic ticket for his failure to support the presidential candidacy of Alfred E. Smith in 1923 and is running as an independent. state income tax and is in favor of referendum on the prohibition question The people of Iowa voted against pro hibition only a year before the stat legislature voted for ratification of na tional prohibition. Mr. Hagemann ha issued a statement of his views, part o which we give below: "Of all the ills with which Iowa L afflicted at the present time, there is none quite so serious as the crushing burden of taxation, brought upon us b; years of extravagant expenditure of ou public funds. "Many a farmer end home owner has lost his farm and home because of higl ;axes. The situation is alarming anc he tax reduction is the dominant anc all important issue in this campaign. "The republican party and its candi- late for governor recognize this and re pledged to a state income tax, by means of which they expect to reduce axes. My opponent, Mr. Turner, made is entire primary campaign upon this issue and successfully persuaded a majority of those who voted in the rimary, that a state income tax would elieve their burden. "Something must be done to reduce axes. The question is, What? "The hue and cry for the reduction of taxes began more than two years ago. A large majority of the members of the last legislature were elected upon an economy platform. Yet, in spite of their promises to reduce taxes the first thing they did, after they met in that in no case has an income tax been a replacement tax. Nineteen states in our union have had a state income tax and in not a single state has it been a replacement tax and in no a single state has it reduced taxes. "Wisconsin adopted a state income tax in 1911 and in that state the tax on farm, lands has exactly doubled since the state income tax law weni into effect. "In Wisconsin the state income tax is not popular with the farmer or anybody else. Under the Wisconsin law anyone having an income of $1,000.00 or more ..must make a report and this Includes the farmers. The farmers of Wisconsin will tell you that it is a :urse and that it has not reduced taxes. He must weep an accurate account of everything he raises on the farm, of all increase in his livestock, of every dozen of eggs he sells and he must ikewise keep exact account of everything he bujs. This is almost impos- ible without a bookkeeper. Then, after he has hired a lawyer to make a eturn for him, it is likely that some snooper' from the state house will ome and tell him he has not made an accurate return. "I was opposed to the state income Balanced Unit —Battery Radios— Contain all features of highest price radios, Automatic volume control, Philco tone control, 8 tubes, which a 2-volt A-Battery operates one to two months according to use. Be Sure to Hear Its Marvelous Tone Liberal Trade Allowance Sold on Terms Farmers General Store R. O. BJUSTROM, Prop. Phone 1F11, Hobarton. Des Moines, was to pass a bill increasing their own salaries by approximately fifty per cent. That was a slap in the face for every honest voter. It was adding insult to injury and every man who voted for that bill deserves to be defeated during the coming election. "True, it meant only an additional expenditure of $80,000.00 if everyone padded his expense bill to the full am- ax during the primary campaign. I m opposed to it now and I would veto n income tax bill, if elected, if such a 01 were passed by the legislature. "I have no great wealth with which to promote an expensive campaign, nor do I have a consuming ambition to be elected governor of Iowa. I have only one desire, that is, to tell the people of this state ht»w I stand on this important issue as well as other issues. "I can not carry water, on both shoulders. I do not vote dry and drink wet. I am opposed to an income tax whether I talk to one who favors it or one who opposes It." dry. Senator Tydings of Maryland, :r>-. P^i J r> chairman of the democratic senatorial! LJr ' •* eters l_ar - senatorial j campaign committee, is an unreelent- ins foe of national prohibition, but he is giving as much attention to the campaigns of dry democratic nominees as of the wets. • * * If you lack the patience to await the verdict, just dump out your pennies note the heads and tails and count 'em. Any other method of calculation will convince you that the complexion of he forthcoming senate will be both blond and brunette, both saints and devils will predominate in the house )f representatives, that the controver- ial Eighteenth Amendment will be both wiped out and indelibly carved in gran- te, that the tariff will become at the same time an airplane and a submarine, that business depression and unemployment—well what's the use? Your the in-between Ruth Hanna Mcormick as the warring principals. The n commotion m his sheep corral and problem might not be so easy of solu- hurried out. He turned his flashlight 11 ion even without the injection of a on the pen and saw a large, black po- ! third unknown quantity but the O'Neill lice dog struggling to get past the inner wire of the pen and make its escape. He shot the animal by the light of the flashlight. Entering the pen he found that he had killed what is believed to bo a famous killer cf domestic .stock. This is the animal that is believed to have destroyed more than $500 worth of domestic animals between Livermore and Humboldt, or east am! vest of thtit locality. It is a dog tha'. .John Berkhimer believes killed many sheep for him. and was reported serm on several occasions shortly after sheep and other animals had killed. The dog was essentially a killer. candidacy certainly adds to the difficulties. Massachusetts sees the tinpre- cdentcd possibility of having two demo- era's in the senate, and Ohio is puttim: "ii a fine show for both the United States senate and the governorship a show which is said to have the republican chieftains not a little concerned. It is claimed that West Virginia, ordinarily a republican state, probably will elect. Matthew M. Necly, democrat, in the senate, and predicted that Neely's wide popularity—he served sev- always either disemboweled Clarence Darrow, tlie Chicago criminal lawyer must hypnotise the juries. ' rnals or nit their jugular When the toughest criminal gets in throat. It seemed to'kill court he secures the services of Darrow and he usually gets off easy. the ani- at the | era! terms in the and a term in been ! the senate—plus hard times, unemployment and depression give him the edge in his contest with J. Elwoad Jones, republican and millionaire coal op"ra- Mew Jersey is tremendously stir- race for the a wet republican, while in New York Governor Roosevelt and r-l.' T- -i Charles H. Tultle, his republican op- LxillCagO 1 riDUne. )v)nt;llt -' hotl1 standing on a wet plat- Local Bry has Poem IViivmo.'i'l K;'esen-.-kv, son of MI 1'iis Krc.-( ns!:y of Algona is im Jn They say tlie Milwaukee brewers are spending millions in getting ready to manufacture real old honest to goodness lager. Well, there are limes when ^ a little "old style" wouldn't go .so bad. j ""'''• I|j ; s [wms and book reviews havr j has smashed party lines"to "smither- " ' Under the leadership of Pierre form, are engaging in a bitter .struggle for tho governor's mansion ut Albany. In Delaware, the wet and dry issue Railroads are getting a lot of sympathy and the passenger business is appeared in numerous inagji/ine.s eli-^ern filing very favorable rommriil.s from critics. The following is n poe-n which have ' in the W; and Irenee du Pont, wet republicans, gone over to former Senator In any case, America does not face any overwhelming cataclasm. The country is sound. Its natural resources are as abundant as ever. Its buying power is but temporarily diminishe'l The foundation upon which our economic system is erected is free from injury, flaw, mutilation, defect or d'- cay. America will face the future just as confidently if Maine goes democratic as if Georgia should go republican, and the country will come through the depression and unemployment emergencies with flying colors'. So, let's "step on it." ,,..,,,, ' ' V ' lk " " f Ul( ' News.j Tlu;m;t<; P. Bayard, democratic nomi- ; been confirmed paralyzed, but with the moving of farm U department of the Chicago Tribun-, nee for the senate, and to Col. John P. Mystery Shes produce, the hauling of coal and oilier I w1 .',"''' '« conducted by Harvey T. Woo-l- < Lefevre. democratic nominee for the ' the former State house. " ---' - ' .... Swea City is Now Prosperous, Herald: Evidence is at hand that a mild boom which started in Swea City with the completion of the street pavement is still in progress. For instance, Walter Bovis is this week erecting pumps from which he will dispense Phillips "6C" gasoline. He will maintain an office jointly with the Dahl Electric Company in the Dahl blacksmith shop building. Rrtmors persisted last week that tho Shell Oil Company was to erect a filling .station here, perhaps on the vacant lots across the street west from the Swea City Poultry Company's plant. This report, however, has not freight they seem to be doing a pn-tty good business at that. One of tlie big problems of the nation is to find work for the unemployed. This is more sensible than the dole system adopted in some countries, where hard times prevail and if labor Is kept busy everybody prospers, including the farmer. Autumn is here with her bright, snappy weather, beautiful colored foliage and the music of corn as tlie ears strike the side boards. There is no place in the world so invigorating and where a relization of the blessings of where a realization of the blessings of mil: Shadows. I am in love with shadows on the law,, That move across (he walk and then ;>'•(' Kimc. Where fiery .sunlight breaks through crystal air There are two melodic.-; »nd tunes Ilia' flare Against the butterfly and .silent bird. Bayard, Lefvre and tho demo- liavi; (-spoused the wet cause. To :s. I owned by Andrew Berens, Bancroft The brat ini,' echoes close .stirred u<;ain and. By sunlight, leave a cooling memory— Leave a long row of shadows there for Too often when a shadow hovers near, A heart will stop, anticipating fear, But in that darkness, substance of r thought, .A lingering note of joy is surely caught. —Raymond Kresensky. who supported the laU; Joslah Marvel, president of tlie American Bar association, and a candidate for tho democratic senatorial nomination this year against Bayard, are planning to vote in no inconsiderable numbers for Senator Daniel O. Hastings, republican incumbent, and for Hobert O. Houston, who is .seeking re-election to the house. Senator nu.sting.s and Representative Houston aru running as drys. Senator Fess of Ohio, chairman of the republican national committtc and a militant advocate of national prohibition, is working hard for the republican senatorial candidates in states whore they happen to be wet as for those in states where their platform Is windows and then a rumor sprang up that the building was to house a loan and investment business. Burned Near Burt. Burt Monitor: A cross in the Ignition wires, probably due to worn insulation, set fire to Dr. W. T. Peters' Nash coupe Tuesday afternoon as he was driving along eight miles r?ist of Burt Dr. Peters was going to the Hadler place, and shortly after he had turned r.crth by the H. O. Buell farm, lire shot up around the floor boards. The doc- ror stopped and got out in a 'lurry. Throwing dirt checked the progress of the fire on the inside momentarily but it was burning fiercely underneath where there was no chance to get at I it. Soon the entire body was on fire and the rear and spare tires were also | ablaze. As the flames burned the insulation from the wiring, the horn started sound and signalled loudly for about ten or fifteen minutes. The loss was partly, covered by insurance. Coming Again." There are many questions arising out of this statement that are of importance. I shall be glad to answer questions for Individuals. The evening hour will be given to an old time song service. Bring your favorite hymn and let's all enjoy them together.—J. L. Coleman, minister. The American "Buck" An eminent European expert on coinage snys that the American 5-cent pleoe "is the most beautiful coin in the world." Tlie American "buck" looks nbout 10 times na jjood to the bourgeois eye. Presbyterian Church. November is our church loyalty month, and we are asking that all of the members and friends of the church join us in putting it over big. Morning sermon theme, "Jesus is Burt Boy Suffered a Broken Leg. Monitor: Ellsworth Staley, who i makes his home with his uncle, E. H,' Staley, well known Hurt farmer, suf-, fered a broken leg Monday when the I team he was hitching up preparatory! to going out to husk corn, started i up when only one tug was hooked I and the wagon slewed over against] Staley's leg, breaking it above the ankle. Tony Goeders ])(;i)iocrati(; Candidate for SHERIFF of Kossuth County Vote, for the man and not for the party. My slogan is "Keduce expense of the sheriff's office and help relieve the taxpayers. '' **I Raise Them— You Eat Them" • "Just think how immense this town would suddenly become if all the people who eat Brookf ield Butter.Brookf ield Eggs and Premium Milkfed Chickens were to crowd in every day for their supplies, "But that's not how it works. Nobody has to go outside his town for Swift & Company goods. I'm one of the 200,000 producers who deliver supplies to the Swilt& Company produce plants and receive cash for my products. There are more than 80 of these plants. 400 branch housea and 600 car routes carry the Swift products to every community in the country and prevent local gluts or shortages. That's the marvelous organization of nation-wide distribution. It's like the arteries that carry the life stream nil through your body. It's a mighty fine thing to have contact with an organization which can thrive on an average margin of less than 2 cents on every dollar of sales, "Of course I've more than ordinary interest in Swift & Company. I'm one of the 45,000 snare* holders, besides being a producer, and in addition to having a ready cash market lor all I can raise. "I receive a return on my investment. Thoo- eands of Swift & Company employes are shareholders. Many of the 58,000 employes who receive just wages live right in this town. Th«y spend their money with our merchant*, build their homes here, pay taxes like you and me. I can tell you, there's something more to being In the Swift family besides delivering butto Auu eggs. Swift <& Company Algona, Iowa Swift's Premium Quality BrookficW Egga, Premium Milkfed Chickens and Golden Wort Fpwl prepared by Algona people. On sale by local dealers,

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