The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1930
Page 2
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, October 22, 1930 ^V^k. ^m Beggars f CAN Choose Margaret Weymoulli Jackson Copyright by Bobbs-Merrlll Co. WNU Servlc* avuu SYNOPSIS CHAPTER XII—Coring pleads with Ernestine to lenve Will nnd return to her parents. She hesitates, but an In- Blplit Into Pastano's lawlessness decides her. She consents to break with Will. Next mornlnsr, realizing whnt the. notion would mean to him, she knows she cannot do It, and rsttirns to Chlratro and her husband. With the rift In the lute closed Will hits on a new Idea for a comic strip. It Is an Immediate success. Money flows In. Ernestine's third child Is horn. <Contlnued from la** Wednesday.) "No," he said slowly, "no, not I. I linve no plan to save Loring Hamilton. I have no desire to save him. ! would not lift my little finger for Lor- Ing Hamilton. It is Inevitable that he should fall, should ho punished. Even if I wanted to do something for lilrn now, I could not. His treachery Is known to others ns well as to myself Money is needed. If I should with tlrnw money from my own private sources, or If I should withdraw money from funds that, are available for gifts, when It Is necessary, It would be Instantly known. No—in the first place, I don't want to help Lorlng. If he .were my own brother, I would feel that ho must follow his course alone. Nor could 1 help him, even if I liked, but"—he looked at her Intently so that for a moment it seemed that she was lost, hypnotized by his great dark eyes —"you can help him, if you like, Ernestine." "Tell me," she whispered. "What can I do?" He put his hand In his pocket and took out his big silver watch. Laying the flat of Ills palm upon It, he twisted It, unscrewed the hack of tlie watch and tool: from between the outer and Inner cases a small piece of paper, folded once across. He sat, his dismembered watch In one hand, and the piece of paper in the other, and said to her: "I know that you have your own standards of honor—I have exposed myself, in this talk, knowing your code. But now, I must ask you If you are capable of secrecy. No one hut Will must know of this. He must know." "I promise," she said at once. He put the folded paper In her hand, and kept his linger upon It, so that It remained closed. "There is a name here. This afternoon, within an hour after this bank Is closed—before four o'clock, to be exact, twenty thousand dollars, In cash, must he placed In the hands of this person, and the Indictment against Lorlng will ho dropped." Ernestine was very pale. "A bribe?" she said, her throat dry. "But that's —wrong." He was very gentle. "Wrong, yes—no doubt. But wo are at a place now—where it Is the lesser evil, which must ho chosen—not right or wrong. A bribe—ugly word. Yes, there is a regular scale of prices for Indictments. This money must be spread. It will take twenty thousand dollars to do it. You have the money. I take a great risk upon myself—this talk, this name, this opportunity, but I wished yon to have it." He beamed upon her now—pleased ns a child who has been good and waits for praise. Ernestine was very agitated. "How do you know I have this money?" "I am a director In this bank—you have It—here." "But that money Is for Will. I've teen saving It for nearly two years. I cart't give that money for Lorlng. It'* Will's." "I'll not pay for Lorlng," said Pas- tnno sternly, and he shrugged, his face altered, hard. "Why should I? You can—If you won't, he's sunk— that's all." "No, no," cried Ernestine, "not thnt —not Will's money. I won't do It, Ruby. I can't. Lorln? will have to go down 1n his own wreckage. Why should I pay a bribe for him? Why should I rob Will of his very chance, for Lorlng? This Isn't just money- tills Is Will's future—his peace, his happiness—this is my marriage—this money." He was silent. He stared at her. She could feel In him disappointment. He was disappointed In her! He, monster that he was, dared to judge her! "You see," she said desperately, "Will Isn't always going to be a cartoonist. He's going to do something else. He hasn't any sense about money. I learned about money, when we were poor, but Will has never learned. He's extravagant, foolish. I found out long ago that If he had lifty cents In his pocket, or fifty dollars, It was all the same to him. And then— I discovered that Will wanted to be an artist, that he wanted to work In colors, that he hated the cats. And I began to save. I've kept up a front on a small amount of money. I spent less than twelve thousand dollars last year, and Will earned thirty thousand. ] But It's been for Will. I'm not naturally economical, or close, but I did it for Will." "Perhaps Will would want you to do this—ask him." "Perhaps he would. It would he like him to throw away his chance for Lorlng. But Will doesn't know I've got this money. Nobody knows, except the bank clerks. I thought a savings account was a private matter. Will has a studio down near here—if he could study—if he could go to Paris." "I know," said Pastano. "He rents his workroom from me. I've seen some of his stuff. Well—Lorlng can go to jail then, for all of me, and If you are suhpenaed Into court, to testify about things that happened at Langley lake three summers ago, don't say I didn't warn you." He sighed. His eyes were sad and tired. The tears sprang down Ernestine's cheeks. "Don't think 1 don't appreciate this —I know that you endanger yourself— your very life—by talking to me. I know enough about all tills to know what you are doing—It's generous, but, oh, Ituby, it is Will I love—Will, all the time." "Your sister—" he objected. "Why should I sacrifice Will for Loring nnd Lillian?" she said passionately. "It will take me a long time to accumulate this money again. And simply to give it away—to send It out blindly, nnd not even know where it goes! Loring has always hated Will— has trled j to harm him. And now yon ask me to give up Will's chance. He can't wait forever. His gift will die, he'll go stale." "Loring lias loved you. Ernestine." She stopped her Incoherent speech. She looked nt him with davit eyes, nnd her face grow very pale. "That time," I'tistnno said, "when you were ill—when Klninu was horn, we would not havi> found you, if it had not been for Luring." "I'.ut Will found me," she quavered. "Y(;s—after Lorlng had torn the town up—had organized a search— had warned me. Will would still be wandering about Sherldnn Park. And after Will found you, what did he do? You might have died there, without proper care. It was Loring's practical energy and ability—his decision and his olllclency which saved you." Me got up nnd moved about restlessly, lie seemed almost to plead with her. "That's why I couldn't sleep last night. It came to me nil the time—he loves our Ernestine, fool and traitor Unit he is. He would eive everything Batteries Batteries We Have Them Think oil it—a genuine Ford 13-plate, rubber encased 80 ampere hour battery for only and your old battery. This battery is guaranteed for 15 months and we will gladly install the new battery free of charge. This battery will lit eighty per cent of all carp and is ideal for the radio. Kent Motor Co. Authorized Ford Dealer. Algona, Iowa. he has—for her. It Is her sister, her family, her family name. She Is mixed In it—she will he hurt by It. So this morning, I came to town. I have seen the bank ledger from time to time. I have watched your private fortune growing with much Interest, and known, or thought, that Will was Ignorant of It. So this morning I camo to town, and carefully I hare made this possible. And now, you do not see It." He was putting his watch together ns he spoke, but he left the slip of paper In Ernestine's hand. "It's one o'clock," he said. "The bank closes at throe. Suppose yon go and talk to Will. A woman ought not take a slop like this, anyhow, without talking to her husband. 1 ' "I'm not going to give Will's money to Loring," Ernestine Bald despairingly. Mr. Pastano opened the door for her, but did not answer her low "good-hy." Ernestine went swiftly down the stairs and out Into the brightness of the street. "I'm not going to ask Will," she thought stubbornly. "He'll just tejl me to do what 1'nstano wants. I'm not going to do It." She ran for a car going north and hoarded It. She rode as far as Belmont avenue, jumped up suddenly nnd got out of the street ear. A taxi stood before a drug store across the street. Ernestine run across through the tralllc and got Into the taxi. "I'lonse hurry," she said, and gave him the address of the old oliico building near the river, where Will led his secret life. She felt Unit she could not get to Will soon ' •uiuiKli, now she was started. She paid the taxi driver nt the door and went, quickly into the dim and dusty doorway. CHAPTER, XIV Will and Ernestine Choose Will was nailing up a wooden box. The shelves nnd (he table were empty. Ankle deep on the floor was a litter of papers. "Ernestine I" He stopped, a hammer In hand, to stare at her. "What nre you doing?" she exclaimed, and then, with a little cry of horror she stooped and picked up from the rubbish on the lloor, n torn picture. "Oh, Will, how could you tear It up? It was good—it was wonderful. Why did you destroy it?" With trembling hands she tried to put the ragged pieces together on the drafting desk. He looked nt her astonished, voiceless. Before her, racked against the wall, ivas the sketch of herself, with Elalno on her arm. "I'm glad you didn't throw this away—oh. Will, I like It so! But what are you doing? Are you moving?" "What do you mean, Ernestine?" he said sharply. "Did you know about this office—when have you been here?" "Of course I knew," she said Impatiently, confused to (ind the need for explanations, now, at this vital hour. I've known you had this office, since last spring. I knew, long before that, that you were hankering for something —some new work. You remember the night you made this picture?" She picked up the sketch of herself. "You remember? Of course you do. I knew then, that you wore working. Lillian had told me she saw you in this neighborhood, and I came here the next day, nnd looked at nil your work. Oh, Will, don't look nt me sol I wasn't spying on you! You were so strange, nnd I was very unhappy—I had to know what you were doing. I!iu aren't you going to work here any more?" lie laughed strangely. "Kent's due tomorrow," he said. "I decided to let It go. I'm closing this ollice, nnd I'll never open another. I suppose, since you knew I was working here, that yon were worried about tlie cats—but you needn't have worried—I'll stay with the Job. I've given up my wild Ideas. We'll keep the income—that's what counts." "Why Will," she said swiftly, "you don't think there's any conflict between your desire and mine, do you? That's what I've been saving for—all this time. I knew that you would want to quit the cats, and I've saved a great deal of money—you'll be astonished. 1 had to know—It was right for me to know. It's made It possible fur us to build a reserve. And why should I worry about the cats? Do yon think I want you to stick to the cats, if there's something bigger, something more compelling upon you? Why, Will, Will—all I want is just what you wanl." Suddenly she remembered her errand, with a wiill. "Oh, Will, I'as- tano wants the money for Lorlng—a hrlbp. Loring's in terrible trouble. He'll have to go to jail, but, oh, I don't want to give them the money for him. It's your money, Will—dou't give It nway—don't let them take it from us." lie caught her wrist and held it hard. "Are you out of your senses?" lie asked stonily. "Whnt do you iiioun— money? What money have you?" She opened her purse and took her small savings deposit book from it. She opened the hook, nnd put it in Ills hand, the total across the narrow pa go. His eyes wore wide, Incredulous, lie rnhhi'd his hand across his face. "It's yours, Will," she snid with sud don gentleness. "I have nibbed you of every cent I could get from you, nnd I've lived ns cheaply ns I could, and I've bunked the difference—for you." Deep within hor she heard a warn- Inir boll. She roiiKMiihorod that thov had much to toll ench other. She laid hor hand upon his arm, and said in the same low tone: "Look at me, Will." He looked at her—his brilliant black eyes lixed on her brown eyes—he looked at her deeply, with astonishment, and suddenly Ernestine was tilled with u strange power and wisdom. She passed out of self-consciousness and was controlled and guided by deep Instincts and ancient mother wisdom. She moved toward Will, put her face up to his and kissed his lips. "Will," she suld, smiling up ut him, her lovely fuce alight with feeling, her tender mouth curved in a smile of Deep Within Her She Heard a Warn- Ing Bell. sweolnos's, "Wlfl, I love you. You forget It. You Ignore It—you make love a burden Instead of a support. I've soen It In the (loops of your artist's mind—that love betrayed and entrapped you, iiistond of lotting you free. Haven't you thought Hint?" His arm trembled n little under her (Continued Next Wednesday). Congregational Church. Rev. George E. Mitchell of Crcston, Iowa, will speak at the Congregational church next Sunday morning nt eleven o'clock. He comes with high recommendations. He is our first candidate and we earnestly desire that every member of the church and church' friends come out and hear him.—Pulpit committee. BANCROFT NEWS. I & Miss Adella Vaske is on the sick list this week. Fred Habegar was a business visitor at Algona Monday. Barney Brink and son, Ed. drove to Waterloo Monday on business. Irma Gllbertson and Leona Keller were Algona visitors Saturday. Maurice Lonergan. Sr., of Mason City b visiting his son, Paul, nnd family. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Welp are the parents of a baby boy born Thursday, October 16. Miss Thecla Ricken of Algona spent Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. Frank Vaske, and family. Mrs. Eugene Erickson and Mable Howe were visitors at the BenneM home at Burt Sunday. The Woman's Missionary society will meet at the home of Mrs. Mike Saund- crs Thursday afternoon. Tom Garry was on the sick list one! day last week. Leander Vaske substituted for him on the mall route. Mr. and Mrs. John Hcrbers are the proud parents of a baby boy Worn Saturday. He was named Harlaii Geo. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Adam Wilhelml of; Joilet, Illinois, were dinner guests at the John Bernhard home on Tuesday Florence and Margaret Miller spent Sunday at the home of their parents Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Miller at LuVerne, Mrs. Thomas Garry and children spent this week at the home of her sister, Mrs. Leo Whalen at Mason City, Mrs. Dan Burns left for her home at Emmetsburg Friday after a few days' visit at the home of Mrs. Bridget Quinn. Mesdames Rnsal, Cora and Florin Hunt entertained the Ladies' Aid at the church basement Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. R. N. Bruor returned from Minneapolis the first of the week after a week's visit with relatives and friends. Annual Report of the KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION. AFFIDAVIT. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss Juli , us .. Ku S?- President, P. P. Zerfass, Secretary, and H. L. Gilmore, ,.. . , , . . , of the Kossuth County Agricultural Association bein* dulv sworn on oath depose and say that the said society or association, being duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa, held a fair known as the Kossuth County Fair on the 1st to 5th days of September, 1930 In the city or town of Algona, Iowa, and that the said fair consisted of a bona fide exhibition of livestock, together with agricultural products, farm implements, etc., ns contemplated in the law. We further depose and say that no gambling devices, sale of intoxicating liquor of other violations of the law were permitted on the grounds of said society or association. We further depose and say that the sum of $4281.10 as shown in the financial statin dnt attached hereto has been paid to the winning exhibitors in settlement of premiums won at the fair for the current year and that no part of this amount was paid for speed events or to secure games or amusements. We further depose and say that the attached financial statement is a full and complete statement of the receipts and expenditures for the current year and that the attached satistical data is true and correct. JULIUS KUNZ, President. P. P. ZERFASS, Secretary. H. L. GILMORE, Treasurer. Subscribed; and sworn to before me this 20th day of October, 1930 by Julius is;, President, P. P. Zerfass, Secretary, and H. L. GUmore, Treasurer of the above named society or association. F. L. McMAHON, Notary Public. FINANCIAL STATEMENT. RECEIPTS. Cash on hand from last report Receipts outside gates (include season and family tickets $ 7,829.56 Receipts day grandstand and quarter stretch .. 1,339.50 Receipts night grandstand and quarter stretch 1,261.80 Total ticket sales Entry fees, speed department Concessions and privileges Advertising in premium list and program State Aid (this year anticipated Miscellaneous receipts of fair: Stall and pen rent 230.00 Breeding association special premiums 25.00 From other sources of fair 230.38 Total miscellaneous receipts of fair Total receipts of fair County aid 973.42 Other receipts 2,444.17 Total receipts from sources other than fair.. Grand total receipts DISBURSEMENTS. Open premiums: Horses, ponies and mules $253.00 Cattle (beef and dairy) 690.00 Swine 729.00 Sheep, wool and goats 236.00 Poultry 272.50 Agricultural products 219.75 Fruits, plants and flowers 104.00 Culinery products 236.00 Textile and art depts 572.85 School exhibits 181.25 Baby health department 25.00 Dairy products 58.00 Total open premiums 3,577.35 Boys' anl Girls' Premiums: Colts 55.00 Baby beeves and pure bred heifers.. 476.00 Pigs 22.00 Lambs 14.00 Other than live stock 136.75 Total boys' and girls' premiums 703.75 Total premiums other than speed Premiums for speed Music and attractions Miscellaneous expenses of fair: Advertising 1,051.55 Printing 435.99 Postage 45.00 Salaries 1,308.48 All other expenses of fair 998.16 Total miscellaneous expense of fair Total expense of fair Insurance, interest, etc Permanent improvements Maintenance of grounds and buildings Any other expense $ 2,887.89 10,430.86 410.00 2,424.23 329.00 2,000.00 485.38 16,079.47 3,417.59 $22,384.95 BIG REDUCTIONS KV CHRYSLER SIXES CHRYSLER SIX, NOW CHRYSLER "7O",JVOW AND UPWARDS COUPE *745 TOUIUNG .... 785 ROADSTER . . . 785 (with rumble seal) ROYAL COUPE . . 785 (with rumble scat) 4-DOOR ROYAL SEDAN (.l-wtodou-) . 795 CONVERTIBLE COUPE(U'(r/irumWr.«ra<)875 AND UPWARDS BUSINESS COUPE *1245 BROUGHAM . . . 1245 ROYAL COUPE . 1295 (with rumble seat} ROYAL SEDAN . 1295 A It prices F. O. D. Factory At the new reduced prices on Chrysler sixes the qualities that have kept Chrysler constantly in the lead are now placed within the reach of many more thousands. Why suffer the annoyances of winter driving in your old car when you can enjoy a new Chrysler six at the lowest prices for which such quality cars have ever been offered? Come in. See these great bargains. Take one out on the road and drive it. Easy terms. 943 WEST OF COURT HOUSE Algond, Iowa Miss Irene Wessels of Dycrsvlllc Is visiting with her sister, Mrs. J. B. Scholtes and with other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Knecht and two daughters of Algona were visiting at the John Bernhard home one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown of Lu- Verne, Minnesota, spent Saturday at the Otto Barrantine home. The ladles are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Welp and children of Humboldt spent Sunday at the homes of Mrs. Joseph Welp tnd M. A. Saunders. Mrs. A. H. Delterlng entertained six tables of bridge Thursday evening. Mrs. H. J. Guide won high score, Mrs. Karl Hoffman second and Mrs. M. L. Schiltz cut prize. Thomas Garry and A. H. Delterhig drove to Des Molnes Sunday and drove back two Austin delivery cars to be used on the' mail route. Mrs. Mary Delaney, son James and daughter Dolores of Fort Dodge spent Sunday with their daughter and sister, Mrs. L. P. Kennedy and family. Mr. and Mrs. O. "O. Hart were host and hostess to fourteen guests at a six o'clock dinner Thursday evening. JAiss Doris Hutton, who is attending school at St. Paul spent the wejk ond with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hutton. They met her at Albeit Lea Saturday afternoon. • Mr. and Mrs. Albert Elsbecker entertained five tables of five hundred on Sunday evening. Miss Besch and Matt Werdel won high score and Mrs. Geo. Miller and John Bernhard low score. The fire alarm was sounded Monday morning at about three o'clock, the call coming from Kramer home south of town. The flre started in the basement of the house which was caused by cobs being too close to the furnace. The small son of Mr. and Mrs. Kramer was awakened by the smell of the srnoke and at once alarmed the other members of the family. Help was summoned at once, but on account of the gas fumes It was difficult for the men to work. No serious damage was done. Presbyterian Church. Morning study' and worship, sermon theme, "Will Christ Come Again?" Evening subject, "The Things that Give Men a Sense of Security." The public is cordially inlvted to hear the above subjects.—J. L. Coleman, minister. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT LAW V. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Booms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAH ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ?70,0»» W. B. QUARTON II. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. 4,281.10 2,470.17 4,543.35 3,839.18 1,173.03 4,649.01 789.G1 508.38 J W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Llnnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. K. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAIN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALGONA, IOWA. Oaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SIIUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of thi 1'oard of Directors. H. E. Rist, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice President. G. S. Buchanan, Second Vice President. J. 8. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. < L. C. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H J. Bode T H. Wadswortt H. E. Rist jr. w. Wadswortb J. B. Auner *,. J. Van Ness G. S. Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone 250 • KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Or. Kencflck, 57 .. Dr. Crawford, 115 Total expense other than fair Grand total disbursements . Balance on hand STATISTICAL DATA. 15,133.80 7,120.03 $22,253.83 131.12 Admission fee charged at outside gates—adults 50c; vehicles 25c; children 25c. Admission fee charge at grandstand—clay 35c and 20c; night 35c and 20c. Total number admisison, day grandstand—2929 adults, 474 child's; day quarter stretch 881. Total number admissions night grandstand—3072 adults, 933 child's. Admission fee charged at quarter stretch bleachers—day 25c. Total attendance at fair (include both paid and non-paid admissions) 35,000. Total number paid admissions, outside gates 19,232. Total number exhibitors, all departments 2,224. Number of exhibitors, live stock departments 238. Number of horses on exhibition 53. Number of cattle on exhibition 191. Number of swine on exhibition 273. Number of sheep on exhibition 91. Number of birds on exhibition (poultry department) 488. Number of rabbits and cavies on exbihiton none. Are grounds owned by society or county? Society. Has county aid been voted to your fair grounds or buildings Yes. For buildings for 1931 Two tenths mill. How many acres in the grounds y 40. Estimated value of grounds and improvements, $55,000. Interest bearing indebtedness, none. OFFICERS OF THE FAIR. President Julius Kunz, P. O. Wesley, Iowa. Vice President W. T. Peters, P. O., Burt. Iowa. Secretary P. P. Zerfass, P. O., Algona, Iowa. Treasurer H. L. Gilrnore, P. O., Algona, Iowa. (Ugona, Iowa Phone 58 E. C. McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 VETERINARIAN. JU. W. FOX. Veterinarian tlgona ottice tvt Che old Lir. bayere otlice. Olllce ptione 475-W; Besideuc. 476-R. Will have man at office »i all timed. ALGONA. IOWA MORTICIAN L. M. MERRITT Mortician & funeral Director. Phone No. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANP FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 598 107 W. State Si ALGONA, IOWA ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service C. R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank C. II. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office In J. Galbralth Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p. m. ALGONA, IOWA. Ufflce^Phone, 310. Residence, 444. WALTER FRASER, M. D. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Quinby Building. toom No. 14 Phone No. 13 ALGONA, IOWA. DR. W. D. ANDREWS. Osteopathlc Physician & Surgeon £ye. Ear, Nose and Throat Obstetric* Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phones. Office 187, Residence, 088. ALGONA. IOWA. DB. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Caldwell'a Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211 ALGONA, IOWA. DENTISTS DB. II. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Christensen Store. Phones: Business 186, Residence, 476 ALGONA. IOWA. DH. C. D. SCIIAAP. DENTIST Quunby Bldg. p h one 133. Algona, Iowa.

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