The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 10
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The Upper Pes Moinss Republican, October 15.1930 Wesley News Items >tej^^ i atJw tn :!» dr«i*J TBw of IV, 1 1$ mg M5ss Helen Rehner and Mrs. John Hatrotmann •arprp business callers in Mason City in hit *bs*2x* st the St Mr. srra Mr?. B«i r. F*4t r. snn Mrs. Hs.rr?y Gibbs of Masi-.n City SusiS Falls cs : ieti o^ their frifnds. ESss ; ?<» spfsxd '^? gay Johnson, and mother, Monday. The Simon snd O«<rr« Himfr ana i *"' """'*" Joprph Crc-!sbS'.:e-h he— ? st S?ra City : ".:":•• < Sundrv. 'C:tT. : friend. M.--?'Lnfule Ki:r.y, ever 1h» Mrs week r-\-:. ; F--~a_ • ?.!ir:^"c'3 ~.rr.v<v* ?n'-:--dr,T for s'-R-ffl: !^ ratf J or Irnef.r v;^:- with hrr da-jchw.r. Mrs. H. M. Hsn=o::. eJ R ETOUD o* t~r-r,ty yc-jni: ptorje s* R p!ea-?ant evening party at their Wednesday njefit. Mr. snd Mrs. Sar.i Gibson drove to Swaledale Sunday where they verr at th? hemp of Mr. and Mrr. Schaunernan. \™:^ Tf«*<6 Vwj >S* «8 ^J tt» ARttrfoin t r* &?n. l**a f*r*$Jri« *\f &BSW* «vn Tws- i$s*.r rrtRtngt- Ort**« TtJ» arhl t}» ft<«v«v Aw* A-fc-x^-r. w-»s b The jay. fcvr the A«Kf,i*ry which MIR? Evelyn and Martha Haycss an-l Virginia Benton ~hn attend the Mankato Business Collece. were w«k end visitors with home folks. Miss Haze! Marie Onrr.d snd her friencl. Roy Miller, drove to Wayland Friday evening to spend until Sunday at the home of her father. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kc-jba. Jr.. '>.-Misses Grace and Vera Kouba drov? tn Waterloo Sundav to fpfnd the cay at the Henry Van Osting home. Mrs. Jack L. Studer returned home Monday from Coleman. Soutii Dakota, where she went on Wednesday to be present for a family minion. A baby girl. Donna Mari?. came to gladden "the home of Mr .and. Mrs. Henry Arndorfer the first of iasi week. We wish to offer congratulations. Fred Diekman left Monday for Anita where he will attend to business in connection with the grain elevator there owned by the Kunz Grain Company. Homer Lawson took his son, Russel. to Des Moines Sunday where he enrolled Monday for a course in business at the Capital City Commercial College. Kathryn Cruise resigned her position at the Kraus store Saturday and will leave the flrst of next week for Charles City to take up a course in linotype work. Frank,_Wm. and Minnie Frirnml returned home last week after a visit of several days with their sister, Mrs. Paul Brabec, whose home is at Perham, Minnesota. Rev. George F. Wessling is enjoying a three weeks' vacation. Father Loef- felholtz of St. Benedict will substitute " en; witJs brr parf-ts.. "iy «~s«*> »Viir.- je-ns sni trith b-rr VTO sisters. Mrs- *• L EarerSr. Mrs WUIism BreXfr s:v.i . Mr. and Mr? Bi. Ka-ptrsKir, a-.r. : ttro ehSdrtn of Conrith SK^ his mct^ - ier. Mrs. ."'os-ph Ha-jptmann SIK! B*-ti~ ' drove to Dsv?>r: Trbere they fist-f i ievrr She week end with friends, Crrille Dc-srns. who i? eir-p'oved a; Hammond. Indiana, returned home on . Sat-jTdsy for a brief vis;t -with rr'.a- ! tives. His wife, formerly Lror.a RS.S- k?pf. has spent several months wita : her -xwe nU a* St- Benedict, *~f >.r.r.iKf»5 sn.i •s-fr? awarded She pnrs* L-ST^rh irss srmNj This JolK" Trilj bciSi as evfr-inc ruartr nest TppJ: ITtuTsdsv nlcht with t-verybixjy inri;«5. Me—l>?rs of th«- D. of A. lodc?, their hastarja? and 8 few friends en.Hiirpd a panv st ;h? ;c*5e? hall Thursday rr- fning at •arhjch sirs. Anthony Johnson w-Dn h;ch prtee in bridge and Raymc.nii R:cie won ever Mrs, Ix« BJeicli in cut- t,ne ffr the priw in the five hundnx! dtvisaosi. " RefcrsJimcrfis vere served shortly sn«r ten o'dock after which the cuwts enjoyed an hour or more of dancing. • Masr.n C::y from ; Miss Men "is emp'oyed as casiiier of : the c-ofTee sliop at the Baltimore hotel. ! Friends of Miss Acnes Meuhe who ', fubir.;t"-ed to an operation at the Kos- •suth hospital are sorry to learn that : she is not cettine alone as nicely as was I hoped for." It has besn learned that j complications have set in which has i meant a relapse in her condition. j Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Donovan re- I turned home last week after a week's j absence from tfceir farm home. They first attended th cattle congress at Waterloo from where they left, for Varna. Illinois, to visit with the Hultgren and Lundgren families, former Wesleyans. A baby girl was bom to Mr. and Mrs. Claire Robison last Wednesday at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brayton at Algona, but the little one proved to be too frail for life and passed away on Thursday. Burial wav made in the Bancroft cemetery where the Braytons have a family lot. Mr. and Mrs. A- E. Gidding, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Glddings and Milton left Monday morning for Des Moines where they expected to enter the clinic at the Polytechnic hospital for examinations. Gordon and wife were going to have a recheck, having been at the hospital on several other occasions. w^^ FUR COATS AT BARGAIN PRICES Do you realize that fur coat prices are down almost to the level of cloth coat prices? Do you realize that right here in Algona, we are stocking a comprehensive line of popular priced fur coats? . , Do you realize that you may now f-njoy the luxury and warmth of a fur wrap, through easy payment plans? ... -.*0;*3.-r- 3 T«e This is the time to buy a fur coat. Cold days are just around the corner and the styles this year are vfiy beautiful and practical. Buy your fur coat from an old reliable store like this. Prices of good rat coats range from $89.00 to $195.00 and minks and 'Hudson seals are much lower than tlu-y have }><•<•><. Come in and talk fur coat with us. Chrischilles & Herbst •t Oti?_is spending two it home wish her parents be: fore refurnine to Vinton where she is 'employed as stenographer and book, keeper for the Iowa Canning Company. : The company Miss Otis worked for at ]Sac City consolidated with the one at i Vinton to which place she was advanc- j ed. She spent several days over the j we-ek end with her grandmother and j other relatives at Rockwell City. i Superintendent and Mrs. E. R. Swari- json entertained fourteen guests at four tables of bridge Friday evening. Chas. Murhpy won high score prize and Mrs. Henry Looft. second prize. Other guests included Mrs. Murphy. Mr. Looft, Mrs. A. M. Lease, Mr. and Mrs. George Aldrich, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Franren. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Looft, Mrs. Bertha Looft and Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison- Mrs. Swanson served a delicious lunch at the conclusion of the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goetz were host and hostess at a jolly card party at their home Sunday evening. The guests were E. R. Swanson, J. F. Cooney, Arlo Dawson, Herman Bode, John McMahon, Wm. Ward and wives. They were seated at three tables of bridge. Mrs. Cooney won flrst prize. Prof. Swanson, second high prize and Mrs. Ward low prize. Mrs. Goetz delighted her guests with an elegant lunch served at a late hour. Mesdames Bertha Looft, Isabell Ker- rlns, H. J. Braley, Robert Welter, Zack Gibson, Alfred Nelson and Ben F. Felt attended the district convention of the Royal Neighbor lodge held there on Thursday afternoon and evening. They report a very good meeting with beautiful work put on by different lodges In the district. Ringsted won the prize for the lodge having the largest representation present and was awarded the convention city for next year's gather- Ing. The Study club met Thursday October 9th with Mrs. George Aldrich. Nine members answered roll call by telling of some interesting place they had visited. The lesson on Ocean Travel was in charge of Mrs. Cena Looft who gave a very entertaining account of an im- aginery journey to the Orient on board the ship Resolute, one of the Hamburg- American lines. The next meeting In two weeks will be a social afternoon at the Hutchison home where the more serious study will be dispensed with In favor of Hallowe'en festivities. The officers of the Ladies' Aid including Mrs. Raymond Hanson, president; Mrs. Amesbury, Mrs JYanzen, Mrs. Wcltor and Mrs. Moore, met on Monday evening nt the horn? of Mrs. Arlo Dawson, secretary, to discuss plans for the annual bazaar which will be Jield November 8. After the business session ths ladies enjoyed a social hour and Mrs, Dawson served refreshments to the ladies and their husbands most'of whom had attended the meeting of the Odd Fellow lodge at the hall. The Ladles' Aid met this Wednesday afternoon at the Carl Hanson home and laid further plans for the bazaar. Colorado Lady Visits With Wesley Friends. Wesley, October 13. Special: Mrs. Allie Davneport and her daughter, who live in Colorado, spent Friday and Saturday with their numerous friends in Wesley. Mrs. Davenport is a daughter of Banker Wadsworth of Algona and at one time was Instructor in the Wesley public schools. They were entertained at the home of Mrs. Susie Gray while here and Friday evening were guests at the J. F. Cruise home, Mrs. and Mrs. Davenport having taught here at the same time. '. Kitchen facial}** aw t*-nv I to take care of bisr fe«\-is Kvr all ?v«t j tneeJinirs. Bwdnsr and wnrsSiir.? match 1 ft? will be heW r^rularly this winter and the boys are exweiHnsiy w?U equipped with wrestling piatfwn and s iart?e hall st> accommodate the crowd*. Plans art? being compMwl whwbv Andrews Post will hokl meetings at other surrounding towns which have no post A s3ck relief fund has been established to assist needy buddies belonging to the local post- A uniform system of flas decoration for the streets of Wes-ey is another feature of th-; 1?31 program. An added attraction for buddies to attend all meeUntrs is a prize of one dollar decided by drawing- names to see who is the winner. r" 1 City GlTl WEATHERSTRIPS! CLOSE that crack under the door Just try NUMETAL Weather- strips on one door — and you'll •want them tot your whole bouse. They keep out cold, onto, HDCW, lain, no'-av, diut — piy lor thenuolre* In fuel *aveJ, Eco- nomlcoli penuuiicui. IniiuUod without removing wlndowi or door*. Sen Numetal Demaiuuvtioa Mo4*| In OBI Han now, Botsford Lumber Co. M. J. POOL, Manager Algona, Iowa. •^VVWWWWVVVVWtfVbWVW^^ It's new. Heard of it? The 17-plate i>attery for light cars. Eliminates winter starting troubles. At all Gamble Stores $6.89 exchange. Batteries charged and installed. 18 Rummage and Bake Sale M. E. Ladies' Aid Saturday, October 18 at 9:00 A. M. Rummage Sale at Dutton & Leffort's Feed Store. ] Bake Sale at Anderson f Meat Market. Bros. All varieties of baked goods, also Baked Beans on sale. 18* Let your smile reveal white and healthy teeth. STAINOFF Is not a tooth paste but a liquid that Instantly removes Film, Medicine, Tobacco and all ugly stains from the teeth. Don't accept something said to be as good, but get the genuine STAINOFF only 85c, on sale at all leading stores. Adv. Swea City, October 4. Special: Rela- 1 fives and friends here were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. Martin Sandahl of Stanhope. Alice Nelson Sandahl. oldest daughter of M*. and Mrs. Peter Nelson, former pioneer residents of this vicinity, but now of Los Angeles. California, was born aod grew to womanhood near Swea City. She was married to Martin Sandahl and for the past fifteen years has made her residence at Stanhope. She leaves to moum her sudden death, her husband and six children ranging in age from 14 to 5 years of age. An infant baby who died at its birth, was buried beside its mother. She is also survived by her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nelson of Los Angeles, and two sisters of Los Angeles, One brother, Victor Nelson of Swea City. Twenty-eight relatives from Swea City attended the funeral at Stanhope. Sympathy from the entire community is extended to the family. Snrlrl^nl v oiiuueniy. Son of Cresco Folks Married in Arizona. On September 19th at Phoenix, Arizona, Ralph Brown, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Brown of Cresco township and Miss Ruth Dorothy Wes ter, home demonstration agent at Marshalltown, Iowa, were married at the Baptist parsonage and will be at home October 16, at Ray, Arizona, where the groom, a mining engineer, has a position with the Nevada Copper Company. This couple met while attending Iowa State College at Ames, of which both are graduates. Friends extend best wishes. Aged LuVerne „ Lady Dead. Lu Verne, Iowa, October 13. Special: Mrs. Andrew Hauser, aged 92, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Hof, here Sunday evening following an illness of several weeks. She was the widow of a pioneer LuVerne pastor and had lived in this community for more than thirty years. Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock from the Evangelical church with the Bev. David Lang officiating. Burial will be in the Lu- Verne cemetery. Mrs. Hauser is survived by threG daughter? and a number of, • ,, . Reid of West Bend Won Golf Tournament. V. H. Reid, West Bend banker, won the men's handicap golf tournament which has been in progress at the Country Club this fall. He and John Haggard played the final match of eighteen holes Sunday. The winner of the tournament each year has his name •engraved on the Country Club trophy at the Club house. Melzar Haggard won the tournament last year. Base Ball Game Was Rained Out Sunday. The baseball game between Algona and Ledyard which was held at the local park last Sunday had to be called off after the first Inning on account of of rain. No scores had been made. It is not known whether the game will be played off in the near future or not. Hebron Township Man Fined $5.00. Ernest Busch, a farmer living In Hebron township, was fined five dollars and costs Tuesday by Justice A. Hutchison for assault and battery. It seems that he had. a fistic altercation with Sigurd Behrman, who had been work- Ing for him, over a friend's car. Burt Drug Store Robbed Last Week. Some miscreant broke into the Pratt drug store In Burt last Saturday night or early Sunday morning and took nix dollars in dimes from the till. Nothing else was touched. The officers have no clue as to who the guilty party was. M. E. Church. The high pitch of Interest in the Sunday School Is shown In the fine attendance records of last Sunday and the Sunday before and the fact that the Sunday School board meeting of Monday evening brought out twenty- one officers "and teachers. • Plans were put into operation which we believe will help regularity In attendance of all classes and also increase the size of the various classes. Forty Epworth Leaguers turned out for the devotional meeting Sunday evening and under the leadership of Lyle Bunchey enjoyed a very interesting service. The Queen Esther Girls will have their next meeting with Margaret Lease on Tuesday evening, October 28, Plans for the meeting indicate the proximity of Hallowe'en. The Home Guards and the Mother's Jewels will meet at the church next Monday evening after school. . i"- our recent market trip, we saw such exceptional values •$11.75 and $15.00 as when .you purchase a more expensive one. represent the biggest dress values we have offered to our customers in many months. They are really nifty, chic dresses which look like the ones H r ou have been paying $25.00 for. If you don't believe it, come in and look them over. The same courteous, painstaking service when you buy a dress at, $$11.75 and .$15.00 as when your purchase a more expensive one. Isn't that worth something to you? Nazarene Church. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m., lesson title "Simeon and Anna. Printed Lesson (Luke 2:25-39). Golden text, "Blessed are the pure In heart for they shall see God." (Matt. 5:8). Morning worship at eleven o'clock with sermon by the pastor. Text Esther 4:16, "and if I perish, I perish." Evening evangelistic services with sermon by the pastor. Text Hebrews 4:9, "There re- malneth therefore a rest to the people of God." Wednesday evening prayer and praise service. All evening services at seven thirty. We wlcom you to our services. — I. F. Metcalf, pastor. Wants, For Sale, Etc. FOR SALE—Kraut cabbage for Ic a pound,— J. E. Watts, phone 18F21. 18-19' WANTED—Men and women to pick chickens. Steady work. Apply Swift & Co. 18-20 FOB SALE—Two horse drawn McCormick-Deering corn pickers. One with motor attached.—-W. T. Fish, Whittemore. 18-19* FOR SALE—Dry split posts. Twenty cents each.—F. A. Corey, phone 563. • 18' FOR BENT—Four room house. Call 640-W.—Mrs. Ann Fechner. 18 FOR SALE—Chinchilla rabbits. One dollar each. Come get them. Phone 488-W. 18 FOB BENT—Partly modern house. Close In. Phone 151. 18' WANTED—Besponsible live wire man or woman, good business experience and .standing, ,as local manager of Kossuth County Credit Board. Permanent, profitable work. Reference required. Address Pioneer Service Co., Iowa City, Iowa, or J. C. Odden, Digs. Manager, Lake Mills, Iowa. 18 ONIONS—Red and Yellow Globe, flrst class quality.—Merle Wellendorf. 17-18' FOB SALE—Mahogany bed room mite. Inquire of 230, Upper Des Moin:s-Republican. 18-tf FOR SALE—26 used shredders, 12 tractors, 4 plows, 3 recutters, 3 elevators, one seven year old Case steamer, J. B. hammer mills, corn pickers.— Mielke, New Hampton, Iowa. 17-18 FOB SALE—Potatoes—Ray McWhorter, Burt, Iowa. 17-18* FABM TENANTS—If you are inter- terested in acquiring a farm home of your own In this county or nearby, with possession on March 1st, next, on yearly payments like rental, see or write F. W. Bulliffson, Algona Hotel, Algona, Iowa, Special Representative Annls & Rohling Company, Council Bluffs, Iowa. 17-18* FOB SALE—Large Burch electric pop corn machine. For two operators. —N. O. Rice, Phone 141. 16-M BORROW MONEY—I have a few hundred dollars to loan on town property In good condition.—C. A. Momyer. 14 Money to loan on town property.— M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf As I am leaving this part of the country I am putting a modern seven room house and lot up for sale. Will sell at great sacrifice. The property is all clear and conveniently located.—W. W. Plxler, Algona, Iowa. Phone 420. 0-tl "Algona's wife Saving Station,"-* Kirch's Laundry. Phone 267, 60-M FARM LOANS AT V/ 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms tor sale, List your property with us. MUHTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Beal Estate Brokers. ^ NEW HATS Right now, with the weather turning- colder, you'll want that new Fall hat. Well, it's waiting- for you right here, among the biggest and best millinery line we have shown for years. Here are attractive new felts with touches of metallic thread and clever adaptations of the new mode. Large head sizes predominate, but the styles are youthful and chic. Many metallic and velvet combinations are shown, with tiir- ban effects in the lead. This has been a most successful millinery season for us aiid you'll be surprised at the extreme reasonableness of our hats. Come in and see them. $3.95 $5.00 $5.95 JWM WVWAftWVWVWVWWWWVW Two Wonderful BLANKET SPECIALS We list below two of the most remarkable blanket; values we have ever offered to our customers. 72x84 part wool double blankets in very attractive plaids, a big, heavy, wooly, well-bound blanket in the latest color combinations and made from highest quality cotton and wool. Probably O AC the outstanding blanket bargain in Algona "•vU Largo size single (sheet) part wodl, plaid blanket, in attractive block plaids, with sateen bound ends and one of the heaviest single blankets we have seen. Don't get this super-value confused with cheap, lighj; weight "sheets" offered at this 1 OC price. This is'ft*l>eal value, each , .l»£tl Other big blanket bargains in stock—we are, going to sell Blankets this Fall even if we let r em go at cost. VWVWVWWWWVVWWVVWtfVWVW

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