The Salina Evening Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 6, 1922 · Page 13
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The Salina Evening Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 13

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1922
Page 13
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HAUNA, KANSAS ti iidiiimm TUT. SAUNA EVENING JOfltXAL. MONDAY, N01TMCER 8, 1S25 PAGE nv: BRINGING UP FATHER BY GEORGE McMANUS HIS LIFE A MYSTERY OFFICE CAT - (Reclster C 8.. Patent Offlwi , S .' -y J Vri'LL- STROLL DOWN I ( THEN VEL MP - --oEE VMKU HAO BETTER T S i rtr&-u.-rUirKi .11 rr-r- A.tS HOUR. -JSX TiiiKK WE HWE 'h I to THa r 9Fi?Sv Z? Ji ' J - --; - - - l-Want Ads i r-j Use The Want Ad Way - j - AYCASII AND SAVE MONEY j v. (Want ads not inserted continu-' j cusl"will be charged for at reader ; rate.) jf Count each Initial, keyword, ad- ; dress an 1 number a word, allow five I ; words to the line and send in your remittance with your want ads. $ You will save more than Q percent 1 by payirg cash. ; AI VERTISING IIATES Want ad, per line, per insertion 5c f Paid In advance, per line, per insertion -.-4c Minimum Want Ad charge 25c Light Face Headers 10c Black Face Readers j. 20c 2 FEMALE 11 ELI WANTED 2 ; WANTED Waitress. Must be experience!. Vitrtcry Lunch No. 2. ; ;- 265-6t WANTED Girl for general housc- ' work, l'hone 188. CS3 South Santa Fe. v 264-3t 5 AGENTS WAN1LD 0 AGENTS WANTED Man with car i)referred. Big money making proposition. Sell Milburn Puncture 1'roof Tubes. Write or wire for territory lights. Baxter, Richardson Company. Kirkville, Mo. 262-3t-pd 6 POSITION WANTEI MLE 6 WANTED rainting hanging, l'hone 27D4Y. and paper 2GM2t-pd DON'T FORGET To vote for W. E. Connelly for Justice of the Peace, j 2G4-2t-pd j 1 i WANTED To build, repair and clean cisterns.. Thone 15SGY. 2C3-10t BAGGAGE AND TRANSFER Thone 107. Bell TaxP Co. Henry Anderson. 253-2CVPi FIX YOUR WINDOWS Braniff Paint and ,J)ecorating Company. Phone 581. 110 South Santa Fe. 243-26t-pd V ; CALL On John Ilase to haul bur trash; will do it reasonable; would like to contract for hauling garbage and keeping yard clean. v$l per month, l'hone 2108Y. 263-26t EXPERIENCED MEAT CUTTER Wants to get interested in grocery and meat market doing profitable business; good references. Phone 3 4.r.3-W. . 263-3t-pd 7 POSITION WANTEDFEMALE WANTED Capable lady wants housework. Phone 29G4W. 263-3t WANTED Prt contract stenographic work. Phone 430. 2C0-6t-pd EXPERIENCED Wants position in 1858X. SALESLADY store. l'hone 2G5-Ct-pd SEWING All kinds, braiding and beading a specialty. Phone 2163J. 201 Gt-pd 5 " ROOMS FOR KENT 8 NORTH COLLEGE No. 123. For rent furnished rooms. 263-3t FOR RENT Large downstairs front room.- Phone 2819X. 265-3t TO RENT Room in all modern home. Also garage. Phone 2337 W. 263-6t-pd WEST IRON No. S22. For rent two large front rooms, modern house. 265-3t-pd SOUTH EIGHTH No. 337. Nicely furnished or unfurnished modern rooms. 2G4-3t-pd DON'T FORGET To vote for 7. E. Connelly for Justice if the Peace. 264-2t-pd FOR RENT Two rooms furnished or unfurnished; no children. l'hone 1S68J. 283-3t-pd SOUTH NINTH No. 511. For rent, modern room. Phone 2211Y. -- 2G2-3t FOR RENT One modern sleeping room. Also garage. Board if want-'. Phone 2SS1. " 261-6t-id HIGHLAND No. r.avS. Modern Thone 2394. 252-4t room lor gentleman. .SOUTH TENTH No. 109. For rent furnished room strictly modrn. 260-6t FOR RENT Two hall entrance skepirg rooms, modern, adjoining J bath, $3.50 per week. Phone 1561J. - 265-2t-pd LOOK. LOOK. LOOK Shoes for a dollirk. Can you beat it? You'll find them at MeArthur's, over Farmers' National bank. 262-4t FOR RENT Large furnished south sleeping room in modern home, close in. Phone 1713. - . ;; . 264-3t-pd SOUTH FIFTH No. 455. Choice sleeping rooms in up to date built home: traveling men and wives "preferred. Mrs. Fred Newhouse, ihone 2349. ' 235-12t SOlTfSEVEXTH-No rent nicely furnished 411. For mom n one sineie Ui'nctiy modern home. Frtnu C no div.lhlp rmim T'V b.on 22" R. 2n-r,t-Tvl 9 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS . 9 FOR RENT Two modem light housekeeping rooms, partly furnished. Phone 1S49J. sg tf A -acant lot?- a Journal Want Ad Will tea It. Phone TI. STEA1I HEATED Furnished light housekeeping rooms, close in. l'hone 2706. 264-3t-pd STATE No. 513. Two modern downstairs light housekeeping rooms for rent. Close in. 263-3t NORTH TRIRTEENJH No. 423. Apartments and sleeping rooms for rent, l'hone 2037Y. ; 2C3-4t-pd UNIVERSITY PLACE No. ' S 16. modern furnished light housekeeping rooms. Phone 207. 2 5 ist-pa 1-V FURNISHED ROOMS or light housekeeping; no children. Phone 8S9. , 143 North Ninth. 265-2t-pd FOR RENT Two large furnished modern housekeeping rooms. Phone 1413. 236 South Tenth. - 265-2t - SOUTH SANTA FE No. 217. For J rent large downstairs light housekeeping" rooms, close in, no children. 265-lt-pd SOUTH SEVENTH Two blocks from postoffice, two furnished rooms for light housekeepmg. Phone 289i). or 461. 2G4-3t-pd 12 FURNISHED HOUSES 12 FOR RENT Three room modern furni shed -apartment; also garage; no- children. 8oa South Santa Fe. Inquire at 859 South Santa Fe. H26 262-9t 13 HOUSES AND APAliTMENTS 13 FOR RENT Furnished, for winter, five room .modern cottage. 110 Baker. . 2ti4-2t-pd EAST BELOIT No. 12C. For rent six room modern house. Phone 2S19X. . " 265-3t SOUTH EIGHTH No. 216. Choice of two apartments, one furnished and one unfurnished. Mrs. J. W. Eby. 264-3t PACIFIC AND THIRD Six room house for rent; big pantry and closet. Not modern. Well near door. Call 20tf?W. $20 a month. 264-4t-pd 14 WANTED TO RENT 14 WANTED To rent modern six or seven room house with garage. R.-C. Oebhart, phone 44. 265-3t 15 SPECIAL. NOTICES 15 E. L. HAYS Now working at the Lamer Hotel Barber Shop. 264-3t GLASSES Accurately fitted. Shaffer-Entz Sanitarium, 141 South Eighth. 222-tf DON'T FORGET To vote for W. E. Connelly for Justice of the Peace. 264-2t-pd DID YOU EVER Hear of a pair of'shoes-for $1.00? They are at Mc-Arthur's, over Farmers' National bank. x 262-4,t MIDDLE AGED MAN Good character, no bad habits, wishes to form the acquaintance of a respectable lady, object matrimony. Ad dress A-340, care Journal. 264-2t-pd 17 LOST FOUND STRAYED 17 FOUND Couple of school books. At Journal; pay for this ad. 253-tf FOUND Brown pup. 730. Pay for ad. Owner call 2G3-3t-pd FOUND Brindle bull clog. Inquire at Journal. 265-3t LOST New blaek umbrella von East Iron or Soutli Fifth, Saturday evening. Phone 1076. '265-2t STRAYED Two red steers with three cornered piece cut out of left ear- Notify J. A. Johnson, phone 912, Kipp, Kan. 264-4t-pd LOST Chevrolet crank and shaft on Iron avenue. Reward. W. M. O'Brien, Route 3, Salina, Kan., phone 1S01F12. , 265-2t-pd LOST Black Gladstone suitcase containing clothing -and - valuable papers between Ellsworth and Salina on Union Pacific highway. Cull Avery Company, Salina, Kan. 263-3t-pd 18 LIVESTOCK AND FEED IS FOR SALE Twenty-four head choice Hereford heifer calves. J. S. Wolsieffer. I'Hone 1S19F4. 264-4t FOR SALE-Corn. oats, barley and all kinds chop feeds. Get our prices before buying. Baber Grain Co., pnoiie 493. 227-tf FOR TRADE A bull calf ten months old Ayershire and Jersey, for heifer cah six months old or over. Also white Leghorn roosters for sale. John M. Wills, Twelfth, and Crawford. 263-3t-pd 19 POULTRY AND TETS 19 FOR SALE White Rock cockerels and pullets, Fischers best stock. Phone' 505. , 265-4t-pd ROSE COMB And Rork Isum-l I Red cockerels $1.50 ftcn. Mrs. J. W. Sloop, one mile east and five miles south Country Club. rGlJMl FOR SALE Pure Baron S." C. White Leghorn pullets, 2S6 egg strain. $9 dozen. Phone J821F2. j. E. Rser. "6-2t-nd HOUSEHOLD GOODS 20 HOT BLAST HEATER And two gas heaters, all in good condition. Phone 2339. . .' 254-3t WANTED Good heating" stove. Phone 2541J. 324 South Fourth. - -- ' : 264-2t 21 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE COAL -Foran's phone 9S1. ' Coat Companv. " , , 264-Ct-pd FOR SALE Good drv wood. Call J. F White. Phone 219SW. 262-6t-pd MINUTE..' FOR SALE One electric washing machine, good ; condition. Phone, 1417. 263-3t WHY PAY HIGH PRICES FOR SHOES? Trade at McArthur's and save. 2G2-4t WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS For sale. Pure bred. J. W. Mor: ton, phdne 2471 J. 262-4t-pd , DON'T FORGET- To vote for V. E. Connelly for Justice of the Peace. 2f54-2t-i)d GOOD COAL Makes . warm, friends. I have it, ?12.2o; also alfalfa and prairie hay. Phone 36 or 1808F22. 264-4t-pd FIREPROOF SAFE CABINET For sale. Good as new, size 54x28x 18, completely equipped with letter files, etc.; also second hand fireproof steel safe, size 9x28xl4.Write Box 5, Salina. Kan. . :263-3t 24 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 21 FOR - SALE- Alto horn; good all leather ease at 115 South Eighth. Price S20. 284-2t-pd FOR cabinet SALE Pathfe phonograph, size, price cheap, one-third original price. 928. Bristol Hotel, phone 263-2t . AUTOMOBILES 26 FIVE PASSENGER BUICK Will trade for property. Address Box 339. Phone 749. 263-5t-pd NEW AND USED PARTS For all cars. Paige Rifner Motor Company, 144 North S2venth, Salina, Kan. " 263-26t-pd BUICK CAR In first class condition for sale or trade for city lot or truck. Rearwin Lumber and Coai Co., Santa Fe and Elm. 261-Gt-pd FOR "HALE OR TRADE Paige, Buick; Hudson, Overland sedan, Maxwell light truck, winter top. Terms. Paige Rifner Motor Company, 144-46 North Seventh. Salina, Kan. ; 26&10t-pd MARMON TOURING CAR Will sacrifice for. immediate sale, one 1919 Marmon seven passenger touring car, in excelfent shape, actual service 7,000 miles. Good paint, good iires. For demonstration or price, wire, write or phone Mrs. George Monroe, Lyons, Kan. 261-5t 28 AUTO LIVERY AND GARAGES FOR RENT Gara: 216 North Eighth. re for two cars. 264-3t GARAGE Ninth. -For rent. 40G South 260-6t 31 BUSINESS PLACES 31 FOR RENT One desirable front office room. Phone 2664. 264-tf 32 CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE 32 I LISTEN North Front lot. Wes- leyan addition, $450. V. E. Ni-quette. 245-tf , FOR SALE Four room house, lights and water; lot 75x325. Phone 2366. , - 264-3t x FOR SALE Large house, 304 South .Eleventh, $3700. See property then phone 2664 or 2558. 264-tf SACRIFICE SALE Six rooms, strictly modern house, v large lot, double garage, located between Iron and Walnut Price was $4,800, now $4,300. $700 casht balance terms. Phone 893. 263-4t SELECT BUILDING LOTS 110 feet in 900 block on South Fifth., will be sold in one tract or divided into lots to suit purchaser. East front, good shade, houses on both .side3, and in block where all houses are new and property is sure to increase in value. Write Box 93. Salina. ?6V6t-pd. FOR RENT One four room furnished modern home. We also write insurance and make farm loans. CAIN AND WATERMAN Over Kress Building: Phone 564 ' "PRICE REDUCED" Beautiful ten room modern home, 933 South Santa Fe. You cannot, make a better invest- ment. Priced to sell, $10,000. I Liberal terms. F. W. SPAUN 1506 Van Buren Toneka. Ivan. I 262-3f-sp I I ' - C I QTTTNN A TdBTN I Real Estate, Loons. Insnrsnee I We have a large list of City I Property and Farm Land for I sale. Let us show you some I rare bargain.- If you have property for sale., list It with " I ns for quick result. I Location 109 North Santa Fe I Phone S6S I I 123-tf I I . - v I WHY NOT ASIC t "Commission Sales and Invest- ment Company for -prices and terms on prop-t erty before looking elsewherei I Just call 97r or come to the of-I fice at 112H South Sinta Fe and talk the matter over. '-f A good Nash sedan same as new will sell cheap or will take equity in good modern prop-I ertv and pay difference. - See us for good lots In fine I locations. ; .... f iCOJIMISSION SALCS AND j VESTMENT COMI'AN Y I . Phone 971 I A vacant lot?- A Joum4 Want ''AdI will sell' it. Phone -78, - . v, VHACT THEY bAW ATT 'BEACH - 1 . MUST BE SOLD New eight room house, just completed, modern, finished basement, was priced at $5500, if sold this week $5200. A rare bargain, better see it. THE M. E. FORD AGENCY Over Kress Store Phone 659, t WALTER JONES I Real Estate I I Room 22 Campbell Building I I Phone 246 Residence 2219 I I SALINA HOMES I I I have a complete list from I I which you may choose. Tell me what you want -T will have I It, Homes from $1500 to $20,- t I 000. ' SPECIALS The following homes are all t In geed condition, well located, t ( have full lots and garage: Five I room bungalow, $3800; 6 room ( I two story, $5000; seven room,. t $5500; eight room. $6000. . l SEE THIS New seven room bunaglow.'l t built to please the most ex- t I acting customer. I BUILDING LOTS IN ANT 9 I PART OF CITY I I FARMS I In any part of Saline- or ad- Joining counties. - I I See Me For Exchanges - INSURANCE I I To protect you against loss I or any kind on any kind of I I property. I write for old line I I American companies exclu- I I "sively. f A-----------.. - . - - - BEFORE YOU BUY SEE THE TWIN VALLEY! New five room Kellastone I bungalowt modern excejpt heat; full finished basement. $300 I cash balance $40 per month; I I $3800. Beautiful new five room, mod- I era bungalow; large lot .with I shade; in good location on pave- ment; $5750. . I Six room, modern bungalow on South Santa Fe; garage and I f shade; $4300. I Fine ten room modern house with garage; $8000.' t SMALL TRACT SPECIAL I Never before ;have we been I I able -to show you the buj's in tracts like, we now have to of- fer. Five to thirty acre tracts from $750 to $5500. . See us. t TWIN VALLEY REALTY CO. I I (Over Peoples Bank) Phone 3S3 I I , . ir BARGAIN LIST Five room house, lights and water, good location. Cheap. $1700. Three rodm house with lights and good lot. Fine condition. $1700. Four room house, excellent condition, $300 cash and r $25 per month. Price $1900. I For good lots cheap and city property worth the money come and see us. ltor rent, five room modern house on Highland. Phone 430. For exchange, one almost new Paige touring car, five passenger, 'will exchange for vacant lot close in. Phone 430. LAYTOX BROS. LAND AND INVESTMENT CO. Over Undeman's Store Phone .430 " I r WYATT AND SON Have you seen the new style sleeping porch on the bungalow at No. 115 East Wilson? trfok this job over and figure with us on having a house built for yourself . Why pay rent? $500 down and $50 per month will buy a five room all modern cottage. $4000. Why pay rent? $375 will buy a lot on paved street, sewer, lights and water available. - In the 1000 block on North Ninth. Why pay rent? If you cannot think of It be-fdre just remember the- next time the fire " whistle blows I phone 15 we will write that ; policy you have been thinking I about so long. No. 810 West Iron is for rent at $55 per . month. Why pay rent, why not buy? I - 248-tf , I '-. "I FOR SALE The following are new nous- es Just being completed You can have immediate possession, I Five rooms, modern bunga- tow, finished basement, oak I floors, built-in cupboard, nice- I ly papered and nice light fix- tures. driveway and garage. I Location southwest on pave- I ment. Price 21,750. Terms. I Four room ' bungalow, glass- ed inr- sleeping porch, modern except furnace, oak floors, nice- I ly papered, garage and drive- I way. East front on pavement. Price $3250. $500 cash and $35 per month. . Four room bungalow, mod- ern except furnace cemented .! basement, floor drain, ealr I floors, built-in cupboard. fLo- cation -uthwest on street car line. Price - $3250. Termi: I We will be jriad tai show yon these and other houses any Uea. THE DODGE AGENCY . Realtors Phone 432. 104 East Iron f m m m mm m mmm 4 MOW COME ON d "VCU CO A HEAD -J OiNTX- THE f3- I'M CONNA.'oTACY CjOCT l.t W HONOLULU- I' - ffp H ! II-6 ' 4922 8V ,NT'U Feature Service. Inc. FOR RENT I I Five room modern cottage, 139 South College. - t I : Five room modern, 648 South Ninth. , FOR TRADE I 640 acres wheat land, Logan I county, want stocky merchan- dise or city property. - 1C0 acres Logan' county, - for v I good car. I t 1C0 acres near Eads, Colo., clear, price $15 per acre. I I General, stock merchandise. I for city property or land. I Car lor equity in house. " CAVE REALTY CO. I I Over Reserve Bank Phone S43 I YOU CAN BUY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING PROPERTIES FORX-'ONSIDERABLE LESS MONEY THAN IT WOULD COST TO BUILD THEM. Five large rooms new thoroughly modern, oak floors. Finished basement. . Ready to move in. Reduced to" $4300, Excellent terms. Five large rooms and breakfast room. Built less than a year. Completely modern. Splendid light fixtures, fire place, oak floors- and finish. Basement finished. Cistern. Good location, price reduced to $6200. I Terms. . Seven rooms and two- baths, very close in, completely modern, fire place, finished basement. A fine home for any one. Reduced to $7250. Excellent terms. - ' , ' In addition to' above proper ties we have, many others at reasonable prices. We have several four room cottages for sale at $100 cash and $25 per month. R. P. CRAVENS AGENCY Realtors -123-Soutli Satila Fc Phone 53 264-Ct Five room modern cottage on South Ninth, east front, on pav- ipg, garage for two cars, lot 50 x202 feet, in good condition. Price $4800. $500 cash and bal- a"nce on easy terms. Five rooms all. modern just completed. This home is fin- ished complete oak floors throughout, window shade, light fixtures, built in conveniences, finished .basement, floor drain, gas heater and other, f eattires for the ideal home. Price $4, 500 on good terms. Immediate possession. - ' Sis' room modern bungalow on paved street one half .block form Santa Fe aqd car line, in good condition. iot &oxiiu ? feet. Finished basement, cis- tern, built in conveniences, grade door entrance, good shade, and garage. S750 cash and balance on good terms. Price $5150. Seven room modern home on Highland. Oak floors and fin- ish throughout, built in cabi- nets, fire place, finished base- ment, floor drain, gas heater, cistern, east front,y good shade, garage and driveway. - This is oneof the finest home on High- land and a good buy at $8500. THE BERT NEIL BUILDING AND INVESTMENT CO. , 112 South Santa Fe l'hone 270 I A HOME OF YOUR OWN . Has an important mental and moral effect on every mem- ber of the family. - Five ' rooms, partly modern, with garage, on pavement, less than three blocks from Grand Theatre. A good investment or nice home. Only $3150. Five room bungalow, modern' I including complete bath fix- tures. sink and built in cabinet ja kitchen, - basement walled ,with cement floor, furnace, cis- tern, beautiful shade and some fruit trees, gara ge and drive. This property is located In the south part of town in one of the s best residence districts, near car line. One of the best bargains in the city. Only $3,-I 600. v ' Six rooms, all modern- com- plete bathroom fixtures, elec- trie lights, city water, furnace, full lot on pavement which is paid in full. Close in to center l-of business district. Only $4, r 750. Seven rooms, modern except furnace, double garage, full lot, on pavedstreet. Not far out in southwest part of town. Real bargain at $3,100. ' I We have a number of other real bargains in homes which we wifl be glad to show you at any time. Phone for an appointy ment before you forget It. No obligation "on vour part. I MORTON-WEAVER REAL ESTATE AGENCY Realtors - - ' 121 Soutli Santa Fe Phone 1853 33 FARM PROPERTY FOR RENT 640 ACRES Osborne county. 550 acres tilable. good soij,. 250 . now, m cultivation, in wheat, f: Six miles Paradise, on IT. P. Land all fenced. Two wells with wind mills. Cistern, Good six room house. Large granary. Stables, garage-snd hen house. Long time loan Possession March 1. r Want to sell, or trade equity for rental or ' , unimproved quarter char. L. D. Beil. Beloit. Kan. . . - , 2S5-3t Earn more money by, realizing on the opportunities offered daily In Journal Want Ads. A Want Ad of your own will bring profits to you. Phone TJ. 34 FARM" PROPERTY FOR SALE 80 acres, 15 acres pasture,, 63 cultivated wheat land. $55 per I acre, or will exchange for Sa- lina property. J 2S0 acres practically all till- able, about half cultivated, 110 acres in wheat. $65 per acre. Five room dwelling, large lot, I east front, city water and lights. $2500. I 4 - I See ' r; V. ALLISON Realtor Room 2 Watson Building Phone 178 262-tf- I. ........ , . -A 36 REAL ESTATE WANTED 36 - An eight room strictly mod- ern home at No. 640 Highland. "Garage, large lot. Price $9250. Cash $2500; balance very easy. " A new eight room modern home pn Montrose,' finished basement. A good buy at $5,- 500. Can be had on good terms. A close in Corner residence lot for sale on very easy terms, size 50x150 feet. Water, gas,- and sewer in. - Paved both ways and nearly paid out. Price $1,- 000-. See us about this lot. Other properties for sale and exchange. WUERTII AND CURRIER Grand Theatre Building Thone 2850 37 FINANCIAL 37 WE HAVE - $80,000.08 to loan on good farms or city business property. Low rates. I Good terms. Quick service. SEITZ REALTY CO. 102 y North Santa' Fe Phone 130 A.-.-------------------- PRE-WAR RATES PJenty money .on farm and city loans; let us cut the high rate for you. Phone 333. TWIN VALLEY REALTY CO. v Over Peoples Bank . 258-tf - COLLECTIONS AND LOANS We collect money peaceably if possible; forcibly if necessary, but we collect. . SHORT TIME AUTO LOANS COMMERCIAL COLLECTION AGENCY Vm. A. Stollznian, Mrt. . I Room No. 7 Miller Bldg.vl Phone 701 I FARM LOANS , Lowest rate, promptly closed, pre-payment privilege. Agent for Farmers Alliance Insurance. Before you procure loan or take insurance it will pay you to talk with ALEX HEDERSTEDT 110 South Santa Fe J8 AUCTIONS 38 CONSIGNMENT SALE FOUNTAIN TOWNSHIP Dairy breeders will sell 40 head cf Jersey and Hol-steins; also some hardware and implements at the ball park in Ada, Kan., Wednesda'y, November 8 at 10:00 oclock. Auctioneers, J. B. Mc-Cullough and Dan Derkins; clerk, J. H. Kreamer. - 264-1 1. 39 LEGAL. NOTICES 39 (First .published in Salina Evening Journal Nov. 4th. 1922) PAVING RESOLUTION BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Salina, Kansas, that the curbing, guttering, excavating, grading and paving of Cedar Street inthe City of Salina, Kansas, from the west line of Baker Street to the-east line of Phillips Street in said City, be anH the same is hereby determlnea to be' a necessary Improvement, and that said Cedar Street in the City of Salina, Kansas, be curbed, guttered, excavated, graded and paved within the limits above defined. Introduced "for first' reading, Oeto-bcr23rd. 1922. Adopted and approved, October 30th, 1922. (SEAL) . F. S. DYAR. Attest: Chairman of the Board of Commissioners CHAS. E. BANKER. City Clerk. , , .. . : 264-6t - f: notice The voters of Saline County. Kan sas, will hereby take notice that upon November 7th. 1922, at the general election on that date there will be submitted to them a proposi tion to erect buildings for the care of the toor of said County, as a cost of not more than $30,000, and levy a.' tax upon the taxable property of said Saline Co&nty, Kansas, to pay for 'such buildings. Said; buildings shall be .located upon 1 the present county farm, being the northeast one-fourth (NEU) of Section "25, Ohio Township, Saline County, .Kansas. Said proposition will be submitted upon "substantially "the . following form of ballot: ' - ' Td vote in favor of any question t submitted on this ballot make across X ; mark in the square after the word "yes," to vote against it make a-similar mark n the square after the wftrd "no." SHALL THE FOLLOWING BE ADOPTED Propositi to construct buildings for the. rare -rXhe..poo.r.ol., Saline County. Kansas, at a cost of not to exceed $50,000, and to levy a tax upon the taxable property of Saline Cduntr, Kansas, for the purpose of paying therefore. Said buildings to Venizelos Has Tall, Dark Secretary of Queer Habits ' LONDON, Oct. 13, (By Mail) M. Venizelos, former Greek premier, who" is just now . very much in the public eye... and is something of a mystery to the British public, has an, equally mysterious young secretary, a tall dark youth' named Andrea Constantino Michelopoulos. He was an undergraduate at Oriel College, Oxford, until a few months ago, always immaculately dressed, and a brilliant scholar. Ills studies, however did not prevent his partici pation in politics, and he frequently obtained permission to spend a night away from college ostensibly on domestic affairs. It has since tran- J spired, however, that such', trips ln-l eluded flying to Paris by aeroplane and returning the following day. Michelopoulos left Oxford a few- weeks before, the Tino oup, but ar-rived in Greece only in time to escape on board Venizclos private yacht. Before coming to Oxford he had been Civil Governor of Lcmnos, Prefect of. Eastern Macedonia, and had served in4he Greek'ai'my. be located on the county farm on the northeast one-fo-irth (Nfc.) or ssec-tion 25 Ohio Township, in said county. YES- NO- BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS- SIONERS-OF SALINE COUNTY. KANSAS. -v 239-SOt 43 POLITICAIj NOTICES 43 II. "A. Racle. republican candidate for office-of county clerk. Your support la solicited and will be apprecia ted. z-n COUNTY ATTORNEY Frank C Norton, republican candidate for countv attorney, has served one term, and would appreciate your Help and influence in ueing re-eieciea to a second term. T nm the renublican Candidate for a .secord term of office as clerk of the district court in Saline county and will appreciate the support of the voters at the General Election in November.' Morris Johnson. 247-tf I am the republican candidate for Probate Judge and will appreciate the support of the voters at the No Vember election. Howard Ford. 246-tf SHERIFF I am a candidate for election to a- second term as sheriff of Saline county. I have tried-to conduct my office efficiently and economically, and would .appreciate your yote G. W. Sandberg. REGISTER OF DEEDS As the republican candidate for Itegister of Deeds, I need your vote to Uelp me win. I was born in this county, have lived here all my life, and be lieve I am ciualified to fill the office. Mrs. Grant Blake. ' ' I SHERIFF I am a candidate for sheriff of Saline county on the Democratic ticket, and will appreciate your support. A. L. Smith. DEMOCRATIC TICKET Congressman, fifth district C. E. Hatfield, Herington. Justice Supreme Court-Position No. 1-William P. Dil-lard. - ' - Justice Supreme - Court Position No. 2 Otis S. Allen. G o v e r n o r Jonathan M. Davis. Representative S. I. Nelson. Sheriff A. L. Smith. County Attorney Ralph Knittle. . - - r- Probate Judge Sam E. Hoover. Register of Deeds Anna Shanahan. County Clerk Albert Yost, County Treasurer W. W. Brown. Clerk, of District Court Art Wilson. .. Coroner Dr. Glen E. Mow- ery. Commissioner First William Battersby. district Justice of the Peace Frank"-1 Province. Justice of the Peace W. E. Connelly. , 240-26t .---.--......,, i Remember to vote for Anna Shan ahan and efficiency and courtesy in he Recister of Deeds office. 252-tf 44 BUSINESS NOTICES 41 THE KANSAS CITY STAR Delivered anywhere In Salina, every morning and Sunday incomplete papers for 15c per week. Report all irregularities and orders to Ernest V. Brad bury, v Phone '1303. F. A. LEPPER ' Agent For TORRID ZONE FURNACES Tin, pump and furnace re- - , s pairing I Phone 481 155 South Fifth THE SALINE COUNTY Room 10 l'hone 281 - ' ABSTRACT CO. Watson Building Salina - Kansas CONTRACTORS I I vTn need of carpenters and oar- I penters seeking1 employment, I call I'rve Seymour, Recording I Secretary. 514 North Twelfth. ? Phone 1081Y. 112-tf '! . INSURANCE FTTZPATRICK . AGENCY 113 South Santa Fe Phone 58 45 DETECTIVE AGENCIES 45 SOUTHWEST DETECTIVE AGENCY A. V. Anderson, Pres., and GenT Manager Above Farmers National Bank ' Salina, Kan. Phone. 24S0 All legitimate detective-work confidentially executed; crimin- I al work a specialty. Seventeen years experience Offices' Salina, Kan. . Dallas, Tex. -uj (M) , Here's TliAt Other Version Bo What do you do for amuse ment in the tropics? Jo Well, in the dry jseason .we motorcycle and spoon with the girls. And then in the wet kcusuu there's no motorcycling. Tlie Summer Vacation 40 weeks in anticipation v 10 of hustling preparation 1 to pack and reach the station. ) 1 of final realization. She sang and she sang: "I will hang my harp on a willow tree-e-o I will hang my harp on a willow tree-e-e,""bHeh time breaking on the high note. ... Finally the patient father rrom the - next room ventured, "Bi tter hang it on a lower branch, Liz." She: So you are bashful? He: Yes, I take after my father, i She: Was he bashful? Hp: Well I should say no. Mother says If rather nan not neen so ish-ful I would be two years older. Comes Natural "If some folks I know gits to be angels." said Uncle Ben. "I would trust 'em not to fohget deirselves an try to play jazz on do goUlou harp,"" A chap asked a friend the other day if he could lend him $3. "What for?" inquired the friend. "To bury a saxophone player." "Here." .said the friend, "Take $j0 and bury ten of them." She may be a cat, And she may bo a hag, She just took a pat From her vanity bag.' J She may lie a Jane, And she may be a chick, She just took a stain From her flapper lipstick. Ernest Drake pays there are always a lot of dull girls in the city who wear smart clothes. George. Forre pays way to somebody is thing. the easiest to do some The Skeptic "Pa," nsked little Lster Livor-more, "How does P. Connor know what the weather is going to be?" "lie don't!" snarled the lad's shivvering sire." A Gift ' "I am afraid, doctor," said Mrs. Harding, "that my husband hart some terrible mental affliction Sometimes I talk to him for hours and then discover , that he hasn't heard a word." That isnlt an affliction, madam" was the weary reply. , "That's a gift." Just For Fun While boating on th'J bay at midnight, I saw the ocean's arm Steal gently around a nock of land To keep its shoulder warm. This made mejealous .is ouH be, It really mado mo sore; And so I paddled toward the land, WHERE GROWTH CENTERS Public Utilities Base of Country's Crowtn CHICAGO, Oct. 31, (By Mail) From the days of grist mills and stage ' coaches to the present tbo country's growth has depended largely, on public utilities, declare members of the Illinois Committee on Public Utility Information. The first known public utility was a grist mill at Dedhaih, Mass,, erected in 1C40 on the waterway cut through to join the Charles river arid the Nepoii.eti This waterway, i known as Mother Brook, was ilxi first canal .constructed in the. United States. Owners of the mill pro-' vided a plate where the early set tiers might grind their corn, exacting a tithe in payment for mill maintenance. v At the time Madison was elected president, the nation was a group of isolated communities, the bureau sayB. It took three weeks for news of his election to, reach the pioneern of Kentucky. -President Monroe warned congress that a country reaehin- from the Atlantic to trip Middle West wa.s 'to extensive to be governed by a despotic monarchy." The stage coach was brought Into use for travel between communities and canals were built for transportation of grain and produce. Earlv in the ninteenth eentufy gas was Introduced in some of the larger cities and replaced candles and lamp.M. A big fctep forward came with the invention and development of the steam engine. Steam railroads hast ened the development and expansion of the nation. After that came ele.rtricity and the telephone. ''We have pa"d from the ape of Individual craftsman to the meehnn-tfTil age." states the bureau. "We ara in the age of electric power of rapid communication, of the utilization of gas for cooking, heating and manufacture. Barriers of time and distance are wiped out. Living is more comfortable.- And the development goes on." "GO SLOW" TRADE'S "AIM Policy Framed to Combat Lower Wage Scale SYDNEY, N. S. W Oct. 1l, (By Mail-The "go slow" policy of the New South Wales Labor council, as a weapon to counteract wage reductions and the lengthening of hours of work, has been adopted by a congress of trade union delegates representing C2 organizations. It was decided- to' elect a state council from the congress to work with the Australia council of action and to draft definite proposals as a "policy of action,' for the Australian trade union movement. "Tho council of action shall deliver its attack against the employers by tho strongest seetion, union or industry," one adopted motion said. "The employers .shall be attacked at their weakest poir." Pead the Ads in the JournaL

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