The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, October 8,1930 SPECIAL EECTION CALLED_AT SWEA Swea City Rural Telephone Company Asks 25 Year Franchise, WOULD SAFEGUARD v THE FUTURE RATES. Swea City Citizens Have No Griavance Against Iowa Union Company. 'Farmers Give Reasons. Swea City Herald: At a special meet- Ing Monday night the council authorized a special election to take place on Tuesday, October 28, when the question of granting a 25-year franchise 'to the Swea City Rural. Telephone Company will be submitted to the voters of Swea City. The Swea City Rural Telephone Company Is composed of farm lines connected with the local exchange. The company was formed during the year by the consolidation of some fifteen or more rural lines which formerly had been operating as Independent-units. Swea CH.yans are somewhat perplexed as to the reason the farmers are seeking a franchise at this time, but -officers of 'the company explain that the action Is being taken to safeguard the future. At this time there is no particular grievance against the Towa Union Telephone Company, owner of the Swea City exchange. Earlier In the year there was some dispute over switching fees, the Iowa Union, having raised the annual fee from $.4.00 to $5.00. Oclcers of the farmers' company foresee other raises which In time may prove burdensome and for that reason they asking for a franchise at this time so 'they may meet demands for Increased switching fees by erecting an exchange of their own If the Iowa Union, -or whosoever may happen to own the local exchange, ever becomes arbitrary. Furthermore, there is a growing: feeling, approaching alarm, over the rapid centralization of utilities. Take the Swea City exchange as an example. It was -owned for years by T. P. Johnson. A few years ago he sold out to a Mason City capitalist who died. Heirs then sold 'the property to the Jowa Union Telephone Company, and now comes the news that the Iowa Union has been absorbed by the Mid-West Utilities Company. "Here is a graphic example in front of our noses -of how control of utilities is passing from independent ownership closely allied to local community interest to the control of vast monopolies. It is probable that when the people awaken fully to the situation they will insist that measures be adopted to check the power of the monopolies. Accordingly, Swea City 'farmers In asking for a franchise at 'this time are anticipating the future. WiW Walker Describes Argentine Politics This Is the fourth . of a series of letters written to the Upper Des Moines-Republican by Will P. Walker of Algona, who, With his Wife, has just returned from a visit with their son, Phillip hi South America.—Editor. Editor of the Republican: I had Intended to let my three prior letters complete the brief account of my observations in South America, but the subject Is somewhat like the fellow trying to let go a calf, viz., he can't let go, Just when he would like to, and particularly is this so, If the calf keeps doing something all the time. We had proceeded a thousand miles up the At- alntic coast line when the radio grams posted in the social hall of the steamer began to tell of the revolution In Argentine, and only a day or so more elapsed when th'e statement was picked up by the ship's radio that President Hipollto Irlgoyen had resigned to General Uriburn. As this occurred just three days after I left Buenos Aires, I assumed that when he saw I had sailed away and he could not count on my support any longer, he became discouraged and quit. But there were some other reasons also why this eighty-odd year old executive should resign. Perhaps the first that may be mentioned is his age. The Argentine constitution allows a six year term and why this man past eighty at the date of his election would consent, to run for an office carrying a six year term Is explain, except on the grounds of inordinate ambition. By the the way, this is a characteristic which holds good In every republic from the Rio Grande to the Magellan Straits, namely get power by hook or crook and hang on till you are kicked out. Irigoyen not only held the control of his high office but he usurped that of the house and senate. Unlike our law, the legislative branches cannot meet without special authority from the president and so not Inviting their help and cooperation they could not legally meet and v congress held no session for months, although it should have been called last March. As hundreds of his intimates could be appointed to office and hold the same without confirmation you will see why congress was not called. It might have objected to hosts of his favorites holding down sinecures, the most arduous task of which was cashing their pay checks doubtfully earned. Much needed legislation marked time. No well thought out plan for Improving roads, public highways and general municipal betterment appeared to be under consideration by him and his henchmen. A violent and destructive lawlessness reigned in the larger cities. The police force of ANTHRACITE^, BITUMINOU5 ' . "DO voo HAVE ANY" -^ I TROUBLE KEEPING VDUR> .SAH/ we ORDERS OUR FUEL FROM fff&NOfflDNfrSON 1 IN 06 SUMMER WHEN IT'S , ' CHEAP-AN' SHE SAVES 'AIUFFV ^ TO BOY ALL DE LATES 1 ' HATS AN 1 GOWNS/ Yes, there is an advantage in putting your coal in early before tlie rush. Coal deliveries to customers are 60 days behind schedule. When feokl weather comes there will be a scramble. Phone 229 for quality coal & prompt delivery. F.S.NORTON&SON YARD THAT SA\)ES AND SATISFIES* ^ [ i^EawE^iHBBaviKDKBr iffB^si When to need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by r\n c 1 17 CAWVI7R E y° sl «f bt Specialist DR, F. E. &AW ifcK Algona, Iowa at PUBLIC SALE TYPE POLAND CHINA BOAES Forty head of March and April Boars. The big husky kind from large litters. Immune arid priced to sell. H, H, G&ECKJBY '* SON Rutland, Humfcoldt county, Iowa, tfSBS'^^ Buenos Aires were largely hand picked by his appointees and chosen to do his bidding. Destructive strikes, sabotage and black mall of private Individuals and corporations was rampant. One week, nineteen cars of the General Motors Company were burned up on the streets of Buenos Aires. Two weeks later this pure cussedness shifted to Ford's plant and a dozen cars were burned up or broken up. The Idea of the bolshevlck Imp, who orders this destruction done Is to keep prospective customers from buying those makes. Ford declared a holiday and his entire force marched to the president's official residence and demanded protection for his property and his manager told Irlgoyen unless It was given and full guarantees upheld, he woujd close the planlf and let fthe owls and bats have the building for a roosting place. One morning the paper said twenty telephone poles In a neighboring district had been cut down and burned during the night, and a very important cable had been severed, causing Inconvenience to hundreds of people. This campaign of destruction mralyzed all new enterprises. These companies looked to Irlgoyen for protection and relief. The police don't I or won't give it. The mayor, an ac-' complice of the president, does noth- ng The president promised but failed to act. The only persuasive power was bribe money gotten across through underground channels to the heads of ihese destructive labor groups who assess, blackmail as the price of peace. In Entre Rlos province, Irlgoyen fol- owers would absent themselves from ;he hall In order that a quorum would be broken and nothing could be done. The army would suddenly be shifted from one state to another overnight » Intimidate citizens therein, demanding revolution If law and order, and peace and protection could not be had at once. The three cruisers of the republic were mobilized hi the bay. The roof of the residence of the president was covered with small artillery. The police force was gathered around and ils trips to the mansion was guarded jy scores of swift cars loaded with unformed men. Everywhere was the murmur of discontent, and no one knew when the top would blow off. Finally eneral Jose Uriburn, the trusted man of the hour, maneuvered enough of his men in armored cars into striking dls- ;ance of the capital and made a demand upon Irigoyen to resign the presidency in two hours or he would bom- jard the president's mansion. Needless to say Irlgoyen resigned. He is a prisoner on board one of the Argentine jrulsers, awaiting a fuller decision of tils fate. He will probably be allowed •jo go to some European country. It can se said that all classes and all the nearly twenty states expressed then- allegiance to the new man. He has the army and navy behind him. Twenty thousand women marched down Ave- nlda De Mayo to the Pink House, the president's home, carrying flowers and wreaths and banners and their spokesman said to General Jose Uriburn, 'God bless you, we will stand behind you, and uphold your hands." Now jverybody, not only then- own citizens, jut neighboring republics will await with eagerness yet with patience, to see if the new regime will address itself to correcting the many evils that exist. Here is hoping that such will be the case.—Will F. Walker. TUB SYMBOL IS YOUR. GUARANTEE Notes by Algona Lady in West Miss Mary Kaln, well known Algona lady, a daughter of one of the best known pioneer families of Kossuth ccurty, who for the past few years has made her home In Los Angeles, has sent us the following poem written by Elmer Slagle, brother of Prank Slagle, who spent his boyhood days In Algona. The poem has brought to the mind of Miss Kaln thoughts of numerous old Algona friends who have lately Joined the great silent throng on the other shore. * * * * Watching the World Go By. ?irst came the children In happy glee, Shouting with Joy, careless and free, Thinking not" evil, nor anything wrong, Spending their days In play and song. Then came youth with its knowing looks,' .earning from life and not from books; Worldly wise, they think they know More than all mortals here below. Then manhood came with ambition filled, With high hopes, a name and fame to build, To show those who've braved the storms of life, That they know little of stress and strife. 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PAYMENT SCHEDULE ( 50—Repay I 3.95 a Month $100—Repay I 7.05 a Month I200*"-Rflpay $14*10 a Month $300— Repay $21.10 a Month Your furniture, auto and llve- atock may be used as security. We will be glad to talk with you (confidentially, el course) about ar. ranging « loan to meet your needs. CUNNINGHAM & LAOY Algona Phone 599 Representing Federal Finance Co. Des Moinea To answer the call of the life they've spent For good or ill of their fellow man In the three-score-ten of life's brief span. Thus I watch the old world go by; And I shed a tear or heave a sigh, Or smile with joy, or bear a load As humanity passes down life's road. But, after all, what is fame but- dross? What is one's gain but another's loss? Nothing is good but the heart that's true; And the world goes by for me and you. —E. HARVEY SLAGLE. » * * « "Because of its author, Elmer Slagle, a former Algonian, and because of the comfort it has given me, this poem Is passed on for the solace it may bring to others. The little community we formerly called home has had many hearts that were true taken by death in the last few months. True hearts are all that count in our journey here below and leave with bereaved ones much comfort. We find many of them in 'watching the world go by.' « * * * "Unfortunately we come In contact with the other kind too, and they are the big factor that keeps this dear old world in turmoil. Have just had the privilege of serving on the municipal jury and viewed the world in their trip through court channels. Had never been in a court room before, so it was a big experience for me. » * * * '< Humanity is much the same where ever found and the 'hard boiled' of Chicago years ago very likely the same in Los Angeles, except that whiskey is more In evidence than at that time, there is very little difference. With incognito saloonkeepers, both men and women, drunken drivers, unscrupulous enforcement officers, not forgetting the stool pigeons—the country at large has a good sprinkling. » » * * "Most of the jurors had a call to act on the communist trial and were given a severe test by their lawyer Leo Gallagher. I was slightly excited myself in the twenty minute grill given me and very glad to step out when rejected. All of lour days were spent to get twelve who satisfied. A morning was spent there a few days later. The court room was practically filled with communists and several witnesses—men and women were on the stand. A few sturdy policemen remained at the door and in the hall. A woman stood up and began talking in the audience during Gallagher's plea to the jury. A policeman was soon beside her and order was restored. The prosecuting attorney came and made a very shallow plea it seemed to me. He spent much time in sarcastic remarks about 'Leo, the Lion, 1 as Gallagher was dubbed by him. Of course no Jury on earth could return a verdict other than guilty on what they were accused, that of resist- ng an offcer and obstructng traffic- holding meetings within a certain number of feet from the walk. The prosecutor may have come to In rebuttal and am sorry my time was limited, so I missed out on that. * * » * The defedant's attorney certainly did not lack for something to say— names, places and dates were called to mind from the days of Jesus of Nazareth to our own day. Manv of the seeming big men of the hour would not feel complimented by deeds recalled to mind by him. Be that as it may, the communists present were a sorry-looking crowd. There was a sort of sneering ego printed all over them and their boast of standing without God, whom they deny, told on their faces. My heart went out to them in their mental twist, yet am convinced that deporting them is their just dues. * * # * '(On October 1 am leaving Santa Monica where two pleasant months have been spent. The ocean Is very attractive and has done me much good. It la unusually rough this year and several have been drowned. If one can not swim, It pays to keep a sharp watch. The rip tide will pull one off their feet and a wave from the other way strikes one on the head and away you go feet first out to sea." —MARY C. KAIN. believed that little four-year-old Arzelle sitting in the rear seat with her grandfather was playing with the catch on the door. At any rate the door flew open and she fell out onto the hard gravel. Shouts from the grandfather caused Fred to put on the brakes quickly. The car landed in the ditch and upset. Soon little Arzelle came running down the road unhurt aside from some scratches and bruises. Grandfather Peterson, however, received three fractured ribs when the car upset. Swea City People Were in Accident. Herald: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson, their daughter, Arzelle and Grandfather Anders Peterson were driving out to the home farm in Swea town- shpi where the Joe Hylers live. It Is •b^tmmxxxxms^^ Some Real Bargains in Used Cars 1928 Hudson sedan 192G Hudson sedan. „ 1928 Whippet 6 coupe 8 1927 Buick sedan' 8 1927 Chevrolet coach 1926 Ohev. coupe 1828 Chev. landau. 1927 Olds sedan 1929 Olds coach 1925 Ford tudor '27 Whippet cab. coupe These cars are all re-conditioned and ready for the road, with a price that will make some one a good buy. Algona Motor Sales Co. Phone 714 Algona, Iowa. S. II, Kiassie, Owner. , 'ti88ff8ff8l%X3&^ WVVJVWVWUYWWWVWWVVVtf Polished Plate Glass Your broken auto door and windshield glass replaced while you wait. Joe Greenberg www

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