The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1930
Page 2
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Dct^gr S 1330 JForrtier Editor of €%>j*?r to t * Z>. te? . 28e JBer jfiasfe 4J6atoes ac .Sagocs.. SP "w*; fer.; ti i>as- •' *B*mK8E3?j* BtozsSflBei .s iHOESffisre ^nsr~ j -iSMWjjjBsf.jgf js.,-0. w*OT<sa sail aKwer » oar. -t^e? to spsaS a'J*r FEZES rfc. (Ear Ste^ ; ... 3-S8;2!Er •t' H*r*?r • 2agfa»rr. 3-. stsr SWP-aSMBBtfc fjaStettite. • •*£! DttKE wswj&S'J ,j S* .«*:" i*e uwspaperi ?****- &"• seas? itep* ?"BBK 'lee ssoSt ; it**-*"- aBtasf"''* "•;*" "Sit-Tit*" 1 ' *f"ii~T :j-fe s CR?*Si-£lLi ^tS"ys r ^ : "£te ^SS ^j?SB—J .ftlK^fSH^^"'* '• -*WlV • W*5*li* fcV -Si?J'-* T , - - 4i*F*A J* II " .—«•• »«•.»«*• U.T1M- ^* . » -^ .-— —- " -•""• 8'" : B$5^' i^ tfil; Z&Z .IBKit: &J3'f -T -ZrgWt r | sPSBST -t£ • 'iJ^?1T» j '323 : jMttTEOO-S to' .to £J*f*tfert Cen^ ™ MJL*«I*M« fen fff0 HBW -no «w«i ", * 1i< ' re r; -if£ lor jaaiKl. Bet. So?ff -?SB«' ^aMer sac- fii; -o' : ates* ; . tenmcr ; if^ei, B ;HliJ3>- : fljl£ PT Sestet =w*f ;.u attr jaws**". Spr E«gaR«T»s •CSttsrBb ! t? 3tJ6B^daes>«r. ui-tsf jMBpCBlaar» , actual Furnace FACTS . decide! JBofaaoF c .BBS 3« HBJBHKS.. .Bnasfc.-35ew.Ttaa:. ! of Imwce n»teria1.. HoMt ^ faj!Uiw?J'«A'!- J' >t »iliiiit jijK wys^v .. iiit i;i&',*t," iii tf Wti- ri«wjt«»T- ip; Aigaat »at SICJUT, dttj />: anur. "Tiw l«u: JMST*:; criu'tr:. •»•»!• njj«asi- -!*s«BHat' cuwnr. jaiusiBf .»?' MI» J i;taa-.! .-•sti'saaff S*r Ouisn/r aaC &? " ' ~ • ,* v~ ias*uar JQK- SiMa* ; , wa «jr, tfc Jitfjni. JIT!. JUST i K- »ffi- * JSTrfS- *<S»"2 ' B^; *R:; asac. P/f- / mi !; «•' Itbs- *f Sai- .3nmfe ; - page : Ser? is eeaci- I WHY. arid HOW. it ©etfonas. Cocnare tec- ^^'i-iis. ftfi^Ec ^xun s^rvcctMisccst cE&c ' tzitst tnin^s 1 T^ i ^ ^ "ffeSl ^^A?^^ SZH. DtlQtSi ^282t 2t ffiOWCSt COSt* Tise K-esr Cateaaal Fsiraace (type O) cmn- ALi- cf -tiwEL It's giaiaasitaed for 2» Tears. 1*. ^- 22223a£ j^* n'aa*»f. i - WiLjo f?GT. ^60 J(' l tUtX'£ QAVC Sp^* "It wiU sstt as much as • "73i? -grefci asst' «; -.our axeaitc st>- 1 s~ i; 2itn iar- jirncitsc. .cf i to Mr. Dickinson. tari wit-.' taunt ,ar sir i«rgaBas« ^isii - "A- •sti'-. x»v jooS.. TSut S&grua -,&:. n- OOK *to£&sC; fc&i»e;. aar- j^Kfits 3»s- ,^ Jtear: W3sis «ifiat«c y«wn ic- r sac K ,iiiEa»i 41; s»a* JJSBTJ;: •£< ffli 1 ; sia sst. A «SJB? ittf puUh-. <OIST swsr- - ^efosmsa id Sa« jet^fie sto-s • am Ae -s. igBeSaoc; (ti ioov Saer : &jn weKic .ean JiiEEEtr inn 2jwr ; aer JIBJ jjte -cit? fcotc TJBE asard 3D f«sr ossn. It gives most -iaeat at lowest ctMt *—- T-S^T" t&iifj.' ^K!3T. it "vrili izdt -•—ret-- -censer cf tvwy TOCRQ—ami- ^ITLliT- <»«*^^rfsfTSy—atari js SatSCSt *Z C,1T£ for. iti snad* of Woodward's Gray jxos—tixe Hufrtl :COiONfAI.FURNACE Ccas and Oil We are Heating Engineers. 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Tiae «sarea '.if skjJSJSJafi wa£ toe Ari '^&3&€8S£I ^£L (M jAiMWll-fllftfe toe partf£ igarlit^apa.l jso?i- e,el. *n»eK is JiHieUiCereoee fc«»e«i -]^ pJsc sed oc tbe swit. JCyw/. 1 '<«•?'(it'^,wr &«« »iS«<W5- a«-t ,«s>ais«Miac, j«««s**»«rt »f^ .$ke "<«&»• i^iars? !«*•« «*s*s*»fr. 'T«« $0*31: is waat- (fKBiri* itr* /r»A»«.. i ^^.<nu«» ^i_- .itfajjjj' iiiiKjeeMfd .wiffilf £*• V*JL Cf. **.**:. «**™*a*~\ aw: /.vAi>ao*e o. &aitr4s mvt>-.l>. » xu&es' we: Jfye's peoaaaaev ai UK ocsjtsSafflt re- S>*5iSasB <^ ilae 'tSasi^sE oy Mrs. Hcttfc Oi T^c?^X^5 OO t T^^ <jf lie erastie .inrest- rjfiefi iaer pmate ] i SOK a£3si iassped ber ies*pacae irnei. 1 ; Bav oafr re»«aiia«st atp^ iacs: c? afeU- ; i rtj to see a£ oi liae Jznpiicauons. in his • i s^ms «c «ai^ajn ,J% waraidg to toe i ; prat WC.JK; Krsas u> sar tiia; bt iriU i lorag -Si>t.' acaaops -ftgaimR penapapers ? w>si£c &§ss50 pnci' tosi>&. ^t^Tg?^ *^"di •Trail Jtrs ifcCteinid:£ auliwnivy. Pc&- j^biy ti» iaar esay give €eoator Nye i«BB» tferiHttfai justificaUOE far" UK*: iao axUi^oe. but as 8 nsattw of pn>- tJulliDes wouiti make it a . <ie- fi. 5tft- ic liia'. prolu- .Jiap .JaC*r Jte. Votees wbs A secavjr's imnumiiy :fi»m Uabltay 5T ' fUtm IE ptK OA^ be will ufldooMdly : j»'et in pre&awoee to a twy ie- »ill support, neiiber. put a -•- ifce &•«{!, fts they otw spap iSiWe to as wen as ne ; which n .i te simliar assertions on If s newspaper isj to lo i>e s get N. TurJe wljl Jose iw <to 'i"(4;it it. liiiUwe c/^il <x>u/;'/w w'<i u/- . ' J '"' 1 '"''' : "'' fc * > «*» W: **• «cpi'«»sxrf; *i»fi«f. M-* u/hr, «.iM u'J' »>-V '.-."'.'•** ^^^ **</«#<«?. <rfi iw^ei/ *A«*,>i{i; • j MX. ww <x,4X! //A ^A «->-,u* fcllort* </f u* -!io«xx;<^it j/^rty ! Washington News fev: in Kovejnbfer will pia«; Gov- well to tije Jeati lor piiesiflfentlal n&?niriii- irc iaiffi. The party in wet upcm ri toU« will ouiflurnber <iry <ie}£g2it}oi2£. Buv ) ?iifer«: as fenger of SDtitfier Madifedn ; Square fcu/x^ l/c-cause of ciie fact tiia-. I Wit dry SpuU), while «U1 •can «ill bkx*. g nurnination ; ttit- j«<se trf ito* two-tiurds rute. . « » * In any case, don't lose Bight of tilt '<•- IMS*:. Wfaeu tbfc republican ua- i >.<cxia! w/nveatto. of K^O wae in eet- j ««i, a <ia.y or «g ix-Iace tbe ballotUig on prt^i^entlal cafKijdat&c, a cartoonist t^ wi<om liie potn-ayal of Geafcral W<x/c Governor Lowdeo had isecoroe irk,, . , , , .~.... r r ran ae«*s ooc of the minor can,; , ,!«.****" .<>io*>'>*. "May I draw you?" the artia: . .-* l.t ,.'.. , '* |asiwxJ. "Oo ahead," was the wrdiai ^ v t^^HMS-s,"* ^» jfijpiy. "j{o one eise arouiid here h rti-y K,A<-/;J:<: w:i*- ; ^..^^ BM; .. jFort^-«l^it hfrtw* Ja! ', tarxildat* wa« fighting hit way arrny of repctrterE and photo- Kraphorc. J«S£ «an»e wae Wanes G. : ally to competent pnwf to court, rob-; vj&uesly ; ,public discussion will be sub-; je-eitci to » dte«RTW«E baritiieap. Ima-; gioe a newspaper being permitted to; print onij' wna.t secators have to say j or that of wtoec senatorial approval is j Uie V. V. M.-K. /<>;• a jr«Ju<;v<>/.-. >./.; a ii.iMit.t.1, i.'v,u,: V: . of . "'"•' ;I; *- '* M -' <i ' tut iin>ii \»i \ttinit tows «,v»' in r of /fcw//w: Jo U.c- K««( •:. HI; l>tii/U.r ,,i •..<- </liit-f K«.*JJy Jy of grave '// Uilr t/lyWit Of \I,\IWAII> t'ff Wtfi w/y t'tf ),<», Liu:** Will ttuiu of iwitiiw » Wty/ in i>,U7u-.i, Vi'iu-t ' f v/ii.y Any C/tlNJ </l vt/;U///i two >; tht- c//u»U <V;jr Win; would Wl<>!' li' H" I"" '• I'' '•')). y t Mt« L lull,- o/ kiuiiiiJiit unit jA-;iJi>) )/; ,I.J an WW Wl'WI Wt; Ml illl; j|l;i; 01 ll/lllt 111 lulil III' IIIKI'l.,/ illlil pill'l 01 ' 111)1 MIH )W')« Wttl^ Thlii f</IXf jl, MJM/M Wt*. f'^f j;iol)ll;IUnn on/l only t>> "pronwt* U;in|ier- knows Uiai lit wwW McCsonnick's accusations may be much of a nuisance 10 foe .members of the Kye corniniti«« but a muzzled press would be Infinitely worst. Furthermore, instead of being throttled, the American press would be .relieved if ttifc die of charge and denial be- iweec Mis. McCoruiick and tlie senate conwniM*e should die and stay dead. •u't*hV*'yt-rif tTiit, I rcUrf y Wilbur of the OeparUuent of ' ) the jUiUiftof wteij he twtjfcd over to j u»«- ;>ei>amr*fcrit of ^u«.ice for ittvesti- the ciw»fK«* of "favoritism" to- x/friitftuifct!. TiieM: in ao <>j>eB letter Mr. WJiour by Ralph 8. Kelly ir. & field divi- j itejii of Uit- OeJifcr&J J^and Office »tt Uit u*An' • f -* fivfer - Tliey wwfsrtt leaw* ija tiie vi'fc of »>* 'i'MiL- w '** 1 *'" w '>A»«(<J<» oU-«lifcle reserves, However grouiidlfcot; tiit**.- <;J4«gfct; way fc*, tjit ii&.iiiifr ip which tlifcy were pre- an impartial li^uiry de- it, ajid ixi turning thi« tw>k vvw V> I Mr. Wilbur hi* <>wn departwieftt at{- It it wUti/jjy a tx>ure of find Jx^U* ttevronary WUbur aiwl arid eager to have Jn ttxe . As hit wMJwd of to tiu; tyM»M at itm Matter, fcecrttwy WUbur rfefuised to accept Mr. id ordered hJ»» to his chtti'^es with specific Jn. At the ssuw U//M; Mr. Wilbur issued u t«--'M.-jal denial that his ad<«iiiiister the dibjw>Hi<;H of these oll- )a/jris. Jl has alw; been smjfjtast- that tfie Bt'DaU- public Lands wwi- Mr. Kelly's charges, u»uj BeiMttor OeriiUJ i'. Nye, that </;//i;jiitu-.c-, We»t Bend Society Met Last Friday. We*t Bend, September 23. Special: 'Jlie Woman '6 Home and Foreign Missionary «<ciety raet at toe home of iirs. Zimmerman Friday aftemoos. wr.h Mrs. H. A. Sloan assisting in the serving. The devotional was read by •r»« piresident, Mre. JE. L. Hayne, lol- lowbd l»y a prayer by Mrs. Zinuaermari. call was answered by scripture irteg the wtwd "give." The busi- Kieetirig tallowed. Measuring up the fc'./ctety's nle was given by the officers, Mrs. Hayne, Mrs. George Emer- (K.D, teeretary, Mrs. B. F. McFariand, treasurer. Mrs. MiUer, vice president, and hea<l vt the Stewardship was absent. Her part was given by Mrs. H&yne. Mrs- Chas. Dewitt gave the Whit* Cross report. The outtook lor the year in Foreign Missions was told by Mrs. McFarlan^ Mrs. Womer Boevers and Mrs, Wat- sofl. "Seeing Eyes" was given by six ladies of the society. Mrs. H. R. Bell gave a very toteresting reading- The meeting was adjourned with the bene- dictiow, A soda! hour followed. Ths served a delicious lunch to a wowd. PHILCO Balanced Unit Battery Radios Contain all features of highest price radios, Automatic volume control, Philco tone control, 8 tubes, which a 2-volt A-Rattery cme ;J» two months-accorduig to use. Be Sure to Hear Its Marvelous Tone Liberal Trade Allowance Sold on Terms Farmers General Store R. O. BJUSTROM, Prop. Phone 1F11, Hobarton. 16-W Swea City Lady Was Offered Honors. A real honor has fallen to Mrs. P, W, t«r«on, an offer from headquarters to act as state director of publicity for the American i*>gi»n Auxiliary. Mrs. JUtrson in tier work as publicity director for the local auxiliary unit has COBMJ to the attention of the state officers more than once, and a recent vacancy in the state position has caused them to make her ths pre- offer. upon Mr. Kelly for his ftu;U. While &tiimtor Nye has stot- that he was Bulling upon Mr. Kelly ui) mijiviiiijui senator, he kft (W d//ut;t llin.1 If lit; l^-iieved Uie situation it he would olfer a resolution when <;<;MK»ebto convenes In Decembei' for senatorial investigation. In si«;h clrcuiiistances, and in the Jltrht nt tile Uittfic lilbUjcy of handline pub: oil resources by tlut Interior Depart' muni, u searching und Impartial Democrat Candidate for Congress Here. The democratic nominee fcr in thi* dtetrlct, Paul H. Anderson, of Wt-UU-r county, was Introduced around Algona Wednesday by O, B. Murtagh chairman of the democratic county central committee. He wan accompanied by a Mr. "Smith of Fort Dodge, a former Weoley young man. Mr. Anderson made a very favorable imprewtlon and appeared to be a man of wide under* fitanding and ability. He to making a very active campaign and will doubtless carry a good vote, nie? ilBB Hello Iowa! FOURTH AND WALNUT* DE8 MOINE8, IOWA IjWf newest and finert hotel. 300 rooaw, all with bath, coffee «hop, artificially cwSTlUcw JSSo'im/JS^SJ Wr, fltoay, comfortabl, at a Ttmtnty-MoGIn ftottf 7H ^K E ^. LAMSON ' "Q-TELi THE SHELDON-MUNN Am**, lawn - i Mian. OUR 'WANT ADS' BRING QUICK RESULT*

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