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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 8, 1930
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UPPER DES MOtNES, 44th YBAtt THB nEPUSLICAN. 38th ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8,1930 VOL 28—NO. It BOSS TO BUILD NEW HOTEL HERE Will be on Lot South of New .Algona With r .Three ^Floors. 'SEVENTEEN HOTELS, "Building • to " Have Twenty-Five rKooms" With "Bath, Also a 'Coffee Shop. :E. 'A. rfeoss, -proprietor of the New /Algona' hotel 'Is planning to erect a $30,000'hotel on' the lot across the alley 'TrfaH'-south'-or'-'the -present hotel. The :nev;-mfilding-wlir'be three stories high •with twenty-five rooms with private ;bato'•arid'tdilet,-a'-Ibbbr and a coTfee -shop. 'The n6w building will be con- •ne6ted~wllh'the'presenfr hotel. Mr. Boss ;hHsr-a'.Jeasei-upon''thei'New Algona and owns the loit upon which the new IbulTdingvwHr-be-ere'cted. Work on the foundatimr-'Wiirbe started at once and the "bullding\tftfill" -be- completed in the tspring. 'TThe "frame work will be so constructed'that-additional stories may 'We -added If -necessary. The New Al- rgona'ls-now -managed by Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Tyrone -arid' 'they are enjoying a •riice'business,'-being unable to accom- rmodate -mantry nof 'j'th'eirppatrons. !Mr. Boss is-also erecting a new hotel the "iWhltney, rat .'Atlantic, Iowa, at. a •coat of "$I50;000,'-whfch will be opened 3dr' business: in-aJlew-mon'ths. . Mr. Boss •will-own-arid operate seventeen hotels, located at Algona, Atlantic, Boone, Storm Lake, Webster •City, ecorah, 'Claflnda, Oelwein, Inde- jpenflence.rForf Ma'dison,"Waterloo, Des Moines, ( twb *t Estherville, Beloit, Wis- «mSin,/Almna^Mitii}gannP'alrbury > Nebraska. . P. A. Krauge^Buys Interest'in Calif. Store. ' the Orange Belt Emporium of Pomona Calrroirriia,und te'the'ViceT>reaideht an general manager tif 'the -^store. The Progress 'Bifltetin.'pUbHshed-atrPomona says that for nearly *thirty years the Orange Belt Emporium has '-been the center of merflntnaiSing' -activities in Pomona Valley. The store is now having a huge -reorganization -sale. When. the sale is over the -store -will '-be- remodeled" and reSnished inside 'to -provide the bast facilities -possible "for'the -enlarged and beautiful -department-store planned by the new firm df -owners. Pomona IB considered to 'be'tfae'hub'-of a large trading .center, -ana 'the new •owners are confident t>f the future growth and • development -df the -city arid adjacent territory. "Since "leaving Algona Mr. Krause has treen tionnect- ed with a wholesale dry goods "house 'in las Angeles and recently operated a store in Alhambra. He is In partnership with W. G. Neely, who fe president of the concern and W. A. Shefttel, -Who has been connected with the Orange Belt Emporium for the last, •eighteen years. Mr. Shettel remains with the *• firm 'as its secretary, and treasurer. Young Man Back from Oklahoma. ' Good "Hope, October 7. Special: Glen Black, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Black. formerly of this community, arrived here recently from his home near Lawton, Oklahoma. He was accompanied by his friend, Eugene Matthews. The boys are temporarily at the home of Glen's sister, "Mrs. Leonard Dlttmer, northeast of Burt, but only until corn picking starts -When they expect to hire out for the harvest. They report everything burned -up with the drouth in their section of Oklahoma but the alfalfa, which malces it possible to keep up the dairy herds and thus furnish a much needed income, Mr. and Mrs. Black, the parents of Glen, are in Improved health, especially the former, to better whose condition removal was made to their present residence. The Blacks are fine wholesome Christian folks and are missed from this community. _ Algona's New Bank Has Rapid Growth. The Iowa State Bank is feeling rather proud of the showing made in the short time since the bank was organized.. In their published statement .made as of the date of September 24, and published in the papers Iwt week the total footing showed that the bank te now a "million dollar bank" the figure being $1,040,725.80. The deposits e Sed $951,090.09, The bank only organized two years ago last , ch; Worn nothing to .» million dollars la so short a time | f remarkable shpwlng indeed. ^ Algow BPJT m f ai Ames Mrs. Sterling's Father Died at Webster City. Mrs. A. A. Sterling was called to Webster City' Friday by the illness .of her father, "J. "Samuel Bateman, who died early Monday mornirig following an illness of only a few days with this pneumonia. She was accompanied by her daughters, Genevieve and Jeannette. Jeanne'tte. Jeanhette remained with her, bnt'Genevleve returned home Sunday with '-her father and sister, Helen, who" had driven to Webster City for the day. Mr. Bateman who was about seventy-nine years-of age, had had a cold but was trot seriously ill until Thursday when-pneumonla developed. Funeral services will be held today at the Foster Funeral home hi Webster City and burial will be made at Webster City. Mr. Sterling went to Webster City Tuesday evening for the funeral. Mr. Bateman is survived by his wife, four sonsiHrid six daughters. The children are Mrs. A. A. Sterling Of Algona, Mrs. T. C.Tielder, Mrs. A. 0. Buckles, Mrs. Frank-Welch and Miss Olive Bateman of ^Webster City, Mrs. Frank Hughes of "Fort Collins,. Colorado, Edward of Naches, "Washington, Orris of Oak Park, "Illinois, Leigh, of Medford, Oregon and James Albert of Webster City. He is also survived by two sisters, one ''brother, twenty-nine grand children arid four great grandchildren. There children preceded him hi death. James Samuel Bateman was born near Belleville, Ontario, Canada, December 29/1851. "When still a boy he moved toTFarmer City, Illinois, where he married Miss T?annie Johnston in 1876. Mr.-arid"Mrs." Bateman moved to Webster-lOity'thirty-nine years ago, and'for many years^Mr. Bateman was in the real estate 'business. He was widely known around Webster City, and his death will be regretted by a host of frierids. Mrsi; Davenport Visit* J.lV.Wadsworth. Mrs.~8. B. Davenport, nee Allie Wadsworth, ,and Tier "daughter, Exine, came worthr The 'Davenports'live at Greelej but Exine is located at'Sterling,.where she is home demonstration agent for Logan county. ''She'has'two weeks of vacation from 'her -duties -at Sterling, where she has'been'tocated'for the past three years. She "is 'in charge of 600 club women and 225 "Four=H club girls, all of whom are 'included'in twenty- four community tiUbs. "Logan county was one of the -first -counties • to have organized rural club-work and" has had a demonstration agent for 'the past fourteen years. Three of Exine's club girls won championships -at 'the -Colorado-state fair which was "held-at Pueb- lo'this fall. The gWs -won 'their tham- piortships in] clotti'ing, cannftngt 'and clothlngfjudging. Later the three girls will go;'to the Western State Stock 'm ^how at Denver. It took Mrs. Davenport and "her daughter a day and a half to drive from Greeley to Algona, a distance -of about TOO 'miles. Mrs. Davenport "has recovered quite completely from "her •illness rdf rsome time back, and is In good health. Mr. Davenport did mot uorne with 'his wife and daughter, 'but :remained at Greeley, Rally Day Exercises Drew Large Crowd. •Last -Sunday was Rally and'Promo- tion "Day at the local Methodist Sunday School and a lively interest was shown in the exercises as indicated by the capacity crowd attending. At nine- forty-flve an orchestra of fourteen pieces began playing and at ten o'clock the class record was taken and there were 450 present. Thereafter the crowd "kept filing in till the program wa« under way and the house filled. Miss Alberta Grosenbach, appropriately robed was represented as the Spirit of the Sunday School, receiving with 1 high praise those who were promoted from class to class and in turn receiving the appreciation of the pastor, superintendent and teachers who presented the various groups for promotion. Mrs, Bernlce Seeley is superintendent general of the school and under her leadership splendid progress has been made in all departments. Pixler Locates in Faribault, Minnesota. F. D. Mathes received a letter recently from William Pixler, stating that he had leased a room in the New Brunswick hotel in Faribault, Minnesota, and would turn • it into a coffee shop. The dining room in the hotel Is to be closed arid Mr. Pixler will have the only eating place in the building. It will be about a month Before the room will be ready for occupancy. Mr. Pixler was formerly chef at the State's Cafe here and later owner the Broadway Cftfe in Eagle Grove. J. At Brownell Home From California.. j. A. Brownell" arrived, home last week from Redfleld, California, where lie spent several months visiting with tils eon, Clarence, and family. Mr. Brownell says he had a nice time, but that for a, home, he much prejers Jowa, Clarence his ft good psftlWW to pajt. JUBILEE MASS WAS SUNG THIS MORNING iChurch Was Filled to Overflowing with Devout Parishioners and Priests. BISHOP HEELAN WAS CELEBRANT. R. & T. Plane Brought Photographers and Reporters to Cover Mass. Fall Festival Tonight and Tomorrow. At ten o'clock this morning the Golden Jubilee of St. Cecelia's Catholic church was started. A procession from the academy to the rectory was the first of the events. Father B. Loeffelholtz of St. Benedict was the cross bearer followed toy two candle- bearers, about thirty acolytes and a large number of Visiting priests and other church dignitaries. At th e front of the parish house the procession was joined "by Bishops Edmond Heelan oT Sioux City and Drumm of Des Moines and their attendants. The bishops were garbed 'in the traditional brilliant red robes and presented an inspiring spectacle. Priests' and Sisters filled the front half of the church with devout parish- ioneere and visitors filling the rest and overflowing to th e sidewalk in front. Bishop Heelan sang the solemn pontifical high mass and was attended by a number of high church dignitaries, including the 1 Rt. Rev. James Griffin 'Of Des Moines, vicar general of the Sioux City diocese; the "Very Rev. J. G. "Murtagh and the Rev. McEnerny of TSm- metsbhrg; Rev. J. D. Pisch, Banrroft; the Rev - B - Loeffelholtz of St. Benedict; the Rev. P. P. Gearen of "Whittemore; the Rev. Julius Berger of Sioux City and the Rev. T.-J. McKerma of Merrill. ,Bishop Drumm, of preached, the sermon. Des Monies After mass a banquet was served in th e academy to the visiting dignitaries and priests and pioneers: of the church. Between sixty and seventy-five pioneers of the church attended the banquet. ' The Register & Tribune plane, Good from Des Moines this her, R. E. Porter, assistant city editor of the Register and G. W. Churchill, state editor. They covered the mass and took a picture of it. Tonight and tomorrow night is the annual fall festival which is held in the academy. Dinner will be served from five-thirty on for both nights. There will be games of chance and other entertainments for everyone. At nine o'clock a good orchestra will furnish music for dances in the gymnasium of the academy. Everybody Is invited to attend the festival and they are all assured of a good time. Local Kiwanians at Convention. H. E. Rist, C. R. LaBarre, J S Auner and O, H. Taylor are attending the Kiwanis convention of the Nebraska and Iowa district which is being held at Waterloo October 8, 9 and 10. Governor •Knudson of Nebraska will be one of the main speakers and at eleven o'clock Thursday morning the Honorable Samuel McKelvie will give a talk on the •Federal Farm Board over station WMT •to -Waterloo. This talk should be of •special interest to this community as well -as to all lowans. The headquarters for the Kiwanians will be at the •Russell Lamson Hotel. , Conrad Rabe Busy in Minneapolis. Conrad Babe, who resides in Minneapolis, in remitting his. subscription for another year, says be is still employed at the New Nicollet hotel in that city and is kept busy summer and winter. Many people in the cities are out of employment but in numerous cases it is their own fault. The cities are filled with holdup men and women j and bootleggers and automobile accidents are frequent as some drive f|orty and fifty miles an hour if they can get by with it. A Correction. The Upper Des Momes-Republican last week mistakenly reported that an M. E. DeWolfe of Spencer had been adjudged a bankrupt in the federal court. It was taken for granted that the DeWolfe mentioned in the papers was the same man who conducts the Kossuth County Chick Hatchery in Algona. It seems that the DeWolfe mentioned in the papers, was not the Algona hatchery man at all, although his name, even to the initials were exactly the same. Of course the mistake is much rgretted by this paper, which has had very pleasant business relations with Mr. DeWolfe since he located his hatchery in Algona, always finding him to be a man of strict integrity in his dealings and a man who paid all obligations promptly. The Kossuth County Hatchery has been very successful and its financial backing is not to be questioned. The hatchery will of cour-se be continued in Algona and it should receive the same splendid patronage that it has heretofore enjoyed. CAROLINE BRANDT GRANTED DIVORCE Given Custody of Five Children and $50 a Month for Their Support. COTTRT ADJOUENED UNTIL ON FRIDAY. Divorce "Was Granted tin Grountls -of Habitual Drunkenness anfl Inhuman Treatment. Court was adjourned this morning until "Friday after a short session TueV day and part of this morning in whicih Mrs. Caroline Roba Brandt ol Titorika •was granted -a divorce from Martin Brandt. .. Judge DeLanfl took 'the case under advisement lost week after' a rather, lengthy hearing WhitSh lasted for two days. Mrs. Brandt is 'to have the custody of the flve children and is :ive-$50 grounds of habitual drunkenness and cruel, and inhuman treatment.".' Mr. Brandt went to'Dwight, Illinois, ..some .time ago to take the Keeley cur'e after he had been arraigned on a* liquor charge when it was discovered that he had consumed large quarttttieb of "hootch" in a short time. He is to pay attorney fees. The court room -was nearly filled both days of the hearing With relatives and friends of the couple. Sullvan, McMahon & Linnan and Shumway & Kelly were attorneys for Mrs. Brandt. Mr. Brandt was represented byJVnn Ness & StlHman and James Williams of Mason City. Mildred Peterson Elberts Sentenced. Mildred Peterson Elberts, who has been an inmate of the county farm for the past few months, was sentenced to the home for delinquents at Woodward. She hod been stopping motorists and conducting herself as a nuisance. Wife Deserter Bound Over. John Kressin of the Lotts Creek neighborhood, waived preliminary hearing Monday and was bound over to the grand jury for deserting his wife and child and leaving them destitute. He is out on a $500.00 bond. Intoxicated Driver Arrested. O. D. Adams, a traveling man from Emmetsburg, was arrested last week by Sheriff L. E. Hovey and charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. It seems that he was weaving all over the raod in the north end of the county Just at the time ESTHERVILLE BOYS STOLE AIRPLANE Flew to Britt. Were Arrested Sunday Afternoon and Placed in Jail. CONFESS THEFT TO COUNTY ATTORNEY. Said They Intended to Return Plane to Owner. Plane Valued at 51,500. Esthervllle, October G.—Two 19-year- old Estherville youths, Ralph Bryan and Marie Rankin, are awaiting sentence in the Emmet county Jail here for the theft of an airplane belonging to Donald Howe, local pilot. The two boys took the plane early Saturday morning and were arrested at Britt Sunday afternoon at the request of Sheriff S. M. Brown of Estherville. The "boys -confessed to County Attorney W. S. Johnson today, stating that they planned to return here after a few hours of flying at Britt and said they had no intenion of keeping the plane. Ralph Bryan who has several hours of flying experience, piloted the plane, taking off at the airfield here •and landtag in a pasture near Britt without damage to the plane. The loss of the plane was first discovered 'by 'its owner Sunday morning. The "boys had "been suspected 'Of making flights in the plane of another Estherville pilot without his permission "but the charge had never been proved. Howe found that the two youths were not in town Sunday morning and notified Sheriff Brown that he suspected them and'believed that they might have gone to Britt. The marshal at Britt tola "Brown that a plane had been seen answering the description of Howe's, flying a'bout Britt Sunday morning and a few minutes later the boys Were arrested at their landing place in a pasture half a mile -northeast of Britt and held until Brown came for them. They plead guilty at a preliminary hearing before < Justice - of,, the Peace "1 Lucille Windell in Des Moines Accident. Lucille Windell received a gash nbout three inchcS long on the top of her head Saturday evening when the car in which she was riding had to hit a parked car to avoid being struck by an oncoming car driven at a goqd speed. Lucille, Who teaches in Port Dodge, had gone to Des Moines with a girl who rooms at the same hous e she does, nnd the two were riding with a Mr. and Mrs. South at the time the accident happened. They were travel- Ing down a narrow residential street past a house where a party was being held, and where cars were parked on both sides of the street. The oncoming car was being driven too fast to stop and the driver of the South car deemed it advisable to hit onis of the parked cars rather than the approaching car. None of the occupants of the car were injured except Lucille, who had her head cut when she hit the top. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Windell went to Fort Dodge to see her today. She was unable to teach the first of the week 1 . Fenton Lady Died at Iowa City. Fenton, October 7. Special: Ida Laabs was born in Germany, Decem- "ber 17, 1882, and passed away at the University hospital at Iowa City, September 19, 1930, having gone there recently to take treatment for goiter and other complications. At the age of two years she moved with her Minnesota, where she lived for one year after which she moved to Iowa and lias lived In this state ever since. She was confirmed in the Lutheran church. On April 23, 1922, she was united In marriage to William Schutt, a farmer of near Fenton. where she resided until her death. To this union there were born three children, Frances, Martha and Victor. Besides her family she leaves to mourn her loss, her step-children, Amanda Schutt, Mrs. Viola Kennetz, Mrs. Ella Kennetz and Robert Schutt, also two grandchildren, her aged mother, who lives at Lone Rock, three sisters, Anna Laabs of Boston, Minnesota, Mary J&s- kulke of Chicago,. Martha Haase of Lone Rock and four brothers;.Robert of Marshall, Minnesota, Otto of Fairmont, Minnesota, Fred of Lakota and "Relnhold of Fenton. Funeral services were conducted from the M. E. church by Rev. Fremont Faul of Oraettlnger lost week Thursday at two o'clock Burial took place In the/Methodist cemetery south of town,, , t , , . •be1ufldTh"the"i tence 'by Judge f. O. Davidson, either at Emmetsburg or Spirit Lake Wednesday. Bryan Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bryan and Rankin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rankin. The plane is a Waco biplane valued at $1,500. Whittemore Girl Weds Iowa City Student. Whlttemore, October 7. , Special: The marriage of Miss Cecelia Fuchsen to Joseph W. Wasson took place Tuesday morning at St. Michael's Catholic church, Rev. C. P. Sweaney officiating. The "bride wore a shade of autumo brown chiffon velvet with hat and accessories to match and wore a corsage of yellow bridal roses and baby's breath. She was attended by her sister, Mae Fuchsen, who wore a frock of black chiffon velvet with hat and accessories to match. The bridesmaid wore a corsage of yellow bridal roses and baby's breath. The groom was attended by Lester Fuohsen, a brother of the bride. A three course breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fuchsen, to the immediate family and Rev. C. P. Sweaney, Rev. P. P. Gearin, and Rev. Thos. Davern of Algona and Charles Cassldy, the Passionist Father, who conducted the mission here last week. After a short wedding trip the young couple will be home in Iowa City. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Hovey happened to come along and ( Mrs Peter Fuchsen. She received her saw him. Adams waived preliminary hearing last Thursday and was bound over to the grand Jury and let out on a $500 bond. Duncan Goes to District Insurance Meeting Held Here, The Dubuque district of the Northwestern Mutual Life insurance company held their agents' convention in Algona last Friday. About thirty agents were present. A luncheon was served at the Algona hotel and a business meeting was held afterwards. The speakers were Thomas Braden of Du- juque, J. O. Garland of Dubuque, R. A. Brigadier of New Hampton, M. H. Sims of Mason City, D. E. McTigue of Fort Dodge and W. J. O'Brien of Algona. Whittemore Man Beat Wife and Daughter. Otto Kenne, of Whittemore, was brought to Algona thi smorning to answer charges of assault and battery wrought to Algona this morning to ans- she came home from church last Thursday and he was under the Influence of liquor and heat her and her daughter. Several children are in the family ranging from 6 to 16 years of age. Ketwie is to be tried this afternoon. Mrs. Renne has started ac- U90 for ft 4Jvorce, Jail Voluntarily. It seems that George Duncan, well known former Ledyard restaurant owner, has a penchant for wanting to be in the county Jail. Last Sunday he was lit up like the well known cathedral and wandered over to the Jail and wanted to get in and talk with som e of his old buddies. Mrs. L. E. Hovey, wife of the sheriff, was all alone and did not want to open the jail door so she let him in the bullpen and locked George in. He is now sojourning in the Jail until the authorities decide what to do with him. Groses Leave Today for California. Mr. and Mrs. B, F. Crose expect to leave today for California where Mrs. .Crose will spend the winter with her daughter, Lucille When congress convenes, Mr. Crose will return to Washington, D. O., to resume his duties as door keeper and expects to make the trip across the continent by bus. Convention of North Iowa Lumbermen. A convention of northern Iowa lumbermen will be held in Algona Tuesday, October 14. This is a district meeting and will be held at the K. of 0. hall with a dinner at the New Al- Algona hotel at twelve-thirty p. m. education at Presentation academy after which she was a graduate nurse of St. Anthony's hospital at Carroll. She practiced her profession at Rochester, Minnesota, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in Oklahoma. Mr. Wasson's mother lives in Des Moines. He is a graduate of Drake University and is a licensed embalmer. He now has two more years at Iowa City to complete a medical course and the young couple will be at home there. Lone Rock Girl Died September 30. Lone Rock, October 7. Special: Death came to relieve the suffering of Miss Charlotte O'Donnell at her home northwest of town Tuesday morning at ten o'clock. Miss O'Donnell had been a patient sufferer since March, 1930, and her death was not unexpected. Charlotte O'Donnell was born on August 10, 1900, at Campus, Illinois, and moved to Kossuth county with her parents when an Infant. She was popular among her acquaintances, pleasant and cheerful and her passing is greatly regretted. The deceased is survived by her father, Wm. O'Donnell; four brothers, and four sisters, namely: Thomas J. of Lone Rock; Edward and Julia of Campus, Illinois; Catherine, Loretta, Wm. and Bernard, who are still at home and Mrs. Fred Flaig of Lone Rock. Her mother preceded her in death in 1924 The funeral services were held in St. John's Catholic church at Bancroft Friday morning at nine o'clock and the remains laid to rest beside her mother In St. John's cemetery in Bancroft. Mrs. Geo. Willejr Critically Injured about Ohest. Mrs. W. Muckey Lost Foot. FOUR OTHERS OR Were Going to ties Jttoifles In Borrowed Cnr. Ix>iit : Control South of Algona nJnif' Turned Over. Three Algona women were crushed and severely injured badly in art automobile accident .south of town 1 early Thursday morning and three others received less serious cuts ah'df bruises. The accident, happened oil' N6. 16 about three bl6el&' south of the Parsons school. " Occupants of the Car. The occupants -of the car were Mrs. Wm. Muckey, Mrs. Jim Phillips, Mrs. Lottie Smith, Mrs. Herbert Glimpse, Mrs. George Wtoey and the driver, Mrs. Charles Ruhchey', The ladies were- on then- way to' pes'J Mdilies on ah pleasure trip and were ifi thte best'of spirits, never dreaming of thi^/h'oft^ble'' accident which lay ahead of them?;f'V They had bdrrowed^th^'-'Carl ajJpMg*' sedan, from-' jRehry': Kletike'; of' Wlpey,- • a friend of-Mrs. Smith? witnesses, they' had "passed-a county' gravel truck, which was traveling about fifty miles an hour. After passing it Mrs. Runchey evidently lost 1 control of the car as it started to sway and then headed for the left banker th'e^'ir&SjIi:, which passes through a' cut therel The car kept swaying for a considerable distance and tore up a deep furrow- alongside the road, sending'dirt flying to the fence line. The car then struck the bank, bounded and rolled over and over nearly demolishing it. Thrown In Afc' One of ..the members of the party. was thrown out of the car and up into the air as high as the telephone wires, according to one witness. Mrs. Muckey was thrown quite*a distance from the car and,her foot.-above the ankle .was so nearly'severed that it had to be tak-, en off. Her other leg .was badly crushed but it is thought that it can be. saved. Mrs. Willey sustained a crushed: chest, broken ribs and' a severe "bump- on her head, She wds found unr ne,ath the car,.but the ------ -••-'- were fortunate that they were not Told the Rotarians of Fishing Trip. Last week M. P. Weaver, H. E. Rist, Chas. LaBarre and Geo. Elbert drovp to Minnesota where they took in the country including a side trip to Fort Francis, Canada. Mart sal d the weather was wet and cold and the fishing poor. They visited Duluth, Virginia and International Falls and then stopped a day on Winnibigoshish lake, where they picked up a few fish, enough to eat. They had a fine trip but the bad weather mode it inconvenient at times. Legion Elected New Officers. The Hagg Post of th e American Legion held their annual election of officers last night at the Legion hall. The fleers elected were: commander, H. M. Smith; vice commanders, H. J. Lacy, Joe Bloom and Harry Hargreaves; adjutant, A. L, Cunningham; chaplain, Dr. Walter Fraser; sergeant-at-anns, Geo. Pedley; historian, Walter Lorenz; finance officer, E. A. Shemel; executive committee, T. L. Larson and Loren Mlnkler. killed. There are a Milo Guderian Was Married in Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fredlckson of Minneapolis announce the marriage of their daughter, Agnes Marie to Milo Guderian on September 24. Milo is a son of Mrs. William Filo, now of Chicago. He was graduated from the Algona high school with the class of 1924 and spent a few years thereafter in the United States navy. It was not learned what he is doing In Minneapolis. LuVerne State Bank Closed this Morning. The LuVerne State Bank at LuVerne was closed this morning by the directors of the bank. The reason for closing was the inability to collect in bills receivable as fast as the withdrawals. The bank owned only two farms. Most of the stock is owned by people in the LuVerne vicinity, although some is owned by Algona peo-. pie. J. W. Sullivan, of Algona, well in Algona from 1902, until 1910. her condition is 'critical although has' been some change' for the better.- ••,- • • - » >, ; v.i n Mrs. Glimpse was cut ,and 'bruise*, and. suffered a severe nervous shpck., She WOB taken to the Kossuth' hb&p'ltal for a few days, Mrs. Phillips had her' collar bone broken ,and a number of ribs' broken, togethei- with cute and bruises. Mrs. Runchey, was taken,,to, the Algona hospital, suffering v from cuts and bruises, particularly about the head. She is a daughter of Mrs. Smith ' and is a young woman of about twenty. Mrs. Smith was not injured except for being Jarred and bruised. ' , a i. Work at Swift's. ~"S1 *] The ladies were brought to the hos- pitalb by the country truck and an- ambulance. Three of the party, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Willey and Mrs. Phillipft are employed at the Sfljfft Produca- Plant and had been granted" a holiday. A son of Mrs. Muckey has not been located as yet and is unaware of the accident to his mother, although 'it is understood" !.that the r#dio; statoj^ in,.. Yankton, him. Mrs. Willey's o wife, Mrs. Alfred ,Jentz and and daughter, Irma Dee an and his wife, all of Coloradft , Colorado, carije to Algo-na 'to be inear, N their mother. ^ Mrs.," Glimpsp';js, also daughter of Mrs. wiiiey and h visiting here from Colorado S A Number of Stories. From the looks of the, it .would- seem that the occupant pfi the car stores: " . j going the rounds as to Just how , the" accident occurred, but no one is sure of any of them. The/most plausible one is that the car was travelling fastener struck loose gr^yel getting out of control of the driver. Former Died in\Bioux Falls. Martin Murphy, former, superintendent of the electric light plant in Algona, died at the ; Valley hospital at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Qctober 1, of appendictis and pneumonia.- He, .had Deen sick twelve days,, Mr'.' Murphy was known attorney, is president of bank and Fay Niver is cashier. Athletics Won the World Series. The Philadelphia Athletics under the irand old man of baseball, Connie Mack, won, the world series today from the St. Louis Cardinals by the score of 7 to 1. The Athletic won four games and the Cards two in one of the exciting series that has ever been played. Now sport followers can sit Dack and tell how football games should be played instead of baseball games. the I Martin Murphy was &orn,'- in Anta-> nogin, Michigan, September 9, 1869, and died October 1, at Uie age of sixty-one years. In 19(&, be was united in marriage to Delja Meyers at New Algona Markets. !orn Oats .$ .75 .28 Va Barley ............................ 40 Hogs 9.00 Eggs ............................ 23-.13 Hens ........................ 17-.15-.12 Springs .-. .................... Hampton. Mr. Murphy had three stepdaughters. •. They, are Mrs, Alice Teidland of Huron, Dakota, Mrs. . Lillian Baker of St. Joseph, Utah, and Mrs, Martha Wolfe of Sioux Falls, with whom he lived. Funeral services were held • in St. Cecelia's Catholic church of Algona last Saturday morning with Father T_. J. Davern in charge. Burial was jji Biyej, view cemetery. Out of town . guests, who attended the funeral were the de- , ceased's wife, Mr. and Mrg, Wolfe, of ,Sioux Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Teldjftnd; ' of Huron, South, pajko^and. Charts J , Kirby and son o/ 8,fc Miis. Murj^y is a 1 Adam Steinmjft »nft both of AlgoSji. of Mrs. Bowman. left Air gona about twenjtjf years ago, &njii made Just a few :•.'*' '•: . '•,«'.• 4 ' -"i-""^"^! "t s,i'i * • n -C u i-* u "" c VvA, .iiJr.^fc'-'r? £ &*£i..* i ''"i??.M$,£Sr'i,3<.' i. fe.Y, ..Ap 1 .. fa \ c ?s,«Lfe,'-- » jf >.

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