The Evening Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 26, 1912 · Page 8
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The Evening Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1912
Page 8
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A ) PAGE EIGITE THE EVENING HERALD, FRIDAY, APRIL 2G1912. n PRATT'S STOCK FOOD GIRL WHO SMOKES ; : TRAMPS AS A BOY SARAH .WILSON'S FLIGHT FROM ' ' MISSOURI TO KANSAS. That Stan DOES YOUR NEIGHBOR . REALLY WELCOME YOU when you say "May I drop in and use your telephone for a minute?" - ' - Qf course she says that she's "glad to have you use it." But is she ? Doesn't she really regard you as an intruder ? Inctall a telephone in your own home. " Call No. 1 Detectives See' Small Shoes and Feet at Bottom of Trousers; Take. Her to Station. Halted fn Chicago! , We carry a full and complete line of Pratt's Poultry and Stock Remedies. The standard for almost forty years. You take no chances when you use Pratts. We guarantee every one of our preparations to do all that we claim for it. - Use according to directions watch, the results and if you are not entirely satisfied that the preparation has "made good," take .the empty box or package back to your dealer and he will return your money. - This iron-clad guarantee goes with every one of Pratts Preparations. Don't overlook our price of $2.23 on Cypher's chick feed. - Chicago, April g5. With feet a- spraddle after the fashion of bold-men, a 15 year old "bum' diffident, i Season Opens at K. C. Kansas City,- April 2G The Kansas City Blues and the Columbus Senators were in, waiting this morning for the performance this afternoon. It is the opening of the season for Kansas C?"ty." - f The pitching staff Jot the Kansas City Blues has now been cut down to ten men. Altrock, Brandom, Maddox, and Powell Bead the list of ' twirlers and there are some youngsters on the list.' ' You will find our Work Shoes to be thebest that money Otta Missouri & Kansas Telephone Company wa Hardware Go. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1S68 IS can buy because they are made of specially selected, tough, seasoned stock choicest uppers, heavy soles solid counters, double leather toes, and double rows of stitching. These shoes are made for hard wear, yet not heavy or clumsy looking. Our customers tell us that these are the best fitting shoes they ever wore. Give us a chance to prove it. Every shoe in our store At One-Fourth Off The Regular Price. 5 5 5 5 STAR PHOTOPLAY THEATRE. PLAYMATES A good story in which Jean, the Vitagraph dog, haa aa interesting part. THE SIOUX'S CAVE OF DEATH This is sure wild west. MOTHER AND DAUGHTERS A comedy with a moral. Mother is tho lsve. Two dangDters think only of enjoyment. Mother is taken ill and daughters face cooking. Their poor cooking ulinobt lose thear young men RESULTS YESTERDAY. American Association. No games scheduled. National League. Cincinnati 1, Pittsburg o. Boston 7, Brooklyn 5. . New York 3, Philadelphia 1. Chicago 5, St. Louis 2. American League. Philadelphia 5, New; York 4 (13 innings). Chicago 8, Cleveland 0. Detroit 6, St. Louis 1. Boston 4, Washington 1. Western League. St. Joseph 5, Sioux City 1. Omaha .9, Des Moines 8. Denver 11, Wichita 0. Lincoln-Topeka ; postponed ; cold. gers were Detectives O'Brien and McCarthy. Sarah the "bum's" name said she was on her way to visit her two married sisters, Mrs. Ella Gerbitz and Mrs. Mamie Kratch, in Speed. She said she wore trousers to surprise them. Her father abused her, she asserted so she took about $70 from the family attic savings bank. She had smoked the pipe to sustain her masquerade, although the tobacco made her sick. freckled, with cheeks: tinted apple red surveyed Canal ; street's full grown "bos" yesterday near the Union station. The "bum" wore voluminous brown trousers rolled up at the bottom and a corncob pipe exposed in a coat pocket. Across the street two other roughly dressed men seemed to be watching interestedly. Then the strangers walked cordially across the street. "Hitting the road, kiddo?" asked one quizzically. "Yes, sir," was the reply, with eyes downcast. "Bound west?" "Utf-huh. Speed, Kas." "Where from?" "St. Joe, Mo." "What'd you sashay up this far for " "Thought the joggerfy said Kansas was west of Chicago, so I came here first." Sharp glances that had been directed at the little "bum's" face traveled over the incongruous attire down to small shoes of high instep and rather high -heeels. Then the men's eyes met twinklingly. They , were girl's shoes. "Come along, sister," they : said kindly. "We'll do the big brother apt and give you a hand." So they led her up Madison street to the central station, where she was booked as a runaway and then tothe South Clark street station, where the matron is waiting to hear from rher father, George Wilson, a retired farmer o 60f Gordon Street, St. Joseph, Mo. The accommodating stran- 32 Today Fresh Strawberry Sundaes at M ARCELL'S i Main. FOR OTTAWA'S TEAM. C. -W. RambO, The Shoeman tp3 .There were about twenty-five or thirty baseball players and fans who gathered last night at the call of OUie Van Amburg. He had given notice of a meeting for the purpose of organizing a baseball team. No team was organized last night but everything is in readiness for such a step. Mr. Van Amburg expects to secure a pitcher who is in Oklahoma. He has .been visiting a brother and showed off some remarkable ability in a practice game. FRECKLES New Drug That Quickly Removes These Homely Spots. There's no longer the slightest need of feeling ashamed of your freckles, as a new drug, othine double strength has . been discovered that positively removes these homely spots. Simply get one ounce of othine double strength from any reliable druggist and apply a little of it at night, and in the morning you will see that even the worst freckles have begun to disappear, while the lighter ones have vanished entirely. It is seldom that more than an ounce is needed to completely clear the skin and gain a beautiful clear complexion. Be sure to ask for the double strength othine, as this is sold under guarantee of money back if it fails to remove freckles. : Shubert's. Wholesale and jetail hay, grain and feed. 413 S. Main. Home Phone 132. What a man enjoys about a late supper is how his doctor has warned him never , to do it. 5 I ELECTRIC THEATRE 1 St On the EHge of the Precipice A western story. The kind you like. Passing of J. B. Randell & Co. 'An Ecisondraora. The kind you like. Walk -You Walk! One of Kalem's screaming comediep. Those girls again. "REMEMBER THE MUSIC" ee the mew Maxwe the Mascotte reai BELL, LAMB & BYRD FUNERAL iDIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS SANITARY CELLARS, El f Fine Red Cross Ambulance . mericam ir amii MISS MARY OSBURN Lady Assistant V . Service We Also Have a Nice, Clean Line of Pictures and Mouldings BERT BELL and CLAUD BYRD, Managers Both Phones 380 213 South Main St The Maxwell Mascotte is a big, stylish, well-built car- for the family man. It meets a long-standing demand for a real family car at less than $1000. " ; u 1mmmmimiiiimm rriirdrnnnirini -111111 11 hmm 1 at- iwnnn mmm r-l IT!wwBiwwwijwiiiwBwwgTOi nl.irawi i , ipwpw i linn ii im ttwfwwmvmmrmvm fiTinnrrii - -- -' . rltaai-n Titu fin iiihmmi 1 11 mi r - - m , 1911, showing seven years continuous usage. , .".''.. The Mascotte is just the car required by the family man and at a reasonable figure. It is unequaled by any-other car selling within $200 of its price. This price is the result of great ing power, unequaled manufacturing facilities and quantity production of the United States Motor Company.' The cellar should be carefully kept at all times, but never is its thorough renovation more imperative than in the spring. Fungous spores which have lain dormant all winter are ready for growth with the advent of warmer . weather. Unused vegetables stored fn the cellar must receive attention : lest decay render the air impure. After all food has been removed from the storeroom, all vegetable stores ' should be examined and such varieties as no longer appeal to the appetite should be at once removed. Potatoes will, still continue as a household supply., Tney should be sorted and the sprouts rubbed off. In those parts of the cellar used for food or milk give the shelves and tables a thorough scrubbing with hot wrater in which washing soda, two tablespoonfuls to 10 quarts, has been dissolved. Pay as much attention to the underside of the shelves as to the upper. Wipe them with cloths wrung from clean water. Movable shelf boards, etc., should be carried out and laid in the sun to dry. The air In its design are embodied the same mechanical construction and materials the same Maxwell qualities that won the Glidden Tour. This means a dependable car, efficient at all times. Maxwell reliability and durability are endorsed by 49,000 Maxwell owners. The New York State records also prove these qualities 91 per cent of Maxwell cars registered in 1905 being again registered in CHENOWETH FUNERAL PARLORS 334 S. MAIN STREET The Largest Stock of Funeral Goods in the State At the Lowest Prices. - . Red Cross Ambulance for Hurry-Up Service Experienced Lady v Assistant. Fish Coming Back. The spring rains which have fallen and the rise which was in the Ma'rais des Cygnes river a few weeks ago has made the Franklin County fish crop a good one according to the local anglers. Even the old dam under the railroad bridge has come back into its prime again with fish. The dam was a favorite playground for large fish several years ago. During the last few days Ottawa fishermen have landed many channel cat at the dam. One man claims that he caught a 5-pound fish. . There are several other places up the river within a mile or two of Ottawa where there ..are good fishing grounds this spring. Several fishing parties have gone out recently and most of them had good luck. There is a hole near Forest Park which has furnished many sun fish and "cats" BELL PHONE 53 HOME PHONE 659. ESTABLISHED 1872. llllllllllMMIWaWlpWIIJIUIN li 11 Iw. .as M cotte aswe should be allowed to circulate freely J flooded Appalachian Mountain roads Maxwell proved its reliability undet all conditions. This is the car for yott the farqily man, the real backbone of the nation and we want you and your family to come and ride in it. See for yourself its handsome appearance its high-grade character. If you cannot cill today, make an appointment. In the mean- v time, write for The Story of . the Glidden Tour," "How to Judge an Auto," and the advance 1912 catalog. Sold by V C. A. BIRD & CO., Ottawa, Kan. This year's Glidden Tour furnished the hardest test of automobile efficiency on record. Maxwell was the only team to finish the gruelling contest with a perfect score. Four Maxwells finished the 1454-mile contest without a penalty, winning all trophies. In competition with practically every other American motor car, regardless of price, Maxwell team was the only one to show 100 per cent efficiency all the way. Through heavy mudand sand, swollen streams, storm- United States Motor Co. Maxwell Division 3 West 61st St - New York TRUTH ABOUT BLUING. Talk No. 3. Avoid liquid bluing. Liquid bluing is largely water. Water is adulteration, adds nothing to real value to the consumer. Think it over. Be wise. Use RED CROSS BALL BLUE, the blue that's all blue; makes the laundress smile on wash day. AT ALL GOOD GROCERS. through the cellar. The next step is to give the walls a good coat of whitewash, says Farm and Home. This is prepared by slaking two 2-pound cans of whitewash lime in a pail. Put the lime into the pail, add water enough to cover it stir it with a long stick and when it begins bubbling add a little more water. Let it boil without further attention. When this boiling has subsided, add water enough to make It of a creamy consistency. Now go over the floor with a long-handled stiff brush, using warm wa MODEL T FORD, $690 F. 0. B. FACTORY The only car of its class. The best car for the money. This car comes fully equipped. Now is the time fo order. Don't wait too long. Come and see me at once. J. H. HOUSER, FORD AGENT. ter to which one teaspoonful of car bolic acid to every ten quarts has been added. Mop as dry as possible. To Cure a Cold In One Day. Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if it falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature on eacn box.. 2Gc. 6 American Touring Champion WHY AMUNDSEN GOT THERE. T ! Don't Fail to Calljand See My Large Steele of House furnishings, ice boxes, refrigerators, water coolers, dressers, beds, springs, mattress, carpets, rugs, curtains, chairs, dining tables, rockers. I also sell all kinds of paint, oil and lead, buggies, harness, wagons, saddles, cultivators, corn planters, walking and riding plows, mowing machines, hay rakes, and all other kinds of goods. -I -beat all others for prices. If you will call and see I will leave it to you I Rear-Admiral Peary in the World's Work for May discusses briefly Captain Amundsen's achievement. . "To my mind he had one great advantage over the Scott expedition," says Admiral Peary. "His tractive power was dogs. His experience i, l' 'fit" J. L. BRADY. Forty-five years' residence in Kansas, in public life since ronrliinop manhood, alwavs ac - i ; ;; 7! GEO. W. LATnROP with them in the South proved their effectiveness as my experience did in the North. Captain - Scott's equipment includes 'twenty ponies and thirty dogs and one or two ice automobiles, giving him with his men four different kinds of tractive power for dragging his sledges. But the numberof his dogs is comparatively few. Captain Amundsen lost thirty-six of his," or six more than Captain Scott took. The British seem to have put their main reliance on their ponies and motors, and in this, while I may be mistaken, I feel both on general principles and from a study of Shackleton's ?pxperiencos, that thfy may be handicapped . tive, always aggressive, always progressive, always a Republican. As newspaper man and legislator always standing up for Kansas. Candidate for the OPP. HERALD OFFICE. 109 South Main Street Ind. Phone 763. $980 f. o. b. Factory (Top extra) Republican nomination Tor. Con gress at the, August primaries. it J -----

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