The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
Page 8
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'"C^F: Dairy artd Legion Days at West West Bend is celebrating Dairy and Legion days today and tomorrow. Senator Can Sleek was engaged to ftiva the address this morning, The pro* gram consists of displays of corn and other farm products, live stock, baked goods and so forth. Several other addresses are scheduled and a good ball game for each day. Prizes ar6 offered for the best exhibits. § LEDYABD NEWS, v&x^vc>m&y^^ Presbyterian Clciiurch. Hours of study and worship from ten to twelve. Sermon subject, "A Group of Small town Merchants." Evening worship from eight to nine. Sermon theme, "Some Marvels Pound in the Ministry of Christ." There is food fat- thought in the above subjects, will you join us in the study of the same? Halverson and at Elmore on Twenty Years Ago. Father Halpin had ed from a pleasant months in Ireland. recently return- visit of several The new street electroliers Were all turned on for the first time Tuesday, September 13,1910, and the streets were brilliant from the hospital to the court house. Miss Nnia Brace had gone to McGregor, where she was to be an Instructor in the grammar departmen of the public schools. Previously sh bad taught In North Dakota and Ore gon. An Interesting skat meeting had beei held at the E. V. Swelling office. Sixty hands were played. Chas. Nicoulin won the first prize and Dr. W. E. Kaln the second prize. Auditor Anderson was awarded a booby medal. W. E. Naudaln and son V.'Naudaln, had Just returned from their western trip. Their outward trip was over the northern route and home by way way of Omaha. They spoke of having greatly enjoyed $he trip. Other Algona young people who we leaving to resume their college wor were May Bowen, Alice Cruikshan Florence Patterson, Oscar RosewaU anc Eaymond. Bradley, who went to M Vernon to attend Cornell College. Chas. Nolle and J. M. Moore of TTn Ion township were the happy possessor of a pair each of the pheasants wit •which the game warden was at th time attempting lo stock our state The birds were shipped here from Des 'Moines at the close of the state fair and were to be used to raise birds for the next season. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jenks of Bancrof were calling on relatives here Sunday Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Worden and son Were shoppers at Elmore Saturday ev ehing. Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Sclniilz wfre business callers at Mason city on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. children were callers Sunday. Mrs. Wm. Garry and children spent the week end visiting her mother near Rochester. Misses Wylam, Williams, Jones nnd Quam were shoppers at Algoiu Saturday afternoon. Miss Ida Jenks and friend of Nevada spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Blanche Jenks. Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Sperry and children of Renwlck were calling on old friends here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R J. Campbell and son of Seneca were callers at the Ed Campbell home here Wednesday. Mrs. Lois Tlllmoney of Wells, Minnesota, spent last week here visiting! her sister, Mrs. Mary Tlllmoney. District No. I3S for $1B8.43; Secondary T!oad District No. 102 for $95.18; Secondary Jloml District No. IB2 for $1.43.- H; Secondary Rcmd District No. 150 for $12ii.!rfl; Rer-omlftry Road District No. Mfi for J39«.81; Sccontlnr5' Rnnd Dis- trlnt No. 64 for $581.48; Maintenance Project No. 6 for $71.41; Maintenance Project No. 7 for II2R.!)5; Maintenance Project No. S for $256.58; Maintenance Project rast of TJtonka for $97.21; W. 1>. Williams on Maintenance Project No. 5 for $388,00. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p, in. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all mem- liers present. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris tlint reaiiefit of ladles of the Q. A. n. to place a monument for Civil U'nr veterans on .the court house lawn subject to the laws of Iowa Is hereby granted. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that Helken Is hereby appointed ns a commltoo to make repairs on Drainage Districts Nos. I3-27-f>8-80-82- 85-88-121 as per requests. Ayes: nl! Motion by Morris and second by Itelken that McDonald Is hereby np- polnted as ft committee to have re- linlrs made on Dr. 1.17. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Helken that Halgeman Is hereby appointed as a committee to make re- xilrs on Dr. 48. Ayes: till. Motion by McDonald and second by : lelken that assessment of William Klein be reduced as follows on Dr. 177 NWr SE'4 BEVI. Section 21, Township 95 Range 27, $70.00. SH NEVi 8BH Section 21 Township 5 Hntigre 27, $70.00. Ayes: all. (See ecord for resolution). On motion board adjourned to eight 'clock a. m.. September 2, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Mr and Mrs Antrim* rhrl<if nnH I -r, Audltor ' s office, September 2, 1930.— mr. ana JVLTS. August C-nriSt an Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment REMOVAL SALE children of Wells, Minnesota, spen Sunday at the Ed. Christ home her Mr. and Mrs Otis Mldthunn an children of Elmore were callers at th F.d. Halverson home Thursday after noon. The high school boys played their first game of baseball Friday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Al Palkenhainer had Just arrived home from a two weeks' stay at Lake Cour de Reilles in north- They defeated Titonka by a score of 3 to 2. Milton Lobb of Winnebago was calling at the D. A. Carpenter home here last Wednesday. He is a nephew of Mrs. Carpenter. Ledyard and Buffalo Center played jail here Sunday. It was an interest- ng game throughout. Ledyard won by a score of 7 to 0 . D. A. Carpenter and son, Elvln, drove o Cedar Rapids Wednesday. Elvin entered Coe College for his senior year. Mr. Carpenter returned home the sam evening. The M. E. Ladies' Aid will meet a the church basement Thursday after noon. Mrs. Mansmith, Mrs. Pinge Mrs. Yahnke and Mrs. Thompson wil be the hostesses. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Algona, Iowa, August 28, 1930.— lourd of supervisors of Emmet an Cossuth counties met pursuant to nd ournmcnt with the following inem- iers present: Emmet county: H. K. Bonnlcksen and em Wisconsin, about fifty miles south j'"kossutlTcounty: F. J. Balgeman, Olaf Of AshJand. -They made the trip of' Funnemark, P. J. Helken, W. K. Mo- 000 miles in their Ford car without' Donnl<1 nnd mishap, going and coming by way off-- • " • • ^? nn - lck -? e P and second by GS4- B«*.t ^•t-. — j jn_t_»___ _* « m all members present. Motion by McDonald and second bv Funnemark that the county auditor Is hereby authorized to pay balance due on A. A. Mosher estimate on Drain 9 In sum of $36.19 to Bernard J. Schreter on account of a lien being filed for material furnished. Ayes: all. CSee record for resolution.) On motion board proceeded to audit and allow bills.. On motion board adjourned to one o clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all mem bers present. Motion by Helken and second bv ; unnemark that final estimate of Paul & Donnelly on Secondary Road No. 93 or $215.23 and Maintenance Project No. 9 for $97.60 Is hereby allowed. Vyes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Helken that offlcal bond of Jacob Kell- r, constable, for $500.00 Is herebv au- roved. .Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second y Morris that following soldiers' ox- mptlons are hereby allowed- Vcrda J. Ellsworth, n. s. Wyklo, of u orld War and Mrs. Anna M. Stockwell, widow of Civil War veteran Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that Heiken be appointed as a committee to make repairs on Dr. 80 as per request. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heiken that request of town council of Alfe'ona for reduction of assessment on Lot 15 Block 5 auditor's plat of I Hes. No. 1 Is hereby disallowed. Ayes: On motion board proceeded with aud- tlng and allowing of bills as per. schedule of claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CI/AIBIS. COUNTY FUND. Chicago &N. W. Ry. Co., frelght$ 2.05 I l .M. Smith, Co. engineer .... 300 001 Id Backus, supplies 13 80 Per Cent on all l>^' Tires and Tubes Special Discount on all TRUCK TIRESand TUBES 30x3^ CL Cord, $3,65= CLAPSADDLE > St. Paul. Good fishing and bear "and tf Wr ,deer hunting ware,alspecial attraction p,-| 3 of the locality. ',~ T . • 1' "• : B. O, Spear was to leave the last 1 r' Of'the week for Atlantic City, New Jersey,' t6 attend the national G. A. _ B.' encampment which was held there ,1910. Mr. Spear was one of the and his nlRtyr ff _ , - nsunday edition of the Des Moines Register & Leader. After the encampment Mr. Spear planned to Join Mrs. Spear who had been spending some tune visiting relatives Jp Maine, . Am&hg the young Algonians who were leaving for the fall term of college in 1910 were Edna Norton. Elsie Glasier •and Mayme Bradley, who went to Mt 'Vernon to enter Cornell college; Beuna Reed, Kathryn Paxson and Margaret Bushnell who entered .Iowa College at Grinnell; Melvin Muckey, Earl Crane »nd Horace Morgan -who entered Morn- ingslde College at Sioux City; Verle Vincent who went to the University o Iowa; and Julius Kresensky who 'had gone to Cedar Rapids to attend Co College. The second trip of the Kossuth coun ty fair boosters was pulled off whe six or seven autos loaded with a bunc of enthusiastic boosters for the fair started south from the town of Whlttemore at ten-thirty a. m. with J. M. Farley and the Whlttemore fife and drum corps leading the way. West Bend was the first stopping place and the boosters were enthusiastically received. onald Frankle, bounty chairman of this meeting. . Ayse: all, Motion by Morris and second by Iv- ersoii that Bertha E. Johnson, audi- tor-,df Kossuth county, act as secretary of this'joint meeting. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris'and second by Bon- .nlcksen that supplemental specifications filed by A. E. Michel, engineer, are hereby approved. Ayes: all. This being the tlmeiand place heretofore fixed for receiving bids for clean-out of. open ditch on Emmet and " " ' " " tMstrtct' . the following bids received, and read: E. L. Hatten, $.24 per cu. yd. Inside berro. SOct. per cu. yd. outside berm. A. R. Eno, 12.8 ct. per cu. yd. inside berm. Otto M. Anderson, SOct. per cu. yd. outside berm and on one side only. W. P. Collins, 18 % ct. per cu. yd. out- Ide berm. John Rafdal & Sons, 18% ct. per cu. yd. outside berm. Christiansen & Chrisltenson, 14ct. per cu. yd. Inside berm, 25ct. per cu. yd. outside lierm. J. H. Hunzlneer & Co., 21.1 ct. per cu. yd. on outside, 20 ct. per cu. yd. one side. Frank Zlmmer, 20ct. per cu. yd. outside berm. Motion by McDonald and second by Bonnlcksen that A. H. Eno is hereby awarded contract for cleanout of open ditch on K. K. Jt. Dr. No. 2 from station 4U8 to station 248 at 12 Set per cubic yard. Ayes: all. (Sas record for resolution). Motion by Morris and second by Bonnlcksen that joint boards adjourn to call of auditors. Ayes: all. 'F. J. BALGEMAN. Chairman of Jt. Meeting BEUTIIA E. JOHNSON, Secretary Auditors' office, August 28, 1930.— Board of supervisors of Kossuth coun ty met pursuant to adjournment wltV ail members present. ... ,, , , - -- Motion by Funnemark and secon After a short speech by George by Morris that the ISth day of Hep Boyle the crowd was off for Ottosen. I temper, 19:10, Is hereby fixed as tlm A short storp at Ottosen and about ' City of Algona, light service .. 19.83 Sid Backus, stamped envelopes.. 100.0( F. J. Balg-eman, comm. & sessions 248.S( Chas. Morris, comm. & sessions 264.10 Olaf Funnemark, comm. & sessions .... 260.00 W. E. McDonald, comm. & sessions 22590 f. 3. Helken, comm. & sessions 240.25 B. M. Smith, co. engineer ..;. 30000 V B. Holllster, brd. of equalization meeting V. E. Laird, coroner fee Wm. Shirley, office expense ,'.ff Ice. expense .. _,. .abor'In: 'recorder s off. ...-.- lary K. Sands, clerical work In treas. of 51.00 olin R. Johnson, bounty .50 '. E. Hovey, co. sheriff „ 73 60 Bancroft Register, pub. board proceedings 43.43 Advance Publishing Co., pub. board proceedings 54.03 Coch Brothers, supplies 25.80 .lessenger Print Co., supplies . 50.63 Crescent Print. Co., supplies .... 26 98 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies 7.34 4.00 9.00 30.97 7,28 3.00 =29x4,40 Balloons, $4,25 Tire and Vulcanizing Service ^ft****®^^ the same time spent at Bode and the party was again on the road headed for dinner at Livermore which city was reached at 12:55. The crowd divided up bteween the two hotels and did ample justice to the substantial dinner which had been ordered hi advance. Off for LuVerne the route lay over some of the best road in this country where the use of the king drag was much in evidence and which made the auto travel speedy and delightful. A short visit with LuVerne business men and the string of autos started for St. Benedict where they met with an enthusiastic reception and free cigars. From St. Benedict to Irvington was a trip of short duration and after an inspection of the new cement tile plant and due proportion of fair boosting, the bunch was away for Algona which city was reached at four- ttiirty p. m. for receiving bids on Drainage District No. 178 at two p. m. Work to be let In one section uml to be completed within six months. Ayes: all. (See record for resolution). Motion by Funnemarlc and second by Morris that September 18, 1930, at one ]j. m. Is hereby fixed as time for receiving bids for sale of bonds on Drainage District No. 177. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that quarterly report ending June 30, 1930, of Clark Orton, clerk of iliatrict court is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that school fund loan of Mary Willey on north 179 acres of NWVi Section 4-99-29 for $5,000.00 Is hereby approved and county auditor Is hereby authorized to make loan upon payment of all dellquent and current taxes. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and .second by McDonald that soldiers' exemption of J. K. Purlins-tun of J500 for 1930 is hereby allowed. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Fuiuiernark that the following final estimates are hereby allowed: Paul & Donnelly on Secondary Itoad % A I 1^ f~^ I k ! Reg.U.S. Pat.Off. VI KG IN DIAMONDS are wore t/wn a TRADE-NAME Any reputable Jeweler can offer you diamonds of assured beauty and quality—but none can distinguish those which have passed from hand to hand, of unsavory past and undesirable associations. Today, for the first time you can secure Certified VIRGIN DIAMONDS—butonly through an Authorized Virgin Diamond D«al»r F. W. Wehler & Co. Jewelers & Optometrists. >Pir«ct from the mln*i, «»ver b»for» indlvld- Dolly pwn»4 wr worn/ Virgin Diompndi moy (>• cb talntd at ttflndord thf w«rU ovtr. 30.54 48.64 21.60 4.85 3:75 201.09 2.10 3.50 4.00 8.05 10.00 A. C. McClurg & Co., supplies 8.8D 11. G. Hicliardson, supplies .. 7.50 Puller Mff?. Co., supplies 2.00 Ed. Campbell, weed commissioner ._ 21.20 H. C. Lunnlng, weed commissioner 15.80 H. P. Schultz, weed commissioner 35.90 Kllpto Loose Leal Co., supplies 97.'9 Fred Anderson, coal 186.16 Bert Deal, supplies 94.70 INSANE FUND. L. K. Hovey, conveying patient 35.00 L. K. Hovey, conveying patient 35.00 U K. Hovey, conveying patient 35.00 Kmmet County, money advanced 47.90 T. B. KUAD1CATION FUND. Henry Schultz, cattle indem... John Frank], cattle Indem. .. COURT FUND. A. Hutchison, j. p. fees F. A. Newvtlle, marshall fees . Walter H. Steward, contable fees L. K. Hovey, sheriff Arnold Sandera, constable fees C. L. Genrlch, mayor's fees .. C. Uehrmann, 3. i>. fees Carl Dahlhauser, marshal! fees Mathew C. Grier, court reporter POOR FUND. Thos. Akre, provisions 109.23 Eugene Pearsfon, labor on co. farm 17.60 T. A. Vaux, labor on co. farm 47.25 C. A. Huard, labor on co. farm 0.60 Farmer Kiev., supplies 44.07 Matt Murtha, supplies 118.33 Kuln Co., supplies 22.50 Kohlhaas Hdwe, supplies 4.86 Farmer General Store, supplies 10.39 Cities Service Oil, gas and oil .. 4.68 Norton Machine W.orks, labor .. 2.25 It. E. Morgan, hay 28.00 C. S. Johnson, supplies 1.25 O. \V~. KrickBon Hdw., supplies ., 21.35 Algona Flour & Feed, supplies 8S.95 K. D. James, supplies 59.60 Kraft & Mlsbach, supplies 13.10 Fred I'ark, labor at co. farm.. 75.00 yid Backus, envelopes social worker 22.75 Kossuth Hospital, med. aid .... 108.50 Keneflck & Crawford, med. aid 9.00 Dr. W. Fraser, med. aid 60.00 1C. II. Huss, med. aid 3.00" C. L. G'avunauyli, suppIicH .75 J. W. MeCreury, med. aid, amt. claimed $17.50 13.12 Kencllck & Crawford, med. aid 15.00 V. L. Stcbblns, med. aid 5.00 Laird & Jtelmer, funeral expense 30.00 lUioha Gaylor, house rent .... 12.00 O. G. rjourte, house rent 10.00 Kathryn lluug, room & meals,. 2.55 Van A. Hanson, board & room 80.00 Trevett & Kent, provisions .... 30.00 I-:. L. Jlunsen, provisions 15.07 Jim Bruer, provisions 3.10 McFarland «t Walker, provisions 20.0'J I I!. A. Clark, provisions 15.33 No. 152 Dick Paul, gravelling Arthur Nordstrom, rodman .... 84.00 illlton McFadden, rodman 32.50 Don T. Nugent,, asst. engineer .176.00 Paul & Donnelly, Sec. Ed. Dlst. No. 93 ....1937.11 ,G, A. Ainelsberg'^rJB-4it,^«t.,w8y,,.-., .50.00 O, W. Ei-lckson Hdwe., supplies '21.38 F. S. Norton & Son, supplies .. 18.85 E. M. Huber, checking roads .. 44.00 "W, G. Smith, checking gravel.. 105.60 Palo Alto County, cost of surfacing ' road 560.70 Edith O'Neill, gravel pit 28f.20 John Phillips, labor, amt claimed $184.15 ..........;... 136.15 Barton-Warner Co.. supplies.... 716.9S ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND. Agent C. R. I. & P. Ry. Co., freight 561.G8 C. R. I. & P. Ry. Co., demurrage 2.00 Paul & Donnelly, loading and hauling gravel 874.72 Paul & Donnelly, maint. project No. 6 642.74 McDougall Const. Co., surface treatment on county road So. of Titonka 612.60 McDougall Const Co., surface treatment on road east of Burt 1291.35 AV. B. Williams, maintenance proj. No. 5 3491.96 C. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight 39.29 Paul & Donnelly, maint. project No. 7 1160.30 C. & N. AV. Ry. Co., cost of license and outlet 5.00 Paul & Donnelly, maint. project No. 8 2309.27 Paul & Donnelly, maint. project J. AV. St'ott, "labor" '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. C. A. Lamoreux, road patrol Klmer Ewing, road patrol ... Ole Gerdls, labor Rolndert Kromminga, road maintenance Ubbe AVinter, labor F. 'A. Hlemer, road patrol Oscar Earing, road patrol .... Hans AV. Nlelson, labor Hlldreth Pettlt, labor 24.66 AVm. O. Ludwlg, road maintenance 104.00 Chester Alme, patrol work .... 104.00 John S. Nelson, labor 108.75 AVm. B. Devine, patrol work .'. 76.25 J. F. -Quinn, patrol work 107.00 S. D. McDonald, patrol work .. 124.80 Bert Shellmyer, road patrol, amt. claimed $189.00 146.00 Tom AA'elr, road patrol 110.00 J. H. Montgomery, road patrol ,. 106.40 Glen Jenkinson, dragging .... 3.65 George AVolf, dragging 7.60 M. J. Melnzer, dragging 17.00 Julian J. Arndorfer, dragging.. 7.60 AVm. Bunkofske, dragging .... 30.66 Henry Corstensen, dragging ,. 34.88 Harm Harringa, dragging .... 0.80 C. E. Kollasch, dragging 14.25 6.00 27.16 32.20 70.89 20.C5 33.00 24.00 16.50 19.12 14.25 8.1! 5 14.87 8."00 26.50 19.89 21.76 John Rodmaker, dragging .... E J.. Studer, dragging Leo G. Studer, dragging .... L. R. Wlldln, dragging Albert AVittkopf, dragging ., Henry H. Hofbauer, dragging John McVay, dragging Frank Clapaaddle, dragging . George B. Strelt, dragging .. Frank II. Shipley, dragging.. Lloyd Tlmble, dragging .... Peter N. Thilges, dragging .. Theo. Klbert, dragging It E-. Buum, dragging AV. P. Vasko, dragging .... Harold E. Nelson, dragging .. .luy Godden, dragging i;i.40 Randolph Johnson, dragging .. 19.05 K. .1. Fox. dragging 13.13 A .It Crulkshank, dragging .. 19.50 Klner Beck, dragging 8.24 Elmer Hadler, dragging 12,86 .1288.2Tf. pltes 45.90 367.611 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies .. 3 00 ----'F 1 . S. Norton & Son, supplies ,. 77.14 Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 39 78 C. & N. W. Ry. Co., storage of material ............... 20 00 Central States Elec, :Co., ; light • for co. shed ......'.,.. ...\. „ .85 C. E. Mersch," grading" !!!'.!! 162'.50 Leo Delperdang, grading ..... 84.00 Wl Q. Smith, checking gravel 102.80 Enno Eden, levelling gravel... 10,80 Henry Klocke, leveling gravel 250 Chris F. Nielsen, checking gravel 18.00 Hoyt Raney, labor ...34260 L. E. Mueller, labor . 4425 John Donnelly,, gravellfng road 18.70 Clem Goodman, labor ...,-;'...... 2210 J. F. McGulre, labor ........ 54^76 A. J. Brown, labor 30.00 Clem Goodman, labor 30.00 J. B. Cunningham, labor 2.00 A. J. Lawler, labor '.... 7534 C. C. Foster, labor 10 00 Geo. F. Graham, labor 17.50 Dwlght Graham, labor ........ 36.40 Henry Rodmaker, . labor ...... 7.00 Oscar Weber, labor ., 64.00 Goodman Hundsness, labor .... 4.00 Lehman. "W. D., labor 4.20 Advance Pub. Co., pub. bridge plank auction .60 Aug. Klrsclibaum, gas 2.93 International Harvester Co., repairs and labor 68,06 Ind Corrugated Culvert Co., supplies* ; 29.26 Barton-Warner Co., supplies .. 21.53 J. D. Adams Co., supplies 945.19 Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equipment Co., supplies 21.86 H. E. Hundertmark, dragging .. v 62.12 DRAINAGE FUND. Dr. 4— Elmore Cement & Tile Co. tile 37.60 Geo. Wolf, repairs ..... 26.00 Tom Peterson, repairs 34.20 Cooper & Beverlens, labor 47.00 E. G. Stenstrom, labor 15.30 Ray A.- Mavauls, labor 14.00 George Looft, labor .. t 6.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor 6.00 Dr. 9— Bernard J. Schrler, Hen against Mosher on original bill ...... 25.18 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies 1.1 Dr. 26— Matt Laux, repairs 20.35 Dr. 27— Elmoro Cement & Hllo Co., Elmore Cement and Tile Co., Dr. 45— J, B. Cunningham, repairs and labor , 4.60 Dr. 63— Keuffel & Esser Co., supplies 6.0' Dr. 76— Thompson Yards Inc., supltes 1.8' Dr. 78— A. J. Lawler, labor 3.50 Dr. 80— Ray A. Marquis, labor B4.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor gft.00 878.3ft 135.90 129.50 114,75 60.00 100.00 128.60 119.20 125.00 96.00 \vta. HIKftrty, labor George Looft, labor ........ E. G. Stenstrom, repairing tile Dr. 177— Keuffel & Esser Co., supplies Dr. 2 of 25 — Matt Laux, labor- . ........... B.-K. Jt 2 -- • Keuffel & Esser Co., supplies. Sperbeck Printing-Co., notice of letting contract' ........... H.-K. 6-87— Wm. Eden, labor- ........... .. 4.00 4100 S.60 10.00 ' 4180 10.00' 10.00 Ai Jl tawtervJabor 4.00 O: H! Cooper, repair work; ,., 7,86 • Resolved: That the county auditor la hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at tula meeting- a* shown by tht* 1 Schedule ' Claims MareinpeforB-wrUtBir 1 '"grin vote on- each Individual bill. Ayes: all nl ». moWj0n board adjourned ''Slno BERTHA B. JOHNSON, County Auditor. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT IiAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dicklnso HABRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Booms 212-14 First Matl Bank Bib. ALGONAt IOWA. J. L. BONAB ATTORNEY AT Collections will receive prompt attention.. AIiGONA, IOWA W. B. QUABTOI*. Br. W, MZULEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over. Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA. Mrs. llattie Llchllter, provisions siso'V 1 ' 1 ' 0 Winter, dragging 15.00 Alt I A Studer, dragging 21.SS Albert Kressln, dragging 1600 Henry Fox, dragging .1.50 Ole M. Itavn, dragging 1575 Paul Zeilske, dragging 8.25 Frank Helbhoff, dragging .,., 8 00 F. X. Wllhelml, dragging 3M2 O. A. LaabB, dragging .....,., 25.50 O. F. Blesener, dragging 3.60 I'ercy Kuhn, road work 7.50 If. A. Adama, dragging ., 89 00 A. M. GuHlafson, dragging ,,.. 11.25 r,' 0 'i C r" n, Jy , er "', '"'"Be'"*? • '• 20.25 C. II. Blair, drugging 1725 C. H. Johnson, »upplles 15.87 Frank Flalg, supplies 876 F. I. Chapman, uupplleB 10.15 Heed Hardware, supplies 22 18 ?,', } v ' K ''lckson Hdw., supplies 9.24 niaig & feprank, Kupplles 1275 Lease & Lease, supplies ,. 7.80 Herman Krlckson, supplies .... 8.35 J. W. Blossom, supplies , 2.77 Klbert Garage, supplies ,.,.',. 87.72 Fulk Motor Co.,, supplies ...... 27.47 Tire Bqrvlce Co., supplies .,,. 106.17 Kohllmuu Bros., supplies .,,... 5.65 D. A. BliulU, repairs 6.86 M. A. Baundcrs, repairs, amt, claimed $21.60 , 18.00 Elinuro Cement & Tile Co., sup- Albert (J. Keck, med. aid 16.00 Murrlll Bros, provisions 90.13 Kuhlhuas liros., gas and oil ., H.22 T. A. V'aux, labor on co. farm 22.75 Thos. Akre, provisions 114.45 >. W. ICrlcltson Hdwe., supplies 54.30 V. 1'. Johnson, pasture rent .. 54.00 L-'red 1'ark, expenses at co. farm 83.50 t-I. A. \Vullon, supplies ...... 5.60 lJuvId Htgwart, repair work .. 3.00 K. linker, supplies 7.00 Kouford Lumber Co., supplies 13.30 Kohlhaas Brothers, oil 8.76 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND. Perry V.'hlle, rodrnan 24.60 Paul & Donnelly, graveling sec. Kd. 138 1516.87 Paul & Donnelly, graveling Bee. Sue. lid. 102 8DC.61 Paul & Donnelly, graveling sec. ltd. 140 3671.30 Paul & Donnelly, graveling aec. Kd. 64 6323.35 J. A. Hobert, bridge 65.80 J. A. Itoberts, bridge 433.20 M. T. McGulre, grading Project No. 12 2227.60 Paul & Donnelly, Sec. ltd. Dlst. No. 160 1127.61 Paul it Donnelly, Sue. ltd. Dlst. George Loot t, labor ......... 30.01 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies ......... , .......... . 400 Dr. 82— Ray A. Marquis, labor ...... 70.26 George Looft, labor ........ 88.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor ........ S8.0( Klrnore Cement & Tile Co., supplies ........... , ......... 88.VO Dr. 83— C. A, Kcnne, labor ........ 86.40 Dr. 84 — Matt Laux, labor .......... 40.20 Dr. 86 — Ray A. Marquis, labor ........ 82.00 George Looft, labor .......... 18.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor ... ..... 18.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., supplies ..................... 1.00 Dr. SO— J. B. Cunningham, labor ,,.. 2.00 Clao. F. Graham, labor ...... 4.00 A. J. Lawler, labor ........ 8.10 Dr. 90 — A. J, Lawler, labor .......... 15.86 C. H. Cooper, repair work . . 22.50 J, B. Cunningham, labor .... 10.00 Elmore Cement & TH e Co., Dr. 98— A. J. Lawler, labor ........ 12.20 J. B. Cunningham, labor .... 8.00 C. H. Cooper, labor ........ , . 18.00 kouffol & Esser Co., supplies 4.06 Dr. 116— Thompson Yards Inc., supplies 4.65 Dr. 135 — ' Elmoro Cement & Tile Co., tile ......... ..', .............. 1,75 Dr. 189— . Ilay A. Marquis, repairs and labor ... ...... .... ......... ,, 6.60 Wm. Hllferty, labor ...... , . 4.00 George Looft, labor ,..,.,,,. 4.00 Dr. 159 — Tpm Pedorsen, labor ........ 6.00 Qeo. Wolf, labor ..... ..' ..... J.OO Dr. 165— Frank P. Johnson, duplicate Ray A. Marquis, labor 7.75 J. W; Sullivan S. B. McMahon L. B. TilpflftTt SUHIVAN, McMAHON * MNNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank AI^GONA, IOWA. E. J. VAN NESS * O. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Mwne MS-W Algona, Iowa I* A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180 ALGONA, IOWA. Qaylord D. Shumay Edward D. Kelly 8HUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa phone 58 E. O. McMAHON Attorney at Law Oflice over Quinby & Krause Bldg, Algona, Iowa Phone 139 INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANB FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INStJRANOl OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM * LAC! Phone m 107 W. Stato 8t ALOONA, IOWA. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable insurance Service O. R. LABARRJ0 AL PALKENHAINEJR Phone 55 First door north Iowa state MORTICIAN * Funeral Director, Phone No. 11. ALOONA, VETERINARIAN. I* W, FOX V«terio»rtM 4lgon» office 0t the old Pr. office. Office phow> 476-W! hR, Wil bave »an at tlitifl ALOONA, JOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALQONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS Officers: »70,Mt* E. Rist, President. 31 Wadsworth ' Vice O. s. Buchanan, Second Vice,Rr«ij f » J. S, Auner, cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst.- L. 0. Reding, Asst. Cashier, E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors; 3" ™ »?? T - H - Wadswortb H. B. Rist j. w. Wadswortln J. 6. Auner *,. j. Van, Ness o. s. Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS. THE ALOONA Phone »50 KENEPIOK is ORAWFORS)! Office Phone 300 Residence Phones; Pr. Keneflck. »7 ., Dr. CrsMbr^ IIS, O, B. CRETZMBYBB PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted * Oalbraith BJoek. one block east and one Mock om<*. No calls made alter O ALQONA, IOWA. Qflio* Phone. 310. Residence. 444. WALTER FKA8EB, M. a ' PHYSIOIAN AND SURGEON •Office in Quinby Building y PhoneNo. H No. ALX30NA, IOWA. »«• Vf, D. ANDREWS. ' Ortwjwthto Physician & Surgton Bye, Bar, NOW and Throat QbstetrU fcocafcd over Hub Recreation - ^ Phone* omw W, ~ ALOQWA, IOWA. »B. P, E. WALLJBY, ~ Osteopathio Physician and Surgeon Blectrtcal Therapy, Obstetrics DENTISTg DB. B. L. McCOUKLE PENTJ8T Office over Long PR. p, Bf, DENTIST

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