The Evening Herald from Klamath Falls, Oregon on November 4, 1929 · Page 2
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The Evening Herald from Klamath Falls, Oregon · Page 2

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1929
Page 2
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THE EVENING TTERATT), KLAMATH FALLS, OREGON mmmmm wmmmmt whiimwwi a W'W m mmm rmmmm Monday. November 4, 1020 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmtm Bears Throw Monkey Wrench Into Conference Title Race IN TMB REALM OF Wade's Warriors Play Tough Ones ;,Jgtf?- -JK'v Xf'rVv PAGE TWO r 1 aw"-M--x M'LARNITJ AID . MANDELL SIGN CHICAOO, Not. 4, (AP) Jimmy Mclarnln, (lugging welterweight from th Piifle eost. will get hi second crack t Sammy Mandell, world lightweight champion, and ft chine to earn bout with Jackie rields, tor the welterweight title, tonight at the Chicago sisdlum. In 10-round bout. Under the article! MoLarntn will enter the ring weighing HI pounds. 10 more than when be terelved a smart beating a year ago last aummer while attempting to take the lightweight championship from MaadelL Man-dell will be running the rlak of finding McLarnln too tough at the havlr weight, but lgn-d eagerly for the bout with a ehot at Field' crown a probable reward. Otto Von Porat, Norwelglau heavyweight, will make his flret appearance alnce returning from a visit to his aatlre land. In a 10-rounder with Charlie Smith, a recent British heavy importation. DREAD CANCER SCORES KAYO MILWAUKEE, Not. 4.' (AP) Many old time fighters and ring fans from all over the mid-dleweat will go to Oahkosh, Wis., tomorrow to attend funeral eerr-irea for Eddia McGoorty, one of the greatest middleweight! ' In the history of boxing. McOoorty died .lata Saturday night after a long illneaa. Although never recognised aa middleweight champion, McGoorty fought and defeated almost arery man In that division, when It waa crowded with great fighter. After campaigning in this country ha toured the world, wining the middleweight and heavyweight championship of Australia. He latter dropped both title to the lata Lea Dairy, and returned - to the United State. He owned a atrlng ot race horse for a time, hut went to Chicago about six 7 ears ago where he operated a gymnasium and refereed boxing matches. McGoorty for several months ht km In a Milwaukee hos pital seeking relief from a throat ailment which finally caused his death. UNDEFEATED LEADER NEW YORK, Not. 4, (AP) With th downfall ot Dartmouth and Clemsoa and the scoreless tie Texas University wsged with Southern Methodist, Pittsburgh has taken th lead among the nation's score or so ot undefeat ad teams. Pittsburgh has rolled up 101 points In six consecutive victories. Thar were only 14 unbeaten and untied taama today with another dosen or ao unbeaten but tied. Only Texas and 8L Marys, California, could boast as uncrossed goal line. STETSOX AFTER CLICK BAN FRANCISCO, Not. 4, (A P) Joe Click, Brooklyn. N. T.. lightweight, and Frankie Stet son, the Eaa Francisco high school boy. who pleased local tans with th slxxUng bout which Click won here a few week ago. war on their toe today for a ten round return match at the Stat Armory tonight. Glick Is confident he esn repeat to night. Stetson, likewise, la sure ot victory and has trained off the extra poundage which slow ed him up In their first meeting. GAELS TROUNCE OLYMPICS SAN FRANCISCO. Not. 4. (A P) St. Mary's galloping Gaels rode roughshod over th strong Olympic club (ridden, IT to 0, at Kesar stadium Sunday. Sten- nett. Saint halfback, was (he In dividual star, kicking a field goal . and converting two tries for extra point after touchdown. GILLETTE TALKS WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 (AP) Senator Gillette of Massachusetts, a former speaker of th house, told th senate today he frequently aaw men participate In th work of th house "under the Influence ot liquor." fTOXYVIIANH (Some people should be more j for giving and less for getting WIFE CRACKS -eO - AStfm mm UiRAlJD n?APTilCtn Mv7 ADM I Que, Sol, Like Old Man River, Never Stops yYif lAV r"e f tcwe ntrt Onnant lev iNOSeVSM.M0Kir ia, ne' miisoh voTa com wu.Hrirr The 8A4.1. I Por KNOW WttfT WF CAM DO ABOUT it-That oa Bau of sum and l Ooottxtr Set f lire n of" twie ran stvenAL IT, OOmtt letOOSAMO YeAftS By .' DEMAREK (Former Pitcher N. Y. Giants) The tough luck ot "Hack- Wilson, th padgr Httl outfield er ot th Cubs, dropping a world's series game by losing a fly ball In the sun. shows the element ot chance In any sport. The sun played an Important role In deciding the lli world series. F. "1 Merkl lost a foul fly In the sun lust after Fred Snodgrss had made his history making muff. If Merkle had not been blinded by the sun he would have caught the foul fly. The Giants Instead of the Boston club . ould have won the series and Snodgrasa' muff would have been torgot'.an. But as Jo Cantlllon, famous old manager, said to young outfielder who was complaining about playing the "sun field:" "I don't know what wa can do about It That old ball ot fir has been hanging up In th sky for several thonsanl years!" BEARCATS AND WHITMAN LEAD PORTLAND, Not. 4. (AP) Willamette University, Salem, and Whitman College, Walla Walla, were today on top ot th hsap ot th northwest confer ence football standing. Willamette trounced Pacific University IS to 0 In Salem as College ot Idaho was swarming over Lin- field to the tuna ot 14 to 0 soar. Th Whitman reserve went down to a 10 to IS de feat at the hands of the East Oregon Normal school squsd from La Grand. In the light ot past defeats and victories this season, Wil lamette and Whitman remain alone as th conference lead ers. MARSTER8 LEADS NEW YORK, Not. 4, (AP) Although he was pretty well bottled np by Tale on Saturday Al Marsters, great Dartmouth quarterback scored on touch' down to bring hi season's total to 108 points, the highest In the country. His toal la 17 points better than that rolled up by Gene McEver 'of Tennes see. CUPID'S VICHM TONOPAH, Nev., Nov. 4, (A P) Mrs. Thalma Fancher, ot Sacramento, surrendered to police after shooting William J. TJren, presumably because of unrequited affection. Uren Is not expect ed to lire. Mr. Fsncher I a divorcee. SHARKS WREAK HAVOC SANTA CRUZ, Cal., Nov. 4, (A P) Voracious sharks visited fishing beds off this coast and for th second time in a week destroyed severs 1 hundred dollars worth ot nets and lines In addition to devouring a large catoh of cod. NARCOTIC DEALER DIES SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4, (A P) After lingering near death for mora than a week. Jack Fog-llo, alleged narcotic dealer who was shot when he attempted to escape from a federal agent, succumbed at a hospital. Infection set In causing death. FORFIETS $100 BAIL Robert Dewar forfeited a bail of 1100 when he failed to appear In th police court this morning to answer a charge of driving while .'ntoxicated. Dewar waa arrested on Saturday night by officers Lewln and Guest, after his car had crashed Into another at tth and Klamath avenues. DIED IX CEMETERY-DAYTON, Wash.. Not. 4, (AP) Henry Koschmeder, pioneer Columbia county farmer, missing from his home here for two days, was found dead In th family cemetery plot. Circumstances Indicated he drank poison. He had been In 111 health and relative said he had attempted suicide before. Th Intelligentsia consists of tho-e who do as they pleas and then blame soma gland Instead of original (in. mm UNIVERSITY. Ala., Nov. 4 that ha hovered over Coach Wallace Waa- University of Alabama eleven tor three years, th Crimson Tide mentor contracted tha toughest schedule possible tor hi 1HI lvu. Tbu far his classy backa haven't been stricken with Injuries and. it th Jinx will stay away. Alabama fan are counting oa Wallac having his team near th top when th season comes to a close. Wallac picked out th tough opponents, surf enough. He carded Mississippi. Tennessee. Sewsn. Vanderbllt, lvnlucky, Georgia Tech and Georgia In Southern Conference gam. Th Crimson Tide lost a bitter struggl to Tennessee, 4 to 0, as th Vol continued their winning streak to Include 14 consecutive games. The pounding they sustained from tha Tide, however, may soften them for future toe. Greater Utilization of Tree Helps Lumber Mills By C. C. CROW, Editor Crow's Paclfle Coast Lumber Digest. It should be Interesting to those who, having but a meager knowledge ot th lumber Industry, continually olamor for what Is popularly spoken ot as "con-serration ot our timber resources," to make a study of th gratifying strides that have been mad in utilisation during th last few year, providing they are willing to accept as a tact that there 1 no true foundation for th conservation of anything. That hold true particularly of tha lumber Industry throughout tha tlr belt. Soma theories Interpret conservation ot timber to mean only leavtnr tha tree standing, auch ant opinion, apparently presuming that all trees are In a state of perfect preservation and development and that they will remain in that condition indefinitely. Such la far from tha truth, for the tacts in th case are many thousands ot acre ot Douglaa fir are overripe and from a utilisation standpoint ahould hav been h arrested from IS to SO year ago. Such timber having reached th point where it i deteriorating, to assure timber (upply for future generations, should b cat as soon as it csn ha marketed la order that th process ot reforestation may begin and a sew crop ot healthy young trees grown, which is out of th question wall th overripe atsad dominates th ground and smothers out all healthy new growth. Factories I'm More of Tree Th evolution of lumber production throughout th northwest and th rapid expansion ot our markets during the past ten years hav so increased th efficiency ot utilisation that million of feet of lumber or timber product are put to soms practical us that formerly were either left la the wood to rot or found a way Into yawning maw of Tctus burners. Oldtlmers In th lumber bust-nee in Oregon recall the days when Sitka apruce, which is now on of th most valuable wood growing In this section, could not be sold and due to th size ot the trees, nature ot the ground on Which It usually grow and th light logging equipment used in those days, many an excellent log was left where It fell as that was th economical thing to do. Today, do to th popularity which Sitka aprac gained during th war for airplane (took, it la generally recognized a th strongest light soft wood known, and th man who has a stand containing good Sitka sprue Justly count himself lucky. Th earn history to a large extent cover Port Orford cedsr which is found only la th southwest part of Oregon, mostly In Coos and Curry counties. As a structural wood Port Orford cedar, except for Its rot resist ing qualities, had few tf any advantages over Douglas fir, and it did not com Into its own until It wss discovered to be pecularly adapted for usa aa Insulation In batteries, epoken of s "battery dividers". About tbl tlm It also became popular la Japan a It took tha plac of a species of highly scented cedar which had almost bacom xtloct la Japan, but through age had been held Indltpenslbl for certain use ot lnsid trim. The two demands brought Port Or ford cedar Into big demand considering th limited footage available, ana It 1 today th I rvi vf la spile ot th Injury bugaboo most valuabl soft wood growing oa th Pacific coast. W eeter Hemlock Gains Place Western hemlock which has had a great handicap through the atlgma attached to tha name hemlock on account ot th Inferior lumber produced from hemlock tree In th north central atatea. la In th process of gaining th plac which it deaerve aa a wood, but haa by no means become generally accepted yet. For a tlm after tb Atlantic coast cargo market gained lta present proportion as a consumer ot Paclfle coast lumber, western hemlock became very popular oa account ot its real merit and th fact that la many respects it resembled th small-knotted northern spruce whloh had been used so long in the New Englsnd states. Hemlock boards sold for as much and frequently mor than Douglaa fir, but impatient sale method born ot an inferiority complex for hemlock, damaged thl market considerably and immediately following the inauguration ot th Japanese tariff and th attendant tailing off in their purchases, hemlock waa dumped on tb Atlantlo coaat with th result that it Buffered badly, and Is now considerably In th dumps. This, however, I only on of th vacillation in it recognition auch as Sitka sprue and Port Orford cedsr suffered before they arrived and in th meantime thla eaa be said: In former year million of feet of hemlock trees were left stsndlng In tb wood whli th Douglas fir was logged and ven though it Is Portland shows 70 increase in Eights Fact just obtained from 28 represenratlv American cltlea Indicate conclusively that tb motoring public prefer the Eight to all other engine typos. Tak Portland as an example: for the first eight months of 1820, new can with Hat price abov 1000 ahowed 70 per cent Increase In Eight aad a 19 per cent decrease la fllxeel At the tsmoot Paris Salon thb (all, 44 makes of eight cylinder cars were exhibited, compared with 1 7 last year. Studebakcr, world's largest producer of Eights, two yean ago initiated this era of the inexpensive Eight frhh the champion Stttdebiker President which traveled 30,000 miles in 6,J 16 consecutive minutes. And today, at customary tlx -cylinder prices, you can choose 60m three great lines of Smdebaker Eights holders of eleven world records Ibr speed and endurance and more American stock car records than all other makes combined. Get smart, new, thrifty Smdebaker Eight backed by ' 77 years of manufacturing Integrity and your car will be worth more b the trade-in markets of the furore. TUD E BAKER Eights! DUNHAM SIXTH A. OAK STS. lixi I II II Wade's big ipraa-trala fullback. Tom Holm. Is la lb south ill ot whst Al .Marsters and Chrla Cagl are la th east. Tony la the leading ground-gainer and on ot th south' highest scoring backa. He won All-Southern honor last fall and undoubtedly will receive th earn recognition thla season, with th added possibility that be may make th All-America selection. Holm Isn't ell alone la the Crimson Tld backtlald. Captain Billy Hicks, halfback, la a capable running male. Hicks has the unique distinction ot nerer having been relieved In a football gam because ot Injuries. Wade's forward wall Is big and strong. Frsd Slngton and "Foots" Clement are rated two of the best larklea In Pile. Jim rule Moor at and stands out aa th beet Wlngmau since the days ot Winalett, th All-Amerlcau. unprofitable to bring it in under market condition Immediately confronting th lumbermen today It la being utilised and In time will be accepted on such a basis that It can be harvested and manufactured without los. Industry's I Vo arras Ilroail To attempt to go Into the details of the advancement that haa been mad in th aalvaglng ot low grade part of th log that war burned In former years would Involve a far-reaching study which would be ot little Interest to the layman, but covered In a few worda It can b said that 10 years ago th fir manufacturers had two grade of common structural material, "common" and "culls" and "structural" and "dense grain" or any reference to grain waa not thought ot. Today there are four grade of ordinary common and numerous apecial grade all ot which make tor utilisation, ' particularly through the marketing ot low grade boards and dimension which are entirely eultable for many purposea and tha adoption of the higher grades such as "structural" rescues from the log parts which were needlessly being sacrificed In th ordinary grade of common where they were not required. This ssme trend Is very msrked In the method ot manutacurlng and grading th clears, auch as flooring, celling, drop aiding, finish, etc., spoken of by lumbermen as uppers. . The grades hav been refined, and It 1 now possible to dispose of short lengths which need to be eut np into firewood. Even tha Bark Utilised One ot th most outstanding piece of utilisation In late year haa been th rapidly Increasing demand for sawdust and "hog fuel", which is a nam given to Dictator Eight Sedan . . , '128$ Commander Eieht Sedan . , 1515 President Eight Sedan . . '176$ f imr-Dfr Stdjn UUilu Prim ml lirtaiij AUTO CO. PHONE 82-W I - . I'WmcKs mm chip made from rotuae. Th development ot a practical sawdust burner tor domeatlo uses haa created such a demand for sawdust that refuse burners hav been eliminated from a majority ot th fir plant located adjacent to cltlea and eventually a burner will b aa oddity. Tbl I utilisation la th eitrem as It means that the mills now put to some good us erery part ot the log, lucludlng th hark. Douglaa tlr 1a spoken ot as "America's permanent lumber supply," and It we csn hare a protective tariff to keep th lumbar from Canada and Russia out of oar domeatlo markets th overripe stsnds which ar deteriorating will be transformed Into products which will benefit mankind, glv Oregon and Washington steady payrolls and utilise every tree which is practical conservation. BODY RIDDLED WHITEBUURO, Ky., Not. 4, (AP) The body ot Ashland CoK I Una, believed to hsva been engaged in a gun battle with prohibition officer yesterday, was found today near th scene of the shooting. He had been ahot twelve times. Amazing IRecords by Philco Owners Mora owner of Philoo radio than of any other rt enjoy tho tingling thrill of bearing really distant stations stations thoo-aand of mile away. Read what thla Phlleo enthusiast bat to fay 11 J . ' ' i 8 f Y The Mile Lewftey eaM. M fut. SaUhed In blrd'sr 9 ManL mI ( h.I. IBI But, aWalpo)! with (TeHV ufn aToefr- Oraarnl r)pkrr. Aeouatle Biu4iH tfo ttod tw MS p7Wr tubttt puwb-pt.ll. THE abovs experience la not armaria under favorable condition. Wa have hundreds of similar unsolicited letter on file. You too, if your location la good and when weather condition are normal, can enjoy the thrill of sp ech and mualc thooaanda of mile way. And whatever your location may be, you can feel mor lure of getting greater distance with a Philco than with any other art. Extraordinary enB-ineerin:. which tvrmlt the precise balancing of each A complete ranjrc Paul Johnson Service 11TH oV MAIN STS By nUHHRIX J. NKWLAND AeeorlatNl Trraa Sports Writer LOR ANOKI.KB, Cal., Nov. 4, (AP) Flushed with th confidence tbst ouly smashing victory over a great rival ran brim. California's Dears, sol undefeated survivor ot th Paclfle coaat conference, girded their football loin I oil ay for the last atretchea of a march they hop will lead to th lilt championship. Several hundred thousand Alumnus, followers and regular - fans, however, harked back to tha vnl leading up In California's unequalled position In the football sun last Saturday' 1S-T triumph over It traditional foe, Southern California. 8hort-odr conceded only a outsld chanc to even tl th gam and object of sympathy Indeed, th Rears not only upt th "dope" but revealed a wealth of power hitherto ua known t th cloaast observer. Tak Montaaa Nest Th Montaaa contest next week end will he taken In stride will th on with Washington a week later. la Stanford, tha California eleven will (ace lta eldest eolleg rival. No othr conterenc encounters ar mor bitterly contested than this annual "big game." Stanford lost to Southern California 7-0, but It the Intervening contests and a they tlgur to, th big Cardinal and Whit will hav th chance to try to topple California from lta lofty position. rards-Huaklew Next Warmed up by an easy workout and 19-0 win over California Tech last week end. Stanford will tak on Washington next Saturday. Coach Glenn "Pop" Warner anticipates no trouble from the northern team which la going through on of th worst season tn It history. Washington ao far haa failed to wla a conference engagement, meanwhll losing three and tying one. A third conference clash will bring together Washington State and Idaho with tb former favored to wallop lta old tlm sec tional rival. Last Saturday Washington Slate defeated Ore gon State, -0. Oregon University overcame University of California at Los GUARANTEED DENTISTRY S3k Crowns, flrldges. Filling labreitkable Lifelike Flat Out-of-town work contilelecl same day. Plate that fit. fll'KCIAL PHU M t'UKK KX.MI.ATiO.N Opra Weil, ami Hat. Evenings DR. THOMPSON Tb neat for Lees" Phooe 10S7 710 Main St. LOWBOY Price Screen other nrrft, ta the explanation of PhUccVa aatoniahbig auperiority in getting dlatanc. The aame balanced-unit principle which give Philco radio vast distance range, also gives it unaurpassed clarity, richness of tone, and extraordinary selectivity. Frre IJoim Demonstration W will gladly install any Philco model you elect right in your own home, for a free unit with every demonstration. of Philco Radios from (72.00 to $215.00 Angslos by a 17-0 victory at Eugso. In a non-confrnr lilt, R,m. them California will meat tln. varsity of Nsvsds. uslug that gam ss a "breather" to prepare for th luteraerllonal belli with th undefeated. Bailed Notr pa m Ramblers In Chicago a k later. Conference Standing': W I. T P SA California -. I 0 0 It 7 R. California .4 1 0 lit 11 Stanford ..I 1 0 ISO II Oregon - I 10 Ms" Wish, Stat ... M..1 10 II 17 Idaho 1 10 14 Hi Oregon Stat ......1 10 41 10 Montana a .0 11 15 Washington m..v.-0 II 11 U, O, L. A. ,.0 10 0 140 VOWANO ACTTVIt 01' ATRMALA CITY, Nov. 4, (API Violent eruption of th volcano Rant Marl la believed to hav coat tb live of a number of persona residing near I 'a base. Th city ef Quataaltananga is greatly alarmed, although eruption of land and lava ha diminished omwbt, Th government ha send tld to th affected region, Mali lb boy beod tor spanking. It will teach him la bow from th wtttt and he will besom a movl istier. NO MORE PILES , Pll sufferer esa only gel quick, safe d luting relief by removing the cause-- ! ad blood circulation 'n th lower bowel Cutting aud aalvra can't do thla an Internal remedy must be used. Dr. Leonhardl s llem-IUild, a harmleaa tablet, succeeds became It relieve thl blood congestion aad alreastheus th affected parte. Hern-Hold ha wonderful record for quick, aate and lasting relief to I'll sufferers. It will do the aame fur yoa or mony back. Underwood's Pharmacy and druggtata anywhere cell Hem Told with thla guarantee). LONG'S RADIO SERVICE Dealers concentrate oa selling. I enncentrste oa rsdto service work. With two year experience end atudy of service work aad reception la thl locality and with modern testing and servicing equipment I am prepared to give yoa unequalled service on your radio aet. Tubes, ruiterte. Perls, Etc. Aerials Krected WM. LONG lOia Donald . I'bone 1454-M HDisiance 71 3 (17.50 Grid, 1 2 0 Tab Extra Come In today t Station PHONE 84ft

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