The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1930
Page 5
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fhe tipper Pea Moiftes-Kepublican, September 10, 1930 JR Jo de Janeiro Described by Will F. Walker, Algona This is the second of a series of letters written to the Upper Dea Moines-Republican by Will P. Walker, well known Algona man, who with his wife, are on a visit to their son in Buenos Aires. It is thought he is m Buenos Aires at present and may be able to give out readers a first hand account of the revolutions now going on there. -Editor. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Editor of the Republican; Pursuant to franchise granted 1 ftm continuing my observ- • atlons somewhat and perhaps a little geography at this time will serve to refresh the reader's memory, by recalling facts that have grown somewhat dim. Let me recall that South America lies entirely east of the United States, thrusting a shoulder twenty-five hundred miles out into the Atlantic. That Chile, if laid down Oh our map could bathe Its feet in Manhattan harbor while resting its head on,the Rockies of Colorado. That Argentina, this Haughty republic of the southern hemisphere, has an area equal to a doz- • en states like Iowa, and counting its McttYour Frtaids at iNCER You Can Have Lots of Fun COUNTY FAIR And s«?e everything for the 50$ you at the gate Patagoniati possessions would stretch from New Orleans to the Hudson Bay. Venezuela furnishes a buffer for the Caribbean Sea, TJraguay, a state somewhat larger than Iowa, and much resembling it in the lay of its land, teeming with cattle and sheep, sleeps near the Brazilian giant. Bolivia and Ecuador unite with'Peru to form the great central plateau and Constitute the lands of the old Inca empire when that prehistoric people atttained touch culture and exhibited wonderful skill in constructing houses and irrigation plants, and fabricating copper utensils and gold ornaments hundreds of years before the Spaniard's avaricious eyes saw the land. The Andes Mountains, which many an earthquake has sought to break still link Panama with Terra Del Fuego. Chimborazo con* tlnues to smoke at a twenty thousand foot 'level, like the typical Spaniard that he is—and the Amazon river rushes up to explain its width and length by showing a rainfall of eighty inches per annum over most of its great basin. If we now can imagine, from apppear- ances, South America to be an over stout nation, we can easily see- the Galapayos Islands, which belong to Bolivia, as the beaded pearls she has thrown about her neck, while the Falkland Islands, hear the Magellan straits may be the tinkling bells tied to her ankles. In memory of Inca days, be- .fore sail, or steam,-or wireless or radio awoke this continent from its centuries old sleep. Approaching Rio de Janeiro. Trusting this sketch will aid you in visualizing the continent we were approaching with every pulsation of the oil burning engine of our boat, I now attempt to gather up some of the sensations and -Impressions that came tc me.. One day a porpoise several feet in length leaped entirely out of the water, either In play, or to escape the rush of a shark. Frequently whales spouted and flying fish skimmed above the waves. Rounding Brazil's bump sea gulls came into our wake, seekini tidbits to add to an otherwise'llmltet menu. A freighter is seen, and then another, lying low in the 'water. A rl- tyal" passenger steamer, off to leewart a mile or more, gleams with beauty from the lights of its deck and state rooms. Wreaths, of far-drifted sea and Live Stock.Shoul *as people. They have chiseled away the crags, they have filled up the morass, and low stone hut or granite palace climb from the water's edge up toward ;he crest of the mountain. The bun- ;al6w of our townsman, Mr. Goeders, Sr., has caught the architectural Idea of their houses more nearly than any other I recall. A wall of stone or brick, plastered without with colored mortars, many square nooks, of porticos and balconies, or patios, window sills projecting outward two or three feet, surrounded with Iron, or stone carved railings, Corinthians columns and pillafs/ costly doors loaded with carvings, wid heavy with brass and bronze locks, elaborate escutcheons, the entire ensemble guarded at the front by ft stone or iron fence. Behind this barricade the senorlta Is safe from Lochinvars of every variety. Indeed thousands of dollars are expended to adorn and embellish the front of the hoples of the "people. A street lined with these houses, varying always somewhat in the color scheme and the niches or entrances or wall plan, creat an impression of great artistic beauty. Spaniards, Portuguese and Niggers. Over against this agreeable picture, I wish to^place a very unique race policy not tolerated but sanctioned by the state. It,is the amalgamation of the races. Beginning with the Indian who was here7 the Spaniard and Portuguese came. Laborers being esesntial to work under this torrid zone, both Spaniard and Portuguese imported thousands of negro slaves from Africa and this plan continued down Into the nineteenth century. Then millions of Italians came, German and Russian accession helps to swell the total. Chinese, Dutch and English have added their quotas. Now this republic has one-half of the population of all South America or about 40,000,000 with negroes' and Portuguese predominat- and all speaking the language of the latter. With the exception of about five' per cent these races have freely frequently intermarried. In countless Instances this formality has been omitted, and a racial melting pot of their own liking Is operating. With ninety per cent Illiterate, the progeny from the alliances of Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Italian and negroes fill the Algeria Downed by Corwith Sto 4. Algoaft lost & tough game of base ball Friday at the Fair when Corwith Wfin in the ninth inning by the score of 5 to 4. Cayou pitched a good game for the locals striking out twelve men and giving the opponents eight hits. A wild throw In the ninth inning gave the game to Corwith. The following is the .box score of the game: ALGONA Scanlan, 3b 4 0 Marty, cf 4 1 Watts. 2b 3 1 AB R H SB PO A E Hill, ss 4 2 Overmeyer, If 3 0 Bonham, lb 4 0 Vinson, rf ........4 0 Butler, o 3 0 .3 32 Cayou, p Total CORWITH— Cook, rf 5 Duncan, cf 4 McGreavey, ss ....4 Hart, 2b 3 DiMarco, 3b 4 Shlpman, If .4 McClurg, lb 4 O'Brien, c 4 0 6 0 1 0 12 0 0 9 25 0 0 0 12 0 8 0 1 2 27 13 Three-base hits Runs batted in, Watte, DiMarco, O'Brien scored on rooms. Wreaths' Of lar-artltea sea- unmese, JLUUUUI ana uegrueB 1111 uie weed fleck the water's surface and then streets and work the coffee planta- "the same object that rewarded the gaze] tlons. Whether they have any expect- of Columbus' Wearied sailors—land. ation that Burbank like something bet- It was one of the mountains that stretch along the Brazilian coast line. Soon more mountains appear hanging like a cloud^far away on the starboard side. Then more ships are dimly seen, hourly challenging Voliva'S contention that the earth Is flat. A seven o'clock dinner, a few games, eight hours of sleep, and then before breakfast, all hands crowd the deck to behold not only mountains, but land and trees, and habitations, and away across the water the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain, rising out .of the-> bartjoj, of Rto de Janeiro. ' ," •.>:*'',_ • Most Beautiful City. Coming slowly, even majestically to the docks of Rio de Janeiro, the city's natural beauty is stamped indelibly up on- the mind. ter and finer will emerge, I am not Informed and our ship remains Jn port too brief a time to see the scheme brought to fruition.— Will F. Walker. Wonderful FREE ACTS £ACH NIGHT Thaviu's Band Superb Sped ^bur feats Early Mflodln and Dances from your fawriip musical comedies-Big Chorus- Clever singers and dancers , For Reserved Seafs ~ utrife ~ Leo C, Dai ley , Sec'y. SPENCER , IOWA last Tuesday. The long wharfs, the Alfred Haupert of Elbow,Lake, Miri«^ e ''^^5^i^^ n ^ ta i"'^P^ti to e.'week end with reta, filled wltmsnips? ,«• tin^c-o«^ifai^wa 0 -^ nm •-• •- •-•••-•.._. lined with nalm and magnolia and; an endless profusion of tropical plants and flowers, and vines and very high mountains thrust up here and there within the city's gates, unite to uphold the verdict that Rio is the most beautiful citf in the world*. Several of the peeks have been scaled by the, engineer and he has built steel cable trails to their summits from which the city and the sea and its leagues of white sand beaches can be seen. The Portuguese who dominate Brazil, who own Its coffee plantations, who have built an empire under the equator, are masters here in this metropolis. The business blocks, the palatial homes, the embellished cathedrals, they have reared—it is a matchless spectacle. Nor is the scene marred by the throngs oi people' on the streets wearing darker skins, growing smaller statures, talking rapidly and moving endlessly up and down and in and out of streets we would call alleys and stores we would call shops. I tried to recall from Portuguese history what they had done to entitle them to this matchless harbor and cosmopolitan city. But it Is theirs. It houses a million and a half ANTHRACITE AM) BITUMINOU5 iMKPK Our men are all experienced, careful in their Tork and their every act ici ("lie delivery of an order is calculated to please-the oosuiiner, We want them to leave him with a feeling that to get the best service and attention one must phone 229," BANCROFT NEWS. Mrs. Sam McCleish is suffering from blood poisoning,in her foot. Harry Hiitz left -for Burlington on Saturday for a visit with relatives and friends. * . ' • Robert Ringsdorf and Alva Burgess attended the state fair at Minneapolis Cayou struck out 12, walked one Mack struck out 10, walked one. Two- base hits, Overmyer 3, DiMarco, Cook McClurg, O'Brien. — *-"' Marty and Mack. Overmeyer three, Cook and O'Brien. — a blocked ball In the ninth Inning. Earned runs Algona 4, Corwith 4. Left on bases Algona 3, Corwith 6. Umpire was Kinsey. tlon began work again Monday morning. Harold Pohlman arrived Sunday to begin his duties as coach In the local high school. ,He spent the three- months' vacation in employment of the United States Department of Agriculture investigating the corn borer menace In Ohio and Indiana. Frank Hellman accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schichtl and Mrs. John Kleinsohmldt and son of Saux Center, Minnesota, drove to New Richland, Minnesota," Thursday where the latter took the train for their home, after a few days' visit at the home their father, Andrew, Hellman. Agnes, Hannah and Reuben Olson left for Minneapolis Wednesday, where they visited their sisters, Alice, who Is ;aklng nurses' training at Mounds' Sanitarium and Esther who is working there. Hannah will again resume her position after a vacation spent at her tiome. Agnes will begin her third year at Gustavus Adolphus College at St Peter, Minnesota. The Bancroft high school opened on Monday with "a large enrollment and with the same staff of teachers as last year. .The students and community are fortunate to have their former superintendent G. D. Hart. Other members of the faculty are principal, Miss Marion Thurn, of Manchester; coach, Harold Pohlman of Melvln and. the Misses Esther Adolphson, Isabel Saunders, Francis Berens and Georgia Carmean Titoiika Twins Win First at State Fair. Topic: Mr. and Mrs. George Bonnck- er drove to Des Molnes Friday where they were called to accept the first prize for their twin girls, Jolce and Janice, who in open competition at the state fair, was Judged the health- est twins in the state. THe markings of the twins were as follows: Janlc? Bonacker, second over all, first in improvement and first as twins; Jolce Bonacker first In Improvement, first in twins. Each received a silver cup In the twin class; Janice silver medal for second over all and Jolce gold medal for first over all. Mr. Bonacker and the twin girls were the center of attraction for some time while they were having photos taken of the girls. Mrs. Carrie Bonacker and daughter, Estello, accompanied them to Des Molnes, returning home the same day. Galbraith Union. Services as usual next Lord's Day morning with Rev. Lang filling the pulpit. No services In the evening. Morning worship at 9:45 a. m. Sunday School at 10:45 am. m and Bible Stufly eight p. m. Friday.—H. Nell Malen, pastor. GGffiySSffffKt^^ LEDYARD NEWS, >£88wcos3mjm8tt««0:i Have Your Ignition Tested FREE vwvwwwww Complete tester for all electrical equipment on automobiles. For three day* After Sept. 9th We will test ignition free of charge. Our machine is a Weidenhoff Electric Tester and is the only one of its kind in Algona. Test coils, distributors, magnetos and starters. We also do all kinds of repairing and service • work. as grade teachers. Miss Hewitt spent Sunday visiting with her parents at Swea City. Miss Wylam of Swea City spent the week end here visiting her sister. Tom McGillllgan of Algona was transacting business here Tuesday. O. E. Campbell and son, Ralph, of Seneca, were business callers at Algona Friday. Mrs. Parrlsh and son, Tom and Mrs. Osterman of Blue Earth were callers here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Campbell were business callers at Buffalo Center on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Campbell and son of Seneca spent Tuesday at the Ed. Campbell home here. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gesch of Elmore spent Sunday here visiting her sister and family, Mrs. Charles HlUerty. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Dutton and Mary Adams of Algona spent last Sunday at the Leon Worden home here. Miss Mary Adams, who is teaching near Elmore, spent the week end here visiting her sister, Mrs. C. O. Engelby. The M. E. Lades' Aid met last Thursday at Lakota with Mrs. F. O. Johnson. A fairly large crowd was present In spite of the fact that many went to the fair. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson attended the funeral services of Mrs Charles Simmons at West Bend on Sunday. She was an old friend of Mrs. Thompson. School opened here last Monday with the usual large enrollment. Several new teachers are on the faculty Mr. Laurltzen is the new superintendent Harold Grainer, Miss Quam and Miss Jones are the new Instructors. Emerson & Speicher Just North of the Call Theater. Mr. and'Mrs. Mike Droessler and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Deitering were visitors at Fort Dodge Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Scully and children of Fort Dodge spent Sunday with Bancroft relatives and friends. Rev, A, A. Howe of Buffalo Center visited at the home of his parents, Dr and Mrs. E. A. Howe, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cutler and family spent Sunday with their son and brother, Harry at Rockford, Iowa. Mr, and Mrs. Joe Baltz drove to Minneapolis the first of the week fo a visit with relatives and friends. Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Welp of Waterloo spent Sunday at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. Joe Welp and family. Mr, and Mrs. Vincent Lattimer and daughter have returned from Toledo, Iowa, where they spent the past few months, Mrt'and Mrs, N. J. Schlltz and daughters Mildred and Amorita drove ,to Mankato Sunday. Amorita will attend school there this fall. Mike Raskoff left Thursday for Marshalltown after a week's visit at the home of his sister, Mrs. Joe Baltz and with other relatives. Miss Marion Thurn arrived from Manchester Sunday. She will act as principal in the Bancroft high school the coming school year. Mr. and Mrs. W, E. Stahl and Mr, and Mrs, Albert Carson of St. Paul were visiting at the home of Mrs. Geo. Horton a few days last week. The Misses Rose Epley and Maud Singler of Nakomls, Illinois, arrived on on Thursday for a visit at the Charles Studer and Adolph Foth 'homes. Tom Qulnn returned home from St. Paul Friday, where he accompanied his brother, Robert who is attending St. Mary's Seminary this year. Miss Georgia Carmean returned to her home recently from Rockford, Illinois, after a few days' visit at th» home of her sister, Mrs. Earl Elliott. Cletus Deitering, Nell Garry Billy Hood and Donald Dyer left last week for a few weeks' trip to be spent in Canada and other places of interest. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Priester and child* ren of Whittemore spent Sunday at the home of the letter's mother, Mrs. M. L. Schiltz, and with other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Droessler and children drove to Mankato Wednesday where they visited with Mrs. M. F. Schlltz, who is in St. Joseph's hospital at that place, . Mr, and Mrs. Joseph, Elch left Monday for their home- at Juliet, Illinois, after a few weeks' visit at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Peter Kramer, and family and with other relatives. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Kadpw and their daughter and Mrs. Lindon White and children' of Sebeka, Minnesota are vis* itlng at the home of the ladles' brothers, Ed., Alphonse and Mike Droessler. Miss Bertha Welp is enjoying a, week's vacation from her duties at the local post office which will be spent in Des Mplnea and Waterloo. Miss Marion " i, Who fcftd a two week's yaca» IJtVINGrTON NEWS. list the past week. John Kerr purchased a new Chevrolet coach last week. Miss Ruth Hodgson purchased a new Chevrolet coach last week Walter Harm* has a position at New> ton with ,a cow testing association. L R Daniels worked In F. D. Mathes barbecue stand during the fair week. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell were dinner guests at the P. F. Krlethe Tiome Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Morrow of Al gona called at the K. J. Smith home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Rasmus Hansen of Tltonka speqt Friday here at the home of their son, E. A. Hansen. Misses Oriel and Marcelle Brooke left this week for Ontario, California, where they, will enter school. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Carr of Ellendale, Minnesota, spent Sunday at the home of his brother, Allen Carr. Bernard Phelps won eleven ribbons on thirteen of his Rhode Island Red chickens at the county fair last week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snyder and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bear and children spent Sunday at Lost Island Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rentz and children of Rockford were here to attend the funeral of Gerhard Gerhards Monday. -\.- <• ME. and Mrs. Floyd, - Dremiriel of Illinois, came Saturday to visit with Floyd's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P, L, Dremmel. Fred Lavrenz, who has been laid up for several weeks on account of his eyes is able to work at his carpenter work again. ' •• t .<.,.* — — L. R. Daniels is at Algona this week where he Is painting Mrs, Smith's house, He Is also doing some Interior decorating. Miss Lulu Hawcott was at Ledyard several days last week working in the post office while Mrs. Weinberger at- teended the Minnesota state fair, Mrs. Lois Trainer arrived home on Saturday from Phillip, South Dakota, where she visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Wheeler. Mr, and Mrs. R. C. Smith and three daughters of Jefferson visited with Mrs. Clara Smith, the 0. C. Smith and K J. Smith families here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. f. Ellsworth and daughter of Humboldt, Miss Vera Stei: and lltle niece of Algona called at the B. V. Daniels home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorf, and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Ladendorf were dinner guests at the E. N. Bartlett home in Algona Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ladendorf left on Saturday for their home at Rock Island, Illinois, after a ten days' visit here at the home of Ray's parents Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ladendorf. J. F, Cunningham is working on th. section this week In place of Ross Rash. Mr. Rash is working at the Hansen oil station In the place o Howard Ohipman. Howard Is at Ma son City attending a business college pending the week at the Fred Schneld- 1 home. Mrs. M. E. Stoddard, who has been onflned to her bed the past two weeks, he result of a fall, Is gaining slow- y at this time. Delores Wolto ana Vera Dawes of ndependence left Friday for Onawa, where Miss Wolto holds a position In he schools for the coming year. Ralph Brock, who has been attend- ng Drake University In Des Molnes the past year, was coiling on his riends here Thursday and Friday. I. J. Huber and son, Erwln, have erected 'B roller skating rink on tho 'acant lot east of the LuVerne Auto Company. Saturday was the opening night. ,..:,. Harry Hoepner and Theodore Kosch- Jer have gone to Galesburg, Illinois, where Harry will be a sophomore In Lombard College and Theodore will enter his first year. Mrs. Cordelia Potter passed away a week ago at her home southeast of LuVerne. She was eighty-four years of age and for the past six years was an Invalid from paralysis. Miss Kate Skinner drove to Algona last Wednesday evening to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Skinner and also her brother, Fred Skinner and family from Chicago. , Mr. and Mrs. Barn Baumgartner ant Mrs. Cora Johnson of Minneapolis visited several days last week with Mrs family spent Sunday at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jordan.of Burt Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Daniels of Larra bee, Iowa, were callers Sunday at th home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sim mons. Harry Simmons of Esthervllle spen Sunday afternoon at the home of h' parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Sin: mons. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and famll spent Sunday at the home of M Dole's sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Lud wig of Garner. Roy Blythe spent Saturday and Sun day with his family. Roy Is a ma clerk and left Sunday night for Siou City, where he will work. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hicklln and fam ily of Woden, spent Sunday at th home of Mrs. Hlcklln's brother, Mr and Mrs. Douglas Rlley and family. Mr. and Mrs. David Chrlstensen am family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday a the home of Mr. Ohrstensen's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Ben Schlchtl and John Watson lef Friday morning for Ban Francisco California. The boys are out sightseeing and the time of their return Is not known. Mrs. Ed. Hammer of this vicinity who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs, Laura Balk of LeSeuer, Minnesota, returned to her home Saturday evening. Her daughter also re turned with her mother for a shor visit. LUVERNE NEWS. famwrna^^ Milton Wolto left Thursday for Ce dar Falls, where he Is attending col lege. William Persons from Renwlck wa doing business In LuVerne Wednes day. Mr. and- Mrs. Austin of Algona vis Ited with relatives and friends hen Thursday. Lloyd Spooner of Fort Dodge spen Saturday at the parental A, L. Spoone home the past week. Fern Allen returned to Iowa Fall Sunday where she will attend school specializing In music. Mesdames Sanford, Daisy Rentz an Sorensen entertained the Methodls Aid last Wednesday at the town hal! George Stone of Cedar Rapids re turned last week to his home after a couple of weeks' visit with relatives Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Anderson am two children from Alta are visiting th parental John Smith home this week Rev. P. Braner and son, Erwln, wen to River Forest, Illinois, last week where Erwln will attend a teachers college. " Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith arid fam Ily enjoyed a visit a few days las week from his brother ana family o Pali-field. Mr .and Mrs. Byron Henry and son Earl, of Battlesboro, Vermont, ar Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stone spent Sunday of last week with Rev. and Mrs. Schroeder at Cedar Falls. Ray ro- ;urned home Sunday evening while Mrs. Stone remained for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Roy. Masterson and family drove to Dallas Center Sunday and attended a reunion. Mrs. Master- eon remained for a week's visit and the family returned home the same day. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bunkofske and his mother, Mrs. F. R. Bunkofske of Hammond, Indiana, are visiting at the Claude Sauers home. Mrs. F. R. Bunkofske spent the summer with her son but will remain here this winter. „,'Mr. and Mrs, W. F. Godfrey and' daughters, Rubye and Florence, and „ Mrs. Wm. Blglngs, Mr. and Mrs,' Hen- H • ry Kubly and Mr. and Mrs. Fred'Mg- ler attended the funeral services for Mrs. W. H. Potter at Hardy last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. W," F.- Godfrey and daughters, Rubye and' Florence, and Louise Zwlefel, drove to Pes Moines ori Sunday and met Mr. and Mrs. 0. O. Anderson of Grant City, Missouri. Mrs. Anderson returned to LuVerne for Bev-, era! weeks' visit. , >«'>,,» Wm. Ristau, accompanied by his- sister, Mrs, Cha.rleg Bja.nselina.ii a.njj her daughter, Norma Jean, Mrs, Fred , Bteussy, and,Mrs, Qus Baessler, and son, Eugene,, returned/, 6aturda^,jittOfn«,- tog from Genes$o, v /~" -•'•-• When in need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER E Week End in Chicago at the COMFORTABLE GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL Get up a congenial party, two or more couples come to Chicago for a lark, take In the theatres or movie palaces, see the Art Institute, Field Museum, various sports or dance in night clubs. New attractions every week. Our new service will make arrangements in advance for your party. Write for free copy of "This Week In Chicago" which Is a complete entertainment guide. We will enjoy taking a personal Interest I n making your visit thoroughly enjoyable* New garage one'half block. JACKSON, DEARBORN, QUINCY, STS, Phone Harrison TWO Thos. H. Sadler, Manager.

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