The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1930
Page 8
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/- The Upper £>es MoJnes-EepiibKca^ Aug-BSI 2T r 1930 CHRYSLER Chrysler Eight Roadster, $14$; .(wire wheels extra) EIGHTS AND SIXES Greatest Performance in Every Price Field $ 795 "v&^ZP" »» $ 1295 ^ 149 5 rhe New chr y iier Ei s ht UP TO $ 16 6 5 $ 2495 T tZ,%r »» $ 2895 All prices (. o. b. factory 9 0 q Helberg Garage West of Court House Algona, Iowa. <565\ New York Nurse Talked in Good Hope Good Hope, August 26. Special: capacity audience filled Good Hop church to listen to the address by Mrs Gladys Dlttmer Morris on the work she is doing as a visiting nurse from "The House on Henry Street" in New . York City. After describing the origin of the settlement house and work in that region Mrs. Morris described some ••-of the specific cases' with which she {' v 'sWorked or of which she knew: an al- "Hmost'helpless old lady secluding her' tier squalorous apartment and jf.X'On a most meager diet for "\ ~ _ i if discovered, be ay]tp^spme Institution, and of " " TSroman, cleaning her World's Greatest . County Fair/ SPENCCR Sept- cvae^fHiTS Each M$ht MUSICAL-GOtmOUS BIG CHORUS and her surroundings, finding a more able 1 but needy old lady companion for her who remained with her until her death.' Of the case known as "Rosle's nose" in which a little girl through illness had a much misshapen nose and growing into young womanhood found herself unable to get employment one avoided by young men companions. Of how this girl was brought in contact with a skillfull surgeon who made a bridge for her nose out of a piece of her own rib. The joy of the girl's mother because, her now rather handsome Bosie could get.a husband and have a home of her own. Of teh woman with eleven children who was keeping them on the twenty-two dollars a week which the father earned and who had not been down on the street from her apartment for five months, the children running the er- •ands and buying supplies. Of how she nd;seven of her children were pro- 'irted \nrlfch a vacation in the country hrough 'the House on Henry Street. Of the "railroad train" apartments, ne room behind the other like the cars of a freight train, with no rooms jpening to-the outdoors but" the two end rooms,, but- windows in the walls jetween 'the rooms la order to comply with an ordinance requiring that every oom should be provided with a window, Of the treatment of mental;and physical diseases, of restoring broken n .omes by establishing peace between rasbands and wives. These and many lifter ministries of practical brotherly ove held the speaker's audience for nearly an hour of rapt attention. It was a vivid picture of a phase of life within our own prosperous America of which it is hard for a people living in midst of such abundance as ours to conceive of. Certainly we who heard this talk should be less ready to complain. Her auditors are under deep obligation to Mrs. Morris for this Blimpse of a strange world. Farmer Falls and Breaks His Leg. Prank McEnroe, who lives east of Algona on the McGregor street road, had the misfortune to fall off a windmill Monday and fractured his leg IR three places. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. f»MCm<8»^X83ffiC8^CO^^ Smokers' Headquarters AND SUPPLY STORE CAUj AT The Smoke Shop While attending tlie Big Kossuth County Fair. Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Pipes, and Soft Drinks. The Smoke Shop <&#ff&.<^:<%x^^ Foot Troubles Are you bothered with Corns, Callouses, Bunions or Brokens Arches'? If so, call for an appointment. 211?= P. E. Walley Office Phone Phone Osteopatllic Physician & Surgeon. Office over Zender & Oaldwell's store. KOSSUTH FARMERS CONTRACT BEETS American Beet Sugar GJ&, Gets Nearly Ninety Contracts in County, THEIR FIELD MEN HELP THE FARMERS, \ The Labor Problem Is Main Difficulty in Raising Beets. Mexicans Are Imported for the Work, The American Beet Sugar Company of Iowa and Minnesota has contracted with approximately ninety Kossuth county farmers' for from ten to sixty acres each of sugar beets of this fall's crop, amounting in all to 2,224 acres. Most of the farmers are located In the Bancroft, Ledyard and La* kota districts with a few around St Benedict. There are none in the A!- gona neighborhood. The company has a regular extension department and their field men have helped the farmers greatly in becoming acquainted with fertilzer and crop rotation. The company also puts out booklets monthly giving helpful information to the farmers. The offices of the Company for this district are located in Mason City. Beets run from about fourteen tons to the acre down and the prices ranges from six to nine dollars a ton. The price is based on the market price of sugar in New York in December. So much a ton is guaranteed' the fann- er for his crop and so much over that is paid him according to the market price of sugar in New York. The sugar content of the crop is also taken into consideration. The labor problem is the biggest item to contend with in the raising of •• beets. Mexican labor is imported as much^of oft-^-20 acres. MSB. John Troff-K-ao ac P. Qus ToHiie—four aetes, W. P. Vasfee—16 fccres. J. H. Welfares-three acres. Bap Wentworth—teft ie**s» Roy Wentw6rth—20 acres. Albert B. West—20 acres. Will Bros—36 acres. Herman Qabel—18 acres; A. fi. Wearer—20 acres. Rollle Steele—25 acres, femll Stenzel—25 acres. J. E. TJkeoa—20 aorts. Ed. Ixx>ft-»-ten acres. Ernest Hofmann—12 acres, A. E. Anderson—30 acres. Fred Christ—eight acres. RonteSS to FOrt <#hm she vtsfifd *t the tad Galbraith 'Union. The evangelistic meetings are In their third week. W& expect to close next Sunday evening. Avail yourselves ol these last few services. The last afternoon service will be held on Friday at two-thirty p. m. Services each evening, including Satin-ay, at eight. On the Lord's Day, Sunday School at ten, morning worship' at de>~ ven, preaching service at two-thirty and the closing service at eight o'clock. Every body is most cordially invited ot attend all theses services out m a tent. Feel free to bring your lunch and stay on the grounds between services if you wish.—H. Nell Malen, past- tor. S. Flfefle »nd tmdfr, Msrgartt, JohATwaft ftnd Ada attended ft piano recital At the home «t Miss Spies M Gr&ettHiiter Sfttutda| ftfternoon, Oertrude, who is \ \t«6l student of Miss Spies, sang ft. lew songs. After the reeltftj dutch refresh- nifiits were served by Miss Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Eumach of Whtt- ttmort entertained ft number ot relft> tlvt& at a six o'clock dinner test Wednesday evening in honor of Mr. 2a- mach's birthday, the followint were present: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ohnv and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Meyer and family; Mr.' and Mrs. Cart Zumach and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. & Leudtk* ' family, Mr. ftnd Mrs. Arthur 2U- Mfc and Mrs. Albert Wtttkopf and family of Letts Greek, Mr.- ant Mrs: August Zumach and family of Feirton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bausch, Mr. and Mrs. August Mlelke, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jacob and Mr. and' Mrs Reinhard Zumach and family. FOUR CORNER NEWSj the work is done by hand although some farmers are now getting around vhat by cross cultivation. The beets adapt themselves readily to the soil and weather conditions of the county. The following is a list of the farmers who have contracted with the company: .. Ed. Reece—50 acres. L. C. Richardson—25 acres. W. S. Hunt—25 acres. S. P. Powers—-25 acres. Jos. F.' Menke—four acres. Henry B. Menke—13 acres. P. H. Mescher—20 acres. N. A. Pingel^—32 acres . Alfred Barslou—60 acres. Arthur Countryman—25 acres. Paul Zielske^-30 acres. G. A. Amelsburg—20 acres. Arndorfer Bros—15 acres.^ Arndorfer Bros.—30 acres. /John J. Ahrend—25 acres. 'Altaian Akkerman—20 acres. Fred Boyken—30 acres. . Martha Boyken—30- acres/ ; AJfred.Barslou—60 acres. .Christ Berg—25 acres. Qerhard Berg—three acres. Lewis E. Bossma—20 acres. Thos^Berg—40 acres: Ernest Busch—35 acres. Busch Bros.—20 acres. Alvin' Busch—20 •'acres. Alvln' Busch—20 acres. Ed. Dontje—20 acres. Wm. H. Evans—40 acres. Roy L. Eichorn-^30'acres. Martin Gabel—20 acres. Ben O. Hauskin—20 acres. John Hartshorn—3Q acres. Walter Hans—ten acres. Holcornb & Vallentlne—20 acres- Sophia Isaacson—50 acres. Chas. O. Jacobson—55 acres. Floyd E. Jorgenson—80 acres. P. C. Jorgenson—45 acres. Albert Krosch—15 acres. Carl Kramersmeier—25 acres. Aug. Klinksick—30 acres. Michael Keller—20 acres. G. V. Kelling—30 acres. Chas. Kollasch—45 acres. E. W. Kieriitz—22 acres . L. C. Liebrand—13 acres. James Leslie—20 acres. J. A. Lloyd—30 acres. Neal Lynch—30 acres. Ben Lentsch—50 acres. , Bernard Looft—35 acres. J. K. Mastin—20 acres. Maas Bros.—60 acres. Gust Nelson—ten acres. F. G. Nltz—25 acres. L. A. N its—ten acres. ,' E. C. Peterson—30 acres. Wm. Poole—20 acres. Al Rosenmeyer—30 acres. E. R. Sheldahl—40 acres. T. G. Smith— 20 acres. John Simmons—20 acres. E. R. Sheldahl—15 acres. Geo. Smith—seven acres. Emil Stenzel—25 acres. Jasper Smidt—30 acres. Wm. H. Trasamar—15 acres. Mrs. Otto Wllberg and daughter; Jean, were ill last week; The Melvin Norland family was Emmetsburg callers Saturday. Dorothy Lage of Irvington spent the week end visiting with her cousin, Ber*nice Campbell. Mrs. Wllbert Richmond: of Armstrong spent Friday at the parental Wm. Osborn home. Clarence Osborn with R"party of four boys is in Langdon, North Dakota, working with a. threshing gang. The Misses Mildred Goetsch and Pauline Osborn attended an M. & pio nic at Interlaken last week Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Christensejr and family and Madelia Anderson were Sunday dinner guests ait the Fred Jensen home. . Forrest Chrlstensen accompanied his brother-in-law, Hal Inman, back to his home in Aberdeen, South Dakota, the past week. » I Mr. and Mrs. Ben Potter and attended a birthday party Sunday at Britt in honor of Mrs. Potter's sister, Mrs. B. F. Hartzell. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Engeseth of Frost, Minnesota, are visiting at the Oran Johnson home. Mrs. Engesetii and 1 Mrs. Johnson axe' sisters. Mr. and Mrs. George Charlson of Canyon, Minnesota,- are vibiting at the home of Mrs. Charlson's parents, Mr. and Mts.»C. -Mi fThompson. ' A large 'crowd attended the Ladies' Aid society meeting at the Ole Johan- nesqn home last, week Thnrsd&y., A collection was taken which amounted to nearly ten ' dollars. Mrs; Elmer Dye and cltildren of Mason <City and Mm. Duryea of Algona spent'the week end' at the-R. J. Campbell 'borne. Mrs. 'Dye Is a sister of Mrs/, Campbell and* Mrs!* Dnryea is her mother. -*3j i The^Wto. Osborn family motored to Spirit'* Lake this weeK Monday. They took back their daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Saxton and son, Ellis, who lived there and who have been spending the past week at the parental home here. Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen and family of Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown and sons, Melvin and Wilfred of Armstrong, Mrs. Jennie Oaborn and family and Mr. and Mrs. John Osborn and family and Esther Halver- Eon were dinner guests at the Mlllen Jensen home Sunday. Silo filling in this neighborhood was started last week Wednesday when the R. J. Campbell silo was filled by his run. It took twenty acres of corn to fill it as the bundles were so small due to the hot dry weather and the sandy soil. The rest of the siloes of the community are usually filled after the first killing frost. Margery Osborn, little five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Osborn, stepped on a rusty nail last Monday. She was taken to Dr. J. A. Devine at Bancroft to have the wound dressed. It was necessary to make a hole through her foot to clean out the wound. She was also given a shot of serum for the prevention of lockjaw. The Carl Seip family left Saturday <noxring for a visit with relatives--in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robinson left .Saturday morning for a trip through Minnesota and South Dakota. MM: J. P. Nickerson returned'home fast week Monday hfter spending several' days with hor -laughter, Miss Fern ITuling near Brlti. I The Wm. Draytons left last week on Thursday to visit with relatives of "Mr. iDiavton at Dav-erport and pointd in II inois for a few days. Hazel Mitchell went to HObarton-on Monday for a • few days to do the house work while the Roy Bjustrom family is at Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. l-uhl Fessler of Ring- stcd spent last ;veek Wednesday af rhe J. P. Nickerson home. Mr-j. Fessler was formerly 'Irene Nickerson: The Lloyd Potters and Irene Dalziel spent Saturday at Fort Dodge? Der»wood and Sherwood Potter spent' several days visiting the Dalziel home-in Algona last week.. ' The Good Hope Ladies Aid mec Friday afternoon at the home of'-Miss Arthur Cruikshank with Mrs. Mart Elmore and Mrs. Jessie Mitchell as assisting hostesses. : Among those who attended' the- Forest City jubilee Ja-'t week were -Irene, Lorotta, and Gru?c Walker. Orville Hcldren, Lois Broader; Cecil' Bjustrom and Mr. and Mrs. John- '' lit. and Mrs. Otto Harlan- and' two children, Clarice ~and Verle of Stock p:>rt, came to tha Etna- Mitchell home Friday for a visit. Mrsr Harttmt is- ar daughter of the Mitchell family.- The Andrew Bjustrom family;, tile Bud Patterson family of'Stratford;-Miss Anna Schultz of Algona- and' Miss ene Mitchell 'took their supper- to- teriaken and spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the park. . . Leo, eldest son of'the John-Sabins, felRfrom, tils-pony last- ^ day-wHlle. >idingt r witn- ^ near the latter's home and^spHntered the ankle bone in two-places-and 1 also chipped the bone- at' the end' of bis heel. The ankle was put to » cast at once. « About fifty members- of the> Four Corner young people's organization met with Irene and Elmer- Wlthamf Friday evening. Games on- the-lawn- furnished the entertainment. Among- the visitors present were Mary and' Gladys Scnultz of Algona and Eleanor- Patterson of Stratford, lowaj Mrs. Jessie Mitchell and daughter, Mrs. Otto Harlan left Friday evening for Chicago to--visit; Mr;, and Mrs. Lester Mitchell. They returned: Monday. ;v,,SPECIALS SUPERB BRAND MILK S s o u P PORKandBEANS 3MM 25c 3 m& - granulhted laibj.clothibag.. Limit an& Bag 'with': orders PMNE APPLE™' large; Mb;. can 29c cans' AlaskaPink SalmonZ *±29c NORTH STATE PEAS PEANUTS! Spanish salted Ptounds •for • Mason Jar Rings jg|g'21c- Mixed Fickle SPICE;;iS5L2Sc PA ROW AX' carton SOAP Electric Spark 10£ ars 29c r for Overalls and Jackets Extra 1 If value * < *^ Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In district court No. 3395. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will end testament of George L. Galbraith, deceased, dated February 17, 1826, and codicil dated December 11, 1929, having been this clay filed, opened and read, the 12th day of September, 1930, Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before the district court of sale! counly or the clerk of said court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned, all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August 0, 1930. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court. CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy. A. Hutchison, Attorney. 9-11 LOTTS CEEEK NEWS. "KONJOLA DID ALL CLAIMEUFORr SAYS fflPPY LADY Kong'ola Trimnpns after all Others Tried Failed. Ends Case- of Neuritis, Lester Is a son of the Mitchells. Among the tilings oMnteresJJ visited 1 were- the Llncaln-Park,- Garfieia; washing- ton and Douglas Harks: and the MllHatt Dollar Fountein'andJ mans? others-* Mr. .and; Mrs; Bud: Patterson? and children, Eleanor; Irene: and Lawrence il Stratford'camarto-:thft Andrew Bjus- rom home last wcejfc EWday andtvjat- ;d until Monday; J.o&n and 1 Victor Bjustnasti and. Mr* "WSctor Bjustrom. and Mr t Patterson, at Stratfowl' came to the Bjustrom; l.'ome last •meete on Tnurrd^y. Johb and Victor o«fcl>roti>- rs of Andrew?JBjiistarom. Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Drever were- Mason -City callers one day- last week: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rusuh and f ain- ily were Wbittemore callttis Saturday forenoon. " . Mrs. Harold Smith and' children, visited at the Wm. Schmfad! home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. M. A.. Meyer visited at the Arthur Riedel hajaw near Fenton Sunday evening. Mrs. K. B. Qhnt aad children were> supper guests at; She Wm. Schmlel home Saturday. Mrs. Carl Htll^ir and children of ate visited, with relatives oxid friends here last week. DAYS OF SUFFERING NOW QUICKLY 1NDBP The ntit time ym Mtt one of tbtit dayi, iff (Air inttont rtUtf yo(J gtt with Ditlard't Aipiryuia. Almost btfon you know it lie f Jin diiipptHi. ycui n«rv<« luJdenlf telis. With Aipttjum you chew tin pjio awjy. Far ll it Ibt fuuil Mplria obt»inibl« put up la chewing gum form. Npw yea cia tikf uplon lay lime, any plice. No waut. No billet tutc. No ihokins iiiuatlon. Btciuic you (fctiv Pillird'i Aiptrgmn the atplda oi»< tioioushly with tbt MUva 10 lb»I til ill KWlbUg qmlllili •H eff«l(K> q»ifU», -' »It brinji svlclt tclbf f«W »chlni b»dl, tootb- Icht, tbi _pjiu4 of nintill), ofnnlilt, irca Aiu- pulUm. If yout drujgUt 4ow not b»y« Dillird'« A»p»c|un), Mod fo« « '«» "»?!«.!» Hujib $l«Oj N«*»fk, N. j. F. W. Mitte®, who has been taking treatments Ux South Dakota *trlved home Saturday morning. Mr. aod Mrs. Wm. Fuvsteaau, Mrs. Wm, Sctimtol and Mr. and Mrs. Prank Shelter and family visited at the Noah Reisener home Friday evening. Mr. and Mri. O F. Llesaner drove to Ludy smith, Wtsc^nnin, laov Wednesday to attend the funeral o f . Gerhard Kiessln, brother of Mrs. Llesener. FLY SWATTERS BROOMS ^^^ / CANNING-' JTKUJ.T Fresh cars of fruit are continually being disM^' buted among Council Oafc'S'tores. Before buying- cannitig fruffibe*sure*aiftf inspect COUNCIL OAK PETJ1T ^ i , t ' v 1 ; . . f "" ' * , ~ . ,. x CoimcU <5afc Early;Kfis^.Program v ,. . ; rrbrtags 1 to'^ou^ every, morning iejtc6p> Sanday,'iJhe fi biaiclal5"weathBr,r,' \ 1 ^ forecast;';the correct ttnaej-^e.lWestlipress^report ," erll musical'niflnb'enl and, Council 'Oafc 1 Store .n Those whQi went to the. sfcuft Stir ast week Thursday from thla community wecfc W411 Walkae. Kaaawll, fetsX\ and. QpUfflft WalkeB, Bernard Platt, EarL Hich,, Mr. and Mr& -John and;BJw»lyn Nictecson* Most of them returned S^urdro porting a very pliant, time. Rev.-. Wood and Arthur Cruikshank" went: ten time fair Monday Morning- foe • &i few days. The Pour CoBjejp- Mottrew-, andj Daughters club nKt last week Thursday afternoon wtflj Mrs. No&le-Mltchv- ell as hostess. H»U call was- answered^ by "Diet and Dress for School cnlldi-, ren." A readiua'-WftS.sglWBiby Qrftoa WithaA. A paper entitled "Ellisrls- , land and Haj*or," was, wrlttem by- Pearl Walker anc} read byflrenfr Mttcn- ell. Nineteeni members; were> present. Two visitors,. Anna- ScUaltz and Mis* Wilson were'zUso present:* Cuaohi wa» served afteir the megMng.- The naxti, meeting vrWfru he^Owtombec-n witlu MM. Jyy z&W catt; will . answered by a "Brief Deacriptiom of My Birthnlace." DR, F. E, SAWYER low*. Mr. and Mra. K'H Lei^t** and their 6a\ phters, Mlldr'd and Mabel, are at the state fair In Des Moines a few days and from there they will go to Mr. and Mrs. ff^nil Laabs and child* ren left Thursday for a weeks' visit in Wisconsin, litovgaret Fletvi is atay- Jng with Margaret Laabs while her parents are goni". . Mrs. Wm, Bchmlel accompanied Mr. MRS. LILLIAN 8TOTR. Thousands discover Konjoliii.sft the last medicine tried—then calt ft the medicine they should have had 1 in the fUst place. The raejtUs of Kaojftl* arc proven, backed by the endorsement ol those who have put it to th& test and know what it will do. Mrs. Lillian stott, 4934 south 20th sfereet, Omaha, says: "For over tw« years I suffered from neuritis so bad: that I could not do my housework-. I was almost desperate. After-reading what Konjola has done lor others, I decided to give It a trial. It went right to work, end did all that was claimed for it. I cannot praise Konjola too highly, after what it did for me." f Konjola is designed to give thorough and lasting relief. Like any worth while treatment Konjolft &ould be taken from els to eight weekjs^-therefore gj,v* tog it a chance to produce the beat results, And the results will anxaze ypu—as tftey have thousands of men and women, Konjola le sold in Algona, Iowa, at E. W- Luaby drug store, and by all the beat druggists In aU towne throughout this entire section.—Adv, fyfrf dww owtvrmkb it «JT«ni|fiy4f?C/«« ffstiP '

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