The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, August 27, 1930
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DBS itolttfcS, «th SMfl fcEPtteLldAN. 8*th tSAft AMOHA, IOWA, WEBMSftAt, AUGUST 27,1930 VOL. 28-KO, If THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR STARTS MONDAY New Grandstand Will Not be Used Because Steel Failed to Arrive.- ATTRACTIONS ABE BEST DISPLAYED. Fireworks WU1 be on for Three Nights and Friday Night Ernie Young Pate on Gorgeous Wedding. The seventy-second annual Kossuth county fair will start off with a bang next Monday, September 1st, the same being entry day, and ends Friday, September 5th, with a special prdgram of the Four-H clubs of Kostmth county and adjoining counties. The fair management hopes and expects that the attendance this year , will be-the largest In the history of the association. It ^as fully expected that the new grandstand would be erected and In operation but due to the fact that the steel was delayed, having been promised by August 1st and delivered August 20th, it was out of the question to finish J;he same in time for the celebration this year. The steel .is now In the process of erection, the lumber is on the ground, and the association hopes that its friends will bear with the old stand for this, its final year. The many improvements made since the last fair including fee increased ground and parking space show the trend and aims of the association and • all should do their part toward this end. The attractions were contracted with the thought of the 'additional seating capacity of the new amphitheatre and are:without question the best ever attempted by the association. The Nine Allisons, which is x the stellar attraction, are recently import«i from Europe and have never before been shown at county fairs. JTheir route so far has been to the east, at the larger state fairs. It is, what Is -known as ','rlsley, act,".^The-heavier men lie on ttyeir *acks arid ,wlth their feet catapult '4h~e Blighter 'athletes Info --—- Seneca Matt Sold Farm for $175,00. A. L. Anderson, Well kndwn Sene-r ea man was in Algona Saturday look- Ing after business matters and paid the Upper Des Molnes'.RepUbllcan a short visit, Mr. Anderson has just sold his eighty-acre farm which ad-, joins the Seneca Consolidated school on the west, for *11B per acre. This Is one of the best sales we have heard of lately. Mr. Anderson took for pare payment perhaps the finest residence lh Blngsted, and he and his family wlU move to Ringsted abrfut the first of next March. Mr. Anderson is one of the pioneer men of Kossuth county, coming here with his parents fifty- seven years ago in 1873, when a year old. He has lived in the Seneca neighborhood all of his life and on the farm lie just .sold for over "thirty years. The place has been sold to Lewis Larson of Ringsted. The buildings are only fair but the land, Is well tiled and well fenced. The price paid is considered as practically cash as Mr. Anderson has been offered as mucfr in cash as was allowed in the deal for .the Ringsted residence property: V The Anderson family have many old friends to Seneca, who will be-s6rr#'to see them depart from their home for so many years. However, Ringsted is only a few miles over west In Palo Alto county and the family will still be accessible to their old friends. DIES IN CAR WHILE RETURNING HOME Isom C, Shawlian, of Mitch- ellyille, Dies front Heart Trouble Friday. FIRST THOUGHT TO^BB ASItEEP. FILM GRAFTER IS PICKED UP HERE Had Attractive Propositioh for Filin Dealers on a Fake Company. APPEEHENDED IN PETERSON STUDIO. Was Wanted in Grundy County for Obtaining Money Under False pretenses. Used Many Names. E. S. Brookman, alias F. A. Childcre and numerous .other names was arrested in Algona Tuesday after he had tried to put over his film proposition to A L. Peterson. Brookman was wanted in Grundy county under the name of Ohilders on a charge of obtaining money under Mse pretenses The Grlindy'. county sheriff had seni out notices to photographers over the state; so that they might be on" the lookout for the man and the Peterson Studio was prepared. Brookman was selling the Gayvert film to dealers with the proposition that they give away a kodak with six films sold to the customers. : The plan looked good. But it seems that there is no Gayvert Company. There is a well known company however, which is known as "The Gevaert Company, say it "Gay-vert" anc the salesman had taken advantage ol the name. Brookman asked for half of the'amount:of the cost of the films and kodaks as a down payment. While he was talking in the studio one'of'.the members of the'! studio staff stepped into another office and telephoned. Sheriff Hovey .who: came over sized up the situation and went down on the street to locate the man's car whlcly-.fWas, supposed to bear a Texas nun5toerr<accordlng to. information on hand; "~ and- ( . the car ^,he came was nd the 'f ter him to one against the possibility of anyone sitting through the act without laughing. The' clown dog furnishes fun and guarantees plenty of laughs. ' This act has been featured to the ease on the Keith-Orpheum circuit during the past winter. Most people on a .fair grounds expect to see at lekst one act that will give them a genuine thrill and tha Three Jansleys at the top of an eighty- foot rigginor guarantee to furnish thai thrill. This is another European acr and will J"*ve to be seen to be appreciated. The spin-in-loops Is a stunl that has never before been attempted by any aerialists and will have to be seen to be appreciated. The Randow Trio will furnish' good, wholesome fun. It" is a rare combination of skilful and darinir gymnastics . and acrobat'c work and the funniest a»tlcs that have ever been seen. This primarily was contracted by the fair 1 management with the thought of entertaining the children, but it is guaranteed to furnish plenty of laughs for young and old alike. ^ The * Thearle-Duffield Fireworks Company will furnish the fireworks for the three nierhts, and Ernie Young, "The Ziegfeld of the Middlewest," will close the fair with his gorgeous wedding. When Helen Gould was married to her. famous purchased duke, the wedding was a topic for months in advance of the actual ceremony. This wedding will make the Gould nuptials look like a quiet home affair. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be a full program of races, trots, and paces each day and one run. Friday is derby day, There will be five races -for the Jumpers who are becoming more popular every yean The early entries promise that the nice barns will be full and plenty of starters in each class. ' There will be a baseball game each afternoon as per the advertisement In another part of this issue. There will be a dance every night with CSiff Mandy's Marigold Band furnishing the music. The midway will furnish amusement and entertainment, in short, everything has been arranged for the education and amusement of the large crowds who are expected to attend. • she admission prices have not been advanced in spite of the fact of the large entertainment offered. Sauerkraut Day at Lakota on Saturday. The Lakota boys are all lined WP for their annual celebration of SMWP< kraut Pay next Saturday, August 30, and we suppose that Ed, Thaves and the rwt of "the good fellows up there will be on hand as usual to extend a welcome, to their friends from all over Free sauerkraut and R.,Rtaehart In Algori^Friday p. ni. about thr,ee o'clock as he was return- tag to his home with Mr. and M*s. Rinehart and then* two little daughters from Estherville, where they bad visited a son of the Rineharts. He had apparently been to his usual health up until the time of his death, and for a short tune it was thought that he was merely asleep In the car. The FORCED INTO BANK VAULT BY TWO BANK ROBBERS. Mrs. Howland Smith Died in Chicago. Mrs. Howland Smith, a former wrll known Algona woman died In a hospital In Chicago Saturday after an operation and uremia poisoning. Mr. and Mrs. Smith make their home In Santa Monica, California, but both were In Chicago at the time of Mrs. Smith's Illness and death. Mr. Smith Is a post office Inspector and travels over the country. For the past several weeks he had been working in Chicago, and Mrs. Smith joined him there after visiting with relatives and friends at Burlington, Iowa, which was her .home before she was married. She was taken sick 'While In Chicago. Mrs. Smith was about fifty years of age. Before her marriage she was a primary teacher In Algona at the Third Warrl building, and she and Mr. Smith Hved here a few years after they werj married. When they left Algona they went east, but later Mr. Smith was transferred west where they have since made their home. They had no children. Burial was made at Burlington Monday afternoon. The message telling of her death was received by Mrs. C. B. M. Smith, a sls- ter-ln-law rf DCS Molnes, who Is here taking care of her mother, MM. Oha?. Barry. C. B. M. Smith and Howland Smith are sons of the late John Smith. Titonka Couple Was Married Here Saturday* John W, Wlbben of Titonka and Augusta C. M. Tegtmeyer of Wesley were married by the Rev. C. E. Olsson at his home Saturday afternoon at five o'clock. The couple was attended by Harm Wlbben and Louise Tegtmeyer. KOSSUTH EXHIBITS "—courtesy Des Molnes Register. CONSUEIX) HANNA. Miss Consuelo Hanna of LuVerne, who was in the Bank of LuVerne last Wednesday when the bank was held up and robbed of about $6000 by two robbers. In the bank with her were her brother, W. Scott Hanna, president of the bank, and Arthur Hof, who is one of the bank employees. The three were commanded to He face down on the floor while the robbers picked up the money. They were then locked hi the vault while the two men made their get away. The Chevrolet car in which the robbers made their getaway was found back of a straw pile near the Galbraith switch on Thursday by a farm boy who went in the field to plow. , The ear was brought to Algona and three state agents, Harold Gazelle, P. D. Van Wagner and Ray Scott came up from Des Monies and took the windows and windshield back to Des Moines to obtain finger prints. The car belonged to S. E. Spangler of Janesville, Minnesota, and was.stol- en from that town on Tuesday. It was a 1929 Chevrolet coach. The number It carried had been lost about three months ago. A grader had been over the road leading to the field where the car was found thereby destroying any tracks which might have been made by another car the robbers had stationed there. At the time we go to press the officers here have not received any word from the state agents to regard to the finger prints. LWERIJOCTOR photographers made>with part of- the fact that he was dead was discovered as^Sunday^at as the car -was betaer driven along in front of the E. Hoppe residence on North Jpnes street. Doctors were sum- mohett»ftt once, but the man had been dead about flve minutes. The under- takerfrc-ro Mitchellville came for the body Friday evening. Mr. Shawhan was abmit eighty years of age at the time pffhis death which was caused by heart country todteatedHhat he ,wa s doing well. He was 'ft eod'talker, well dressed, and of a pleasing; personality. j ' Hgyju-t- ~ > , ^-VS?-""' ' Ex-ServiceMan Died Suddenly. Bancroft friends of Henry Stelpflug were saddened to hear of his death NbwlWe Have Soutih Ex-Senator Adams Visitt in Algona. Senator H. O. Adams dropped in on his Algona friends today for a short visit and to look after some /business matters, He and his wife live at Beverly Hills, a libs Angeles suburb, and A. P. Clarke makes her home them. The senator is looking fine and says that he is doing some real estate business. He made the trip in his Ford coupe alone. The senator says to tell the Kossuth county people for him that he-still has faith in Koss/ulh. county land, and says that industry and economy will bring them through all right. He is leaving tonight for'home, by way of Des Mbines. in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Stelp- flug had been ill with tuberculosis wought on by an attack of flu last January. He served in Company C, 352 regiment of the 88th Division overseas with the rank of private, His parents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Stelp- iiig settled near Bancroft forty-one years ago and before their death were among the outstanding citizens of that :ommunity, ' Henry; Bernard Stelpflug was .bom April 10, J893, on the farm three miles northwest of Bancroft and died August 24, }930,t'at the age of thirty-seven years, ; He was the son of Mr, and Mrs. John A- Stelpfiug. He attended the country schools of that neighborhood and the school In Bancroft, He was a member of the American Legion and Mrs. with weew' serv«J to all at the noon ob hour »nd a *ul Mae of sports and ft ball game between Buffalo Center "and Bancroft are on the program. mn h ° ft ar fo me m * n ' .Wejlejr of SSk <NW«ttW » \ •WsWffrV J^PjSl -•—^- — i* * Fire Burns Several Buildings Near Wesley, Buildings on the Gus Carlson farm seven miles northwest of Wesley were destroyed by fire Monday when a gasoline barrel to one of the sheds somehow caught on fire. The corn crib, granary, machine sheds and machinery were all destroyed. The house and bani were left standing, A fourteen year old daughter of the Carlsons was st home when the fire was discovered. She threw water on the burning gasoline barrel with the result that the flames spread end turned her arm sev^ ertly. The rest of the family was not at home. The Algona fire department was called out, but because of confused diwptions fts to the location of the place.L,(JW not roach the scene of the fire, '• .•' " • , City'* Main Streejt Being Paved. Swea City, August 37. Special: Fav- ing began In earnest on main street on Monday of last week. Ten local men with teams were employed get- tltig the street r^ady and on Sunday twrfysftve wore njer^cwne and»«"»»" wpifc on, Monday, where they have purchased , y have made many friends • the Woodmen lodge, spent on the home All his -life was farm with the Des'^plfces^Rwrtster & Trl- sendlng Harlan - Miller, a member of their staff and writer of "Over the Coffee 1 ' column, to SoutJ; America, is merely, following in the, footsteps of the" Upper Des Molnes- Republican, whose feature writer, Will Walker, had arrived in South America before the Des Moines writer had started on his trip. Mr. Walker and wife will spend some time in South America, and will send this paper a series of letters which will be interesting to our many readers. He Is a splendid writer and has a wide knowledge of world events, He and Mrs. Walker will visit their son at Beunos Aires, in the Argentine, the Paris of the South American continent. Mr. Walker's first letter appears in another column of the Upper Des Molni es-Republlcan today. exception of the time he served his country during the World War. He never married, He leaves to mourn the followlng'brothers and sisters: John of Belgrade, Minnesota, Theresa and Anna of Bancroft, Mrs. Mary Zeigman and Mrs, Prances Schwaller of Odebolt, Clara, of Minneapolis and Mrs. Femanla /v"on Bank of Armstrong. Funeral services were held this morning at St. John's Catholic church in Bancroft, Father J. D. Flsch officiating. Burial was In the Catholic cemetery at Bancroft. < „..,., Out of ; town relatives who attended the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zeigman and family of Odebolt, Mrs, Henry Bohwaller and family of Wall Lake, Mr. and Mrs. John Stelp- flug, Belgrade, Minnesota, Mr. and Hugo Hagerman, Pestlna. Iowa, Clara Stelpflug of Minneapolis and Mr. and Mrs; Henry Idchter of Algona. Jacob Teuscher Attended State Fair, Jacob Teusher who has been caretaker of the Algona Fair association buildings fpr the pact twenty years attended the Ipwa state fair Monday as a guest of Secretary A. R. Corey, and occupied a b,ox to the amphitheatre with Governor Hwninin and Chairman Alesanfler Legge of the Federal Farm Board. Jake came home with some very exalted ideas as to how the home fair should be conducted this year, .. --r-tu-t , ....... J. . - *• Family Moves to Nora Springs Wed, ne BQofe August 27. Special; Mr. Mrs. Carl goiler and family will leave » n Wednesd&y for Nora Springs meat Body of Bancroft Lady Brought Back. Bancroft, August 27. Special: The burial of Mrs. J. F. Johnpon, who died in Pasadena, California, March 31, 1930, took place at the Greenwood cemetery Saturday afternoon, August 23, Rev. Olsson of Algona offclating at the short services held at the grave. Mrs. Johnson's daughter, Mrs. Eda Johnson Clarke of Venezuela, South America, accompanied the remains. The pall bearers were N. E. Sheridan, A. W. Murray, L. F. Kennedy, R. E Goddard, J. Sherman, James Hanson. Mrs. Johnson was born Clarke ol and Mrs. Eda South America , Nelson, G. W. Carmean, and Charles in Sweden in"l881 "and" died in Pasadena, California, March 31, the sudden cause of her death being a stroke. She was married to J. P, Johnson who died in Bancroft in 1810. She was a former resident of this vicinity and was very well known. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Victoria Pasadena, California, Clarke of Venezuela, and one sister, Mrs. Anna Nordquist of Olds, Iowa. Out of town relatives attending the services were Mr. and Mrs. Nels Hedyman and son, Lawrence. Mrs. O. E. Peterson and son Walter of Minneapolis and Mrs.. Amanda Beckstrom of St. Paul. Romsted Sells out to Eagle Grove Man. O. K. Romsted announces that he has. sold out his position in the Fairmont creamery station across from the Kohlhaas Bros, garage to Ray Newel from Eagle Grove. Mr. Romscert has been' an efficient manager there for the past year or so, but feels that he must get some outside interest of his health, work in the Bernice Stock to Teach at Eagle Grove Miss Bernioe stock is to teach phy steal education in tfre Eagle-Grove schools this fall. Bhe will leave on Saturday for JKagle Qrpve where schoo begins Monday. BsmJce was graduat from Qrinneii a. yew ago to June, an< nejr took advanced wprk at Lacrosse SEPT. 5, CLUB DAY AT COUNTY FAIR Kossuth County Fair to Entertain Four-H Clubs on Last Day of Fair. FREE FAIR TICKETS FOR ALL MEMBERS. Ail Clubs to Parade Before stand. Girls ot The Portland Demonstration Team on the Program Saturday. CO. FAIR EXHIBITS LARGER THIS YEAR. Surrounding Counties are Planning Entries in District Baby B«ef Show at the County F«4r. (By E. R, Morrison, count/ Agent.) , From the Women's building down to the furthcrest pure bred beef heifer cattle barn, Kbssuth county state fair visitors will find well ranking exhibit* prepared by local people. The Women's project exhibit show- Ing the results of the third yoaf home furnishing and supervised by Mrs. J. H. Warburton and Mrs. Ous Torlhe In the basement of the women's building. ', Demontslratlon Team., The Portland demonstration team omposed of MM. S, M. Peterson and Jrs. Alfred Godfredsort gave their'de- lonstratlon Saturday morning at ten- hlrty. The KoSStith county exhibit; nd demonstration will be Judged to- ether In comftetttlttn and platings will e announced Friday, August 29. This emohstratlon was'Vey'jfftVoi'iW coni- mented upon by; ever failed to nterest whenever given. 1h6 women having given the dempriiftS$&^a|,the Mid-West fanrt bureau HlWvlng at Ames, the Invitation coming' through he desire of the program committee to nclude at their conference one out- tandlng example of women's project achievement In the state asjBarried on. hrough the farnvJbureaU. " ' The Four-H Btrls' dempnsfe cam and health gjrls will during this week, Livestock 1 BUILDING A NEW OFFICE BUILDING. He and Mrs. Jansc Have Rented L. Daub Home on West College Street. J. Dr. P, V. Janse has decided to give ;p his general practice of medicine at LuVerne and he and Mrs. Janse will move to Algona about the first of November. They have rented the J. L. Daub home on West College street. The Daubs will move Into their new Bungalow which is located beside the lome which the Janses have rented. Work on Dr. Janse's new office building was started the first of the week by H. R. Oowan & Son. The building will be a small brick structure, one story high, containing three rooms, a reception room, office and a drug room. The building Is about 18 by 18 feet, and is located on Dodge street between the Legion hall arid the express office, on a lot recently purchased by Dr. Janse.. Former Fenton Boy Died in Illinois. v Fenton, August 27, Special: Leonard Cornelius was born ar Opdyke, Jefferson county, Illinois, October 11, 1G14, and passed away at his Jiome on Tuesday evening, August 19, at the age of fifteen years, V;n months and c.'ght dcys. The young man was stricken with infantile paralysis and' lived only a week. In 1915 the family moved to Lake City where they lived for three years, since then they have lived on the A. E. Helland farm five miles west of Fenton. He attended the grade school In the country and had flnisflied his freshman year In the Fenton high school. He leaves to mourn his loss, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Comellusi three brothers and two sisters, Lloyd, Earl, Duane, Thelma and Virgene. In addition to these relatives he is survived by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Cornelius, and two great grandmothers, Mrs. Harriet Smith and Mrs. Mary Cornelius, all of Opdyke, Illinois. Funeral services were conducted at the home on Thursday afternoon, Eev. E. T. Gerkin officiating. Interment was made In the M. E. cemetery south of town. clup ,ooy and giri'^n the county accompanied by, their 'leader is "expected'to attend'. The fatr association'Is sending out free tickets for PridSy^to every cjub member and club leader In l 'th§j> county. This is tfie first time the county fair has extended an invitation to the club boys and\flrls of the county to make the last day,,of the fair Four- H club day. \ Bring your lunches in'paper sacks possible and this will save gathering up baskets and dishes after dinner. Th picnic will be held on grounds roped off, near the round Wellendorf sal pavilion on the w$8t< side of the rac track. •'" •'••• At one o'clock p,< m, following th picnic dinner a parade'of all the clu members will be held before the grand stand. We want every Four-H boy an girl in this parade accompanied b their club leader. Each club will car ry.a banner with its name on it. Fol lowing the parade the Four-H girl will put on their stunt of "Crownin the Queen," and the "'Petal Drill" be fore the grand stand. While the girl are putting on their show the boys an girls having calves, colts, mules, etc Will get their stock ready for the bl Four-H livestock parade. This will b the largest and best parade of Four H stock ever shown at the Kossut County Fair. All livestock entries should be at th fair grounds on Monday not later tha six p. m. Be sure and bring the tlcke' sent you by the fair association o Monday when you bring in your stoc' These tickets will be accepted by the fair secretary for fifty cents in payment of your exhibitor's ticket, which will admit you day and night for the entire fair. All calves shown this year will receive two dollars whether you get in on the winning money or not. Let every club leader an dclub member make this the crowning event of the Four- H club year's work. The Annual Country Club Cup Tournament. The annual cup tournament of the Algona golf club will begin on Tuqsday, August 26th, and pairings are now posted at the club house. The first flight ends Sunday evening, August 30, at which time all names will be scratched who have not played, unless your opponent refuses to* play in which case you will notify the committee and your name will be continued. Subsequent flights end on Sunday evening of each succeeding week. Try and arrange to play your first flight Pipe Pierces Throat During Dizzy Spell. Lakota, August 27. Special: Herman Gollnow, a retired farmer living in the south part of town, has been troubled lately with dizzy spells. Sunday evening he was taken with one of these spells and fell. He had been smoking, and the stem of the pipe pierced his throat under his tongue and cut an artery This caused him to lose considerable blood. Although The Four-H udglng team who ternuon placed much stock l^dstpf^^^^.p^^^ ^ -rJWi, county. Ttwyis Lye. creditable ao- s when the classes' iek. Florence Gels? heifer by virtue of winning first hi'lfe olub class will also compete hi the opeh^ass competition. Exhibits to be Bigger, Kossuth county fair agricultural ejc " hlblts will be bigger and betttiF-iln ev- at the Dutch lunch noon if possible. Thursday after- Ladies' Night at Pony Golf Course. John Haggard, manager of the pony golf course on East McGregor street, announces that ladles will be admitted tree on Saturday evenings when accompanied by a paid companion. Mr. Haggard has the course fixed up in an attractive style and is doing a good ouite 8r, he Is getting along nice- .business. An ad appears elsewhere in care of Pr William*. | this paper. ery sense of the word at the September l to 5. Additional ment and the new baby beef and club barn recently purchasedVfrom Mr, Wellendorf will add to the setting for the show and, offer the ever increasing number of Four-H club children greater opportunities to display their livestock, • The club show will include, several state prize winners amoflfti-the' baby beef exhibits and exhibitions in the da»V club department, willr he C{ W} T petink for the trips to.the pairy.'Oat- tlij .Congress at Waterloo in October. Other Counties Enter. Several surrounding counties are planning entries in the district baby beef show and\the fair association has arranged dormitory space in the.dairy cattle barns for tfle use of .outside the county exhibitors 8s. well as.the.local club members who stay at the fairgrounds with thelisjiyestocfc Supervised club.dormitories as\arranged and conducted at the leading--, fairs are proving very successful as\a means of housing the young showmensand the addition of such accommodations at. the local fair will be appreciated'W— tlcularly by the exhibitors froraitne- more distant parts of the county; who heretofore have only been able to be- present on show day for-want of some- comenient arrangement that wouici let them stay with their exhibits. Four-H club demonstration*?, cow> " test association exhibits, men and YM>men's project exhibits and girls' clubs are all making specia} plans for this year's fair and competition,. • Sanitation Exhibt. Humboldt county's swiue sanitation exhibit, which was one of the prize winning booths at the state fair, will be re-assembled at the Kossuth county fair. This exhibit is interesting and instructive, showing the accomplishments of the swine disease control in the neighboring county and has been prepared for the same group of exhibits in which Kossuth county won first and sweepstakes last year with the soils exhibit. Lakota Family Has Luck. Lakota, August 27. Special: The O. A. Winter teuully seeui to be having more than their share of trouble the past few months, in the spring Mrs. Winter was very ill for several weeks, then her fajber. Ausust Qgten,, makes bis Home wito tfeesft was ill and is stili benUwt. About two weeks ago Mr. WJttter «%», laid up for some tiia* wban felt b#J Wa took hurt, when air,

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