Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 2, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1896
Page 6
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You will flnd one coupon Inside each two ouuoo bus and two coupons Inslclo e»cb four ounce bagof Blackwel 1'a Durham. Buy a bag of this celebrated tobacco and read the coupon—which gives n Hut of valuable presents and bow to got thorn. NOTHING BUT THE GENUINE "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH S A POLIO SHOOK THE EARTH, r ill Ills No:ir Emt Alton, 111,, Es- plodo, Killing Tliree Men. St. Louis, Sept 1.— With a clutonnlion Hat shook the earth for miles the {Equitable powder mills mnu- Knst Al-ton, 111., exploded at eight o'clock Tuesday morning;. Henry Beg-as, Henry 3Jog*rs and Thomas Keffnr, employes of HE REFUTED THl LIE. Turned Over Only Flvo Timo« Aftet B«i Jumped. Bill Haw was an awkward, ungainly young man, whose life was spent on a Kansas farm, says the New York World, He lived near the little station of Hackney and on one occasion came from a ucar-by town on the train. It dashed IJoircrsann J nowas j\eiiiM-,i-ni|inv'.- ; '-" -"••" "j — --- . , . ^epowdc'.-wo,-i<s,wercinsUH,llvkilled.| up toward-the pUiUorniatalughrateof and 0. II. White badly 'Injured. | speed. The engineer tried to apply the 'The bodie.s o-f Jiegas, itogers ami were blown through the soof of the low structure nnd hurled J-undreds of yards through the nil'. Thev reached the earth in fragments. JArros. legs and pieces «f flesh were atre-wa over the ground. The cause of the explosion is at present unknown. A relief train was immediately sent irom Alton with several surgeons on fcoard. The mill has been in operation two years. _ _ • BUILDING A NEW AIR SHIP. Aeronaut* Believe They Hav» nir-brakes to stop the train, but they refused to worl;. He whistled for the hand brakes and the brakemcn and the conductor "began twisting them as if their lives depended upon stopping the train. Bill saw that something was tJic matter and concluded that he was the cause of it. The train wns post the station, and he feared he would bo taken past his home. .Standing-on the lower pint- i form he gave a wild leap oil the train. I in describing Bill's descent after- j ward the postmaster, at Hackney, who 1 had seen Bill's flight through the air, i said: "I thought some one had thrown with a..car underneath. The ___. •srill be 15 feet long and four feet in diameter, made of.'oiled silk. . The/car will bo :fivc fce-t long. A battery for the manufacture of gas will be placed in the car, Tt-hich. will supp'ly the ship with a continuous stream of gas. There will be one- propeller at tho rear.of the ship (Und two in front. The air ship is be- Sng built for public tests, and if it proves satisfactory the Ousab brothers are fjonfident they can solve the problem of aerial navigation. ; AD Adroit Flea. •" In the breach of promise case ol Toote vs. Greene, in which the latter was •alleg-ed to have been cajoled into the engagement by the plaintiff's mother, l*£e- lady 1 , completely baffled Scarlett, i 'irno.was.counsel for tho defendant. By lone of the happiest strokes of advocacy io turned his failure in to success. "You •rnv, gwntlemen of tho jury, I was but a '••KM in h«r haiuls. .What, then, must •my client.have been?" A Boy'n tetter. The- Fortnightly vouches for the genuineness of the following extract from "*A Boy's Letter to His Mother:" "I- am glad I have a new sister, but wiBh. she hod been a boy. Seems to me jf.the'Lord couldn't have sent a boy He might nt least sent a pony. * . "* * Can't I have griddle cakes the days I 'don't have salad? You always used to pet-mo.'. * * * There is lots of game (here. There nro mice in the house and tn-te in the barn, and chipmunlcs in the ,«oods. I am going to bring home one.. '*• * .-» j s a toy a pig if ho is helped iOtree times? I mean., if they are small Belpmgs-and they insist?" . Renssela"eTTlnd7Se'pt." l.-At Good- rfcmd,' S'ewton county, S. P, Thompson, at Rensselaer, was nominated 'by the jcpnblicans for /judge of the Thirtieth -Jndicinl circuit, to succeed Judge VV ilny, .who is n candidate on the republican state- tfc.Vet.for appellate judge. ^.i* u ...~.~ . torn ofE him, his face and hands skinned- and an appearance of terror on his fnce. He actually turned over eight times after he jumped before he stopped/' "That is a lie!" exclaimed Bill, who had listened to the narration. "I never turned over eight times. I-turned over five times. I reckon I ought to know. I counted "cm," I'nbllc service oir J»anway«. The number of passengers carried by the railways during the year ending June 30, 1895, was 507,421,302, which chows a decrease of "33,266,837. The number of passengers reported as carried one mile was 12,188,446,271, a decrease of 2,100,999,022 being shown when compared with figures for the previous year. The number of tons of freight carried, us reported by rail•ways, was 696,761,171, which gives an increase of 08,574,618 for the year. The number of tons carried one mile was returned ns 85,227,515,891,' indioat- In" nn increase of 4,892,411,389. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provlnlons, Etc. Chicago, Sept, 1. FLOUR—Quiet and steady. Quotations nrc as follows: Winter—Patents, S3.4003.CO; Btralfc-hts f"CO®3.!0; clears, $2.50<o>2,nO: seconds, *1.M@2.M; law prades, P.T^'M- Spring-patents, JS.K'fM.T:.; strtilithts, J260 &l 20- bakers', S2.1002.K: low grades, $1.50® 1*75; Red -Dop. $1.20(ifl.'lO; Rye, $2 0002.20. . ' WTIE-XT-Slow trading nnd lower. September, M<(KiC%c;. December, iiS%©5!)%c. ' CO-RN-Wffi.lt. No. 2, 20%(S)20%c: Xo, 3 Yellow, M%fj!21V4c; Sc.pteinber, 20%@20%c; December. 21%ifJ22J4c; May, 24%®25V4c. OATS—Fair trndlng and easier. No. 2 cash, ific; Soptemhcr, JSVieiS^c: May, 18,« @10o. Samples lower. No Grade, ln8>J3c. No 3 IZiflSc; No. 3 White, 1CSU3C; No. 2, 17 <SH7%c: No, 2 White, •]9 1 /j@20M;C. MUSS PORK—Market fairly active and prices hlfilior. Quotutlons ranircd at U70 ®5.7S for caHh; ?5.52y,(i3-0.7S for fecpterriber J5.C5<ri5,77'.-i 1 -' or October, and $lj.»Li(oll>.b7yj i«r January. LARD—Tru-dlng moderate and prices RHEUMATISM! i . i Results | from a. Bad! Liver and ; can be Cured by Using Dr. J. H. MCLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY I BALM % A Certain Remedy for .-Diseases of the Liver, ^Kidneys arid Urirxary. .Organs Price, $1.00 Per Bottlf .THC.-DII..J.. M. MOHAN MCDICIHE Co. •T. LOUI«, MO. —ran higher. Quotations ranged, at J3.32tS@ij.35 fo? cash; J3.!7VS@3.32«. for September; J3.S7V4 fl3.40 ior October, and J3.72%i0iS.75 for Jan- "IsUTTKR—Market firm at U@lCc for creameries and 10@l-lc tor dairies. LIVE POULTBY - Quiet. Turkeys, S@ lie; Chickens, 7©SVic: Ducks, S&S^c per. pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00®G.jO. WHISKY—Steady on tho basis of !1.2« for hlghwlnes. New York, Sept. 1. FLOUR—Quiet, unchanged. • WHEAT—No. 2 red fairly active, weak, Mi>%c lower. September, C3%@63V4o; December, CC 1-1MJC6 9-lCc; March, 69H®69%c; May, (iD%£-70ttc. CORN—No. 2 more active, %®%c lower. Vn " 28 1 i(ffi''7Wc- September, 25%@26%c; Oo- tDbc'r. 20$©26%c: December. 28@28.Ac; May. ^OATS-NO. 2 quiet and steady. Soptcm- ber, 20c; October,' 20?ic; weatern, lS@J8c. . BEKF—Quiet, steady, unchanged. PORK—Steady. New moes, $7.25®S.25. . LAKD-Duli, steady; steam-renderea, X3 73 BUTTER—Steady; fair demand. Western dalrv, 8Sll2c: do. creamery, J«4®lCJ4c; So factory, 71i@lU4o; Elglns, ICV.c; Imitation creamery, 10®12M>c. CHE1CSE—Quiet; part skims, 2«fBc. EGGS-Falrly active, steady. Western. . H@lBc. • ' " i,lT« -Htook. Chicago, Sept. J. CATTLK-Market steady. , Fair to best beeves, ?S.OO@4.SO; »tocker. and feeders, P 30(93.70; mixed cows and bulls, $1.2003.40, Texaa, 52.SC03.05. HOGS—Market weak to 5c lower on light, others bfrong. Light, 4I.J5©3.40; rough nackms $255®2.75i mixed and butchera'. K8W335- heavy packing and shipping, J2'.75®3.23; pips, $2.50®?. 3f. Scope of Civil Service Widened to Include War Department. Ten Thousand Employes Placed on Classified List—Cause of Delay in Taking This Step. Washington. Sept. l.-Ten thousand employes under the war department were classified in the civil service Tuesday in accordance, with the sweeping- order of the president of May G last, which extended the operations ot the law to practically all government em- ployes except those laborers whose work did not require nny s'teht amount of technical skill or intelligence above an ordinary degree. The delay .in male- ing the classification in the war department was due to the tremendous difficulty involved in including all those on the pay roll of the engineer!: division, consisting of about 5,OCn persons employed in various capacities some of n temporary nature on rivers, and harbors improvement at out of th« way points throughout the country. In many o£ these plnces the worlc goes on in summer only nnd at others in winter only, but a provision hns been inserted in the rules to permit the lurlougliing witout pay of efficient men, M'ho can thus be recmployecl without examination when operations are re sumecl within n year. The civil servinn commission has also perfret.ed arrangements whereby lists of elig'iblcs nr" available hereafter foi- all vacancif that may occur. That MIC sweeping effects of the order are broadly interpreted by Secretary I/imnnt to include' even laborers who perform duties requiring n comparatively mediocre Intelligence is shown by UK' fact that in his own oflice, but. two persons, tlio confidential clerks of himself and Assistant fled list, those lidns-specific-nlly'. xi'mpt from examination by law. Even tbe ehici clerk of-the department ;:nd all the heads of divisions are placed unde,- protcct.ion of the civil service statute. A BIG"~INDEMNITY. The Porte Will Iluve to Snltld with l''or- elBiiorirorI<oli«Sii»tiiliieill)urliiB Klotn. Coustuntiiioplc, Sept. 1.—The number of persons killed in Sunday's rioting- at Hasskein is estimated at 200. The owners of the houses which were looted in that town are retiming and have succeeded,in getting some of their lost goods restored to them. :\fucb oC the plunder was found in Jewish houses. Over 3,000 persons were mnssacred in the- Psamatra district, 3W Armenians having- been dragged out ot their houses and murdered by one khan alone. The Kurdish porters in the custom house killed'their Armenian comrades d'iring the late rioting and horribly mutilated their bodies. The foreign families residing here continue to h;;ng from their windows the flags of their various nationalities. '• Baron De Calico, the Austrian ambassador, has had several interviews with the sultan, who repeats his assurances that ample measures hnvc been taken to insure quiet. The portc will l.ave a large amount of'indemnity to pay to foreigners whcse houses and offices have been broken in to and looted by the mobs. The success,of the police in regaining control 'of the city and maintaining order has been rewarded by the payment .of their arrears of wages.. The city was perfectly quiet Tuesday. The shops-are all open and business generally is beingjesumcd, 1 CttuneB a Warm Dobnto. Cleveland; 0., Sept. 1.—The morning session of the supreme lodge Knights of Pythii'.s was the warmest of the convention. The report of the board of control, uniform nir.k, recommend ing that suicides be debarred from all death benefit*,- if- death-occurs within a period oi five years after • joining 'the order, aroused a.strong opposition. A compromise wus effected whereby the heirs ol suicides will be Bellied with on the graduation .system of life expectation us used by the American board ol underwriters. Thus, if :i man enters the order and is classed with 20 years expectation of life, he will -receive one- fourth of the benefit it he commits suicide when he has been five, years in the order. . . Cannot C«e the Water. Washington, Sept, i.—Assistant At torney General Little, of the interior de partinent, hns rendered an opinion de daring thct Lee Vinings luke in thi Yosemite National park-, California cannot be used for milling, mining and agricultural purposes. J. S. Cain -de sired to predicate a claim to this laki to be used for reservoir purposes;, bu the assistant attorney general stated ii his decision that It would be a violation of the statutes, as the park was for thr beneflt of the people of the United.State and should be preserved in Its natura condition. ^___ 8t»rt» Aronnd the World, . Milwaukee, Sept. 1. — Capt. Adolph Fri-Jtsch, who crossed the. Atlantic year ago in the cockle shell "Mina, started at three p. m. Tuesday on a: voy age around the world in his little sal boat "Schlitz Globe." He will sail down the lake to Chicago, pnss through th drainage canal to the Mississippi river down'the gulf of Mexico, cross th Isthmus of Panama by rail ;ind the; sail to San Francisco. His voyage wil consume four years. He gc-es alone Public Dulit Statement. ^ Washington, Sept. 1.—Thcdebtstate ment issued Tuesday afternoon shows net increase in the punlic debt Ics cash in- the treasury during August o $12,342,'iS3, Total cash in the'treasury ?340,3S8.74G. '_ Mm. Miriam Atkinson Dead. Washington, Sept. I.—A special from Charleston, W. Va., says Mrs. Miriam Atkinson, mother of Hon. G. W. Attain son, republican candidate for governor died Monday, aged 83. .'..., '•eirmt' "Convention ot KonroaentntlvM of - irlih Bftcfi ut Dublin. Dublin, Sept. 1.—The great convention of the Irish race, which was summoned with a view of affording the opportunity to all who desire to 'see unity restored among the Irish unt'on- clists to come tugi-ther and formulate n platform in support o. f which Irish nationalists throughout the world :nay act together, V.DS opened in Lcinstet ball at noon Tuesday and will I* in session three days. When the convention was called to order there were 2.000 delegates present, including representatives from. Great JJritnin and Irelund v the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Rt. 'llev. Patrick O'Donn'ell, K. C., bishop of rtaphoe, w«s n'ectwl permanent chairman of the convention upon the motion of Justin McCarthy, M. P., who culled the convention 10 order. The Hralyites and Pnrncllites took no port i" The convention, holding 1 tliem- felves entirely aloof from the gathering. Resolutions were passed favoring .the reeonstitntion of an- united Irish piii'lv bound together in the home '-nle ranks and disciplined under The rule cf the majority. A telegram wos read 1'rpjii the pope, in which his holiness prayed for a cessation of-the difference-, existing nrnbtg the Irish parties. Anthony Kelly, of Minneapolis, is among the American delegates. l_i IS BESIEGED. icputiitlnn of Clcrayiii<'» Call u» Him In ]ntei-cst(i of Mission"*. Xew York, St)>k 1.—Li Hung Chang nd his morning bath before six o'clock L 'uesday morning- He ate a vc'i-y hearty renkfast, which consistoil of boik-d ?f;-s, tongue and '.stewed ch'cki-n. The icuroy is suftering: from n Eiight cold. At iiine o'clock lie received in the utlicncc room of his apartments ;; dep- tation of clergymen ri-prosrritiug the nyious American boards of foreign iij<i!i!finK engagi'd in niissinr.:>ry work :n Jiiiiii, ir.clii'Vr,^ [lie Anierirtiiii Vjtnird of ojniiiissioni'rH for foreign missions, loavd of foreign missions of Pve-'jyteri- ,n church. American Baptist- union, card of foreign missions .Reformed hurr.h of America, niissior.nry socioiy Icthodist JCpiscopal olnircV.. mxl do- lestic anvl foreign missionary society 'roti'StantKpiscopnl chin-ch, American Jiblc society nnd Vnternnlional Young Men's Christian association. SAIL, uist lota- It Has-Now Been In Constant Use tor 16O Yepra The Vonerabl. Pleo. of M.chln«rj- H»« HaU Three O«ner»tlon« of On* Family to OU H Cp and P»ck III Valve*. From 500 pounds of steam engine to the horse-power to ten pounds is the record made by mechanics and engine builders during the last 150 years. Prof. Langley, who recently demonstrated the fact that a steam-propelled flying machine can really fly. says that his steam engine weighs about ten. pounds tb the horse-power. That is, u 20 horse-power Langley engine weighs but 200 pounds. Hiram S. Maxim whittled down iron aud steel until he made a steam engine which weighs but 11 to 12 pounds to the horse-power, and a report comes from Australia that Hargrave, the aeronaut, has built ; a steam motor for a. flying machine which weighs but Q'/, pounds to the horse-power. - . . _. In a coal mine near Bristol, Kng- hvnd, 'says the Chicago Kecord, is a Newcomen steam e-ngine which was built 150 years ago.. It is still .doing duty five hours a day and six days in the week, pumpiug water from'a sha-ft T50 feet deep. This engine is, without doubt, tho oldest steam user in the world, aud is of the type built by New- comeri, the English blacksmith, who was one of the first to make a practical steam engine. In fact, the jS T cw- coinen engine, which was called' an. ••atmospheric" engine, was a low- pressure condensing engine. The vetr cran pumping engine, which is rounding out its century and a Imlf, may rightfully claim to be the Adam of every locomotive, stationary engine, marine engine and steam pump in the world. Bryan Donkin, an English mechanical "engineer, ran across it during a trip through the iron mining districts of England, and he measured it, estimated its weight and took an indicator djagram from it, the first that ITTLE IVER PILLS at » woman's heart be usually comes in disguise. , Doesn't want, it -known what he's- up to. I f she knew all about the little •rascal, would she let him in ? That's a question. Women are apt to look upon love and marnagc as purely a matter of senument and affection. That is pretty nearly right • yet there is a practical siSc lo it too; and the test way to preserve the ideal aspect of marriage and maternity is not to forget the practical part of - it. A woman cannot be a thor. - ouchly happy wife and mother - unless the distinctive physical organism of her, sex is. in a healthy and vigorous condi- Uon The bcstfnend that woman ever had is the' "-FavonM Prescription," of Dr. R. V. Pierce, Chief Consulting Physician of the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, KY The " Prescription," is » perfected i nf3Uil *J! » AP «-n«*m- TifinTlYi atid -Strctl BERMUDA READY TO Cnjcliiml uncl Spain I'rotost .ljr:i In? Cii.wuix.-rt Pupcra. Philadelphia, Sept. 1.—Arrangements .vert uiatli; for the clearanco of the Steamship Bermuda "t the custom louse Tuesday for Central America, mportant international questions may ariso if the collector grants the necessary documents, ns protests will be filed, it is said, with the treasury department by both Spain and England igiiinst the vessel b«ing allowed to eave. Ciipt. Jiimos I'.i-own will command the Bermuda. Thi-i-' 1 is some-likelihood of ,,011'sts bcinp-fi'ivl against him because >f his having, i: i.< alleged, been connected with lilibiisri'rinR- in the ten years' \var in Cnba. 1; is believed that ihcBwr- nuda will be put under the flag; of Boivin; this republic l>e:ncr n strong sympathizer with 11)(.' Cuban insurgents in :heir warfare ng-ninst Spain. Tivo Children Porldh In Flame*. Lawrcnceburg, Ky.. Sept 1. — By the burning of the Hanks bloek Tuesday morning' two children of John Gray, a tailor, lost their lives. It VMS only by' nerolc' efforts that the mother and father and two other children were rescued. All were- suffocated before assistance reached them. Mrs. Gray is still in a critical condition. The property loss is estimated at $10,000, partially insured. . Canada'* Now men. Peter Brossoit, of Belle River, Can- distinguished himself some time ago by carrying off prizes at the county fair for embroidery, crochet, beadwoi-k, etc., and the, ps-pors'- published paragraphs on "Canada's New Man." He. is a rival n ii town in Ontario. In preference to playing marbles, shinny, or other boyish sports, a. youth of that, town used to sit with girls and em-paws them in the use of the needle.- One day he appeared with a pill box in hand, n.nd exclaimed: 1 'I've made the most delightful- little pillow sham." He brought forth a miniature piece of work exquisitely finished. He not only dad plain sewing and fancy work, but tried his hand at the family millinery. -His fi no embroideries were noticeable at fairs, oud wedding presents to his girl friends were the work of his fingers. EC is uow interested ii decorative art and earns bis bread by embroidering: and hanging;portieres, lambrequins and •• other interior decorations. SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion arid Too Hearty Eating... A perfect rcnie'dy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue Pain in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Small PHI. Small Dose. Small Price. STEAM ENGINE 150 YEARS OLD. ever was secured from the antique structure. He estimated that the engine, working with steam at a pressure of 2'/ a pounds to.the square inch, developed a little over 50-horse power, and that it weighed', all told,.about 11 tons.. This would give about 500 pounds of material to every horse-power. The cylinder of the engine is 5% feet in diameter and the stroke is six feet. The cylinder is of iron, cast in one piece, and has a conical bottom, designed to exhaust the water-of condensation, ' Tho whole weighs ebout six tons. The piston moves'a walking beam built up of heavy oak timbers, bolted together .and trussed with Iron rods, and the walking beam weighs about flvc.tons. On each side of the walking-beam Is a wooden section of a circle. On one section is the chain which car- les the piston rod and on the other axe the chains which carry the three pump 'rods, for the engine works three pumps, each lifting water from one level to another. In the bottom of the hnfrc cylinder are three valves. The first is circular and serves for the introduction of the Bteam. The .second is a slide valve for injecting the water .which, condenses the steam, and the third is'afl'np valve lor exhausting the water of condensation. '•' The first two valves are moved by small walking beams connected by rods tuid chains to the main walking- bewn. The main walking beam is so balanced that the pressure of the live stea,m is just sufficient to make the piston-rod end lighter tlin.n the pump end, and the beam tilts down on the pump side, lifting the piston to the, top^qf the cylinder. At the proper pointnnd time the slide valve permits a jet of water to enter the cylinder, and the steam condenses instantly, making a vacuum.. Atmospheric pressure then causes the piston to descend, pulling down that end of the walking- beam and lifting the pump chains, so that ,the work is actually done by atmospheric pressure, and not by steam. Formerly two "haystack" boilers fur-, nishcd steam to the engine, but DO years ago these ancient Bteum-makers were discarded and a boiler of more modern ,typo is used. _ _ The veteran is so rickety nnd its joints are so old and stiff tliat the pressure in tho boiler ifl never allowed to goabove £i/_ pounds to the square inch. The engineer who Ess charge of the old engine told Mr. Donkin that his father and grandfather preceded him as engineers, so that the old engine.has had three generations of ons family to oil it up and paofc'its valves. ' (Mrs.) Pecullarlttcl of ' The German and.Pp^-^ 1 - languages ere remarkable for on<- ':'-1>, tha-t every letter has a vr : "">rm ' ••'!'• fl. 1 111U il\*.» •--Very sincittly ymira, /I, 4/kwaw. f Box ifi, Saratoga, gama Clara Co., Cal ^^^mmt^m QNE-HJUJ SIZE OF COX. POZZONI'S 'COMPLEXION POWDER; I hM been the Btan4.nl for forty yean and" ' U more popular KMl»7 thmn over before. I ii vao ideal complexion powder—be*ntlfj;lnR,| 1 rcfreilitnK, cleanly, bsaltbfol and harmless. • k A ddllcato, Invl.ilble protection to Ibe face. | ! WIUi CT«TT w>x «J^"ff*™."WS* 1 1 nlflccnt SicovIII'B GOUD PlU . BOX. If ifiven tree o* elimrgc. 1 AT DRUGGISTS AM> FANCY STORES. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . .ProofHose $3 Express Id, 25c- Prevents Wetting Head . .Floor or-Wall*. Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalogue Front Proot Water Closets, Sell-Acting Water Closets, Kelly Stop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 301 Madison Street," Chicago. Manhood Restored. -Won . nnd !os* 0,0 GcnoMtlTO OrRaniJ 'f™'* l '^, T S«^ir^i>'^ ^^^sss&^^^s^ •~"^-3aSs;fflgffi written gun •oney. Bent plnln . IND A GOOD INVESTMENT. "* ?gESyE CERTIFICATES. Issued In denominations of ^^ 850., $100., $260., $500., f 1,000. * T2e interest,, guaranteed for 5 years. They net tho purchaser Bporct. per annum. The interest is Irorn earnings. „ The coupons arc PS*? le . BOI 9 i ;.* lin ?{£ji, They are similai Co Collateral Trust BondJ. The principal is rapidly enhancing In valno. They are a safe investment. tot particulars address: AGENTS WANTED, Xea Co., Chlcsgo. After Thirty Years' Experience I uavo too-best Brain and Nerve Tonic for<i- A.B. Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. Tnken-in time Brazilian B«Jm prevent! •tvphoid or scadet fever.-..Also makei Sse diseases yery. light and al^ay, prevents deafness and throat <rouH«. Vhicli sc&rlet fever and measles BO ofte. leave behind. 'Always k«*p on band

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