Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 28, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated flats. Silk, Stiff and [Soft. Spring Styles.'— THE PROGRAM. flemorial Day Exercises on the /lorning of the Thirtie.th. THE LINE OK MARCH DEWENTBR, The Hatter and Furnisher. You Will be Surprised To see the sultlnjrs we are offering for $25 and $30. We'have all the latest novelties In shadow-plaids for spring and not an old piece of goods In the house. We guarantee style, fit and workmanship to be unexcelled and we will not be undersold. Take a look before you place an order. The Tucker & Sharpe Co. Tailors, 315 Pearl Street. mnmnmmimmn^^ IS THE WELL DRESSED GEN- TLEHAN. When lie has beea fitted out with n handsome -now suit by Hera. Thorn isut a tailor In Logansport who cnn transform ,'i man so quickly, or raise Him lu his own estimation in such n sliort time, us Her/. The clothing (Us so perfectly find is made iu all tlm up- to-date styles In material, out and fine trimmings "that everyone Knows who made it before looking at tlic stamp Inside. 409 HARKET STREET. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPOKT,. . . INDIANA CAPITA!* $25O,OOO. A. J. Murdock, Prca. W. W. 1 Ross, Caat.. J. F. Brookmcyer, Asst. DIRECTORS: E 8. Rice, W. H. Brl A. J. MnrdocK, Dennis Chi. a K. Yantls, F. M. Hatwood, TT. T. Wilson, Banking In aU U« DepartjnentB promptly And carefully done. Safety to Customer* and Stockholders •ought for. Strong Reserve Fund maintained. CHAS. L. WOLL, ':-: UNDERTAKER w \b. '417 Market Street. Calls nttendea to promptly, day or Central Union and Mutual Office, No. 1«; Reeiflence, No. 12. DAILY THURSDAY, MAY 2S, 1SOC. Subscribe for The Journal. All shoes shlned free nt Otto's. Kaufman & Co., keep a bargain shoe store.' Foley says this is the time to buj strawberries. Gco. Harrison has the finest lla» of hummocks In the city. Ask to see the .Tames H. Law bargain shoes at Kau.fmnn & Co. New waists. Jnst what you have been asking for.—Trade Palace. George Harrison handles LnDdreth'i first class garden, flower and field naeds. Kaufman & Co., announce first shipment Tor the James II. Law &-Co., auction sale. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. DR, MOST PERFECT MADE. > p-ire Grnpc Crenm of Tartar Powdet. Fre« > f Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant 40 Years tk$ Standard. A NEW ROUTE CHOSEN. Logansport and Indianapolis Electric Railway Talk. C. E. Everett and J. T. McNary returned yesterday from an overland trip to Indianapolis via Frankfort and Lebanon. They were out viewing the proposed rourte of the .electric railway line conncct'lug this city'and Indianapolis. When the matter was first talked of It was decided to rnu to Nobjesville, striking Burlington, Forest or Kompton, and Noblesville, thence to Indianapolis, A better route is proposed by way of Burlington, Frankfort, Lebanon and thence Into the city. The latter route will take In two good- towns, whereas but one was struck before. Mr. Everolt snld last night that matters in connection with thu proposed road were liv very pood shape, and that the people all along thu route who have been talked to are anxious to have it. The business meu of Frankfort, he says, are woi-fcinjr'hard to nrouso a. favorable sentiment la that city, and are succeeding beyond their expectations. At Lebanon the same state of a/fate exists, m;d o!ec!io?js vr!)l be.ealled all along the line within a fesv to determine whether or not the road will be voted a subsidy. The county commissioners In this county will be petitioned to call an election In at least two town-ships and the matter will then be deckled by tlio people. The projectors ask $CO,OCO from Eel township. Decoration of Graves of Deceased Soldiers. Co-m-mamler..!. B. AViut.iu'SJias issued the following program of exercises to lie carried out Saturday mm-ning, Memorial Day: '"'"'• • General Order No. J.—Th'o following program and order will be observed on Memorial Day, Saturday-Miiy..'30. Tho Grand Army will meet at.their ball at S:,'10 a. m, A detail J'rom Post under command of Sergeant I'atvorsnil will proceed to the old cemetery'at !) o'clock and decorate the graves of. soldiers in that, cemetery, rutiirning to the. r'm!; where they will rejoin the.Tost, ., The GraJHl Army will.imirch from their hflll..to the rink, where «M):30 the following program of Memorial rx'or-. eises will be carried mit, 1—Song by (ho choir. '"-'••' -•-. 2—rraycr by the chaplain!'" '. _ (( |' ' "—Song by the choir. . ., J—Address, by the Hev..F. ,U. Huckleberry. 5—Song by the choir, (i—Closing the exercises pro'pmtly at 10;30 o'clock by all Joinlng'in'singins "AiiK'i'k-i." .. ' The parade will form on,'Sixth street between Broadway and Market street with right resting on'Broadway, In the following order: The Military, baud the Catholic Knights of St. .lolin and all other unit'ormt'd commanderies, Grand Army of (he Republic with'school children bearing flags and -bouquets,' Sous of Veterans, W, R. C. and Ladies of tin: G. A. R. in carriages, cilix.ens in -carriages. :' • • Tarade will move promptly at 10:35 a. in. over Sixth street to Mt.''Hope cemetery, where on arriving at the Soldiers' monument the orders.will form hollow square about Ihe monument, after which r.he Memorial exercises-laid down in tlic rituals will bo performed l.ty the G. A. R,, W .«. C, and Undies, of the G. A. K., and while this service is being performed a detail mider commnnd of Senior Vice C. IT. Barron, assist ed by Capt. H. C. Cuslunan and. flic'.'school children, will proceed to decorate the soldiers' graves in the cemetery•; :\The school children of the city, are requested to meet Capt Cnsliinan at 10:30 a. m. in front of the High .school-building opposite tlio rink, each carrying bouquets of flowers. The parade will return to the city at 12 o'clock,' .1. B. ^INTERS,.' : Chief Marshal. SOCIAL AT THE RINK. Strawberries and Ice Cream Served by Patriotic Ladies. For ttie purpose of raisin-; money ti defray the expenses arising from tin preparations i'or the observance o Memorial day. the jia.trioi.ic and unar goflc ladles of the- orders tliat join- tin (',. A. K. lu spreading loyalty servec strawberries and .ioe cream'and othe: light dainties to a good crowd :it tin Broadway rink last night. ' i-V small ad mission was-taken aUh'e-rluor.find Juncl was additional. Music was^iurnishiV and: George Rosn, Jr., /rode' his trlcli wheel,-causing a seasathm by his clevoi performance. •';!*'•" A JUNE WEDD1XG. The wedding of Mr, Horainn Hoopp- ncr with Miss Kiltie Dro-mpp, iKith popular young people of the Southside. will occur Wednesday night, June lOtli. .Tiie great seal of England Is u silver pair oC dies, which are closed to receive flic melted mass, poured, when «n Impression is to be taken, through n:i orifice left In t.lie top. The impression o-f the seal Is six luchcs ill diameter, r.:ul three-Quart ore of an Inch thick. Roy, the seven-year-old Mrs. George W. Cogley died at the 1'am ily residence at >"o. 3220 Toledo, street yesterday morning at 10 o'clock qi' diphtheria. Thq.fmicral willMje'H'h's' movu- in? at 8:EO o'clock Crpro"',ttie., : res!<leucb. Interment will he had im;Nob!c township. .,„•: ' . . AN INTERESTING-;.LECT-B.HE. The Daughters cf Liberty:'-. Wt>ro. addressed by Mrs. Mary Jackson; of Ham- inoud, Intl., last evening at' the GV A. R. hall. The lecture was Ins'truc'tJve and highly entertaining. . .•„ ;,-' : '-.' :.. ; Lafayette Call: B. V. Kcnrisfly of-Indianapolis, and James- C.lurflrrj'.rf'Lc- gaitsport, state crg'aniy.er.s.--for.ihc'Amer- Ican Federation of Labor, will arrive in this city day after to-morrow, and. re-:' main here ten days or two.wue-k?. Their' mission wJU he to ciKleavrrr'H'o.awnkcu renewed interest in the organized labor, movement, whleh seoims'• to. bo some-what ou t):c wane In this locality. ' ' . The J^mes H. Laws & Co. Celebrated Auction Sale OF SHOES TUESDAY From Paden Bros., Portsmouth, Ohio, From the Harrisburg Shoe Co., Harrisburg, Pa., and severa) other Reliable Factories Will Commence Arriving Today. Kaufman & Co. Bargain Shoe Store 320 Market St Jordan Hecht's Old Stand. SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER^CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE GOflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't for* get my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing, Tt.'s real mea-n," said Uie Amazon, Indignantly. "There ought 1o be sonic sort of restrictJrui to prevent such a thing in civiJixed warfare." "WImt do you mean?" "One of the scouts has hist'cmne in'. She reports that tlio onoiny- i* making arrangements to use trained nii.ee."—Washington Star. A bright girl In a London 'bus the other day sakl to her companion, who was maki.hg an unusual female search for her purse. "Lot -us divide this, vou rumble and I'll pay," The W. C. T. L*. held a regular meet- ng yesterday afternoon- at the Home for the friendless, . ' _ " cTi Huiiild: T; L.:' Lowniaa went 10 Lugansport Satuvday...,evc:ning and visited owr Sunday witli ii-is :not!i- er wlio is qnit4) ill Miss'-Iteiin,-cif Lo- gaiisp'ort is In, tlie city vjsi.ilh- her. bratiher, Prof. Renn, o-f.:.the -Lutiicran school. She will pariicipatu ill an entertainment to be given this 'evening. • MonticeUo Journal: Henry.'Bemifeldt and son, Herman, were at'Logansport today... .Mrs, A, Lowe and Mrs. Clias. Lowe are at Logansport ;the guests. 1 of. Mrs. Charles .Tiictaon and MidS-TnHa-Mc- Cuaig. ' ' '-'•'- - Subscribe for the .Tourn'al, -48 cent? per month. -.- ' . • .'''.'*•. *;•-. "• ADDITIONAL LOCAL. See the'ueSv lawns - at the Trade Palace. Ladies, please read Many Frank's new ad. See tho hosiery this week at the Trade Palace. 'Don't; ;ute v It.. Also underwear. -. ,-.:~',. .. Complete b'nse-ibalUant'lTts free with boys' and ehlldron's'"*clothing.~Harr Frank. Remember thelMfr-parasol sale today A.|3:00 Drffsden^iarasol only .fl.50.— . Palace. .-•. 'Nancy ITcnsell was tho forhmati •oclplcnt of aiRexcelleiit carpet at tin onthisWe. chiirch. The Sontiisi.de Lactl/is' Aid gavo ni: ce;,creain'jinij'^trawberiT festival, a; he ehureh Tuesday evening, netting a uic-e sum.- . 1'he latest pretty, flower hats and bon- icis at Mrs. ,W!-,,T. Potter's, between ifth and Sixth .streets on Broadway, heap' for casl Dr. Gwirgi! W. Carey, with his corne- y company.'Avill be in Logausiwrt next vcek for the purpose of intvodueing family mwlidnes,., AVlll Itae, .a barber on Six!h s'.roct. was married .--Tuesday, evoning to Miss Lore'na Bwk. of-thff Xortliside, Rev. D. X. Howe. o.'licifltJBK. :The young nooplj will spend two'weeks visiting and will then settle dmvu hij our midst, talcing up| (he-active'duties of'life. • WAIT FOR PROF. HIRSHBERG. ' Do not : trltie with'your eyesight, bnt consult- -Prof:- Htrscliberg, the reo'og ; nloxl New York Eye'Specialist, or one ofihls staff, who will be'In Logansport atj.the store of hlSirngetifc/.D. A. Mny 23th-to 30 ' -Eyos - SubscrlWe"for The'-ttiirnal. '' AN EMINENT SCIENTIST. Dr. Walter Will Visit Lognnsport- The Murdock Hotel, From June 1st Until ,Tune 7th. When All Who Are AHlicted Witli Diseases of tiio Eye, Ear, Nose or Throat, Can Have an Opportunity of Consultig nim Free of C)iar.;e. Much lias been said concerning the treatment 'of deafness in. the papers recently of. Lyuian r. Waiter, M. D.. the eminent scientist from Chicago, and as he lias made sonic wonderful cures in. Aiis part of the State, namely Anderson, I'MUkfort and Terro Haute. During the last year his name has become familiar to qnitc a' number in tills olty | who are nfllicted with deafness or Catarrh ami they will now have a chance tn consult him at his parlors at the Murdock hotel for one wi?uk from June 1<\ to .Tune 7th. where ha can show you thousands of testimonials from whom ho lias troalod siiccossfnlly throughout Indiana. Illinois, Wisconsin and Michi:an. His Insti'iHin/nts :iiKl appliances arc- of. the very latest- discovery and lie diagnoses your case thoroughly and pmpjrly. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will he a. candidate for th« office *£ Clerk o£ Cass county, subject to t%i will of the Republican nominating «m- veutiou. JOS. G. GRACE. ANNOUNCEMENT. 1 will be a candidate for the office of. Clerk of Cass county, subject to the <t»~ cision of the Republican norniuatlng convention. G. W. BISHOP, Jr. ANNOUNCEMENT. 1 will be a candidate for the offico rtt Clerk of Cass county, subject to UK- decision of the Republican nominating convention, BEN F. BARNETT, ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for tljc-oTCce/'l Coiuii.v Commissioner for the "First 'Ite- trlet. subject to the will of the Repwb- licaii nominating convention. J. W. REDD. A. SUBJECT OF GREAT INTEREST. 'Above all be careful of your cye». Call on Prof. Hirschberg. the reco^ ilzed'New York Eye Specialist, or one of his staff, who will be in I>5gansport from May 25 to 30 Inclusive at the store of his agent, D. A. Hauk. Call and i.ire yonr eyes fitted with a pair o' uis celebrated spectacles and eye-glasses. onsultntlou free. ANNOUNCEMENT. T wish to announce that I am a c,Hi- didnte for the oDice of County Clerk nt Cas$ county, Indiana, subject to the '!•=>- cision of the Republican nominating convention. A". R. SHROYEK- Come today, tomoriwv or any day and iok any goods at liaIf price at Harry "rank's dosing out sale. A NNOUNCEM E.\T. I will be a candidate for the office oT, Couuty Commissioner of First District, subject to the choice of the Republicac nominating convention. JOHN W. GERRARD, Clay Township, Thousands of bargains in wash drcsc godds at the Trade Palace. Low pricor rule. !IOO dozen new liolls. '..;*\;^.v. .-.-;:*'

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