The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1930 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 9
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, August 20,1930 Beggars CAN Choose .Margaret Weymouth Jackson hl by Bobb«-Merrltl Co. WNTJ Service SYNOPSIS •-, - - • CHAPTER VII—Will's mother dies .• almost' Immediately after the birth of 'Ernestine's baby. The couple live In •the Todd house. Lorlnf announces his Intention of "going into" politics, In •association with Pnstano, with whom 1 he ' has' formed a friendship. He Is eager for wealth. Changes In Will's of- »flce fair to bring him advancement, • and ' Ernestine Is again looking for- •'WarrT to- motherhood. i CHAPTER VIII—Pastano acquires a 'home at Langley lake, aristocratic re• sort, • where 'the Brlceland's have a cottage, l/orlng and Will quarrel blt- •terly, apparently over John Poole, and the sisters,' loyal to both their hus- '< bands, f ecl> separated. Will, disobeying an ofllco rule, Is discharged. Poble, Indignant, resigns. Ernestine's wor- • ties, and 1 her approaching motherhood, affect her health. On a trip to the '•bank she 1 faints on the street, {Continued from IB**-- Wednesday.) Will Had lifted his face, and he -stared .at Ernestine and gently smoothed her cheek, while her bright -eyes turned on him. "Papa—you must find Will—he'll • worry," she urged him. '.'I , can't say about moving her. •.Y.ou'11' have. to see the floor doctor. ; She Is very 111 'to be moved—please i leave the ward now." The nurse wus definite. Training .;and authority .were behind her, and i they .withdrew, i Even Will hod to i leave .her,' hut Ernestine made such an • outcry.that the.:nurse permitted him i to-come back until .Lorlng should make : arrangements to move Ernestine. i Lillian found herself In a tiny re. ceptlon room furnished barely. Lorlng i had gone to the office, Mrs. Bennett to i the , phone booth • .downstairs. For a • moment', Lillian thought she was go- .ing'to; be sick. She clung desperately i to i the arms of the. chair. She was the. only woman In the room. A black : jnan stood near her, twisting a cloth • cap in his hands, his lips moving • soundlessly. There was another man, shabby, .unclean, suffering In patient (silence, and they were Joined by a third, and then a fourth vague quiet figure. I i Lillian's i feelings were not or-pity • bu£ revulsion. She cottld not bear'it— Ernestine here with the scum of the . earth-rmamma's ba,by-t-thelr beauty— in this; place that smelted.of lysol, that atBMfliinJrfnl''"* the, 8ou.n$8'pf slckness r .and-suffering as purgatory,w'.fnil'of- groans. This place woslihell, it'was inightmare. There came from the , gtreets > the clnng of an nmnbulancftr- anfl "S •stretrfher moveo* Tn" "the liaii. Lortos was 'beside her, 'beckoning. "We are -taking her to 'the Presbyterian hospital. They'll 'hate a room and A nurse :for 'her 'When -we get there. Also >a good doctor:* Lillian followed ihliri ;in .confusion. The ambulance-£he had heard was 'for Ernestine. The taSl 'threaded after Jt through the streets, and again there •was delay. Mrs. Bennett left them to go back home. Will was ^wlth :Ernestine and the stretcher. :But 'now, at last, a smrill 'freshly painted room, as clean -as a scalded 'dish, .a 'high narrow bed, by on open window, an electric fan .on ;n white • dressing table, a chair 'or two, -and ^a sgraduate nurse, capable, cool. There 'was & doctor, too. Lillian stood 'Just inside the door. The doctor was silent for a'long time, examining Ernestine, reading the copy of the .chart 'that had 'been sent with her. "Oremea—»anfl -some albumen," .'he said aa though ;any 'Of them knew what he meant. "The 'baby will 'be premature— -It we can get' her through her •confinement mow-swiftly,-she'll be all right. When .did you-say -she was expectant 1 ?" Wfll named 'the 'date. 'The 'doctor nodded with satisfaction-as though his worst fears were.confirmed. "Well, It's iB masty case," 'he said, "but perhaps'We ahallinull her through. Miss Nona"—he 'turned to the < nurse with :a rapid'fire'Of Instructions and requests .and 'laid his coat aside. "Now—there's nothing any • of you can do but give us elbow room and-quiet She's already had two .convulsions. When the -next 'Comes <we shall be ready for 'her—-" The horrid word shot through 'Lillian's unlnfl like a sword'thrnst. TMo—no—only:idlot children—only diseased and terrible people—only the poor and helpless were so afflicted. Not Ernestine—oh, -God —not Ernestine! The (doctor 'put .them -out with deliberate firmness, allowing Will to stay. "If you' go ;across 'the street, there's a nice little hotel there. Tell the clerk I sent you,.and.go'to bed. Miss Nana -will .call you 'If 'there's any change, -or if She's-delivered. The battle is ours, now." Lillian knew hard'for Lorlng as It was for her'to accept this dismissal und Heave Will behind. Will was so futile'! 'He would have -left her In thivt 'Other -dreadful i place. In silence they ^crossed the street, registered at the 'hotel, --and were -assigned a room. They moved about In silent misery, looking out-of the windows at the walls -of : {he hospital. "Did you fcnow Will'lost'his job?" Loring hesitated. '"Yes," 'he tsald at last "I knew it:" "But why—" "I didn't know ;how Ernestine -would take it. If I tutted in. 1 thought she would let us know <tt She needed us." , - "You ^tnow how 'proud -she. Is—i"'" Lorlng moved -restlessly. '<! think' I'll go back to the hospital. 'You stay here. No need Cor both <0f >us ito'igo. -I'll call you tf you're needed." ; 'J , Weary and <eoufused, ^Lillian,-took off her. clothes, toathed In ithe room and toy^ 4<rwn ^Maj^ partly? dr^se/\,y*Raln. ''"wE^r,-* "Whole* thought was strained ;frt 'first "toward the hospital ami the possible Issue -of Ernestine's Illness., Then !her jthouehte CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT &AW VT. P. Harrington L. J. r Dlckinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LASW (Booms 212-14 First Nat'l Baaik Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. J..L. BONAR ATTOBNEY AT LAW Collections .will receive prompt attention. ALGONA,,IOWA W.-B..QUARTON H. W. MHltER ATTORNEYS AT LAW ^Ofliceover Kossuth County State Bank Office Ktione, 427. ALGONA. IOWA, r J. W. Stfllivan S. E. McMaboa L. E. Linnan .SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN I ATTORNEYS AT LAW i Office over County Savings Bank I ALGONA. (IOWA. B. J, VAN KESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa L. A WINIO3L ATTOBNEY AT iLAW •Office,In Quinby Building. Phone ISO. ALGONA, IOWA. (Gaylord D- Shumay Edward D. Kelly 8HUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Cfiicp .over Quinby & Krause .Building Algona, Iowa, Phone 58. & p. Attorney ajfc .Law .pver Quinby .& Krause jBldg. Al.gajqa.jQ.wa OITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOAN8 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE ^^ OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM A LACY phone 698 107 W. State St ALOONA, IOWA. INBUBANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service O.R.LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank MORTICIAN L.M.ME81BITT Morticiw A Funeral Director. Phone No, 11. AL0QNA. IOWA. ~t» W. WHI, AJgon* office at Ww old Dr. a»y«rr $ficT pmw rtwsw W-W; R^ wui have mm »t otric* all "" 1QW4 KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS Officers: J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of thi Board of Directors. H. E. Rlst, President. T. H. Wadsworth, First Vice President. G. S. Buchanan, Second Vice Pwai- dent. J. S. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McEvoy, Asst. Cashier. L. O. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. ^Directors: H. J, Bode T. H. Wadswortt H. E. Rist J. W. Wadsworth J. B. Auner K J. Van Ness G. S, jBuchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone £50 V KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: DC jSeneflok, 87 .. Dr. Crawford, 115 C. H. CREEZfttEinSR , PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Kitted Office iin J. Galpralth Block, .Residence one Week east and one .block south of office. No calls made after &30 p. m. ALGONA, IOWA. Office Rhone, 310. Residence, 444. WALTER FRASER, M. B. PHYSICIAN AND SUBGEOJJ Office in Quinby Buudtag, (toad Mo. 14 Phane N«. ALGONA, IOWA, OR. fR, O. ANPREW& Osteopathlo Physician (t Surgeon £ye, Bw, Nose and Throat Obstetrics Located tver Hub Recreation Pajior. Phonea. Qfflce 187, Residence, 0B8. ALQONA, IOWA. DR. P. E. WALLEY. Osteopathio physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Zender & Caldwell's Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 311. ALGONA, IOWA. turned "and -turned, from Loring to (Ernestine, to 'Will, to mamma and papa anfi Ernestine and back to matt- ma again. Mamma had allowed papa and lorlng 'to dictate to her atwut "Will's father. That had really separated Ernestine from them long ago. They had offered "Ernestine their love and 'help only >nt the price of Defrayal of 'her marriage. 'Tears came ito t/H- Han, and eventually, tired and sad, she fell asleep. iDayllght streaming over iher bed wakened her. She rose, dressed, went across to the hospital and asked for Will, wondering as she did so whether or -not she should .have asked for iLorlng. Will came to her In the reception •room, looking at her from dull heavy eyes, silent, waiting. "How Is Ernestine, will?" she asked him softly. •"She Is still very .111," he answered, and added as an .afterthought: "The baby Is a girl:" ; ,Ue was exhausted, .unshaved, sad and awry. As he stood there looking' vaguely about .him he seemed to Lillian the most forlorn and helpless bu- .man being she .1md .ever seen. She .pitied him, but .he vexed her. "Oh, Will," -she said impulsively, 'tyou shouldn't have allowed Ernestine to have this other .baby—so *oon, when .you wereult prepared. You should have protected bur." He averted his face, but-she saw his Hush. •".I've got to :go back upstairs," >he said, and added, .as he turned 'to the door, "Lorlng has already lectured me .otr.birth control. He's left the hospital. You must missed him." •Lillian was ashamed. She had not ilutended to soy such a thing. It was none of their business, .really. At .the hotel she stopped at the desk for the key, hut Lorlng had .it. She went up hi the quiet elevator. When she opened the unlocked door of their room and .went in, Lorlng was lying back In a chair by the open .window, his bat -on the floor beside him, his .collar and tie i lying upon it. He -was staring straight before him, and when Lillian came to his side -he looked up Jit her with -a .piteous -expression. •For a moment, standing there, a .dart of such pain .went through iLH- Hun that she cried .out. This was what Ernestine .could do to Lorlug. She knew, with .a gripping pang -of • conviction, that .nothing that could .ever .happen to her would cause him such .anguish—such rout. This was what Will meant when .he said that'he knew what was the matter with Lor- ingl 'She fell on iher knees beside him, .sobbing, and laid 'her face upon his knee. • His hand .fell on her shoul- .ders. He mistook iher fear and pain. •".Shelll be all right, -Lillian," he whispered. "God grant she >wlll 1 The doc- •tor *ald that u day .or two will tell, ill's .uremlc poisoning." , .He sat forward in .hls«hair, and his .clenched hand fell on .one knee, while .the-o{her 'arm held her .convulsively. •"Thank 4 God you weren't Inhere. Thank 'God 1 yon will merer Jtnom how she .suffered,' Will.fainted oncePand .the murse brought "me Unto '"• -~"* L — i fighting death "" DENTISTS PR, H, L. McCORKLE DENTIST Office over Long Bros. Grocery. Business Phone 8U Residence, 8Qi ALGQNA, IOWA PR, H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phones: Business 168. Residence, 4.71 ALQONA, IOWA- 'tons ifrom ;his shirt .as jbe expanded .hla dungs' against the .crushing fear itbat lay upon him. •"Oh, Lillian," be cried ito bis wife, •"I .don»t see how- she can live—after last night. The doctor thinks she will, and so .does Doctor Grey. He's with her now. But I don't see how" she •can survive that struggle. But one thing Is .settled for us, for .ever." He pulled her tear-wet face up from his knee, .and looked at her with blazing oyes. '"you and I will 'have to be enough. No child {8 worth -such anguish. :No life is worth—death. No .children—for us." ' • .She :hld her face against 'him. Her .arms 'held him close. "I don't .care, If only yon -Will love ime:" He pressed her to him but tols eyes ihad flown ito the windows of the lios- ipital, and she felt a tremor pass ithrough 'his :big frame. *•»•*»*» (Ernestine -stayed in the hospital until ithe 'baby <was a month old. Will borrowed ithe money from Mr. Poole and ipald the hospital bill, paid the nurse and the two doctors, the .day she vwas to 'be .discharged, Lorlng protested In -vain. The removal to ithe expensive private hospital had been his suggestion—It was he who got the nurse, who got ithe two doctors; toe Jiad "Hftnned 'to meet all these expenses. But Will was deaf to him. He was /going .to pay Ernestine's hospital bill, 'he .declared, if he had to rob a tbank. vWliat 'business wus It of Loring's? Ittwas Wiirs wife— Will's child. Legally ithe debt -was Todd's. There was nothing that .could be done about It, but the argument increased the bad blood between >the men. Ernestine wanted to go ito her own home, she told Lillian. Manama was hurrying back from Europe, The house at the lake was closed. Lfitlian .remonstrated with Ernestine's determination to go back to the house orat In Mayfalr. "But what will you do?" she asked, and her face grew red, "Will Isn't even working." "Yes, I am," said Will "I started today. Mr, I'oole I* going to open an Independent ntudlo, and I am going to work for him. He's got ihold of the copyrights to Ms old atrip and we are going to syndicate It ourselves. It will bring us In a lot of money. I'm to get lifty dollars u week to begin with . . . and we'll be al! right." Lillian's dismay was increased, not • diminished, by this news. The combination of Will and Mr. 1'oole was worse than nothing, It appeared to Her, "I don't know what momma will say," she protested feebly, but neither Ernestine nor Will seemed to be moved by that. It was a wonderful day when Ernestine wept home. All the way home in the taxi Will belt] the baby in one arm and Ernestine in the other, and his face was shining with -Joy when at last they stood iu their little kitchen, she weak and, trembling In hla arms. He was starved for her, but he kissed her gently, got the rocker and filled It with cushions and placed U by the open kitchen door. She eat there and watched him prepare supper. _ "Wliy gBJie jpjg, when they Jmd Te M3 cloSea thg door against the fall dusk, "you're like you used to be. Tou're like yon trere that day we met upon the street, when 1 «rst fell In love with you. Tell me. what Is Itr 1 "the new Job, I gaess. I'm crazy nbout It, Ernestine. In the first place, to be working again Is good—and to he working for John i'oole.—And then. Ernestine. 1 think we're going to do She Sat There and Watched Him Prepare Supper. It.—1 believe we'll ninlte a success— a big one." His enthusiasm was boundless.^ While he washed the dlslies lie talked to her, nnd then they put the children to bed, and he drew Ernestine •onto his knees. "Tell me, Ernestine—It was an ungodly business—hut you aren't sorry, are you? Now that you're both home again—you're glad we've got her— aren't you?" They sat looking at the bn'oy. Will pressed his cheek against Ernestine's shoulder. "Tell me," he Implored her. Ernestine understood Ills need for assurance. He was still suffering from the humiliation Lilllnn and Lorlng had heaped on tilm._ "They said—1 shouldn't have allowed—allowed," he exclaimed sharply at the word. "1 never thought about H." "We're married, aren't we?" asked Ernestine, and as his bright look questioned her she shook her head a little. "That's all," she said. "That's the answer. I'm your wife—1 love you—of course I'm glad." He kissed tier passionately. It seemed so long since she had been In his arms like this—close, close. "Ob, Ernestine," he 'salJ, "I don't deserve you. The future Is uncertain. But tf ever a wife deserved a good husband, yon do. But, sweetheart, it's hard, it's been, harder for you than Sot me;*''don't think I don't know It. But.tfs been W0rth the riskj.hasn't'ltr ' "As long 'as we hold together," she whispered. "As long as we love." And he poured his kisses upon her thin flushed face." •"I'll make up to you for everything —you'll never be sorry," he told her. And she lay against him, yielding, tremulous and in love, forgetting everything else for him as she had forgotten again and again. CHAPTER X Will Has a Vision The flrm of Poole and Todd found Itself at the end of two years established beyond question. It owed Its success to Will's terrific efforts. He had met and overcome one after another of -their natural foes: Mr. Poole's Idleness and Intemperance. By a kind of fierce affection he had dominated and controlled the old man and kept him working. The profits were divided, after he had his fifty a week, and Poole his hundred. And out of bis share of the profits, Will repaid his partner for the loan for Ernestine's hospital bill. He repaid him the exact half of the amount Poole had sunk Into the business at the beginning. And after two years he found himself face to face with the one enemy he could not conquer. Ernestine noticed that he grew tliln and pale, that fall that the baby, Elaine, was two. "What Is It. Will?" she asked him. "I thought everything was fine now." "It's Poole," said Will. "lie's not drawing—he's boozing, hut, of course, that's not new. Only—he's lost Interest." "What do you mean. Will?" lie seemed reluctant to put his thought Into crude words. •"He's falling—his health. Uis eyes are ;bad." "You mean—he's old?" "Yes," said Will. "That's what 1 mean, lie can't help It—poor devil- he struggles against It—but It's showing on li.lm." "But, Will, what are you doing?" IWhi', 1'ui nsftnjBelng,—but that's, au, (Continued Next Wednesday). Ordinance No. 221. An ordinance repealing Ordinance No. 215 of the City of Algous, Iowa, and also repealing section 18 of the Ordinance No. 24 of the City of Algona, Iowa, establishing rate?, rules, ond regulations for the government of electric light consumers and others within the Incorporate limits of the city of Algona, Iowa, and providing for a guarantee j'unrl. Be it ordained by the Oity Gouncil of the Oity of Algona, Iowa: Section One. That Section 18 of Electric Light Ordinance No. 24 of the Oity of Algona, Iowa, and Ordinance No. 215 o£ the Oity of Algona, Iowa, be and the same are hereby repealed. Section Two. That all electric current furnished by the Oity of Algona, Iowa, to consumers shall be sunplle.i through meters and the rate to each consumer except as otherwise provided, shall be as follows: Typewriter ribbons at this office. s&&XQ^^.<toy®®^^ : Here is EXTRA F OR the high powered, high speed cars of today, wilh needed quick starts and stops, you should have this extra protection. 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' Optional Rate — Apartment House, This rate applies to apartment houses with all apartments on one meter, First 50 k. w. hours per month per k. w. hour per apartment, net 7c. All over 50 k. w. hours per month per k. w. hour, per apartment, gross 4c, net 3c. Minimum charge, $2.00 per apartment per month. Commercial Heat Rates. First 100 k. w. hours per month per k, w. hour, gross 6c, net 5c. All over 100 k. w. hours per month per k. w. hour, gross 4c, net 3c. Minimum charge per month, $2.00. Power Rates. First 20 k. w. hours per h. p. connected, per month, gross 6c, net 5c. Next 40 k. w, hours per h. p. connected, per month, gross 4V4c, net 3 J /ic. Next 40 k. w. hours per h. p. connected, per month, gross 3Hc,.net 3c. All over 100 k. w. hours per connected h. p. per month, gross 3c, net Minimum charge per month, first 25 h. p. connected, $1.00 per h. p.; next 25 h. p. connected, 75c per h. p.; all over 50 h. p. connected, 50c per h. p. Farm Line Rates. First 1000 k. w. hours per month per k. w. hour metered at city limits, net 4c. All over 1000 k. w. hours per month per k. w. hour metered at city limits, net 3c. All transformer core loss per month per k. w. houriS, net 2'^c. Minimum charge per month, $2.00 per customer connected. All electricity used shall be measured by a meter installed by the city but purchased by the consumer and shall be maintained by the city at the expense of the customer. ! All accounts for electricity furnished shall become due and payable on the tenth day of each month, except when demand for payment is made or the party is leaving the city, then In that event, the same shall become due and payment on demand, or on the date of any reading. All accounts not paid on or before the 20th of the month in which they become due shall not receive the discount but shall be payable in the gross amount. All accounts paid on or before the 20th of the month in which they become due shall be payable In the net amount fixed by this OrcU- nance. Consumers falling" to pay any sum due the city for electricity furnished may be denied further service by ~tKe city and the city superintendent shall cause said service to be discontinued until all sums due the city by the customer for service rendered are paid. Section Three. That each consumer of electricity,' shall upon demand, pay to the City Clerk of the city of Algoa, Iowa, at least $5.00 to be held Algona, Iowa, at least $5.00 to be held by the city of Algona, Iowa, as security for payment of all sums due or to become due said city of Algona, Iowa, from said consumer; said sum less any sums due the city of Algona, Iowa, from said consumer, shall be refunded to the party paying same, or his assigns, on demand when such party ceases to be a consumer. Section Four. That when a resident or place of business has been disconnected a charge of $3.00 will be made by the city for reconnecting said residence or place of business. Section Five, Consumers of electric current for power must sign an agreement to use electric current for power for one year at least, and the parties so failing to use electric current for one year for power shall pay to the city of Algona, Iowa, as liquidated damages in addition tp the amount due and payable for electric current used, the minimum rate per month for the months they failed to use electric current for power during said year. Consumers of current for power changing locations shall pay to the city of Algona, Iowa, the cost to the city of making said changes. Section Six. This Ordinance in accordance with law, shall take effect and be in full force from and after its legal publication. Adopted and passed by the City Council of the city of Ateona, Iowa, this 6th day of August, 1930. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the city of Algona, Iowa. Approved by me this 6th day of August, 1930. ALBERT OGREN, Mayor of (he City of Algona, Iowa. KOJOLA LETS RAILROADER GO BACKTO WORK Victim Sought in Vain for Escape from Rheumatism Before He found Belief, \ MR. JOHN RICIIOFP, What encouragement for all who suffer is to be found in the grateful words of those who have put Konjola to the test I Can anyone wonder that Mr. John Richoff, 401 Third street. Northeast, Mason City, Iowa, is enthusiastic about this new and different medicine. Read this statement: "Eight weeks ago I suffered an attack of rheumatism in my right shoulder. How I suffered I spent $60 seeking relief in vain. For three weeks I was in bed. A friend in the railroad shops recommended Konjola. I have taken four bottles and am In fine shape, able to work, eat and sleep. I am forty-two years of age but feel like I did when in my teens. I am recommending Konjola every chance I get, for It Is surely a wonderful medicine." Isn't that the kind of medicine you want? . It means much to suffering humanity to know that seven million bottles of Konjola were used in two years. Konjola is sold in Algona, Iowa at E. W. Lusby drug store, and by all the best druggists in all towns throughout this entire section.—Adv. 10

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