The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1930
Page 6
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The tfpper P>s Moiaes jfcepublicafl, Augusi 20,IfljfO SOCIETY tfortotf WcKs— >MiSS Eleanor Norton, the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B*< S, Norton, and Frank A. Wanzer of Ddnbury, Connecticut,' were married Thursday at the home of the bride's parents. The double ring ceremony was read by Rev. O. V, Uulse, pastor of the Methodist church, in the presence of the immediate family. The bride Is one of Algona's most charming and gracious young women. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and for the past two of three years has been girls' advisor in the high school at Oanbury; She-was asked to take the position while on a European tour with a group in which the superintendent of the Danbury schools •was a member. She will continue With her school work during the coming year. Mr. Wanzer is a contractor and builder at Danbury where he and his bride will make their home. Mr. and Mi's..Wanzer spent a few days at the Norton cottage at Okobojl and Will leave today for Danbury. ttelen'Scharlack Weds Miss Helen : Scharlach, daughter o? Mr and Mrs. r C. C. Sehariich and Duncan May,'soil of Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Muy of Des Molnes n . married at the Little Brown Church at Nashua, Icwa. The- ceremony took place at teii thirty on Saturday, A«i?u« 16 and the couple was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones of Des Molnes, cousins of the -bridegroom. 'Those present at the wedding were ~ N? May and Mr. ;.and daugh- A wedding oW o'clock at the ^otclHanfofd In "Masoa City. Miss Scha.rrach;SSi."T»een; employed by the 1 Equitable Life Insurance Company in Be& Molnes.-rMr*.May is employed by this* Ftordi/Moton Company at that place. After .'a honeymoon in eastern Idwa, Mr. and.Mrs. May will live at 92i, W—Mtfa- street, Pes.Motaes. v* ?.<••• ~r~ , .'..«.••• ; • Entertain for Visltors-r- I£r. and'Mrs: T. H. Chrischilles, Mr. «nd Mrs. L. C. Nugent and Miss Ma- Irvington Wide Awakes— The Irvlngtpn Wide Awakes met at the home of Georganne Oeigel, August 6. Eighteen members and their leader. Mrs. Oeigel, were present. Roll call was answered by "My Favorite Author, tad One of His Works." A poem, "That Old Sweetheart of Mine," was read by Bernlce Jensen. A demonstration on Bound Button Holes and Set-in Pockets was given by Elsie Egel. Committees were appointed to complete plans for the county fair. Miss Dorothy Sitzman of Kingsley, a guest of Mildred Capesius and three other girls were guests at the meeting. The two previous meetings at the homes of Lucille "and Mary Black, and Mildred Capesius resulted in the enrollment of several new members. They are the following: Evelyn Black, Evelyn Capesius, Eleanor Jenkins, Maty Hutchison, Rachael Becker, and Eunice and Bernice Burlingame. These two meetings were well attended and good programs were carried out. Birthday Party- Meredith Richardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Richardson, and nine other little girls celebrated her tenth birthday Thursday afternoon with "Byrd at the South Polo," after which refreshments and games were enjoyed. Dinner Party Saturday- Mrs. Cidney French Laird and Helen Quarton Bfushingham entertained twenty friends'"at a dinner at thp Country Club Saturday evening. Mrs. L. C. Nugent won the high prize for bridge and Mrs. J. S. Aimer won the second high. Play Bridge at State Park— A group of ladies gathered at the Call State Park Thursday for a one o'clock luncheon. Each one took a covered dish. The afternoon was spent at bridge. Mrs. George Free won the high prize, and Mrs. M. J. McCall won the second high. Bible Class Picnic— The Women's Bible class of the Congregational church will have a Dic„ „ nic at the Call State Park Thursday at rle Wehler gave a seven o'clock din- t we ive o'clock. The families of the «. «,~ i-i n ,,«tra r«iiv> Tiipsrfav even- d. Each ner at the Country Club Tuesday even Ing in honor of a number of friends •who are visiting in Algona this summer. The guests of honor included . and Mrs. S. D, Quarton of Holly- Mr, and Mrs. W. B. Nugent of Mrs. Arthur Ferguson 6f .Cidney French Laird of r.-i-o^a^fe;® ^<^- o j&-,, &ft *; ,;>3r- : fe>^ s?fef-',. %»«*« r&Mir rtabiti *./ r- '', Helen Quarton Brush- York and Ferhley Nt- There were twen- Idge and dancing J. L. Bonar and J. S. V>.fc V^, «" * members are cordially invited. Each family is to take it own dishes, sandwiches and a covered dish. Baptist Mission Circle— The Baptist Mission Circle will meet at the church Thursday afternoon at two-thirty. The leader will be Mrs Hugh Pierce and the subject is "Fellow Evangelist^ in Porto Rico." After the program the group will go to the State Park for 3 picnic supper. Party for Mrs. Rossman— *'^A group of twelve friends of Mrs. Henry Rossman of Newton met at the ' (e of-Mrs. 'Anna March Monday ™._ i spent f the afternoqn playing ijridge. MM/Hwry'McOojkle won the , A full attend- desired as there Is business relating to club dues to be discussed. A', «— ' -Party--: t , ,' >Lavonife Wolcotfc entertained eleven of her friendst Monday, August 11, in honor of her flftk-birthday. One large table with a cake for the center piece was set for jfce kiddies in a color scheme cf green and white. - The guests were Peggy Jane Wehler Evelyn Dau, Phyllis Mae Walker, Fran- I LAKOTA NEWS'. i««050K«a!WKaC8«S«^^ Everett Rlppentrop was on the sick list several days last week. Most of the 'shock threshing has been finished this week in this community. Mae ThaVes of Titonka spent a few days here last week visiting with relatives. Robert Hamilton was a business visitor at Mankato, Minnesota, last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Heetland attended dollar day at Fort Dodge last Thursday A numbei from here went to Titonka Friday to attend the Indian Day celebration Quite a number from here attended the Diamond Jubilee at Forest City on Sunday. Mrs. Herman Wirtjes, Sr., has been quite ill the past week suffering from kidney trouble. Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and daughters were visitors at Buffalo Center last Wednesday. Mrs. Wesley H. Duncan and two children spent several days last week- visiting with the lady's parents at Madelia, Minnesota. Mrs. Louis Meyer visited at the home of her father, Conrad Bloms ,at Osage last Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. N. E. Noble spent last Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Warburton, east of town. Roger Sorensen of Buffalo Center spent several days here last week with his cousin, Winston Schroeder . Miss Anna Bowman is.assisting Mrs. Delia M. Smith with her house work while Mrs. Smith has been ill. Mrs. Delia M. Smith, who has been on the sick list for several weeks, is some better and able to be about. The C. E. McCoy family of near Bancroft were guests Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell. Harvey Johnson and family enjoyed a visit last Friday from Harvey's mother, Mrs. Lina Johnson, of Spencer.' Mrs. Herman Wirtjes, Sr., has been quite ill for several days, with kidney trouble. Dr. Williams has charge of he case. Donald Worley is at Maison City, where he is visitng at the home of his grandparents; Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bailey. Wm. F. Kientiz, manager of the Standard Oil station here, was a business visitor at Mason City one day last week. Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Sr., and daugh- er, Francis, entertained the Lutheran Aid at the church basement last Wednesday. a is furnishing water^for tije, gang who are putting In tne, on No. 9 between here and dies. 'Mrs ... first 1 prize forrbriage^and Mjs, Daughan won #ie;?Beeondr high. Mrs. J. L Bonar was'chairman of the com- Jnittee'.which included Mrs A. L. Pet- •ersoh, Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer, and Mrs. Julius Kunz of Wesley. Bridge Tournament— » The sixth of the series of, bridge games for the women's tournament war, held Friday afternoon at the Country Club. Mrs. Hazel Steele won the high prize. There will be six more meetings before the tournament closes. ds>'Ann Zittritsch, Catheryn Lee Cor- To qualify for the final prize, one must rey. Fern Johnson, Joan Lowe, More- , p j av j n sev en put of twelve games, •dith Larson, Joan Godden, Billy God- | ' '«i-::— den and Emma Jean Ringgenberg Pie Social— A pie social will be given at the • " Friday evenim?, Irvington Wide Awake" girls' club. It will be in a^o- cietior with • an ' Irvington townshm farm bureau meeting. A program will bo given consisting of music, son?s n.nd a one act play bv the club girts. Everyone is invited to come anO. Sexton dance hall August 22, by the the ladies will please bring pies to be auctioned off. Ice cream will also be sold. Mrs. Tweet Is Hostess- Mrs A. T. Tweet was hostess at a six-thirty dinner Wednesday evening fOr sixteen ladies. A color scheme of orchid and yellow was carried out. Bridge was played during the even- Ing. Mrs. J. W. Mangan won the first prize, Mrs. Ray McCorkle, Uie second, and Mrs. Anna March, the lo\v prize . Bridge Luncheon— . Miss Ruth Stokes and Mrs. Horace Hamilton of Minneapolis, who is visit- J ttig her parents, Mr. and Mis. R. w. Borigan, gave a bridge luncheon at the Bridge Dinner Monday— Mrs. F. F. Twogood and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh were hostesses at a three course dinner at the Country Club on Monday evening. After dismer bridge was played at six tables. Mrs. Horace Hamilton won the high prize, and Mrs W. D. Andrews won the second high. W. R. C. Picnic— The W. R. C. will hold a picnic a thn home of Mrs. Lester Willson Aug ust 27. Those attending should brim a covered dish, plate, knife, i'orli iipoon, cup arid sandwiches. (;hild Study Club— The Child Study Club me', Tuesday Mr. Thaves has been ha very poor health for the past few months. Mrs. John Binge and daughter, 2oe, of Cedar Rapids attd Mrs. Ruby Walters of Mount Vernon. who had been visiting here at the Frank Miller and John Liesveld homes, left last Wednesday for their respective homes. Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and children drove to Elmore Sunday evening to take her mother, Mrs. Anna Coupanger and her 1 sister, Matilda, and Mrs. Louise Fritzm'eier to their home. They had spent the afternoori here. Rev. Aug. F. Boese, who has been at tending a synod . meeting, returned Toledo, Ohio, the past two weeks, at- home last Wednesday evening. Rev. Boese drove through in his car and says that in Ohio everything is dried out. The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid will meet Thursday at the church parlors. After the meeting a twenty-five cent supper will be served to the public. The hostesses will be Mrs. George Wm. AaldirckS and Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr. Mrs. Oran Sturdlvant went to Fort licdge last Wednesday to visit relatives and take in the dollar day sale put on by all the stores at Fort Dodge during the American Legion Auxiliary convention which was in session there last Thursday. There were no services at the Presbyterian church Sunday as the pastor, Rev. Frerking and fan-ily • are at their cottage at Twin Lakes, near spending the balance of their vacation Pomeroy, where they lived befora coming to Lakota. , Mrs. Minnie Selbold is enjoying a visit from her daughter, Mrs. George Stenberg and husband, who live at Baxter, where Mr. Stenberg is superintendent of the public school. They expect to stay until after Sauerkraut Day, August 30. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Worley returned home last Wednesday from a visit with relatives at Mason City and Waterloo. While at Mason City, Mrs. Worley visited an oculist, she has been bavins considerable trouble with her eyes, and hat lost the sight of her left ey?. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thaves and the former's sister, Miss Emma Thaves, returned home Thursday evening from River, Wisconsin. They had been there attending the burial of Mrs. Thaves' uncle, Walter Schmltt, who had been ill for several months, suffering from cancer. Mr. and Mrs. John Makis and children, John, Bessie, Betty, Paul and Anna, left Sunday night for Chicago, where they will spend a week with relatives and friends. Chicago was the Makis home before coming to Iowa several years ago. Mr. Makis runs the shoe and harness repair shop here. Mrs. Fred Schroeder spent from Wednesday until Friday with relatives at Fort Dodge. She was-accompanied a Fort Dodge., by b£r sister, Mrs. Arthur Sorensen ~of'Buffalo Center, who was sent down there .as a delegate to attend the American "Legion Auxiliary convention, which'; wa£ held on Thursday. '*"'vr,"'' Mr. and Mrs, Albert^ 4 Ogren .and daughter,"l^fes^VeraJ* 1 Were up from Algona; "one day.'last week, visiting Mr. r\rr*a*\1* *af>la£t WhO. > faaB fo*OTl HI tflT is-asking for bids ri ,_ T housed and jail. All iids" must toe in at twelve o'clock on September first. Mrs. Jerry R. Heetland entertained he members of the Presbyterian Ladies' Missionary Aid at her home on Thursday' afternoon. Miss Henrietta Klelst returned home ast Thursday evening from a visit of several weeks at Garner, Clear jake, Newell, and Schaller. Mrs. Harry Quinn and two little afternoon at the home of Mrs. H.'E. Woodward of Whittemore. The McDermotts There Ann Country Club Friday afternoon. J were three tables of bridge. Miss Murtagh won the first prize and Mrs. iV D Andrews won the low prize. W&xaxiyi^^ Visit in Titonka. Topic: Lawyer Tom McDermott and his brother, William and sister, Mary, of Mason City, were in town Friday looking after farm business west of town William is looking fine and out" children of Woden were here one day last week visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. Minnie Seibold. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wessels entertained Mrs. Peter Wessels and her daughter, Valeria, of Buffalo Center at their home last Thursday. Bertus Jansen, who moved to towi: last March, sold his farm last Wednesday to George Schroder for one hundred and ten dollars an acre. Louis Heetland had charge of the Forest City produce station here last week while his brother, George, who Is the manager, was at Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Groth and their daughter, June, were over from Spencer last Friday visiting at the home of Mre. Groth's niece, Mrs. Harvey Johnson, and family. Mrs. Earl Goodnow returned to her home at Mason City last Wednesday after spending a week or ten days here caring for her sister, Mrs. Anddrew Jansen and baby. The E. C. McCoy family, the Roy Estle family and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Winter enjoyed a picnic dln- at the home of Mr. and Mrs I. l Mr. Winter was'a y_,jnjured-<one day last week, bull hit. him in the back throwing him several-ftet Into the air and, hurting ilrn when he struck on the hard ground. ^ Wm, Coupanger of Elmore .was here one day.'last week visiting ;hls x sister, Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr. On Saturday, August 16, Wm. will be united n marriage to Miss Mildred Suther- and of Red Wing, Minnesota. They will make their home at Elmore, where Mr. Coupanger is in the nursery business. Miss Sutherland taught school ;he past two years In the East Chain Jonsolidated school. Celebrations are the are the order of the day. Indian Day at Titonka was August 15th, and the last week in August is the Blue Earth fan-. Then on August 30 comes the great day, which Is Sauerkraut Day, the first week in September is the Kostsuth county fair, then comes Buffalo Day about September llth at Buffalo Center, Forest City has Its Diamond Jubilee on August 17-18-19, and the state fair is also have a Dairy Day, but we have not learned of the date. GOOD HOPE NEWS. The Rev. 0. B. Mitchell family of Armstrong were callers on last Thursday evening at the James Knoll home. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Kennedy nnd son, Dale, of Burt were guests at the Good Hope parsonage for supper and the evening last Sunday. The offical board of Good Hope church met Friday evening of last week in preparation for the last quarterly conference of the church year, which is dated for Tuesday evening, August 19. Because of some confusion of information the item last week concerning the passing of Mr. Powell, Mrs. Allen Wood's father, was hi error in regard to his age. He was in his ninety-third year.' Their many friends will be glad to know that the Verne Gross family have signed a lease for the Mame Steinman farm on which they now reside, and will be located in the community for another season. Mrs. Vera Fisher of Des Molnes, and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen of Hardy were callers at the Wm. Treptow home on Saturday. They were enroute to Rlngsted and Haifa to spend Sunday with relatives. Little Glen Long, five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Long, continues to make steady recovery from the slight attack of infantile paralysis suffered recently. The home is still under quarantine, however. Mrs. Kate Annis and daughter, Beth, drove to Mankato, on Monday for a short visit with a sister of Mrs- Annis. They expect to return to Miles City, Montana, in a week or ten days where Miss Beth is to teach another year. The farm now occupied by the Glen Zwiefel family will be farmed next season by Rudolph Peters and wife and a brother of Mr. Peers. The family comes here from the Letts Crek neighborhood.. The Zwiefels have leased a place east of Algona. We are sorry to lose them from the community. SWEA CITY NEWS J. L. Thorngren, county club leader was a pleasant caller at Swea City Saturday. M.'sc Ruth Pearson of Chicago is vis'itinfi her mother, Mrs. Anna Pear- sotrY+his week. Mr; and Mrs. A. J. Christensen and other relatives have been enjoying a week's outing at Interlaken. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Seylar and sons enjoyed a week's vacation fishing on ;he lakes of northern Minnesota, t - , and Mrs, R. tHarner of. Good, Thunder, Minnesota^ are ••visitors, this eek^At the Wm, Ohrltsensen M*.*and Mrs. F.-'AwOriffith Anna Griffith, Utiion Mothers and Daughters Pietiie, Union Twp., August 19. Special: A very pleasant time was had by the Union Mothers and Daughters club at the Ambrose A. Call State Park teat Thursday afternoon. The meeting.was held in the shelter house with a committee composed of W^£# son, Maud Schenck, and Clara W»» son in charge. A very excellent paper, ••Food Laws for Home and Town, which was carefully prepared1 by Mrs, Louisa McHutt, Wfls read by Maud ichenck. Mrs. McNutt is at present touring the west in company with her husband. A picnic grab foHwed the program which consisted of hmch for one person done up In a paper sack, being brought by each guest, to be exchanged with another guest, it proved to be ft very enjoyable surprise lunch, iced tea was prepared and served by the committee in charge of the meeting.. The next meeting which happens to be the last meeting of the current club year, will be neld at the horn*• of Winifred Jergenson on August 2»tn with Erma Harvey as assisting hostess The committee in charge of the program will be Ella Bacon, Margaret Dodds, and Mildred DeON**. A play will be given, "No-Man Wanted," the cast of which will be announced later. Miss Leo Taylor spent Sunday with her friend, Miss Cloye Zentner. Harry Alt returned' home last week from a visit with relatives to Illinois. Herman Dau is riding around to a new Plymouth coupe, purchased recently. Mr. arid MrsV Herman Dau motored to Nebraska" and spent a week visiting relatives. ';.,:., ' Audrey, daughter-of Mr. and'Mrs: August Slagle, had a siege of the summer flu recently. Hazel and Margaret Jenklnson spent last Thursday, and Friday at the Leonard Cruikshank home. A number of Union people attended Indian Day at; Titonka last Friday and report an enjoyable tune. Anthony Stoffel, son of Emil Stoffel on the Harry Keith farm, was sick with the summer flu last week. Lois Bode was confined'to his home' last week with pneumatis arthritis, but is somewhat Improved at this writing. Mrs. J. F. Scfioby of Algona spent Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Glen Jenkinson, helping to can sweet corn. Mr. and Mrs; Glen Strayer and son, Richard James, motored' to Winne- )aa«), Minnesota* Saturday. t»- spend ;he week end^at the-Eeo'Keele homo: Slftlne Keefe returned>.fcomei>witn them tor a visit. - ? -- v -•••-- •' " -Mi', and »Mrsi;Rudplph Wfllreft left =••"•• - •^-•— . relatives' at Amboy, Minnesota,' Sun- Saturda; end atf Purest OltaT'Bnd talcing uvthe mon'd J" Mrs. P, J".' Heiken returned home on Sunday from 'a two months' visit with her son', • Maurice, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. J/'O. Hatch of Los Angeles, California. Mrs. Emfl Larson entertained , on Henry Mitchell Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Connie Roelfsema are William is loong ne - «».. »..» ----- ----- -----his sieht is in fine- health. He the parents of a nine and one-hal nis blgni u> m uuc "<=ai ____ f — ,,„„„ *„ them Sntiirriav a House Goods to be sold at a sacrifice. | Must be sold n s s - . fade OI nis blgni u> m uuc "<=ai laughs and chats and can crack a joke as well :is he did twenty years ago. "PJll" is fixed financially well enough thai ho can now ride out with his brother, Tom, in a Lincoln and hear how the other fellow has to work. To size him up from his appearance he may live to be a hundred years old. We all hope so. Week New Dentist Opens Office in Algona. Dr Claire Schaap opened up his dental office Monday in the rooms of the- late Dr. W. E. Kain over Christensen Bros, store. Dr. Schaap came here from Sheldon. He is a graduate of the University of Iowa with the class o 1930 and has a number of triendb in Algona. At the university he was head cheer leader for all the athletic events There is no doubt but that the docto will do well In Algona. 4.11 furniture, including Bugs, Dishes and other things. Call at house, East State Street, Algotta, itf&ffi The Week's Weather. The weather for the past week ha been comparatively cool and yesterda and today quite a rain fell. ^ ^ Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday • • • • Sunday Monday • • Tuesday, rain .40 inch .83 .92 M .83 .80 .78 .72 60 60 65 65 64 60 58 ST. BENEDICT NEWS. Banker E. P. Rahm was at Algona Monday on business. . A very large crowd attended the parish picnic here last Friday. lound boy born to them Saturday a he hospital at Algona. This is their econd child, and both are boys. Miss Clara Trasamar, who has been elping at the telephone office for day. ometime, is vlsting relatives at Klora and Hubtaard. She was accom- anicd on the trip by Miss Helena lermig. Harvey Johnson, one of the mechanics at the Ford garage, had a very ore arm for several days last week laving infection caused from a scratch md Dr. Williams lanced it twice to relieve the pain- Harold Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Johnson, was operated on last Friday for the removal of his tonsils and adenoids. Dr. Williams of this place and Dr. Summers of Elmore, did the operating. Mrs. J. E. Smith returned home last week from a short visit with her brother and family at Sioux City. Her brother recently underwent an operation, he having been suffering from nervous prostration, The Herman Feldlck family moved to Buffalo Center Thursday and the Frank Grandjennett and T. F. Howard drove to Forest City Monday to attend the ball game. Mike Hammer of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, came Monday and is visiting at the Martin Rahm home. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Downs of Wesley spent Sunday afternoon at the NT. H. Raskopf home. Mrs. Martin Bleich and daughter of Titonka spent Sunday at the Martin Rahm and J. L. Raskopf homes. Mr. and Mrs. Albert German and son, Harold George of Blue Earth, attended the parish picnic here last Fri- Monday evening in honor of Alice and 3dith Peterson and Harriet Johnson of St. Paul. Other guests Included Arthur Peterson, the J. R. Olson family of Bancroft and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peterson. A light shower on Monday night Is the first rain this part of the county has had since July 3, which is a total of forty-five days without a rain. The shower of last evening was very light and barely settled the dust, but at that it was; very welcome. The members of the Immanuel Lutheran congregation sponsored a surprise party for Mr. and Mrs. Wendell E. Olson, a former student pastor of the church. The bridal couple were spending a few days with former friends here. A happy evening was enjoyed by all. Mrs, Leona Belmond was tendered surprise party on Friday night at he city park by the members of the oyal Neighbors of which she is a member. Mrs. Belmond expects to cave for her home a* Clear Lake, he h«s made her home for the past our years with her daughter, Mrs. lenry Myhr, and has made many rlends in Swea City who tegret her :eparture, but wish her happiness Jn to>spend tbe-,week 'i Bert,Spef, at T * 1 "jl ty- M, , < I'' i r 'II Threshing isVabout all" over, ia f this section and considerable" plowing has been 'done;- Henry LJchtert threshing run finished last Tuesday at the Charles Oulbertson farnrand another run-finished up at the Alfred Schenck ferm last Thursday, Itf was, a company outfit with Frank Hofius as en- Sineer and Alfred' Schenck as sep- irator man. • Mr. and Mrs. Ted' I3cyd and' son Stuart, Edward and 'Gordon of St. Paul, spent'last Friday at the August Slagle and Clara Zanlten- homes: Mrs; Lloyd was formerly Lois Slagle and is a cousin of August Slagle and Mrs, Roy Mason of Algona. made the trip via the The:, Lloyds ChicagcL. & Northwestern. Ted is in the employ of this company; being an expert in installing machinery for the railroad company. Frank Slagle of Algona, an uncle of August, was also a guest Friday. An astronomer says-, the'old' earth Is speeding up to its revolutions;. It better or it will: be; left, ttehtodu Chocolate Malted Milk Order a pound can you phone your next order. Just what you, want for the whole family. LONGS' FormerAlgonian "•'•' Deserts Family. Forrest Phillips, formerly of Algona wat, brought back fromj Hanunon, Ok- ahoma, Monday by Sheriff VE. Ho- /ey charged With Wife' arid child de* sortion. It seems that he'had been manager of the 'telephone exchange in Sioux Rapids and had a wife ;and two children. In. January he left for, jorts unknown, presumably. With a wo-, nan. He was traced and round vwork- ng in Hammon as > the manager of the, aJephone exchange there. He was tak- n before Justice A. Hutchison Monday and was bound over to ; the grand jury under $1,000 bonds. T. H.<Kirsch of fie Kirsch Laundry put up the bond. Wesley Man Was Fined for Disturbing Peace. J. H. Lloyd of 'Wesley was fined ten dollars and costs Monday by Justice A. Hutchison for disturbing the peace in Wesley Saturday night.;. It seems that he became involved hi a fist fight there without first ascertaining whether or not he could win over Ms opponent, and when It was all over he found that he had come 6ut sec- - ond best. Saw^TwHisaiMU of Dead Game Fish. 'Mr. and^Mwf ; or W« Payenport and family drjive^to^Davenpprt Sunday to they, they, stopped with Mr. Davenport's parents. The dam controls of the power dam near Rutland had been opened 1 to drain ths river bed and thousands of game fish were lying dead on the bottom of the river,'which is mostly,of solid rock at that place. The river Is drained once a year there but usually care is taken to see jthat enough water In left for the fish to escape. • •' ' ' From Youth to Age There are three trying periods in a woman's life: when the girl matures to womanhood, when a woman gives birth to her first child, when a woman reaches middle age. At these times JJydiaE. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound helps to restore normal health and vigor. LYUIA L. PINKHAM'S GtTABLi: COMPOUND I'IMillAM Ml U. ( «^ I Mr. and Mrs. George Arndorfer an< family spent Sunday afternoon at thr mother, Mrs. Rose Am E. N. Olemans family, who have been living in the old Cottage Hotel build Ing moved Friday Into the house va catcd by the Feldlcks. F. W. Zeemer and Clyde Thavefi drove to Iowa City Saturday, taking the latter's father, F. W. Thaves t the hospital to go through the clinic her hew home. home of his dorfer. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rahm, Sr., am fir and Mrs. Wm. Arndorfer epen iunday afternoon at the Henry Arn lorfer home. Rev. A. J. Arndorfer and house teeper, Miss Elizabeth Elch of Char er Oak attended the parish plcnl here last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer too Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller and son iobert, to their home In Des Motne Sunday afternoon after a week's vis with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Arndorfer and family and his mother, Mrs. Victoria Arndorfer, all of Akron. Colorado, came last Friday to visit at the homes of Leo, Henry and Mike Arndorfer for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huschfea of Bradford, Iowa, came Saturday and spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. John Huschka. Mrs. Leonard Spechts and daughter, Erma, who have spent the past month here, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huschka on Sunday to their home at Bradford for a week's visit, before returning to their home in Chicago. Notice of Probate of Will. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In district court No. 3395, To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last will end testament of George L. Galbralth, deceased, dated February XI, 1928, and codicil dated December 11,1929, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 12tit day of September, 1930, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the court house in Algona, Iowa, before the district court of said cpunty or tl\e clerk of said court; and at nine o'clock a. m of the day above mentioned, all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear and show cause, 1. any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament o said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August 1930. CLARK ORTON, Clerk of District Court CLARA REYNOLDS, Deputy A. Hutchison, Attorney. 9-1 •—famous the world over Pinaud's Shampoo Leaves your hair lustrous, healthy, and not too iryl At your dealer i — or tend 5 oe for full-size bollk to Pinaud Deft. M., 220 E. zi St., , [Sample bottlefree 4 Bigger

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