Lead Daily Call from Lead, South Dakota on December 8, 1928 · Page 1
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Lead Daily Call from Lead, South Dakota · Page 1

Lead, South Dakota
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Saturday, December 8, 1928
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A w Mlif.v THE WEATHER Fair tonight and Sunday; not much change in temperature. THE pt n, --a u HILLS EVENING NEWSPAPER WEST RIVER ROADS SATURDAY, DECEMBER PRICK FTTH CENT8 8, 1928 f-tfSS SEEVICB fT ' I A I iR GREETS I,1 1 MANS IN iTOFAGASTA U:. Cnntli ... i un " e Today C.tae P"' V,.. nod-wm amp f .-lcfl. U" - . V-hile today It re'f Bolivian foreign i ' " w members 01 u flfa,etoChllean Bd0ffl with Mr. Hoover dl-innHshlD between ., of nous Mincnt. will receive to "".,.,, as the coun- ele hn.nd in economic forging jW- .rirn. sold Argentina 12 more goods than to !I will be a similar eiu TWre " hnwver. boueht Anl States nearly twice uw!f .1, United States rted to 5109.048.000; are ceriui" - ... that, which may be Led in the fact that Argen-rizeu. mnfiihies are not. g tui""' Hiincn that are r.eX e" ' , The re- U true as i." ii concerneu. mt gains m American ex- Hi Vcm ontWnea and tarts. its, CUU.UU, v.. . . Lv automobiles and painU. Lstina is a pastoral country. Lrts mostly meat and dairy tSl wheat, corn, hides and is a feeling in the Argentine ie trade balance with the States should be on a more and there has been some trade barriers." Ml however, shows tnai me ) States charges less duty on tina goods than Argentina does uted States goods. Hoover undoubtedly will hear jse economic issues ana or re- Iroblems that at times have e grave, that have confronted lountry's greatest industry raising and the shipment of the arrival of the T I luwln ter weathor if- "rst neral win. I REPORTS ON THE I0RTS OFDRY AGENTS JSHKGTON, Dec. 8. (JP) forts of the prohibition depart lof the treasury department to prohibition was depicted to J the annual report of Prohibi Jommissioner Doran, who re Jhat his force had made 73,307 1 with 58,813 convictions in the fear 1928. The report showed frease of 10,000 arrests over Pte for the previous year. end in the trenerni ...... 1 state. South BUb week were renortn . aya this dition generally but n y fair con' tlon lof this ea a the state highway comm Zoi t h by . While affecting most c te the snow varied widely in del T some Dlaeea th . ' ucPtn' In ed ouC the nwT2lmni-resulted m some T gravel. In other places lim. , AlU First T Hi . . . U onrrain, S, M FduM Edward J r.., M,t. Frunk Fruni, B m Stanford Ua'e Van s l, , 618 r:h,.. wa8ei Armv Carrnll tt . J Ktneth stro V1' E T O O O T G QB HB HB KB day or two. Earth routes were given a, i only fair condition and aa heavy J someeP.aces, where the snowfall ane mam West River were reported as follows: u. o. tiignway No. 212 highways Short Cut From the Minnesota n four are juniors. signal honors, TUa ' the ealflw f . youngest n . galaxy of stars are two Sn,,. Frank Speer, ern reDreapntnti, a rainhlinc n.-ri... from Geonria Watertown r uuiKion, gravel, good. Faulkton to "JU,"mc":i 'uue gravel, fair. Burk-mere to Gettysburg, gravel, good Gettysburg to Forest City earth fair. Four miles gravel on each side of the Forest City bridge Forest City through Eagle Butte Du-pree, Faith and Newell to Belle Fourche, earth, fair. U. S. Highway No. 14. Black Yellow From thP uimm... . . "ave just turned 2n through Brookings, Arlington nnrt ... Pomnierening of Michigan ueomet io nuron, gravel, good withktn f 7 lL'J'naralte) Post of resurfacing east of Huron. Huron'nf tv, . at 24, are SW&eards throueh Wessinptnn Wni00 i w leam wh most of the nthor li2 and 23 composite picture n5 'K (JP)-A American footh'n , the 1928 All- man, about 23 years Tf 1 " younS Jt under sixC Standing n-er 180 daI ' n,. tes he has evervthlmr iv?sy:raIToa.sta7S s select" f ?15.the rv1n Phlllin. r..n. ... Mike Getto. piii.i... Nathl 6 G11)80n- MtoueJta MitUan Barragar, South. Calif. Dan M,MuIlen, Nebraska Oorty Brwn v f Texas Wesley Fcler, Ohio state "ard Maple, Oregon Btate Warner Ml,, ueorgia Tech! CUfford Il0tf,a. Stanford rech and nnio v r,, . ung e who.;7,,.:r;,ai Neither of these youngsters Florida. however u " rVu,ua and ...... . v u.tuugn to vote I J juat iurned I 1'iU Rogers Picks A Story For This Spot WILL ROGERS ON rintvi.n 1 ii- nave a pretty w time with finmA f tiiAiV that are npwnua aA mon wasn't for t.h n, j 8 : would be about the best job , o "ittil cnil fl nnb- -Fn 1 think. Wtt f fday 'He DatiPTlf m.f.J nn ' and said ,o wID i,. fl a half "la eyes- ne It hj"al hour telling the doc fenttl,r!0':i and.how incon- iu mm. bo nn.Viy ft uii,.". :' " sat down in tne hU 0u ' lc' test them r.r.d th - e asses put a-.vav. and W " .5ullst SV3 to him: on ,C,acl as mi,th 213 you wall - ca,.'.d 0Vt-r tlipre on awful mad. "I good!" V y yes wasn l i 'make it .i fa- 'wayoc l ktis baS t lea.r t0 yM. My eye- . uon t read on v when - si eye-trnnh o f'veto f I'n h,, ? any r,iore about r-""" elurM, Inc. -aXs Christmas MM through Wessington, Wolsey, Miller ana wignmore to Pierre, gravel, good, with resurfacing west of Huron three miles. Pierre through Midland and Philip to junction with No. iii, gravel, good. Junction to Rapid City, gravel, good. u. fc. Highway No. 16, Custer Battlefield, A. Y. P. From the Minn esoia line tnrougn Sioux Falls to Bridgewater, gravel, fair to good. Briagewater to Mitchell, gravel, fair, with resurfacing west of Bridge-water. Mitchell through Kimball, Chamberlain and Kennebec to Ka- doka, gravel, good. Kadoka to junction with No. 14, gravel detour over county road, fair. Junction through Rapid City to Wyoming line, gravel, good. U. S. Highway No. 18 Black Hills Highway From the Iowa line to two miles west of Canton, new gravel, fair. West of Canton through Park er and Lake Ancles to St. cnaries, gravel, good. St. Charles to Burke, gravel, fair loose. Eurke to Dallas, gravel, fair. Dallas to Winner, earth, fair. Winner to Carter, gravel, fair. Carter through Mission and Martin to White River, earth, fair. White river to Smithwick, gravel, good. Smithwick to the Cheyenne river, earth, fair. Cheyenne river through Hot Serines to six miles west, grav el, good. West of Hot Springs thru Edgemont to Wyoming line, earth, fair, with five miles good gravel east of Edgemont. most of the others years of ro,i Ned Burke of the Navy is the lone figure standing just at his majority. Nine states are represented in the mythical line-up, stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Four of the stars are divided among two states and two of them to one town. Burke and Howe hail from PRINCE OF WALES IS HEARING HOME Condition Of King George Is Announced As Unchanged This Morning CAIRO, Egypt, Dec. 8. (JP) The Prince of Wales, hurrying home to the bedside of his father, King Oeorge of England, left Cairo for Port Said at 5:40 a. m. Pennsylvania while both Franklin An hV!," Bcrkclc Cttlif-' home An odd development is that the tallest men on the team is found in the back(i(!ld and not u.e inc The Ittyth MikC" Str0n ls an "h with ' fUr lx tootcrs lined P with him The juvenile Speer packs the most poundage, 200, and the crafty eagle ls the lightest at 107. Cages lack of weight has not scr-iously hampered his activities In be-half of the Army, however, and if a game could be arranged for the mythical team he could be used to advantage. For practical purposes the team seems to leave nothing to be desired. I Lead mo oacKs are triple threaters for every one of them can run, kick or pass. Howe ls a sure passer and as a defensive center has had few superiors in recent years. With Pommerening and Burke on one side of the line and Post and Speer on the other it is difficult to see where an opposing quarter would elect to find a weak spot. Frankain and Van fcickel are as good offensively as defensively which is all that can be asked of any pair of ends. Earl (Dutch) Clark has been a star at Colorado for two years, scor ing at least one touchdown In every game he has played. He has carried the burden of his team's offense throughout the season. Condition Same LONDON, Dec. 8. (JP) King George's physicians this morning issued the following bulletin on his condition: "The king has had some hours of sleep. The temperature Is still raised on account of the local lung condition. The general condition is the same." RAPID CITY CHESS TEAM DEFEATS LEAD LAST NITE Rapid City chess players who came here last night to meet the chess enthusiasts returned home with an 8 to 4 victory to their credit. The games, 12 of which were played, six men to a side, took place in the Recreation building. The Lead men probably would have made a better showing had not several of the strongest players of the local club been unable to take part in the match. At the close of the games the chess players had a lunch at the Black Hills cafe, the Rapid City men departing for their homes shortly alter midnight. Following are the Individual scores made: it vnu CITY I'laver Won Lost AMERICAN MARINE SLAIN BY NICARAGUA BANDITS MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Dec. 8. (JP) Another American marine has been killed attempting to suppress banditry in northern Nicaragua. Gunnery Sergeant Charles Williams of Astoria, New York, was fatally wounded by a stray bandit bullet. STOCKS CONTINUE DOWNWARD RUSH General Motors Common Alone Depreciates More Than $300,000 ITALIAN CARDINAL DIES IN ROME YESTERDAY ROME, Dec. 8. (P) Cardinal Francici-Nava, archbishop of Catania died yesterday at the age of 82 years. His death puts the Italian cardinals in a minority of three. YOUTH IS KILLED WHILE ON HIS WAY TO FUNERAL ELK POINT, Dec. 8. (JP) While driving to a funeral, Frank Lilly, 22, of Crosdon, Neb., was killed and two of his companions were injured when their automobile left the road and overturned here last night. Lilly received a broken back. NEW YORK, MENTAL EXPERTS WATCH MURDERCASE CLOSELY PLANKINTON, Dec. 8. (JP) Four experts on mental disease are closely following the testimony made by Mrs. Ella Etrand, on trial in circuit court here charged with the murder of her husband. v.t. the Darents of the ac- cused woman were on the stand, and HOUSE RECESSES OVER WEEK END It Complacent After Passing Billion Dollar Appropriation Bill WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.(JP) Complacent after passing the billion dollar postofflce-treasury appropriation bill, the house recessed over the week-end, but the senate Intended today to go ahead with business as usual, the business being the Bould er Canyon Dam bill. Koos 1 McLeary 2 Chase 2 Jcrnstrom 1 rost 1 Stearns 0 0 0 LEAD White Vi 1 Curran 0 2 Rogers Va 1'4 Carter 2 0 Erunelle 0 2 Gawne 1 1 LATE TELEPHONE SUIT AGAINST HOOVER CLEVELAND, Dec. 8. (JP) A suit to prevent Herbert Hoover from taking office as president of the United States was filed in federal court here today by Gustave F. Ebding, who contends that Hoover has only been a resident of the United States since 1919. Ebding had written works attempting to prove that the world is not a globe. He told secret service men who questioned him that "patriotism and conscience moved him to file the suit." TO QUIZ WEST WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (JP) The senate public lands committee today asked Secretary West to appear before it in open meeting Wednesday in connection with his nomination as head of the interior department. PLAN LEAD CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL RAPID YOUTH KILLED RAPID CITY, Dec. 8.(JP) John Conncll, former student at the School of Mines, and driver of a mail bus south of Rapid City for the Journal, was killed eight miles south, of here last night on the return trip. His skull was crushed and the car bent and battered so that authorities believe it must have turned over several times. It was on its wheels when it was found. HAS FARM RELIEF PLAN DES MOINES, Dec. 8. (JP) Governor John Hammil announced today he would propose a system of Mississippi river trans-portation to President-elect Hoover as a part of the farm relief program. Grain would be stored in elevators as collateral for farm borrowing. ARTICLES STOLEN FROM CHURCHES RECOVERED Dec. S.-f.TJ-The paper value of stocks today on the , jfled &it their daughter had New York stock exchange tad ; mentally unsound shrunk more the last two days. than $2,50U,uouT mr alone had $300,000. deprei General Motors dated more man COACH ROSE AT WORK WITH VELLOWJACK .v. Dnca Dec. 8. coaL i SPEAK r- " sch00, cf the Spearnsn ' " . y Uow. hard at work w "'t year ii,t hosketball team. James Norton DISCOVER ROTHSTEIN HEAD NARCOTIC RING NEW YORK, Dec. S.-W-Fed-eral authorities investigating a nar era.' B..J,.. financed by the late ,.todayhadtatheir PssesrtTd"crDi3COvery i twos inThotel here which of two u" Hhioment in- hn been cnecacu . .Mra ana " :nn after. a". " S - nerusal of papers ... i twr p iiuu"- inn1 rHiiuiu - . . i f were com iui. j o- . orvir to th ate eammera - Wrl vears of spiennm found ams the team men. . i.itter- . Thpre are ittfc al" u-nndle of Sturgis Thrive and Woouie i Owen of Exceis.... als0 ANOTHER POLICEMAN IN CHICAGOJSSHOT DOWN CHICAGO, Dec. 8. W) Another policeman was shot today, the second in 30 hours to fall under the rain of gangsters'- bullets. Unlike the case of LeRoy Gilbert, the young police chief of South Chicago Heights who was shot down in his home on Thursday night, the shooting of Policeman Ernest Schubert was not fatal. One bullet struck his left leg and another was deflected by his car. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 8. (JP) !Cold and silver chalices encrusted with precious stones, vestments and lowance other articles worth more than resident $100,000 stolen from altars and sacristies of Catholic churches in California and Mexico were being returned to their places today follow- j Ing the arrest of a former San Qucn- tln convict who confessed to uieir theft. JOHNSON EXPLAINS USE PHEASANT SHIPPING TAGS PIERRE, Dec. 8. (JP) Pointing out that there has been some mis understanding as to the use of pheasant shipping tags after the close of the season, O. H. Johnson, state game and fish commissioner, today explained that there is no date limit on the use of these tags. "Pheasants legally in possession may be shipped at any time," he said, "if properly taprjred with the special shipping tags." The director pointed out that the migratory waterfowl regulations limit possession of those birds to- five days after the close of the season. With pheasants, however, the com mission considered the maximum al- of ten shipping tags to a hunter sufficient limitation on shipping of these birds, he said, and for that reason set no limiting dates on the use of pheasant shipping tags after the close of the season. The pheasant season ended Monday, in counties having the longest sea son. Five Local Organization! To Cooperate In Getting Up Community Program Plans were completed last night at the general meeting of the Lead Woman's club in the city hall for the annual community Christmas program, to be held this year on the afternoon of Sunday, December 23. The committee to take charge of the event was appointed and Mrs. N. E. Mattox was named general chairman. Other members of the Woman's club on the committee are Mrs. H. S. Clark and Mrs. J. E. Calhoun, who will work with representatives of the Lions, Kiwanis and Commercial clubs, the American Legion auxiliary and the Homestake post of the American Legion in potting the program across. Frank Flavin will represent the Lions on the committee, Sydney Staple will represent the Kiwanians and Mrs. Hjalmer Nelson will represent the Legion aux iliary. The program, as outlined at present, will be entitled "Prophesy-song and Light Festival," the details of which and dates for rehearsal are to be announced later. Much of the event ls to be devoted to Christmas music and all persons in Lead who can sing are urged to take part. There was a large attendance at the mcetinf the Woman's club last evening. The major portion of the program was given over to a demonstration of making Christmas gifts, led by Mrs. W. J. Schoen, Mrs. W. D. Addison and Mrs. O. P. Cook, and was under the supervision of the Arts and Crafts department The forthcoming Christmas pro gram, which will be open to uie public will be held in the Homestake theater. SPEARFISH NORMAL WILL MAKE CHILDREN'S DONATION SPEARFISH, Dec. 8. There has been for more than twenty years an annual custom observed in the Spear- fish normal school or maKing a Chil Falls. This the training school raised about $78 by means of Thanksgiving offering for the dren's home at Sioux vear the children of BIG PLANS FOR U. S. AIR MAIL mil i mnnRSES MOVE 0111 PINTO RFANS tw0 projects which they planned and LKUW flWIU BLAIU carr.c(J Qut themseive3. The young PIERRE, Dec. 8. (JP) Referring iwomen of the y. W. C. A. have made to the action of twenty-seven Fall I nnd packed a boX 0f clothing for the River county farmers in contracting - cnildrcni and the faculty and stud-to grow 1,500 acres of Pinto beans ' nt3 o tne normai school have taken Glover Says All First Class Mai! Will Be Carried By Air In Five Years under an agreement that a cleaning and storage plant would be built, L. N. Crill, state secretary of agricul- today pointed out tnai eacn of the state can excel iu CHICAGO, Dec. 8. (JP) All first class mail will be carried by air in the United States within five years, according to W. Irving Glover, sec free will offering to be sent to ' ond assistant postmaster general in ture, section some crop. "One farmer in Fall River county cleared $3Z.Eu per acre Mr. Crill said. Superintendent Stu c k e m a n. amounted to over $su. This this year fmrrt his CrOP, "Thus experience is constantly demonstrating the new possibilities in different sections of our state and it will be found that there is no sections of South Dakota but that will excel in some particular crop . has resources for the basis of some important industry. Mo., and . T:l.,r,1 Sullivan ot . en who have in school a number of en bave been formerly in basketball. played c o n s i Nynmn a .r them are bcneiui, ,,. . Nisiand, J. -"".! nnd R INVrna" u anu rv. vrvinno of Bene and Painter of of specie OI nuv -t c T?.,r-he and rniiT" rvu. . - Spearfish. w Among promise have entered cM them are Kevana - - m who two years ago v TTniversity of. freshman team ai of Belle Dakota, wno --- the fresu'" Bruce Coacb of New-"" fnnda. South Fourche played on State college, and Grieves year team l of Hot Springs upon the TKf AW Rose is wu'" "K.,ne daily .ontoii ana w &- - ain?. pi- mandrill in "mg; are oting anc - ; ac0C1 iinrfnir the team " r The dpate another succes ibepIfiyed first conference games s early in January when east of the river fot es will be played before the cation. (II " Our Pet Peeve 111 j r ' WHAT M( VT ' Hjr, SHERIFFS ASK SEVERAL NEW LAWS OF THE SOLONS PIERRE, Dec. 8. (P) A motor vehicle headlight law, a dealer's license law and an appropriation for poultry and livestock theft-prevention work, are included in legislation to be sought by South Dakota sheriffs at the li)29 session. As provided by the county officers at their annual meeting in Dcadwood last summer, State Sheriff Fred S. Minier ls sending to each of the legislators-elect a copy of resolutions urging legislation on these subjects and on three others motorcycle patrol on South Dakota highways, htirenu of identification and investi- charge of mall. Glover announced that the expressed wish of President' elect Hoover for regular air routes from the United States to countries through which he Is now traveling will become a reality next year. DIVORCED THREE DAYS AGO: IS ON WEDDING TRIP TODAY NEW YORK, Dec. 8. (JP) Emily Davies Vanderbilt, whose divorce from William H. Vanderbilt became final three days ago, was on a wedding trip today . with Sigourney Thayer, member of a socially promi nent Massachusetts family, after a surprise marriage. CHICAGO "WHEAT KING" SUCCUMBS TO PNEUMONIA CHICAGO, Dec. 8. (JP) James A. Patten, known as the "wheat king" of the Chicago board of trade, died at his home here at 10:25 a. m. today. The 76-year-old millionaire bad been ill for only a short time with double pneumonia. RADIO CONCERN BEGINS ITS ANNOUNCED PLAN NEW YORK, Dec. 8. (JP) Tho Radio Corporation of America today is going ahead with their an nounced plan to create a separate subsidiary for its communication business, as the result of a decision by the board of directors. AMERICAN AMBASSADOR TO PERU IN HOSPITAL LIMA, Peru, Dec. 8. (JP) Alexander P. Moore, American ambassador to Peru, is ill in a hospital here. ROD AND GUN CLUB HAS ELECTI0N1F OFFICERS Frank Flavin of Lead was elected president of tho Black Hills Rod and Gun club for the forthcoming year at a meeting of this sportsmen's or ganization held in the city hall last I nation of criminals, and removal of evening. . . l..: riVm nfAiAcn fnv liflvt VOaP HW four-year term for county sbenffs. j vice-presiaent, jonn ireweeit; bcuuuu Copies of these resolutions, passed at 1 vice-president, A. M. Woodward;! the annual sherins meeung, wm umu m-c-Tjicaiuan, wvyix also be presented to the proper leg-; treasurer, Hugh Mackie; secretary, islative committees. .cawm juwry. Mr. Minier called particular atten-1 The following were named mem-tion today to the need for a state , bers of the fishing committee: W. E. law regulating head lights on motor ! Royce, Hjalmer Nelson, P. B. Deen, vehicles, pointing Out that recurring naries miixnen, vv. o. njwuiu, accidents resulting from night driv-iLeon Brown, M. W. Powell. The .,, Qn.ith Dakota hiirhwavs em- duties of this committee include the phaslzes danger arising from lack of receiving of fish from the state and restriction on over-powered, blinding 1 federal hatcheries and the planting head lights. ot tnem m likely streams In the The dealer's license law sought 1 Black Hills, would eliminate the pasteboard deal- The report of this committee for er's license cards now used, and,, last year, given to the club members would require dealers and manuf act-' last evening revealed that the club urers to obtain certificates of title spent $130 during ahe last year all their cars and have them. planting nsn in isoruiem runs CITY IN BRIEF Mrs. Almon Smith, formerly Miss Evelyn Shoff, who is teaching in the public schols of Spearfish, ls spending the week-end here with her bus-band, who ls an employe of the Homestake Mining company. Word has been received here of the marriage of Miss Jennie Rentto, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Rentto of Lead, to Jack H. Grady, of Chicago, on November 17. Miss Rentto is a graduate nurse of the West Side hos pital in Chicago where she took nurse's training for three years. The bride was born in Lead and attended the public schools here, where she has many friends. After a visit to the home of the groom's parents, the couple will make their home in Chicago. Funeral services for the late George Campbell will be held tomor row afternoon at 2 o clock from Christ church Episcopal, the Rev. G. H. Richardson conducting the rites. Interment will be made in the Knights of Pythias "plot in the West Lead cemetery. The A. O. U. W. lodge, of which Mr. Campbell Was a member, will attend the services In a group. The body today lay in state at the Campbell home at 1017 Washington street, and many friends called to pay last respects. Weather and Roads upon licensed. streams. Lead 37; partly cloudy roads good. Deadwood 30; clear roads good. Spearfish 38; partly cloudy roads good. Sturgia 32; clear roads good. Belle Fourche 18; partly cloudy roads good. Hill City 14; clear roads good. Custer 12; clear roads good. Rapid City 32; clear roads good. Hot Springs 30; clear roads good. Philip 30; clear roads good. Presho 20; clear roads good. Chamberlain 13; clear roads good. Newcastle 24; cloudy roads good. For a period of 16 hours up to 8 o'clock. Max. 48. Mln. 32,

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