The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1930 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 12
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The Upper Des Molnes-Republlcan, August 13,1930 ^^j^^^^^g^*^^^^^ [AT THE FAR Kosauth County Fair Second to None in Farm Projects Showing. HAVE EXHIBITS. State Fatr'AtofBst Zd'thfa Yea* lo Have tmmefts* Cwnp fw tfirm " ! (By itfeinty Afebrit Morrison).* " Entrlei^fbr' the r 'i&W kriatatih' cdun- ty fair Will dfflr exhibits to JMor-H club and ;farm -projects that rfor number and variety ' compare well ' with any fair Of ithe state outside of Des Molnes. Each year, one outstanding pro* ject of general" Interest 'tt> farmers is Detected-. as a,* farm bureau., ex hlbiti which this year will dlsplya the photographs of tfrath 1 sainples, ettxtthe Value of seed treatment and disease control measures ' ! i» ' "practiced by many throughput; the county during the past few years. _,. ... Farm btrfeau women's work to home furnishing- and girls' , clothing clubs include exhibits and demonstrations that will be of interest to many. Work and displays including material entered to competition at tKeloWa state fair. The I^our-H clubs Will 'include horse, beef, and dairy,, cattle, nog*, sheep, corn, poultry and '' garden "club exhibits of greater -Duality -and keener competition than' v ew,?.L'before. ti i .John ,*L. Thorngren", former Smlth- ' Hughes'. Instructor at Swea City, was made, avatlablejto- -work .with Four-S club,jlwy8janc(,, girls through a budget ra)se5M8y*We* bankers and creameries th^'county. With toe Salvation Army Workers Metre Again* Envoy W. L. Lowe and daughter Vfcfla, representing the state headquar tors of the Salvation Army will assist )n conducting the regular appeal to all towns of Kossuth count; during the r»«tt few days. Saeh year an official canvass is made to an counties of the state, the Kossuth county appeal was made to July of last year. H. E. Rist of thfr Kossuth County State Bank wtil act again as treasurer for the funds ralsST In TEe eoority. Fttnds f&teed will He tfeed to assist to catry- ittg on the work within the Iowa division. - •- :<'•• y- During the past year 11,888 fowa families applied and received aid »nd 1&2 unfommate young girls wers cared for at -the Rescue Home at, Des Molnes. fhese girls represented manj Of the ootratles of the state. Very unusual demands will be made on the Salvation Army during the next year end liberal contributions will be appreciated. and competent assistance, Mr. ..many, of these various clubs " '^competition. selected a to 1 trie;j'd^iry ^demonstration and Uve- stookfe}aag1hg, team contest. From 'these teamfewlUi7b5\selected the winners-to repreifint?'ltossikth i county at-the Dairy CattfevOongresS' to Waterloo during October.- Mr. Thprngren's extra hours are now being spent with club groups on "fitting and 'showing as to feeding and'handling during the early part of the year, is preparing one of the put- Four-H club shows of'the ality"attd T finIgh. CITY HAS SMALL FILTERING PLANT Like One Now in Operation in Webster City and Does Away With Bust. WOULD SA1OI CITY SUM OF MONEY. First Car Loads of Oil Unloaded at City's NeW Siding Last Week, Kelley Deserves Credit for Siding. ........ Usjadct,baby beef and-dlstrlct w"-.^.__ it 'time such' prizes tendent people could see the difference in the water. There has been no estimation of the construction cost as yet, but if it Is not prohibitive no'doubt-one-will be-put-in here.T. _ _— •=. _ . During the process.,of removing., tbe- iron, the' water Is .aerated, and filtered. ^rThis does' away with, the rusty- red .water -which follows a '-fire or when much water .Is used.' Tubs and clothes will hot be'discolored and also assures-the: the .meters'will be~kept clean and this ,saveUjfhg 0 ^lty ''money, because of ' Oeo. Norris, ,an engtoerr from Webster City, Has built a* miniature water filtering or Iron removal tank which is a replica of the one used in Webster City. » It -Is 'in the .basement of, the City Hall. The water, goes into an aerating .tank, th'en'.- into a settling tank . and ? from there into the filter. The filter has a layer of gravel to the 'bottom and -on top % of the • gravel Is a layer of fine washed sand. There has been so many complaints from the citizens, of Algona that this was built at the instigation of Superin- so-thatf the local strai erica Virgil test'as- s . as well as assisting displays and demon- colt club of Am- fecently received considerable publicity, will be back this Good News 11 w Attend Titonka Indian he rlatter M'lhe meters do not work .. «j*f*V*t.«»__».*_* »^'-> *i._iu.» * i * i * - * ••* * L ' year as yearlings and to addition colt club show will include horse loala and yearlings, particularly from Lu- Verpe and Lone Rock neighborhoods. v Pure bred beef heifer classes will include heifers, whose pedigrees are close up to the aristocrats of the beef cattle world and follow down through Jong lines of names famous in beef cattlfl history. The annual show ari3 exposition of Kossuth county agriculture and farm home displays will be" big in itself, but a start in drawing the district entries assures every resident of the county just pride in Kossuth county's fair and Kossuth county agricuKur?. Big Farm Camp at State Fair. A camp of seventy to eighty acres of land for the free use of farm bureau people has been set aside for those who wish to camp while visiting the Iowa State Fair, which opens August 20 this year, according to Grant Chapman of Iowa State College, who has charge of the camp. A year ago it was estimated that 8,000 farm peop'.a and their friends made use of the camp. These people came from ever-/ county in Iowa except Emmet ami from twenty states. Those who camp may bring their own camping equipment, or they may rent tents, chairs, beds, and other camping equipment by making reservations through the farm bureau office at Algona. : : A registration booth is maintained at the camp and someone is kept continually on hand. This permits reach- Ing anyone at the camp In case of necessity,, providing the person has registered. The farrn bureau cmap is just outside the fftir grounds, but those who f,tay there may go outside the grounds to the camp and back in for meals without charge, A special entrance is provided for the use of the people in the camp and they also have a special exit and entrance to use so that they do not need to pass through the fair grounds when they corne to or leave* the pamp. _. now have ;00d~galions7 Tfiis will be T>f great-help -for fires and other emergencies. It will be, all,-above, ground with-'the. exception of-about twelve feet underneath. The entire plant would be of con- prete and would, be located in back of the light plant as the street commissioner has moved that equipment down to the siding near the Milwaukee tracks on .North Hall Street. The filters would be backwashed twice a day assuring the public of pure water. In.,the window of the Upper Des MoinesriRepublican office are two milk bptties-^ull of water. One holds the water-i.which the local pepple get now and the, other holds some which has gone through the filter. It is much clearer and more free from particles than the first, Mr. Kelley announces that they unloaded the first two cars of oil at the new siding the first of last week. It took approximately six hours to do it whereas before that it took fixe or six days for the men to unload it and haul it to the plant with teams. It is figured that the two 18,000 gallon tanks which are at the siding will be filled and the oil will be pumped to the plant as it is needed. The railroad company went to great expense to put this siding in and it is figured that it will save the city about $700 a year. Mr. Kelley deserves much rredit for his part in obtaining this siding for Algona as he put it through practically single-handed. Algona is fortunate in having a man of Mr. Kelley's ability at the head of the city plant. Thieves Stole Oil Near Burt. , One day last week when Claire Winkle arid family, who now live on the former Qrant Salisbury farm just north pf the Black Cat, were away from home, thieves stole a drum of kerosene oil and a quantity of other Threshers Held an Ice Cream Festival. Good Hope, August 12. Special: On last Thursday evening the members of the, west side threshing ring celebrated the finish of the season's run with an ice cream feast at the Alex McArthur home. John Larson, who owns the rig, provided eight gallons of cream for the occasion. Forty-six people were present and included the families and threshing help of the following: Mike Bonstetter, Tony Jandl, Erwin Turner, Henry Engstrom, Herman Hlntz, Ed. Brossder, Arthur Schultz, Robert Bell, Wm. Brooderson and Altx McArthur. A merry time is reported. Nemmers to Move September First. Mr. and Mifs. L. J. Nemmers will move to Mason City next month, wher^e Mr. Nemmers will be wire > chief for the Northwestern Telephone Company, after being manager of the. local- exchange for the past seven years. Mrs. tfemmers and the. children,.will go, Vfason City September 1 to be there to time for the opening, of the schools. Mr. Nemmers will leave Algona ° Sep;ember 18, and will go to Des Moines a attend a training school until November 1, when he'will assume his duties at Mason City. As wire= chief of Mason City and also Manly, Mr. Nemmers Will have charge of the supervision of the wires, and also the,'train- tag of the men in that .department.' Mr. l Neinmers came to Algona in April,-1923, to become manager of the ocal exchange, beside which he also had charge of trie Bancroft, Lakota, LuVerne, Wesley and Whittemorp. exchanges. The present plant was constructed Under him in 1924 at Which" ime ; Algona had 676 phones. Today here 1 are 1052. , E.,,O. Hanscher, who Is at present manager of the exchange at Eagle Grbve, Will come to Algona to be the manager of the local exchange and also^the Wesley, Whittempre and Lu- Verne exchanges. He is married, and has one child, a boy eight years old. He comes to Algona highly recommended and will live In the C. L. Sampson house in which Mr. and Mrs. tfemmers have been living. H. C. 'ierce has assumed the duties of tha xchanges at Dakota and Bancroft, Next m6nih; Mr Nemmers wiircom- plete' twenty'years of service with the elephone company. Previous to com- ng to Algona as manager he had 1 been yrft'as Wire, chief Jn 1919 when W. ' Brand .was manager. .From here i'e went to'Clarion as manager, and rom- Clarion to Spencer for a time *~ J f ore he went to Osage, where he wasto charge of placing a ney w plant in ^eif- «i«>A TO«>>*M *™\r*A(•»*•»» hA-^»o%na<^T^i^4AlonnA. yice.. From ALfiONAlOSTTO' HAMPTp 5 TQ 3 Was the Best Team The LO: cals Have Played so far this Season. HAMPTON MADE "; THREE BUNS IN FIRST. Swanson of Whittcmore Pitched for the Locals and Looked Good'in all Except the First Inning. Algona lost a fast base ball game on the Jocal diamond Sunday, WJtien Hampton defeated them by the 'sccre of 5 to 3. Hampton was by 'far the best team the -locals 'have faced so far.. Both teams were on a par as fur as , Q6od New's' 1 !!', sori' cabin' 1 'moneplane''owned ! t>y f th» Des Moines '<Reg"teter-&' Tribune, -iwhichi will fly over-Mtonkat Augusfrii55'with a staff photographer, to lobtain. aejlat Views of the 26th annual Indian Day belberation^..A_sta£L.writer-of-the-{»ftp- fcrs'Avllj also be aboard and after landing at j Algona the newspapermen will attend! the..celebratlpn at Titonka. | i ..-.5 ?'- ,"" -V ( ^fljia* — •*•*• —*™ 1-^' y friends-to ;Alg lence he^e, an -. Mr?'Nenr .pable mans Is an-op JSossWh r %u: nnn n fiflH .-r^ir j irtOV , *'!,'« {W "I V/ Woman Ordered to LeaVe Town. Irene Taft, who lives in Des Moines, but who was visiting with relatives in Algona, was brought before Justice Hutchison last Thursday On a Warrant sworn out because of the use of obscene and blasphemous language to a neighbor woman. Because pf the fact that she had an infant daughter it was thought better to fine her five dollars and remit the fine -during good behavior on the condition 'that she would leave Algona by August 11, which she did. Wriggling Pig Dislocates Shoulder. Cresco, August 12. Special: E. C. Potter had his right shoulder pulled out of the socket and his collar bone cracked whUe attempting to lift a pig over a fence. The pig struggled to get free, and while trying to hold oil. It -19 probable that they thought I it, Mr. Potter was injured, they were getting gasoline. '' Baptist Church, """ be services in the Baptist r^.^j^y morning at the pastor will speak, service wUl be held in sir—*- ™—i. jj web- Corn Gate Algona Markets. $ &i ,31V/ Barley -40 H088 8.50 £_W» H-.23 Hens > 12-.16 Roosters , 14-.18 August 15th Not a Day of Abstinence. Catholics are dispensed from the law of abstinence on Friday, August 16th, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin into Heaven, and all may eat meat on that day. The Vigil of the Assumption, Thursday,' August 14, is a day of fast and abstinence and must be observed by all who are bound by the law of fast and abstinence. This is in reference to the St. Benedict Parish picnic which is to be held on Friday, August 15.—Rev. B. H. Loef- fleholtz, pastor. Declared Insane and Taken to Cherokee. Rudolph Hayenga, sixty years old, was declared mentally incompetent last Saturday by the insane commission and was taken to Cherokee. He has been working on a farm near Fenton for the past fourteen months. His family, consisting of a wife and two children live in Henry, South Dakota, which had been his home for nearly twenty-five years. Curious Specimen of Motorbike Here Mon. One ol the funnier types of motor vehicles was in Algona last Monday It was made up of four small bicycle wheels on one of which was some sort of a small motor. The thing was steered by handlebars and pulleys and cranks made it run. It was modeled after a tricycle and the owner intended to travel through the west with it. Bancroft Man Out on $500 Bond. A. W. Schiltz, a farnW living west of Bancroft was brought before Justice A. Hutchison, last Thursday on a charge of assault and battery brought against him by his wife. The case was continued to August IB to order to secure witnesses. Schiltz is at liberty under $500 bonds. hits were concerned, but Hampton the edge in fielding. The visitors scor-, ed most of their runs to the first two. innings an^l Swanson the local* pitcher, held them from then on. He had nls. curve ball working and the Hampton- Ites were not able to connect to any great extent after the first' two innings. Both teams had ' six men lef V on bases and Wilson struck out flve men and Swanson six.) I > >1 Next Sunday <Lake Mills plays at: the local diamond. The Lake Mills outfit are, one of the four teams which, have defeated Hampton, this season. and the, fans can. be sure of a good', fast game. ' ' ' ' The box sdore for the Algona-Hamp|»n game Is as follows: M >- *'•' "•'* > ( •• -nil bt^otr otl3''8 J ,.'w *nl Swarison; p j/I..j?j 3ven»ieyer,frl!fivv,;4f 'ft! 0;.ft 27 18,. ft ?arks, If 5 1 uMiuke,'ss .>.'.'.•:£.5 1 Harden, Ib 4 1 Whitford, 2b 4 1 Weyant, c ...4 I Marshall, cf .....A 0 Cahill, 3b 3 0 Wilson, p 4 0 J Luke, rf 4 0 1 1' 3 '2 0 a 13 0 0 3 0 1 0 Total ,37 7 27 17 LOCAL NEWS. L- D. Hodgson of Burt was in Algona on business today. i i » Dave Lynch pf Bancroft was a visitor in Algona today. William Schroeder. of. : Lakota was a visitor in Algona today. Mr. and Mrs. .Ralph Elbert spent the week'end at Okpboji. f M. E. Johnson : of Swea City was :in Algona today on his way- to Irvington. : .••'.'..: ':••• .!• -.' • : " -. ' :-. ..••-. -. 'Mr. and Mrs. Glen Shore are the proud 'parents of a boy born last Friday.- - • •'•'.:.'..' - • ' ' - '• ";; Guy M. Butts, the Wesley banker, was transacting business In Algona'on Tuesday. ' Hiram'White isi driving a new Chevrolet coupe : purchased' from the Kohlhaas Bros, garage. Dorothy Bjustrom of Hobarton had her tonsils and adenoids removed on Wednesday niprning, ,'....'. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Punk are the parents of a baby boy born August 7. The Punks liye south of Algona. Jack Butler, the well known Lotts Creek farmer, is recovering from his recent illness and is able to be;up. R. 8. Maxwell, who is employed on a farm south of- Algona, underwent an operation on his nose last Friday. Maxlne Brundage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Q. D. Brundage, had her Home for Visit From St. Paul Seminary, JoOtfis Creek, August 12. Spfeclffl:' fitie Fiene, who has attended Oa«- eordta College to St. Paul ft* the past four yea«, left St. faui with his friend, Sam janson, fof -StiHWate|r, Minnesota, for a Week's visit with Sam's parents, ttev. and Mrs. ft w. Janflott. From there they went to Lfewiston, Minnesota, for & visit With JanSoh's relatives. Then they west to Hustlsford, Wisconsin, where they worked in a pea canning factory for a month. Erie then went to Sheboy" gan, Wisconsin, where he visited With his uncle, Ernest Krueger, for & week. From there he went to Chicago for a few days' visit with his brother 1 , Get* aid. Last Friday morning he went to Iowa City Where he spent the day with his sister, Stella. He came honte.on Saturday morning and will, remain at i' I* > i ii !' ;• t' 'ni u ' "I!!i" .1 M>'"'t b^ Wotk . hlbitors' Fair Pilots II. i i Charles Gatschet, pUot of Good News II, Wh'o will fly the Des Moines Register & Tribune's eight passenger Sttnson cabin monoplane to the 26th Annual Indian Day celebration at T1- .tonka, August 15th. ,, , Will ,,—iam left this morning for a three weeks auto trip through points to {northern Michigan. . Mrs, James Orr of Mason 'Oft daughter, Mrs. Georgif'Nolte -"of e'apolis visited at 1 the Halveroorl to lei .* to Algona to about' thre " v<1 t* qf-JiiH.'VuwT 4*,>i WpuTd aid warrant standing a: German Lutheran Church, Corner of North Wooster and East Elm street. H- Dubbe, pastor. English vervicea will be held on Sunday at ten o'clock. . chiiarferi'are'expectcd ! ta' ! 'Algona' sbdn from ,Holiywood for a 'visit* 'With 'Mr. Quarton's 'parents, Mr. 'and Mrs.'W.^Bi Quarton. Y Mrs. Alice Murtagh and .daughters, Dorofhy and Josephine of Waterloo are expected today for a Visit during 'the remainder pi the week at the C. B. Murtagh 'home. i , and Mrs. E. M. Vanaram of Fargo, North Dakota', came Tuesday for a few days' visit at the D. A. Barnard home. They are grandparents of Mrs. Barnard. J ' ' ' ' ' < Mrs. H., B. Wilsp'n returned to hef home to Glenwood ' Tuesday^ ' after spending a week here with her ' Bon, Lester, who is employed 'to the Barchardt drug store. Joe 1 Whit?, editor of the Manilla Times, droVe to -Algona 'last' Friday bringing his children, LaVonn? and Maurice ' f or ; a vacation' visit at ;; the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.-' A. 'Norman,v,.- '•> •••-'• \ '•(•• ••.-•' hi; Alice' 1 Rist ; came the 'first; of the week : frohi Omaha : where ! she had. spent a week visiting a -iridiut* who was ' her ^room mate at sJlopkf ord •<• College last year. Alice plans:; to (attend the University •• of Iowa this' fa}l,,, ; W. B. Nugent is expected 1 ; Saturday from dhicago 1 to 'spend ten' days in Algona. Mrs. ; Nugent and two child* ren have been to Algona, 'for the; past month at the.home of .her : parents., Mr. and Mrs, F. W. Dingley,! They^l^ re r; turn to Chicago, .with. hhn.. ;,, ; Father ! T.- J: Davern,'Drs.i C/Ji and F. C. Scanlan and Dr, Karl Hoffman of Bancroft, . returned .TMesday .f rpm 9, week's fishing tr)p abound, al Fajls, Minnesota, and, Lake tpgama, apd ' a cfttch^of nfnety-three'w^^eyed pil Mrs. 'Ann Frankl, Mro,-.i'a4ifl, Frank! and Clara Murtha .left; Twei • trip to Pah-banks. Map ' buque and «t)ier.pptatij;J,. r . . __. will be gone ten days or .two y;eeks. Mrs. Ann Frankl is takihf''her --" /: , fe, '.They, yepprt day. from the store. Miss Nell Ellis of Marshalitown and their tonsils arid adenoids removed last weelf. Mrs. D, F. Sullivan and daughter, Anita, are expected Friday from MUS- catine for a visit at the J. W. Sullivan home. Richard Wneelock, young son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wheelock, bad his tonsils and adenoids removed one day last week. Dr. W. D. Andrews is equipping his office with a modern x-ray laboratory. It will be installed by the latter part of the week. The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church will have a picnic at the Call State Park Tuesday afterriopn. Mr. and Mrs. Wra. 0. Steele and son, The fall term of Mankato Commercial College, Mankato, Minnesota, will open September 21. if interested send for free catalog. 9 Okpboji where they planned to spend a week with a group of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters. The group, which numbers between ten and twelve is occupying Meg house, one of the Inn cottages. K. W. Lusby returned last Thais- day from a trip to-the BlacK Hills and Yellowstone park, which was made in company with his daitghter and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. H. pierce Wit- and the former's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth D. Wltmer, all of Ptj Molnes The} were gone abput twelve days. Miss Eva Gilbert returned Friday to Iowa City where she is employed as a nurse in one of the Pnjvwsity hpspjw tols. §fce ha4 sp»nt abo4 ft week In Algona visiting her parents, Mr. arid Mrs, tomes atiiwrt, .994 with AjjonA frienda. She was graduated from the nurses' training ecnool several months ago. Miss MUdred Ingvoldgtad pf Los Angeles came last week Wednesday for a visit at the C- B. Murtafh hpjne. Her •.i') TO ri, *<_£->» •> J ''•'''I'-U-^'i . "''••'• iest in History n of /Fair^ ; ' EVERYBODY GOING • TO INDIAN DAY Annual Calebmtion at ¥i< tonka to be a Hummer This Year, A PINE P&OQftAM i 13 PROMISED; Register -Airplane* '.''GoodieWs''It" W 1 L'take W«tur«i'i'*w»^BaH Games jS Was toauguarted twenty^ and he ought to know' l'of ?C*UWJ.U*V? TJJ« ,i^,*w»»*kt* r *»», ,v«,w andi Algona-! vs. Buffalo - Cen- BEINGt ARRANGED. >' Free Acls Are 6uistandlng arid Have Never i Been Shown; In This ' Part b* Country' Before. ' l ' Plans for r the' seventy ^-second Kos-' su'th ^ou'nty fair are being consummated, at this'time and, to'the phrase sp often and aptfy used in' Jest ( 'it Is' ( t6 "Bigger .and, Better, Than. EverV-f Of special ntateresti in exhibitor's, fair is the boys and glr^s 4rH club work, which, promises to be the , largest' in the history, pf the association, and, in fact, under the able direction of E, R. Mprrison, John L. Thorngreh and Mrs 1 . Lottie' Wessel, will constitute & junior fair. 1 - ' ' ' '' '> ^The ; neW f> club' barns' 'are -nbWhbetog arranged * arid thei fair; management is at It's wit's i end to find space for all the.entrantef Friday.-'September £th, the last-day j of the if air, is to,,be, a special 4-H club day., It Is^expected 'that, over, five hundred club boyq 'and girls from Kossuth,* fcpd ' adjoining counties will be on the grounds to unl 1 form 1 and demonstrate 'their achievements for'the^past'year/i Early-rippll^ cation?'for-space "in i the stock i bams ,t;thlfl)tlme. larger crowds thaaijusual r»rted;,from a , flrfet season to America. ' T , : " " There will be r a ball-game each day of the fair, interest having increased in baseball during"' the 'past season and, good games are ' promised. The new premium books are being distributed at this time. The special features wUl be announced to the' press during the following weeks. - • > j ' Buffalo Center iv . HaVe ! NeW r €hurch! The 5 contract; ifor!>theibuildtog!fif a new brick Methodist churcjl in Center wiU be let on AugUPh 15 pastor,. Rpv, A. A..Howp,,ls a, liye^iJe and already has ^12,(|0p rajsed toward the, church,, Mr. Howe's pjmjntaljve to' Bancroft. '" " ' i The Illtopls Central Railroad has announced that about, September first they will take off trains 33 and 34 be- tweoa Fort Dodgo arid* Waterloo. They inow have a bus running between Dubuque and Waterloo and they wiU pro- :bably connect at Waterloo. The sche- jdule *alls for one trip dally 'each way iwith service for fourteen towns. f Presbyterian Church, , Morning hours from ten to twelve, ;Sermon theme, "A Question of Identity." The evening service will be i at ithe Methodist church, Rev. Webster .being the j)peal$er, A welcorne to aJJ at the Card We wish to-thank 'M our ,, ifor their flowers an4 kind expressions !of sympathy in ,our beyeaveinentt.— Wayne Stepberison^anl s^pris, $fld..Mr, land Mrs. Gilbert Sheppard and family- - • , ' •'', 'father, who' has ...... ... ,,.,.„ , B. Murtagh for many years, 'is pected in Algpna Friday. - The mep are planning a vjitifte Jlshtof trip before leave for their nome to Lo^ Angelfs, Mtss Aleeta Klepfer of Buffalo, fi?W York, is a guest this week at the J. F. Behlmejr home. She and Alice Pehl- mer were school friend* at '.$> Normal Schopl of Physical Edjicatlpn- Alice vWted at theJ^lepfer home ctur« ing one of the- school vacatipni the past year. Alice^ was graduated from the school in June, b,u^ her.Mend has anothei year there, ";'• ' "V • • Mrs. Mtoa came last we Charles Rpsei one of the art tore in Algona, about twenty-elg, ,, Blfstrom had been in ing before she came to brought two ypung frj Ruth Swatwoo, who are" ~ MeOtn fanjUy. It nlsh rhuSic^and'glve'cpncertsi,. There ,wiU 1 'tae;,mariy: ! nfae' free 1 'acts.' THe>Des, ^Monies Register ""Obdd' NeW'' plane is ejtpect$d.,to- arrived, at, three.VcWck tto,.'taRe pictures"ironi the, alr.,.'Joe Harlg's cdloi'edl'mlnAtreW 1 from, 1 Algona .will 'give' 1 singing' and dancing stunts during the afternoon 'aftd" evehtag! There 'will be ! 'notable boxing vcatid wrestltog matehes. • The dance Will be-) gin to the* evening >at< the coliseum .at eight p.j.m/j "George, Yates, thet ^ami ous flyer .and, photographer,;, will, be present and, take.thg pictures from, the air 'about, three p. m. ,Things, have slowed ,down',a JUtle to a bustoess way 'and we fehdtild..all be kble to m^efiri Titonka on'Indian Day'and'drtofe''sonie of 'Btothfei''Wolfe's 'ginseng gto and 'joto 1 ih the'general 1 hilarity.' Titonka always, gives!her visitor^ a ; good'ttmei • • i ' t" ' 'i 'i i , t it ii i New Lotts Creek • -, n f 11 > ^ t U«i n« i i J f» J£' f*i 1J i . u ,v • , School Started, <Lotti GreeK,"AuguM' r 12.- I 'SpeclaH The 'contract' for the 1 ' new parochial school house"%as rlet 1 to tMcMurray <6t iMcMurray 'Of Algona Jast iweek ,and iwork was-begun last? Wednesday morn- jtog. on; the, .new, building. • 1! mil l iff Exchange! ,-£.'= group. of .producers ilri Oklahoma,! haveieatabUshed, ^'/special of ifrom sev Foster at t ., weeks (Spent at , e, Qkoboji, He won. '' member of " 'chainp^n water polo "team'arid was also a member of the honor cabin- <t Wants, For Sa^ Etc. ^ WANTED TO J 'BUY OR "RENT—A, small modern house located to the outskfr6tf of "Algona preferred. ? Price mustibe right. fJVriJe *A p - -Helsjn, Britt, low*. , , ~ _* 8* FOB RENT—Room in'modern house. —522 Sputh Qodge .Street. ,, ( ,<^ 8* FOR J3AH5-rOr, will , ,bottpia plow, , ope ,Algona on pavtog, , .,,. ,„ , ....^.^ 1 FOR SALE—Fordson tractor, freS' ed, ( Wri Pept t L, WANTEDi-Boomer, Close, in, JPhone 488-W.—Mrs. A. ffi.'JjHgsbee.' 9* 'FOR SALE—Straw by'the load,.—-Ed. Wolf.; 21F4\', ' , % . t ,; 9' FOR SALE—King ^Chinchilla' rabbits. Pedigreed, . -Pour to " seven montfhp old>~Geo. Spiking* Ljast house West State Street. ' > 9* FOR SALE— House and lot .with a. garage to southwest part bf 'Algona. Price $1500. EJasy terms, '-Phpne 318. —Andrew Peterson. , ,1 ,. . 9* WANTED-r-Reliable^' woman wants part j^e'f.wprk.v.-Add 1 ' 6 ? 8 E. H,, care Of Upper Des.-Moines-Republipan. '. 7 . 8 * m jkpving amjput ,rt of the seven joom house anfl lo.p uj) for sa all clear >an!i>«mvenlently loo • r, Algona, Iowa. PhontfpO. i ' **''&/ i 9-tf ~—' •—~nr"«Bf denim jacket''with pair t jn pocket.—William Ktog, t .F9R RB|iIVFurnisiie^ room. One bipok r .from Central,' school ground, •Phone 304*WV ! \.' • ^ ^i. 7 ' 8 , LOST—Key and chain, ^o. 44000S, Finder leave at this offipe ( Reward. 8 FOR SALE—«maJt modern housa, easy ternw. Plv$e 04§-.J 1)? / 3-13 WANTED TO REflT-rA ptoo for an evangelistic campaign. 'August 10th ta-8ist.- Address ;H. frey ,Malen, Lu- - FOR-SAMrr-Phonograph with 30 re- cprds, m, oast $150.p<X, Great snap, oiraao. '^^ ' a

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