The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1930
Page 4
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f he Upper Des Moijtt6S-Jteptiblic&fi f August IS Fenton "News Items Regular Meeting— The Women's Foreign Missionary society held their regular meeting in the M. E church parlor last Week Thursday afternoon. Mis. E. A. Welsbrod had charge of the devotion&ls and'the Study period. The program 1 given was appropriate to the mite box' opening. "The Blue Cube," was the subject of an interesting story read by Mrs. C. O. Humphrey. Mrs. O. F. Ruske also read a clever story, "The Mights of the Mites." The sum of five dollars was raised for the Sunset share. Six dol* lars and forty-three cents was collect* ed from the mile box opening, all of them not being handed in. An effort will be made to secure Mrs. Emily Wong Ding, a missionary from China, to speak here for the morning service some time during August. Hostesses for the meeting were Mesdames V. N. McFall and J. F. Newel. Touring East— Mrs. Phillip Wander and son, Carol, left last week Monday for a tour of the east. From here they went to Freeport, Illinois, where Mrs. Wander's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Myers, reside. After a short visit there they will stop briefly in Chicago before going to Detroit, Michigan, where they will cross by ferry into Canada. There they will view Niagara Palls from the Canadian side and then go on to Buffalo, New York. From there they will drive either down the Hudson to New York City or go east to Boston and then down the Atlantic coast. Philadelphia will also be visited and they will spend several days in Washington, D. C. They expect to take a southern route on their return trip. team Pointers— The girls of the Penton Forward I-'our-H club learned many valuable points from the shoe demonstration given by Lorena and Alice Dreyer at the meeting of then* club last week Tuesday at the Delbert Hanna home near Lone Bock. The demonstration was given Achievement day in Algona on Thursday. Two members, Marjorie Bailey and Maxine Welsbrod, are also working on a similar demonstration to be given at the county fair. The many points to remember in the fdfctlon of ready-to-wear garments were given In response to roll call. The hrwteas for the occasion was Elma Knieger. Picnic at West Bend— Superintendent G. D. Belken and family motored to West Bend Sunday •where they met Mr. Belken's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Belken, and son, Maurice John, of Iowa Falls, and his .sisters, Mrs. ThomasJTebbelns and Mrs. H. E. Martin and husband and daugh- '_~ Mary, of Chicago. They picnick- *ed at the West Bend Park after which to the Belken home Bftnied by Hazel Welsbrod were Estherville and Fairmont visitors Wednesday. Hazel Welsbrod and Lola Warner spent Friday at the home of the latter's cousin, Naomi Wagner from near Lone Rock. Chas. Stelnback and son, Lyle, Henry Boevers, and Mrs. Canie Voight and daughter, Ardls, were Algbna business visitors Monday of this week. The W. E. Stoeber family returned home Sunday evening after enjoying a week's outing and attending a hardware convention in Minneapolis. Clarence Yeager accompanied his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Yeager, of Algona to Interlaken from Saturday until Monday on a camping trip. Rev. and Mrs. E. T. Gerkin returned this week Monday from Lake Okoboji where they have been attending J,he Bible conference at the M. E. camp grounds. Mrs. Joseph Domek of Fairmont accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Terrill Keil of Minneapolis, were calling on old friends hi Penton last week on Thursday. Fenton's base ball team played Lotts Creek on the tatter's diamond Sunday afternoon, resulting in an overwhelming victory for Penton, the score being nine to one. Mrs. A. T. Whitlow and children of Swea City spent the past week at the home of her father, Prank Bailey, while the interior of her home is be- infe redecorated. Mr. and Mrs. Wingum entertained at a seven o'clock dinner demonstrating the Wear-ever aluminum at the Dr. E. W. Ruske home last week Wednesday evening. Mrs. H. C. Undsey spent Thursday and Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Earl Osborn of Seneca, assisting with the cooking while they were threshing. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schoenwetter and family of Garner were Sunday dinner guests at the Elmer Weisbrod home. Mrs. Schoenwetter is a sis- group left Monday a few days' out- will return to '>j'*¥-MrU'ftnd*MtffBM'' t Rilske'"and fam- r f£nofnf . TVmnolcnr, Si,*it,nrt' >loro fHohir- other-relatives., yKfcve just returned'from a trip to Col- -dradq, i where 'Mr.SRuske "lias''accepted iftiposition ,as superintendent J, F. Newel made B business trip to Humboldt'this week Monday. . j* j- Mr. and'Mrs. P. H. Jensen attended a Chevrolet dealers' meeting at Spencer Wednesday/ Mr. and Mrs, Adolph Gramenz spent Sunday at $W home pf their daughter, Mrs. John Hlnkle, in LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs.'B/ C. Goetsch accom- ter of Mrs. Welsbrod. Mrs. Henrik Fauerby and children drove over from Eldora Monday for a visit at the homes of C. H. Geronsin and E. C. Fauerby. They returned to their home Saturday. A seven and one-fourth pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Newel Saturday, August 9th. She has been named Mary Georgia. Mrs. J. B. Hansen is caring for them.^ Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith visited with relatives at Adel and Perry from Friday until Sunday. Mrs. Smith's niece, Louise Jones, accompanied them home for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Boettcher and children, Billy and Marilyn of Caimar, and Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Boettcher of Eurt were entertained at the E C. Vyeisbrod home Sunday. *"**-•. Olapsaddle of Burt was called on ' Walter Ohm has resigned his position at the Fenton Mercantile store and is now driving an oil truck for the Home Oil Company, taking the place of John Cole, wno will move to Corwith soon. Axel Peterson and sister, Miss Nellie Peterson and Mrs. Esther Livermore of Otho came Thursday and visited at the C. P. C. Laage home. They spent Saturday afternoon at the J. A. Schwartz home. Mrs. A. H. Meyers is staying on the farm this week in the absence of Mrs. John Meyers, who went to savannah, Missouri, where she is now taking treatments. Reports are that her condition is favorable. Mr. and Mrs. John Leister and daughter*, Bessie, from Tuttle Lake, Wisconsin, and a friend from St. Paul visited at the Henry Elmer home and among the Elmer children the latter part of last week. Mrs. F. H. Elgler and son, Durwood and daughter, Mary Jane, and Melvin Warner returned Thursday from Omaha. They spent Wednesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Steadman in Carroll. W. E. Stigman shipped three loads of hogs and two loads of cattle Saturday night. Other shipments were Walter Wagner, a load and a half of cattle, Philip Wander and Ed. Greinert each one load of cattle. Mr. and Mrs. William Blelch of Burt accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. William Bohn of Portland, Orgeon, spent Tuesday at the F. H. Bonn home. William Bohn is an uncle and Mrs. Bleich is an aunt of P. H. Bohn. Miss Irene Newel returned by bus to Algona, from Rochester, Minnesota, Sunday evening. While there she submitted to a minor operation at the Mayo clinic. F. P. Newel and Paul Eigler met her at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. William Dailey of BristowV Oklahoma, accompanied by Mrs. Dailey's mother, Mrs. Dersham of Eldora visited at the R. C. Goetsch home last week Friday. Mr. Dailey is a cousin of the, Goetschs. Announcements are out of the marriage of Miss^Gretchen Meyers of Avoca. Miss Meyers is a daughter of H. C. Meyers, who was the first cashier Lillian, of Lexington, Missouri, Same last weke Saturday for a visit with relatives. Mrs. Lukenbtll is a sister of Mrs. John Deinpsey and Mrs. Myron Alderson and a niece of Mrs. Wm. Huskamp and John Arbog&st. A large crowd was entertained at the John Wegnef home In honor of Mr. Wegner's sixtieth birthday Saturday evening, Those from Fenton attending were: Mr. and Mrs. William Etam- er, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Weber Yeager and Mr. and Mrs. Amos Flnnestad and family. Mrs. W. J, Weisbrod, Lorena and /Alice Dreyeit, Marjorie B&ileyl Mrs. F, J. Weisbrod and daughters, Maxine and Hazel, Ella Dreyer, Leona Borchardt, Carrie Voight and daughter, Aidls, attended Achievement day at Algona on Thursday of last week. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Walte and son, John, were entertained at a six o'clock dinner at the C. B. Hobbs home in Spencer Friday evening. They attended a base ball game there that night between Spencer and Esthervllle. These teams have each won four games and this was the ninth game in which Spencer was the winner with a score of four to three. ST. BENEDICT NEWS. Mr. and Mrs, Wm. Etch and family spent Monday at Fort Dodge. Mrs. Emll Arndorfer spent Monda afternoon with her cousin, Mrs A. Fehr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welner an «m^ Farmall Price Reduced! last week Friday to attend Henry Langerman., • Mr, Langerman has been bedfast for 'more than, a year ,and is 'somewhat' worse at present. , and Mrs, Eigler are cousins., The-M. ~E. Aid society will be held this, week Friday afternoon 'in the church parlor. The hostesses are Mesdames Elmer, E. A.,>E, o., and. Edward Weisbrod, Every one is invited to attend.. Mr. and Mrs. Z. N. Smith and family of Des Moines stopped at the Dennis Smith home Sunday. They were on then- way to Silverside, Minnesota, for a vacation, of Dennis. The former is a brother GWXXKe&y®^^ Wisdom Vol. 4 No. 32 Issued by F. S. Norton & Son August 13, 1930 There is a well preserved home in Lexington, Massachusetts. 2;t2 years old. Of course, it has been kept in repair, or it would not have lived to be so old. Which goes to prove that a home is worth taking care of. Is your home kept in repair every year? Do you know how well we could help you do it? Plan to start at some needy point without another day's delay. Senator Capper has read the finals on the Literary Digest poll and says that prohibition is here to stay. How many agree ivith the senator? The tales of India's troubles are being taken with (i grain of salt. rhe Soviets are stupid to persecute the peasantry to keep them from church. They should furnish public golf grounds and have more pleasantry. They may be only dumb animals, but you never heard of a bunny marrying a hyena or a raven digging worms for a your.,} peacock. Most every house has them— creaking boards, missing boards, doors or windows that no longer hang true, things that need fixing. We have the material;; and know some good flxevs who [ike to Bo the jobs. Call us. A good move—The Federal Trade "ommlssion has ruled that publishers, advertising agencies and radio stations must be prepared to defend any advertisements they handle as being truthful. That's the only successful way to advertise. If wives only knew what stenographers really think of their husbands, they would cease to wprry. Mr. and Mrs. are over their roof worries for a long, 'ong time. See that pretty new' Mule-Hide thing we have Just put on their house for them. tt may take more than one swallow to make a summer, but one may start a funeral. Most married men would not 4ay long at the steering wheel if they were depending on the confidence of the back seat driver. Jo your children always run out somewhere for their pleasure? Is considerable of their time away spent in other people's homes? Can it be because they are ashamed of their own home? That's a condition that can easily be helped. Let us help you to help it. They say that the milk that was milked from the recent stock market herd was not from •ontented cows. Got the wrong orand. Tfte average man is not ttie whole cheese at his house; lie Is more likely the boloney. If you have a leak that you want to fix quickly and cheaply, use Mule-Hide Cement. Get it here. We can tell you how. Don't .shoot the poor dog in dog clays. Build him a nice kennel in a cool spot in the yard and keep him there. Let us show you the richt material. The newlyweds were being served by a flip young waitress, in a Boston restaurant, who asked, "Care for some honeymoon salad?" "What is that?" "Just lettuce alone." of the Farmers' Bank in Fenton. He is a cousin of the Huskamps. Mrs. A. T. Whitlow and family of Swea City who are visiting at the Frank Bailey home, accompanied the Frank Bailey and F. C. Bailey families to Hand's Park last week Monday, where they enjoyed a picnic supper. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warner and daughter, Lola, and Dorothy Stigman were Sunday visitors at the William Sigsby and Louis Wagner homes in Algona. Mrs. Warner is a daughter of the Wagners and a sister of Mrs. Sigsbee. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Geronsin and sons, Russell and Rollin, and daughter, Helen and Miss Alvira Wehrspan drove to Clinton Saturday for several days' visit at the home of Mrs. Geronsin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Willadson. Miss Lola Lindsey, educational. director of nurges -at the State University of Iowa at Iowa City, 'came Sunday^ evening for a week of vacation' withjther parents. She recently pur-, • --"•• a Nash coupe "in which she T 'J>H, Castle re 1 ton, South" Dakota, lay where he" was called by'the sudden death of his father, a result of a^heart attack. Whilo there his grandfather suffered a paralytic stroke, Elwin Slei, oldest son- of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Slei, and his uncle, Alfred Slei of Klemme, left from Mason City last week Tuesday for a trip through the Yellowstone National Park. They will travel under the auspices of the Wallaces' Farmer. Mrs. Wilbert Holdorf and children, Harlan, Mary and Betty, took the train to Manaska last week Thursday where they visited with friends until Sunday. Mr. Holdorf joined his family on Sunday and spent the day, all return- ng home in the evening. Iva Weisbrod spent last week In Des Moines visiting at the home of her friend, Jeanette Lutz. She returned home by way of Fort Dodge Sunday where she attended a picnic for the ataf. Her parents met her there and she returned home with them.. Mrs. Thomas Young and daughter, Margaret, and a Mr. McAllister of Emmetsburg were visitors at the Dr. J. T. Waite home Sunday. Mr. McAllister taght in the Huskamp school twenty-three years ago and knows many of the people in this vicinity. Mrs. William Lakin and grandchildren, Ruth and Verlln Espe, accompanied Mrs. Lakin's son, F. W. Lakin to his home in Estherville this week Monday, where they will spend the week. Mrs. Lakin will submit to a minor operation at the Coleman hospital while there. While Ferdinand Bierstedt was returning home from threshing Friday night, leading a horse behind the hay rack, he was over taken by a car in which Jack Saunders and Arnold Anderson were riding. In some manner the horse's leg was broken so it was necessary to kill the animal. Mr. and Mrs. John Lukenbill and son, John, Jr., nad daughter, Mary family were shoppers at Algona Sat urday afternoon. Martin Miller left Saturday after noon for DCS Moines to spend Sunda with his family. Mrs. John Grangenett and daugh ter, Marie, were shoppers at Algon Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fehr and T. F Howard were shoppers at Algona on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. J. L. Raskopf, Mrs. N. H. Ras kopf, and Mrs. J. O. Downs were shop pers at Algona Monday. Mrs. John Arndorfer, daughters, Er ma and Betty Jean, were shoppers a Algona Friday afternoon. Rev. B. H. LoefFelholtz was a calle at Wesley last Wednesday evening, and attended the band concert. Mrs. Emll Arndorfer spent last Frl day at the home of her parents, -Mr and Mrs. Isadora Eisenbarth. Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer, Mrs. John Huschka and Lorraine Hushka wer shoppers at Algona Friday morning. The Misses Christina and Adelaide Eisenbarth spent Sunday at the home of their sister, Mrs. Emil Arndorfer •Mfl. and Mrs. Edward Gteshel o: Mason City spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. John Huschka, and also called at the Isadore Eisenbarth home. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Dehnert and family of St. Paul came Sunday to spend a few days at the home of Mrs. Joseph Rahm, Jr. , Mr, and Mrs, j Louis ;« German and family' of Algona, -spent Sunday afternoon at the .home of the latter's moth-» er, ' PhiUp ;schemel nad daughter, Margaret of Algona spent 4 Thursday afternoon at, the home of their daughter «^.^_ «- week Thursday at the 'home of their daughter*' and sister, Mrs, A. J. Gran- genett.*" ' , / Mns. Leo O. MQler and children, Chris Joseph and ' Shirley Rose and Genevieve Arndorfer' all of Plum Creek spent last Friday at" the home of the ladies' mother, Mrs. Rose Arndorfer. Mrs. Everett Steussy and children and her. mother, Mrs. Josephine Rosenmeyer of Clear Lake spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Rosenmeyer. Mrs. P.osenmeyer has spent the past two or three weeks at the home of her duaghter, Mrs. Steussy at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Emanuel and three sons and the latter's mother, Mrs. Max Jax, and Mr. and Mrs. John Jax and family and Miss Alvina Jax all of Johnsburg, Minnesota, drove down on Sunday morning to spend the day at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fehr and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fehr. They also drive to West Bend to see the grotto. We have just received a big piece of power farming news—The McOor- mick-Deering FARMALL price has been cut $50 and we are at once passing the information on to our customers. The Harvester Company's announcement says: "We are glad to be able to make a reduction in the FARMALL Tractor price at this time because right now the farmer is seriously In need of anything that will help him to cut down his costs of crop production. "Due to manufacturing economies and anticipated reduction in material costs, we were able to reduce prices on the McCormlck-Deering implement lines, effective for the present season. "Recently, by the same process, we lowered the price on the 10-20 McCormick-Deering tractor $40, and cut the 15-30 tractor price $75. "Now, to complete our program of reductions, we announce a »50 cut in the price of the FARMALt. "These price reductions, made during recent months, mean a saving to farmers of millions of dollars. "As the original all-purpose tractor the McCormick-Deering FARM- ALL has won tremendous popularity. More than 100,000 FARMALLS have been built. Already this tractor has created a real revolution in farming. It is the best investment a farmer can make. "The new price, $825 f. o. b. Chicago, is the lowest ever placed on the FARMALL." You have probably seen the FARMALL Tractor at work. If not, we will demonstrate it at any time, on any job. The FARMALL replaces 6 to 10 horses and two to three men. It plows 7 to 9 acres a day—double disks 18 to 25 acres—drills up to 45 acres—plants 24 to 46 acres—cultivates 33 to 50 acres and, in later cultivatings, 50 to 65 acres. It handles every farm power job, including row-crop operations. Put the best tractor power to work now—at the new FARMALL Price! If it isn't a McCORMICK-DEERING, it isn't a FARMALL. See the new McCormick-Deering Eannall tworrow picker now qiyhsplay. fr%* . " * -•»'*•-\ &* .•-*-' ^" *./M "%-te& F. S. Norton & Son Phone 388 Algona, Iowa. faftfflggMffiyy^^ ircus Refreshments Visitors to the Hagenbeck circus next Wednesday should visit Mrs. Tribon's stand near the circus grounds at the Swimming Pool for light lunches. COFFEE and DOUGHNUTS and DRINKS. Breakfast at 6:00 a. m. Mrs. Trlbon serves sandwiches and home made pies. Across from the Swimming Pool SENECA NEWS Edward Scully of Fort Dodge is vis- ting at the Martin Larson home this week. Harriett Jensen is assisting Mrs. Anon Dahl with the house work during hreshlng. Mrs. Terrill and daughter, Ripple, are visiting this week at the John Osborn home. Mrs. L. E. Potter of Algona spent a couple of days last week with her son, Ben Potter. Roy Christensen and family are driving a new Plymouth sedan which was purchased recently. Alma Madison enjoyed a picnic breakfast in the Algona woods in company with the nurses of the Kossuth hospital Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nielsen and daughter, Helen, left on Monday for Denison, to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs. O. H. Nissen. C. M. Christensen of Swea City was a supper guest at the Forest Christensen home Sunday evening. Forest has been laid up with the rheumatism the past week, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Potter and children. Richard and Joyce spent Sunday at Charles City with Mr. Potter's sister, Mrs. Alta Stiles'. Earl Osborn and Harold- Goetsch looked after, the work during their absence. Pauline Osborn spent the week end at the home of her former room mate at Cedar Falls, Emma Spongberg, at Algona. Hilda Miller, who is attending college at Spencer, another school friend, also spent the week end there. Bernard Jensen underwent an operation for appendicitis and hernia on Saturday. Dr. J. A. Devlne of Bancroft and Dr. R, M. Wallace of Algona performed the operation. Madella Anderson, a grdauate nurse Of Chi-* cago, gave the anaesthetic. Last Thursday evening while driving his father's car, a Dodge sedan, on the gravel road north of Fenton, John Saunrters ran into a horse belonging to Mr. Bierstedt who was leading the horse behind a wagon. The horse was injured so badly that it was necessary to shoot it. No one was injured. , 3%X%%$%&8^^ Mrs. Jerry Heetland was a business isitor at Bancroft last Monday. R. B. Gerdes attended to business matters in Algona last Monday. Mrs. Wm. Turley was in Algona one ay last week on a shopping trip. John Liesveld and daughter, Julia, ipent Sunday with friends at Clear Jake. Betty Johnson spent last Friday with ler friend, Maxine Griese, south of ;own. Mrs. H. George Beenken and four children of Elmore were visitors here Saturday. Ray Adams of Emmetsburg spent a few days here last week visiting with relatives. Mrs. Frank Miller enjoyed a visit Wednesday afternoon from Mrs. Fred Park of Algona. Mrs. Delia M, Smith has been on the sick list the past ten days, suffering from neuritiu, Mervin Olthoff had the misfortune to step on a nail Thursday which caused him considerable pain. Al. Johnson of Spencer was a visitor here last Thursday at the home of his brother, Harvey and family. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jansen are the parents of a baby boy born last Monday. This is their first child. Mr. and Mrs. O, O. Freeark enjoyed a visit last week from a friend, Miss Minnie Griffith, of Lancaster, Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Worley and Donald visited from Friday until Tuesday with relatives at Mason City and Waterloo. The T, V. Adams cement crew left on Thursday for Rltter, Iowa, in Lyon county, where they have three silos to build. Louis Heetland and sister, Miss Hannah, spent one day last week at the home of their sister, Mrs. Herbert Furst, at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith enjoyed a visit of several days last week with their friend, Miss Kattierine Danzler of Marengo. Mr. and Mrs. George Adams drove to Emmetsburg last Thursday taking Mrs. O. D. Adams who had been visiting here, to her home. J. E. Hennlng has been having considerable trouble with one of his eyes recently and has had to have it ban- tllss Ella Blome of Hubbard at their homes a few days the past week. Mrs. Henry Guderian and daughter, Jean, of 'Algona were here last Wednesday visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. P.. W. Thaves. Mrs. Edward Thaves, who has been working in the post office as assistant he past two years, has resigned and Mrs. J. A. Barger takes her place. The Hazel M. Cass show which played here for four days left Wednesday night for Bancroft! where they expected to play the balance of the week. •' Mrs. O. D, Adams and grandson, Ralph Adams, were here from Emmetsburg last week and visited at the iTbm, Francis and George Adams lomes. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller enjoyed a visit of several days last week from Mrs. John Burge and daughter, Zoe, of Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Riley Walters of Mt. Vernon. Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerklng and daughter, Violet, expect to spend this week at Twin take.8. Their son, Norman, who has been visiting in Dubuque, expects to jonl them there. Mrs. George Mussman took her eon, Gage, to the .children's hospital at Iowa City last Tuesday. Gage has not been able to talk plainly and it daged most of the time. Mrs. Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and children were at the George Grlese home Thursday' Mrs, Schoeder assisted with the cooking for threshers. Dan Habeger was up from Algona last Friday looking after his farm northeast of town. It is being farm. by the George Heyes family. Mrs. Louis Meyer and Mrs. John Meyer, Jr.i entertained their sis^r, was thought best to take him there for an examination. Conrad Blome, formerly of this place, but now living, at Osage, was here Friday calling no relatives. He informed us that Mrs. Blome had broken one of her legs about nine weeks ago and it is still in a cast. The Misses Emma and Louise Thaves, Louis Thaves, Harry Rosenau, and the Edward Thaves family visited with their cousin, Mrs. Kline and family at Storm Lake. Miss Beulah Kline accompanied them home for a visit. Mrs. William Noble of Baraboo, Wisconsin and daughter, Hortense, came Wednesday for a visit with relatives in this vicinity. Miss Hortense, 'who is taking nurses' training at a hospital in Minneapolis, is havnig her vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Koppen and Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Smith and niece, Marie Christensen drove to Mason City Sunday and attended a reunion of tho Howe, Hall and Abel families, which was held at East Park.' About ninety-five were in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. James Bruer went to Elmore Thursday to help their .daughter Mrs. Harold Madetske, prepare for threshers, and on their arrival there they found that a five and one-half pound baby girl had been born to Mr. and Mrs. Madetske Wednesday night. What a Nickel Will Buy at the Candy Store A good candy bar—standard weight. A cone of delicious home made ice cream. An Ice Cream Sandwich—Icy Pie. A Chocolate dipped lolly pop or Eskimo Pi. A large glass of Hire's Root Beer—Coca Cola. A cold glass of Julep, any Flavor. A cold bottle of Pop. A good cup of coffee or tea* if you please. A refreshing glass of pasteurized milk.. A bread and butter sandwich. A sack of our delicous Pop Corn, Fresh roasted Peanuts or Salted Peanuts. A box of Cracker Jack, A good smoke, with a match, and we'll throw in a smile and thank you. Come in and spend your (nickel and get your money's worth at the ALGONQUIN CONFECTIONERY J01 last State Street Algona, Jowa ? ffs&gsMffe^

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