The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, August 13, 1930
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PLANNED FOR THE LGN Mrs ? 'A ., Wayne Stephenaon iJaturates^lOthes With Oil and Ignites .Them, TRAGEDY TAKES _ I ri •« ' , i.f \ Wail Thirty-three Years Old and Left W j / * \ * o Sniall Children.; Had Been, In ! HI Health: Kor; Some Time. . . I A terrible tragedy w, as enacted last Saturday evening when, Mrs. f Wayne Btephenscn pouted' kerosene' on!, "her clothes and set fife to them/ burning to death. Her.(husband f> came,;homp at just about six o'clock and saw smoke coming out bf 'drie' 'of 'the 1 Wirfdbws. Thinking something." dh'Hhe; istoVe- was biirning he rushed into the house/ and' , finding nothing in the kitchen he" ran down cellar with a pail of water. The p'aper which was in the, partition of the coal bin was burning and he threw the water on that thinking spontan-. epus combustion had set the., coal .on fljre, and then got. another pail •• and went around the bin and discovered his. wife lying there. He threw the wjater on her and then .called Jus brother, Harold and Dr. Kehefifck,:'but 'nothing could be done for he£ It Js" thought that she died almost ' Instantly ~ from the effects of the flames on her lungs. They : -carried 'her 'upstairs end called the coroner. W. E. Laird, who pro- npuncedjt as suicide.,. An empty guart jar whicB!had'contained.kerosene : was . lying neV-her 1 ^ tfa« i «Mil'bln.f H# '^ (Mrs. Stephensorr had been in ill health for a number of months,^, and had been in Nevada and ; Des. Moines to sanitariums jthere., She came home about three weeks _ago and seemed, to, ** P w* ^ I * •* ' 1 Lantry Funeral Brings N^tebtes to Alfcdna; The flihefal'>"o£ Col, 'Lantry 'was' largely attended at the' Atgona Calh'o- llc-church last Saturday/' The fuhe'ral services,.were conducted by Father Gearin of Whlttemore, and the burial service,was in charge of the American Legion post of Algona and full military h6n6rs' Were' given. ' The -funeral party. drove down from Minneapolis, td'which place"the body was^ brought from,.Spokane in the private car of COl.' Lantry,' whd wad general manager of'the'Northern pacific., Besides the famllyisome'sixteen railway officials, accompanied-the body to Algona, the, railway notables serving as , pall bearers' ^Soiiie^'of those who accompanied, tew .body <,were; F. E. 'Stevens, vice president of the Northern Pacific Railway, St. Paul,' H.'E. Sloan, general 'manager-'of the Eastern Division. St. Paul;. Wm;.Strand, general superintendent eastern, district, St. Paul; J. E. ',Crav'ei;, I general superintendent/ Se"attle;"'B. !i O.' Johnson, assistant-to Mr. Stevens, St. Paul; Alex Thompson, manger of Northern Pacific din- Ing ca* 5 department, St. Paul; •&.* P. Johnson; manageriniechanical department, St. Paul; Don Colby, general superintendent, Spokane, Those, of the family party who came to "Algona with'the"body were* Mr. and'Mrs. s; C. C. Lantry of Spokane; Mr. and Mrs. C: D. Smith of Lemmon, South Dakota; Dr.' and Mrs*. R. R. Kennedy of Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moore of Minneapolis. Mrs. Moore was before her marriage, Miss Edna Lantry, a cousin of Harry Lantry., .The family spen^ Sunday among their many Attacks ; Algotia Girl, ljJMrs.,;OtlsJPajid6ck, formerly Gladys TriBon, had An exciting experience re- *entlydin>1fel!6wsfone' Bark, when one ;6, t in ithe, paik attacked her r coat and sweater off from a'tchlng the arm more or nd^MMP Paddock are on their way to Iowa .from their home in 'Glendalej 'Arizona', 1 ' for, a' 3 visit with the latter'S'l parents," Dr.; i and Mrs. F. L. Tribon. r,Th.e incident .occurred at Old Faltfaful Camp* wfcgfVthey had gone i'sl^ht 'seeing 'trip only to BROTHER OF J. M. MOORE KIDNAPPED bri tf iCome-back'tosthe .carJanfl ttnd a bear trying to get some of the food which was packed on the side of the car. Some one in the .party, suggested that to pick up ft stick Would drive the bear away. On the impulse, Gladys picked up a stick and started after the bear, which' in turn attacked her and tore her clothes. After $he episode she and her husband decided they had had enough, of the park and left in the afternoon for the home of Mr. (Paddock's parents about sixty miles from the park* They are expected in Algona Saturday. Mrs. Vernk ,.vv c 1..1. *.-)*.wjfir« • Mrs, Vendee j&neighbjoE 'gmfpfflftj^iareC f children^ James, who is fotffifaU Half yearsi old"and WiWairirwW and one-half.^outstde aaa}]bS<? them come in^ This waB»gg^u| 5^..^^ • She must fifive 'go'fte down .cellar immediately afterwards 1 arfd"seW flre to herself It is not known-whether she was lying down .when she 'poured the, kerosene on Herself' or not, but it W9uld s^em so as there was'no 1 kerosene /on l^r shoes which wer.e, not burned/ j o-Mrs. Stephenson'haa never intimated to anyone. thiit, she I ever .Intended to commit puicide ; and tier famjly, thought she>was in affair way to'en- tftely recover from* her 1 ,.!!! health} ,Thp bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire 'community 1 ! to J their' deep sorrow. •.-, ' , n , \ v , <] , ' f \ Jojda Minnie Sheppard wa? born July qtj 1897, 'onift^farm (near/Cylinder, Iowa. and.dted^A^t,?,^ Algi^a at| § age of 'thirty-three' years, she the daughter! of Mr .''and Mrs. >ert Sheppard of Algona, Mr, Shep T pard is a'rural'mail 1 carrier. 'She'at- tiaided the jwttw schools'in-Whitte-^ -niore'and f Algona sand^ajso ft, business college InvMasonieitjr. 1 ' The • family nibved to Algona about.eighteen yean ago. For a number of years she-was telephone operator hi the locar. exchange until« stye met«and .married Wayne Stepherison on-September 24, 1025. Twoichlld^en were born to them, James, aged four and^onerhalf years and William.-«ne and one half years. Besides- jier.<Jiusband and children the deceased "is survived' by her parents and twp brothers, EarJ, who farms near Whittemore and Joe, who is at home, and twp sisters,..Mrs., Ernest Oodfredson of Algona and Mrs. Byron Qaldwell of Grey's Lake, Illinois, i ' "^FuneraJ'jservlces were he}d Monday afternoon at two-thirty ajrth'e MetyP- dlst church fri Algpna with Rev. A. H, - - • • - Burial "was In Riv- Ksi*-' /?J r * ,»'to- •ybuaJtof k.& .-TiB!—7 • she was. autompblle^: edjile. Th .'wrecking o; of two met driver of ;acoldent>iresulted the.,autp and thpfl who-^rere^ th|s latter vehicle had 'attempted to pass another car, over the hill from the ( bus a^d .were on (;he t wrong side of the", road' wnen' the accident happened. KOSSUTH COUNTY -ROAD SYSTEM ~V-,-i.f-'* -i County'Roads Now Under Control ,of State High- i"" way Commission. ALL ARE WELL MARKED BY LETTERS. •County Supervisors Are Improving >jf * v ^">" '"f,>flt..-i'-^^ f ^t _ | 'Former Township ;^oa4s.y Kossuth Has Best' Roads in State. Jur. i ow imder ray com- signs letters ~e"xEenc ojtlte paved'5 >' f, Throat Illness, > Sexton, .August 12., Special: The community around 'Sextqn was greatly shocked' and grieved When word was; received- Friday evening r ^at Wm. Blaine'of Garry, Soutji Dakota, had passed away 'after a 1 long period of ill,ness ;and an. operation, for,; throat trouble. He is a son of Thomas Blaine,' i who makes'his home with another son; John, ; Wm. Blaine is jememb^red here, by many friends as he lived here for, some-^me at fewjy?ars ^gp; i'He is a brother of John snd James Blaine and pf Mrs, Chris Jensen. James Blaine and Mrs. Jensen and Efenry Bailey, attended the funeral whiqh was held in.,South Dakota Monggy* afternoon. John remained at home with his aged- father, who was npt able to gp. Mr. Bailey is a brother to Mrs. Wm. Blaine. Implement Dealers , . Tryi'tof. Aid Farmers. Matt Muytha, Ipoal McCormick-Deer ing dealer, is this week, announcing a price reduction of. the McCormiok^ jeering FarmaU. traot9r, which is manufactured by the Internationa) ftltended the. fun^.,-, ,.„. —. , Mrs. J. H. Gould and Mr. and' Mrs.' Byron, Oaldwell, all of Grey's Lake. IjUnois, L___ Returned From ; * Trip in the « ReyA^nd Mrs, c.,E, Olssop returned home last week from an extended trip in their par. .TJieyi ylflted- the .?lapk Bfllls, Xellpwstonf Park, Helena,, Montana, and ' Boise, Idaho "They had a 1 wonderful trip and report the crpps, jrf that aeutlon of tlje west which is irrigated «| vpry good. Around UWHI Falls, JRev./Olss9n states, the country looks '\fs» a paradise.,, Rev, OMPR. |go ta%JorX «"»«"*„!'«»•«« made on McCormick- Deering ppwer farming equipment this year. Owing to the popularity of tractor farming, ) n t^ls community, the, an-. noun(iement of this reduction will pror bably be'of'general Interest to our farmer readers, ftlr^ Muitha, in com? mentlng on this price reduction, said; "We'are able to^nnpunce a price reduction of the McCormlck-Deerinjr Farmall tractor, because the Harvester gpmpftny is lowering , }ts wholesale price to us. We are glad to be* able to make-, this announcement. Full de* tails are given in our ad.v^rtisem.ents," . Qhas,. Hiokey q| Seattle, Wasli ington, came Tuesday for a short visl with, Mr?. Nannie Setchell''and othe Alfpn.9 frlendf.'"She is 'on her way t< New York to attend. a convention, p ' ' Ql WaBttWieepI »lH^bol j Other highways,, marked are: ? A,,fron Fentonieast through Burt torTitonJs and on east; fB, Irom Ringsted ^ eas through Seneca, Bancroft and on. to the Hancokj county lipe; C, from ,Nc 9 four miles r west f of Swea Qity,.soutl to 3, west', two miles, south through F*ntpn to. where it meets W,'; five miles north of Whlttemore Into , Palo Alto,. county; D, on, the south, line of Eagle, township to, Ledywd, where it tConne No, 16 at Ledyard;. E, starts: Bend and' rims-east acrogs the county to LuVerne, thpn north and east .to Corwith; H is t the i road Jrpm Roqk nqrthi,to B, the Seneca TQaoV ,K is the old stale road running t north mflw^SjCityjtP the Minnesota line L is thft rpajo; running northeast fcrpm the Algona Qathollc cemetery .through Plum Creek and Burt to its Juncturi with A, .east of Burt; N starts; at th corner north.-xrf.Lakota and nips south through, Lakota, Titonka, Sexton and LuVerne;' R i? the road from Wesley south, to Cor with; S Is the road lead ing from No. 1? east through Iryington to its Junction with N; W IB the road north from Whittemore to it? June tipn - w^h p, about four miles south o Fepton. Thesp roads are all maintain ed and, as they do -not have the traff li that thq primary roads have, are us ually much smoother and easier U drtve oyer. Th? county supervisor have , charge of the township road and this season many of them are be ing improved. , No. other county in th state hap as many of highways as Kossuth county i • ' •]- •'•--• •••••-• •• Floater Arrested for Drunkenness A. F,' Thompson, a floater, \^as ar rested Monday night , by Marshal Flpyd Newviile for drunkennefis. JI w^4 brought befor? Jus^pe A. Hutch.1 son "Tuesday and, fined one, dollar costs. He said if they would Jet hun off he would get put of town in thre minutes, and do it on jthe run. had been getting young boys to bu vanijla eprtr^ct for bipi. Mr. Hutchi son' 'Said 'he cast longing ^ glances a the twp t)0ttt?s thgy h^4 coofisgated but it d)d him no good as son, needed thpm a^ Jiqme fpr cook Ing, , . ey i$ natlpnal edil gh^Jplans to be In fthoi$ a week. f and will re ie by way o{ t Mrs. fin Killers 1 Of R, G, SproAt, Tip- I S « I !, I f I ' * ton Vigilante,. Take Rpb- •ert Moore 1 and Car, GAVE HIM BACK CAB & MONEY FOR GAS. Was: Feared Moore Had Been Killed. State Offers Five Hundred Dollars 'Reward for Capture. ' Three men entered a drug store at Davenport last Friday morning and held up the establishment. They started westward, probably Intending td lold up other places. Officers In other owns were notified and several 'members of the Vigllahtes at Tipton went out and endeavored to 'capture the Jiree men who had held'Up th£ store. I. G. Sproat, a vigilante was snpt and tilled the robbers. They were In an Sssex car, and sped through' JTipton. r our miles north of Tipton thejr cftr urned over in a ditch " ., Kidnap Algona Man's Brother. One Of the two went tb the'home nt Robert Moore, a farmer and brother f J. M. Moore 'of this city and riaid ine of -the -members- of-the -car—had ieen injured and asked to borrow.Mr. i/toore's car to take him to the hospi- ;al. Mr. Moore, who'had, beeif cut- mg weeds near his home volunteered to .drive them, to .the hospital_and backed his car out of the garage and drove. to - where the Essex hadT been wrecked. , The others entered the >,car after going a distance, placed a.-gun, against his side> and told'him. they would take charge of-the-car- and that: he, was -thelf. passenger, > He ihad .started, to drive, pver the main road toward 1 Ktnaaiu tnuBTB) to nvo» ra COMMIT it turnout um IKXMTOH oomunmo mtotm WESTERN _JJNIQN lUwlrtd*?*"* 1 '**"' "*i_. I * W " 1 **"*~ 1M * < **""~ M " *•• t* >i nAyi IHWA J ALuW'I'H I*"*** CHICAOO ILL AUQ * '»*> ALCOM IQW htcilvlft YdM WfiWK ^{W^tlMJWM «! fittftttlft f i^tj'su'itW $lj» h\\ TO PRODuCI IT ICTIVE BRIDE AITO CftOOU ERNIE .round uon»« vma AUC 7 'Ml HAIU»u tm tut Muynt or Horn urn ROTARIANS HEAR O^TMSTIC TALKS Slain,'n tis tU of-'Mr.' ftioo"'• t!$tuiht';$ i$ink. f " "a*Pvernoi < 'Hah f jmiir ; h'as offefe'd reward of $500 for the capture of tht! robbers and murderers.' The Essex car bore, a Pennsylvania number plate. J. M. Moore at Tigton Sunday* J. M. Moore of this city had been at .Tipton the preceding Sunday :whe're he attended a family reunion of his mother's family, the Johnstons. He visited; his brother and, sister; both of whom .are .unmarried • and i live 1 on 'the old hpme .place, homesteaded by his father in 1852. Another brother re sides a short distance away *' v v • ' Pass an Anxious ,Nfght Mr. Moore received word . Friday shortly after noon that his brother, Robert, had been • kidnapped and was much worried, > spending a sleepless night 'until about four a. m. Saturday morning When he received a telephone call from his sister that Robert had returned' and told'the story of his experience. Jerry Helgens Was Burned by Explosion. Jerry , Helgens had a-narrow escape from being burned'to death last Thursday ' morning; when ,he : was 1 attempting to light a gasoline stove in the kitchen of his home. There must have been some gasoline '-which had leaked out into the pan-.', and which exploded as soon as he applied'the ^match. The " flames ' burned his face and hands severely but failed to ignite his clothing. Mr. Helgens had the presence of mind to close the • doors into the other part of- Jhe house and thus keeping the * flames > In the kitchen, Everything in the kitchen was ruln- and smoke went all through the house. The fire department %as called, bul the neighbors had the fire extinguished before it arrived, Conditions^ Northern ITdwa Better '5Jlian in Othef , , Country." ,"' CORN CROP WAS DAMAGED, OATS GOOD.i I, Father of Mrs. Wood' ./ Died in California,. Good Hope, April 12. Special: On Thursday of last .week news was received,; at 'the Good. Hope parsonage 'of the passing of John C. Powell, father of Mi's. W;ood. Mr. Powell died after a short illness of but two weeks and although he was to his 07th year, had retained his mental and,pllyalcal facilities in a remarkable degree up to the time of his last illness- 'Born in the state of Pensylvanla' he removed to 'Iowa as a young man locating at Grih- nell. There he engaged In the building and contracting business until about twenty years ,ago at Which , time he •with his wife and daughter;, 1 Myrtle, Association to Give $50 in Gold and Merchants to Give Presents, ' FAMOUS 2$Q»tfCEE TO $TA0E -~^~ fi- «<j* *. ._ have WoMdcrtul Scenic Background With Flower Girls, AtaUU of Honor, and Bridesmaids. Last week, Mr. Zerfass, secretary of i the Kossuth county' fattv wirtd -Ern^fe Noting, the >farti«U8 produce^•aBkiVt^^ , he would produces hie Weeding liunv ber on the night of'Friday, 1 ; September 6th, nt the'Kossutn county ^ait $<t Mr, Young wired back 1 h'6> Wpulfl bft very glad to produce this r " ustml and impresiive "" fcerfass, the secretary, would _ UK furnish u prospective;' ;brid(*-'*.'»n4 groom an& a minister. i''»,f >rj>) The county fa\r association will give, fifty dollars in, gold to,the*flrst couple.; plates ent&intif Into" the* ''bonds ot\ mony. ".'.-s At*um v"> • ." ; ,w.n i C«n8ldemtileAnewt(paper space lias Plenty of Feed. Active and Progressive <•' > -Ci'firw. j , iffit.i/. „ - n Farmers Are too Busy Algona Rotarlans heard; two good optimistic talks at Monday's luncheon thatwHfJnuottaBf© Miller, wnVlafd'lh^rcffiraiton^^northern I Iowa are Impfoving^rapidlyJia'nd thatj been'givertnto' weddinftsvof, royalty (iai England, FrancejxCte^nmnjj, ano; weddings of' protmi^$CwJote,$ pe of New' 'S'ork,' chicugc>v"PMadelf Boston' And even" tollywood -which wide comment due' to 4he+«l»boratp. preparations prior tosthis or r th(' this, is the; flrst ttae moved to' Bah Diego, Account of ill-health. , ,Callf6rrila, on has con- tihued to Be his place' bf residence up to j the ,time of his ,death on, Aug\isc |7th, Interment was' madq at Sftn Diego on Saturday or Jast ,w.eek. The' Ideceasdd,is; survived,by,two sbns."Will l 'of .^Alberta.' Canada, arid Euceho-.'Aft i~"TTw* t — —' — j~i —~ ~"i-\f 4^ i% *"i<_ i producer has .conceived, the w costuming a weddttig', wtttittgp^ costuming a wed< _. wedding'S6ng, backed up w scenic background!" with" maids''of honor, bridefimai 'ing a massed chorus jsnl ding song.- And-thi in the history c 'such elbaorate r W&ir iPflBjers | GeorgefGodfreyrt!§<farmertmember ,,upon, He qx- iat the drouth :d h'61S"^Wnds had done considerable damage to the corn crop and that it is yet Impossible to determine the amount olj'the damage. '0n light soil all the corn, ( Js good for, is silage. Oi\ the heavier soils many p'ileces of corn show a fair prospect. In many places ears are found'fully filled and in the same field ears may be found that are but partly filled, Whether v the rains will cause these ears to fill out remains to be seen but that no doubt'the pollen was damaged in many ' places. He saM that if the farmers receive a fifty per cent crop, they^wijl probably receive as much for their crop at advanced, pricesiBS'lf they ( had a bumper crop* with'low prices "as the overhead for, harvest would »Pt be w jnuch. Most of the, grain, especially corn, is fed and as a, rule high priced ( corn means Ipw priced hogs. With a good, yield of good qualify oats and prospects of a higher price because of the corn shortage will help ,j;he farmer^ who sell their grain. Dairy conditions are ^mijch improved, we have plenty of feed, a good hay crop and the natjon-witje duputh has enabled the large quantity of bptter held in cpld .storage last spring to be sold. Fortunate, said Mr, Godfrey, are the people i who live in this part of Iowa. County Agent Morrison also spoke and emphasized Mr. Godfrey's remarks. He told of how the active farmer is too busy in caring for his crops and stock to spend several hours a day in town discussing, conditions. Four new members were taken into the .Rotary club Monday. They were; Glen Raney, Joel Herbst, Eugene Murtagh and John Haggard. Judge Davidson of Emmetsburg, who was holding court, was a guest. ^ d ' Mr. and Mrs. C. C. (Bud)' RoBlnte' celebrated the' seventy-sixth birthday of Mr. Robinson Sunday, August 3, with a dinner, and a reunion of his family and friends, Those of his family who were present were Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. WJra. Altwegg and, family, Mr. and Mrs. L, W, Robinson and family and Mr. and Mrs. T, R. .Pickard and son: Those of his friends who were present ware Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gould, i Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SHI and family, Mr, and Mrs. Frank Oapeslus and family, all of Algpna, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miller and Miss Vera Kneclit; Mr. and'Mrs, F, Thompson and family SWea City; Thompspn and family" pf Swea City; Miss Dprothy Sitzman of Klngsley, Iowa, who is a guest of Mildred Cape- slu? and, Miss Eleanor Berg of Swea Qlty were c,lso 1 present. The centerpiece was B, large birthday cake baked by h;ls daughter, Mrs. Wm. Altwegg of Plum Qreek, Algona looses to Webster City in Golf. Local golfers' were defeated in a match with Webster City Sunday, by the score of 21 to 10. Fifteen members of the local club drove down and had an enjoyable time even if they did not come out victorious. Webster City has some flashy players and the locals made a very good showing against them. Clear Lake will play here August 24. rss Wfc Algonian's Band to Play Indian Pay. For some time Prof. J. F. Granzow of Algona has been directing the Bancroft Kid Band, -The band Js to play at the Titonka Indian Pay,< August 13, and at Jnterlaken : on Sunday, August 17. Under the able direction'of Prof.»Gran- ?ow. the band is coming nicely, and its weekly concerts are greatly enjoy- by the citizens of Bancroft and vicinity. The Bancroft council paid Mr. Graiwaw fifty, 4ojl^? for Directing the band 'during the month of July. He has been directing bands in this vicinity for many years, and is a good leader. Truelc ia Wrecked* the Driver |Cut ? Bruised. 'Jessie Schmidt, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Schmidt of, Algpna;' was more or less cut 'and bruised Monday when the truek; sljipJt he -wap driving went into the'diton ano was totally wrecked; ^hsfftrwcfe belonged to W. B> 'Ullams;;inftpJ'grftYe)'!(wntractor. It — uoi!'Was crowded to rw9'by passing cars jto lOtaa cw 'i • >• John McWhorter Died in California. Word was received in Algona the flrst of the week stating that John McWhorter formerly of Algona had died at his home in Beverly Hills California, Saturday.. Mr. McWhorter was born in Indiana and moved to Sterl^ ing, Illinois, with his parents when a boy. He later moved to Kossuth county and for a number of years lived on a farm east of Hurt. Later he lived east of Algona on a farm now owned by John Wolfe. A few years ago he moved to California, which has sines been his home. The remains were brought back to the old home at Sterling for burial. LuVerne Girl The Healthiest in County, Cora Mae Masterson, sixteen year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masterson has been Judged the healthiest girl in the Four-H clubs of Kossuth county. She will represent the county in the contest at the state fair. She lacked three-tenths of one per cent of having a perfect score, a baby tooth, which she still possesses, and a slight tonsil defect keeping her from a perr feet mark. GwendPlyn Clark from HumboWt, county* scored 02'per cent. Reports Corn Badly Damaged. F. W. Wehler, accompanied Mr. Rushmore, the grocery salesman on his trip Tuesday. They went north to Bancroft and west through Seneca, and to Armstrong. He reports seeing many fields of corn that were absolutely destroyed. One farmer told him that his field wss not even fit for fodder and said he thought of setting a match to it. The hot winds are blamed. This section of the county has had no rain since about July 4th. Bank Dividends at Wesley Total 65%, Wesley, August 12. Special Cor.:— Anpther dividend of fifteen per cent has been declared by the receiver of the closed First National Bank here. This will make a total of sixty-flve per cent paid back to the depositors since its closing on October 12, 1928, not yet two years ago. Mr». Shiltf Shooto Par in Pony Golf. Mrs. clarence Shuts played her flrst game of miniature golf last Friday on the Haggard course and shot a pa.r 45. This is the lowest score that been shot up to the present wri by .any'lady and It haa been bettered • only by one man who shot a. 44. ' • prom' . wh,p,took. day afterm the; Congr'i Rev. Marion" Sunde; Methodist church, < was in Evergreen -.cemei . Sharp, shol a,t his farm o'clock Saturday t afternoon^, • a few minutes later, gathering eggs an'dTTp wentiWt'he'rear of the house, placed; ithe gun, just lie- low his heartland :disphargpd-it , lt His wife, alarmed by the. shot, hur-. ried to where her husband lay dying' and then called, neighbors, a,nd Dr ft J, Hennessey, Palo Alto 'county 'coroner, who 'pronounced his death a suiolde. r Worry over financial dlfflflUWQa-lSiber. lieved to have led to the aat- He 38 Survived by, hie widow, a small ,«>'». James, i his, parents, two sisters, TJ ~ and Grace, anfj a ypunger,' '' Lowell. Bldg, & Lpajj A«».'n. Shows Steady Gain. A special meeting of: directors of the Algpnft, Buijdlng & kpa,n A^soptor tion was held last week, Augyst 5th, to' pi^ss on several, applicative for loans. The association np.w has, footing aa of June 30th, of $105,229^7-a? compared" to $81,28239 December 31st. tfprtgago loans of $100,800 as cornpqred to *76,750. Installment stopk'of $41,5(16.13,as compared to $34,248/7^, Fujla pftlp) stock of $43,400.00, as, cpfflpa^q to $3J,n 800.00. The association has mad<? a. good steady gain and. has weath^edj the times of deprecation with ,a goo<f substantial growth.' They are opening new accounts "daily and'have fun^s available for all new houses as well asf refinancing loans on hpuses now built. Algona Men Eight Algona men drove up to Rap- lc"an Daru near Blue Earth Saturday evening on a.'fishing trip. The group included D. H. Goeders, Dr. R. M.'W&U lace, Frank Seller, Torkel HUl, Loyd WeHendorf, Wm, Ha^tt, G..H. Qggr, Jpp Auner and Bijgf.r^B£p$F;of.Es7 therville, whp was a guest' of D, ft. Gpe^ers. B|rs. K.epler 'sprat the:"i end UvAlgpna with " J * ers. Twa Year Old Child cm Dariton Palmer, two year pi^ son, of Mr. an,(i M,rs. Algona, died

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