The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 30, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1930
Page 8
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The tfpper Pea MoiftM-tteEublioafl,July 30,1880 Twenty fears Ago, Miss Carrie Wernert was at Clear Lake spending the week with friends. Mr. and Mrs. John Sifert were rejoicing over the arrival of a new daughter. Mrs. Chan. Barry was at Spirit Lake spending two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Sinclair. Mrs. Will Walkor and children had just returned from a pleasant outing at Clear Lake. A baby girl had just arrived at the H. M. Stetissy home where she made a lively addition to the family. • Mr. and Mrs. Ira Vincent and niece, Miss Maxwell, of Washington, Iowa, and Misses Ruth and Beuna Reed were spending a week or two at Lake Okoboji. J. Q. Jamison had sold his house where Fred Wehler was living to Mr. Cruikshank who planned to make the place his home as soon as Mr. Wehler found another house. Harold Quarton had arrived home from Boulder. Colorado, where he had attended the summer session at the state university. He taught in the Colorado schools that year. Mr. and Mrs. George Paine were receiving hearty congratulations over Uie new arrival, last Wednesday evening, of a fine baby daughter as a companion to their pair of young sons. Mrs. W. H. Horan and young son had gone to "Monroe, Wisconsin, in company with Mrs. Koran's cousin, Walter Whltcomb, and were to visit at the home of her parents for several weeks. The Frank Nicoulin shops had just received from Hampton an order for one of the largest drays they had ever made. The Nicoulin shops shipped drays all over the United States and their business was a constantly growing institution, which brought considerable money Into the town. Harry Tremaln, who for several years had been landlord of the Durdall Hotel in Algons had bought a half interest In the Radisson Hotel In Minneapolis and gone there to take over the management of the property. The Radisson was then considered the best hotel west of Chicago. Al Falkenhainer had gone to Des Molnes to attend the state republican convention. He made the trip as far as'Fort Dodge in his Ford car, and from there took the interurban. Sheriff Llllle and Bob Norton accompanied him to Fort Dodge on their way |to r Perry where Mr. Lillie owned some ) considered one of the most fysger shown in Algona up ; a reproduction of the (between Frank Gotch pZbyszkp, the cham- " * "ts, place in of l^ilttemore gave the-'car, caused Mr f ^Brun* at the car tor a tini? toe car was i»d dipped off a telephone pole; SKWtA Its way through & barbed wire ience and landed three or four twtotont in a pasture. Mr. Crause either jumped or was thrown from'the car'when It hit the rut and landed on his left arm with such force as to fracture it. He also bruised his head. He was brought to Algona to have his injuries cared for. Fined $10 and Costs For Drunkenness. John Murtha was fined ten dollar: and costs In Mayor Ogren's court for drunkeness Saturday night. The Ladies' Aid met Thursday at the church annex. Steve Loss shelled corn for M. L. Roney Thursday. Lucille Dole spent Friday visiting at the home of Miss Jane Cretzmeyer at Algona. Harry Simmons Is now spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. Dr. and Mrs. Gibson of Algona spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Gibson's sister, Mrs. Steve Loss, and family. Miss Cecil Thornton, who spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. Howard King, and family, returned home on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Phelan Grabe of Mason City spent Sunday with Mrs. Grabe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mack McLean. Mrs. Raymond King of Whittemore was spending the past week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thorn- ion and family. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family spent Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Dole's brother, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loss, and family. Miss Marguerite PecK of Sioun Falls, South Dakota, came Sunday to spend a week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Josephine Lee of this vicinity, who has been visiting with her grandparents for the past several days, returned to her home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. David Christensen and family of Fort Dodge spent Sunday at the home of David's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. David Blythe. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and /amlly spent Saturday night and Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Howard Sing, and family of Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley and family spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Riley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Bordwell and family of Livermore. Miss Helen Dole of Algona spent a p ew days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family. She re- ,urned to Algona Monday evening. Mrs. Clyde Collinson, who is employed at the Wm. Gronbach home, ipent one evening the past week with ler sister, Mrs. Paul Hudson, and fam- Jarnes Hudson, who Is employed at the Joe Weydert farm, west of Algona, spent Saturday night and Sunday with ils parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson, and family. Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and children jpent the past week with Mrs. Spur r geon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank SkUltng of Algona. She returned home on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald King and family of Aleona, Mr. and Mrs. Keith of Algona, Mrs. McLean of this vicinity, and Mrs.iK. P. Roney spent Sunday at " Mr.,and,Mrs. George Sim- r" ^ftfojf 1 " j «, jey;-iWilson'. returned,home last week for a continued^ vfcit at the jtosa' Spurseonthome. • 'After break- ne his arm auf.evjweeks.affo, Stanley .,___. JI^^^Fred' Hudson ?accide|xtlyDeceived a^jsevere task ibn'tJieHpp of;> r hls ' head, Fre<" Jirew-a can *into the air and In fall r t it struck him on-the headi** At this the wound* is slowly^improv"- ing, ' Roy Blythe spent Saturday evening and Sunday with his family. He returned to his work Sunday evening. Roy is a mail clerk and this week he Is working on the Chicago & Northwestern from Eagle Grove to Lake Crystal. Mr. and Mrs. George Kolveck and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Horsley and family who have been visiting with friends and relatives in the near vicinity, returned to their homes in Sioux City. Mrs. Kolveck and Mrs. Horsley are the sisters of Mrs. Prank Thornton. Your Business is judged by your stationery. U. D. M.-R. printing is right. . by elmh • Week End in Chicago at the GRE&T NORTHERN Get up a congenial party, two or more couples come to Chicago for a lark! take in the theatres or movie palaces, see the Art Institute, Field Museum, various sports or dance in night clubs, New attractions every week. Our new service will make arrangements in advance for your party. Write for free copy of "This Week in Chicago" which is a complete entertainment guide. We will enjoy taking a personal Interest I n making your visit thoroughly enjoyable. New garage one-half block. JACKSON, DEARBORN, QUINCY, STS. Phon* Harrlfion 7900 Livermore People Keep Clean. Livermore Gazette: Livermore people have been going to Algona in large numbers each evening for a swim in the municipal pool. The warm weather has made the pool particularly attractive and each evening finds hundreds cavorting in the water. As many as thee hundred and more are in the water at one time, while others stand In line and wait for a chance to take a dip. The pool is run in art orderly manner and is making a lot of money for the city. The receipts for this year, up until a week ago Monday were more than $2,000. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office. July 1. 1930—Board of supervisors of Kossiith county met pursuant to adjournment with nil members present. Motion by Heiken rvn-1 second McDonald that F. .1. Hulffiman, cl: man of the board, Is hereby million*.ed to enter Into le(,se with Sim Johanson for 1.59 acres of land for irrnvel purposes In SWH of Section 12. township 100 Ranse SO for Uie sum of $56fi.- On'motion board proceeds! ' to audit and nllow bills as per Schedule of Claims. SCHKUVI.B OK CLAIM'S. COUNTY FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., te). Hazel CnVler,' 'bounty Martha Harris, Inbor in auditor's office City of AJgonn. light serv. .. F "j. Hntten. judge ot election A. J. Fangmann, Judge of elec- Jake Kel'ler,' judge of election .. Mrs. Jessie Carmean, judge of election VV Mrs. Roy Hutton, Judge of election J. H. Sheridan, judge ot election L. J. Kockler, clerk of election, J A.' Nymaii,' 'clerk of election Geo. W. Nyman, clerk of election Jno. Nemmers, clerk of election American Legion Bancroft, room rent for election • - Otto Nemmers, arranging booths Iowa Cent. Motor Truckline, drayage Kenneth Anderegg. bounty Bertha B. Johnson, office expense and advance bounty F. J. Balgeman, comm *- — 62.69 2.00 56.14 4.50 4.50 4.50 3.00 3.00 9.30 4.SO 4.30 3.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 18.60 & sess..216.70 245.85 237.40 265.70 Olaf Funnemark, com. & sess. W. E. McDonald, com. & sess. P. J. Heiken, com. & sess. . Chas. Morris, com. & sess. .. 253.50 H. M. Smith, engineer 300.00 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, ap- propriatlon • • • 12B .«-°0 Mary K. Sands, labor Treas. office " "" Laura Paine, box rent and stamps Bertha E. Johnson, del. of ballots Mrs. F. A. Corey, labor In recorder's office I.DU- J W Long, state examiners .. 870.09 la. Mutual Llab. Ins. Co., work- . men's comp. Ins. __ 1 .._. 15638 .. 6*.00 ^ 34.00 L E. Hovey, sheriff fees P. M. Christenson, attending board of review meeting .... George Elbert, room rent for election Kent Motor Co., room rent for election G. R. Krause, att. conv. of school officers John H. Winter, bounty Eleanor Intermill, bounty Advance Pub. Co., pub. board proceedings 125.04 Bancroft Register, pub. ooard proceedings llb.56 Bancroft Register, pub. board 4.00 6.00 6.00 2.00 .90 .70 proceedings Matt Pairott & Sons Co.i sup- lles .....,i» *. FV Orton Co. vine., supplies .. iwrlter Exchange Inc., .sup- 62,-JO 12.2.T 9.64 . ... ...„.., .. . ... .. Lincoln School Sup. Co., booklets 43.3ft Tales, supplies .......... 2.00 Mfg. Co., supplies ...... 10.50 Cecil G. Lunnlnsf, part payment grovel pit • S30.S8 Front Rhnw, part payment gr«v- c j p|( 460.84 Paul & Donnelly, (Trading ....1J15.M Chicago N. W. Ry. Co.. freight 4.3S A. T. Flllenworth, srrftvel pit . -761S.41 Chicago. Milwaukee & St. P. Hy.. frelg-ht • ..I'** W. F. McFnrland, drftgrsInK .... 17-37 Oscnr Earing, roart patrol HS'lS .1. F. Qulnn. pntrol l Snin Chester Alme. labor »O.SO John S. Nelson, labor 9 ,IX J. H. Montgomery, road pntrol .. »*•*» Wm. O. LudwtR. Inbor 100.00 Wm. B. Dcvlne. patrolman .... Relnder Krommlnpra. patrolman Clyde . road patrol F." A. Sterner, patrol Ote Gerdes, labor ... ..... ;•••.',• John W. Bruce, running eaterptl- 105.70 12^00 90.00 91,SO . , j nr .......................... 98. oO Geo. T. Graham, labor S. D. McDonald. labor Chester Lnmoreux, patrolman Bert Shellmyer. patrolman ... John M. Phillips, labor Rimer Ewlnsr, labor Alton Petlll. la,bor Ubbe Winter, labor 125.00 95.00 m.Eft 72.40 28.90 Tom Weir, labor 12.00 John Knder.t, labor J.BO W. J. Bourne, dragging '•JjO Frank Rfcbhoff, dragging -. «-00 A. M. Gustafstm, (Jrngglnsr ..... 33.75 John L. Ramus, dragging 4.60 Loren Byers, dragging »3.75 , A. J. Helnen. dragging Joseph Loebach. dragging Everett Kelly, dragging Ole M. Raven, dragging Earl AcKouman. dragging FTar! F. AnIIker. dragging - 24.S* 21.00 27.00 22.4S „ *.„-•„ 18.00 Simon"Btonie. dr'ngsing 7 B4.00 A. T. Buckets, labor 56.62 Fred Butterfleld. labor 12.00 Raymond Barslow. dragging .. 17.63 C. C. Anderson, dragging ..... 49.14 Joe J. Clnk, dragging 6.00 Jacob Hofbauer. dragging 18.38 Mrs. Fred Busch, dragging .. "j;- 7 ? Ernest .Tesse. dragging 9.00 Enno Eden, dragging Jj-00 Joe Mayne, dragging 48.00 Leonard Mtno, dragging 21.00 Walter J. Dntton, dragging 71.90' Fred G. Darnell, dragging .... J 4 - 5 " Paul Zlelske. dragging .. 13.60- lolm Rodmaker, dragglnr Ubbe Winter, dragglnr , Ward & Goetz, dragging 40.60 Tony Kollasch. dragging 2T.OO> Gust J. Koppen. dragging "" *" Sam Harr, dragging John F. Simmons, dragging- 20.60 33.75 22.60 Maynard Sohn. dragging ------- 3 1% iS' Henry Corstensen, dragging- ---- 86.63 O. A. Laabs, dragging ..... ------ . 54.38 Leo G. Studer, draggfnrg- ....... 20'.70' ?T. B. Schlltz. dragging ...... 9.00 Ted Hoover, dragging ......... 2T.OO Roy Bane, dragging ......... ... 6.00 , John Lucas & Co., Inc., paint 97.84 Sam Weaver, dragging ...... 34.60 Lyle Blair, dragging ........ 25.87 Aibert Fritz, dragging Gt.38 Harry Robbln, dragging 1 §' 75 ' Jay Godden, dragging 19.51 Geo. Balgeman, dragglnr JT.42 Ole L. Johanson, dragging 44'.61 Andrew Gollner, dragging and' repairs ?S'~ Clarence Green, dragging .... 13.52 Harold E. Nelson, dragging .. 18;3T Albert Kressl'n, dragging 33'.75 Loyd Trimble, dragging 21.7S Peter N. Thllges, dragging 24 '11 Eugene Peterson, dragging .... 13.60 1 Albert WIttkopf, dragging: 16.52 Eugene Peterson, dragging • • 19.13 A. J. Peterson, dragging- • 3T.50' L. E. Mueller, dragging 2T.OO Gregory Elbert, .road leveling •• 19.20 ~ "~ .. S. 5 0 .. 1T.OO' _ _ ._ . _. .. 6.50 Joe" GorackowskI, labor 18.00 Otto Ramus, labor Lawrence Ctirran, labor Charlie Htuflick. labor Carl Johnson, labor ft. land and 2366 134.64 ,~ Seneca Lutheran church, labor .. Dr. 141— „ „,, A. J. Lawler, labor ?«|0 John Cunningham, labor .... •.wo I>r. 151— . 4 Ray A, Marquis, labor ,, 9.JS Wm. Hllferty, labor ,.,, f 09 Qeorsre tooft, labor , «-00 r»r. let-- i ' . *» notsfofd Lumber Co.. cetttent !•*» ChasL Chubb, duplicate warrant JtUtt ti r jgg— K. O. Slenstrom. repairing tile 88-JO C. Albin Peterson, labor .... 1 1 .60 I>r. W— . ... F. O. ISeerman, labor .... <-*0 r^_ 172 Matt Laux, labor ....«...,, *.8S Pr. 177— ,. .. Clm*. Kmnmiel, labor ...... li.jj l,nwrenc€> Clnk. labor ...... S.vt Wm. Klein, labor ,• F. It. Lftthrop. rodman .... 17.15 Wm. W. Sturulvant, pub, notices 8MB Dr. 2 of 2B— .. ,. Matt Loirx, tabor ...... M.«r F" -K. 2—— Thompson Yds. Tne., tile .... S.Tjj Tom Pedorsen, labor «-7B George Wolf, labor ........ B.09 Dr. H.-K. 2-8(1— ' Paul N. Loomls, ftudltrnir 2-8* accounts , 30.80 Dr. H.-K. 8-46— Paul N. Loomls, auditing S-46 accounts 19.50 Dr. H.-K, 4-B6— •Paul N Loomls, auditing M-4 accounts 17.10 Dr. H.-K. 87,-E— Paul N. Loomls, audltlnr 87-S accounts 28.80 Dr. H.-K. 6-110— Paul N. Loomls. auditing 6-110> accounts I2.72 1 Dr. H.-K. T-120— Paul N. Loomls, auditing 7-12* accounts »i«? Matt Laux. labor 10.26 Dr. P. A.-K. 1— John Lelnlngcr .repairs B.50 H. E. Frost, labor 8.7o Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that county engineer Is hereby Instructed to purchase-a centrifugal pump. Ayes: oil'. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that resolution be adopted placing second! assessment on Dr. 167 on, tax Hat for collbctlion.. See record,' for resolution. Ayes: all. On motion board' adjourned to o»e o'clock p. m. • One o'clock p. m.—Board of supervisors met pursuant to «uajbuirnm«nt with all members' present.. Motion By Funnemark and second by McDonald that the fbllowlng resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION CONVEYING KEAL. ESTJAiTK. Whereas,, on Uie 19th day of March, 1928 a written agreement was enter^ ed into by and between the county of KToasuth,. state of Iowa, ond^Menton \Mllllam ' " " ' scBxinvt.Ei on* CLAIMS. tem Sperbeek Printing Co., notices .$ 1.10 A. E. Michel,, engineer 44\00 Ml V. Stephenson, Instrument man: M. V. Stephenson, Instrument majii ,.» k ...v... A. E. Michel, engineer 29.00 POOR FUND. Story County Auditor, provisions- 7.1.34 Mrs. Elinor Sutton,. supplies .... 4uO& Algona Hospital, medical aid... 13B.60 H. E. Elfil,. medical aid 14.60 J. K. Coddlngton, medical add.. 27.00 ' T:. B^ ffllNDi. Dr. H. S. Van Vranken, Idem. oattle ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND. Don. T. Nugent,.assistant engineer 175.00 M. T. McGulre, grading 565.72. ,,,,..,,M,, Arnett, county of Hancock, state of Iowa, whereby it wa» agreed* tlmt Kossuth county convey the following described land situated In Hancock county, Iowa,. to-wl.t: the East Half of the Northeast Quarter (EH. NEW) ot Section thirty-four (34), township ninety-six -(96) north. p£, range twenty-six (26) west of the 5th p m. except the right ot way of the C M & St. P. railway. Also that port ot the West Half, of the N ortheast Quarter (WV4 NEVl) of Section thirty-four (34.),. township ninety-six (96) north ot Range twenty-six (26) west of the 5th p. m. lying south ot the C. M. & St. P. railway, containing 8.75 (-acres, for the sum of Four Thousand Four Hundred Thirty-seven and 50100 Dollars ($4,'137.60) to the said Merton William Arnett, and. Whereas, on date of March 23, 1928, the said contract was authorized by vote of the entire board of Supervla- I ors of Kossuth. county;. loway and! M. F. Gronbach, labor 16 I'nS I Whereas, upon request of Merton John Cunningham, labor A. J. Lawler, labor Percv Kuhn, labor 3-00 Botsford Lumber Co., lumber .. 3.00 E. C. Fauerby. supplies 19.90 J. A. Roberts, bridge C62.90 J. V. Elbert, labor 1052.00 Leo Delperdang, grading .... 114:00 Glen Sharp, hauling gravel .... 68.96 Fred Nurse, haiillngr grayer .... 75.S6 Bert Godaenv hauling grovel .. 74.40 Will RJcklefs, haullnr gra-vel .. T.Gtt> Floyd Hall, hauling,gravel ....' 16.00 Chris F. Nielsen, checking gravel 36.40 Newel Hardware, supplier 62.20 O. \T. Krtokson Hdwe., suplles. '4.60 Kohlhaas Hardware,. BtrppHfes* .... 23.52: r ' AAtl *V 1IC* Uti.3, ujjui» i ^>.| u «,*•» — — - ------- „•?,? i William: Arnett that doed: be executed 2 ' 25 ' to his father, Edwin H. Arnett. on Botsford Lumber Co^lumber .. ,_ 3,SB Otto-^lelsonk labor & hardware nB.OO K,"D, James, supplies .... 2.16, Western X3heralcal Co,, supplies 13.62 Hoi-ghton Mlfflln . Co,, school books ..*.........**.*.. 30.02 American Book Co.. school books 155.54, Crescent-Printing Co., school books ,.; f - 1-50 Educational Pub. POFP.T school books '........ U' Fullerton & Grey, school books '2.5ft Laldlaw Bros., school books .... 30.41! Glnn & Co., school books 178.57 Lyons & Carnahan, school books 32.19 MacMillan Co., school books .. 14.02 A. N. Palmer Co., school books 17.15 Charles Scrlbner's & Sons, school books 19.24 World Book Co., school books .. 9.71 POOR FUND. Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv 12.77 Cresco Light & Power Co., light serv. Co. Farm 35.11 Elinor T. Sutton, transportation 12.00 A. R. Peterson, provisions 40.82 Thos. Akre, provisions 9.77 Roupe's Grocery, provisions .... 8.00 K. L. Hansen, provisions 14.12 Graham Co., supplies 2.43 A. A. Droessler, provisions .... " Hattio LIchllter. provlsons Jon. F. Menke, provisions Mrs. O. Brower, provisions .. Garfield Krlckson, provisions .. Xumach Sanitary Market, provisions 10.00- C. A. Holm, provisions 31.80 Merrill Bros., provisions 55. 31 Algona Co-Operative Creamery, provisions J urgent Hillside Dairy, provisions 4.8£ R. A. Clark, provisions 17.00 Thompson Yards, Inc., fuel .... 8.70 Bolsford Lumber Co., fuel .. 11.70 Van A. Hansen. hoard & room .. 30.00 C. G. Dourk, house rent .... 10.00 Rhoha Gaylor, rent -. 1J.OII John Spllles, rent 8.00 Kohlliaas Bros. Garage, supplies 14.51 DI-H. Keneflck & Crawford, medical aid 234.75 KuMxuth hospital, medical aid .. 151.50 C. A. Kenne, digging grave . . 10.00 L. \V. Hwanson, funeral expense 45.00 Laird & Relmer, funeral expense Fred I'ark, extra labor or expense Frank Johnson, hauling O. W .Krlckson, hardware KohlliuuH llurilvvarw hardware . . Graham Co., supplies Kdwln W. Lusby, repairing watch Walnut Grove Prod. Co., supplies A. \V. SchrendH, "supplies .... duo. Kt. John, labor Hutsfurd Lumber Co., supplies .. Standard Oil Co., oil • F. S. Norton & Hon., posts .... M. M. Morrow, supplies LIBRARY FUND. Fred A. Dlekman, school books INSANITY. Clark Orton, clerk's fees 5.75 DelterJrier Garage, repalrs/s.. i-/. • S6.3IT Kohlhaas Bros. Oarage, repairs-, ' __ J -'fr—fc -. —, - 1 and tabor J. S. ShuWz, HaBor 18.36 91TO W. H, Stott, supplies .......... 17.19 F. S. Norton & Son, coaT 1.00 V sirppnes- „„„.,,.,...„... T.lOi - WHO 6.00 .66 2.9fl men's compensation 202.77 Central States Elec. Co., light service .85 Little Cook Shop, meals for prl- • soners .- 20:85 arton Warner Co., supplies .... 4'1'0.17 D*r«3ite H. A, Bates, DX A. Shuttz% supplies- >... K. D. James, ether ».^,. E, J. Van Ness, preparing notices la. Mutual Llah. Ins. Co.,twork- 14. SO- 9.00 6.00 20.00 9.10 9.00 45.00 77.25 10.00 4.40 4.02 22.53 1.50 3.25 33.95 1.00 11.00 1.65 19.80 4.20 15.30 f. H. f'retzineycr, physician's fees A. Huclilson, commissioner COURT FUND. Albert OKI-C.H, mayor fees F. A. Newvllle, con«tablu fees .. A. Hutchison, J. p. fees L. K. Hovey. conatable fees .... O. I). Shumway, money advanced L. K. Hovey, sheriff's fees 3.00 3.0( 3.00 .95 7.50 11.90 1.00 17:;.51 Clark Orton, 'clerk's fees 14.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND. Kansas City Life Ina. Co., gravel .1015.79 John lioecik. gravel pit V,,-2H I'uul & Donnelly, hauling gravul 1694.u Paul & Donnelly, stripping and haulliiK uravel ;?'«' Arthur Nordstrom, engineer .... 77.0 Milton McFudden, rodman 77.0 Jules Selfert. grading • f«-0 William Cliff, checklns gravel 110.2 liriink & HiBBlns, tiling on road 14.9 Farmer's Co-Operatlve Soc., tile 61.6 ROAD MAINTENANCE. II. D. Clapsaddle, repairs 6.8 Sharp Brothers, duplicate war- Thos. H. Sadler, Manager. A L. Cotton, town lot 360.C Hallway Express Agency, express .' Iowa State Bank, sight draft .. 128.7 Railway Express Co., express .. .6 V, J. Schlchtl. chain 10.0 American Railway Express, express i*^ Prudential Ins. Co. of America, gravel pit 400 -° argen Machine Co., supplies I3T.65 cMaster-Carr Supply Co., supplies 13.75 ibbs-Cook Tractor & Equip;. Co., supplies 32.23 Id.-Con t. Petro. Corp.,. gas 240.60 ndependent Oil & Gas Co.,olf . . 230.04 andard Oil Co., oil 6S0.71 Ity Oil Co., gas and oil .. 87.70 liver Bakken, oil 2S.54 •Eerless- Oil Co., oil 475.74 hampUn Refining Co., gas 499.18 DRAINAGE FUND. T.. 2— George- Wolf, repairs ...... 8.00 Tom Pedersen, repairs 11.10 Frank Wolf, repairs 8.00 T. 4— John Hovanee, labor 13.86 Tom Pedersen, labor 4H.35 George Wolf, labor 38.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman .... 6.26 r. 7— A. .1. Lawler, cleaning and repairing- We 11.80 John Cunningham, cleaning and repairing' tile ;. 8.80 C. H. Cooper, repairs 18.50 John B. Isenbrandt, labor .. 10.00 Dick Boade, labor 10.56 T. 12— George Looft, labor 2.00 Ray Marquis, labor 3.50 Wm. Hllferty, labor 2.00 i r . 20— Tom Pedersen, labor 15.46 ir. 27— Ray A. Marquis, labor 12.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor 6.00 George Looft, labor 6.00 Jr. 34— Alfred Wolter, labor 2.50 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile 15.00 Jr. 58— Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile 4.50 3r. 60— Ray A. Marquis, labor 7.00 Wm. Hllferty, labor 4.00 GCOI-KQ Looft, labor 4.00 , . March 4, 1930, a resolution, was adopted by the unanimous vote of all the members of the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, whereby the chairman ot said board was, Instructed to sign, execute and deliver a^wafjt, rarity deed for Kosslith', county ,»oon- vby&g the hereinbefore mentioned and aesd'rlbed property to Edwin HI Arnett,. Now be It resolved, that a41 acts In connection with the said contract entered Into by and >• between. XKftssuth county,. lawa; andi Martpn. '"William. Ar- ,. . . nett 'be. and. tha some are now ratified and approved, It appealin That Robert Hamilton fee 1.17 on Draltiww District No. 83 for »sV. Lincoln township paid Receipt N Tha T t Burl Ct»*hmsn bo refunded I $U* road tax In Ramsey township fof 1988 »ald br tlep*lnf, No, JBB. „ . P That BrtwurA tvnaen Jr., tw refunded 11 e« road t** Qurfiem township for ms, paid by Rec«lpl No. 1 on account of clerical fcffor a» per exnmmcrs taxes on t,o*n sis and f»ve« part of the pfot of O. U 't?. 1 * Pnton Jhwir,; porated W abated fof second hal books for 1980 be nnrt county nwlltor tnstntetefl I to Issue refund warrant to St. John'* c«l . Cl.ur«l\ for »S».8« for ftrst c«i iiuinerwn vuurru I\M »».,.»» .»,• ...•-. half of 1929 taxes on necxmnl Of being church porpsrtr, , . ' , . Tlmt C. M, Kolimeb, foe r*f}im\em per- sonftl property tnx for J98S Whittemore township on trnetor on nccownl of or- *onpo«» **«e*»mfint, JOSS—con»oll« tt t- nd »1.R* «nrt 14o roiul, Awt: nit. Nfotlon by Morris unrt teeonu oj* Holkeu that Mrs. Mnry Krnmer I* here- bv »lfow«>(l IT.OO for IIOUBP rent, rent to be paid to 3, H, Shorldnn, AKCht, Bancroft. low«» Ay»s: all. Motion by McOon*M nnd second by Funnemark thnt Mnrrt* 1* hore-by RJ>- uolntctl ns n qoramltice to miiRo repairs on Dr. 4 M per reqtwsl of Itnr- ker. Ayes 1 :: alt Motion by McDohftlA ^ntt second by Heiken that Funnomnrk tie uppotnted na- a committee to m*k8 rcp»rf» on Df, 20. Ayes: alii Motion by McDonald »nd second by Morris- that Heiken to herooy »ppotnt> ed ns a committee* to l»*v» repairs made on Dr. 4-27-80-88-90 ttnd 151 n» per request. Ayes: *lt. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that further proceedings on Dr, District No. 178 Is hereby continued to two p. m., August BV 1930. Ayes: all. On motion board! proceeded: with the auditing and allowing of bills as per. Schedulo of Claims hereinafter writ- ROAD MAINTENANCE. FUNJ>. C. R. &. P. Ry. Co.,, freight 637.68 Percy Kuhn,. labor .. .......... ..... 3.60 A.. F. Nelson, labor ....... — 10.00 Guderlan. & Bleser,. mdse. . . - . .86 J. D. Adams Co., supplies ..1321.27 DRAINAGE. FUND. "A. E. MlchfiL engineer .... 86.00, M. V. Stephenson, Instrument man ................... ------ ..... 16.26 Dr. 2 — A: E. Michel,, engineer ........ 6.00 Dr. 4— - v Frank. Wolf,, labor ..... . ..... . 33.00 M. V. Stephenson, Instrument man ..... .... ............. ----- 10.00 A. E. MlchaL engineer --------- 33.00 Dr. 83 — F.. H. Lathrop, rodman, .... .. .75, A. E. Michel, engineer ........ 10.00 E.-K, No. 2. — 6.00 12.00 ., . Bob Williams, rodman ..... F. H. Lathrop, rodman ...... M. V. Stephenson, Instrument man . ....... ........ ..... ...... 18.75 A.. E. Michel, engineer ...... 4.9'.0d Resolved: That the county auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this. meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" - hereinbefore written as per vote- Ayes: - on eaWv Individual,-! bllL, . . ""i:-' m. '^./i' On motion 'board adlourned; to nine o'clock a. m,Vjuly KUaaH^v,, ;> . / i BERTHA E. JOHNSONj. .- ' £.*.< • County Auditor. Auditor's "office, July -10,- 1930.— Board of • Supervisors of .Kossuth county met nursuant ta .oiajnuinmant, with. all vwiamhavd - nt^nantiT " - •&•.?*' r fJ 1 • John Cunningham, labor A. J. Lawler, labor Jr. 80— George Looft, labor 6.00 7.30 40.00 appearing that It l» Ibrtfta eats of said county that the UnaO, be soldi ana deei delivered to Edwin H.. Arnett B6 H'further resolved, that all motions and aH acts In connection with the exeeutlnru of tha oCaedl to> EHlwto H, Arnett be and. the same- are hereby rai- Ifled andi'approved, it appearing; for;tha. test Interest' J of said county that the said deed b& delivered! upum payment of the amount remainlngfcunpPilo of the original Four Thousand OnllarH (J4,000.00) purchase price, said balance being Fourteen Hundred Seventy-six Dollars and: Twenty-fl!ve, cents 25). Be It further.- resolved, tbaA this resolution be spread upon the records of Kossutb county, Iowa, together with the Individual votes of the board! of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa. F. J. BALGEMAN P: j. HBIICEN; w. E. MCDONALD. OLAF FUNXEMARK. CHAS. MORRIS. Ayes: aiUl. Motion. Bjsr McDonald and second by Heiken that county auditor be- Jnstritzt- ed to transfer following amounts on various Drains: H.-K. 7-120 Kossuth county to transfer $11.19 to Sub 2 of Dr. 25v H.-K, 1-5.1—Kossuth county to tnuis- er $2150 to Hancock county. H.-K. 2-36—Kossuth county to trans- er $47.18 from H.-K. 2-36 to H.-K. "TO transfer $42.46 from H.-K. 2-S6 to ub 2 of Humboldt-Kossuth .TL 2. To transfer $204.25 from Dr. 23 to H.-K. 2-IS. To transfer $33.63 from Dr. 78 to lan.-K. 2-36. Kossuth county to transfer, from H.- K. 2-38 to Hancock county on H.-K. 26 the sum of $175.00. H.-K. 2-36—County auditor to refund Edna M. and N. A. Smith and Godfrey Jarlson the sum of $4.06 on account of overcharge In assessment. H.-K. 6-:l,10—To transfer 93o from H.-K, 6-110 to Humboldt-Kossuth Jt. Dr. 6. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Heiken that resolution be adopted levy- ng a two per cent of third assessment on H.-K. 6-110; that resolution be adopted levying (»/4per cent) one-half jer cent assessment on H.-K.-W. 61-1146; that resolution be adopted levying a six per cent-(K per cent) third assessment on H.-K. 7-120. See record for resolution. Ayes: all. Resolved: That the county auditor Is hereby ordered and directed to Issue warrants for all bills allowed at this "Schedule of as per "on "each individual bill. Ayes: ,. , Secondary - Road District • No. 14& for »l28.06" f ' anft final estimate of Wi'. en Matntetianoft Project 1 for J842.78 la hereby atlowedl. AySs: "'Motion -by Morris Bha second by Me- Donftld that dpen ditch right-of-way olBtm of A.itff. Is hereby allowed m eomfr andltofr l« hereby Instrttct- *d to Issue refund warrant: E.-1V A.- K, Trl si-lsWU NWU JW, 21-9f-80 ( Ac. O. D. 4; J»«- 19SS const, M.<8, ll c i ! consl. .' 86bi and Heiken thai soldier's eXemWIon of lln F. Brace, Algona, fot; $3,000.00 IS horeby ftlfctwed. Ayes: ftll. Motion by Morris and second by H«!kcn thnt Secondary Road District. No. IB* ho placed pn file. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris ana second by Hcllten that county auditor Is hereby •uthortned t.o accept payment of Fred Trcnury school fund loan. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald arid second by Morris thnt .T. M. Moofe, J. A. Ranev, •ntl n. M. Smith ftre hereby appdlnt- od as commissioners, oti ftssessment on Heeomlnry Hoftd Districts Nos. 64-98" . roa-to - . m-«lt-14B-147-148-1 * Ayes! Motion by Morris and second by Fimnotrmrk thnt V. 3. Balgeman, tilutlt-man, Is hereby authorized to sign Ipnso for right of way purposes In Section IB, Township 98, Rttnge 30. Motion by McDonald and second by ITotken that school fund loan of George Imrson on SW> NW% Beotlon T-H8-27 bo renewed" for a period of ftvo yenrs upon payment of all Interest due. Ayes! all. • Motion by Funnemark and second br McDonald that following entry re* ront of the filing and consideration of budget, estimate Is hereby mode: Be It remembered, that on this, the 10th day of July, 1930, the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, mot In session for the purpose of filing and considering the estimate for the local budget of said county. There was present a quorum as required by tow. Thenmfter and on said day there was mod the foregoing estimate. Thereafter said estimate was duly considered by the board. The board being fnlty advised finds that a date of hearing on said estimate should be ffixeiJ and It does fix the 6th day of August, A. D. 1980, at the hour of ten a, m. of said day as the date of hearing, said hearing to be had at the court house In Algona, Kossuth county,. Iowa. The county auditor was directed to publish the estimate and notice of hearing as required by law In the Kossuth County Advance, Upper Des Molnes-Republlcan of Algona, and Bancroft Register of Bancroft, Iowa, newspapers published In said county. Publication to be for one Insertion and to be at least ten days prior to the date of hearing. Ayes: air. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board met pursuant to adjournment with all members This being the time heretofore flxed for hearing objections as to assessment on Drainage District No. 177, written objections filed and discussed ora.lly. On motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that further hearing on assessment on Dr. 177 Is hereby continued to one o'clock p. m. July 16th, 1930. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m., July 16th,. 1930. BERTHA K. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Auditor's office, July 15, 1930. One o'clock p; m. — Board of supervisors of Kossnth county met pursuant to adjournment with all member prevent. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that contract for maintenance garage Is hereby awarded to H. R. Cowan & Son as per terms of bid. Ayes: all. Motion by Heiken and second by Morris that resolution be adopted confirming assessment on Dr. 177 as reported by commissioners except as to reductions made by board. See record for resolution. Ayes: all. "i Motion by -H;fljken and second by Morris that F. J. Balgeman Is hereby authorized 'tp < enter' Into lease for rfgftrof way and to " purchase gravel pit In SEW -Section 32-95-30. Ayes: . Motion by * A Funnemark and second t>V McDonald that further action on petition of Frank "R. r»ratnas*rDtetrlct,'No. Gronbach on 62 Is hereby ;-lB8p. Ayes: adjourned to nine ~/19SO. 'W.BBRTHA B. JOHNSON, -* u County Auditor. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. 'ATTORNEYS AT r. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HABRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat! Bank Blk. ALGONA, IOWA. J. L. BONAB ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt. attention. ALGONA, IOWA Wm. Hllferty. labor 40.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 39.25 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile 6.40 Jr. 82— George Looft, labor ........ 6.00 Wlm. Hllferty, labor 6.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 13.5C Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile 6.48 Jr. 83— A. A. Mosher, labor 60.10 Alfred Wolter, labor 1.50 Geo. Onken, labor 10.16 Dr. 88— Wm. Hllferty, labor 8.01 George Looft, labor 8.01 Ray A. Marquis, labor 16.00 Dr. 90— George Looft, labor 22.0 1 Wm. Hllferty, lifbor 18.0 Ray A. Marquis, labor 35.7r John Cunningham, labor .... 6.0' A. J. Lawler, labor 7.5 Lathen Walker, tabor 46.60 C. H. Cooper, labor 46.40 John B. Isebrandt, labor .... 48.00 D. A. Schultz, labor 2.00 Elmore Cement & Tile Co., tile 16.86 Clarence K. Cooper, labor .... 36.00 E. J. Palmer, labor 16.00 Dr. 99— A. J. Lawler, labor 18.00 John Cunningham, labor .... 12.00 Dr. 116— Homer Gregory, labor 19.10 Ray A. Marquis, labor 8.00 Dr. 121— meeting as shown by the "Sch Claims" hereinbefore written vote W. B. QUARTON H. W. M1UUER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth County State Bank Office Phone, 427. ALGONA, IOWA, J. W. Sullivan 8. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & UNNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. K. J, VAN NESS Si G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank.. Phone 213-W Algeria, Iowa I* A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALOONA, IOWA. Oaylord P. Shumay Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building Algona, Iowa Phone KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA. CAPITAL & SURPLUS - |70,*M Officers: •J. W. Wadsworth, Chairman of ttu Board of Directors. H. B. fllst, President. T. H, Wadsworth, First Vice President. O. 8. Buchanan, Second Vice PTMI- dent. J. 8. Auner, Cashier. E. J. McBvoy, Asst. Cashier, L. O. Reding, Asst. Cashier. E. A. Schemel, Asst. Cashier. Directors: H. J, Bode T. H. Wadswortt H. E. Rial J. W. Wadsworth ?, 8. Auner %. J, Van Ness O, 8, Buchanan PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS . Win. Hilferty, labor 4.00 Qoorge Looft, labor 4.00 Dr. 125— Lawrence Clnk, labor 3.BO Chun. Emanuel, labor P.OO Hr """ 132—— Matt Laux, labor , 87.60 On motion board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m., July 2, 1930. BERTHA E. JOHNSON. County Auditor. Auditor's office, July 2, 1930.—Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion Morris and second by Funnemark that final estimate of Paul & Donnelly on Secondary Road No. 130 and Maintenance Project No. 12 Is hereby allowed. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock. Board of supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that second quarterly report of Bertha K. Johnson, coujtity auditor, Laura Paine, Recorder, and L. H. Hovey, county sheriff, Is hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Heiken that county treasurer IB hereby Instructed to abate 1929 taxes on South Half Northwest Quarter of Section thirty-four, Township 97 Range 27 (S'/4 NW% Sec. 84-97-27) and correct assessor books for 1930-and county auditor is hereby Instructed to pay drainage taxes due In 1930 on account of being county property. Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that following refunds be allowed: That John K. Rlppentrop be refunded $1.00, road tax, German township for 1928 paid by Receipt No. 148. That John and Dell Orothaus be refunded $17.08 road tax German township for 1928 paid by Receipt No. 2., E. C. McMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bidg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 INSURANCE. CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSORANO OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM A LACY Phone 698 107 W. State B> ALGONA, IOWA- ALGONA INSURANCE; AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0, R, LABARRE AL FAIJSENKAINER Phone 55, First door north Iow.» State Wank MORTICIAN L, M. MEBBITT Mortician * Funeral Dtrwtot- Phone NO. 11. ALGONA, IOWA. VETEEINABIAN. L, W, FOX. Mgona office at the old Dr. 8*jr«n gUice. Office Rhone 475-W; Re»Ww«» V76-R. WU1 have m»H at offtw »' AIXJQNA, IOWA. THE ALGONA HOSPITAL Phone *50 KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Fb'one 300 Residence Phones: Dr, Kenefick, 57 .. Dr, Crawford, 115 C. B. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office in J. Galbralth Block. Residency one block east and one block south of office. No calls made after 9:30 p. m. ALGONA, IOWA, Office Phone, 310. Residence, Mt. WALTER FRASER, M. D, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office in Quinby Building, loom No. 14 Phone No. 18 ALGONA, IOWA. PfU W. O. ANDBEW8. QtteopattUc Physician & Surgeon Sye, fiar, Nose ana Throat Qmtetna Located over Hub Recreation Parlor, Phone* O81C0 181, Residence, 08t». ALOONA. IOWA. DR, P, E. WALLEY. Osteopathio Physician and Surgeon Electrical Therapy, Obstetrics. Located over Sender <fe Oaldwell'e Clothing Store. Phones—Office 79, Residence 211, ALQONA, IOWA. DENTISTS PR, H. L, McCORKLE PiNTIST Office over Long pros. Grocery. Business phone 811 Residence, 801, ALGONA, ?OWA PR. B. M. OLSON DENTIST Located over Ohrtstensen store.

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