The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California on November 1, 1892 · Page 7
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The San Francisco Call from San Francisco, California · Page 7

San Francisco, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 1, 1892
Page 7
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FROM ACROSS THE BAY. iflie Oldest Colored Resident ;•:(;; V \;:\- Is Dead. A REMARKABLE CAREER. 7^"k.' : ~ ' , Serious Charges Against a Well-Known Oak■■/■. • • laiia.iUii-Walter Young Hell Under. :-;.• .■■ - • Heavy Eonda. ■■,' : - '-Isaac Flood, the oldest colored resident of .-. ■AiaiiiC-da County, died at his home on East r. : . : Fifieeuth street yesterday at the ago of 82 :: years. l: . '.-•' lie bad lived la Oakland forty-four :r-Iyears consecutively and bad amassed a . ■.;• small 'fortune in real estate, enough to give : .-liim-- a competency years «>go. His son, /■.George. F. .Hood, now a bale, middle-aged •~ man, • w-as the first colorel child born in '".-.! Oakland. He ha^ three children living V -there, ail thrifty and prosperous. ; ■; " .six monttis ago Flood's wife died at K;iab the same age as he. A year ago his ■;,- : *is>er, Mrs. Isabel Smith, died in Oakland L-" attbe age of 101 years. .•■■. Flood was born in South Carolina a ••/slavo." but purchased his freedom and edui ;-e.ated : hsnTself uotii he became a teacher in : •tie South, lie was ambitious and the ; Viaices of California tempted him, but be .'•. -iaon abandoned them to take up his resid•//.'enfce in- : Oakland' when it It was but a .-.hamlet with 1 scarcely half a dozen Ic■-•; habitants.. .-• •"--., • '■:• .Oscsr Vitch, superintendent of the Whit■•"-TjCy Express Company, was arrested last . erring on a charge of misdemeanor and released on $50 bail. The warrant of ar• rest was sworn to by A. J. McGovero, pres;:: jileot of the company. Filch is charged : ; .with the embezzlement of Email sums ex••:'.' tending over -a; period of four years,, or :,''fi-Qin- sM-.hin a few mouths of the time he : . "be-cft-me Fii-perititendeiit, amounting in all to ■•■;.. about "SI7OO. It -was .a part of his duties to ..'. collect $500 per in-unth from San Francisco • . - boßlciesji hien and he usually failed, Mr. " JicG-overn says, to turn in ail the money '••. "collected." Days before the warrant was : -"■svj.orn to the superintendent, it is said, was '■ apprised, ef the knowledge of his shortage : and he promised to make restitution, but • • fai.led. It. is -said that lie has been a heavy ..;■; in vector iareal estate. ;He <Jei>i-ei .that ho. has unlawfully taken ■ : ".'jno-ney,. and Bays that McGovern made an -;arrpgarit- proposition" to him- for a eettle. ."jnenr.- which was that he should pay $2500, •/.should .leave town within twenty-four hours, • .-.and should give a written promise not to •start; an opposition express business. Me:-. .Qorern afterward reduced the sum re■• [quired, ho says, to £2000, and several cony. feiences followed in regard to transferring • . re.a.l estate, but they came to naught. ' Fitch further declares that the charges , ';• the result of persecution, as there •'■ i's an effort to get another man installed as ■'".. superintendent. AH' this is done, it is do. dared, for the take of a salary of only £100 • -per month*. . -• -Fitch is a member of the First Congrega. li'ouad Church and of several fraternal and • : organization?. • The preliminary examination of Walter Young -for assault to murder Jacob .Sinklater of Berkeley wan held before Justice Pen well • yesterday, and tie was held to an. swer before the Superior Court, with bail fixed at $3000. The il4 man made DO defense, He cave full vent to bis temper while on the witness-stand, and several times grew so violent as to be on the verge of convulsions. It is plain Miss Bertha Alps again, after mont of trouble over her hasty marriage with Frank Pariin. Judge lletisliaw annulled her marriage with Parliu yesterday on the ground that he already had four wives before meeting Miss Arcs. Pariin is serving five years at ban Quentin. Samuel Dutcher. who has tiling all his own way because he Is a leper, has asked the Hoard of Supervisors to fix the roof of his house near the County Infirmary to keep it from leaking. lie objects also because his food Is cold when he gets it. Supervisor Brown informed the board yesterday that Duteher is complaining with. out cause, but the complaint will be investigated with a view of giving him every com fort possible during the brief life he has got to live. ;«?•,»£■: Barchl Parata has .sentenced in the Police Court to pay a fine .of SIOOO and to . serve six months in the City Prison for felony. A similar charge is pending against him in the Superior Court. ' . The county editors met at the Galindo Hotel yesterday ?jid effected temporary or•°ganizatiou (or mutual protection, with . James" Travers as chairman. It was decided lo hold another meeting on November 4 to * i i,-atnz« permanently. . . J. K. Dunlap, bridge-tender of the Webster-street drawbridge, has reported to the Supervisors that the north and south approaches lo the structure are unsafe aria that the bituminous covering needs repairs. .. The will of the late Jennie E. Phillips, letter known as Kate Castieton, the act-, • ices, has been admitted to probate, with Joseph H. and A. 11. Hoadly as executor?. Jt leaves property worth $30,000 to her mother and sister. Almnrdn, Judg-? Greene has rendered a decision declaring that Jefferson street, extending westerly from Col -street to Versailles avenue, is an open street. Several propertyowners in that Neighborhood wanted tlie street opened ami petitioned the Trustees in the usual manuer, but they declined, thinking that the case was a hopeless one. The property-owners then employed private counsel, who brought suit in the Superior Court to determine whntfier Messrs. Hart and Baker 'owned the land through which tho street wruld have to pas*, resulting in a decision in favnr of I be plaintiffs. S. G. Ililborn. the Republican nominee 1 for Consr. <* in this district, will address the people of Alanieda in Lindermau Operahouse. This will be his first appearance in A lamed* daring the campaign. "The Democrats will have meeting this evening, but there will be no parade as originally iii tended. The City 'iru-tees by a unanimous vn!,-adopted last evening the ordinance setting forth the necessity [or calling an electiou In vote upon the issuance of 5:05.000 worth of school bond*. Since Park street has been bltumlnlzed a Den problem confronts the Trustees and that i- the sweeping of the street. It 1* proposed for the present to have the pavement swppt by hand brooms under the direction of the Street Superintendent. Krrkeltr. ■ The Methodist Chnreh ha? a complete orchestra, composed of university student?, under the management of Ciiuton R. Morse. Sunday evening it wade its first appearance. Messrs. Morse, Bakevell, Gilmore. Smith, Van Gorder, Peyton, Richard, Lloyd, Yieder, Ilutchins and Stamper are the gentlemen who compose it. Lust evening Oriental Lodgg No. 23, Order of the Star of Bethlehem, of Golden Gate, gave a most pleasing entertainment, followed by a ball, at Klinkuer Hall. It was the first socinl affair of the new lode*. but is meant as one of a series during the coming winter. The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor be Id ■ temperance meeting Sunday evening. Questions were disra«eed as follows: "Whit Is Temperance?" William Clark; "How Can We Helu tno Fallen Ones?" Robert Stewart: "What Are Some of the. Effects of Intemperance?" A. Koss; "What Are God's Commands Concerning Temperance?" C. L. McFarland. An old man named Young was held for trial before Judge Pen well yesterday. Young attempted to kill Jacob Lank later of South Berkeley a few days ago. Henry Hay, who had his leg badly wrenched at the football game Saturday, Is confined to his borne by the injury. William Carpenter, ''.'i, after being out of college a month ( d account of erysipelas In his eyes, Is again back to college and has resumed the editorship of the Occident A GRAVEYARD VANDAL. Herman S< limhti I* tii . r t . «i V. itli ItMkt- Inc Image*. Officer Coleman waj patrolling Sutler street, near Scott, lati> yesterday evening when his eyes fell upon a tall, taaagb Inn individual, who was staggering along with a heavy sack on his shoulder. The policeman called to the bag-bearer to bait, but instead of obeying the command he dropped the sack, irhieb struck the p -svi'merit \v;;h a loud, clattering noise, lad took to his l:e»>l-. The policeman, who i< •eflMtbisc of a sprinter himself, pir-ixl and caccht the fuKitivc. They rplurned tr> the baa, which proved to enntain a lot of staturttes and flowers whirb without doubt had Ix-en taken from a Catholic cemetery. Most of the images had been broken by their fall. The p dicerran was honin>d at the sacrilege of his prisoner, an<i lurried him with the t.rofan<-d images to tht* City Prison. 'lie man with the sack was registered as Herman Schmidt. He Paid that the bag and its contents had been given to him by a man who lives near the T>ai k aril tor whom he had been working. ll* said that he was taking them home to decorate his little garden ou Clementina street. Wants a Dp.fl li.clared Void. Michael Campion, administrator of the estate of Bridget Campion, has sued John and Patrick Kilroy to declare void a certain deed to the property on the north hue of Arch street, 27"> feet from Stanley. The administrator marges that the deed was obtained from Hrid^et Campion by taking advantage of h«r feeble condition of mind, lhree wi-ek-; aftarthe signing of the deed she was declared Insane and sent to Napa where »he di.-d July 7, lhW>. Mora than a month after her death the deed was placed ou record. l.nrU In O l.| Numl>«ia. Wheelwrights and blacksmiths are all for •J am , e W ' lliiiMngror Suf.etyHor, Third Ward. t\o. 153 on ofdcial ballot. Uood roaa w.iys. • Gruenwald Hall at New Orleans was burned yesterday; loss $200,000 insurance 8100.000. A number of persons narrowly escaped cremation. BKMXMMJm lias tti« only n-iUble method j to fit dacclive «i»«jr. 427 Kearny elreet. • Fob Supoivlsoi Sixth \\ ard. W. L. Lave. * TUP: MOKNING CALL, SAN FRANCISCO, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, I SO 2 EIGTIT PAGES. DEATH OF CHARLES KRUG. He Was the Pioneer Wine Manufacturer. ST. HELENA'S GREAT LOSS. The Eventful Career of a Well-Known Oirman- American— Eo'.dier, Patr»or, Journalist, Pioneer end Merchant. Charles Krug died early Monday morning. Ho was one of the best known German- Americans in this Mate. California loses a good and loyal citizen in Ills demise, and Nam County the man ho has done most for its development. He came 10 Sau Francisco in IKB and assisted in editing the first German paper published on the coast. Eight years later he removed to St. Helena and engaged in wine manufacturing on a large scale. He has resided at St. Helena ever since. and it was there, in his beautiful home, after more tlian a year of illness, that he died yesterday morning at 5:30 o'clock. Ills malady was paralysis of the roots of the tongue. The disease grow slowly The I.ate Charles Kvuy. worse and worse till about a month ago the paralysis had spread so that he was unable to swallow. From that time on his death has been cxi 'ted daily. Mr. Kri.j; was a pioneer and one of the most popular men connected with the wine industry of this State. lie was bora at Freadelburg, Ilesse- Cassel. Germany, in 1825, and graduated from the lleizfeld Gymnasium. While a student, subsequently, at the University of Marber?, he became identified with the revolution He first came to America in 1847 and spent a year at Philadelphia learning, lv the srri«»g of 1848, when the republic n movement came to a focus in Gcrmaiiy, Mi. Krug returned to bit alive land to enter the struggle for her political freedom. In September of ti nt year the republicans were defeated, and among tie j>:i- i.--- taken in baitle was Charles Kriu. For eight months he remained in iirison at Fraofcfort-on-lne-Maia, being uialiy liberated by another revolution in the south oi Germany. Despairing of liberty for hi* mother country Mr. Krug returned to America. In 1862 be arrived a San Francisco, and passed a few rears in the journalistic field. He organized dtijing this time the lir.-.; Turn rein la this city, which ii now in a most ikmrisliine condition. In . <\ the advice of his friend, a,..-: . Uaraszthy, ;n,d weal t.; Senowa,where be ■ lucaged In ti.e;- eztei ! Mr. Krug was the pioneer winemaker of N\>s a County. In 1858 he made KKXJ gallons of wins for John l'aicbett of Napa. Two years later Cnarles Krug niarriPit and settied nt his present home near St. Helen-., where he at once embarked i:: the wine business. It was his excellent work ;u this field, his energy, push aud enterpri>e and his splendid siktp-s that paved the way for the cr^at wine industry of Nana County and attracted to the Dppei Nape Valley most of its t resent wiue-urovvers. For thirty years Charles Krng has been one of the foremost citizens of Napa Valley, and it is probable that Nnpa County owea mere to his industry and progressive spirit lor its development than to any other one man. For ten years Kn represented the Nap t district in the Board of State Yiticultural Commissioners. He organ the St. Helena Wine- Growers' Association and for ten years was its president. He was one cf the principal agitators tux the bonded warehouse at St. Helena and was the organizer of the St. Helena Water Company. He was one of the leading promoters of the St. Helena bank and worked zealously for the in cor porution of the town. ."since his residence there St. Helena's interests have been trie interests of Charles Krug and bis death will be sorely felt there. Ilii residence was nt King's Station. He had an excellently equipped winery, with a cellar of 900,000 gallons capacity. il« owned in all sibnut 125 acres of tinea, though made up the crapes of other vineyards. Mr. Kruu's funeral will take place tomorrow. A CLERICAL COMBATANT. Rev. Dr. Ellis on Trial by the Presbytery. The Defendant Makes One Objection After the Other in rre*-nce of the Sericut Charges Against Him. Uev. Dr. John W. Fiii\ the deposed pastor of the Central Presbyterian Tabernacle. Is on trial agiiin before tho Presbytery of San Francisco. This is the second trial instituted against Dr. Ellis who is charged with perjury on the trial of his suit for damages against the presbytery in the civil courtf, with deception and insubordination, in -staling that the prosecution by the presbytery was mi! : - Ctooa, and in alleging that the members as found him guilty, knowing him (o be Innocent The moderator. Rev. Dr. FarK presided, and M one side sat Dr. F. E. Suerar, the presbyterial prosecutor, and on the other Dr. J. \Y. Bills, the defendant, at separate table;. Itev. Dr. Matthews, the stated clerk, announced that Dr. Ellis has twenty-one witnesses who had bet*n cited to appear. The charges against the defendant were read, and Dr. Ellis took an exception to IBS omission of the charge i f "falsehood," originally maintained against him, claiming that it had been dropped for cause. The names of those comr-o«in2 the ptesbytPiy having been read. Dr. Ellis objected to that of Dr. T. C. Eastern on the ground that he was antagonistic to him. lie further protested against Dr. Kaston's i resence as a juror on the ground that Dr. Easton was himself in tim hands of a committee of the presbytery that bit own character may be investigated. Dr. Siierar having stated that there was no rule in church discipline whereby any regular member of the presbytery could be excluded from participation in Its proceedings, the moderator upheld that viaw. A vote having been taken, the chair was sustained by 17 against 4, the latter being liev«. J. C. Smiih, F. A. Doane, James A. Gardner, E. G. Mnthena. Dr. Easton rose to a point of privilege and desin d to have it noted that no charges had been made against him, but that he himself had demanded an investigation. Dr. Ellis next objected to Elder J. B. Roberts being allowed to sit as a member of the presbytery, on the ground that on two occasion* he bad publicly held the defendant guilty. Elder Roberts smiled and the moderator overruled the objection, being sustained by the presbytery. "Are there Any more objections?" asked the moderator. "just one," replied Dr. Ellis. "I now object to each and every member of the presbytery, on the ground that all are parties to the case." The defendant went on to explain that there were only two parties— Dr. John W. Kills and the San Francisco Presbytery. No man, no body or organization should sit as a juior ou his or its own rase. He asked thai it be referred to th« *ynod and reminded bis bearers or the opinion, iu-taining his point, piv«*n by ex-Justics of the Supreme Court J. i). Thornton. The moderator overruled the objection. ; Dr. Gardner's motion to refer tin* case to the tyuod was laid on the table. A motion made by Dr. Ellis to dismiss on the ground of insufficiency of the charges was denied. Dr. Sherar was granted permission to make some immaterial changes in the charge* and an Hdjournment was taken until this morning at 9 o'clock, Dr. Sherar stating that he expected to be able to present the c-i-.. 1 for the prosecution in less than fifteen minute?. CRUSHED HIS SKULL. A Stevedore Klll.d by a Fallliie I>lle of Lumber. For twenty years Thomas Andrews,' stevedore, worked among the piles of boards and beams in Simpson's lumber-yard on .Steuart street, near Mission. lie was one of the most cautious lumber-shovers on the front and knew just when to dodge a falling lumber pile, yet he whs kilied late yesterday afternoon by a tumbling pile of boards, which he aud two other coiupauions were erecting. Andrews tried to pull a tie lath from the pile and the entire structure toppled over upon him and crushed his skull. His body was taken to the Morgue. Andrews was . i 0 years old. He leaves a lie aud family, who reside iv But .Berkeley. IN THE CITY THEATERS. A Fashionable Benefit at the Stockwell. The OroTf-Street — German Performance — A Large Attecdaoca at tha Tivoli— An Iri:h Pia&ist. The Stockwell was crowded last eveuin^ on the occasion of tho benefit of the board if presidents of the Young Men* Catholic Institute. Throughout the auditorium there was the presence of "fair women"— that was not a Tennysonian dream— in recherche toilettes, and brave men i heir attendants. The performance seoit.oit to gain .i new impulse in tlie front of such an attraction and went with an unusual smoothness and elan. "The Favorite" was better played last evening, we venture to say, than on any nisht since its production. The sympathy of a lar^o, woll-dressed and appreciative audience is a wonderful inspirer of tho people on the Mage. If they have any heart in their work such an environment 1% sure to Und it out, and this was the case last evening. The Stockwoll and its company never appeared to such advantage. it was a splendid wo4^ :r for the second week of the new engagement, and the influence will no doubt be felt till the close. Comic Opera at the Tlvoll. liucalossi's "Three Black Cloak-." drew a large number of people to ttiii popular opera-house. The piece wrs well mounted and the sin^iiii: is worthy of commendation, Miss Oracle Plaisted as (.liroia and Mr. Phil Ur.mson a* Don Luis were especially good In their duets. The voices of those two lit in accord us hand to glove and the harmony is delicious. '•Martini" is underlined for next week, when Mi. Ferdinand Scl "t/.-, the new tenor, will make his last appearance on this stage as Lionel. "She Will IS* Klurd," A translation of the title. 'We Wird (rekuesst," produced by Ilerr Bitsigrßth'fl players last Sunday evening, ii a refined farcecomedy by Natalie yon Eshthruth. The authoress cleverly shows that intellectual culture eventually has a higher estimate, especially in the eyes of the Jadi-'X, than the in., -l complete physical training a young man nay receive. Both sides of the «hpstiim were presented to the best advantage by the piayrr* engaged hi Interpreting th« m-(.-. Carl Witt, in the role of Assessor banders, was the intellectual factor in the cast aud understood bis place and business perfectly. Carl Hieck achieved success in the role of Lieutenant Count Ax*-1. Adolpli M»Hie played a small part, but made it so effective that he was greeted with great laughter and applause. Director iiiizigratli. whi> substituted an absent member of the company la a minor part, was we.l received, lie lo< keJ every Inch ti soldier in the I torn of a Prussian oiliear. Air. Knd i| . Ilorsky appealed as Captain yon Ysemberg. Mi*3 Miirgaretlio Aibrecul and Mi-s Emma dririie were acceptable pi their respective parts. Miss Kinraa Viucpnt assumed the character of Minna, an old maid, and contributed largely to the success of the piece. Xotwithstandins the rain, the auditorium was well tilled with attentive and appreciative auditors. Kain does not keep people away from the German Theater. Saturday Morning Orchestra. The second concert of this organization of young ladies will take place this evening at the Orand Opera-house under the direction of Professor .1. 11. llosewald. It is given in ■ i of the Mnria Kip Orphanage and the Uahnemann Hospital. There will be nearly fifty participants, who have respectively become experts on all instruments of percussion and attrition, as well a> those inspired by the liumau health, and the ■<■■<■' ■ : •- o! the prociammo have been drawn from the Brst masters. There will be a crowd to ascertain what these young ladies can do in the way of musical execution under such circumstances. The "Mover ■>>(•** Coinr«Jy. Mr. tin Morris, engaged at me Grovestreet Theater, brought out this comedy last evening, and BMule adeep impression on the audience. lie played the lively aad good -hearted Jew, "Moses Lori," and denied to have the business of the piece down to a fin« point. The members of the company gave him strong support. Herein lies trio merit of the Grove-street Theater productions. A pood stock company is. after all. the main consideration to secure an all-round finished performance, such as ar.< th.> rule, in a great measure, at this well-conducted theater. "The Corner Grorery" will follow "Money Hags." it is Dan Silly's best play, and new. no doubt, to t»-.ay of tl.e "Grove's" patrons. An Irish I'Uniat. Mr. P. \\. d'Arcy, who Is proud to stylo himself "an Irish pianist," arrived by the steamship Monowai from Australia on Thursday morning lasr, en route to New Yotk. whore he will publish a unique and co mprelieiiMve book on the music of his native land. Previous to his departure overland, however, he has been Induced to giv« one concert in this city at Odd Fellows' Hall on Monday evening, November 14 under the patronage of our leading liisli fellow-citizens, who have a lively interest in the beautiful music of the Emerald Isle. Mr. d Arcy gave a private reciUl yesterday in the presence of a few friends. lln has a firm and ut the same time easy and flexible touch of the keyboard. Tho heart of his theme lies under his lii^er^, and when that theme is an Irish one, he plays as one inspired. ■>»• Hrp It «-.,ri|. An alarm was turned in from box 47 at 10:30 o'clock y?3toiday morning for a blazing elfclrlc-llKht role OB Powell street, bew.».'ii and Ellis. Linemen nut out IB« blaze before the nrenien arrived. DE YOUNG'S UNTRUTHS. Stephen M. White Lashes the Brazen Mike. NO SYMPATHY FOR BOSSES. A Prank and Open Answer to a Series of Fals» Statements and Spurious Interview}. "What have I to say to the article published In the 'Chronicle-Post' stating in effect that I have indorsed the People's party platform ami have traded my Democracy for legislative votes?" said Stephen M. White to a Call reporter at the Palace yesterday. "Well, to commence with, 1 say these assertions are absolute falsehood?. "It is probable that my Democracy is offensive to the 'Chronicle-Post'; if not, my ambition has not been gratified. "Democrats and Democratic papers are not complaining of a j party fealty, and I mint be pardoned if the criticisms of the •Chronicle-Post' do not alarm me. "In fact, 1 consider this attack proof of my Democracy and confirmatory ol the siuceriiy of my course. "It is true that I have favored the election of fusion candidate* iv Republican dibtrleta, "It is a fact that I would rather see an honest People's party man chosen than to witness the triumph of a tool of the combination now attacking me, and who chances, for the time being, to be labeled a Republican candidate. "'Mi-.' article to which you referred charges tnnt 1 was an independent candidate for District Attorney of Los Angeles seventeen years ago. "1 ilia is a fact. "It is also said that I wan a candidate for the same cilice upon the Workingnien'd ticket in 1879— that beinc the year wherein the Chronicle did such effective service aßniii»t the Republican party. "luis charge, ii it can be called nek, has no basis. Although my father was a candidate for Governor on the Workinguien'a ticket, and although the Democrats nad no candidate who was willing to indorse their platform, nevertheless I declined to take any part in the election, feeling that it wits my duty to me ™*' n absolutely inert for that season. 1 he \\ orkingmen nominated me for I»istnrt Attorney. 1 refused to accept. My dec<lDation was In writing It can be found In the files of the Lot Auseles Herald. 'Ihe Democratic local committee cirrulateil tins paper as a campaign document, and the Herald in an editorial written after the Flection commended my course. iho alleged interview's with Meiers. baunigaraner and Kberle, which appear In the Chronicle-Post sensation, are bogus and have been so declared by both the aboveii;uiip<l gentlemen over their signatures. "Mr. del yalle likewise repudiates the feelings and expressions attributed to him. "1 may be pardoned if 1 refer to the fact that in 1652 I received a larger majority for District Attorney of Los Angeles County than any caudidate upon any ticket afterward. "I was elected State Senator over the most popular Republican in the district. I have since presided over two Democratic State convention*; have been the temporary presiding oflicer of one national convention ; have been twice temporary presidins cfticer of tho Mate Senate; have just lini-lifil a debate as the representative of my party with a distinguished champion of the opposltiou. and will make a Democratic speech every working day during the remainder of this campaign in Democratic interest?. "May l not hope thatmv rroord as a Domrcrat U as consistent a? the BitpauUeao records of my present assatlaats? "I d.> Dot pretend to I v that under no circumstances would I refuse to vote my pnrtv ticket. "If the Democratic party ever nominated such a gang of notorious boodlers as are now peeking legislative honors under the guardianship of the Chronicle-Post 1 may be counted on the othf r side, and, baTing beeu born and baring lived in tin* state all my Ii!?, whenever a roanDariaoa of records !i ■- couif s iii'ivs«ary 1 am prepared to make it." With an easy wave if his hand toward Mike's chiinnev Mr. White seized his hand i'. i.; and started off to San Rafael. wb«r« he was engaged to orate last night. The ship Gretnn wai wrecked en Kifle- Btaa shoal, near Saigon, veslerday and part of the crew was drowned. 7 •'■?{; . •'• : MISCELLANEOUS. Patrons. .; We serve people by mail— cheaply, care- . ._. fully and conscientiously. Our patrons in the in- BS^l terior are numbered by the thousands. Why ? Because they can buy of us handsome, , : ■=••' :•. 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Send for it and sam- "J";.r.Vples; Both free. .; Do not delay sending your orders while .;■';. !..■• the means of communication are yet available. ■■■■■■..- .Obtain your supplies before the hard storms come :,•••■■■ ... and roads are blockaded or impassable. :J: ESTABLISHED FOR 25 YEARS AT PRESENT QUARTERS. ■:;$ •?■ \ OUR NAME /S A GUARANTEE. ; '- : 1 YfFAIM!^ F 01 " School? ' Col*eK?s or any other purp-s?s. made to '■■':•■'■■ : 1 *i II vllJLj brder at the lowe^t possible prices. Estimates fur- ..:-:-: . ■'• • . nished. jfr^ KHAM ' 9 • PROVERBIAL . PHILOSOPHY .. .' *flJr <Ik\ ik Coming events H \%r\ y Pj shadows before. l|y^ \r £/Jj Ms T^ c ce^ n g of utter listless- £ J^^^UjJ Eg ness, lack of energy, desire to dJ^KLnf^^Mß^Jay be alonc> or the don>t care" %la^r jfmM^ feeling, are all shadows of com- m ing events. No woman should |pj permit those symptoms to gain g * ground, for, being forewarned, she should be fore- m armed. Lydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Compound H will disperse all those shadows. It goes to the very jgT%*£ root of all female complaints, renews the waning vitality, and invigorates the entire system. Surely such letters as this will support our claims: Dear Madam.— ... I think your Vegetable Compound saved my life it is the best medicine for kidney and female troubles I ever saw. I induced my friends to use it, and it has never failed. — Mrs. H. E. Foskett, West Rutland, Vt. Prurglsta tell it as a itandard article, or sent by mail, in form of Pills or Lozenges, oo receipt of £l.oa An illustrated book, entitled "Oulde to Health and Etiquette," by Lydia E. Pinkhar*, is of great value to ladies. We will - 1 present a copy to anyone addressing us with two a-cent stamps, , .-- .LYOIA E. PINRHAM MED. .CO, Lyon, Mass. A WONDERFUL METAMORPHOSIS! Brilliant complexions are rarely natural gifts. Butt highly-Dri/ed charm is con- ferred in perfection by Kiel's Snlgbnr Soap The transparency and bloom which it im- parts place it at the head oi all toilet prepa- ration* of its class. It is, moreover, the cheapest as well as tho best of all beauti- liers, ami Is warranted on scientific author- ity to be ftoo from all deleterious ingredi- ents. Beware of counterfeits, oc-.'t t! ¥rTn FALL IS HERE and with it have arrived Coughs and Throat and Lung Diseases. KNOW YOU that an old and tried remedy is at hand which will surely cure you. We allude to WISTARS BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY. - '■' by all Druggists. •• to mylThSaTu*\Tr MISCELLANEOUS. J\n Efficient Health Officer ALWAYS READY FOR DUTY POND'S EXTRACT Wherever inflammation exists POND'S EXTRACT will find and will allay it. It is in- valuable for CATARRH, PILES, COLDS, SORE EYES, SORE THROAT, HOARSENESS, RHEU- MATISM, I WOUNDS, BRUISES, SPRAINS, all HEMORRHAGES and INFLAMMATIONS. NEVER HARMFUL. ALWAYS BENEFICIAL. REFUSE SUBSTITUTES. Genuine goods manufactured only by Pond's Extract Co., 76 Fifth Avenue, New York. ■ ort TiHtfit v • IFYOU'Rn DRINKING HAUUER 1 II AN USUAL. IT'S A GOOD TIME TO CUKE THYSELF. DON'T STAY IN TOWN. HUT COMB TO HAY w AKOS. THKRK'S BEST AND QOIKT THERE. G-OIjD TUE MOMtOE !MrltOV£D MYSTfcM. That's wbitt we're talk Ing Kverybody else will talking about It Km. I 'l- cure 1 i>'erin.i'i- ut. Others me not. W* Invite Investigation. Sernl for circular* au'l teiitmoulala. head tc-d.-iv— to-morrovr may be too late. This is your Tu,'- -el-War —"lJ'e and l(a|>|> ■ne.-g vi. R Mr* and Free Lunches." TIIK M'tN KOK IMHtOVEI) GOLD t'UKK CO.. Htj m ■■<■. Cal. Sin Kranclico of- fice, 111 Orant »ye, with S. B. Pkosskk, Drug- g !«t. s<*U I nTh 3 hi POLITICAL. CITIZENS 1 NON-PARTISAN Municipal Ticket. Mayor : 1.. 15. II .I KRT Auditor CHAKLBH ASHTON TieMßter.... OTTO KLOPPKNBI Tax <ollector C. H. WETJEN Sheriff H. 11. SCOTT County Clerk I. J. MOHAN Saperißtaideßi of Street*. lli?li\ and *i|U*r.-s THOMAS ASHWOKTII PaaUc Administrator K. J. BOWK.V Coroner .... L. C. COX City and County Surveyor J. I!. HUMPHREYS Recorder VAX BROOKS Attorney and C0un5e10r ....... W. C. BURXTSTT District Attorney W. A. BEATTY for soPEuvisoiis. First W«r-1 ... T. 11. COI.T.ETT s.M-..!ii Ward •'. BROWELL Taird Ward JOHN B. GARTLAND Fourth Wanl P. J. KENNEDY Fifth Ward SANSS W. FORMAN Sixth Ward B. V. FLINT Seventh Ward LOUIS A. (JARNKIT Eighth Ward WM. CIIAMBKRU.N Ninth Ward FRANCIS KORBEL Tenth Ward ..FRANCIS SHIRLEY Eleventh Ward MICHAEL CLARK Twelfth Ward WILLIAM TROLL FOIt IIoOL DIKKCTOXa. C. B. PERKINS, C. A. CLINTON. F. J. FRENCH, J. T. BURKE. S. K. l'l 1 i 'V K. P. COLE, <;. A. MERRILL, 0. M. GOLDARACEX A. EDWARD rOLIJTZ, THOMAS STEALEY, V. A. HYDE. P. W. EATON. Judce ofSaperiei Court-... C. W. SLACK .i!;ii_'.' of Superior Court F. W. VAN REY.VEUOM Jndjreuf SapertorCearl WILLIAM T. WALLACE Judare of Superior Conrt..GKORUE A. i ROCTOR Jud«;e of Superior Court, un^xpiretl term.... JOHN a. WRIGHT Jud<ro of the Police Court C. a. LOW Judse of the Police Court .11. I . JOACRIMSEN Judce of the Police Conn H. D. TAI.COTT Justice of the Pence-. ..WALTER M WILLKTT Justice of the Peace .......J.X.BARRY Justice of the Pence B. W. F. COOK Jiwtlee of the Peace FRANK H. DUNNE Justice of the Pease.... W. W. HeNAIB LEGISLATIVE TICKET. SI'AIE SKNATOUS. 17th District ........WILLIAM J. DUNN I 1.) h District JAMES D. HORAN 21st Distaict MONROE GREENWOOD SSd District CHARLES S. ARMS •Join Di>trict ..JOHN FAY FOX A>>l>l!il.V. 2»«h District THOMAS P. CUSICK 2»th District W3I. J. HOYCK 30th District I.S. COHEN .'Jlst District J. J. KENNEDY S2d District JOHN E. BUCKLEY 534 District W.D. BERRY Stth District GEORGE C. SARGENT Both District J. M. HIGGINS District EDWARD SHORT 37th District THOMAS W. BURKE ;>;.ili District . . C. H. FORBES SM District W. T. KIBBLER 40th District R.L.THOMAS 41st District ...O. D. BALDWIN 4*l District. SAMUEL SHAEN iSd District >Klll MARTIN 44th District A. DKCOURTIEUX 45thDUtrict WM. GATELY oelitr JAMES W. BURLING, INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE FOR Supervisor, Third Ward. (Present Incumbent). " • -1 181 FOR SUPERVISOR, SIXTH WARD, ~ Citizens* Non-Fart :san Nominee. nol 8t FOR COUNTY CLERK, E. A. O'CONNOR. #3-No. 40 on Official Ballot Ml <:• FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR, A.C. FREESE, Democratic rJomiiioo oc'JO til ■ FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY. WILHAMA. lsl\^Y r L >r i; Nominee Citizens' Xon-Partlsan and People's Parties. '«*'-"* td , CHARLES GREENE. Regular Republican Nominee For Superintendent of Streets. seVH ta DR.WM.T. CARWOOD ItKUUL.VU Kirii;i icanj NOMINEE FOIt COIiONEH. acßl tit SUPPORT THE TRAFFIC ASSOCIATION! VOTE FOR WM. J. BICCY, Kegulnr Democratic Komln<>o for Mate .Senator, Tw«.. tjr-nr*t itui J:il District. , oc-'9 t»l FOR SUPERVISOR OF THE TWELFTH WARD JAMES DENMAN, ltmcal«r Deal leratlo Nominee. oc3o lOt • Kx-Supprluteniicut of Tabllc Schools. JEFFERSON G. JAMES. Regular Democratic Nominee MJL'ERVISOR ELEVENTH WARD. - »e'i:4 tit OF rWKLVri \v\i; i). EC. CBiixrcsmj^iiM: ocitf ta POLITICAL,. FOR HARRISON AND REID. GO AND HEAR HON. FRANK D'CIPII HOMEOLDT'S FAVORITE SON, AT THE Corner Kdcly and Jone.4 Streets. TO-NIGHT! — SAM BOOTH'S GLKE CLUB WILL SING. COL ISAAC TRUMEO WILL PRESIDE. HENItY HOOK'S STEKKOrriCON CAR- TOON'S WILIi lii: EXHIBITED. Kg" Galleries reacrvea for Ladles and their escorts. F. 11. MEYERS. Ckalnaaa Kepubllcan State Central Committee. C. Y. itA.s-Ki ■!. Secretary. i:ol it HARRISON AND BEID HON. E. F. LOUD Nominee for Congress sth District, AM) UNCLE (BILLY) WILLIAMS. THE VETERAN CA3IVAIGNEK AND OLD MAN ELOQUENT^ Will S,^^ at 0 THE WIGWAM, Corner Eddy anil Junes Streets. TO-MORROW (Wednesday) EVEN G. Campaign Songs by Sam Booth's Glee Club. DAISY HAY CRESSY WILL APPEAR. HON. GEO. T. BROMLEY WILL PRESIDE. F. 11. MEYERS, Chairman Republican State Central Committee. C F. Bassktt. Secretary. no] St REGULAR DEMOCRATIC MUNICIPAL TICKET. M »ror ISAHKV BALDWIN Sheriff .H. UN J. McDADE A««ltai a] m. BKODEKICK Bacar«ai THOMAS J. ui.vsn County Clerk M. C. HALEY Tax Collector JAMES N. BLOCK Treasurer CHKISTIAN" H. KOEHXCKK District Attorney H. s. KOOTE City and County Attorney.... H. T. CKXSWJD I. Surveyor ....WM. M. FIIZnDGH Miperlntendent of Streets W. W. ACKERSOH Coroner JEROME a. HUGHES l'ublic Administrator A. C. FKEESE Superior .ludse (long term) DL^CAN HAYNK Pnperlor (long lerm) J. M. SEAWKU Sup nor Jud<e (long term).... WM. T. WALL&CI Superior Jiuliie ilong term) C. r.. WKi.i.hi; Superior Jud»;o (unexpired term, ending Jan- osry.lHOo) W. K. UAINOERFtKLD Police Jud;e T. J. BOWERS Police Jud^e C. T. CON raUeaJaif* JOHN T. HUMPHREYS Justice or tho Peace KENNETH. WILLIAMS Justice of tbe reace O. i: MELDON Justice or the Peace HEN A. TOBIN Justice or the Peace • ... SAMUEL H SKINS Justice at the Peace FRANK H. DUNNE Supervisor First Ward M. GO(_MWi;>i | Supervisor First Ward (unexplred term) j J _M. GOODWIN : Stinerv'.sor Second Ward DANIEL ROGERS Supervisor Second Ward (uacxplred term) DANIEL KdillTw SuperTlsor Third Ward >VM. MONTGOMERY Superrlsor Fourth Ward P. J. KENNEDY Superrisor Fifth Ward. ..GEORGE McOILLIVRAY Supervisor Sixh Ward CHRISTIAN REI3 Supervisor Seventh Ward JAMES RYAN Supervisor Eighth Ward.. KOBERT DAY Supervisor Nlntn Ward P. T. DDNDON Supervisor Tenth Ward WILLIAM M. lIINTON Supervisor Eleventh Ward. J. G. JAMES Supervisor Twelfth W*rU JAMSS DENMAN School Director PELHAM W. AMES ' School Director MAYER WEIL School Director A. T. VOGELSANG School Director , E. 11. YOUNG School Director , J. T. BURKE School Director J. U. ROSEWALD School Director T. li. CAREW School Director .....J. J. DOWLINQ School Director a A. CLINTON School Director v. J. STAFFORD School Director ARTHUR F. C ARMORY School Director JOS. Q. MORRISSEY Auditor (uneiplred term) WM. BKODKRICK Pollen Judge (unexplred term) .....t. J. BOWERS Ju»Uce of Trace (uueipirtd term) . FRANK 11. DUNNE School Director (unezDired tatmi DR. C. A. CLINTON LEGISLATIVE TICKET. WOrn STATK SKNATORS 17th District WM J. ./INN li'th District THOS. K. MITCHELL 21st District WM. J. BIOUY 23d District CUAS. S. ARMS 6lh District..... JOHN FAY r-:>>.-. FOR ASSI.MULYMEN. 2Sth District THOS. P. CC3ICK T9th District. WM. T. BOYCE 30th District BERNARD OONWAT 31st District J. J. KENNEDY 32d Dlstrlit JOHN K. BUCKLEY 33d District M. J.HURLEY 34tu District K. J. LUTIKINGEi: 33tu District JOSEPH (}. GALLAGHER :uiih District JOHN BROWN LIE 37th District ANDREW G. MAGUIRK 38th District BERT EOHLKSINGER S9th District JAMES W. KEYS 40th District EDMONDGODCHAUX 41st IMstrlct JOHN M. CURTIS 42d District >> M. UENDRICKSON JR. 431 District 1,, 5 . M. MARKS 4-lth District A. DECOURTIEUX JR 45th District WM. 11. I ELY ocIH «> -22 %A 20 28 3O— aol 3 ft 1 lit FOR ASSEMBLYMAN THIRTY-FOURTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT, RICHMOND J. LUTTRINGER. . Regular Democratic Nominee. ■ ocVtf td FOR TAX COLLECTOR. RKGULAR NON-PARTISAN' NOMINEE. aeUStd ->--;;-■' POLITICAL. DOWN WITH Bosses and_Boodlßrs! NON-PARTISAN MASS MEETINGS! TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 1, 33d DISTRICT, MANNERBUND HALL, Twenty-fourth street and Potrero ava. Prominent Speakers Will Address the Settings. OTHER NGN-PARTISAN MEETINGS WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, S9th find VIA Tistiii-ts Saratoga Hall * litary street, between Hyde and Lark in. Suth District : Stanford Hall Comer Tweuty-el^Lth and Valencia. THURSDAY, November 3, 44th District Bersaglieri Hall "• btockton and Union streets. . FRIDAY, NOVEMBER #, 30th. 81st anil 32d Districts. -Odd Fellows' Hail Corner BeTaato and Market streets. " "°° bo 3 81 OLD Democratic MUNICIPAL TICKET. Mayor ; -. WILLIAM McM.K, , Auditor k. T. MJLLS ' Bkarta „.h H. MUIT Tax Collector :.. >v. .i. G. MUHL'. . Traaaavar OTTO KLOPrEKB * Hecorder ....U. K. DAIfL „ Conntj Clerk E. a. O'CONNOR I District Attorney ...... W. A. HI;ATTY . . City and County Atlorury W. T. CltAHi." Coroner i,. c. cux l'ublic Administrator ...E. J. i\vi.n * Surveyor S. KINO-" ' i^uperintendeut of Mrt-ei*. ...THOB. AMIWOIiTH-. Superior Judce (long term)..KRANK W. lawi.k;: tiiiper.or Judge (long tana) IiEO. a. I*K-OCTOR • Superior Judge ii.[i^ term) GEO. w: FOX ■ baperlor Judge teruu. 11KM.V M. McGILL Superior Jnd-'e (for unexplred term, en II c ' •: January, 181*5) .'NO. A. W*I(iHT. • Police Judge (long term) ;... .TAMES I.AWLKK" „■ l'ollca J'd-^e (toag tans) .lusKr H UOti "•••1 I'olice Judge (locg term) H. 1). TaICOTC" ' Poiico Judge (for unexpired term ending Jhu- V ■''■ li vary. 183.5) 11. ]>. TALCOTf • "": Justice of the Peace (long terra) .....I. l. FASSJ Justice of the ace ion term) . /"• Justice or tbe Peace (long term). ' ''' A. 15. TUEADWELi; . V. Justice of the Peace (loin? term) / : % ROBERT O. m i am-' ' Just'ce of the Pence (lons term}.. ." ,• -•• :PKKI K. .M.I.KN .- Justice ot the I eace (for iiii.\j :iv ; term end- ■ ■ .' ..Itii? January, 1895) '. .. . Supervisor First Ward (uncxpired term) ;' .'" • P. CAJIPODOMCO • Supervisor First Ward ....P. CAMPOUOMCi}.- Supervisor Second » arJ (uuexplred terca).... -..!.. • •„. •>. A. C. ROJ I>m: .. Supervisor Second Ward ;.....J. A. C. BOKl>'Eft Supervisor Third Ward JOHN «;akti.a.>4»'' ''. Supervisor Foiutb Kin HA a H. Bl B i'oN." -'. Supervisor Fit Ward..- SANDS W. 1 •■KM AN • Supervisor Sixth Ward a. 31. li! i i;\> • ' Supervisor Seventh Ward. ..LOOM A.(UK\OT • Supervisor Eighth Ward D. (J. 1: aik Supervisor Ninth Ward JOHN' ii a Kl>. M.v > •" Supervisor Tenth Ward ri:A.N(.KS BHIRLKT- Supervisor Eleventh Ward...' : '—. '■ Supervisor Twelfth Ward HENRY BINGIIAM.' School Director K. P. COLE'"- School Director O. M. UOI.I>AKACE\a' •;. School Director WILLIAM CLACK." . School Director...,,., F.W.EATON • School Director THOMAS ■STKALKf -;' School Director.; c. J. HKtDBICKS school Director ;...a. .1. Wilkinson School Director.. 1......P. .i. COKUETX; •' School Director , , THOS. J. FOKt> School Director. , ALEX S. ( I "LVi-.i; ■• ' School Director wii. D. carter " ; School Director GEO. W. SNYDERS j '] School Director (tor anaxatred term ending >. " * January. 1893) WILLIAM CLACK Auditor (unexpiied term) E. T. MILLS oc'l7 13t I R EH fPT Li ill LLLLnI) NON-PARTISAN / Nominee for Mayor OF SUB FRANCISCO. . " •'• 'X se'.'T id FOR TAX-COLLECTOR. ■}: Thos- O'Brien, REPUBLICAN NOMINEE.. ;.\'\ ; - ; Business Methods — Honest Admlnltaioqi- Prompt Service— Polite .Treatment. ]■„ " ocl9 td . ' - ,- CHARLES ASHTON, NON-PARTISAN NOMINEE FOR AUDITOR. MS td . * FOR TREASURER, J.H.WIDBER Eegalar Republican Nominee. • ocas ta THOMAS ASHWORTH NON-PARTISAN NOMINEE, DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE For Superintendent of Streets. QclStd BARRY BALDWIN. Democratic Nominee POil MAYOR. »e - J3 td I VOTE FOR G. C. ODONNELL FOR MAYOR. DON"! STAMP HEAD Of BALLOT. ' £<J~ Stamp In the space to the right for all tbosa you wish to vote lor. s,v_>7 m ; H. H. SCOTT. Non-Partisan Candidate a»ta td ■' ■ • ' ' J. J. McDADE. Democratic Nominee Se-JS t'l FOR COUNTY CLERK '~ 0r3E20HC3r33 W. Xci 323 t Regular Republican Nominee.. ' soid ta

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