The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1930 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1930
Page 5
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j>gg. Mdiflfes-tepublican. July 23,1930 ALGONA WON TWO AND LOST ONE Substitutes Lost to Elmore 10 to 7 Sunday, Regulars Corwith 10 td 6, WON OVER WEST BEffD WEB, 11 ffO 3. The League Has Now Broken Up and Locals ore Booking Games With Much Faster Teams. Algona split a doubieheader baseball , game Sunday at the local ball park. They lost the first game to Mmore by the score of 10 to 7, and the second game with Oorwith they won 10 to 8. In the game with Elmore the local team used a number of substitutes who played fairly well for not having played before but they were unable to cope with the visitors. Stephenson, regular fielder for the first team, pitched for the first seven innings and put out soine of his old time brand of pitching. Watts, regular second basemen, then took up the burden. The local boys who were in {he line-up for the first game were: Neville, catcher; Stephenson, pitcher; Rising, first base; Donovan, second base; Lee, thifd base; Pearson .shortstop; Kelly, left field; Ed. Hill, center field; and Nordstrum, right field. : In the second game the locals had their first team in the field and put on a good exhibition of base ball before a small crowd. It was a free- hitting contest 'and showed that the Hoys are getting their batting eye. Essinger, who is yell known to local base ball followers, pitched for Corwith at the start. He had his old trick of picking off runners from first working to perfection as a number of Algona runners found out to tHelr sorrow, Essinger Was knocked dut of the box in the seventh and Mc- oluff went to tat the visitors. Last Wednesday Algona played West Send at the Park celebration at West Bend. The locals were behind o to s in the ninth inning when they made a si* run tally to win. The game wad poorly attended, there being about as many Algona people as others. the league, In Which Algona has been, has broken up and Manager Vinsbn is negotiating for gamed with such towns as Clarion, Hampton, Lake Mills, Oilmore City and Palmer, all of whom have fast teams. Bancroft will play here Sunday. Tliey have won two games from Algona and the locals ate out for revenge. The box scores for the different games are as follows: AB R H PO A E Bonham, Ib . ......... 6 1 2 8 Hill, ss ;...', ........ 4 243 Watts, 2b ......... ...6 116 Stephenson, If ......6 0 2 4 Marty, ef .... ........ 4 1 21 Scanlon, 3b .... ..... 4 1 1 2 OvermyerV rf . ...... 31 1 1 Butler, c .... ....... A 2 2 6 Oayou, p ....... i.'. ... 3 112 Total . .......... 37 10 16 27 CORWITH— Cook, If ...... Francis, 2b ... AB R H PO A E Thro, ss .6 Balrd, 3b 4 Shlpman, cf .'.5 McClurg, Ib, p 4 Wolfe, rf 6 Oourley, c ...........5 Esslnger, p, Ib 4 4 0 4 2 1 6 0, 0 2' 0 6 3 0 0 4 0 4 Total 40 6 13 24 15 LuVerne Depot Was Destroyed by Fire* LuVerhe, July 21, Northwestern depot Special: The was completely destroyed by fire Thursday morning. The origin of the fire is unknown, but it seemed to have started under the floor afld the inside of the building Was sudenly ablaze. Agent Ramer succeeded in saving a few clothes and two or three pieces of freight but everything else was destroyed. A bo* car on the siding was destroyed and for ft time the Standard Oil tanks were in danger. The blaze was swept by a southwest wind. The local fire department bent its efforts to save surrounding buildings when the depot was beyond saving. This is an old landmark for LuVerne. It was buUt by the Northwestern railroad in the fall of 1880 and finished in the next year. Church services and social dances were held in the old waiting room when there Was no other building to be had. Cayou struck out 6, walked 2, hit 1; Esslnger struck out 4, walked 3, hit 0; McClurg struck out 0, walked 0, hit 0. Two base hits, Stephenson, Marty, Overmyer, Wolfe, Shipman; three base hits—Butler, Cayou, Essinger. Home runs, Shipman. Runs batted in— Scanlon 2, Stephenson 2, Hill 2, Overmyer, Cayou, Wolfe, Thro, McOlurg, Shipman 3. Hits off Esslnger 12, runs 7 in 6 innings; off McClurg 4, runs 3 in 2 Innings. Left on bases Algona 9, Corwith 6. Losing pitcher Essinger. Id rather talk than writer When you sit down _ ' 1.'. «t * i &v- ',.- -? and words fait you. .,. just pick up •, your telephone and talk it over You cao talk 40 airline milti for 35e*;70 airline mllei for 60c*( and 100 airline milt, for 6t)C*. Long diitanc* telephone ratet ire bated on airline mile* and arc leu ft, mile af Ihe.dUUnce Increue* * ThU U Uw Joy itoUon.lo.tUi. don mt» from 4i9O A. tf. io T P. M. for a thne-ailinike eon- v.noHon and oppllw whin you uk to talk with anyone •«>«• abli ot Bit teltphont colltd. NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY LOW Round Trip Fares between Postville Calmar, Decorah • New Hampton Charles City Mason City Garner, Britt Algona, Emmetsburg Spencer Sanborn, Sheldon Inwood and intermediate stations Tickets on sale dally, at One and one-third fare for the round trip. Return-limit IS days. For further particular* •sk the local agent 1W1 % MILWAUKEE BLBQTRIFIBD OVBB THB BOCKIB9TQ THB BBA .6 ALGONA Bonham, If ... Watts, 3b 4 McClurg, Ib 4 Hart, 2b 5 Thorngfen, ss ....5 Overmyer, cf 4 Vinson, rf 3 Butler, c 4 Cayou, p 4 Total 39 AB R H PO A E 9 11 27 WEST BEND— AB R H PO A E V. Miller, cf D. Mertz, ss Albern, 3b 3 J. Ford 2b .....4 Kiecker, Ib 4 Rabe, If .,;....4 Enoxin, c 4 K. Miller, rf 2 G. Ford, p 4 Mertz, rf 2 Total 34 2 2 0 2 7 2 12 0 0 0 27 Cayou struck out 11, walked,!; Ford struck but 10, walked J 8. ffi -; *w i&>% ' Double'plays, D. Mertz,' unassisted. Two base,, hits, Bonham, Albern,: Q. Ford. Three base hits, D. Mertz. Left on bases, Algona 12, West,Bend. 4 Kossuth County Roads the Best. Oorwith Hustler: Olaf Funnemark, one of the supervisors of Kossuth county, has had the public highway graded from the Hancock county line two miles West past the H. E. Rockwood and fid. Studer farms. Mr. Funnemark is an experienced road man, knows just how the work should be done and there's no dilly-dallying after the work is begun. He has had a new grade put up and has made a passable road out of an impassable one. No wonder his constituency Insist on seeping him on the job. A man that knows how and has the energy and public spirit to do his work well should receive the vote of every one in his district. Kossuth county has more good roads than any other county in the state. She Has Some Talent. One of Algona's fine young men dated a Bancroft girl and as they were riding along in his Model T Ford he asked, "Do you drink " To which she replied, "No." "Do you smoke "No." "Do you neck?" "No." "Do you dance?" "No.' "Well, for Heaven's sake," he said 'what do you do?" "Just lie," she replied. IRVINGTON NEWS. &SMX%%%^^ Mrs. Albert Butterf ield called on Mrs George Simmons Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Ashing and family of Algona visited Sunday with Mr and Mrs: Glen Halnes. Howard Wood of LuVerne spent the week end a't the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. Pearl King of Whlttemore spent las' week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thornton and family. Mr. and Mrs. David King and family spent Sunday with Mrs. King's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Simmons. -^Mrs, Sever Christenseh of Algona spent 'Sunday evening, at the home of and fam- C p. I E WAI.TE H R Y PRESENTS TWO NEW STRAIGHT BIGHTS All progress is change. Only by change do man and the factors of his civilization move from the lower to die higher state; from the cruder to the finer development. Our Chrysler engineers devote their lives to study, to analysis, to experimentation. And out of this constant searching and trying come the knowledge, conviction and decision that lead to progress. In announcing two complete lines of New Straight Bights, in addition to our lower-priced Chrysler Sixe», we now register our moat important change and progress -all designed, all worked for, all created to give the world better and more satisfying transportation. In our progress there b no departure from fundamental principles. To maintain public approbation, we must give always finer, more dependable, more dynamic car performance—mustoffer always greater value, as well as cars better suited to the needs of modern transport. Thus, our latest Chryslers—the new Chrysler Bight and the new Chrysler Imperial Bight — containing as they do, outstanding engineering and style improvements—are, we believe, milestones along the course of automobile progress. We are proud and eager to submit these cars to the inspection and test of the public. 839 MMHiH^B^^^^H^>V^^ B "W^ H>HH ^ n ' v '^ B ^^^^ v ....... CHRYSLER EIGHT; Standard Models—Roadster, 1495; Coupe, 1495; Sedan, 1525> Special Coupe, 1535; Special Sedan, 1565; Convertible Coupe, 1065; Sport Roadster (Six wire wheels and trunk rack), 1595. All prices f. o. b. factory. Special equipment extra. Chrysler Imperial Eight. Arrange with us for an immediate demonstration. ;tb?beVattanother^ Sunday ;School group gathering: next Lord's day, .'the morning worship will be at (he early hour, 9:45 in order*to permit Her. Lang to preach out here before his town church services, We trust that the flesh will not get the victory over the spirit, -but that all will be in attendance upon' this,: (service 'and in time. Sunday School will follow Immediately after preaching service. There will be no evening service at Galbiraith, but there are plenty of places to go to where you may fellowship with .others and "hear a message from God's word. Mid-week service on Friday evening at eight o'clock. There probably isn't a finer time of the year to test our own spiritual ardor than just now. It will be easy for each of us to determine just whom and what we allow to come first in our lives and loves. Just three weeks from next Sunday that our camp meeting opens. Is your camping equipment ready and have you written your friends and relatives about Ib?—H, Nell Malen, pastor. LOANS $50 to $300 obtained'quickly on Furniture, Automobiles and Live Stock. Can be repaid by small equal monthly payments. Our new payment extension plan protects YOU when sick or out of employment. For immediate SERVICE call, write or phone 598, CUNNINGHAM & LACY ALGONA, IOWA. Representing Federal Finance Co., Deg Molnes ea-tf W.LWard The latest patterns in Wall Paper, Painting, Decorating < and Paper Hanging, 37-M H, W. POST Dray and Transfer Phone 898, Algona, lows Uonjr Pittance Hauling, Every load tamired awinst loss or dajm- up. Equipped to do *U kind* of graying *n<) bfttflfff. M-U her,, sister,;Mra. ily- ' v ... E.'Wood of LuVerne was an Irvington caller one day the" past week. •formerly, of this viol•'H-' l^JMl,** nuuT^JXU0*l V*W16 C wwoww*v ****** "family^visited.'Sunday evening with Mrt-ajwT'Mrs. Edward Ditsworth and family. Mrs. U. 'B. Frank! returned home on Monday morning from Tama, where she spent last week visiting with relatives and friends. Evelyn Hicklin of Woden has been spending the past week at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Riley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wolfe of Rich Point spent Thursday evening at the home of Mrs, Wolfe's sister, Mr. and Mrs, Paul Hudson, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Decker and family-and Jack Spurgeon of Whittemore spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family. James Hudson, who 1 is employed at the Joe Weydert farm, West of Algona, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. Helen Dole, who is employed at the Dr. Cretzmeyer home in Algona, spent Sunday, afternoon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family. Josephine Lee of this vicinity has been visiting the past week with her friends and relatives at Webster City. She expects to return home next Sunday. Cecil Thornton went to Whittemore Sunday for a visit with her sister, Mrs. Roy King, and family. Next week she plans to visit her other sister, Mrs. Howard King and family of Emmetsburg. • Roy Blythe came home Thursday evening to spend the week end with his family. He returned to Eagle Grove Sunday evening. Roy is a mail clerk and is working this week on the the Northwestern from Eagle Grove to Fox Lake. Stanley Wilson of Webster City has been visiting at the home of Mrs. Rose Spurgeon. While cranking the car Tuesday he had the misfortune to break his right arm. He was taken to Algona and Doctor Oretzmeyer set the arm, He is getting along nicely at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Harjjey and family and Mr, and Mrs. George Kolvek, all of Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Seward Thornton and family and Clara King of Whittemore and Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton of Armstrong spent Sunday at the Frank Thornton home. Mrs. Harsley and Mrs. Kolvek are both sisters of Mrs. Thornton and both families intend to spend the week visiting friends and relatives in the immediate vicinity. West of Courthouse, Official AAA Garage ?ST &UVERNSS NEWS, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Benedict were in Livermore Thursday having dental work done. Several rural Sunday schools spent Sunday at High Lake. Mrs. Arnold Wegner and daughter, Vera, were Algona shoppers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey were business callers in Fort Dodge Thursday. Lucille Thompson of Indianola came last Monday for a few days' visit with friends, Mr. and Mrs, Hill from Wesley recently made a visit at the James Godfrey home. Rev. Kitzman of West Bend held evening services in the Lutheran church at eight p. m. Sunday. Mrs. Marie Brummond is spending the week with her son, Herman, on the farm near Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. George Stoddard of Renwick spent Wednesday evening at the Jess Stoddard home. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Baessler and son attended funeral services for Mr. En- fleld at Hardy Saturday. Mr. and' Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and Ruby and Miss Louise Zweifel visited in Bradgate last Sunday. Ralph Diecofl who has been attending Cornell College, is spending his vacation here with friends. Mrs. Henry Kraft has been entertaining a niece and nephew from Ceylon, Minnesota, the past week. Those attending the Epworth League institute last week at Lake Okobojl returned home the first of this week. Jack Gilles is the newly appointed base ball manager for the local team, who played West Bend here Sunday. Robert and Carroll Van Doren from Indianola are visiting with friends here and also working in the harvest fields. Miss Anna Murray has resumed her duties in the Corner store after a two weeks' vacation spent in Chicago and other points. Those welcoming new babies to their homes and care last Wednesday are Mr. and Mrs, Woods and Mr. and Mrs. Edw, Meyers. Rev. Brauner, who has been in the Hampton hospital since the auto accident he was in, returned to his home here this week. The Ladles' Aid society of the Presbyterian church will hold an ice cream social in the town hall on Saturday afternoon and evening. Mrs. Wallace Smith and children, Harriet and Jeannette, from Chicago spent Saturday at the Allen Thompson home southwest of town. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and daughters, Florence and Rubye, drove to Fort Dodge Saturday where Miss Florence consulted an eye specialist. Floyd Masterson stepped on a rusty nail last Tuseday evening which made an ugly hole in his left foot., The wound is .healing nicely at this time. Mrs. Nellie O'Connell and two children from Chicago, who have been visiting the William Ellis family the past month, returned to their home last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. L, Eustace and baby daughter, Eraa, returned home Wednesday from Akron, Iowa, where they had attended the funeral services of Mr- Eustace's aunt. Rev. R. E. Cook from Green Mountain was a pleasant caller in Lu- Verne last week. Rev. Cook had charge of- the Methodist church at Renwick for several years. ' > Mrs. H. T. Blumer made her mother, Mrs, E, C. Kraft, a pleasant visit last week at Renwick. Mrs. Kraft has been in > poor health for some time and was taken to the hospital at Fort Dodge for treatment. Al Miller went to Cedar Falls Saturday for an over Sunday fishing excursion. He was accompanied by Mr. and-Mrs. Arthur Hof who visited with Mr. Hof's mother, Mrs. George Hof and family at Cedar Falls. Mrs. Ida Stone and granddaughter, Irene Little, of Sioux City are visiting at the Jess Stoddard home. Mrs, Stone is helping care for her mother, Mrs. M. I. Stoddard who is seriously 111 with high blood pressure. George Tiede recently made a visit in Davenport with his\ sister, Mrs. George Lothrlnger. Miss Ella Tlede and Mrs. Lothrlnger and little son returned with George to LuVerne for a visit at the parental Tiede home. The town council has decided to put in a five foot gutter on each side of main strret south of the railroad tracks. This will be an improvement and will do away with the water which stands in the road after a heavy rain, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen are enjoying a several weeks' outing at the lakes north of Minneapolis, They drove to Minneapolis last Thursday and joined their daughter and oon- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Smith and family and then drove to the lakes. Mr. and Mrs. William Biging opened up a cafe Saturday in the Von Draska building. The building has undergone repairs and has been equipped with new furnishings and has a very neat appearance. Mr. Biging served free ice cream to the public Saturday and Sunday. C. R. Leneve, Dewey Leneve, from Hume, Missouri, accompanied by Mrs. E, F. Masterson of Independence, Missouri, came Saturday for a short visit with R. R. Masterson and family. Mrs. Masterson will remain for several weeks. The Leneves returned to their home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, D. D. Broadie from Granger recently made their daughter, Mrs. Max Patterson, a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson accompanied them to Granger last Saturday evening and Mrs. Sally Broadie returned with them for a few weeks' visit here with her sister. The semi-annual installation of officers of the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah lodges was held Monday evening at their hall above the Ramus building. The installing officer was Mr. Sheldon and the lodges at Wesley, Titonka and Burl were well represented. The Re- bekahs served light refreshments at the close of the meeting. A miscellaneous post nuptial shower was given last Monday afternoon at the Fred Wolf home in honor of Mrs. Ernest Olson, formerly Marjorle Henderson. The afternoon was pleasantly spent and the honored guest received many useful presents. A luncheon was served by the hostesses, Mrs. Laverne Jeffers, and the Misses Geneva and Lillie Wolf. ' Mrs. Robert Griffith and children and Mrs. J. B. O'Connor of Indian- apolis, Indiana, arrived here Thursday afternoon) Mrs. Griffith and children are visiting at the parental Hal Rogers home and Mrs. O'Connor ^is visaing friends here. Mrs. O'Connor is'the' widow of the late J. B. O'Connor,' who was pastor of the local Methodist church several years ago. The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid society met Wednesday with Mrs. W. L. Ra- -~*» J-.J-.y^r^. ! T r^r slonary.flChooUi. societyirtjlljr the town'hi)] for supper. 1 * KEEK FCCD FRESH Adequate and pure ice is a guardian of health as well as a matter of comfort and refreshment in summer. Nature's own refrigerant is always there when you want it—if you allow us to put you on our delivery schedule. We come daily—and we make special trips in emergencies and in hot weather. Our ice is pure and clean, and you can rest assured that you will not suffer embarrassment when serving drinks to guests —it is ALL pure and clean. Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory Phone 270 Algona, Iowa.

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