The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1930 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 23, 1930
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fen Pages. is*-"-' ALGOtfA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 23,1930 .••V DR. ADAMS' GAR STOLEN SUNDAY Taken ft om near Algona -Hotel and Wrecked South of Algona, BED ROOM SLIPPERS ARE ONLY CLUE, thief Drives Into Frank Bhllte' -Car , on Galbratth Hill and Then Skips " Out to Parts Unknown. , Dr. A. D. Adams' Nash sedan was stolen from to front of the Algona hotel Sunday ,night about eleven o'clock. Some time around eleVen-thir- • ty v Melvin and John • ShUts," sons- of .•.sBarbcr Erank-Shuts, were .driving out :>i ' .to <5 thd Bosworth farm southwest of, ' Algona, where, one of them is employ;-- ed. As-they were gotog up thfe Galbralth hUl the Adams car came down '*on the wrong^side-of 1 , the road., and side-swiped their car. The;' 111 *?. 810 * threw the-Adams car into the'ditch but the Shuts car remained to - the road.- " . . The boys asked If'anyone was hurt to the other car and receiving no answer ran up' to the Bert Galbralth home and had him come to the car. They found-no one there so they notified the officers who came out to the scene. .Two bedroom slippers were found some distance from the car and footprints going up tlte road. .The • thief evidently hot-footed it up the road to a rush to his bare feet. He was- tracked for some distance but n did no good. 'The officers as yet have no clue to the Identity of the culprit, although a number of Algonians have been "suspected." . .The Nash was quite badly damaged, • receiving a broken wheel, running board and fender and the body was dented. The Shuts car which was a Model T Ford sedan, had the side bent to, a front wheel broken, an^axle bent, and the radiator damaged. i> r i<: Fine New Church, ,' , , Building at Armstrong,, ., Good &P&-,pW_W L _Bpwjd?pw£ .*$& Aged Lady Died This Morning, 'Mrs. Marvin Adams, mother of 0. 0 Adams of the KohlhaaS hardware store, died at the home 6f her son this morning from gangrene. She was 81 pears of age and had been sick since la Samantha e j'ane Fasnauifh.was born to Chillicothe, Ohio, 81 years ago. she was united to manage to Marvin Ad- Champaign, Illinois, about i years' &go. ' Tney*" moved tt a farm ' between Burt *M JUgma twenty-eight years ago. Mr. Adams has been dead for neftrjv thirteen years Mrs" Adams came to Algorta last June ahd madeher home with her son, C °'Nine J1 chUdren wen* barn to Mr. and Adams, twd of whom died to ta- Those living are! Mrs. Sarah MeliZa of Edinburgh, Texas; Aman- eynolds. of Champaign, Illinois Anna Vannote of -New . York; Jo- oTLake Orystel.Mtonesota; Ear of Burt; 0. O. Adams of AI- New District Judge. . Clarence, A sister, , , and hose- -address to _, brother, Jo- of Forest City, also Sve ~Tii7"burt/ wiU be to the Burt cemetery but the funeral arrangements have,hot been completed as" we go to press. Wins First in , Shot Put at Camp. Paul Hutchins, .eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hutchins, won first pace In the shot put during a track meet held July 18 at Camp Knox Kentucky. Paul, who wUl be a senior student at Iowa, State 'College> next year, is now on duty t at the advanced course R. O. T. C.*.«amp at Camp ^courtesy Spencer News-Herald (BED. A. HEALD, SB. Geo. A,,HeaJdi Sr.,, prominent Spencer lawyer.who Was recently nominated 'to the bench to succeed Judge Fred Lovrien'bf'Humboldt. He wUl take office January lv -The other two Judges For tffi/the fourteenth judicial dls- tric are'F- 0. Davidson of Emmetsburg and : James DeLand of Storm Lake. ;- &:•?— Lakota Child Dies ,From Leukemia. Several Hurt in Whittemore Car Wreck. Whlttemore, July 22. Special: A car driven by Nick Meurer of Plover collided with the John Drew car Sunday afternoon Jtist west of the Catho Ho cemetery. The Meurer car struck the hub cap of the Drew car, breaking off one wheel and stripping the fenders, both car running into the ditch. The Meurer car had both front wheels broken off and the fenders torn off. Mr. Meurer had been at Emmetsburg taking with him his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Meurer of Whit- ;emore, and his sister, Mrs. WUHam ?Tanz and her two children, who are here from Michigan on a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Meurer were bruised arid lurt quite badly and Were taken to the hospital in Algona for medical aid. Mr. Meurer had his head hurt by being thrown up against the top of the car and Mrs. Meurer had her nose and side hurt. Mr. Drew was taking his daughter, Sylvia and her friends, Irene McDonnell and Inez Oebhart to Lost Island on a little picnic. Sylvia's head went through the windshield and she received bad cuts on her face and arm. The other two girls Were thrown into the front seat and their arms and legs were skinned. Mr. Drew was also scratched and cut with the broken glass. AU were sore, stiff and still frightened Monday but were thankful for getting out of it as well as they did. Mr. Meurer feels as though he was very lucky, also, as his car stopped in the ditch to front of a WEED ERADICATION OF LARGE INTEREST Alfalfa Used as a Smother Crop Has Been Very Successful. DEMOCRATS FAVOR PROHIBITION Why Cara Were Stopped at Burt. EXTRA EFFORTS NOW FOR ERADICATION. Meetings Held Have Averaged Over Thirty at Each Place, Which Is Unusual at This Time. (By E. R. Morrison). Special meetings have been held In various townships for the discussion of weeds in general. Township weed commissioners, township farm bureau chairmen and extension service have cooperated In the set up and work of the meetings. Sodium chlorate has been mixed anc applied to small areas by the agent at the day time meetings, and evening meetings have been taken up entirely by the discussion of personal experi- I ences of farmers attending and reports In the last issue of the Bancrof Register the town marshall of Burt was referred to as "Hurt's small towi copper" in large head lines and Burt,s faithful and reasonably efficient offlc er was severely criticized because li answer to a call and at the reques of Algona's city marshail, he was ask ed to arrest the driver of an automo blie bearing a certain license number the driver of which had run into th side of another car, badly damagin the same. The driver was not know to the authorities at Algeria and th warrants In the hands of the officer was for the arrest of "John Doc. I ££ necessary to Identify^ thes ouUa car and in order-to do so the marsha at Burt had to slow down or stop th passing cars and because he did th he was severely" criticized Iowa Democrats in Convention Ask for fication o State course Knox. ^ -former Gdod.Hope pastor. The , ture Is' to tie 'rather pretentious, for a small town and generously equipped •with up-to-date accessories for successfully carrying forward the activities of a modern religious plant. The building Is to be L-shaped, the main part 32x56 feet, the auditorium occupying the first floor, the Epworth League assembly room 20x26 feet opening off from it and completeing the L of the buUding, As a part of this also he a pastors ANOTHER PEEVE AT BANCROFT 23. Special: Eugene Edwatd Dontje was born on the 28th day of 'October, 1927, at Algona, and died the tfJth day of July, 1930, reach- large rock about three feet high, on- ^ y ^he agent on results where various ly one inch more and it probably methods of eradication had been em- —- would have been a different story. tog the age of two years, eight months and twenty days. He had been suffering a great deal all spring and was unable to walk for eight weeks before his death. Seven weeks ago he was taken' to- a hospital at Fort Dodge 'where blood transfusion was given and was then taken to Rochester, Minnesota, where two more transfusions were given and an that was possible to save his life was done. He died of the disease leukemia, for which no cure has ever been 'been discov- Ho 'leaves to mourn his death, hie father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dontje, two grandfathers, one gratidniother, eleven uncles, two aunts, T —i.j-**- 1 '..—-• tf. n ne<*io one' 1 'great grand Walter Fraser in Swimming Meet. Dr. and Mrs. .Walter Praser, accompanied by their daughter, Eleanor and son, Walter, drove to Ames Saturday and visted over night. .Prom there they went to Omaha for the Midwest A. A. U. swimming meet hi which Walter was a contestant. He Is the life guard at the local swimming pool and was a member of the swimming teay at Iowa State College where he is a junior in the Industrial science department. Walter won second place in the preliminary of the 440 yard free style event and fourth in the final in the Omaha meet. . He arrived at the park where the meet was held just as his event was being called and. consequently had to hurry In order to compete. There were approximately forty contestants in the meet. They were from a number of colleges throughout thejjniddlewest. , The leasers arrived "' addition there study 8x14 feet. — wUl have accommodations above lor Sunday School classes as wiU also a considerable portion of the basement. The dining room to the basement will be 32x38 feet with a kitchen 15x17 the latter fully equipped except. ;the stove and wired to run six electric ^waffle Irons at once. . . The main floor Is to be glazed_ with beautiful art glass windows which are being provided by organizations and individuals of the church. , The completed Job Is to cost approximately $11,000. three«?*_of ,whfch sum hag been provided for"' hustTtog "Ladles' Aid society has ten under the burden to a way characteristic of Ladles' Aids and assumed In t^e neighborhood of $1,000 of the ' funount* >.--.''' _ The contract. caUs ^occupancy, of the church August' 1, but the fate for dedication will be somewhat later. The friends of *Rev. Mitchell wUl be pleas- but not surprised at this fine Piece of work that is being done under ^his • direction Jt Is a habit of his and this . fine, new property is only one. of .several which have added to the effectiveness of the church in various charges which he has held. Congratulations are in order. Mr, Charles - Pedley of Were Following Orders from County Seat Officials Instead of Local Violation. The hot weather has evidently had , u „„„ - - r Its,effect upon some people, including The entry 12x16 feet the editors of the Bancroft. Register "and they evidently did not know what they were.talking about. Then- article Is : as foUows: • . > "Burl's police force was exercising a ereat.amount of authority Sunday ev- eningly stopping all passing motorists on the', paving. Some Bancroft driver had .driven through the streete_of Burt at avspeed not in line with the laws idea ofsane motoring and having taken the driver's number and being pf the opinion that the car had gone south, halted all north bound cars for a considerable length of time to hopes that the miscreant might be brought to justice. .Little did it occur to this copper that with the driver's number lie could more readUy have called him or her Monday morning and .brought them into court. Instead of this more.prac- tlcal method, he undertook to, coare the wits'of eyery north bound car during the evening and cause many people to most hearttiy .curse 'the town'.that pays his mqnthly stipend. Jt_ls well and good, that the officer be.faithful to his trust but from the, high handed manner in which he handled traffic that did not even enter the town of Burt, one was of the opinion that a most serious crime had been committed and that the arm of the law was Teaching out all along theJlne, Burt being but one platfe where the officers were at work. It would seem that a speeder was of great" importance, Jf the case could not await until Monday morning when no one need be" inconvenienced, other thansthe guilty party." . ^ The fact af the matter is this, A car coming east on the paving between Algona .and Mason City was run into and , -. Dallas, ?exaV' spent several days of this week » Vteittag "with relatives and friends, to- J Algona. Mr. Pedley. is an ah- man" pUot and carries mail to southern Texas. He leaves Dallas for Fort Worth and San Antonio, then on to Brownsville and Galveston. On his return he goes via Brownsville, San Antonio, Houston, and Waco, to Dallas. H6 is with^ the Southern Air . Transport Company. Mr. Pedley lived in Algona when a boy, his parents being Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pedley, who lived Bouth of Algona. They now reside at Cedar Falls. Mr. . and Mrs, Pedley expect to leave tomorrow for Cedar Falls lor a short visit when they wUl return south. He stated that he drove a car north on his vacation rather than fly as that would not really seem a -vacation. ployed throughout the county. Apparently the most economical and cheapest method on large patches Is that practiced, on the R. A. Haglund farm ne'ar Swea City where two crops of com were followed by heavy seeding of alfalfa. WhUe the second crop of hay was being taken from the field last week very few thistles could be found among the stubble and those found were generally weak and small. Similar reports on alfalfa as a smother crop have come from Phil Buffington of Buffalo; township; Otto Westling of LuVerne and many others. Albert West of Ledyard varied this method by seeding sudan grass two successive years as a smother crop. Two or three years' of cultivated crops such as corn or soy beans using a surface cultivator or similar shovels on other makes; followed the next year by early variety of small grain and summer fallowing after grain is removed, then seeded to alfalfa in the fall or use of sudan grass as a smother crop for two years, shows no loss of crop and perhaps a minimum of extra labor. Patches sprayed at the Cteorge Patterson tfarnv Burt; J.-H^Jtepsen farm, at Seh,ecaiind'SeYeral,otae? i Bihave giv,- one 'The driver of the outlaw car was located and plead gultlv to reckless driving and was fined *80.00 and costs, and without the efficient work on the part of officers, the driver of a car could not be apprehended, because the car might bear false numbers or be in the hands of a thief. We believe if the editor.of the Bancroft Register had been in the shoes of the man from Badger, Iowa, who had his car so badly demolished, Bald editor would have sounded the praises of Burt's "small town copper and the other officers who assisted in the capture and punishment of the criminal. Every good citizen should be willing to suffer the little inconveniences caused by the enforcement of law and order, so that we all may enjoy the large liberty and freedom and righto AGAINST STATS INCOME TAX LAW. ' • . .>-1 . • i • ''-' i 1 " I i'- '-'-' Condemns Recent * Tariff Measure as a "Gold Brick" Passed by the G. O. P. to Blind ttoa Farmer. Alex BonstotteV arid 'J. H. Sheridan of Bancroft and perhaps other Kossuth county democrats attended the democratic state convention at > Des Moines yestcrdKy. • (Mr. Bonstetter, who is the democratic candidate for the state legislature^ from Kossuth, was chairman of the county delegation to the Des Moines convention*. The resolutions passed' by the convention demanded modification . of the Volstead act pending a referendum on the eighteenth amendment. . ,«Two <fold modification of the enforcement acfr'«was advocated, tnFirst, the prohiblton plank indorsed liberalization >of, the \Vplstead acts', definition of .intoxicating -liquor. Second, it ptoprosed return of control to .state option. ' " *4>-^'.#4> * ' •""' Favor Prompt Aoi^n. Both amendments, theiplatform declared, can be accomplished by legis- COUNTY CLUBS TOHAVETRYOUTS Winners of Local Contests to Represe|| .County. Jessie Bockholdt Dies at Lakota. „.July 22. Special: Miss Jessie' ^ockhpldt passed away last Wednesday Afternoon -at the home of her parent^/Mr? and Mrs. Anton^ Bockholdt, 1 SPiith'of town. She had been Ul for'-"'Shout two years. About three mpnfo£» ago, - she ^ was brought home fronsFoakaale and gradually grew ~eer. Tuneral services were held on cated at Arnolds-Park, Lake Okobo- Ji, where he has lived for the past four years. Olin* is hardly recognizable by Algonians visiting the resort as he Is wearing a handsome uniform and cap as captain of the "Red DevU," one of the fastest gasoline -: launches on the lake. Olin" says the orders are not to go faster than fifteen mUes an hour since the terrible accident of last summer. The "Bed DevU," captained'by Cliff can easily make forty-five miles per hour. Cliff says that last summer's drowning of nine people on the lake has not affected the demand for boat rides. The only complaint is because the boats are not allowed to go faster than fifteen miles. This is a fast age and people will take all kinds of chances with death for a thrill. Saturday from the Reformed church near German Valley and burial was made there.'. She leaves her parents, four sisters and five brothers to mourn her ?arjy death. Miss Stacy Weds South Dakota Man. Miss Florence Stacy of Ringsted, Iowa, was united in marriage to Lyle J. Madsen of Arlington, South Dakota, on Tuesday of last week. The wedding took place In Atlantic, Iowa. The reception was'held at the home of the Bride% mother, Mrs. F. M. Stacy, of Ringsted. Only .relatives of the bride and groom attended. The newlyweds left Saturday for their home in Arlington, South Dakota. The bride is a sister of Mrs. Lars Sorensen, formerly of , Algona, who now makes her home with her mother at Ringsted. . been 'four, times- during the past two years without effecting a one hundred .per cent kill, • Men who operate fheir own land) local landlords, and many tenants are apparently making extra efforts this season to start weed eradication work to earnest. Meetings held have averaged over thirty attending at each place which is unusual at this season with everyone apparently interested in getting rid of his noxious weeds. Cultivation, smother crops and chemicals and the cooperation of all men in a community will rapidly reduce, our thistle acreage, according to R. H. Porter, botanist of Iowa State College, who does considerable work in Kossuth county. Standard Oil Company Erecting New Station. The Standard Oil Company is erecting a new Super Service station on their lot east of the Swift Produce nlant. The company has maintained ,„,.„„.„... a station there for a number of years. S rowd ed into the <Utch,. The JTH. SS5 station win cover the entire who dld it did not stop, but the .The Mile iicw pu»v*v+* ?*+•• ^- • ~ . .- *-««f quarter of the block with the front end used as an oil service room/ and the b£ck M a service department by H, D, Olapsaddle, who operates.^ Tire Shop one half blppk the station. He will . move .all p . equipment as soon as the build-- ing to completed which must be bv er 80. The old station will down as soon as the new one »;/- , to w> ctty- who er of the car to the ditch fortunately secured their number and reported . it. The car was in the name of .Mrs. John Schumacher, who UW west of .Ban- , . croft and whose husband is a road con tractor, The car was evidently being driven by two of his employes ( and when reported, local offipew notified Sie Burt officers to an attempt to apprehend the reckless driver. As a result the Burt omcers gathered Rt the west -of, Burt and did their ts ttwughfc :tbe. driver wi» in- and a* » drunfcep driver Js hoped to let Mm while tion before l»e reaped Bancroft. J$oy Ma* Mania for Contract Was Let For Kossuth Paving. The contract for paving 1.43 mUes, connecting "Highway 18 and 16 between the Vip Jphnson corner and the Junc- ttpp with Highway 16 north of Al- gpna was awarded to the.E. L. Royer Construotion Company of Valley Junction. The bid was fpr $24,180.12, the basis' price $1.80 a square yard, the state to furnish the cement. Contracts were also awarded for pavlrjg in Qnthrie county. The new bridge aorpis the river Is completed except for-flUlng In at the approach and it is expected the new paving will be ready tcptra.Yel Ul late August. J ! g? I l-Pf" " ,!'"'•" ')"• f Country Club Has New Combination, ilng pf the directors of the w ,,_,,_.|>b Monday evening a »»w ipalosiraWnatit?n radip was purchas- •rfiJLA,** a«i YT.«^ n n*->*4 *D f\ QfiiM_ . HyndS »n4 R. O. Bjus the club house. The niach- d for the parties and are held ftt the dub Pony Golf Takes Well in Algona. The pony golf course established In Algona by M. P. Haggard and his son, John, opened up Saturday night and the new sport seems to be very popular, as the links have been crowded each afternoon and evening since. The Algona Country Club golfers have tried the little course out and get a lot of fun out of the trick plays. Roy McMahon, who plays a good game of golf on the club course, parred the pony course early, making the eighteen holes in forty-five. The game Is played with putters and golf balls furnished by the management. Those who have seen the pony golf courses of neighboring cities say that the Algona course Is ahead of most of them. It Is Ipcated Just east of the old Central school building, which Is being torn dpwn, on pdTcCrregor street. In Charge pf Golf Cowrae Publicity. Pr, and Mrs, F, L. Trlbon recently had a letter-from their daughter, Mrs. OtJS HaddocJs of Glendale, Arl• iwnbered as Glashe told of an ,jif which she Is been made ad- a new PPny goU •* -*-*5shed at good with -• jp of Bankers' Life Co. Meeting in Algona. The Bankers' Life Company under direction of agency manager, R, L. Bailey, held a district meeting and school of instruction at the Hotel Algona July 22. Thirteen salesmen including agency manager, R. L. Bailey and agency cashier, Geo. K. Snook of the Mason City agency attended. Seven counties of the fifteen covered by the Mason City branch were represented, including, Kossuth, Floyd, Cerro Gordo, Mitchell, Worth, Wlnnebago and Butler. Mr. BaUey was assisted with instructions by H. W. Jackman of Algona, district agent of Kossuth county and M. D. Kieler of Forest City, district agent of Winnebago county. Mr. Bailey advises us that the Bankers' Life Company has enjoyed an eighty-seven per cent Increase in business in the Mason City branch the first six months of 1930 over the corresponding jerlod pf 1929. A good percentage of ;his increase is contributed by Kossuth county. , lation entirely consistent'! with the constitution. In the meantime, the party favored prompt congressional action submitting repeal of the eighteenth amendment. • i " Represents Compromise. The plank represented a compr between the out-and-out "repeal^ return" advocates and t h 9 ty. Fred P. Hagemann,o dldate for governor,?. plank when he de outat the his Senator Returns from Illinois to Visit old Friends. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cassell and their married daughter, Mrs. Ed. Vogel, and her famUy were visiting In Algona last Saturday with their old friend, Frank Hlg, and later went to St. Joe for a visit with old friends. Mr. Cassell came to Kossuth with his brother-in- law, Mr. Yackley, in 1892, and bought the old D. A. Haggard half-section farm south of Irvington In Sherman township for $25 per acre, a good price in those days. After living on the place eight years Mr. CasseU sold it to Gottlieb Gronbach for $55 per acre and returned to his old home at Illinois, 28 mileS this -M' .^,> '<fe I *&, m^^i 0, JKossuth County Baby Beet Calves ,to be Taken to State Pair at PCS Moines This Year. (By County Club Agent Thorngren). Preliminary tryouts for the county livestock judging team to represent Kossuth county at the state fair will be held Wednesday, July 23. All club members having livestock projects are eligible to compete. Some of the younger boys with no club experience will probably be at a disadvantage in competing for the team. Nevertheless the training should be t valuable and it will give them a much better opportunity to make the team in following years. At the state fair contest two classes each of horses, beef cattle, dairy cattle and hogs will be Judged. Kossuth county wUl also be represented with a grain Judging team. Tryouts for this team will be announced at a later date. Last year our grain Judging team composed of Willie Moore, Orville Thorson, Lenus Peterson and Maynard Jensen, all of Swea Oity, placed sixth In the state competition. We had no livestock team. Plans for five dairy demonstration teams are now under way. Demonstrations at the county fair will be given on fitting and showing dairy calves; production of clean milk; judging and pedigree selection; eliminating cream separator losses; cow test association and feeding. The demonstrations will each be conducted by two boys. They will be 15 to 30 minutes in length. The winning demonstration team will represent Kossuth county at the Waterloo Dairy Cattle Congress this fall. The Lakota dairy calf club held its tour on Thursday of last week. Stops with Jerry Heetland, Berschmans, Smiths, Krochs, Winters and Prices were made. Eight or ten of the best baby beef ^ side of Chicago, where he still resides on his farm which is now farmed by his son. Crops are looking well in Illinois, but times are hard and real estate is at a low ebb, Mi-. Yackley now lives near the Cassells at the old home in Illinois. Rotary Club Heard "Dick" Monday. The Rotary club met at the New Aljgona Hotel Monday. The guests were Rptaria,ns Bert France of Emmetsburg a»a Bert Harwood of Clarion. Con- grewjau Piekwson was also present and gave a short talk on some of the he experienced during his fw the united states TllB note 8peech''o r f,BeifStor'''Oan Steck'^ the state convention* of the f 4emocratlo party in Des Moines ? Tuesday':. ' "When that party catng tatq,yj „ the country was prospering f& It haa never prospered. Our peop)e happy and contented enjoying »a v dard of living never before reach . v ,. any people. There was work for all who wanted work, wages were satisfactory, the farmer was receiving a fair return on his Investment and labor and our factories were work tog full time to supply the demand for their goods. Such were conditions when the republican party took over the nation's business after eight years of,',- democratic management. "I will not recount the many progressive and stabilising measures given to the country by a democratip president and a democratic congress working in complete harmony, We democrats will forever' be proud of the record written during those years, a record free of graft or- cpvruption^fnd-— -~i filled with patriotic service ancT^pro- gresslve acpmpllshment. Let us not again retell the history of these first years of republican rule. We arei'demo- crats, but first; of all we are, Americans. We love pur pountry. W.e are proud of it, and as loyal Americans we take'no pride in recalling the re- Cord of .those years, : Crisis After Crisis, 'Ever since the republican party captured control of the country we have had one crisis after another; the- farm deflation of 1920' an^ 1921, from which we have never recovered; the unprecedented unemployment problems of 1922 and 1929 and 1930; the' flood of bank failures commectog; in 1921 and continuing down .to tho calves in the county will be taken to | present; the financial panics of 1929 the state fair this year. This will be the first time any baby beef calves have been exhibited from Kossuth county. Carl Oldsen, secretary of the Iowa Beef Producers' Association, and Prof. Stevenson of the animal husbandry section of Iowa State College, made tentative selections of the calves we will exhibit while in the county last week. These will be' announced about August 1. The best purebred dairy cattle in the county will be exhibited at the Waterloo Dairy Cattle Congress late this fall. Selection of these can be made at the county fair, September 1 to 5th. Harry Linn was in the county Friday, July 18. A colt fitting and showing demonstration was put on at the O. M. Gross farm near Lone Rock. Several of the boys in the colt club are now able to braid the manes and tails of their colts and 10 show them to good advantage. Whalen Arrested Again Last Week, John Whaler who was arrested a week or so ago for transporting liquor, was arrested ftgftin last week for driving A car wit)} improper license plates He is employed by John Schumacher near Bancroft. Schumacher posted a $100.00 appearance bond for Whalen and 1930; the fall in prices of farm products to a point lower than at any time in sixteen years; factories closing down entirely or working part time; an unprecendente^ record of bankruptcies and mortgage" foreclosures; manufacturers and jobbers unable to dispose of their stock on hand; falling off of ouv exports: the loss of the friendship and good will of all the nations .of the world. "It does not seem .possible that any party or any set of officeholders could have so completely destroyed the prosperity and contentment which existed when the republican party took control to 1921", E f C. McMalion Won Tournament. . ament whips was held lasrweek end- tog 8ui»djiy at thj local club there were 4J3'v«P turpsi In scores, E. C. McMahon turned (p low n^t,,pf thirty which means Jhe Iqweat Sjijpre for nine holes less one^half of hjs .Jjandjcap. D. E. Pewel and^ ' -' - ""' second with the ipw MqMahon, , H.. d. Lacy, jjpf »,et pf jf,,ii,$fl,a.t

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