The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1930 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1930
Page 10
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tfppe? Bes Moiii^SegublieBfl, M? IS,. MjD ty Off ice Seek- •ffatfKteOtf for Office Costs Money. *.^ ~; «-t • 'H, - LOSING CANDIDATES MtfST ALSO FILE, Should be fifed Thirty Days After the Election. Several Have Neglected to file Accounts. candidates for county offices in the recent primary election, are, under the law, required to file their expense accounts with the county auditor not more than thirty days following the election. Several of the candidates have not yet filed but the following are on record with sworn statements at the auditor's office: For Sheriff. Tu. E. Hovey i.. .$116.40. F. W, Oreeri 120.01 Perry Phillips 124.43 ,,.;, For Auditor. Bertha ; E. .Johnson, 125.06 • . For Recorder. Laura Paine .'.:-.'. 8705 Mrs. Harriet ^Warburton ...... 00.30 i , j i, For Coroner. Leon Merrltt 60.10 W. E. Laird ':....• 17.40 1 For clerk of the courts, C. Orton reports nothing. '' For county attorney, G. D. Shumway, nothing. .\" f~, For cculSty/Areas^rer, H. N. Kruse, $49.53/>,., Jf '-'• ' J. J,-Dpoley; democrat candidate for audltq^->«)Jort8 postdge, rfc-rty cents. "**"-* Qe&S&f? x»^r^.. :: . ;r: :; :::: : ;:; $38.95 b ffialrfenuuv 34.30 •" ,.; 39.20 ...,-...,,,,. , 19.25 Olaf"Fuhnemark ..'. 14.46 W. S. Cpagrc-ve ., 7.90 None of the candidates report having received any campaign expenses. Winkel family Held ; Reunion at Livermore. >3J r ' " t ff\ -Union township, July 15. Special:— OTie Jacob Wlnkel family enjoyed a Hilda Wlchtendahi was a Whittemore caller Thursday. Frank schallln of Algofca was a Letts Creek caller Wednesday. Helen Ohm spent a few days week at the Frank Pompe home. Stella Flene left for Iowa City Monday morning Where she is taking nurses last training. Mrs. Albert Kressln and Eleanora Pompe were ftVhlttemore shoppers on Thursday. Mrs. Karl Dreyer assisted at the Fred Jacob home in Whittemore a few days last week. . Lillian Kressln of Algona spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kressin. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pompe and family spent Thursday evening at the M. A. Meyer home. Mrs. Frank Pompe and children visited at the August Mielke home In Whittemore Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler and Phyllis visited at the Wm. Rusch home In Whittemore Friday evening. Nick Gengler and H. R. Zumach of Whittemore attended a grocers' meeting at Hurt Thursday evening. Wm. Meyer and brother, Carl, and wife of Chicago have been visiting relatives and friends the past week at this place. Mr. and Mrs. John Dettman of Hurt and Mrs. Aug. Markgraf of Fort Worth, Texas, were dinner guests at the Nick Gengler home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schallln, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Llesner and Mrs. Kahn of Algona were entertained at the Herman Relsener home Sunday. Gertrude, Stella, Johanna, Margaret and Ada Flene, Wm; Leisner and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke spent Friday evening with Mrs children. .H. E. Ohm and Don't forget the ice cfeam social at the B. Gould home Thursday evenlflg sponsored by the Mothers and Daughters club. Everyone Is invited to come and bring your friends. A good program will start around nine o'clock. There will be Ice cream for all besides a good" time. The Alethean Four-H club girls met at the Jandl home last Wednesday afternoon. Their leader, Miss Lavina Wlnkel Was at the Okoboji Four-H club girls' camp and could not be present. The meeting was conducted by their president, Edith Jandl. A hide group of jrlrls were present, and a delightful lunch was served, Farmers are busy cutting grain although some of the grain Is a little green, failing to dry entirely under the •severe heat we endured last week. There are more tractors being used this year to try and relieve the horses from the heat. However, we are enjoying a cool spell at present. The train promises to be a good crop. The potato crop does not look so promising as it needs rain badly. Clifford Reibhoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reibhoff, accompanied by his brother, Floyd, and his wife, motored to Mllltown, Wisconsin, last Friday, returning home Monday. They visited at the home of the boys' sister, Mrs. Clarence Dau. Mr. Dau Is also a former resident of Union township, being the son of Herman Dau. Mrs. Dau was formerly Agnes Reibhoff, also from this locality. Enroute the party stopped at the Interstate National Park known as the "Dells". They reported lovely weather for then- trip and also made record time, leaving here In the morn- Ing and eating dinner at their destination. The trip is" about three hundred miles. SWEA 00* tfEWS the home of his sister, Mrs. & H. Maf»" ray,- , Boettcher was uf f«KH sea City ever the week entl fSf it jgjjt at the home of her mother", Mrs, Tfflie ST. BENEDICT NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer were Algona shoppers Saturday evening. Mrs. J. N. Studer left Friday for Cresco to attend the funeral of her aunt. Miss Estella Simons left last week -picnic.-at-the Ralph Clark home to XlverfflorjB',8unday, Those present be- ,ei<Ies< th<? Wlnkel-and dark families, •wtreMibretwiv^nkel,,Florida; Frances 'and Lavtou-Winkel, and Mr, and Mrs. John Jacobs;,' a.rid* daughter, He!eu Marie of TTnlonj .iiawrence Winkel and family of Algona; George Winkel, Whlt- teir.ore; Mrs. ; John Wlnkel, and daughter, Mary, 'ert'Bj&'ncroft' Mr.- and Mrs. ' - - - fannly of Britj; Mr. Donald; and •I,.:MT, Mr. and Mrs. James Coady, Walter and Julia Coady spent last Sunday at the park at West Bend. Miss Loretta Wlnkel is home from her duties at Tampa, Florida, for a visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schoby, of New Ulm, Minnesota, and Mrs. J. F. Schoby of Algona were guests Thursday of Mrs. Glen Jenklnson. ' The Busy Bee club did not have a meeting as scheduled last weke, so have postponed It until this week Friday. It Is to meet at the home of Bessie Bush. Mrs. Ralph Wlnkel and two children, Bernard James, and Florence, of Morris, Illinois, are expected the last of this week for a visit at the Jacob Winkel home. The Joe Arndorfer family and Christina Gould of Union and the William Neuroth and Frank Erdmann families of Sexton enjoyed Sunday at the park and grotto atiwest'Bend. , Mrs. 'George BoeVers of Mason City was a caller at the James Coady home last Friday, : She went from there to Burt to vlalt the Paul Kriethe family. The Coady farm Us the former Boev- eWr'tiQme. 7 .f >';;,' - tf John Jacobs has been at for St. ployed. Joe, where she will be em- at our reduced prices, —one pair pliers with each Tiger bat- feed 5fcg sale July lathjb. 36th, Official kapok Diamond ball 69c.— Gam- Wf Stores," Twenty ' temore the, pa$t. three weeks keeping house for her 'brother, George Winkel. Mrs, Winkel has been visiting her parents at Kingston, Illinois, and returned home Monday. "Mrs. John Jacobs, her sister, Loretta and Lavina Wlnkel, drove to Fort Dodge Tuesday. Mrs. Jacobs and Loretta spent the day shopping and Lavina took the train from there to Iowa City to spend a week visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Seipman are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby boy this last Sunday. Mrs. Seipman was formerly Miss Llla White, daughter of Mrs. Herman Dau. Mrs. Seipman is being cared for by Mrs. Lloyd Stebblns, nurse, at her home In Algona. Miss Ella Simons of Algona spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Mary Simons. • Mrs. P. F. ImmerfaU spent Sunday evening with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Joe Rahm, Sr. Leo ImmerfaU of Mason City spenl Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs P. F. ImmerfaU. Mrs. Greg Studer has been seriously ill the past week, but at this writing is slowly improving. The Mrs. J. L. and N. H. Raskpo: and Mrs. J. O. Downs were shoppers a Algona on Monday. Miss Irene Kellershon of New Hamp ton spent last week at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elsenbarth. Miss Anna Gerleman, who is em ployed at Algona, spent Sunday with her father, Ferdinand Gerleman. Mr. and Mrs. George Simons and son Bobby, of Irvington spent Sunday with George's mother, Mrs. Mary Simons. < Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanlg and daughter, Marjorie Ann, of Ackley spent Sunday at the Wm..Arndorfe 'home. - Mrs. Rose Arndorfer, son, Bernard Robert Wltte and T. F. Howard spen Sunday, evening at, the home of Mr and Mrs, George Arndorfer. Mr, and Mrs. Charles Marso an children of Crystal Lake spent las Wednesday at the ftome of the latter; parents, Mr, and Mrs. Greg Studer. Miss Alice Breen of Mlnneapoll spent the last week end with Mr. am Mrs. Joe Rahm, Sr. Miss Breen was former school teacher here many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bullard of Iowa Falls spent Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al Rosenmeyer. They were on their way home from a two weeks' vacation at points In South Dakota and Minnesota. Mrs. Bullard is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huschka of Bradford, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. 'WUii&m Petersoh left Monday for Oaliforhla to remain to- [eflnitely. County Agent Morrison and family were week end guests at the Myron Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. George Guest of Mon- ana, are house 'guests at the R. A. Jravender hoitte. Mi-, and Mrs. J. F, Olson and family ,f Rockford, Illinois, are visiting at the >. W. Larson hotae this week. The hot weather on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday took a large toll f deaths of horses to this vicinity. The members Of the Epworth League re attending the League Institute at Lake Okobojl this week. Rev. and Mrs. B. L. Weaver accompanied them, E. O. BergeSon froth larlvllle, Uli- jols, is visiting, at the W. O. Nelson lome. He returned with the Ed. Bereson family, Who spent a week vislt- ng relatives to Illinois.. Loren Anderson of Chicago returned o his home to that city Saturday, tlrs. Anderson and Son will remain anther two weeks visiting her mother, ,Jrs. C. F. Peterson and other rela- ves. The Dr. C. W. Lundqulst, P. C. Dahl, . W. Larson and W. O. Nelson fam- les enjoyed a picnic at the city park n Friday evening With Mr. and Mrs. . F. Olson and family of Rockford as onor guests. Mrs. P. C. Dahl entertained a corn- any of friends on Saturday afternoon omplimentary to Mrs. Peter Nelson nd Mrs. H.'C. Johnson of California, wjio are making an extended visit with relatives here. Mrs. P. C. Dahl entertained a company of former school mates of her daughter, Mrs: Hubert Kruse of OTNell, Nebraska, on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Kruse Is making an extended visit with relatives. A social afternoon was en- oyed. Miss Ardella Hovey was hostess at a birthday party on Wednesday evening. ?riends enjoying the courtesy wete: Mildred Thorson, . Harriet Erickson, Lois Link, Darlene Kesler, and Francis and Kathryn Thompson. Games were played and a lovely luncheon was served by Mrs. Hovey. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jensen, who were seriously Injured- to an auto accident a week ago, were sufficiently recovered to be removed from Armstrong, to their home recently. Mrs. Jensen had her jaw bone broken to two places and her arm broken. Mr. Jensen suffered a few bruises to his chest and leg. Their many friends wish them a speedy recovery. Dolph Miller reached home last week Wednesday from a trip to Chicago. Mrs. Cora Virgin and daughter, Thelma, of .Lincoln Nebraska, were visitors Monday evening at the E. C. Potter home. * Mrs. Ellen Potter of Chicago and Iliousasid UST as the "80-mile" car insures smooth run- ningat 50, so the surplus of mileage in the DUAL-Balloon gives incomparable assurance of trouble- free, uninterrupted running. Whether you keep your car a year, or two or more, inall probability vou will never have a moment's d e 1 a y c h a r g e a b 1 e t o rubber. 'Although riililn-r cost tins' advanced, tin: pr.Ycs «r<- atilt bated <>» thu jitnnci low coil, Tim ln/i ijiiiilit)' tire is sfi" u-iiliiit f/io reach uj all, JOE GREENBERG ' Exclutive Distributor NOTICE. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, will meet August 6th, 1930, at ten a. m., at the court house In Algona, Iowa. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expendl- tiircs at that time. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. FUNDS— Mrs. Martha Potter of Algona spent Sunday night at the home of the latter's son, Lloyd. George Miller'and bride arrived on Saturday afternoon from Flint, Michigan, and are now at the borne of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Mffier. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Varner and baby of Keokuk went home last week, taking Mrs. Mary Teeter to her home at Falrfleld after visiting at the Teeter homes here. Mrs. W. H. Bosworth and baby came home last week Wednesday from Iowa City where the baby had been receiving treatment for three weeks. The baby Is doing well but remains weak. Florence, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hoppe of Bode, former residents of this vicinity, was operated on for appendicitis Saturday morning at the Kossuth hospital and is doing well. Mrs. W. V. Pool of Algona Is at the home of her son, Lloyd, since the first of last week, while Mrs. Lloyd Pool and her sister, Winnie, are at the home of their sister, Mrs. John Kelly, to Lehigh, Iowa. Mrs. Pool Is caring for Mr. -Kelly, who Is ill with typhoid fever and Winnie is looking after the household duties.' The Cleve Stewart family were at Miss JUne Adel Lattiniet of has been visiting here at the « ______ her grandparents, Mr. and Mm Peter Hans, Sf . ' Gerald tfkttia and Albert Wertrija were et Mason City one day last week on business connected with Hie city dray line. duy Beemer Is digging a new Well on the J. H. Burroughs' farm east of town. The farm is tenanted by Richard Price. Mrs. J, C, Randall and MWL -J.Jfc. Heetland were at Bancroft last Tuesday where they visited at the home of Mrs. Alice Anderson. Miss Ellen Meyer, of Albert Lea, is spending a two Weeks' vacation Here at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Meyer, Sr. The members of the Acorn club and their familes enjoyed a plcnld supper Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Delia M. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kahler returned home last week from Victor, where they were called by the death of Mr. Kahler's brother. Mrs. J. O. Randall, who is hers visiting from Glenburn, North Dakota, was entertained at the George Winter home Wednesday. • Fred Parker and Mrs. Laura Penny and daughter, Helen, returned to their homes last week from » visit With relatives to Illinois. Mrs. Peter Wessels and daughter, Valeria, of Buffalo Center Were here last Wednesday as guests at the Herman Wessels home. Nllme Altlzer, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irvln Altlzer, was quite 111 the latter part of last week, having been stung by bees. The rendering works people of Swea- City were in this vicinity several times the past week hauling in horses that had died from the heat. Mrs. M. Kent of Cedar Rapids arrived here last week and Is spending her vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. R. Smith and family. The Wm. prtman family of Charles City have been here the past week, visiting at the home of Mrs. Ortman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jager. Mrs. Guy Hart of Bancroft came over Friday to attend a birthday party that was given to honor of Mrs. Frank Miller at the home of Julia Liesveld. '"'... The gravel pit south of town seems to be one of the popular places these hot days. On Thursday evening it Is said about 150 people were to the water there. Robert Hamilton, Sr., returned home last week Tuesday from a stay of several weeks at Hot Springs, Arkansas, I where he had been taking treatments for rheumatism. " Brechter Lineman, who stays with his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson, left on Saturday for dark' .county, South Dakota, where he will look after his land interests. •> . Mrs. J. J. Rink 'and daughter, Grace, came over from Ledyard last Friday. Grace spent the afternoon visiting .with Ariene Lewis, while Mrs. Rink attended a party at thejJesvdd " 810, rtj at low edit. Pos- all the structural fo< , idandtrmck JRy, endurance, mileage and econ6iriy. Gunt»" Dipping adds thousands of miles of tfouble-freeserrlce, and reduces coat per tire mile. .. . r ' ' V Trade-In The unused mileage in your old tires is worth money. Cash them in on n . .v net today. 4.40-21 $5.53 ^4.50-21 .., /...Jibs'- 6.00-20 .,.<..V.i $8.18525-21 ;. ;,..;•<• $9.71$: Tire Service Co. Glen McMurray .State and J.ones St. "Vic" Lowe . Phone 856.. .Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Pfngle pf Led- yanj «sntei*ained the, following people from here at their home Sunday/ John Liesveld and daughter, Julia, Wade H Ban., and. Mr. and Mrs, George Winter, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Clemans returned home last Tuesday from Red Wing Minnesota, where they had gone to attend the funeral of .the latter's moth- General $110,000 $ 66,642 $ t 30,000 $ 15,000 $ 65,000 $112,620 $101,810 Court Expense 8,000 10,557 6,700 Poor 32,000 6,807 3,000 State Insane 16,000 1,948 County School 15,000 2,385 2,000 Soldiers Relief 5,000 3,242 2,400 Bovine Tuberculosis. 30,000 23,284 17,000 Secondary Ed. Const: Mand'tory (2 mills) 105,000 Option'l (2V6 mills) 27,000 Secondary Rd. Maint: Mand'tory (5 mills) 60,700 Man'ry (7W mills) 80,000 Optional (2 mills) 25,000 ionstruction or Maint: Man'ry (2'/i mills) 30,500 !o. Cash Road Bonds and Interest 37,000 23,212 11,000 Bridge Bds. & Int.. 21,000 11,030 3,000 87,734 3,000 1,000 50,625 5,000 75,000 1,300 26,000 15,000 13,000 2,600 13,000 25,000 27,000 7,813 28,085 14,340 17,154 2,202 12,373 7,049 30,995 15,452 17,036 2,731 11,622 00,700 80,000 25,000 30,500 26,000 18,000 156,171 175,668 26,045 18,090 27,496 17,469 Totals $602,200 $287,406 $ 75,100 $ 94,000 $428,100 $292,693 $407,134 Estimated Taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value $8.9159. NOTICE. The city council of Algona, of Kossuth county, Iowa, will meet July 31, 1930, at .cipiht p. in., at the oity hall. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at that time. Clear Lake Sunday for a family picnic. Mrs. Stewart's Slater, Mrs. Cora Virgin and daughter, Thelma, of Lincoln, Nebraska, a brother, A. C. Fox and wife and two sons of New York City who left Monday for Estes Park, Mrs. Stewart's mother, Mrs, M. E. Worster and husband of Algona were also present. The Mothers and Daughters club met Thursday with Mrs. D. D. Sparks. Roll call was answered with a favorite flower and tree. A recitation, "The Children's Hour," was given by Alice Sparks and an hour was spent to making baskets. Ice cream and cake was served to twenty adults and ten children. The next meeting Place has not been decided upon as yet. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at the Call State Park aa a farewell to Mrs. Alta Stiles and sons, Donald, Delbert and Charles who are to move to Charles City, where Donald has been employed as test man at a dairy farm. A purse was made up and presented to them as a remembrance. Those present from a distance were the Mc- Nlsh family of Kajiawha; Rev. Charles Shackelford of .California: Rus«U Chapman of Fort Podge; Mrs. Ellen Potter of Chicago. Robert Stiles, another son Is testman on the Quarton farm. For a year Donald has been employed on the William Runchey farm. er. Mrs. Kent, who has been visiting here at the home of her sister, Mrs. C. R. Smith the past week, left Sunday for a visit with relatives at Clarion, before returning to her home at Cedar Falls. E. R. worley drove to Mason City Saturday returning home Sunday accompanied by Mrs. Worley and Donald, who had spent the past week there visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Bailey, Mrs. Harvey Johnson and children, Betty and Harold, and Mrs, Wm. Schroeder, Jr., and three daughters, Margaret, Lola, and Dorothy, spent several days last week at Spirit Lake, where the Johnsons have an interest in a cottage. • " V Mrs. S. T, Friets passed away Saturday at her home west of town having been a sufferer the past few months from cancer. The funeral services were,, held Monday 'from the Church at Swea City and burial was made at the Swea city cemetery besld> her husband who died several years ago. Twenty-four ladies gathered at the home of Julia Liesveld last Friday afternoon and gave a birthday surprise for Mrs. Frank Miller, who was seventy-six years old on that (date. The afternoon was spent in visiting, A lunch was served at the close of the afternoon and the guests left for their homes after wishing Mrs. Miller many more happy birthdays. . tion. This 'Is 'Taddy's" first year at the Mercy hospital training school to Mason City. ]\<rs. Charles Seymour and children are visiting relatives near St. Benedict. Mrs. Seymour has been to very poor health and went out to the country to rest. Charles Douglas, who is to charge of the oil station on east main street, has moved his family from Rodman and Is now living to the home of the late Alpbonse Everhart. The Whittemore Elevator Comp'any held a special meeting Saturday afternoon to renew their twenty year charter which had expired. Another twenty year charter was taken out. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mallory and children have gone to Rockwell City and other places to visit relatives. Mr. Mallory ,1s on his vacation from his ditties at the Cavanaugh pharmacy. Mr. and,Mrs. Joseph'-Walters and daughter. Geneva, accompanied by Manr Gappa, drove-to Hollandale, Minnesota/Sunday, where they visited at the home of Mr. and/Mrs., John "~ * k <*.« ' 1'-* ~** and cmjdre/j qf Menominee, Michigiin,* came- CgrWay morning for a visit wftbiMW, Franz> parents, Mr. and ..Mrs. Muerer. .> Mrs. Franz was formerly Miss r Anna 5 Muerr or. A daughter was born last week on Tuesday to Mrr-and Mrs. Al Montag of West Bend. Mrs. Montag was formerly Miss Agnes Duffy, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Martin Duffy, and this is the first child to the family. Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Landsteiner and family of Fairmont, Minnesota, visited Sunday at the John Drew home. Mrs. Drew and Sylvia who had been visit- tog to Fairmont for two weeks .returned to Whittemore with them. Maurice and John Culleii were at ,Wants,- For Sale, Etc. "v The ladies'get silk hose free with every pair of, slippers they buy at Neville's during July. The men folks gee dress socks with their shoes or .oxfords. It pays to trade at Neville's. 5 FARM FOR, BENT—88V6-, acres, -11 miles from Blue Earth; Minnesota. Good farm, fair buildings, 1H miles front town, % mile to gravel road. $7.00 per* acre, three payments, third with contract. 40 acres fenced with woven wire; —E. L.'Vincent, Algona, Iowa. 5-6 FOR SALE—Full blood heavy boned Hampshire boar at farmer prices.— John Byson. V 5-6? FOR RENT—Two sleeping rooms, one block from State street. Phone 834-J. 5 FOR SALE—26-46 Wood Bros, threshing machine.—A. B. Lappe, Bancroft. ' ' - ' " 5 Dr. Salsbury's Poultry Service Company has an opening in this territory, for an experienced poultrymau. : Address replies to Wm. H. Ball, care this paper,, i.,, i 5* x,.FOjDND-r-Pursevleft>to Lusby's drug this; ad.. If you want steady and profitable employment you must have more than an average training, J_You will .get the best training if you attend MankatQ Commercial College, Mankato, Minnesota. • " "B ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. FUNDS— 2,400 EalloonS New Car 300 13,000 50,000 Gene i a! $ 20,000 $ 5,520 $ 2,000 $ Improvement .... J5.000 4,184 1,000 Oracling 2,500 768 Sewer 5.000 8,959 1,000 Water 20,000 5,405 2,000 Light 75,000 73,081 23,000 Fire Equipment 1 3,000 2,000 Fire Malnt. J 2,000 7,573 1,000 Library 3,500 3,070 Band 1,600 320 Park 2,500 1,883 Road Dragging .. 800 846 Swimming Pool .. 6,000 2,742 1.600 2.000 6,000 2,000 1,000 1,000 3,500 1,600 8,600 800 2,500 22,037 $ 1.262 1,537 1,687 30,236 70,013 1.614 1.425 23,863 19,527 2,704 2,169 2,024 10,025 65,696 1,411 4,000 Totals .T.... $156,800 $115,229 $ 33,600 $ 67,700 $ 38,000 $i54,ie3 $ Estimated taxes per 1,000.00 of assessed value $14.40 Taxable valuation (1930) Moneys and Credits 2,600 101,337 Mrs. A. Q. SmJtti was ill last week with a severe cold, Ohas. A- Wtater was a business visitor in Algona last Thursday. Betty Johnson is'at Spencer where she is visiting With relatives. Mrs. Fred Park of Algona was here last Friday visiting at the Frank Miller and John Llesveld homes, Mrs. J. 0. Randall and Gertrude Wortman spent Thursday evening at the N. A. Plngle home at Ledyard. I. E. Wortman, cashier of the Farmers & Dnjver's state Bank, was a bust- ness visitor at Alien* last Thursday Mtes Artene Lewi* spent several days last week »t tfce fcome of her sister Mrs. A. fc, ^orensoji at Buffalo Penter. .... „ „„.,. Woodrow Haawn of Forest Gity (1930)"!'.'.'. $l,005,W0 spent several d»y» here last week aj Fort Dodge Friday attending the funeral of J, R. Mulroney, awousta ol tne boys' mother. Mrs, Johnjpullen. Mr. Mulroney was a bustoesBT,lftan in Fort podge, owning a factory^ that city. Mr, and Mrs. Bert Shetaver and son, Richard, visited relatives'et West; Bend Sunday. The mother of Mrs. Shell- myer, Mrs, Mikes, had the misfortune to catch her hand to an electric fan Saturday and had her hand badly cut. Mr, and Mrs. Phil Oullen, Mrs. Irene Rooney and Mr, Cullen's sister, Mrs. Joseph Mulroney of Emmetsburg drove to Rochester last Wednesday, where Mr. Oulleh will consult with the Mayo Brothers' clinic to regard to his health which has been falling of late, Anna Zita Cwllen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John 'iOullen, left Thursday for Richland, Michigan, where she will be employed as linotype operator, Miss Oullen has been working for th» Whit-, temore Champion since her graduation from the academy a few'years ago. Miss Lucille O'Brien daughter of Mrs. Jas. b'Brien. went to Rochester, Tues« day where she will undergo an exam-r ination at the Mayo clinic. Lucille has not been to the best # health for several months and it is hoped that she will find relief .ifeere, 1 B&e was aceom; panled by Mrs" -WrnQthy O'Brien of FOR SALE—Ice box, porcelain lined. 100 pound capacity. Original cost $100 will sell for $26.00, Call 230. ' 5 FOR SALE—20 sets harness, 24 collars, one stable tent, 28x30, new, one umbrella tent, 10x10, new, blacksmith tools, one rooter beam.—Joe Cosgrove. FOR SALE—8lx room modern house and vacant ,lot, close to, low price.- H. B. Mason, administrator.' 4-5* FOR •RENT—Garage, close to. Call 828-W. ] * '"Algona'a Wife Saving Station."-Kirch's Laundry. ,Phone 267., 50-tf FARM LOANS AT 5'/<% INTEREST City residences'and farms for sale, pur,..,. :f MURTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Red Tag Specials—Guaranteed screw driver, 3c limit 2. Canvas gloves 5c a pair, limit 2 pair while they last. One day only-Saturday, July l2th,T^3am- ble Stores', 4 Mr. Phillips of the Rite Way store, was to Des Molnes on business Monday. Harry Burke was over from Hartley Sunday visiting with his father, Ed, Burke. '••-... Miss Zita McDonnell spent several days last week with her fclendi Verna Gardner, near Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz IJeindrich drove to Minnesota Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Helndricn's brother. Miss Gertrude Farrell is, visiting with an aunt at Arnold's Park. Her father, Frank Farrell, took her to the lakes. Catherine Kelso, daughter Qf Mr. and Mr. James Kelo, is to Chicago where she will visit relatives during the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Brien, daughter, Mary Joice, and John Skelly Lawler. Mrs. with ft* Mrs. skow Thursday , the bedside,'of ..Bowers, Skow visited ire Sunday, petpburg on reeyeeksat '.'to Mount Horeb, WisoQnsJn. k Mr. ' is suffer, ing with dropey. a»4 'hea4.&P ub V?, and is somewhat- improved but is still to a serious condition, Prof. apd/Mr?v ArnpJd Will came on Wednesday from their wedding trip to the Yellowstone' park and through the west. M& Will was Mata gchatt- schneider before her marriage to Mr WiJj last month. They visited until Sunday at the August Schattgchnelder Some and'ihjR went to Fort Podge for a visit before going to Pave nport where the groom &, professor to jfce Trinity Lutheran parochial school. Mr. and. Mrs. Joseph T- Muerjr had a very pleasant family reunion Sunday when their children spent the day and Mrs-' Nick M,uerer, PJgver; |tty here ajrid save-rajftd, || assurance of Quality, j drove from Lawler Saturday and spent w uh them. Those present were Mr_. and Sunday with Mrs. James O'Brien, -- - ^' --^-•-^— «.-i-=3, «Mrs. Rose Goeders of Emmeteburg spent Monday at the J, T> Muerer home, coming over to visit her cousin. Mrs. Franz. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Sjdgmjan, and Mrs. Walter Wegener Qf Fenton were guests Sunday at the hojne of Mrs. Bertha Langerman. Mr. and Mrs, WaJter PuUwd of West Union spent ft fesr the week with Mrs. . Mr. and Mrs. John Erue, Miffs Patricia Ann' Weir Thursday itoi a "— HOBARTON STORE NEWS "With some, the roiJK oP Kindness seems to be Get Down to Bed Rock pan in the buying of Groceries and Meats Flow & Canned Goods Oof ee», -Fresfc Fruits

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