The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1930 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1930
Page 4
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The tfiJpei' Des Molnes-Republican, July Ifl, 1^0 Choose Margaret Weymouth Jackson Copyright by Bobbt-Mefrlll Co. wmj Servle* SYNOPSIS CHAPTER Til—The bridal night IB •pent at Will's home, and next day ' they bceln their married life In a single room In n humble neighborhood. Ernestine realizes the difference her mari'Inpre hnB mnde In her social sphere, but, secure in her love, faces the future bravely. CHAPTER IV—John Poole. WllTs best friend, successful though dissl- pntod artist, gives a birthday party . for Ernestine at Rvioy Paatano's bo- hemlan resort on the fringe of the underworld. Pnstano, notorious «s a TiootloRfter mid gang lender, Irritates . Ernestine by his criticism of Will for bringing his younir wife to such « place. AppenllnK to Will to take her home, he delegates the task to a friend. Tommy Tucker, explaining that ha must see Poolc, who has drank too much, to his home. Ernestine is hurt and Indignant. The situation Is saved by tho appearance of Lorlng and Lillian, wlio had heard of her whereabouts and with whom she leaves the party. CHAPTER V : The First Quarrel • , Ernestine's anger and resentment • grew like a bonfire. .The small front room was cold, but she was unaware of Its temperature or of the frost ' gathering thick on the window. Every• thing was fuel to the flame which •' burned In her. The longer Will delayed the more her anger grew. His cavalier treatment of her. Tommy could take her hornet Mr. Poole . needed him. More than anything else, more, she told herself, than the humiliation of Mr. Pastano's scorn was this fact, that Mr. Poole mattered • more than she did. ' She gave herself up to anger as she had given herself to love — with ' abandon. Will had neglected her. He had humiliated her. She knew that she wou'.d not have cared for any of It so much If she bad not been forced '_ -to see It through the horrified eyes <q^<,libr sister and Lorlng. They were ': "pitying her now. She could Imagine '•• Lillian's comments, Lorlng*s sympn- •ftnyi tt'That was -the crux of the whole ••matter;** And Mr. Poole, the vile old * ''drunkard tf;Wa& •this^the' .sort 'of / 'frleridsWp'-her' marriage; was fa bring She,ba,d;glven,m) everything 1 for ., ," Vyjlf— everything I • Waa be to^ , -flee nothing for "-her? - Could he , not ;, abandon this adoration of an obscene c-old man who t happened to be,,a car- It * wafeotr necessary .' for b'rira'!d v arid bled r- as she- recalled '.•Pastano's > 'con •:' tempt' That strangers should need to . Instruct her as to her proper place— ' .So absorbing were bee thoughts, so ~ wrapped was she In the resounding ' : cadences .ofjier owq. inner tumult, that, . she did, iot .bear tbe outer door- nor Will's -soft *tep on the stairs, when at ' last he came. ' • "Up yet?" be asked In a husky . whisper, "You should hnve been In ; bed two hours ago. It's cold as the devil outside. But what's the mntter. bitten? Aren't you well?" "Don't speak to me!" snld Ernest .In'.-, and the fnct that, like himself, sliu had to lower h?r voice In consideration for pooiili' slroping on either sldu only added to her i-ate. "But Ernestine!" "Don't speuU to me !" she cried again, and this time lier voice was clear. "I uever want to go anywhere with you again." "Be silent," he commanded in a voice low but stem, and Ills eyes leaped back at her with tin anger eijual to her own. "Huvo you lost your wits? Shouting In this place In the middle of the ni^ht?" Ernestine stood, her moutli o[>i;n 11 little In amazement at hi.-; torn.-. Hot wonts tremtilcrt npnn her tongue. "Undress flnd get In bed," Sold Will, "whnt 60 you mean, sitting here, with out more clothes on, In this icy foota? t>6 you Wish to harm yourself?" She laughed, "toti ace concerned abimt my welfare, aren't you?" she taunted him, and for answer he seized her shoulders and gave her a quick tittle shake. "Ernestine," he demanded, "will yon do as t say?" She stood trembling, fighting down the stupid well of tears, reaching out after her departing anger. "Will,"—her voice was as low, as vital as his own—"I'm In such a rage that I have got to talk to you. Ton can't treat me this way. too can't leave me to the courtesy of strangers. You can't take me to such places— where there's drunkenness and Immorality. You have got to be a better husband to me than that I hnve given up everything for you—everything— "When you are In bed, Til talk to yon," he answered, as be threw off his coat and went to the wardrobe and brought her her warm dressing gown, nightgown and fur-lined moccasins. Be nndld the fastening of her dress and before she could arm herself against him, he lifted It off over her head. The satin slip, the silken nn- derthlngs—her body was like colil marble. In a moment. It seemed, she was in nightgown and dressing gown. In bed. and he was drawing off her gossamer hose and chafing her feet In his own cold hands until the mottled skin showed red with blood. Then he tucked her under the covers and brought a chair and snt down beside her. not touching her. Ernestine laughed again. "If you really cared," she said, her eyes dark with anger and pain, "whether I were warmly In bed you might have come with me to see." He was silent. He was very pale. Small beads of perspiration stood upon his forehead In the cold room. "I rim not likely to be 111," she said scornfully. "Don't be afraid of that" Still he did not speak, but looked at her as though he were trying to arrange some momentous decision in his mind. He took a cigarette from his pocket with hands trembling so that when he lighted it he burned himself, and flung the match away with an angry exclamation. "Ernestine," he sold, turning to her, "there is one thing that I will never take from you. You are hysterical now, but no matter how angry, how sick or upset yon are, there Is one thing that you must never say to me. Never again. I won't take It from you." He drew the smoke Into his lungs with an effort at self-control, while she stared up at the blur of him, her dark eyes swimming with tears. "I didn't know that you gave up anything for me," he said. "I thought this marriage was on both sides the satisfying of a strong need. I never asked you to make a sacrifice for me. 'At least, that Is not the way I thought ;of it, .and I, don't*think,you did eltheiv 'Bat if you made one,'! will never'ask you to'.continue It Any time'you want what you left yon have only to put on your hat and go baqk and get it^Thls must, be'Understood between ! You are under no compulsion to tnW\ If yon gave np other things, It was because this-was something you wanted more. "Either our marriage was a gain for both of us, or it was a mistake." "Why don't .you go ahead and remind, me that I proposed to you?" she said,'too helpless In her own emotions to be sensible. "Did you?" he nsked coldly. "1 thought the matter was spontaneous. I thought it was Inevitable. Don't cheapen yourself with such a thought But however It happened, It was not a sacrifice. I will not be sacrificed for. I don't want anybody to give up any- thlna for rae. Understand?" (Continued Next Wednesday). Fenton News Items Fenton Boy Married— A quiet wedding took place Thursday afternoon, July 3, at Oraettlnger when Miss Lucille Brennan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brennan of Utlca, South Dakota, and George Melnke, son of Mrs. Elmelie Mlenke, oi this place were married. After the ceremony the young couple left for Lake Okobojl to spend their honeymoon. They returned to Penton Sunday evening. The bride graduated from Emmetsburg high school this Spring. The bridegroom was bora and reared in this vicinity and is wi industrious farmer. They will be at home to their many friends on the old home place. Monday evening a large number of friends gathered at their home to give them a charivari. Legion Celebration— The local post of the American Legion is sponsoring a celebration on Thursday, July 24, at Penton, Senator O, w. Patterson of Hurt will give the address for the day at ten o'clock. Two base ball games are scheduled for the aftornono. Lotts Creek vs. Fenton for the first game. Two fast professional ball clubs will cross bats for the second game. At five p. m. the American Legion kitten ball team from Swea City will play the local team. This game will be. free to. the public. There will be a street concert at seven- thirty by the "Seven Ramblers" and at eight-thirty a dance and good music will be assured for the dancers. Free Passes—Several free passes were given away Saturday by way of advertising the chautauqua which is being held here this week. One free season pass and two passes for the Monday evening program were hidden in the block west of the school house. Hazel Weisbrod found the season ticket and Fred SUgman and Ruth Glaus the Monday evening passes. In the evening the youngsters formed a parade and a season ticket was given to Perry Jensen for being the most ridiculously dressed. Edmund Krause got the second prize of a ticket for Monday evening. M. E. Picnic— The M. E. Brotherhood and their families held a picnic at Interlaken Thursday. Those attending from Fenton were Rev. and Mrs. E. T. Gerkin, MissFanny Gerkin, J. H. Castle, Mr. A Demonstration of High Finance. Another West Bend Jornal "Flapper" Btory: A man mortgaged his home to buy an automobile. Then he went around and tried to mortgage the car to get money to build a garage. "How are you going to buy gas," curiously inquired the man of whom the loan was asked. "Well," replied the other slowly, "If I own a house, a car and a garage I should think any dealer would be willing to trust me for gas." i****u*mB*sauxmtiK*m**m*m**************** CLOSING OUT! B m Refrigerators and Porch Furniture • REDUCTION m m Foster Furniture Co. mt- *************************************** and Mrs. J. ^F. Newel, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hayenga and granddaughter, Shirley Mae Haase, Rudolph Hayenga, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Stephenson and daughter, Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber and daughter, Gladys, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wlddel and son, Mervln and Duane. Fottr-H Club Met— The rgeular meeting of the Four-H club was held at the home of Alice Dreyer Tuesday afternoon, July 8. Roll call was answered by "Different Suggestions for' Cleaning Dresses." Lorena Dreyer gave a demonstration on "Stiitahle .Materials and Making oi School Dresses." Snapshots were taken of the group after the meeting. There were present, the- leader, thirteen members, an dtwo visitors,-,, Refreshments were served, v • s Rent Cottage— J. H. Castle, Mae Zwlefel, Marjorie Bailey, Maxlne Weisbrod, Veneta Volgt, Vivian' Glaus, Mabel and " Florence Laabs, Pauline Osborn and Mildred Goetch left- Monday, morning for Lake Okbboji. where'they have rented a cottage and will attend the Epworth Institute which is being held there. Mrs. Kate Newel accompanied them and will chaperone the group. Hans Toft of Ringsted was a visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuyhl on Tuesday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haase returned Friday from a few days' vacation spent in fishing at Long Lake, Minnesota. Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Whitlow and family of Swea City were entertained at the Frank Bailey home on Sunday. Mrs. Marines Nelson underwent an operation for appendicitis at the McCreery hospital in Whlttemore on Friday. Mrs. R. C. Goetsch and son, Richard, and Mrs. F. H. Elgler and daughter, Mary Jane, were Fairmont visitors Friday. A. P. Peterson returned home Monday after visiting the past two weeks with relatives in Des Moines and Sterling, Illinois. Kenneth Ranney of Anoka, Minnesota, spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of his uncle, O. J. Ranney. iMr. and Mrs^ Karry Wl<|ael left Monday morning for Waterloo to attend the funeral of Mrs. Widdel's cousin, Mrs. H. C. Blitzman. Mrs. Samuel Warner and children, Lola and Melvin motored to Cedar Rapids for a visit at the home of Mrs. Warner's son, Walter Warner. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Osborn and Clarence Osborn of Seneca and Miss Irene Newel were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Maxine Weisbrod. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lundgreen and family of Cedar Falls were entertained at the Robert Kyhl home last week Sunday. Mrs. Lundgreen is a sister of Mr. Kyhl. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Monson and children of Haifa spent last week Tuesday at the home of Robert Kyhl. Mr. Monson and Mrs. Kyhl are brother and sister. The M. E. Ladies Aid society will meet this week Friday afternoon In the church parlor. Hostesses are Mesdames Chris Ruske, E. W. Ruske, J. A. Schwartz and John Ulfers. Mrs. Kate Newel and niece, Miss Irene Newel and Brank Bailey and son Hadley, returned Tuesday evening from a visit with relatives and friends at different points In Minnesota. Miss Alma Wolfgram who Is employed at the Sllverberg store in Fairmont, is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram and other relatives this week. South Dftfcotft, wrrlved here SftturdHy and win spend ft two weeks' vacation at the hohte of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Stamer, Mid other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosenberg fcnd Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hlllmfm and family and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Neuseh and family of Manaska were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wllbert Kol dorf Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. 0. Molding and children, Shirley Arm, and Jlmmte, came last week Tuesday for a visit at the O. H. Graham home. Mrs. Hold* ing is a sister of Mr. Graham. They left Wednesday evening. The Standard: Bearers 'held their regular meeting at the home of Miss Agnes Goetsch Monday evening. A large attendance was reported and a new member was added to the list. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. M. Weisbml were Algona visitors Saturday. Their grand' daughter, Verona Weisbrod, returned with them after having spent the past several days at the home of her grand* mother, Mrs. J. A. Kresensky, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern and family and Mrs. Kern's sister, Mrs. Jay Woods, of Gowrie, drove to Renwick ast week Wednesday. to spend the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kern's daughter, Mrs. Dean Nellla. Harlan Holdorf, the Uttle five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wllbert Holdorf, celebrated his biithday last Week Tuesday by inviting a number of his playmates to his home. Games were dayed and at four o'clock lunch was icrved. ' Henry Schulte received a telegram on Saturday notifying him of the death of his grandmother at Gaylord, Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs, Schulte and children left Sunday to attend the funeral and they will visit with relatives there for a, few days. Several farmers hi this vicinity lost horses due to the intense heat the past week. Ed. Weisbrod, Ben Leudtke, Henry Theesfeldt and Wm. Donahue each lost one and Sam Vanderby lost two. There were others whose names were not learned. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Smith drove to Kiester, Minnesota, Sunday for a visit at the Kinder home. Miss Wln- nifred Kinder accompanied them on their return them on their return for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham and two sons, Bruce and Gordon, spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Graham's father, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Peters at Hurt. The occasion was Mr. Peters': sixtieth birthday. Bruce remained there for a longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weisbrod accompanied by their daughter, Mrs. Jay Woods, motored to Algona Friday where Mrs. Woods took the bus and returned to her home in Gow-' rie, concluding a visit of several weeks with relatives and friends here. Dr. Sherman Meyers, a chiropractor from Emmetsburg, was a business visitor in Fenton, last week Thursday. He has rented two rooms over the F. J. Weisbrod store, and it is his intention to be here, beginning July, 19, for, service during the evenings. . Mr.\ and Mrs. Wm. Stamer entertained Mr. and . Mrs. Amos Finnestad and.,family and Mr. .and Mrs. Weber Yeager and' son Clarence, at their, home Sunday; In honor of their son,, Rudolph, who "is here ori his va-~ cation from McLaughlin, South Dakota. Editor and Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe of Titonka and Supervisor and Mrs. Funnemark of Wesley.'; were entertained at a six o'clock dinner : at '.the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod Monday evening. They enjoyed eating some of the fish Donald brought back from northern Minnesota. H. P. Weisbrod and daughter, Iva, motored to Storm Lake Sunday where they were met by Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Werrel of Clarinda and Mrs. H.. P. Weisbrod, who has been visiting her daughter, at Clarinda the past week. Mrs. Weisbrod accompanied her husband home on their return trip, A number of Fenton women attended the Seneca Lutheran Aid society meeting which was untertalntd at the home of Mrs. John Osborn in Seneca, Thursday afternoon. Those attending were Mesdames J. A. Schwartz,. H. C. Lindsay, F. J. Weisbrod and daughter, Maxlne, and Mrs. P. H.* Jensen. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives and friends in northern Minnesota. Ernie did some fishing while there and we are inclined to believe his fish stories because we ate some of the samples he 'brought home, and they didn't seem to be any exaggeration for size either. Rev. and Mrs. E T. Gerkin drove to Spirit Lake Monday. - Miss Fanny Gerkin, who has been spending the past week or more with her brother here, returned with them to her home in Spirit Lake. Rev. and Mrs. Gerkin will attend the Epworth League Institute which is being held at Lake Okoboiji this wfeek. Miss Blanch Finnestad arrived at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lars Finnestad, last week from Min- A number from this Vicinity drote to High take Tuesday to hear Rev. Cleveland speak at a plcnld held by the Hopttg Sunday School it that plM*. R*v, Cleveland is A radio pastor at Station WHAX, Yankton, South Dakota, and many listener* in were la* tettstea tn seeing him wad hearing him speak. According to reports ft good man? were surprised in both his looks and LONE ROOK NEWS. nesota, where with relatives she has been visiting for some tune. Miss Finnestad has resigned her position which she has held in Minneapolis for the past several years, and will remain at home for the present. Mrs. W. B. Richards and daughters, Ruth and Edna of Rushford, Minnesota, arrived Saturday for a visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Weisbrod and with other friends. The Richards are former residents of Fenton. Mr. Richards was a mail carrier while h jre and is now employed as an elevator manager at Rushford. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jentz entertained at a six o'clock dinner party on Albert Rooter of PfUrmont visited at the N. L. Cotton home one day last week. Mr. and Mrs, Clarence Janvrtn and soft and Win. Flalg went to Okobojl on Sunday. Thomas OTXmnell drove to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, last Wednesday oa business, The Mite society will meet in three weeks on July 31 at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Dlttmer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schrader entertained a number of friends and relatives at dinner Sunday. Frank E. Macumber and his father have completed the new farm home at the Otto Jensen farm. Miss Julia, Bourne left one day. last week for Lansing, Micfrfeati wlhere she will visit a few weeks. Mrs. Fred WlUrett and daughter, Elsie of Algona, were entertained at the Frank Flalg home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wagner of Algona, parents of Fred Wagner, came on Sunday for a few days'visit. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stebrite and family of Algona visited at the home of Mrs. Kate Hawk Sunday. Ralph Wolfe of Waterloo came Friday to spend the week, end with his sister, Mrs. Calvin Householder. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flalg and family went to Ledyard Friday evening to attend a blacksmiths' meeting. Mrs. W. J. Cotton entertained the Mite society at her home Thursday with Mrs. N. L. Cotton assisting . John and Viola Sprank left Sunday o visit their' aunt, Mrs. Glen Burt, near Armstrong for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matson and ;wo children of Washington, D. C. Vis- tod at the home of Mrs. A. W. Kerr Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Janvrin and family moved into the house recently vacated by the W. T. Fish family last Thursday. Melvin Bourne returned to Detroit, Michigan, Saturday, after spending a tew days with his parents, Mr. and-Mrs. W. J. Bourne. Mrs. Clarence Janvrin and son returned home last Wednesday after spending two weeks visiting her parents at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flalg are the proud parents of a baby girl born Monday, July 7th. She has been named Kathryn Marie. and Mrs. Albert Wirtjes and baby went to Lakota Sunday to visit with Mrs. Wirtjes' parents, Mr. and Mrs: Wm. Mabus. Mr. and. Mrs. E. E. Kearns and daughter, Maxine, and W. D.KearnSiOl of Burt' 'visited at the Wm. Garman home at Wesley Sunday, Mr. and. Mrs. W. Hi Johnson of Fort Dodge, cousins of E. M. Jensen^ came Saturday to visit at the Jensen home. They returned home Sunday. Dottle: Murray, of Spencer,, who has been visiting her grandmother, Mrs, Wm. Murray, for the past two weeks, returned" to her home Saturday. Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Lee of Algeria, West Africa, will give a talk at the church next Sunday morning. Mrs. Lee is a cousin of Rev. Gladstone. Mrs. Ira Newbrough entertained the American Legion Auxiliary at her home last Wednesday. A business meeting was held and a delicious lunch was served. Miss Helen Saunders of Dubuque, who has been visiting at the home of her aunt, Mrs. E. E. Kearns, for the past few weeks, returned to her home Sunday. ' The Christian Endeavor held a party at the Carl Ewoldt grove Thursday evening to honor of Maurice Bllsbor- ough who expects to leave soon for the navy. Jay Luke of Ames, a brother-in-law of Mrs. H. J. Rice, visited here on Thursday. While here Mr. Luke and Mr, Riee drove to Swea City to look after Mr. Luke's farm. Miss Stella Fiene, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. inene, vlsted over Sunday with her parents. Miss Fiene is taking nurses' training in the University hospital at Iowa City. Mrs. Kate Hawk and Mrs. Jessie Ste- britz and daughters went to Algona on Friday to attend tho funeral of Mrs. George Simmons, of Cylinder, a sister- in-law of Mrs. Stebritz. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Angus'and daughters, Lilian and Grace, went to Hoprig last Tuesday to hear Rev. Cleveland of Yankton, South Dakota, in a talk sponsored by the Hoprig Sunday School. Mr. and'Mrs. A. S. Etheridge of Milwaukee, a cousin of N. L. Cotton, visited over the week end at the Cotton home. Mr. Etheridge at one time was an assitant' cashier in the Lone Rock bank. Mrs. Roy Jensen and daughter, Marjorie and Joe Eividge of Lone Rock and Wm. Eividge and Mrs. Ohauncey chip- man of. Burt left Saturday morning for Independence where they visited with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Watson Shick and son, Charles, drove to Allison, Sunday to visit Mrs. Shlck'B niece. Mr. Lingenfelter, father of Mrs. Shikc, returned Friday evening in honor of ^ JenU's ^SS^^ ** ^^ *** eiota*. *JT4aa Altvtn lift! f m*a »v, t\f Valv... WWftfl tlUTV* sister, Miss Alma Wolfgram of Fairmont. Those enjoying the courtesy were school mates of her graduation class, Elsie Blackwenn, Beatrice Kramer, Bertha Mitchell, Margaret Han- Miss Alice Ahrends of Ackley and te , lr ? an U M , re ' Olarence^Theesfeld and Merle Smuecker of Pomona, California, spent Sunday *t the E. A. Weisbrod home. Miss hrends was one of our local teachers the past year. The Forest City Produce Company has opened a produce station in the building which was recently used as a garage and vacated by A. E. Nelson. Sam Warner has charge of the station. Rudolph SOamer of Elvira Krause. Esther Kuecker celebrated her twelfth birthday by inviting tn twelve of her friends Saturday, They were Hadley and Donna Jean Bailey, Perry Jeiksen, Billy Whitlow, Elizabeth Granmenz, Doris Walton, Hazel Weisbrod, Irene Krause, Ruth Espe, Bernice and Lillian Kramer. They were entertained with playing freshment* were served, games. Re- , Scotland, the tenth of July. ntla W on 6 Student, tour Mid expects to visit nine foreign cWffitrltt dtififitt the Suinfflef. Mr. afid Mrs. Afthu* Heitfiington aha Mrs. a R oaw tit Gra6ttia»s# wsat Sunday at the 8. M, JenSeti netnl, Mri Osser is the mother of Mrs. B. M. Jen* MA and fWHiUy f*turB«S fttHM Net York, where she had been visiting tot the past few months. Those who won prices at the show Saturday night were Lola Marlow, $2.60 on a permanent waVe; Henry Fisher, three pounds of cup grewe; RuSsel Jensen, single tree; Wilbur Zollef, one gallon of aptrloota and Mrs. Win, Dud* ding, a pocket book . Mr. and Mrs. George Schrader, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hans, Mr. and Mrs. Ahren Hans, Mr. and Mrs, Peter Hans of LakotA and Mrs. W. Hans of Rudd and Mr, and Mrs. Owl Zoller ot Lone Rock enjoyed a picnic dinner at the Call Park in Algona Sunday, The Flalg & Sprank Implement Company reports the sale ot ten foot binder to August Bollinger; eight foot binders to George Petut and Ralph Prlebe, James Dunn, John Cherland, Henry Keuck, and John titters a Farm* all tractor and plow last week. E. E. Kearns was called to Algona Thursday morning on account of the serious injury of his nephew, Junior Garman of Wesley, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Garman. He .had fallen out of the hay mow onto the cement floor fracturing his kull, He is getting along as well as can be expected at this time. The Lotts Creek base ball dub was defeated by Iowa Lake Sunday at Hand's Park, 9 to 6. Lotts Creek received only four hits off of Bucham of Ipwa Lake. Mjlttag of Lotts Creek got two of these, a triple and a double. Batteries were*. Lotts Creek, Alme, Earing, Mittag and Kressln; Iowa Lake, Buchan and Buchan. East Chain, Minnesota, plays at Lotts Creek next Sunday., ' •.; •'•. . • . ;* t .'•' Mr. and Mrs. Jay Godden and daughter, Esther, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris and, daughter, Vera, Mrs. Wm. Christensen and daughter Vertabell and Mrs. P. 'M. Christensen; attended the funeral of Oliver Sigler at Burt Friday afternoon. Mr. Sigler was electrocuted, while at work at Gary, Indiana. Mrs. Sigler was-formerly Miss Lillian Manus of Burt a niece of Mrs. Wm. Christensen, Mrs, Morris and Mrs. Godden. Miss Nina Platt of Estherville is visiting Miso Olive Smith this week. Ira Hansen and family left Monday for a camping trip in the Black Hills. Mrs. Mary Orchard of Charles City is visiting at the Ross Rash home this week. MJss Maybelle Gray spent several days last week at Humbbldt with a friend. Mrs. Markgraf of Fort Worth, Texas, is now visiting her sister, Mrs.' J. M. Dettman. A baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Keith last Tuesday at the Algona hospital. Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson Is enjoying a visit from her sister, Mrs, W. J. Mackie, of Pipestone, Minnesota. Mrs. N. J. Momess and, four children leff*lasrweefc*>r Saco.-Mont&na, Were they , are" visiting a brother' of'Mrs. Morness. About seventy-five of the Presbyter-' Ian Sunday School- members and friends drove to Interlaken last Friday where they enjoyed a picnic, Mr., and Mrs. James Bewick and daughter and Miss Lura Bewick left Monday for Freeport, Illinois, where they will visit with relatives. Mrs. Fred Watson and two daughters of Eagle Grove spent Friday of last week with Mrs. George Gray. They were neighbors at Eagle Grove. Mrs. Clyde Shipler and children of Lakota and ' Mrs. Charles Reynolds drove to Corwlth Sunday where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Carl Reynolds. and.MfS, Archie Hotting &ttd Mac, ttlifiott, afte* days at the J. H. Orahfttfl and Holding hottfll. . "''* Mi*s Lottie MawCott Is N. KlrigdoU, at ffl Paso, lllin&ifl. She WlU also go to olayto&l, IfidiaM, ft visit; the oiarke family betoff returning ft her home here. , ' ' Mrs. R. L, Oof dill Spent the at th& Hi A. Smith home., Th have bam a new kitchen on' their farm home, which is occupied by their eon", Mr. Smith. __. R, Richards and daughters, Ed* .... and Ruth of Kedfield, Minnesota, spent several days here at Ihe 3. W. Dorr&nce home, The Richards lived here Several years ago. ; Mr. and Mrs, Roy Jensen and child* ren and Wm. Eividge and Mrs. 0. B. Chipman spent'the week end at Independence at the home of Mr. Elvldge's brother, Robert. They returned home Monday, < ' : Mr. and Mrs, 0. I*. Freld and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Boyd and two daughters of oridlen, Illinois, 'are visiting at the M. E. Polhemus home. Both gen- telmen have farms here and are look' ing after them ,, . Miss Mildred Bearle of Winnebago, Minnesota, spent several days of last week at the home of her uncle, Leo Brayton. Mr, Brayton took her to Mason city Sunday where she will make her home with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kauteky, Mrs, Meinzer and Miss Anna Meinzer .of Fort Dodge came up Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meinzer, Mr, Kautzky went home Sunday evening and the ladles remained for several days. . ,L >* Miss Hannabelle Glddings left Monday morning for Iowa City after spending three weeks' with, her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. G, 0. Glddlngs. Miss Glddings is taking a' nurses' training course and will be graduated next June. - - ". t Rev. and Mrs. J. E. Clifton, Misses Ada Schwietert, Ellen Volentine, Phyllis Clifton, Dorothy Stewart, Maybelle .. Gray, Lois Graham and Margaret Nelson and Bruce Clifton,, and Merwyn Graham are at Lake Okobojl this week attending an Epworth' League Institute. ' Rev. and Mrs. N. Si. Hotchkiss had an auto accident one day last week. Mrs. Hotchkiss was driving and a bee flew into the car. The car went off a six-foot embankment. Mr. Hotchkiss was quite badly injured while Mrs. Hotchkiss and her mother were quite badly shaken up. R. L. Cogdill, W. H. Smith and D. T. Hobson left last week for Tennessee, and North Carolina, where they will , visit with relatives. Mr. Smith wilK ; visit a cousin at Knoxville. Mr. Cogdill will visit his mother and a-sister at Hot Springs; North Carolina, and ' Mr. Hobson will also visit, with relatives ; in North Carolina • _ ' ( Titonka GirlVFcet Badly Sunburned. ., Topic: t,Mfcyme, and ,Andrew.iPefceV-V r north. ' They •. went" fishing 'and ,'jcaine •• £ near having an accident. Mayme.pull- ed off her shoes and.stockings while out hi the lake to keep them' nice and clean and from between'clouds the sun shone out brightly, the result be- . ing that she has parched feet and arms and about this time she came near being pulled into the lake by a big pike, but, after a tussel and a toe hold on the bottom",of the boat she managed to land a lunger. Mayme said, it is reported, that she always does the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right' time —that she should have kept her shoes on her- feet 'and her feet on the bottom ' of the boat. "Doc" will* be down next week and we will.get the balance of the story. • ' * • >^ You Are Sure Your Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thompson and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Nowbrough drove to Hollandale, Minnesota,, Sat" urday to visit Mrs. Thompson's sister, Mrs. Joe Thaunce. They returned, home Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt and Georgette Davidson an<j Dorothy Maoumber enjoyed an putlng at Hand's Paris; last Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. George Hanua received a cablegram from their daughter, Pear) stating that she had arrived safely to is right when it's serviced here We sell Dodge and Plymouth cars and are specialists in servicing them. 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