The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1930 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1930
Page 8
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FEOERALHIGHWAY Federal Highway Board Gave North Iowa, Another Federal Road. ttTTMBEE WILL BE CHANGED TO 169. Eventually (o be Widened and Will Receive More Federal Aid. Extends to InternaUoMl Falls. Port Dodge Messenger; State highway No. 16, a primary north and south road through Port Dodge, has been designated as a federal highway by the national board of engineers, L. M. O'Leary, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, announced today. Mr. O'Leary was informed by P. B. White of Ames, chief engineer of the state highway commission and member of the national board of engineers that No. 16, has been established as a federal, cross-country highway and hereafter will be entitled to the federal aid allowed for federal highway construction. No. 16 will connect with state highway No. 5, at "Bie lowa^Minnsssota line and state highway No. 29 at the Iowa-Missouri line, linking Kansas City and International Palls, Minnesota, with a 900-mile trunk road. Will be No. 169. The present state markings (No. 16 to Iowa) will be abandoned hi all three states, and the entire highway from Kansas City to International Palls will be known as TJ. S. highway No. 169. The new markings will be erected In the fall. Later the road will be extended from Kansas City to San Antonio, Texas, Increasing the highway by 1,000 miles and making it a complete cross-country trail. Making No. 16 a federal road places Algona at the junction of two TJ. 8. highways, an enviable location few American cities enjoy. Federal highway 'No. .18, east and west road through Algona, connects the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Besides furnishing excellent motoring facilities and giving ideal outlets in every direction, establishing No. 16 as • a federal road will bring the city double the amount of federal aid which engineers , predict will be spent on TJ. S. highways in,the near future, to relieve traffic congestion. '.Both No. 18 and No. 16 will be widened within a few years to afford an adequate, driving area: for federal highway traffic,'it.was said.' , ' : ,'y ,.*,V"4$Ui®&Iy Tetf U..S/Roads. , lowa^Mtanesota, and Missouri Chambers of f Commerce .for, several months .have sponsored a movement,to estab- , llsh No. 16 .as a federal highway. They ; received kittle encouragehment at first, .^however, because Iowa already had ten , "federal roads, five north -and south and 7flye'east'~and west. -, V Mr. White is one of the five members bf the national board of engineers, which is authorized to designate federal highways. Though Mr. White favored making No. 16 a TJ. 8. road there was little reason to believe the suggestion would meet with the approval of the other members of the board, since Iowa had more than its share of federal highway and others states have no more. Dr. Vorwlck of Burlington visited With Dr. W. T. Peters Saturday. Mrs. Glenn Sperry Is assisting her sister, Mrs. Floyd Duncan. Mrs. J. H. Graham has been ill and confined to her hoine the last week. Donald Patterson Is spending the week at Leech Lake In Minnesota with an uncle. Ed. Bartlett is home from Alwraa where he had been at the hospital for treatment. L. B. Daniels is painting the buildings on the H. J. Bacon farm southeast of town. W. T. Trainer has had the interior of his butcher shop redecorated. Gen. Powers did the work. Mrs. Ella Potter of Chicago who is visiting in Algona, spent Monday at the P. L. Pratt home. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Schmidt and son were at Interlaken Sunday. Rait Jacobs came down from Ledyard Sunday to visit his brother Biliie at the P. L.'Pratt home. The church services will be discontinued at the Methodist church in She evening during July and August Mr. and been Mr*. C$fla CS&mi. the hots* rf Jfesfe sna, ACT near S»sa CBSr wwaflSy Sw 9c-ii?ort Jrft IwJ Boys and Girls W**. te petting fcfca* « H»*J3> *s and Mrs. Chas. WwrtlfeM o* to Mahkato Sunday where they the day. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith. Mr. «x* Mrs. Marion Chipraan and Mr, Mrs. K. 3. Smith attended » dtewr given in Algona Friday night by ttw Briardale people. Dr. and M« W. T. Pc««fS> Mr* Mrs. H. O. BwH. Mr. aurf aft*. C. Patterson and Mr. and Bft*. Pralt visited the G. K Piers* at Storm Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. (X B. two sons. Richard ass! lartft*Bft*v Elvidge and Joe lendar. Iowa. Staa<$ay day at the H. R. Mr. and Mrs. Refcert Children. Ralph Raeney < Mrs. Cora Race? arsi tie. bad a pisssSr aSassr «S State Par* *t ^ TS* >fa»3«r rff tJ» Maxfe* 1 * Mrs. CHIfQr fe> SchKWt. JKTft $3t*- About forty Odd Fellows and Rebe-jp«4Sas Mr. fcnfl Mrs. Owpara kahs enjoyed a picnic at Hands Paetj aad tw» cb33r«-< iff FtflBuJ Friday. All report a fine time. 1 UKsJa, Sste "wcA to spsati the Mr. and Mrs. Win Stahl of St. Pad came last week to visit at the W. E. Stahl and J. H. Grover bosses. The Odd Fellow and Rebe&ah lodges will hold a Joint installation Tbsrs- day night at the L O. O. P. bait Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Tinaas and IJqyd went to Perry to attend the funeral of Mrs Vlnaas' father on Satnrday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Darisoa of SSonr Rapids are visiting with Frank's parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. J. Darteon. Prof, and Mrs. Donald Wier aad Ht- tle sou are visiting Mrs. Wler's par- «£ *»n}y anS mate them -a visit, Frank Rk&ucr&taru the five year old son of Mr. aaS Mrs. MtcOe JSteshardson t baS£r bnrlsed snd lutS his 33Q6 i-iA mu£m «> WaK 'T,*ii UftT IT "* ft aaassre spreader aad drvwn Into the beater. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Baettther, Mr. and Mrs. G3erm MScMorray and Mr. Mrs. Gorffl* Og? of Algona re- ^ aui inxt >ifnrw» Ifnru^ny f^nm nMtT "Rrrtn- j ent Mtaoesota, -where they spent the* cnts at Templeton. Wlscsxnsln. this week. Mrs. Gertrude Thompson and Mir. and Mrs. S. M- Peterson were dinner guests at the Wm. Ringsdorf home on Sunday. Dr. and Mrs. Clalr dapsaddte and children of St. Genevieve, Missouri, are visiting at the home of Dr. J. G. dapsaddte,. Misses Helen Thompson and Raymond Koestler are visiting Misses Helen and Carol McEwen at Melvin, Iowa, this week. Mrs. Wm. Schwietert, Mrs. M. J. Ryerson and Mrs. Chas. Schrader entertained the Ladies' Aid at the church Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Guy GIddings, Jr., and two daughters left Sunday for their home to Chicago after spending two weeks here and to Minnesota. Mrs. A. J. Trainer is having & vacation from the Smith department store this week and is moving Into rooms at the Mrs. Ellen Hanna home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dettman accompanied friends from Bockford, Illinois, to Clear Lake, Minnesota, where they are visiting the August Doering family,,, „ About one hundred attended the Hoosler picnic held at the Tom Trenary home Sunday. This is an annual affair and' a good time is always had by all. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Graham and children of Des Moines are corning Thursday to spend the week end with Harold's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Graham. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Coffin and daughter, Mary Beth, accompanied Mr. FARM; LOANS AT sy 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MDRTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers.' Mr. aaa Ms*. Snofe IfiwJttrt* a*apht«, OaOwn, tMwa wt a* inane «r Mr. w»a Jte. wt& TBuff, Sr,, returned hwtw ewninc from & two *>**»»' fishing trip in Minnesota Be & big aaoh besides what toe With him. relatives took: baskets and fell enjoyed a 1)% ijtorrft on the lawn at U» Mr. ana Mrs. MM* Wise home «*sl ol town, wwsnay, Everyone had a good ttae. Mr. and Mrs. Harrcy Steven arid sons, wnbor wnd Everett atttsoaed the closing ecatistt of the vacation S8>te Sunday gvgntng at the Metho- church. at Ourwlth. Mr. and Mrs. Aagast Kirschb&om, Iff. aad Mrs. Albert Scnmder of CQiPav^ee cazoe Sunday to visit st the Cbas. Schrsder and M. L. VJnaas homes. They had been to Perry to attend the funeral of Mrs. Schrader^ father. Mr. Olson. The Northwestern BaOroad Company has taken over the operation of the line beUfeeu Bart and Lake Crystal which has been operated by the employees of the Omaha company for the past eight months. Dr. W. T. Peters operated on Mrs. E. o. cbipman on Thursday of last week for pleurisy, drawing off a half gallon of fluid. Mrs. Chipman has been in for some time and her friends hope she wffl be greatly improved now. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Goodwin brought Mrs. Clara fimith np from Des Moines Saturday and she wfll spend the summer here at her home. Miss Esther Olson win stay with Mrs. Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin returned to their home Monday. 0f 'Wesley drove to Lake Otoboji Sondaf moraing. \rbere ti«y gjent UK day and enjoyed a pfyrifo cunncs*. Mr. and Mrs. Haray Steven cod chQdren, Bear!, wabur, Everett aad IJEO and Neva OOsen spent Sanaay at Oorwith with Mr. aad Mrs. Harry Mer- liam nTv ^ £KzoS2jw ^t*^ TFfn liiiit 3ft % sister to Mr. Steven. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Weaver and daughter, Ixws, of Sherwood, North Dakota, was visiting at the hrane of Mr. and Mrs. J«n^»g Bzophy bat left ^mgt. Tuesday •»«M''»3i^ £or their home after a ten days' visit with relattves here. Mis. Weaver and Mrs. Brophy are siri Mrs. Oscar Wyatt, south of town. brought *""• TnnOtfr^ MVg TjT^gnri ttt Sexton Saturday afteznoon to catch the bus to Mason City where she win visit with her brother xrrt family for some time. Her husband died a few ago and she *"»= been visiting relatives finer and will for some time to come Mrs. Amy Smith vest of town was Sunday was the eighteenth birthday) a Sunday dinner guest at the Price of James Goodwin, Jr., and in honor 1 Lloyd home in Britt visiting with Mr. of the occasion the K. J. Smith family, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Goodwin of Des Moines, Mrs. Clara Smith were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Smith at the Marvin hotel at dinner. and Mrs. W. A. Fox. of *r«»Mmgr>_ North Dakota, who are here on "Trai"*" of the serious fliness of Mrs. Fox's stepfather, Price IJoyd. Mrs. Smith lived {neighbors to Mr. ami Mrs. fox. when Mr. and Mrs. John McGowan of] Cedar Rapids came visit Mrs. Frank Snyder. Mr. McGowan returned home Sunday and Mrs. McGowan will remain here two weeks with her mother, who was injured when she fell from a haystack last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Elvidge and children, Mr. and Mrs. Jess McDonald and children, Mrs. Mary McDonald, Mrs. Maude Hanna and son, Charles, went to Fort Dodge recently where they met Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Nelson and family of Fort Dodge, Mr. and Mrs. Reed and Miss Erma Reed and Walter Hanna of Ames and they all gnjoyed a picnic at the park. CHRYSLER SIX Coup, F. O. B. FACTORY •795 What a low price — for a Chrysler — 850 Here Is a motor car of true Cbrysler quality — with 62-horsepower high- compression Chrysler six-cylinder engine mounted on rubber; Iso-therin pistons; low-swuzig perfectly-balanced chassis; self-adjusting spring shackles; hydraulic shock absorbers; quiet all- metal bodies of dreadnought strengrh; and fine broadcloth upholstery. And with the typical Chrysler power, speed, alertness in traffic, handling ease, stamina and comfort that these features NEW CHRYSLER SIX PRJCES Coupi $79! Touring Royal Coupi (rumbli stat) RoaiisUr (rumblt uat) , Royal Stefan f8j) P. 0. B. Factory (Special liquipmint Extra) make possible are combined the safety of Chrysler weatherproof internal hydraulic brakes and the distinction of Chrysler smartness and beauty. All at a price which, for the first time, places a Chrysler within the reach of thousands who never before felt Chrysler ownership within their means. Arrange with us for a ride in the new Chrysler Six that we may demonstrate today's leading value in the field of six- cylinder motor cars. HELBERG'S GARAGE West of Courthouse / * Algona, Iowa SfaC Body Style* »590to»695 ?rl««f t, o. b. Icctotr wwvt VNi. 41 r nit iov>;i:vr-fui<;t:i> J-AHS IN nit. WOIILII PLYMOUTH s<ll.l> 11 v <• 11 Hi M.I: II m/Ml its iviiivvniidi $ 590 Awl up, Lo.b. fetor she lived in North Dakota some years ago. LEDYABD NEWS. i?H Bpudrye of Granada, was a business caller here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Worden and son were shoppers at Swea City Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. George Looft epent Sunday visiting with relatives at Bricelyn. Mrs. McGuire is here visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Gelhaus. Mr. Kelly of Cedar Rapids was transacting business here several days last week. Miss Mildred Rich of Fairmont spent last week visiting at the L. W. Weimer home. Mrs. L. W. Weimer and son, Bill, were callers at Fairmont last Monday evening. Mrs. Wm. Garry and children spent last Tuseday visiting with relatives at Guckeen, Minnesota. Mrs. Ed. Halverson and children spent Tuesday afternoon with relatives east of Elmore. Dennis Quam and Miss Frieda Gron- far of Frost spent Sunday evening at the Ed. Halvereon home. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Engelby spent Sunday evening at the R. J. Campbell home near Seneca. Mrs. R. J. Campbell and sons of Seneca were callers at the Ed. Campbell home here last Monday. Mrs. Ben Gesch of Elmore spent Thursday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Welfare. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Midthune and children of Elmore spent Sunday evening at the Ed. Halverson home here. 'Mr. and Mrs. Joe Steinberg and children of Gardner spent last Sunday here visiting his mother and other relatives. Miss Eaith Looft arrived home from $t. Louis last Monday to spend a month or so here with her mother and visit with other relatives. Mrs. Jack Welfare and Mrs. Chas. Hilferty and Misses Aleta and Edna Green were shoppers at Blue Earth on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. A. J. Galagan and Mrs. Wm. Weinberger were callers at Bancvoft Thursday. Mrs. dalagan was down consulting the doctor. Tilmer Halverson who has beeri spending his vacation on a farm east of Elmore spent Saturday and Sunday here visiting his parents. / The Albert West family and N. A. Plngel and family attended the funeral of Mrs. Winter at Lakota Wednesday. Ida Bauman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bauman was operated on for appendicitis at Bancroft last Wednesday. At this writing she is getting along nicely. John Krameremeler and George Lutter returned one day last week from Los Angeles, California. They expect to stay here all summer and return again this fall. There IS a Difference in Bread Children cant enjoy healthful happy growth on cheap bread because bread is their most important food. Children whose mothers thoughfully serve Dairy Maid Bread are the children who lead in school and in play. Dairy Maid is extra nourishing be- cause it contains the best ingredients money can buy. For extra wholesome nourishment, for full-value and true economy, try Dairy Maid Bread. Thousands are eating Dairy Maid. Areyou? Algona Baking Company %^ 3,^ -.'*•• * Dairy Maid Bread "The Bread with a Flavor." {•••••••••••••••••••••i 1 CORNEE NEWS The Leslie Walkers and Win. Walker attended the Walker family reunion at Interlaken Park Sunday. The N. R. Robinson family of Spencer spent the fore part of last week at the Chester Robinson home, return- Ing home last week Wednesday. The Larkln club met last week Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Everett Witham. The next meeting Is to be at the home of Mrs. Herman Undeman. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lowman entertained Sunday at what might be called the Lowman family reunion. About twenty adults besides a number of children were present. Andrew and Clifton Bjustrom re- teurned home a week ago Sunday after a two weeks' drive to points in Colorado and spending some time at Lincoln, Nebraska. They went In the latter's car. Mrs. Herman Llndetnan returned to her home at Dakota , City last week Wednesday afternoon after being here for some time following an operation at the Kossuth hospital in Algona, Miss Mildred Robinson returned home with her for a short visit. Hazel Mitchell is spending this week at the Roy Bjustrom home at Hobarton, doing the house work while the BJustroms are taking a vacation. They will visit with relatives at Remer, Minnesota, and drive to Duluth for a short time to fish before returning home. About forty-five members of the Four Corner young people's organization were entertained at the home of Pearl and Russell Walker Friday evening. Many games furnished entertainment on. the lawn. Several visitors were present. Ice cream, cake and sandwiches were served. Hazel and Irene Mitchell and Irene Walker tried their luck fishing at Mud Lake last week Tuesday and returned home with a very favorable report. The Wm. Drayton family fished at Mud Lake Friday, catching twenty fish. The John Rich and George Lee families fished Sunday at the same place. Mr. and Mrs, Lurhl Fessler, Mr. and Mrs. Meyer and daughter, all of near Rlngsted, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lowman, Jr., and children spent a week ago Sunday at the J. P. Nickerson home. Mrs. Fessler, Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Lowraan were formerly Irene, Hazel and Alta Nickerson, respectively. Edna walker and John Hoppe drove to the Matter's home near Mankato, Minnesota, a week ago Saturday evening. They returned home the following: Sunday. Miss Esther Hoppe, sister of John, returned with tjjenj to spend a week's vacation at the Albert Walker home. John ig a farm hand for Mike LOSS, Sr. SWEA CITY NEWS (Too Late for Last Week). J. L. Thorngren, county club leader spent Wednesday with Swea City folks and also looking after his club work. Wm. Warburton of Topeka, Kansas, manager of a Kresge store, is visit- Ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warburton, this week. Mrs. Emil Larson was a Sunday visitor at the Carrie, Thompson home. Mrs. Thompson has been ill for several weeks. She is now slowly recovering. Miss Florence Pearson, employed at the Swea City telephone exchange, Is an operation patient at the Fairmont hospital. Miss Esther Bwanson is taking her place as telephone operator. The Swea City Epworth League of •the Methodist church won the district eflOclency trophy at the conference held at Kanawha, There were thirty leagues entered in the contest. New directors elected for the farmers Co-Operative Company are Geo. Butterfleld, Joe Kennedy, Axel Erlck- son. William Krumm was elected to succeed A. K. Uhr who resigned on account of ill health. The M. E. church and Sunday School will hold their anual plcnio at Interlaken Park on Thursday of this week. A special feature program will be carried out with ball games, races, and games for old and young. Mrs, C. A. Rohlin and Mrs, R. Berg were elected .delegates to attend the state convention of the American Le* gion Auxiliary at Fort Dodge in August. Mrs. F. Peterson and L, A, Haglund were elected alternates. Louis E. Sweaney of Kldder, Missouri, has been elected, to direct the Smith-Hughes departmental work for the coming year In the Swea City schools. This completes the hiring of the teachers for the coming year. L O A N S $50 to $300 obtained quickly on Furniture, Automobiles and Live Stock. Can be repaid by small equal monthly payments. Our new payment extension plan protects YOU when sick or out of employment. For immediate SERVICE call, write or phone 598, CUNNINGHAM & LACY ALCJQNA, JOWA- Representlng Federal Finance Co., De» Molw* . . W-tt Herman Pearson of Chicago is visiting his mother, Mrs. A. Pearson. He was accompanied by P. Connor of Chicago. They left Wednesday forenoon for a fishing trip hi northern Minnesota, accompanied by L. A. Haglund. On Monday afternoon several women of the American Legion Auxiliary met at the Legion hall and made a dozen sleeping garments for the supply shelf at Des Moines. These garments are then sent out to the needy children of disabled war veterans. About sixty-five of the members of the Legion and Auxiliary enjoyed the anual picnic at Interlaken Park on Thursday. Golfing, and fishing were enjoyed in the afternoon which was followed by the picnic supper, and then they journeyed to East Chain and enjoyed a dance at the M. W. A, hall at that place with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gardner of East Cham furnishing the music. Chevrolet* Sell Well During Month of June, Kohlbaas Brothers report the sale of Chevrolet cars during the mpnfE of June as follows: Algona—L. 0. Hanson, sedan; Frank Johnson; coach; E, G. Mayfleld, sedan; Rev. Dubbe, sedan; H. E. Rist, sedan, J. N. WUlger, LuVerne* coupe; Jerry Johnston, Des Moines, coach; August Fehr, St. Benedict, coupe; M. W. Frankl, Irvingtoh, truck; George Jennings, Bradgate, coach; V. L. Martin, Laurens, sport roadster; Louto Bchafer, West Bend, sedan, H, W, POST Pray and Transfer Phone 208, Algona, low* Long D4*tanc« Hauling. Every load insured against loss or dam' •ge. Equipped to do »U kind* of drayjug and hauling. 82-tf W.EWard The latest patterns in W«arP«*j>e p> wig, Decorating Paper Hanging, ww^vwvvvwvwvvvwvv

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