The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1930 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1930
Page 6
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B. P. Sensor., anfl .Spirit fc«fc« -were i 28. «t <the 4xune of . '5S» .eerermray *wa* iby *be £*««", <C. V. JStttee of about thirty^Sve fnreste. 1rae -coup was •afctetKies! by Mr. and jMrs. do fiftAemaker of Mankato. Mrs la ,? .oowsui <trf Mr. <5ood wa«ont'-r. daughter «T Mr. arid ^"ho* Wagoner, was ibhe flower •The bride wore ,« «owo -of *er attendant inbe 'bridal -to the strains «T toy Miss tftiattli JriSk took Its •<Rjru Sbjjr "Miss -ariegteia QowJ. • r ^Fallowing tbe oejRfflnany a three <*urse ,a* o'-ctacfe <«Jta8«r .aerved at. rtho borne of the torSde's parents. was graduated to June the Algona Jjigto school. Puring jbjesr Jjigh school years she lias tafcen an *btive part io «il jaualcrf 4&I has become w«3J known ithroughout toe oommunity because of ' Mr. <5ood IS ^he wan of Mr. and Mrs A. Good «£ Algona. He was grad- ua,t«J JKU# *bt A4$ana high school with ittie .class <tf WBJ!. Be attended the •of Wfofotgw -at Ann Arbor •one year, and was later associated fafeutfofcbec in-4dae local express Is now in <;harg« of the fctt *8S«e*'WuT jfhals* their home A treated violinist and at fc* «doolarahlp to attend . , , , the at- w«*,5do*S* UStoner and Ear- of the ,<aub of 'Wftek on account of «B«fta>irth of July. Kran- The *« toeld <w «ae lawn at the £$»> Ooujd }io»e!. Ice icream and waf . OOJM« J if ittoey so desire;, -will toe Of the 6Mia4 tortures 'Wary , Pf *afe H^fius, Pf s»oes Oould sbe-rge of » program sfeout wwe'tWrty p. m. with me social. It is as Wio, Mrs. Opal Sarcfaett Plotter «iO» Jtoe part, Sadie fluth Cbristtaa Italdemswa • son; B, Blwfeer, Mrs, Blacker was ttfei'B<*toion'6 wedding flf- ye«r» B|» at JUwbvllte, JJllnoU. Mr. etwmed^Touw Tuesday, tout ker will remain, for » few after the Fourth,, .,.. BoWnsons |hree .children vru> win be present tot the anniversary celebration, They are Mrs,- Jes>*(e Alfcwejifi? of Aig&na, Mr».,T, H. Pickard of Aleona, «n4 L, 71 Robinson of Algons, Another dsughter, Mrs, Pteteaj-4 of Littleton, unftWe to corn*. RoWn&on's two eistetll, .Mrs. Roblwoft »>vd Mrs, Maggie Hoov- ol BwJiRigswe, KaJJBfts, are expected help celebrate the golden wed- JtoWiison's name before ws* J» at Two of the large parties of the sum- were glvw at tiie hom« of - V/81, K, Ferguson Thursday arid Batyc(tey of last week. The to»tesse» were Mrs, W, E. Btet, Mrf,.0, E. M»on, Mrs, C, H, eret«meyer, and M- J. w0»t«. B^utlful Iwwjuets of pink ,rfl*ss * «n, ;Wue delphinlumR 'W eftfd Mrs, J, O, urd&y the and . »at- W8« wan by Mrs. out of a twt anfl <*>e one iiumbfsr -won Mrs. J<5Brrest ITwogood won the toigh 1 pri«e to "btWiSe ior -the women Albert for the snea. Mary JSugent was feosbess «t * tiwetre .pfttty Tueaday -afternoon Ja Tbere twelve guests who indvdea. Dw»n« Mary McEnroe, Mary EU«n Worater, ,i)ane Oretzsnej-es-, Margftret Ann Beardflley, jBteaoor Iftwrpe, iBar- Haggard, Pjktjpllis Matties, Murtagb., Kbyps Sawyer, and Morjison. 3Ele£reShtnent6 were (Served >after the Rntertato jfw Vtottws— | Mr. and Mrs. Kaymonfl Worton entertained three taWer, of bridge :Satur- 3iug in honor s oj Mr. anfl Mre. ! Norton of MarshSUtown. Tie Mr, Mortons are brothers. Mr. : auc Mrs. Wayne Norton were married about a month ago. A two course lincheon was served after the bridge Party at BUnkma: Mrs. lieonore reck, her daughter, Llllie, and son, John, entertained a number «f Iriends Monday -night ,at a five hundred party. Mrs. '&. Stebrlte won first prize, Mr. Sopwood -won second and Mrs. Frank Hanson -won the Jow prize. W. B. <C. Meettns— The W. R. -C. will meet Tuesday, July j 8, at the Legion hall. The W. C. T. V. will meet with Mrs. J. P. -Granzow next Tuesday afternoon, July flth. NATION AL FlAf, fc-A. Des Moines G-ivee B*gul- atioas for Hag. Alwayc Be Hunjr Flat «od K*r- er letotrtO. KM Should Be at Observer 1 * O. A. Officer foy ICowa at D« Motoes Jw ftftowtog iostmcttons on ttie posl- tton *»d1«w to use tbe uattoaal ftagi and ie cooeW^red as a living totog. The flMT «U1 w* be 4Jpp«l by way of salute cowpUment to anyone. Wo Jetter- ktod wttl be placed on ttoe j, i,, noiMn-,"aft4'.ttw Jew pri/e by . Mrs, M, A, etHwmt of Ynnkton, Buutli Dftkota. who w»« In Algoim he;- motlier, Mrs, B. F. K«ed. lag, MOT mUi any fta* or pennant be flown, Above the national flag, v Tb* fla« T *houM be bun* flat. It rfjpuld not; be ftstooned jover doorways or arcJKM, ttod to a bow toot, nor fMh> toned tato a rosette. When used on a oetrum It should be displayed above and bjnlnd ttw epeaker'* da*. It bVuld never be used to cover tfte ter'» desk, nor draped over the rorit pf the platform. Por thl* latter lurpoWj as well as for decorations in eneral, bunting; of the national col- rs should, be used, and /since the un- ton (blue) always ha» the place of wnor. the colors should be arranged with the blue above, the white to the tnlddla and the red below. When the national nag J« hung ver- ally or horizontally against a wall he union (blue) will be uppermost and the flag's mai, right, that J«, the lue should be-no the observer's left as he faces' tthe wall. Imagine that he flag IB looking at you, When the national flag and one other flag are displayed together from crossed «tatfB, as against a wall, the national flag will be to the flag's own right <as f it were looking at you). That IB, ie national flag will appear at the observer's lefl as he faces the wall. The staff will be in front of the staff of the olher flag, When a number of flags are displayed In a group, the national flag will be to the center or at the highest point of the group. When dUsplayud In a church outelde of the chancel, the national flag will M at the congregation's right. When twlde the chancel, It will be at the jilnister'e right aa he faces the congregation. Flags of olher nations, If displayed, will be on the opposite Bide across the atele or on the opposite wall of the church or chapel. Union township J5u»y B^ club met ut the home of Juntos l?«i)i»liiit In AleriiHi IftHl FrWiiy fttleniooii. A lar^is number ftttttnded und the tallowing tle und Belly SiUThelt; n-udinu, "Wlml I Would Like lo JUi," Ilowunl Hurchcll; I'm Jn«(- w Utlle Mimtitcil Flow- EoniBUifl; lulk on Wild Burchett; ja-udUm by Oemlrt liy 8fty»'a Winkle. A tray lunch WUH KL-J-V«d by Uw hoHtcw* fullowlnu uiljoui'ii- ment. The elub will nmfcl In two with Begsle Buaeli of Union lltw Hwnyuut— The Young Mnvrled I'oll'.H' Hunduy *« "f l-he Mtsthodihl cintrcli Boliaol ol(*8« "f l-he Mtsth was enlerttiinfd itt a Uiveo couiwi tiln- ner In the ohurch dlnlntf room widuy oveiilttB h y the coinmltU'ii of wlileh Mrs. Boy Oraw/oi'd w»« ll»» chftlciimn. A eolov BoUeme of proliUl und Bold WUH d out Uiroughout tho ijumiutji, being the el»»» w>iov«, Hlxty member were served, A very well pr«- D&i'd niwram was eiveu bpUvn-n «<mri}- fre touehwH Uil Mrs. George Qodfrey Uilti A small crowd attended the pnvty til Uie QoiUiU'y OluU l&at evonints, but »U who were pJ-esent enjoyed tv Kood time. • Brtdge was played H-ojn eJulU until ton wken Ian* w»« sewed. AUer evsryone dtmeed to lUo muale ol »o»le vlotrolu, . w. WllUwns won U»e doo» wUMt *ttf given to the peraon r the lueky number «W«v them they came to U»e aow. A niwuUw the Mrs Respected Bancroft Lady is Dead, Bancroft, July 1, Special Cor.:— The nmny relatives and 'friends of Mri-;, Mike Uustemeier were shocked and grieved to liear of her sudden denih which occurred June 23rd at Hoche»t«r, Mlnnesolii. Bhe had been in poor health for the past six months, hut fluttered it heart allack Monday evening about ten o'clock from which tiliii lulled lx) recover. Mary Bevler wits bom March 2«, 1»74, al New Berlin Illinois. On January 2U, 1H94, ahe was united In marriage to Mike Huste- nt<;U:r id NHW Berlin, Illinois, and to llila union three children were born: Wiilluui, Uirnry and Mrs. W, \>, Fox. Him wiih her )-»«j»band and Canada, witai Its 50,000 miles of pav- d or surfaced motor roaos free from oongestec! traffic, *ltii recreaUonaa at- ctonfi wit&m rea&onalile distances «f tbe chief center of population, offers a21 that could be desired by the ilsStia^ tourist in toe way of comfort sad convenience. a small scale reproduntiQn «f SQQE ol' : lour Sheets ..of A Secfiionsa Soad series mdieafii ai cttog between the XTMtefl Btetes .anfl Canada, ibat it SsBued iy ?Qie 33epart- xaest «f toteilar st Ottawa. Beates .wffl She .glafl to learn feat Jthe jCminfliaTi BOTOKnmEnt -will supply cccrpiK ;of the map, inn a ItorgE scde ;anfl mtth 3uTl cfle- ; tafl, aree «of 'Charge. iiiB ;book- icritng t£h& , *tiiining,' odfh&r; -whole.' Ijitewise specific data concerning any particular province or district anay ibe obtained. II desired. Applica- ijhnnld be addressefl to the National IteTClDrpment Bureau of the'De- partment of live Interior at Ottawa, JENSENS REUNION AT, HOMESTEAD On« Hundred and Six Members Attend the Fifth Beunion, P, W. JENSENS GAVE PROGRAM. Afternoon Spent at OatrtSs fthd Visit- in* Martin WUEerg Elected President for Cowing JUNE 25 of the W. J, Mjller, i*nd c,am» U> Uanerott in 1818 where she niftrtts her home. Funeral were held at HI. John's church •I'lmrsday, June 'i#M\, at riiiws liov, J, I). Visch having bi-rvlefcu. The i»ull HchliU, .loe Hftpp, j'rtfcr wilhfchnl, J, II. Henry Fox, chlldrun site nr, Mr», W, '<', Mrs, l ( , A, Hyitn, Mrs, John KUHp ciw^ryci, wnd Iwo Williuin Hut lioyal thu Womwi'* OftUwtlK* <te<\ff i,t fttf- muiitb«rg w Wlitob tMHifaA tit* l In a body, Out, <>i l<f#ft relft- Iwr hutsbiiind in nMmi ii Bvier; twr Mrs. Jew* ei- witrt Mr*. IATUW* brother*, J'*lift (trid liB wtt» A. mwoJxff of Lucinda Hantelman Married to Eev, Henry Deiter ; oi Berried, 8. D. MET WHILE GOING TO COLLEGE. Bride was a Graduate of Fenton Higfa School awl Went Three Years to University of Dnbuque. Fenton, July 1, Special: The German Lutheran church furnished the setting for a very pretty wedding at four o'clock Wednesday afternoon, June 25, when Lucinda Hantelman, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hantelman, retired farmers of this place, and Rev. Henry Deiter, son of Rev. and Mrs. Henry Deiter of Sheldon, were married in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends. The bride was attended by her slster,Mlss Malinda Hantelman and the groom was attended by his brother, Walter Deiter, The bride looked charming in a white silk flat crepe gown and wore a lace veil caught up in back cap fash- Ion. Her bouquet was' made up of red roses and gypsophella. The bridesmaid was attired In a pale yellow flow- ocd gown with hat to match and carried a bouquet of yellow snap dragons and gypsophella. The flowers were all picked from the lovely garden of Mrs. W. J. Welsbrod. The bridesmaid entered the church to the strains of Lohengrin's Wedding March, played on the organ by Mrs. Henry Krahllng, sls- tur of the groom. She was followed by the bride on the arm of her father and they were met at the altar by the groom and best man. The single ring ceremony was performed by Rev, A. R. Kubelltz, pastor of the Lutheran church. A solo, "O Promise Me," was sung by Miss Erna !>!;<!, sister of the groom. The bride wus a graduate of the Fvnton high school In the class of 1025, Hhe attended college for three years at thu University of Dubuquo and was H soprano soloist In the University vested choir, Hhu wus born and reared in this community. She Is a young lady ludy of splendid character and a fitting companion to the one she has chosen for a Husband. The groom attended the Wartburg Academy and College at Ber, Defter «ffl ttite «p Ids OaitSse as paetor «f fine faeae laSSBSsfaa. at that place- Out of town attending toe weddins TSOSK Ber. -and Mrs. Henry D^ter of KhfMons Mr- arvl TutTi: J^ £J. 3>eStei Henry TfT)»jiHT^g, jjt. janfl yt" 8 3. Wlente, Gertmle Ufitter, , Iowa; Mr. and 364rs. CEten TOiita; and lansfly of rtaiinqEe **^ ^fr and n; Henry Osfcwald and JSanl^ «f Whittesnore, 1JOCAL DorotSby came from Forest lor a short TiEii -with her Mr. and Mnt. M. J. McCaH drore to dnroens Bnnday to see Ohsites Osier, vino is quite £Hj Bufiering from blood Mr,. Mosier of Bart find >i<* danglxter, Lola, -«itt» is empJoyed iith the Thompson Yards at MaxOcato, Mirmssota, were -rifiitars Tuesday. Cari Olssoa expects to leave seme Bell Ringers Give Very Fine Concert. The Scandinavian Zdl Btagezs, span-j time soon lor Boise, Idaho, where he eord by the First Lulheran etusoeh, gsre h&E been employed, after a visit of some a fin* concert at the OangresgattonEj time irttli is parents, the Rev. and church Tuesday evening, before a good Mis, C. E. Olsson. sized audience. TheaTwere fiv* inea, ^ a Barehardt, the druggists, Is en- «r,s RS 2Sr,s s jpi-aasfsSshs: gave a very pleasing concert. The pro- ^ ^ gram was opened with three organ solos by Mrs. C, H. Cretzmeyer, following which the Sell Ringers played numbers. A second series of. m. was preceded by a piano solo by Miss Jeannett* Goeders. Rev. C. E. Olfison, pastor of the First Lutheran church, sang a tenor solo which was followed by the third and last group or numbers by'the Befl Ringers. The men are from Norway and Sweden. One of them has been playing the bells for seventeen years. There were several events scheduled for the even- Ing which probably kept a number of people from attending the concert who had planned to be there. attended last Friday a -£pood Smr. * TliE garage is now open for drw OUaiieXS, tuB 1 ZJOTtu part cf ffi»p niid Algonft Auto & building vbicb Mr. Helberg recent- ^n« josep&Ene Chubb is now employed at the Holecek Radio Shop. The * Shop installed* 87 Victor* re>- W, II. Uunltip of Wuw Mrs, t», A. riyan, Mrs, t, W . 0. J. Hyun ftJMl w/ri, tinrfi>»it, . Mrs. W. T. Biivler of Wjii-lii««*M, nuis and Mru, W. V. lluui (*i , Iowa, for three years and was graduated from the Wttrtburg Theo- loglcul Bmnlnury, his fourth year in IWd, He wus director of the college while at the college and a of the male chorus at' ute college In O^buque. Ho was u charge at Herreld, South The young couple met while school in Dubuque. After HM> ceremony about forty-five <it th« Immediate relatives and friends at Uit> homo of Iho bride's where ttn elaborate luncheon «*m<l. Tito young couple went to the \MM of the groom'0 parents in , Wedntsrtuy, leaving on Thursday tet Iforrftld, §<>uth Dakota, where Obituary of Mrs, Catherine Winter. Lakota, July 1. Special: Catherine Pingle was born In Mecklenburg, Schwerln, Germany, on September 15, 1840, and came to America with her parents and one brother, when she was thirteen years of age. They settled near Galena, Illinois, On January 2, 1858, she was united in marriage to Michael Winter. To this union ten children were born. Three died infancy and one daughter, Mrs. Emma Llesveld, died in March, 1028. Mr. Winter passed away in March, 1009. Grandma Winter, as she was known here was one of the pioneers of Kossuth county and a charter member of the Presbyterian church. She had not been in the best of health for some time but was able to be about until a week ago when she was taken ill and on Saturday, June 21, she suffered a paralytic stroke and she passed away early Monday morning, at the age of 80 years, nine months and eight 'days, She leaves to mourn four daughters, Mrs. Clias. R. Lewis, Mrs. Julia Wortman, and Mrs. Wm. Wortman of Lakota, and Mrs. J. O. Randall of Glenburn, North Dakota, and two sons, Chas. Winter of Lakota and Philip Winter of Newell, South Dakota, twen.- ty-three grandchildren and many reU- great grandchildren, and many relatives and friends^ Funeral services were held Wednesday aftrnoon at the Presbyterian church, Rev. O. H. Frer- klng having charge of the services and burial was made in Maple Hill cemetery. Want anything? Read the classified column. ciiardt drove down there last week and tie company returned home with Mm. Mrs. W. B. Nugent and two children, and Dingley, are expected next Monday tar a. visit at the home of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dingley, and •with other Algona relatives. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Sawyer and two children, Phyllis and Junior, returned home Sunday from a two weeks' trip Into northern Minnesota and Canada. They visited at several places In Minnesota, and did some fishing. Mrs, D. H. Goeders and daughter, Helen, and Bobby Dewel, returned on Friday from Clear Lake where they spent about ten days at the W. O. Dewel cottage at Clear Lake, while Mr. and Mrs. Dewel were In Chicago. Ed. Holecek expects to spend the Fourth of July at LaMoure, North Dakota, where be will visit a brother and sister. Mr. Holecek Is administrator of his mother's estate, and will look after some land holdings in Dakota while be Is gone. Tom Bilsborough and his sister have moved to Webster City, where Tom has a better position with the Swift Company, with which he has been working for some years, Tom is one of the good, honest and industrious men who deserve to succeed. Mr. and Mrs. D. 0. Mahan and daughter are leaving the latter part of the week for Lake Winnlblgoshish in northern Minnesota, for a week's vacation. They will also take a trip Into Canada. Mr. Mahan is the Goodyear salesman in this territory. Miss Lola Moser, who Is employed at the Thompson Yards in Mankato, is home for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Moser of Union township. Miss Moser was bookkeeper in the Thompson Yards in Algona before the office was moved to Mankato. Miss Julia McEnroe left last week ft; her home at Waxahachle, Texas, after tpndlng several months visiting hei hicthers and sisters in Algona and v.t.'.rtty, and looking after' her pro- pert the old First National Bank bulking, now occupied by the post of- fc-. The free dance at the new Helberg oord department, and is stocking records of numbers made popular by the tr.'fcing pictures. Josephine will have chirge of the department. She began work Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Wltham visited last week with Mr. Wltham's brother, F. A. Wltham In Algona. They left Friday for their home at Valley City, North Dakota, where Charley is a successful business man. Charley Is 1 one of the former Algona boys *fao have made a success hi life., ''" Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dearchs and family of Denver, Colorado, arrived last Wednesday for a week's visit with Mr; Dearchs' parents, Mr. and . (Mrs. G. Dearchs, and other relatives. The Dearchs family moved to Denver about nine years ago from Algona. Mr. Dearchs runs an oil station there. Eliazbeth Nugent came home Friday from Chicago where she had spent about a week visiting her brother, W. B. Nugent and family. She made the trip to Chicago with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lorenz, who went In to attend the Rotary Internatlonl. She was taking her vacation from the Algona Insurance Agency. Mrs. Aggie Knapp came Sunday for a visit at the home of her sister, Mrs. F. A. Corey. Mr. and Mrs. Corey and Seneca. July 1. -Special: One hua- dwd and twenty-six of the members of U* Jensen family registered at the fifth Jensen reunion Sunday. The event was held at the Martin Wllberg •row, which Is on the old Nels Wilbefg homestead. Relatives came from as jar as Schenectady, Hew York, and Saskatchewan, Canada. The festivity started hi the forenoon with a program put on by the P. W. Jensen family. This arrangement Is somewhat dlfj ferent than In former years when all members took part. It was decided a Tear ago .that at each reunion held hi the future the program were to be put on this year by one of the original Jensen families. Next year the Bans Jensen family is to put on the program. The program for this year consisted of staging, readings, Instrumental mu- sfc and a playlet. One of the noyeli ties was a song by the five Jensen brothers, all bass singers/ who sang the four different parts to a song. :; A large picnic dinner'was enjoyed by all at noon. The afternoon was spent by the men playing kitten ball and pitching horseshoes and .the .women spent {their time In visiting. The group elected the- following officers: president, Martin',; Wilberg; s vice president, Otto JbnseffT secretary and treasurer, J. F,, "Jensen. A- short family history was given by J: H. Jensen following the business meeting. -I Those present from Seneca and Feritorrwere: Hr. arid Mrs." Hans Jensen, Mrs. Jennie Jensen and sons, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Jensen and family; Mr. and Mra. Harry Wlddle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mlllen. Jensen and family, Representative and Mrs. Jensen and sou Teddy, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Wilberg, Mr. and Mrs. Martlng Wilberg and sons. Ringsted: Mr. and Mrs. Martha Jensen and Theresa, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Pakman, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wllberg and family and Mr and Mrs. J. M. Jensen and son, Wendell t Armstrong: Representative and Mrs. E. O. Helgason and daughter^ Mr*, and Mrs. Lloyd Helgason and son, Eugene, and Mr. and Mttr. torenz Helgason. Swea City: Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Jensen and" ftonfly-,. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jensen and family, and Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen and famfly. Those from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hokenstad and family, Garretson, South Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mullen and family, Saskatche- flth and daughters of Dea Moines; Miss Lena Jsrisen, Waterloo; Mr. and 'MnjL C. J. Shauger and daughter, Waterloo,' Mr. and Mrs. Jens- Peterson and dons, Cedar Falls; Mrs. Julia Hansen, Bode; Minnie Hansen, Bode; Mr. and Mrs; O. H. Hansen- and Audrey, Bode; Mr. and Mrs. Melvtn Shauger and daughter of Oskaloos&r Mrs-. O. P. Grobel and Jean, Schenectady, New York; Jun^ Elaine Mann, Anoka, Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. John Jensen, St. James, Minnesota; Mrs. Ida Elsenschmidt and daughter, Dubuque; R. T. Fullexson, Rutland; Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hansen and Wallace, Rutland; Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Hansen and daughters, of Mason City. You'll want to see it—hear it—own It—the new 1930 Coronado. New tone control, boss to treble, three screen grid tubes. New beautiful cabinet, $99.QQ less tubes. Gamble stores. 3 after Mrs. Knapp Sunday. She had been visiting her son, Harry and family in Mason City the past few weeks. She spent the winter in South Dakota with her sister, Mrs. Angle Quackenbush. Fred Larrabee, recently a candidate for congress, was in Algona one day last week on his way from his home in Fort Dodge to one of his farms in northern Kqssuth. Mr. Larrabee takes his defeat for the nomination for congress very gracefully, and Is proud of the vote he received In Kossuth county, which he carried by a majority of about ninety votes in the face of the opposition of the local bosses and an organized force. Mr.^Larrabee has no regrets., The Larrabees are gentlemen first and politicians afterwards. When you're touring in eight states —Gamble's prices—Guarnty's—Service! j ^ i, _. - -- 3° x4 '50 G. & J. Endurance $5.38. 13 daughter, Marion, drove to Mason City plate battery $4.89. Free installation. 3 x &® i y&8&B8^^ Says the Linotype News: Haggard and Backus of the Upper Des Moines-RepubHcan at Algona are adding new Improvements to their plant. A new press was Installed In April, and with their Model 14 Linotype equipped, with Ionic they are supplying their readers with a good newspaper. And the result of our new equipment is an increase of business in all departments, Patrons of our job .department seem well pleased with our efficient service, Perusal of the news with our easy-readm* Ionic type » appreciated, as shown by steadily growing subscription list,

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