The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1930 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 2, 1930
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$#Jtoiti*l •fUtmUiftm, ^^" ...... f^a alt ?^i» •• *^ fcv A _ 'lit J IBM V^HMl^fevMMBb HAGK3ARD & fcAClttrS, Batered as Second Class Matte* at th* posteftee at Atfofta, Iowa, under tirt ti : act of Congress of March 8,18T9. Issued Weekly* s si Subscription Bates ill Kossuth County: One tear, in Advance -. - * Bbc Months, in Advance (three Months, in Advance ,» Subscriptions Outside Ootttity, $2.50 per year, strictly In advance. Subscriptions continued untfl paM for and ordered stopped Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Composition 5 cents per inch extra. DIETING AND REDUCING. A few years ago any person carrying a surplus of fat was generally considered In the pink of health. Science has discovered that such Is not toe case, that fleshy people are more susceptible to disease, can not withstand the ravages and disease and die younger than those who are not so corpulent. Dieting has become a fad and In many cases is carried to the extreme and. is doing as much If not more harm to the health of many people than did a fatty condition. Young people especially are harmed a great deal by not eating a, sufficient amount of life-Sustaining foods. Every organ of the body needs certain elements. A lack of these elements in food causes a weakness, of some organ and eventually It becomes diseased. Pood that contains poison Is taken Into the system and If this poison is not Immediately eliminated, the system absorbs the poison and illness results. A'law of nature shows that the digestive tract in every living animal is adapted to take care of the kind of creature, whether it be man or beast, has long been accustomed to eat. Much of the food found upon the market today is hi a concentrated state and often some of the elements most needed the construction of the body are lacking. The .body cells are continually dying and being rebuilt by the food we eat and it is Stated that an entire new body is buflt every fourteen years. There are three kinds of matter that we consume in our foods, animal, vegetable and mineral. These foods should contain the fourteen element In sufficient quantities to build the cells in the various parts of the body, as they die. They should insure good health, be apportioned to our needs. One person may need more of certain element than another and only a practical dietitian can ten us, after a study of our individual case, Just what is the proper food for us to take. Dieting, according to the general rules of any physician or dietitian may cause a great deal of trouble or may be a benefit. It is generally acknowledged that fresh fruits and raw vegetables are a splendid food for the hot weather months "with not so much heavy heat' producing foods. HANFORD MACNIDER. Hanford MacNlder has been appoint' ed by President Hoover and his appointment confirmed by the senate. Senator Brookhart and the MacNld- ers have been bitter enemies for a number ol years. Senator Brookhart voiced his objections to the appointment of Mr. MacNlder, but 'did not ask the senate to refuse to confirm his appointment One of the charges made was that Mr. MacNlder had been a party to drinking at Legion celebrations. Senator Stock replied, in defense of Mr. MacNider, that the Jiarges were true in so far as Mr. MacNider had taken drinks a (few ears ago, but upon his entrance to Hibllc life, he became a teetotaler. Everybody knows that Hanford Mac- Nider Is not a boozer, that he Is a regular fellow and that every man who was associated with him during the war and since, are ardent and true friends. He is an able fellow and will make good. From a personal point if view, between Senator Brookhart and Mr. MacNider, It can readily be seen why the senator was personally ipposed to Mr. MacNider's appointment, but the senator acted honorably and wisely hi not asking the senate o resuse to confirm the appointment as had been expected. It is doubtful if Mr. MacNider even thinks of opposing Senator Brookhart'for the sen- itorial nomination two .years hence, although some of the papers are intimating that may be the case. At any rate Senator Brookhart is, even >y his bitterest enemies, 'acknowledged to be honest and sincere in his convictions. On the other hand Mr. Mac- Nlder Is a young man, ^ambitious and with a future before "him. It is too bad that these two men do not for- jet the past, bury the hatchet and Doth work for the common good of the republican party hi Iowa. News and Comment. Maybe after that Lindbergh kid Is named the public will get a rest from that'family. Styles are advocating short pants for men and bare legs. Boys, that will be a real show. They used to call illegal booze joints "blind pigs", now they call them "speak easles." Olara Bow, the screen flapper, says she has had her lesson in trying to vamp young married men. Well, there are thousands of acres of corn hi Iowa that will be knee high July Fourth. Why worry? Tobacco using is a filthy habit. The Minneapolis Journal says cannibals won't even eat a man who uses tobacco. Bank robbers are busy again in Iowa. Two banks were robbed last Wednesday, It's funy how they always get away. A great musician once said "Music is the language of the soul," but he had never heard some of the jazz now so popular. Mayor Bill Thompson of Chicago says he will drive the crooks out of the city. Many people think Bill should move first. Iowa has over a million and a half cattle on her farms. Iowa live stock Is worth nearly $400,000,000. California? Get that LET'S HAVE A SANE FOURTH. The glorious Fourth, the ^nation's foremost holiday, always leaves in Its trail many deaths, accidents and casualties. If the public would be more cautious, many of these unfortunate occurrences would not take place/Many towns* in north Iowa are holding celebrations this year, among them being Algona, Fort Dodge and Humboldt. Tim really means nothing for It seems thi wanderlust takes possession of people on this day «nd they want to go some' where else. There will be people from Fort Dodge and Humboldt in Algona and no doubt some Algona people In those towns. • Algona has an Ideal place for a celebration. The Kossuth county fair grounds are shady, have pure, fresh water in plenty and there Is little chance for an accident. Children may run at large and be practically safe. There will be plenty of amusement for all, free shows and attractions, dancing and a big display of fire works in the evening. Just pack up the family with a well-filled lunch basket and spend a sane Fourth of July in Algona. In the years past when railroads were being built, cities and towns voted a tax to get the railroads. Now everybody wants an airport. The world do move. Senator Brookhart, no doubt had a personal right to oppose MacNkler'u appointment, but used good judgment in not asking the the confirmation. senate to refuse The people of Iowa want a tariff law and when Governor Hammlll tried to make it a political issue and criticized Mr, Dickinson for his vote on the bill, the voters repudiated him and the recent vote proves it. Mike Missed the Last Convention. Mike Weisbrod of Fenton, one of Kossuth county's old republican wheel horses, was in Algona on business on Saturday. He said he did not attend the republican convention and that It was the first one he had missed In about forty years. Mr. Weisbrod served several terms as supervisor from his district about thirty years ago and has always been prominent in county and state politics. Gravel Pits Prove to be Dangerous. North Kossuth Record: Tuesday evening a large car load of boys left for the gravel pit six miles southwest of town for their daily swim and soon after a load of girls followed them- The girls were paddling around on a plank on wiiUih they rested their hands and in some manner, probably because too many were depending upon it, the plank sank leaving the girls face downward with no support. The boys were right handy and attracted by the screams of women on the bank, leaped to the rescue and puljed the : girls to safety. If the young folks are going to be allowed to use the pit for a swimming pool, and it could easily be made a fine place, the several towns around it should get together and make a safe beach for the girls and smaller boys The water is clean and cool, but the bottom is uneven dropping off three to four feet without any slant, I guess it's up to the boys to get the gang together In each town and with the permission of the county supervisors, level off a place and fence it off, and take it upon themselves to see that only those who can take care of themselves are allowed outside the fence. Thieves Enter Store at Lakota Recently. Ed. Thaves, the Lakota clothing man was in the city Saturday attending the county republican convention and reported that thieves had entered his store Friday night by breaking a window at the rear of the building. They evidently were after money only as they devoted their work to opening the safe. Fortunately it contained nc money, but a small drawer containing papers and a note for $240 wat, taken. Nothing else appeeared to have been molested and no merchandise wab missing. County Conventions Were Held Saturday Seven Precincts Fail to Send Delegates to Republican Gathering. RESOLUTIONS PASSED & (JAVB INSTRUCTIONS, Democrats Bold Large Convention and Condemn Hoover and Republican Tariff Measure. Two'County conventions were held In Algona Saturday and both were well attended. The republicans met at the court room and the democrats held forth at the City Hall.' Republican Convention. The republican convention was called to order by County Chairman Ray McWhorter. All but seven precincts were represented, tfpon motion Jay Barger of Lakota was chosen chairman and M. P. Weaver of Algona sesre- ary. A committee on delegates to the state convention, state Judlcary convention and the district convention were selected and the following were chosen. , To the state Judicial convention: T. Algona; M. P. Weaver, Algona; Chas. Patterson, Burt; R. E. Button, Bancroft; Phil Wander, Fenton; D. H. Goedersj, Algona; Hugh Ran^y, Algona; William Poole, Swea City; Howard French, Tltonka; C. Scuffham, Algona; Chas. Kollasch, Bancroft; Ed. Droessler, Bancroft, and G. W. Pat* terson, Burt. •-. To the state Jdulclal convention: T. P. Harrington, Algona; Wm. Sturdl- vant, Wesley; L. A. Wlnkel, Algona; G. D. Shumway, Algona; J. H. Jensen, Fenton; Consuelo Hanna, Lu- Verne; W- C. Dewel, Algona; Lee. O. Wolfe, Tltonka; A. Hutchison, Algona; S. B. Calry, Whittemore; Julius JKunz, Wesley; and Scott Hanna, LuVerne. To the district Judicial convention: W. B. Quarton, Algona; Ray McWhorter, Burt.; Chris Peterson, Seneca; Hugh Raney, Algona; Gilbert Hardgrave, Algona; J. M. Dye, Swea City; E. J. Van Ness, Algona; Ed. Droessler, Bancroft; W. C. Danson, Algona; Anton Dahl, Seneca; A. E. Clayton, Algona; Carl Ebert, Whlttemore; and J. Stillman, Algona. Pass Resolutions. We, the duly elected delegates, assembled in this republican convention of Kossuth county, this 28th day of June, 1930, do herewith express * our will and sentiment .In the following resolutions: 1. Whereas the successful republican candidates nominated at the recent primary are persons of high caliber and eminently fitted for the offices to which they aspire, we hereby pledge them our unlimited support and commend them to the favorable consideration'of their constituents. For Dickinson. 2. We, the republicans of Kossuth county, In' convention assembled, rejoice in the overwhelming victory of Congressman L. J. Dickinson In his candidacy for United States senator in the recent primary election. We believe that he won this great victory because of the efficiency in his work as a congressman during the past twelve years, and especially because of his constant and agresslve work in behalf of farm legislation of all kinds, which has been evidenced by his endorsement of practically every farm organization in this country. We commend him for election to the republicans of Iowa, believing that his inuence as a senator will be much greater than it has been as a representative in congress because of the experience he has had in legislation. We believe that the splendid historic record of Iowa in the senate of the United States will be maintained and increased and that the name of Dickinson will go down in the historic annals of the senate of the United States with such names as Allison, Cummins, Dolliver and Kenyon. Other Endorsements. 3. We further especially endorse Fred W. Gilchrist for United States representative; Dan W. Turner, for governor and J. H. Jensen as representative from this county to the state legislature. 4. We hereby express our confidence in the sincerity of purpose of President Hoover, hoping that the controversial tariff bill, passed by a republican congress and to which he has affixed his signature, may prove to be more generally beneficial to the country at large than we are led to expect. We look to the farm board appointed by him for valuable help in the ultimate solution of the agricultural problems. We approve of our president's efforts toward disarmament and the peaceful settlement of international disputes. 5. We urge upon our citizenry 'the high importance of respect for the law in maintaining the Integrity of our civic and social structure and pledge to law enforcement officers, from the president of the United States to county constable, our honest support in the discharge of their respective offices. 6. We commend Senator Smith W. Brookhart for his faithful efforts to care for the interests of his constituency and for the courageous maanner in which he refuses to be turned aside from that which he believes to be right. 7. We express our high appreciation of George W. Patterson, our state senator, for his faithful and persistent efforts in behalf of his constituents with especial reference to tax adjustment and a state income tax. Instruct for Saunders. 8. Resolved, that it be the sense of this convention that we use all honorable means to bring about the nomination of W. E. G. Saunders of Emmetsburg, Iowa, for secretary of state and our delegation to the state convention is hereby Instructed to help bring about his nomination by all honorable means in their power. We, the committee on resolutions of Big Hog at Britt Weighed 1030 Pounds. Britt Tribune: Otto Schlaqkohl sold to Otto Kleppien, local stock buyer, Monday, the largest hog that has been seen in Clutier in many years. The animal, a three-year-old Chester White stag, weighed 1,030 pounds. The hog I the Kossuth county republican con refused to walk into the car when the " others in the lot were being loaded, and it was necessary to place skids under him and pull him in with a horse. ventlon, recommend that these resolutions be adopted by the convention. Allen G. Wood, Chairman. J. A. Freeh, Secretary. Cn motion the resolutions were ad- opted and the convention adfljumed. Hie fcernomtto Oottventlofc. One ol the largest democratic con* verttions for years Was held Saturday morning in the city hall. Between fifty and sixty delegates were present, and were Very enthusiastic. Several good talks were given, one of which was by A.«. fionnstetter of West fiend, who is a candidate for state repre-> sentative. C. S. Murtagh called the convention to order as county chairman, j. M< Moore was elected chairman of the convention and E. F. Kahm of St. Benedict was elected secretary. After the Convention was adjourned the county central committee met and organized. 0. B. Murtagh was reelected county chairman; Mrs. Ida Larson of Swea City, was elected vice chairman and E. P. Kahm of St. Benedict was elected secretary. The following resolutions were passed and the following delegates were ihosen: .; . , Resolutions. Be it resolved that we condemn the republican party for its utter failure to redeem any of the promises made by it to the farmers in its national 1928 platform and presidential campaign and we especially condemn it Tor the' enactment of the recent tariff legislation arid only places an additional burden on agriculture now on the verge of bankruptcy because of unfair Jegislation enacted by said party. Be it further resolved that we greatly deplore the lack of leadership shown by President Hoover who was during the last presidential campaign heralded as the great business genius who would by his leadership and business ability place .agriculture on an. Equality with industry. , Delegates to Congressional Convention. The following are ten delegates 'to the congressional convention to be held at Fort Dodge, Iowa, July 10, 1930: S. S. McMahon, Algona; O. C. Smith. Burt; D. B. Moore, Union township: George Elbert, Algona; Robert Hamilton, Lakota; A. D. Headley, Irvington; Mike Kiepper, Garfield township; A. H. HuntJ.eby, Swea City; J. P. Larson, Plum Creek township; and M. M. Morrow, Algona. Delegates to State Convention. The following are twenty-flve delegates to the state convention to be held at Des Moines, July 22, 1930: A. H. Bonnstetter, Garfield township; Tom Kain, Algona; Mrs. A. H. Fuchs, Bancroft; J. H. Sheridan, Bancroft; W. B. McDonald, Algona; Loyd Elston, Burt; L. E. Lhinan, Algona; C. B. Murtagh, Algona; J. H. Schwartz, Fenton; B. B. Berninghaus, Garfield township; Mrs. Ida Larson, Swea City; Henry Kunz, Wesley; E. B. Worley, Lakota; Peter Elbert, Lotts. Creek township; J. S. Cullen, Whlttemore; Joseph Vaske, Ramsey township; F. C. Bailey, Fenton; H. F. Schultz, Whittemore; Frank Weber, Irvington; James E. McEnroe, Plum Creek township; F. I. Chapman, LuVerne; E. F. Bahin, St. Benedict; J. M. Moore, Algona; Mrs. R. B. Berninghaus, Garfield-township; Mrs. George Elbert, Algona; The twenty five delegates'to the state judicial convention to be held at Des Monies, August 5, 1930, are as follows: J. W. Sullivan, Algona; John Kirsch, Bancroft; John Martin, Burt; W, E. Laage, Fenton; E. O. McMahon, Algona; J. L. Bonar, Algona; M. H. McEnroe, Algona; P. J. Kohlhaas, Algona; J. G. McDonald, Burt; Vallie M. Tribon, Algona; Joseph Schaller, Garfield township; Martin Rahm, St. Benedict; Thos.^Carmody, Whittemore; G. W. Newel, Fenton; J. J. Sheridan, Bancroft; D. W. Fults, Swea City; Mrs. A< A'.' Bishop, Algona; Mi's. Henry Guide, Bancroft; Mrs J. L. Lichty, Lu- Verne; Alb. Potratz, Lotts Creek township; Agnes Miller, Plum Creek township; C. L. Cavanaugh, Whittemore; Guy M. Butts, Wesley; Nathaniel Walsh, Titonka; W. S. Cosgrove, Wesley. . Smith Was Glad to Go Back Home. Sac City Sun: Barely was a man defeated for an important office with fewer regrets on his part than in the case of Ed. M. Smith, late candidate for governor. Mr. Smith is no politician and never did like politics. He was literally forced into the game by admiring friends, and now that he can go back to his private business next January he will be very happy. In a letter to the Sun, Mr. Smith says that he feels he has fulfilled his obligations and that he is really - glad the burdens of the governorship will rest on other shoulders than his own. Tjhe Tale of 'Jimmies' Night Shirt, Flappings of "The Flapper" in West Bend Journal; And while we are on the subject of fishing, J. C. Smith of Algona Js offering a number of prizes worth competing for in a fishing contest. But you have to be a resident of Kossuth county. Perhaps if we landed some big ones we could slip them to Alex Bonnstetter and get in on it that way. Our niece, who dutifully reads this column, anxiously inquires, "Just where was 'Jlmmie" going, with hia 'night shirt?" The Algona Republican failed to make this quite clear. Superintendent Bonner on the Sick List* Eagle Grove Eegle: Superintendent G, E. Bonner returned from Excelsior Bpiings last week and for the present is at the home ol his daughter. Ber- r*tte at Belle Plains. He was improving under the treatment given him at the springs, but was unable to stand the extreme heat. He is getting along nicely at this writnvj. Cow Attacked Little Girl at Burt Saturday. Burt, July 1st, Special Cor.:— The eight year old daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Clias. Scott had her leg broken Saturday evening while bringing the cattle from the pasture. A cow with a little calf atJac&d her, breaking her leg between the kne*> and hip and otherwise bruising her. Dr. J. G. Clapsaddle and Dr. O. H. Cretzmeyer were called to eel; the limb- Mother* and Daughters Club Met at 4 Corners, The ttMtf Corners Mothers arid Daughters club Met last week TMft* day &t the home of Mm Ruby Walker. Roll Sail Was aflsWefed by "My P611-> tlial Party and Why." TW6 piano solfle were given .by Evelyn Cruikshank and Vefl&Lowmatt. A very interesting paper Wall read by Mrs. Maud Robinson, ;he subject being a great sea elephant that lived on the shore in Florida, but IS how in the RIhgiing Brothers' Circus. Twenty-six members and Six visitors Were present. Mrs, Roy BJustfora find daughter, Dorothy of Hbbartofc; Es»' ther Hoppe of near,Mankato, Minnesota, a niece of dlara Schultz arid Mrs. Maiioy and daughter of Aigdtia were the visitors. Mrs. Maltoy" was a representative of the Lincoln Library and gave information of their books. Lunch Was served by the hostess. The next meeting 1 was to have been .with Nettle Rich, but because of illness of Mrs. George Rich, the club meeting will be held at the-state park July 10. Roll call will be answered by payment of dues for the new year. Jail Was Scene ' of Fire Saturday. The fire department was called out Saturday morning to put out the fire in the third floor of the county jail. It seems that the fire started when some birds' nests in the attic caught on fire from a blow torch. Painters Were burning off the paint on the outside of the roof and a strong south wind was blowing the flames .through a crack hi the wall and the nests became 'atflaza. There wns a lot of smoke coming out of the window in the attic but the fire department had the fire under control in record time. The damage to tEe house was negligible but some bed clothes and so, forth which were stored In .the attic were ruined and the chemicals which were used 'probably spoiled the woodwork where it leaked through to the floor below. aa&saasm^ Insurance Headquarters We maintain a special claim paying service, lit losses 6n our policies are handled direct front our insurance offices here at Algona* SPECIAL LOW BATES ON AUTOMOBILE AND f BUCK INSURANCE. Liability, property damage, collision, fire, theft and windstorm protection at the lowest possible cost. Truck cargo insurance included, Call on us for rates for your next expiring policy. j| The Algona Insurance Agency . 0. B. LaBarre Al. Falkenhainer, First Door North of Iowa State Bank. Phone 55 Algon2 Jy Iowa May Lose Two Congressmen. Exchange: The Iowa papers that have announced that Iowa will lose only one district; are in" error. Our state will lose two members in the bouse and two votes hi the. electoral college. On the basis of 120,000,000 total population and the present membership of the house, 435, it will take more than 275,000 population to constitute a district. Iowa's population is barely nine times that..''.-'. " • For fifty years Iowa's representation has stood at 11, but In those fifty years other states have grown up or grown faster in population—all due to the growth of the cities—and so the proportions are to be changed. How to recast the present eleven congressional districts into nine will be no mean task for the general assembly which sits in Des Moines next January. There will be new hook-ups, new. alignments. A guess will be that there may be four districts bordering on the "Mississippi, three on the Missouri and two in the center, ona south and one north. But your guess is as good as mine. Back Was Broken" Wjhen Gar Turns Over, West-Bend Journal:- Lev! "Zaugg and John (Tanky) Nessen had a very serious automobile accident Sunday forenoon. They had been south of town looking after some of Mr. Zaugg's bees and were riding in the letter's Ford car which had a winter top on it. Mr. Nessen was driving the car on the return trip but complained about it being hard to keep in the road. They stopped and got out to look at th" tires. There were no flats, so they again proceeded, this time Lev! taking the wheel. They had not gone , far, having attained a speed of about thirty miles per hour, when the car suddenly turned over a couple of times. We understand the radius rods broke. Nessen was thrown clear of the car, but Zaugg was pinned under the steering wheel. Help soon came and Zaugg was gotten out of the wreck and taken to town in Schutter's ambulance. Levi complained that he had no feeling below the waist line and' it was thought his back had been broken. During the day he got no better, so about six o'clock he was taken to Rochester in the Scfiutter ambulance. Dr. Givens and Levi's father accompanied them. An examination there confirmed Dr, Givens' statement that his back was broken. Dr. Givens and Jerry Schutter returned Monday, leaving Mr. Zaugg at his son's bedside. Mrs. Zaugg and daughter and Wm, Zaugg went to Rochester Tuesday. They returned Wednesday and report that he Is still in bad shape with not muoh hopes that, he will survive. Mr. Nessen was injured when he was thrown from the car, but thought he was able to return'to his work in the egg house at Laurens.- He tried it Monday but was forced to quit, He has a badly lacerated shoulder and one of his eyes was swollen shut. However, he is able to be about and will soon be as well as ever. Mr. Zaugg farmed the home place east of town until a couple of years ago and was very successful. Lately he has been confining his efforts to the bee industry. He has many friends who are anxious about his welfare and hope to hear good news about his condition. Humboldt Sheriff Refused Recount. Humboldt, June 27.—Members of the board of supervisors held a special session at the court house Tuesday and refused to-recount the vote cast for sheriff in five precincts of Humboldt county at the June primary election. H. J- Sexe won over W- P- Hanson with seventeen votes. Hanson, who is serving the county for the twelfth year as sheriff, asked a recount of the five precincts which gave a majority to Sexe. There had been rumors of illegal counting of votes in some of the precincts, and the friends of Mr. Hanson urged him to ask for a recount. In the second ward in Humboldt, I Sexe received 809 votes against 170 for Hanson. In Norway township, former home of Sexe, he received 125 votes with 80 for Hanson. In Lake township, Sexe received 89, with 63 for Hanson; in Qrove township, Sexe received 66 against ?7 for Hanson; Corinth township gave 109 votes to Sexe, while his opponent received 46. Two other precincts gave Sexe a ma- parity, Wacousta township 87 with 83 for Hanson and the first ward in Humboldt 191 for Sexe, 163 for Hanson, but Hanson did not ask for a recount 9! these two precincts. In a Class by Itself The Perfection Automatic Milker is hi a class by itself. It was designed with the basic fact in mind that no two cows milk alike. Bis the only milker that automatically adjusts Itself to milk each cow as she should be milked. It Is the only milker in which the cow s milk flow automatically controls the action of the ma° hlne - "*" *™ only milker that distinguishes between a hard milking cow and an easy milking cow. With the Perfection Automatic Milker, no cow is subjected to more suction that Just the amount necessary to draw the milk. No other milking machine applies a distinct downward squeeze on the teats from the top down. Its action Is a faitnitu reproduction of the sucking pf a baby calf. The automatic adjustment-the downward squeeze action-wlth oiher exclusive Perfection features, places the Perfection Automatic MUK- er In a class by itself. We want you to«ee this different milker in actual operation In 7our *own barn on your own cows. Write or phone 7-F2 today, or per T sonaTdemonstratlon. EASY TERMS. B. A. GALBRAITH DEALER AND USER. VB&y8%l%®3^^ Week End in Chicago at the COMFORTABLE GREAT NORTHERN HOTEL Get up a congenial party, two or more couples come to Chicago for a lark, take In the theatres or movie palaces. see the Art Institute, Field Museum, various sports or danco In night clubs. New attractions every week. Our new service will make arrangements In advance for your party. Write for free copy of "This Week In Chicago" which Is a complete entertainment guide. We will enjoy taking a personal Interest in making your visit thoroughly enjoyable. New garage one-half block. JACKSON, DEARBORN, QUINCY, STS. Phone Harrlion 7900 Thos. H. Sadler, Manager. Hour of In the houri to come, when memory recalls th« loved ones who have paued on, It will be a consolation to know that there has been provided the utmost In protection for the remains. The BuckstafF Burial Vault gives this precious assurance. It is guaranteed to protect the casket and the remains for 99 year ..... against ground waters and burrowing animals. Its cost Is easily within the means of the average family. It U our purpose to offer a funeral icrvlce that will be a source of lasting comfort. We recommend tho Buckataff Burial Vault because It ijlvcj the assurance of protection after burial. T"H E RO V A L P'U R PL E V AU t'f exclusively by LAIRD & ItEIMJEn Mrs, BeJmer, Assistant P!iones-53J, 320, 342. PR. F..E. SAWYER

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